Monday, May 02, 2016

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Says His Intent Is To Use Facebook As A Platform For Artificial Telepathy, Brain To Brain Link Between Its Users - This Is A Technology That The NSA Has Been Secretly Using On Myriad Americans For Many Years

The Bogus Phone Call From Journalist Barbara Olson From The Fictitious Flight 77 On 9/11 Allowed For The Foundation Of The 9/11 Propaganda Involving Hijackers With Box Cutters - In Spite Of What The Zionist Controlled Media In American States, The Problem Is The Phone Call Never Took Place And Hijackers With Box Cutters Never Existed

Is There A Connection Between The Death Of Princess Diana And Clothing Designer Gianni Versace? Diana Died A Month After Versace And Told Her Closest Confidants That She Would Be Murdered By The Same People Who Killed Versace

Tavistock Financed Institutions In America Involving Brainwashing Research - The Wharton School Of Business At The University Of Pennsylvania Is One Of These Institutions As Is The Stanford Research Institute And Massachusetts Institute Of Technology - Who Graduated From The Wharton School Of Business? Non Other Than Presidential Candidate Donald Trump - Maybe Trump's Jekyll & Hyde Personality Is The Result Of MK-Ultra Programming?

FBI Using Your Computer's Webcam To Spy On You - At Kenyon College In Upstate NY Recently, FBI Director James Comey Was Speaking To A Group Of Students, When Some Inquired As To Why Comey Had Placed A Piece Of Tape Over The Webcam On His PC - Comey Stated That He Saw Someone Smarter Than Himself Doing The Same Thing So He Decided To Do It - Of Course, In Spite Of His Apocryphal Tale, The FBI Director Knows Very Well That The Webcam On Anyone's PC Can Be Remotely Hacked, Because The FBI Has Been Illegally Doing This To The Computer Webcams Of Myriad Unwitting American Citizens For Years - It Is Also Entirely Possible That Later Computer Screens Contain Internal Mini Cams Which Are Hidden, That Agencies Like The FBI, NSA And DHS Can Secretly Access In Order To Watch You In Your Home; Like The Mini Cameras Which Are Installed In The Screens Of Modern TV Sets

Editor's Note:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Utilize A Communication Platform Based On Its Users Relying On Artificial Telepathy (Brain To Brain Link) To Communicate Over The Internet

On the above Website, Mark Zuckerberg talks about using social media as a platform to implement artificial telepathy (brain to brain interface) so that Facebook members can use thought activated technology to communicate with each other over the Internet.

Zuckerberg's comment should give the reader a frightening idea of what Orwellian technologies already exist under the cover of national security, and which under the auspices of a future world government will be used on the masses by way of Internet social media and other venues.

We have already become a technologically driven society where computer driven technologies - while profitable for those who design and implement them - now threaten the future of the human species. Computer driven minds are as dangerous as computer driven automobiles, since they are even more unpredictable than human behavior, which can lead to catastrophic situations.

Especially if the human race is eventually controlled by centrally based Artificial Intelligence computers which create a hive mind throughout the human population. Of course, this Orwellian takeover of humanity would apply to the underclasses, while the investment class would at least for a time remain immune from such electronic enslavement.

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