Thursday, February 21, 2008

Citizens Around This Planet Being Declared As Non Persons By A Global Network Of Government Sanctioned Criminals

The governments around this planet (including the United States Federal Government)have conspired to use the communities within their own countries to attack myriad citizens in efforts to deprive them of their inherent rights to be free.

Given their complicity in these government orchestrated crimes, these communities are forced to maintain their attacks on those who've been selected for such inhumane targeting, for they must now murder these persons, or risk facing prosecution before an international War Crimes Tribunal for their own crimes against humanity.

The attempts by these communities to avoid such a fate, is the motivation behind their continued attacks on those who attempt to expose them, and prosecute their Orwellian crimes.

In the mean time, those being targeted for these acts of barbarism by those who claim to be civilized (yet clearly are not), continue to be treated as non persons. However, the hidden EVIL is no longer so, but instead now being exposed globally as are the satellite based weapons which these hi-tech predators use to perpetrate many of these crimes.
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