Friday, February 22, 2008

An Illustration Of Why Mind Control Targets Have Such A Difficult Time Getting Their Message Propagated/ The Media Is Being Used To Discredit TI's

The following is a short video of Washington reporter Sharon Weinstein being interviewed on the Daily Show by host John Stewart, while promoting a book which she had written on mind control weaponry. While Sharon was extremely articulate, and also quite tolerant of Stewart, it was clear that he was never going to treat the subject matter seriously.

He spent the entire six minute interview treating mind control weaponry as if it were a complete joke (something which he was obviously told to do by the show's producers), while Sharon patiently listened, and still managed to get in as much information on the subject matter as she could.

I cite this particular interview, because it's indicative of how the US Intelligence community controls the flow of information through the media system in this country, and ridicules any person who attempts to promulgate information which would place US Intel in a suspicious light.
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