Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Mystery Of Flight 93 Continues/Whatever Became Of Its Passengers?

In his remarkable video documentary of what actually unfolded on 9-11-2001, amateur film maker Dylan Avery brought to light many questions regarding a treasonous conspiracy, perpetrated by a rogue element within the US Federal Government. Of particular interest was what happened to Flight 93, which was reported to have been shot down over Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

However, the crash scene was atypical of other crash scenes in that no bodies were ever reported to have been recovered. Of still greater interest are the anomalous events which took place at Cleveland Airport on 9-11-2001, which have never been properly explained. Included here, are reports of Flight 93 having landed at Cleveland Airport during the time in which it was reported to have been shot down. And even more bizarre, further reports that the passengers on Flight 93 were seen disembarking and being rounded up by federal security, never to be seen publicly again. Were they murdered like their brothers and sisters in the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon?

If these accounts are true, we are now left to wonder whatever became of the passengers of Flight 93, and what their lives must have been like in the hours before they appear to have simply disappeared off the face of the Earth. Flight 93 is yet one of myriad situations surrounding the 9-11 false flag operation that remain unanswered, more than six years after this treasonous attack on the American people was perpetrated.

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