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Was Princess Diana Being Satellite Tracked And Remote Neural Monitored By Intel Agencies Before Her Death? Did They Murder Her?

Was Diana Murdered By Intel?

Given that the public's idea of having your privacy invaded by a government agency, is when your home is electronically bugged with spy cameras and microphones, those federal agencies who spy for a living would prefer to have the public thinking just that, since this ignorance helps to keep technologies such as electronic brain link and remote neural monitoring out of the public eye.

Can you imagine if the entire population within the United States or Great Britain were to suddenly learn that for decades their lives had been secretly viewed by government spy satellites and recorded within the database of a super secret federal agency?

What if the NSA's satellite spy technologies are being used by all NATO countries, even on government officials and other people who are constantly in the public eye? What if the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology is how all government surveillance is being secretly done in the present day?

And what if the entire US Congress is being secretly remote neural monitored by the NSA just so that George W. Bush can know what each is thinking at all times? The NSA definitely has the technology in which to do so, so why should it be beyond the realm of possibility to think that all government officials are being satellite tracked while their brains are being tapped by way of electronic brain link?

It's really the perfect crime, since there is no way for these representatives to know that they are under such extreme surveillance, unless the operators of this technology decide to let them know.

This would leave no Senator with any sense of privacy, since supercomputers would be doing all the spying and decoding of information, while kicking back any superlative information which would then fall into the hands of a cryptologist for further review. Think about the blackmailing capabilities here: especially since agencies like the FBI and CIA have long used such blackmail to coerce those being compromised, into capitulating to their demands or suffering the loss of their reputations for failing to do so. Such spying would give US Intel ultimate control over all decision making in this country; not the President or three branches of government.

Perhaps it already has?

Should the NSA then learn that a particular Senator is concerned about the unchecked power that US Intel has, and wants to take legal action in which to curtail the NSA's spying activities, the agency could take the appropriate measures in which to neutralize the Senator in question.

This neutralization could take a myriad of forms ranging from a smear campaign to the covert murder of the Senator. And outside of those doing the spying, no one would be the wiser. Haven't government officials been murdered like this in the past?

Of course they have. The US Media just never bothers to tell you about it.

Was Diana Targeted For Remote Neural Monitoring?

Given the unpleasant realities of satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring a human being from a great distance, one must wonder if *Princess Diana was targeted for such technology, and perhaps neutralized because of some information that those spying on her person determined to be compromising to the Royal Family?

"Princess Diana complained of being spied upon and bugged by 'dark forces'"

If her privacy was invaded in such an egregious manner, it then makes perfect sense that a conspiratorial plan in which to murder the late Princess was devised (perhaps years in advance). If so, one must wonder what the genesis of this conspiracy was, and moreover, if certain members of the British Monarchy themselves may not have sanctioned Diana's murder, fearing that she no could longer be contained.

Regardless of what the catalyst behind Diana's untimely and tragic demise may have been, it is clear from the global interest which favors a criminal conspiracy as the cause, that like the late John F. Kennedy, decades from now Diana's passing will also continue to evoke an air of conspiratorial mystery; while serving to fuel further public speculation that she was murdered because of something she knew, yet never had the chance to make public.

Even in death, Diana's own fallibility and humility continue to remind the public of just how human she really was, as one remembers the pain reflected within those hauntingly beautiful eyes.


"Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, reported a plot to assassinate her. Diana documented her concerns in a letter that she entrusted to the former Royal Butler, Mr Paul Burrell. She identified the man behind the plot.

Diana was warned about a conspiracy against her by a sympathetic insider. A member of the Royal Family warned the princess: "You need to be discreet, even in your own home, because 'they' are listening all the time."

After many years of experience as a senior employee of the Royal household, Mr. Burrel recalls: "It is a matter of routine that members of government and the royal family are monitored." Princess Diana complained of being spied upon and bugged by "dark forces". She declined the police protection provided by Scotland Yard because these officers are considered "tools of the state".

Burrell revealed that Diana was tipped-off by a private contact within the intelligence community: "She was being cautious, not paranoic, because she was acting on sound information received from someone who had worked for the British intelligence services; a man whose expertise, advice and friendship the Princess came to rely on."

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