Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FEDS CONtinue With Directed Energy Weapons Attacks/Call Your State Senators And Congress Persons And Demand The Church Committee Hearings Be Reopened

For much of today the FEDS continued to target me with ULF waves causing nausea and fatigue. Tonight, taking a trip out to mail my auto insurance payment, I was vehicle stalked the entire time. The FEDS desperation continues as I document what may well be the longest unwarranted satellite fishing expedition in United States History -- approximately 28 years and more than 250,000 consecutive hours. This is definitive proof that Americans have been living in a covert police state since the late 1970's.

All that has changed is that the spy/mind control technology that the FEDS are illegally utilizing on American citizens has become more sophisticated than ever, and that as a result of this, these satellite predators are now violating our rights more brazenly than ever. After the crimes that they have perpetrated against many of us, and with this abject Nazi loon in the Whitehouse, it has now become every person for themselves -- Since there is no longer any rule of Constitutional law, and these government reprobates are going to continue to attack us until we stop them.

Total communities are being mobilized to attack citizens in the most outrageous acts of vigiliantism ever seen. And the US Federal Government is endorsing these acts of treason.

As the realization that the human race is being individually satellite tracked and remote neural monitored by the NSA sets in, the American people will begin to understand that they are foundering on the EDGE of free thought, in which their own biological selves are being remotely integrated with hi tech computer systems via spy satellites, capable of artificial intelligence. I was thinking about this as I drove home this evening, knowing that the NSA was actually looking right through my own eyes as it tapped into the visual cortex portion of my brain, while recording every thought that I was having. The NSA was with me the entire time, and is probably with all Americans in the same way, yet most have no knowledge of this.

At least not yet.

I am circulating this information as quickly as I can and I see that many others are as well. However it's not enough. We need further mobilization. Every person in the United States must learn of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA and its contents as quickly as possible. US Intel is scared to death of this, because they know they have committed treason against us and have no defense for doing so. They also know that if they are held accountable for these crimes, those within US Intel who have participated directly in them will be executed for treason.

There is no longer any time left to wait. Americans must now mobilize and inundate the US Congress with John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA immediately. We have been betrayed by treasonists and the longer we wait to find a resolution to this problem, the more dire this situation is going to become.

There is no rule of law in this country any longer. We have been betrayed by Nazi scum who have attempted to destroy our rights since the Patriot Act was illegally passed into law. A document whose only use should be that of toilet paper.

The treasonists within the shadow government in his country murdered nearly 3000 of our American brothers and sisters on 9-11, then used the FBI to confiscate and destroy the evidence - that is more than likely why the FBI refuses to show us the tapes that it took from the Pentagon and underlying areas on 9-11 -- it has probably destroyed them to prevent Americans from ever seeing what really hit the Pentagon.

Whatever it was, it was not a 757 jetliner as we have been told, or the FBI would have gladly released these tapes by now, if for nothing else, then to support the official explanation of the 9-11 Commission. Instead, the FBI remains silent hoping that the American people will stop asking about these tapes. However we will not.

The FBI is LYING to us and has confiscated and quite possibly destroyed evidence in a mass murder.

Call your state senators and congress persons and demand that the Church Committee Hearings are reopened. Inundate them with E-mails and snailmails. Keep calling their offices until they agree to reopen the Church Committee hearings. They are not in charge of this country, we are. And it is time we let them know it. Use civil disobedience in order to affect meaningful changes, and make this government understand that we are not tolerating any further abuses of our freedoms.

If you fail to do so, you will be the ones to suffer the consequences with the complete loss of your freedom. Don't sit by while others are being tormented as their rights are decimated, thinking that this will not eventually happen to you,
for it will.

Moreover, go watch "Shindler's List" and keep in mind that the same situation is now unfolding in the United States. Pay special attention to how those Nazi soldiers were shooting the Jews like they were hunting game. US Intel sees us the same way, and has just as little respect for human life.

Do you want to end up in one of these REX 84 Prison camps that dot the US landscape, while being starved to death and tortured like the Jews were during the Holocaust?

Of course not.

So God damn it, do something about it before you end up wishing that you had!

Notation to the mass mailer who circulates individual TI cases:

Mr. John F. --- You're doing good work, but your E-mails are now redundant and being deleted, so ONCE AGAIN, please remove me from your mailing list. Please pass this information on to others doing similar TI mailings, as their emails are also being deleted and will continue to be deleted in the future. Moreover, don't allow the FEDS to waste your valuable time. If they are going to continue attacking you why help them with anything? They're not worth a damn.


To the snakes at the FBI, NSA and DHS, you can continue wasting your time demonizing me, however nothing is going to change here. You have violated the rights of my Family and self in the most egregious ways ever documented. You are sick minded and cruel beyond comparison. And your treasonous acts and long-term torture of myself have only served to further my resolve to fight to the death to expose the Nazi filth that you represent globally. You have betrayed the American people.

Do you understand what you have done???

You have betrayed the American people and violated your oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. You have committed treason. And you will now pay the price for having done so. Did you honestly believe that your latest abjectly vicious act against my person would really obscure what you have done?

If so, not only are you anathema -- you are downright fools.

You should be subjected to your own Nazi protocols -- miscreants as vicious as you deserve to be. You thrive on causing suffering, while attempting to justify your own depraved and heinous behavior. Anyone who would rape the US Constitution and American people the way that you have should be hanged for treason. The crimes that you have committed by way of satellite alone are unpardonable, and an act of war against the American people.

We will NOT tolerate another Holocaust. And we will NOT tolerate any shadow group who attempts to initiate one.
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