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Judge Antonin Scalia's Mysterious Death & Now The Zionist Media Attack On Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas - A Conspiracy To Fill The Supreme Court With Liberal Judges / Was Crime Writer Michelle Mcnamara Another Target Of A Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Murder? Mcnamara Died In Her Sleep As Did Judge Antonin Scalia

The Latest NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart, Describes The NSA And FBI As Rogue Terrorist Organizations That Are Completely Out Of Control, And Using Organized Stalking and Electronic Weapons To Torture And Murder American Citizens

Noble Laureate, Mathematician John Nash (Subject Of The Movie "A Beautiful Mind" Was One Of The Earliest Subjects Of The CIA's MK-Ultra Mind Control Experimentation Program - His Schizophrenia Diagnosis Was Used To Conceal This From Both Nash, His Family And The American People - As Further Confirmation Of This, John Nash Did Not Develop His Schizophrenic Symptoms Until After He Completed A Contract He Was Working On For The U.S. Federal Government - Was John Nash's Recent Death A Furtive Murder Because Nash Had Arrived At The Realization That His Mental Diagnosis Was Being Used As A Red Herring To Conceal His Use As A Target Of Mind Control Experimentation? / Former Educator Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt Exposes The Rockefeller Foundation's Conspiracy To Use The U.S. Educational System To Brainwash American Children Into Unwittingly Adapting To A Communist Ideology

The Classified Technology Based On Nikola Tesla's Design Of An Anti-Gravity Propulsion System & A Saucer-Like Craft Based On This Propulsion System Constructed By Dr. T. Townsend Brown - Brown's Anti-Gravity Flying Discs Became Classified In The 1950s After The U.S. Military Learned That These Discs Could Perform Similar Maneuvers To UFO Craft - Townsend's Craft & Tesla's Antigravity Propulsion System Remain Classified To This Very Day - As Such Nothing Has Been Published In Any Major Scientific Journal Regarding This Technology

U.S. Politicians And Media Personalities Are Being Mind Controlled Through The Use Of EEG Heterodyning, In Which Their Brains Are Being Remotely Interfaced With Artificial Intelligence Computers

Editor's Note: The Inside Joke At The FBI And NSA these days is how they really crack encryption. The FBI likely consulted with the NSA in regard to the San Bernadino terrorist's I-phone. The NSA is alleged to maintain secret codes to all electronic devices that are sold in the United States, which enable the Agency to access these devices by way of its wireless electronic surveillance system.

There are similar programs in other countries.

The NSA and FBI would prefer that as Americans we don't know about this.

Moreover, these agencies would rather you not know that the NSA can remotely hack into your brain via the EM spectrum.

More specifically, how a simple EEG scan of your brain is all the NSA needs to remotely access your mind via the electromagnetic spectrum, since your brain broadcasts its own unique EMF signature set that once decoded, can be dialed up through the air like a cellular phone.

Also keep the following quote by the late NSA whistleblower Steve Smith in mind:

"A number of collateral operations are required in support of a successful psychic warfare program. Chief among these are human resource recruitment (procurement), technology development, field operations command/control, and financial/legal relationships administration. As with psychic training and warfare, the preferred NSA management tools include subterfuge, intimidation, bribery, blackmail, coercion, and (when expedient) outright violence. To the extent the NSA could be said to have any agency wide policy or standard of conduct, it consists of the following:

If it moves, enslave it.

If it doesn't, steal it.

If it resists, kill it.

If it's no longer useful, destroy it."

*Excerpted From "Citadel Of Evil" By Steven J. Smith

The reader should pay special attention to the first of the above allegations since this closely adheres to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and how it is being used to enslave the American people through the secret decoding of our bodies' own unique electromagnetic signatures.

All humans have the capacity for telepathic communication, even if most of us have not yet learned how to use it.

The NSA's version of remote mind reading/mind manipulation is instead based on Artificial Telepathy, where science replaces the paranormal ability to remotely read or interact with another person's mind.

As Americans you are rightfully concerned about this modern day Third Reich's eavesdropping on your cell phone calls.

However, imagine the NSA using its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to dial up your own brain map, and to then use its Artificial Telepathy technology to remotely read your thoughts, since there are millions of us documenting these crimes against humanity in virtually every country on the face of this planet.

Far too many people for this technology to be deployed on a limited basis. More likely, the technology is based on some type of Signals Intelligence EMF fingerprinting program that is international in scope, allowing for the electromagnetic branding of the human race.

And New World Order government operatives like James Clapper and James Comey are well aware of this, even though they will never publicly admit to it.

As such, don't expect the FBI, NSA or any of the other alphabet agencies in this country or abroad, to admit to the existence of this technology; nor the Congress, White House or Judiciary, since this is the most stealth spy technology in existence, and reduces each of us to little more than unwitting prisoners of such government driven signals intelligence satellite predation.

No government feigning to be a Democracy will ever admit that such an Orwellian domestic spy system exists, because by doing so, they would also admit that their Democracy is a cover for a militaristic dictatorship - where any semblance of Democratization, in particular, a puppet government, is used to conceal such a dictatorship from the citizenry.


The Zionist controlled media is being used as part of a treasonous conspiracy to remove conservatives from the United States Supreme Court. First the mysterious death of Judge Antonin Scalia in which an autopsy was deliberately avoided so that the American people can never learn of what really killed Scalia; and now the left wing Zionist propaganda machine's use of HBO to produce the movie "Confirmation," regarding the controversy over the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, based on allegations made by Anita Hill more than two decades ago.

This appears to be a deliberate move by the Democrats to remove Thomas from the Supreme Court.

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a conspiracy.

Then we have the disintegration of the Republican Party, and what is certain to be a contested race for the GOP Presidential nomination. Ted Cruz's desperation now has him choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate, in the unlikely chance that Cruz wins the GOP's nomination.

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"America's Gestapo: The FBI's Reign Of Terror" - How The FBI Is Being Used To Destroy The U.S. Bill Of Rights

Michelle Mcnamara dies in her sleep - Was She Another Victim Of A Directed Energy Weapon Induced Murder?

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Was Music Star PRINCE Mind Controlled Into Committing Suicide? And Is There Some Significance In That His Protege Vanity Died Just A Month Before PRINCE Also At The Age Of 57?

How Mind Control Weapons Are Being Used To Destroy The Human Race - This MK-Ultra Target Describes How I Am Subjected To NSA Artificial Telepathy (Remote Mind Reading/Manipulation Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum) As A Target Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - The Nazis Were Not Executed After The Holocaust, They Were Smuggled Into The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex By The CIA Through Operation Paperclip, And Have Since Been Used To Destroy Our Government

Editor's Note:

PRINCE'S Lawyer Insists That The Music Superstar Did Not Die From A Drug Overdose

How PRINCE'S Rebellious Attitude Against The Music Industry And Unwillingness To Play By Their Rules May Have Led To A Conspiracy To Murder The Superstar - Did A Recent Deal Prince Made To Consolidate His Music With One Company Seal His Fate?

PRINCE is just the latest of many famous people who've been murdered through the use of classified weaponry. His estate is said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which with his untimely passing will ultimately be raided through surreptitious means by those who carried out his furtive murder.

With his death, PRINCE, like the late Michael Jackson, will be worth even more to those who market his persona than he was in life. Moreover, was PRINCE secretly monitored within the privacy of his own home through the use of 3D thermal imaging audio visual satellites for a number of years? And by the NSA or any of the many other federal agencies within the ever present Intelligence apparatus, which operate under the cover of U.S. National Security?

A few years ago, after this author had seen the movie (Deja Vu 2006), I began to realize that the type of stealth domestic spy technology used in this movie is in fact similar to that used by the NSA and FBI to spy on American Targeted Individuals within our own homes, while completely circumventing our 4TH Amendment rights.

As the direct result of this, the movie was removed from YouTube after I embedded it on this Website in an article that I had written on the 1998 movie Enemy Of The State - in regard to how the movie was an illustration of art imitating life.

Months later, Deja Vu was offered on YouTube as a pay per view for $2.99.

This spying is not done under warrant because neither the FBI, NSA, DHS nor CIA could ever obtain a warrant for experimenting upon, torturing and even murdering American citizens within the privacy of our own homes.

Nor could they procure a warrant for decoding our brain maps and then through the use of EEG heterodyning or remote neural monitoring technology, report about the thoughts that we were having as the neural pathways of our brains were being remotely *accessed and scanned for such non consensual human experimentation.

*Google: NSA Brain Scanners And Brain Analyzers deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum.

A treasonous crime that the NSA and FBI are presently subjecting this author and myriad other American citizens to.

Atrocities which this stealth signals intelligence based technology is being used to secretly carry out by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This is the real reason for the current and slanderous propaganda campaign being fomented against this MK-Ultra target, by the U.S. Federal Government.

My documentation regarding crimes against humanity which are now being reported by thousands of other American citizens across the United States, yet being completely ignored by the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government as well as the mainstream media in America.

As for the movie Deja Vu, it's worth watching simply for the segment that involves the NSA's use of Advanced 3D Thermal Imaging Technology on the American people as it is directed at our own homes. This segment takes place about 31 minutes into the movie, and as Americans, we are all vulnerable to this type of Orwellian signals intelligence driven audio visual spying of our persons, as well as the remote neural monitoring of the neural pathways of our brains via such spy satellite predation.

I also find it of interest that "Enemy Of The State" director, Tony Scott, committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. The media initially reported that Scott had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. However, a subsequent autopsy proved that Tony Scott was not afflicted with cancer. So whether he was told by a doctor that he had cancer, or this was just a fiction spun by the mainstream media is unknown.

However, Enemy Of The State (1998) serves as an excellent example of the invasiveness of the NSA regarding the Agency's violations of the 4Th Amendment, and how easily the NSA can use its unlimited resources to destroy the life of any American citizen without the need for due process of law. Both DHS and the FBI can and routinely do the same thing.

The NSA is, like so many of the other alphabet agencies in the United States and abroad, an abject threat to our Constitutional rule of law, and to the safety and privacy of the American citizenry.

Perhaps this is why Tony Scott is said to have committed suicide. As revenge for his role in producing such a realistic portrayal of the Orwellian nature of the NSA, was Tony Scott unwittingly subjected to a computer to brain (or EEG heterodyned) induced suicide, remotely programmed into his subconscious during REM sleep?

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Music Star PRINCE (Prince Rogers Nelson) dead at 57? Another Illuminati Murder?

PRINCE Protégé, Vanity (Denise Matthews) Dies At 57 Just Two Months Before PRINCE Also Dies At 57 - Was PRINCE Killed With A Directed Energy Weapon Or Mind Controlled Into Committing Suicide Via Computer To Brain Interface?

Prince And Merle Haggard Use Their Celebrity To Inform The World About The Dangers Of Chemtrails, Then Die Within Weeks Of Each Other - Pop Star Michael Jackson Was Attempting To Use His Latest World Tour To Inform His Fans About The Dangers Of Chemtrails And Mind Control When He Died Under Mysterious Circumstances Just Before The Tour Was To Begin"

Music Superstar PRINCE Found Dead In An Elevator In The Home On His Minnesota Estate - Could His Death Have Been The Result Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Directed Energy Weapon's Attack? The Reader Will Also Remember How This Author Described The Death Of Madison Avenue Executive Suzanne Hart In 2011 After She Was Crushed To Death In An Elevator, And Another Instance Regarding How The Body Of A Woman Named Elisa Lam Was Found In A Cistern Water Tower After The Camera In An Elevator In This Building Recorded Her Moving In And Out Of The Elevator, Appearing Concerned That She Was Being Followed - The Elevator Scenario Continues To Be Thematic In The FBI/NSA Psyop Of This Author And What May Well Be Their Furtive Murders Of Several People, Including Suzanne Hart And Elisa Lam

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Is The Pentagon Using The Excuse Of Low Flying Meteorites As A Cover For Using Its HAARP Weapons To Perpetrate Covert Acts Of Terrorism Through The Creation Of Plasma Fireballs?

How Mind Control Weapons Are Being Used To Destroy The Human Race - This MK-Ultra Target Describes How I Am Subjected To NSA Artificial Telepathy (Remote Mind Reading/Manipulation Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum) As A Target Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - The Nazis Were Not Executed After The Holocaust, They Were Smuggled Into The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex By The CIA Through Operation Paperclip, And Have Since Been Used To Destroy Our Government

Is There A Conspiracy To Destroy Japan Using HAARP Electromagnetic Warfare Technology? Since The HAARP Created Tsunami In 2011, Which Has Since Resulted In A Massive Radiation Outbreak Throughout Japan (And Millions Of New Cases Of Cancer In Japan's Citizens), One Must Wonder If Japan Is Not Being Secretly Targeted For Destruction

Equador 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Reported On 4/17/16 - Another HAARP Created Disaster Using Directed Energy Weapons, And Done As Part Of The Genocidal Policy Being Implemented Under Rothschild Zionism?

4/17/16 - Mysterious Deaths Of Marvin Bush, Housekeeper, Bertha Champagne, And Nancy Hamilton, Wife Of Lee Hamilton, Former U.S. Representative And Chairman Of The House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence & Co-Chair Of The 9/11 Commission That Investigated These Attacks - Both Women Were Killed After Being Run Over By Their Own Automobiles - Were These Signals Intelligence Induced Murders Committed By The NSA? Was Madison Avenue Executive Suzanne Hart Also The Target Of A Signals Intelligence Induced Murder Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, Under The Agency's Echelon Program?

Were Bertha Champagne And Nancy Hamilton the targets of covertly carried out murders, when the automatic transmissions in their cars were remotely shifted into reverse via the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology?

In the 1980s a number of *Audi automobiles experienced this phenomenon as well as unintended acceleration issues. It is this author's belief that Audi was the target of signals intelligence driven corporate espionage at the time. And that the NSA may have been involved.

*More recently, a number of other automobile manufacturers have experienced a similar phenomenon including Hyundai and Toyota

The police claim that they found the cars owned by Nancy Hamilton and Bertha Champagne in gear, however, NSA computer to computer interface could have been used to remotely shift the transmissions in these cars into reverse by tampering with their computers, via the electromagnetic spectrum, without having any physical contact with the vehicles, thus committing the perfect crime. The furtive commission of murder without any physical evidence that a murder had actually been committed.

What is also of interest here is that before his wife had been killed, Lee Hamilton had publicly stated that the Bush 43 Administration had done everything possible to sabotage the 9/11 Commission, and that the Commission did not achieve its objective of determining who was really responsible for this false flag operation.

Former NJ Governor, Tom Keane, who was the co-Chairman of the 9/11 Commission supported the claims made by Lee Hamilton.

Was Hamilton's wife murdered as punishment to him for publicly accusing the Bush 43 Administration of trying to sabotage the 9/11 Commission, and implicating the Bush 43 White House in the 9/11 attacks?

"August 14-15, 2012 -- Wife of 9/11 Commission co-chair killed by her own car"

"On August 11, a month from the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, Nancy Hamilton, the 82-year old wife of former U.S. Representative Lee Hamilton, the former chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the co-chair of the 9/11 Commission that investigated the attacks, was killed when her own vehicle ran her over in the parking lot of a veterinarian's office."

"Mrs. Hamilton, according to Bloomington Police, did not have her vehicle's transmission in park when she exited the car around 4:15 pm to retrieve her pet from the back. When Hamilton went behind the vehicle, a later model Toyota Camry, the car backed up and ran her over. The Monroe County medical examiner reported that Mrs. Hamilton died from massive blunt force to her chest and head. The police said the car knocked over Mrs. Hamilton and then proceeded to roll over her. Mrs. Hamilton was transported from the incident scene on the 4500 block of East Third Street and she died hours later at IU Health-Bloomington Hospital."

"BRIGHT LIGHT ON BLACK SHADOWS" by Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde - This Book Is The Culmination Of Doctor Kilde's Vast Research Into The New World Order And Its Agenda For Mass Mind Control And Genocide - Dr. Kilde Was Irradiated To Death In 2015 With Directed Energy Weaponry, In Order To Prevent Her From Attending Any Further Conferences Promoting This Book Or Its Historic, Timely And Invaluable Message: That The Human Race Is Under Attack By Rothschild Zionism And Its Investment Class; Those Whose Control Over The Global Military Intelligence Complex Is Now Using This Complex As The Primary Means In Which To Secretly Enslave The Human Race, Through Its Control Over The Electromagnetic Spectrum And Its Stealth Electronic Warfare Technology

Dr. Rauni Kilde Speaking At A Conference Shortly Before She Was Irradiated To Death With A Directed Energy Weapon

Has The Monroe Institute Become A Front Organization For The CIA? And Is The Institute Being Used To Secretly Conduct MK-Ultra Mind Control Programming On Its Unwitting Patrons?

Meteorites? Or Plasma Fire Balls?
The Pentagon's HAARP Based Terrorism
Is No Act Of God

Written by James F. Marino

“He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.”

– V. I. Vernadsky (1863-1945)

*"In 1983 the NSA established a worldwide computer network linking 52 separate government computer systems used throughout the world. All the information ends up at NSA's Headquarters in (Fort Meade) Maryland. So it can plug into each phone call and message in USA, UK and Australia using the US base, Pine Gap and the new installation at Geraldton in Western Australia."

*It appears that after Reagan Executive Order 12333 was passed in 1981, in order to privatize the unconstitutional actions of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, that this EO was also used to furnish the NSA with unprecedented authority to conduct its signals intelligence operations both domestically and internationally.

This would mean that the NSA has now become the central venue for collecting and storing all signals intelligence derived data obtained globally, as well as domestically. This offers further support to the claims that the NSA is being used by the House Of Rothschild as part of its intent to create a central government which will be used to replace all existing governments.

As such, whoever wins the 2016 U.S. Presidential election - whether it is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton - will become just another puppet of the Rothschilds and their world government.

Moreover, the NSA's presence in more than 52 other governments by 1983 (possibly all but a handful of governments now that we are in 2016), would also give further credibility to the allegations made by this author, that the NSA's Orwellian Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, is being used on both the U.S. population as well as the citizens of myriad other countries. And for the purpose of implementing an artificial telepathy program via the electromagnetic spectrum, by way of the aforesaid SIGNT EMF Scanning Network and Artificial Intelligence computers owned by the NSA.

More specifically, that the NSA now has the ability to instantly access the neural pathways of the earth's human population, simply by dialing the unique cellular EMF brain map of any person and then interfacing an AI computer with the neural pathways of that person's brain.

The most insidious form of slavery ever designed, since it can be instantaneously used on anyone to both read as well as manipulate their thoughts without their knowledge or consent.

What happens when this technology is used to control the mind of the President of The United States or the head of Russia?

Or for that matter, the Pope or the head of the United Nations?

Or any other powerful person who has enormous influence over the rest of the world?

Their minds would become little more than a means by which to carry out the agenda of those who are operating this technology through the very air that we breathe.

Furthermore, as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a global dictatorship, there have been an increasing number of strange phenomena being reported by the media over the past several years, which appear to be taking place as part of the NASA Project Blue Beam false flag operation, that investigative journalist, Serge Monast, described in an article that he wrote more than two decades ago, entitled "Project Blue Beam."

An article for which Monast would later be murdered, in what was likely a Zionist orchestrated, directed energy weapons' induced heart attack.

*See: Serge Monast's 1994 Article On NASA's Project Blue Beam False Flag Operation - Blue Beam Is Unfolding Right Before Our Very Eyes With The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of Satellite Projected Holograms Of UFOs, And HAARP Directed Energy Weapons, Which Are Being To Used To Cause Everything From Hurricanes, Tornadoes And Earthquakes, To Plasma Based Fireballs Which Are Being Passed Off As Asteroids

There is no question that since a fireball was seen in the skies above the Northeastern part of the United States on the evening of March 22nd, 2013, the U.S. media has been spending more time covering meteors and the possibility of their crashing into highly populated areas of the United States.

Given that the Pentagon's HAARP phased radar array system in Gakona, Alaska certainly has the ability to create the type of plasma based fireball that most people would readily mistake for a meteorite, this author remains concerned that the media is being used as a venue for the Pentagon's propaganda.

Specifically, in regard to what may well become frequent HAARP attacks on U.S. soil, and quite possibly more heavily populated areas such as major U.S. cities, under the guise that what we are witnessing are asteroids that are crashing into the earth at an increasing and alarming pace.

This author wonders how many incendiary related "accidents" which have been reported within the media over the past two decades may have actually been caused using HAARP technology, including the devastating explosion at a WACO fertilizer plant on 4/17/2013.

Some conspiracy theorists have questioned if a missile of some type could have been used to cause the explosion on 4/17/2014, however, there would have been some remains of the missile during the cleanup operation, which would have created all sorts of suspicion.

Other the hand, if a HAARP based plasma projectile (like that which was seen on the evening of 3/22/14) were used to cause this devastation, there would be no evidence that the explosion had been caused intentionally, and through the use of one of the Pentagon's classified weapons of mass destruction.

In the following video the reader will notice that right before the explosion at the WACO fertilizer plant took place, there was a bright yellow light which suddenly appeared on the left side of the screen. Could it have been a HAARP created plasma fireball?

*See:Is The Pentagon Using HAARP Electronic Warfare Technology In Order To Create Plasma Based Weapons Which Are Used To Cause Devastation, Which The U.S. Department Of Defense Then Attempts To Blame On Acts Of God? On 4/17/2013 A Fertilizer Plant Located Near The Town Of WACO Texas Exploded, Only Weeks After What The U.S. Media Claimed Was A Meteor Fireball Was Seen Flying Over The Northeastern Part Of The United States On The Evening Of 3/22/2014 - Were Both Of These Situations The Result Of HAARP Based Plasma Weapons Of Mass Destruction?

Whether it was or not, we must seriously question if this recent propaganda campaign may yet be another part of NASA's Project Blue Beam bible rapture scenario. Especially when one considers that the Pentagon's HAARP technology is based on the free energy research done by Nikola Tesla more than a century ago, which has enabled the U.S. Defense Department to control the weather, to remotely access and manipulate our minds, and to use HAARP as a directed energy weapon of mass destruction.

With this in mind, and taking into consideration this author's claims that HAARP can be used to create weapons of mass destruction, by remotely harnessing the energy contained within the electromagnetic spectrum, the reader should also ponder the following statement made by former government scientist Tom Bearden:

"You start ionizing the air, you can change the weather flow patterns (jet streams, etc.) -- you can change all of that - if you dump it gradually, real gradually - you influence the heck out of the weather. It's a great weather machine.

"If you dump it sharply, you don't get little ionization like that. You will get flashes and fireballs (plasma) that will come down on surfaces of the earth... you can cause enormous weather changes over entire regions by playing that thing back and forth.

- Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden (retired)

Regarding The Pentagon's Use Of HAARP
As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

I am also certain that the increase in dangerous electromagnetic radiation that humans as a race are now being exposed to on a far greater scale than ever before, is responsible for many of the cancers (including brain cancers) which are now being reported within the global medical community.

In his 1990 book regarding his research into electromagnetism, Dr. Robert Becker describes how he discovered that the electromagnetic fields in areas that house a substantial number of electronic devices, result in a phenomenon which Becker refers to as "Electromagnetic-Hypersensitivity Syndrome."

Think about this the next time that you consider the purchase of a hybrid or completely electric automobile, since unless they are shielded properly, the EMF fields emanating from the massive batteries which power these vehicles are substantial and very dangerous to both your physical as well as mental health.

In reference to the dangers posed by EMF (Electromagnetic Flux fields), Dr. Becker has also stated that locations such as operating rooms in hospitals are very dangerous to the doctors and nurses who work in such electronic pollution day in and day out, and can ultimately cause these people many different electromagnetic related symptoms, which can lead to developing cancers and other diseases.

The same can be said for those who work in the media, where they are surrounded by a myriad of electronic TV monitors, cameras and other types of electronic equipment which give off hazardous electromagnetic fields.

As a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and a second generation of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation which takes place via the EM spectrum, this author, like many other subjects of such non consensual human experimentation, remains concerned about the long-term effects of what the federal government claims is non ionizing radiation; since once the frequencies that we are illegally targeted by are modulated upwards, the non ionizing radiation becomes more deadly ionizing radiation.

This is the price that we as American citizens must pay as targets of the most sinister black operations in history, as we are treated as non consensual human guinea pigs within the so called privacy of our own homes.

The following has been excerpted from Dr. Becker's excellent book on the study of electromagnetism, entitled: "Cross Currents":

"When I first acquired some public notoriety as a researcher of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, I began receiving a trickle of letters from persons who insisted that they were highly 'allergic' to such fields.

Some said they had even moved to remote, rural areas that are free of most electromagnetic fields. I just admit that for the first few years I was highly skeptical of such claims and thought that the conditions must be purely psychological in origin.

But during the past five or six years, the trickle of letters has turned into a flood that I can no longer ignore. Fortunately, other medical scientists have become interested in this specific condition and involved in establishing its diagnosis.

Dr. William Rae, a former surgeon from Texas, discovered his own sensitivity to electromagnetic fields while working in the modern operating room. As medicine became a technology, the operating room became home to more and more electrical devices. Today, in my opinion, it could well be classified as a hazardous environment.

By eliminating other sources, Dr. Rae determined that his allergic and neurological symptoms were caused by the electromagnetic fields in the operating room. He subsequently discovered that he was not alone in his hypersensitivity, and that there was a growing population of patients with the same condition.

These people are typically told by their physicians that their symptoms are 'all in their minds' and that they should seek psychiatric care.'"

- Dr. Robert Becker, "Cross Currents"

Becker's seminal work in Cross Currents has become the cornerstone for much of the current research being conducted in regard to electromagnetism, and the dangers which certain types of hazardous EMF signatures pose to the health of the global population.

Which makes the covert research and non consensual human experimentation that the Pentagon is conducting against American citizens, through the use of electronic warfare programs, all the more disturbing.

Especially since the Pentagon uses the EM spectrum in order to deploy its **electronic weaponry against an unwitting American citizenry.

The more that this author researches the Pentagon's history of committing crimes against the American people, which are then hidden under the cover of the National Security Act, the more that I am convinced that the U.S. Department Of Defense is now using its HAARP antenna farm in Gakona, Alaska, to perpetrate furtive acts of electromagnetic terrorism, whose permutations are both infinite and plausibly deniable.

**Today, 6/23/14, I notice that our kitchen freezer has started to defrost again. This has been intentionally done in the past by FBI/NSA malicious psychopaths, who conduct their COINTELPRO operations against our persons 24 hours a day.

In this case, they use signals intelligence technology to disrupt the flow of electricity into this freezer. Specifically, the electricity to the freezer is not completely turned off by remote means, but instead reduced to the point where the freezer cannot operate at full power, which allows the food to thaw.

This is the type of flexibility that SIGNIT technology offers its users.

For more on the ways in which an agency like the FBI or NSA can use this technology to murder someone through the use of plausible deniability, see the following article which this author wrote in regard to my experiences as a target of EEG heterodyning and directed energy weapons' technologies, as well as decades of being subjugated to a second generation of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation that takes place via the electromagnetic spectrum.

* A Woman Named Suzanne Hart Is Covertly Murdered Via FBI/NSA Signals Intelligence Sabotage Of An Elevator She Attempts To Enter, When The Electronics In The Elevator Are Remotely Triggered To Close The Door On Hart, Which Results In Her Being Dragged Between Floors And Crushed To Death

Also see the following article which I wrote in regard to what was likely a HAARP created plasma fireball which could be seen in the skies above the Northeastern part of the United States during the evening of March 22nd, 2013.

The Pentagon's HAARP Electronic Warfare Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Was The "Greenish Colored Fireball" Seen In The Skies Above The Northeastern Part Of The United States On March 22nd, 2013 (And Reported By The U.S. Media As Being An Asteroid), A HAARP Created Plasma Ball Of Fire? - If So, Consider How Easily This Manmade "Fireball" Could Have Been Aimed Directly At A Major City Like Manhattan In Order To Murder Millions Of Americans With Plausible Deniability

The Pentagon could have easily directed this plasma fireball to strike the island of Manhattan, while murdering millions of its inhabitants, and this mass murder would have been perpetrated with plausible deniability, under the guise that the destruction was caused by an act of God.

This is just how powerful these new breeds of satellite and HAARP over the horizon based weapons really are, since they are used to harness the tremendous energy contained within the EM spectrum, and to then utilize it as a weapon that can be steered anywhere on the face of this planet, in order to cause mass destruction with plausible deniability.

Nikola Tesla proved this a century ago when while using a particle beam weapon, broadcast from his Wardenclyff Tower (in what is now Shoreham, Long Island), to send a message to Commodore Perry during his journey to the North Pole, Tesla's weapon accidentally destroyed more than 500,000 acres of woodlands which sat adjacent to the Tunguska river in Russia's Siberian wilderness.

This demonstration of Tesla's "broadcast power technology" was quickly covered up by the U.S. federal government, which claimed that a comet had exploded over Siberia causing the devastation.

The readers will also note that the damage occurred on the same day that Tesla had said that he was going to send his "secret message" to Perry - a message that Tesla said Perry would have had no trouble recognizing when it arrived.

Fortunately for Perry, Tesla's calculations were off, and he completely overshot the area that Perry was traveling in, or Perry himself would have ended up as petrified as the Siberian forest which Tesla's particle beam weapon barbecued.

Ironically enough, at first Tesla did not even think that his weapon was working, until an owl flew directly in front of its particle beam and disintegrated.

See: Report Of U.S. Government Cover Up Regarding Nikola Tesla's Use Of A Particle Beam Weapon (Tesla's Death Ray) In 1908, Which Destroyed 500,000 Acres Of The Tunguska Region Of Russia's Siberian Wilderness

The reader will find similar situations to the one which took place in Tunguska in 1908, also occurring in the modern day, such as the one which recently took place in Russia a few months ago, in which an asteroid was blamed for injuring at least 1500 people.

See: Russian Media Reports That An Asteroid Injured At Least 1500 People When It Crashed Into The Earth

"You start ionizing the air, you can change the weather flow patterns (jet streams, etc.) -- you can change all of that - if you dump it gradually, real gradually - you influence the heck out of the weather. It's a great weather machine.

"If you dump it sharply, you don't get little ionization like that. You will get flashes and fireballs (plasma) that will come down on surfaces of the earth... you can cause enormous weather changes over entire regions by playing that thing back and forth."

- Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden (retired)

Regarding The Pentagon's Use Of HAARP
As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

As Bearden states, when HAARP is used to ionize the air more gradually, it becomes the ideal weather machine.

However, when HAARP is used at a more intense frequency in order to ionize the air, the result can be (aquamarine colored) flashes of light in the sky, bolts of lightning, or even a HAARP created plasma fireball "which will come down on surfaces of the earth."

Just like the *"aquamarine bluish green" plasma fireball that this author saw traveling directly over my home on March 22nd, 2013, and like the one which injured more than 1500 people in Russia a few months ago.

Over the course of the past decade this MK-Ultra subject has seen these types of aquamarine flashes of light in the sky above my home on numerous occasions, which most people would just attribute to lightning. However, they are not lightning. They are beams of light which are created through the use of HAARP technology, and in this author's experiences always have an aquamarine bluish-green color to them; very similar to what the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) look like over the Alaskan evening sky.

They are just as *Tom Bearden describes in the above statement. And likely, quite similar to the directed energy weapon that Tesla used a century earlier to level the Tunguska forest.

* It is also interesting to note that not long after writing some books in regard to HAARP, Bearden suffered a serious heart attack, which was in all probability caused by a HAARP directed energy weapon, and as punishment for writing these books.

Bearden's Wikipedia page has also been deleted (the same thing happened to Dr. Nick Begich after he co-authored the book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" and wrote the book "Controlling The Human Mind"); a sure sign that the U.S Military which he served, doesn't appreciate Bearden's telling the truth about the Pentagon's use of HAARP technology as a weapon of mass destruction, when for many years the U.S. Department Of Defense had managed to deceive the American people into believing that HAARP was nothing more than a research project, being used to study our galaxy and other areas of outer space.

The fact that HAARP can also be used as a means of mass mind control using the EM spectrum in which to interface the Pentagon's artificial intelligence super computers with the minds of the global populous - in order to create a hive mentality - is yet another horrifying aspect of the real capabilities of this Orwellian technology.

Google: EEG Heterodyning; Mind Control And Remote Neural Monitoring Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" by Dr. Robert Duncan; John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency; "HAARP The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy" by Jerry A. Smith; "Cross Currents" by Dr. Robert Becker

HAARP weapons are not only cost effective, but are already being used in secret to replace the traditional weapons of war. So why are these traditional weapons still being manufactured? It's a question of economics, since the defense industry would not be able to survive if they were no longer able to manufacture tanks, missiles and other archaic weapons of warfare which are often destroyed in battle and need to be replaced.

Of course, then there's also the "cleanup" after the war has ended, which companies like Halliburton have traditionally capitalized on.

So for the time being, these completely outmoded weapons will continue to be used, and at the expense of the American taxpayers.

However, the future of global warfare involves the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, and electronic warfare technologies such as HAARP, which operate through it, since the historical types of wars which have been fought for millennia have become far too great an expense for any country to take on in the modern day; especially when such wars are oftentimes based on false flag terrorist operations like 9/11, which can be carried out for years on end with little or no success, as we are now seeing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The reader should also keep in mind that if Rothschild Zionism's conceptualization of its New World Order, 21st century feudal system comes to fruition (which this author is certain it will unless we expose this conspiracy and end it), there will be no need for such weapons of mass destruction in the future, because this agenda calls for the extermination of at least two thirds of the earth's human population through various means (under genocidal programs like Agenda 21), while those who remain will exist in two completely different classes.

Those who will be slaves in this technocratic feudal system, and the aristocracy who will own these slaves as part of a global police state, which is used to convert what were once individual sovereign nations, into regions of the Rothschilds' New World Order.

As for this covert SIGNIT attack on our freezer, such attacks can become very costly when you have hundreds of dollars worth of food in a freezer or refrigerator, that is intentionally allowed to spoil through such a clandestine signals intelligence attack.

While this may sound trivial to the average person, the concept of using signals intelligence based weapons to damage (or destroy) an electrical appliance, is in principle, the same as destroying a city like Manhattan or Chicago.

With the latter, the damage just occurs on a much larger and more devastating scale, with an enormous loss of life.

These constant electromagnetic attacks result in having to chronically spend money to cover for the losses they are used to cause, while also serving as a means in which to force the targets of such COINTELPRO operations into bankruptcy, in order to make them homeless and thus, easier to murder in a plausibly deniable way.

This covert vandalism can be used to damage or destroy expensive items, or inexpensive ones; depending on what the psychological value of a particular item is, when it is used to function as nothing more than one of a myriad of psychological triggers used to gradually and systematically turn a sane person into an insane one.

The attacks are also perpetrated to sound as outlandish as possible, given that much of their intended purpose is to make the target of these covert assaults appear to be mentally unstable, so that they fit the psychiatric 5150 profile that an agency like the FBI will use, in its attempt to prove that a target of their entrapment schemes is a danger to both themselves as well as to others.

However, when the *FBI must completely subvert U.S. law through its manipulation of a situation, by using covert acts of both physical and psychological torture against the target of such a conspiracy, while conducting an illegal smear campaign against the person which oftentimes involves various forms of calumny - including fabricated evidence, perjured testimony and the suborning of witness perjury - it is those FBI agents who perpetrate these terrible crimes who qualify for the "5150" psychiatric label.

*Also See: As A Target Of MK-Ultra This Author Chronicles Nineteen Consecutive Months Of FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis - These So Called Agents Are Nothing But Pathological Murderous Psychopaths, Who Are Covering Up The Fact That The American People Are The Targets Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program Which Includes The Illegal Brain Mapping & Fingerprinting Of Their Bodies' Own Unique EMF Signatures - Not Only Is This Covert Program Treasonous, It's Being Used To Both Steal The Electromagnetic Signatures Of Each American Citizen's Body (An EMF DNA Fingerprint), While Branding Each One Of Us Like A Head Of Cattle

For instance, as part of the demented psyop which the FBI has continued to target this author for, for decades, last night, I also notice that my toothbrush cup is suddenly split down one of its sides, which causes the cup to "leak" profusely when it is filled with water. The cup was perfectly fine earlier in the afternoon, and the damage to it was caused by some form of satellite deployed laser or maser beam.

This is typical of the random acts of vandalism that these Satanic worshipping demons perpetrate against Targeted Individuals, given that these militaristic electronic warfare weapons operate through the EMF spectrum, and can thus be remotely directed to any location on the face of this planet - operating at the speed of light - while striking their intended targets with military precision.

When taking this into consideration, once again, please note how these weapons can also be used to destroy an entire city, country, continent, or even the entire planet that we are living on. Because as the direct result of its access to HAARP, the Pentagon now has the horrifying ability to wipe out entire regions of this planet while murdering billions of people, instantaneously as well as simultaneously.

And perhaps the most frightening part of all - with complete anonymity.

- James F. Marino

On July 1st 2014, A New Federal Law Goes Into Effect Regarding Control Over The United States Currency, Which Most Americans Know Nothing About - This Is A Draconian Law Which Will Result In Expediting The Collapse Of The U.S. Economy - For Much Of The 20Th Century The Federal Reserve System Has Been Printing The Counterfeited Currency Which It Has Then Lent To The U.S. Treasury At Usury Interest Rates, In Order To Subsidize The Daily Operations Of The U.S. Federal Government (Which Are Financed By The Inadequate U.S. Corporate Income Tax), While The Treasury Should Have Instead Been Printing Its Own Currency Interest Free - Up Until Now, The Rest Of The World Has Used Federal Reserve Notes As The Global Reserve Currency, Which Has Enabled The U.S. Federal Government To Run Up Tremendous Debt With These Countries, While Using The Federal Reserve To Print Trillions Of Counterfeit Reserve Notes To Keep The U.S. Economy Operating - However, These Other Countries Now Want To Replace Federal Reserve Notes With A New Global Reserve Currency - If This Happens, The Federal Reserve Currency Will Be Replaced By A New Reserve Currency, Which Will Eventually Result In The Total Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar, Leaving The U.S. Federal Government And The American People Bankrupt

Was Nobel Laureate, John Nash (Subject Of The Hollywood Movie "A Beautiful Mind") One The CIA's Earliest Targets Of A Form Of MK-Ultra Which Was Conducted By Way Of The EMF Spectrum? And Were The "Voices" That Nash Heard The Result Of Schizophrenia Or The Result Of Synthetic Telepathy? - Also See The Following (Listed After "Editor's Note") In Regard To A Former Long Island Real Estate Developer, Who Was Recently Charged With Arson, And Who May In Reality Be The Unwitting Target Of Synthetic Telepathy

Editor's Note: Today, 6/27/14, the name of someone whom I have not seen in years suddenly pops into my head, which is typical of the NSA's EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways of my brain; a phenomenon that I have dealt with for several decades now as a target of this second generation MK-Ultra which is conducted by way of the EMF spectrum.

This EEG heterodyned "two way computer to brain link" system of communication between an MK-Ultra target's brain and an NSA artificial intelligence computer, involves both the NSA's illegal interception of my EEG thought streams as well as NSA computer generated EEG thought streams being remotely implanted into the neural pathways of my brain via either signals intelligence satellites or HAARP over the horizon radar systems.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

I go to the Internet to see if I can locate information on the person only to find that he was recently arrested for setting fire to a multimillion dollar home on Long Island, and for attempting to set a cellphone tower on fire a day earlier.

Accused Arsonist Found Mentally Incompetent To Stand Trial

He was reported to have been rambling at the time he was arrested, claiming that he was trying to save the person who lived in the house, whose son he'd claimed had been kidnapped by Israeli agents.

Is this person yet another unwitting target of mind control experimentation via the EMF spectrum? And is this why he had attempted to burn a cellphone tower down, since cellphone towers are one of the means by which "through the air" computer to brain interface is taking place, as cellphone and GWEN towers are being used to "piggy back" this computer generated information via signals intelligence satellites and HAARP over the horizon radar systems, directly into the neural pathways of a targeted person's brain.

This is not speculation any longer. It is fact, and a number of former government employees who have worked on this technology have not only publicly admitted to having done so, but also apologized for doing so, stating that they were told that this technology was going to be used on other countries - not on American citizens.

The aforementioned person is a former Long Island real estate developer whom I knew more than two decades ago, and it is entirely possible that he has been EEG heterodyned for years, and used for non consensual mind control experimentation without even realizing it.

Perhaps he may have begun to research this phenomenon over the Internet, which might explain why he was attempting to burn a cellphone tower down.

If this is the case it is not only possible, but quite likely probable, that for years now he may have been targeted for voice to skull (V2K) two way communication, where sound waves are remotely beamed directly into the aural cortex region of his brain, so that he would hear voices (that no one around him could hear,) telling him things that were not true, while directing him to commit crimes, which could have included burning down the house which he is charged with doing; since the Pentagon's "Voice Of God" weapons are capable of using microwave energy weapons to remotely implant thoughts into anyone's mind.

This phenomenon of hearing voices through V2K or synthetic telepathy, has become such a common occurrence within both the United States and myriad other countries, that many different activism groups have been formed to research who is responsible. In most cases, it's been determined that it is the governments within these countries that are responsible for these crimes against humanity, which is why both the governments themselves, as well as the media, and federal, state and local police agencies have continued to completely ignore the millions of complaints being made in regard to these Orwellian crimes.

The fact is that in the United States, this non consensual human experimentation is going on all around us, given the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of the EMF spectrum for the purpose of turning our communities into covert laboratories, in order to experiment upon a totally unwitting American public.

And unlike the early days of the CIA's original MK-Ultra program, where targets of such mind control experimentation were usually sequestered behind the walls of an establishment which was used in order to conceal the CIA's horrific crimes from the public, in the modern day this second generation of MK-Ultra allows such non consensual human experimentation to take place anywhere, since the American people have all been unwittingly brain mapped by the NSA.

As such, any American citizen can find themselves being targeted for such mind control experimentation without their knowledge or consent, as can any member of their own family or community.

And this remote form of being able to enter the neural pathways of any person's mind, also means that the person could be remotely brainwashed into committing crimes that they would never have committed otherwise.

This is the greatest scandal in human history, because it involves the U.S. federal government's furtive electronic EMF finger printing of each American citizen through the decoding of their bodies' own unique EMF signatures (including both heart beat and brain wave prints), which are then used to brand them like the proverbial head of cattle.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency for more on the NSA scandal which was first exposed by John St. Clair Akwei in a 1992 lawsuit which Akwei was prevented from seeing to fruition in a Washington D.C. circuit court. Also Google: The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and how it can be used to remotely dial up the unique EMF signatures of any citizen living within the United States, through the NSA's use of the electromagnetic spectrum as a means for spying domestically.

Also Google: Dr. Robert Duncan's book: "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" which documents Pentagon & CIA domestic spy programs created in the 1970s; programs which utilize the EMF spectrum and HAARP over the horizon radar systems, in order to remotely access and interact with the brains of American citizens, by using EEG heterodyning to synchronize the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' artificial intelligence computers, with the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's brain.

This morning, 6/28/14, after posting the above information last night, this author notices that there are a lot of bird feathers under a new plumb tree which we had planted on our property earlier this week. However, the remains of the bird itself are no where to be found. So either the bird was *killed there and removed, or the feathers were dumped there by some Organized Stalking psychopath who illegally trespassed on our property in the middle of the night.

Moreover, the tree which this one replaces, was in all probability destroyed by way of directed energy weaponry, since it was less than a year old when it had died, and its branches were brittle enough to be from a tree that was decades older.

For the past month or so we have had a pair of doves living near our home, which spent quite a bit of time nesting on the shrubbery. Today there is only one dove, so it was likely the other which was killed last night. The question is how did it die? The feathers were scattered over a roughly two foot in diameter area, so the dove must have attempted to put up a struggle before it was killed.

The CIA's original MK-Ultra program was based on Satanic Ritual Abuse which involved the killing of animals as well as children and adults, as part of a sacrifice to Satan, and so is the second generation of this evil program, which is now conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and through many different alphabet agencies, including the CIA and NSA.

This is especially disturbing since this technology can be used to instantly target any person living within the United States by way of the EM spectrum and their bodies' own unique EMF signatures, in order to spy upon, experiment upon, torture or even murder them with complete anonymity.

Given the history of MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse in Hollywood, one can only imagine how many actors and actresses have been murdered by such covert means, through the use of these arcane weapons, and as a form of furtive ritualistic sacrifice, whose deaths were then reported to have been caused from either drug abuse, suicide or natural causes.

In Hollywood, drug abuse in particular is rampant, which gives those who would conspire to murder an actor or actress in such a covert and cowardly manner, plausible deniability in doing so. Even if the person was not addicted to drugs, they could still be murdered in this way, and a coroner could be used to falsify their cause of death.

The dispensation of drugs in America is big business, with Big Pharma controlling the legal side of prescription drugs, while the CIA controls the illegal drugs which get sold to your children.

In Hollywood, Big Pharma and the CIA split the profits, given their intent to hook the American acting community on both prescription and illegal drugs, while the U.S. media is used to fraudulently promote the importance of staying drug free, with bogus government programs like The Partnership For A Drug Free America.

The fact is that there is no money to be made in promoting a drug free culture in the United States, anymore than there is in curing cancer. And the pharmaceutical community and the Rockefeller drug trust are well aware of this.

So Americans continue to die, while the "drug free" propaganda campaigns promulgated by the media, espousing the importance of eradicating the drug culture in this country, continue.

State University Of New York At Stony Brook Reported To Be Collaborating On A New Lyme Disease Vaccine With Brookhaven Labs - This So Called Vaccine Will Be Yet Another Biological Weapon Which Will Be Used On An Unsuspecting Public

Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Ever Documented In West Africa - Media Reports That This Outbreak Is Out Of Control - AIDS & Ebola Continue To Be Used As Biological Weapons By The Pentagon, As Part Of Rothschild Zionism's Genocidal Policy To Murder Billions Of People Worldwide

Another Target Of The FBI/DOJ/DHS Fusion Center Hate Crime Known As Organized Stalking, Whose Account Was Suspended After She Posted The Following Article Regarding Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment

What Do The Terms FBI Consensual Monitoring And CIA Concealed Monitoring Mean? Are They Being Used As Euphemisms To Conceal The NSA's Use Of Signals Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface Of An Unwitting American Public? Also Google Akwei VS NSA And The NSA's Signals Intelligence Driven Artificial Telepathy Program - The NSA's Remote Mind Reading Of The Masses Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum - The Greatest Scandal In Human History

How HAARP Created Plasma Fire Balls Are Being Passed Off By The Mainstream Media As Meteors - A Plasma Fire Ball Can Be Aimed At A Major City To Destroy The City While Murdering Millions Of Its Human Inhabitants, Under The Cover That The Destruction Was The Result Of An Act Of God - Google: American And Russian Governments' Use Of HAARP Technology For Stealth Warfare

Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices Are Used By The NSA To Remotely Target The Unique EMF Fields Produced By The Human Brain, For The Purpose Of Establishing Computer To Brain Interface With The Neural Pathways Of Any American Citizen's Brain

“He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.”

– V. I. Vernadsky (1863-1945)

Targeted Individual
Gang-Stalking in America
By Sadie Judge

Living as a victim of a particularly terrifying crime has completely changed my life. It's like looking through a mirror and seeing the old world still going on but unable to get in it or access it. Add to this the fact that the detection of the crime is almost impossible, and you have the perfect illegal act happening to millions of citizens on a daily basis.

What is this criminal act that's so deadly that it can actually occur right in front of non-victims without them being aware of it? It's the latest invisible crime called Gang-stalking, Multi-stalking, 24-hour stalking, Organized-stalking etc. Whatever its name it is the same terror day in and day out for the victims who have been given a life sentence, a slow death of physical and emotional harassment.

If you Google the name you will find tons of information on this crime; yet most officials will deny that it exists. An international phenomenon that is taking hold right here in America with a frightening intensity. One that has increased dramatically with the advent of the cell-phone and the computer which has allowed organized stalking groups to be able to "track" their "targets" more efficiently and expediently.

Sounds like a science fiction movie you saw recently? Well, science fiction is now reality and functioning quite readily in our ordinary daily lives. Who is gang-stalked? Why anyone and everyone meaning the possibility of you becoming the next "target" is real. Why would anyone want to stalk you? Isn't that reserved for persons of importance are the questions most people ask themselves. Well the answer is that just as in our society everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame or success, you also now have the opposite opportunity in the arena of what I affectionately call "The Shadow World."

These Organized stalking groups like to pretend they have lofty reasons for tagging you. You have been deemed an unsuitable citizen by their less than moralistic standards. They hide behind groups with names like Neighborhood Watch or Community Watchdog groups; groups that receive funding from the federal government and private sources. At one time many of us may have supported such groups who seemed to weed out criminals who were put into our neighborhoods such as pedophiles. People who had not necessarily been completely rehabilitated and needed to be carefully watched. These so called undesirable people would be watched every second and followed everywhere in the neighborhood until they got the message "You're not wanted!"

Now the neighborhood watch group is watching you! Tracking down regular citizens for a lifetime of harassment and torture. Your name has been submitted by an anonymous individual and their identity will never be revealed to you, the target. The information submitted to the group does not even have to be verified. The identifier has perhaps reported that you make too many complaints, you're one of those activist/grassroots people, a whistleblower, a family member/friend of another target or even just to simply get revenge on you because you made the "wrong" person angry. Whatever the reason you were selected, the offense does not fit the torture that will now be doled out to you for the rest of your life.

One day you wake up and find you're being Gang-stalked. There's no mistaking what is happening to you, but almost impossible for anyone else other than the victim to know what is going on because of the "unseen" methods inflicted on the target. Unidentifiable strangers will now feel free to walk up to you and using a particular everyday action they've been instructed to play out will then proceed to harass you. The type of actions inflicted on the person will be everyday happenings that we the ordinary citizen witness on a daily basis; a cough, whistle, person jogging, accidental loud noises exactly as you walk by, a flashing cell-phone, and the list goes on and on.

Obviously these type of actions in and of themselves are not frightening. However if on a particular day there are 10 strangers who cough as you walk by and this happens everyday then you can start to make the connection of the psychological torture inflicted on a gang-stalking victim. Ten coughs a day mean 70 a week and 280 times a month. This includes the other signals; whistling, loud noises etc. being executed on your person on a daily basis. A single gang-stalking victim will be victimized easily thousands of times in a single month's period.

After subjecting you to this type of emotional torture for a period of months you now move into the mental stage called "sensitizing." This means that you will become so overly-conscious of these everyday actions that when anyone does these purposefully or not you will now react. Think of Pavlov's Dog that we all learned about in school.

The persons participating in this very ugly crime do not always comprehend the depths of their actions. They may think it is easy money and they are not really hurting anyone if they cough one time as they walk by an individual. They're just helping to identify a 'criminal" or "bad person" not realizing their single action is multiplied hundreds of times by others and they have simply been told a lie about the person to get their cooperation in helping to destroy and decimate someone's life.

The stalking victim will find it virtually impossible to escape the clutches of their stalkers."

You are identified through cell-phone signals and can be located wherever you are. The number or citizens who participate as "stalkers" is staggering. They are located in every part of our daily lives. This means your mailman, grocer, doctor, teacher, neighbor etc. will be equipped with a phone that will ring at any time of the day that lets them know that they are in the vicinity of a gang-stalking victim. They will then be given specific instructions of an everyday activity they should then mimic which has been selectively cultivated for the target they are harassing.

The individual then performs their specific action and waits to see who will react. They cough and you automatically cringe which identifies you to them as the "target." They now also proceed to give you inferior service or treat you in a manner which is different than the ordinary customer, person. You are on the line and it is moving quickly but once you have been identified as a target and get close to the top of the line the service slows dramatically.

The targeted individual is basically a blacklisted citizen. Yes, Americans in this country of the free our government is keeping a list. Once you have been identified you are on the list for life and you will be punished in political, social, physical, and technological ways that result in a slow death. Thousands of people have committed suicide rather than live this daily hell or became mentally ill because of the harsh unrelenting mental and psychological punishment.

I myself am a perfect example of how Gang-Stalking can decimate a life in a short time. In my case within one year I found myself homeless, jobless, and living in a shelter.

Since it is virtually impossible to convince anyone the crime is happening you do not get support. If you are able to convince your loved ones and or friends this crime is happening then the terrifying aspects of this crime makes them afraid to be around you and many fear with good reason that they may become the next target.

If you try to work at a job, the harassment makes it difficult to concentrate and work effectively. Since gang-stalkers are just ordinary citizens, this means it is highly possible the co-worker sitting next to you is a gang-stalker. There is no escape.

Well, reader I know this information is disturbing and scary and I can only encourage you to Google "Gang-stalking" on your computer to get all the information about this growing, pervasive crime that our Government and authorities say does not exist. Ask your family members and friends about this crime and see how many victims you actually know but were not aware of their gang-stalking status.

We can only stop organized gang-stalking activities from suffocating our culture and the world by telling our governments that we know it is happening and empowering ourselves and finding out why this secret crime was allowed to flourish and what real role it plays in today's world.

This position will bring a long time societal ill that has existed for longer than most people realize to an end.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Was Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon? If So, Was It Done As Part Of The FBI/NSA Psychological Warfare Operation Being Directed At This MK-Ultra Target?

What Do The Terms FBI Consensual Monitoring And CIA Concealed Monitoring Mean? Are They Being Used As Euphemisms To Conceal The Use Of Signals Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface Of An Unwitting American Public? Also Google Akwei VS NSA And The NSA's Signals Intelligence Driven Artificial Telepathy Program - The NSA's Remote Mind Reading Of The Masses Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Editor's Note: Justice Scalia died while visiting the Cibolo ranch in Texas, which is owned by former DOD employee under the Reagan Administration, John Poindexter. The entire situation regarding Scalia's sudden death has been bizarre since its inception - including the lack of an autopsy on Scalia.

The FBI and NSA routinely use psychological trigger phrases in their furtive attacks on this author, which are then in some way integrated into the mainstream media. Consider that I publicly accused the FBI of illegally circulating a BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) on my person several years ago, which was based on fabrication and confabulation.

Justice Scalia died at the CiBOLO ranch. A coincidence? Or was this another staged murder based on the long running FBI/NSA psyop campaign being covertly waged against this author?

The loss of Scalia creates a future opportunity for a much more liberal Supreme Court.

And this will allow those Democrats within the Legislative and Executive branches of the U.S. Federal Government to more easily control the Judicial branch, by manipulating the outcomes of certain pertinent Supreme Court cases in the future.

Must we now also be concerned about the safety of Justice Clarence Thomas, who is also known for his conservative views? I say this since Thomas can be murdered through the use of a directed energy weapon just as easily as Justice Antonin Scalia most likely was.

Justice Scalia was the staunchest Republican on the Supreme Court, regarding his rigid interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. So his death is a significant setback for a GOP - whose own future is in as much jeopardy as the U.S. Bill of Rights - as well as the American people's protections under the Bill of Rights.

** For most of the past decade the FBI has secretly and illegally interfered with all business transactions conducted by this author; oftentimes sabotaging the transactions. A few months ago I placed an order for fluorescent bulbs. When the order arrived one of the bulbs was damaged. I Emailed the merchant explaining the situation, asking for them to send a replacement bulb and to pick up the damaged bulb.

However, I never received a response. Then today, UPS delivers a package from this merchant which includes several of these bulbs. When I contact the merchant online to explain that I did not order them, the merchant responds by saying that since the order was their mistake, to just keep the bulbs.

When I said that I was not interested in keeping them and requested that the merchant pick the bulbs up, I was told that I would be emailed a return authorization number. The Email was either never sent or blocked from my Email account by these FBI provocateurs. Those agents who are responsible for this merchant's intentionally shipping bulbs that I did not place an order for in the first place.

This is typical of how the FBI uses its Infragard program to control the actions of businesses operating within the United States. And how the FBI often damages the reputations of these businesses through the use of such chicanery, that the businesses themselves are forced to take part in under the Patriot Act and the FBI's Infragard program.

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