Saturday, February 23, 2008

How The CIA Used The US Media To Destroy Investigative Journalist Gary Webb

"Authentic journalism is telling the people something that their government doesn't want them to know."

-- Journalist Gary Webb (1955 - 2004)

The CIA's Covert Attack On Gary Webb

Gary Webb was an authentic journalist; an outstanding one in fact. Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism, Webb was unafraid to unearth disturbing criminality within the US Federal Government. His final expose was in regard to the CIA's release of drugs onto Los Angeles city streets. For the CIA, this was the last straw. Gary Webb's crediblity as a journalist and his exposes against them had become a serious problem -- Gary had to be destroyed.

And that is exactly what happened to Gary, first being stripped of his excellent reputation for journalistic integrity (and blackballed from a profession he loved), then suffering the loss of his Family, and finally his own life. The CIA was out to seek revenge for Gary's attempts to expose their treasonous crimes. And that's exactly what they did in the vicious COINTELPRO which they waged against him.

A video of Gary Webb shortly before his death.

More Indications That Gary Webb Was Murdered:
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