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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- MASS MIND CONTROL IN AMERICA - Former Government Scientist, Dr. Robert Duncan, Interviewed On Coast To Coast - Why Doesn't So Called "Patriot" Alex Jones Interview Robert Duncan Regarding The Mind Control Weapons The Pentagon, NSA & CIA Are Using On The American People? Because If Jones Did, His Program Would Be Cancelled The Way That Jesse Ventura's Highly Rated "Conspiracy Theory" Program Was, After The Former Minnesota Governor Did An Episode On Mind Control Weapons Entitled "The Brain Invaders" -- Interestingly Enough, Jesse Ventura Now Lives In Mexico

"The Mother Of All Black Ops" YouTube Site, Where Many Of The Videos Which The FBI Blocks On My Blog, Can Be Watched Without Interference - Watch Them Before The FBI's Neo Nazis Block This Website Too -- When It Comes To Their COINTELPRO Smear Campaign Against This Author, The FBI Has A Lot To Hide, In Addition To Its Role In Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Satanic Deception Of The Human Race

Man Writing Book On The NSA Notices That His Manuscript On The Agency Is Being Remotely Deleted From His Hard Drive - Author Luke Harding Was Shocked To Find That A Manuscript He Was Working On Regarding The NSA's Association With Silicon Valley And The American Computer Industry, Began Deleting Itself From His Computer's Hard Drive As He Was Working On It - With The Creation Of His Book On The NSA, It Would Appear That Luke Harding Has Attracted The Interest Of The NSA & Become A Target Of The Agency's Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation

"The Federal Reserve And The National Debt" - Facts About The Federal Reserve's Counterfeiting And Laundering Operation

In The Interest Of Finding A Way To Hedge The Federal Reserve's Intentional Creation Of Inflation To Destroy Global Currencies, Companies Like Bitcoin & E-Gold Continue To Develop Trading Platforms Based On Digital Currencies Which, Unlike The Federal Reserve's Worthless Reserve Notes, Are Backed By Gold Or Other Precious Metals - Given That The Murder Of President John F. Kennedy Was In Large Part Due To His Use Of The U.S. Treasury To Issue Silver Certificates Based On The Silver That Was Held In The Treasury's Vaults In 1963 (Which Threatened The Federal Reserve System's Autonomy Over The U.S. Economy At The Time), One Must Wonder If The Federal Reserve Secretly Engineered The Recent Collapse Of The China Bitcoin Company Mt. Gox, Out Of Concern That If Bitcoin Became A Globally Accepted Alternative To Using A Rothschild Counterfeited Currency, That The Rothschilds' Central Banks Would Collapse?

FBI/NSA Collusion To Murder A Woman Named Suzanne Hart, Using Directed Energy Weapons - The American People Should Pay Very Close Attention To How This Woman Was Killed & How Easily A Signals Intelligence Satellite & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Could Have Been Used To Cause The Electronic Circuitry In The Elevator Which Crushed Suzanne Hart To Death, To Malfunction - As A Target Of Such Electronic Warfare Attacks, This Author Has Witnessed Thousands Of Such Remote Manipulations Of Electronic Equipment In The Past Two Decades - I Also Think That It's Quite Possible That The Unintended Acceleration Issues Which Have Occurred With A Number Of Automobile Manufacturers In Recent Years (Beginning With Audi In The 1980s), Including Audi, Hyundai, Toyota And Ford, May Very Well Be Signals Intelligence Driven Acts Of Industrial Espionage Against These Companies

In 2011, astrologist Pavel Globa predicted that World War III would begin either during the 2014 Russian Winter Olympic Games or during the week following the games in Sochi - Given Russia's attack on the Ukraine over the past few days, Globa is definitely onto something here

Has The Monroe Institute, The Brainchild Of The Late Pioneering Astral Traveler, Robert Monroe, Become A Front For The CIA, And Its Modern Day MK-ULTRA Mind Control Program?

Since Former Governor Jesse Ventura Interviewed Targets Of Mind Control Weapons In An Episode Of "Conspiracy Theory" Called "The Brain Invaders" Time Warner Has Cancelled The Highly Rated TV Show & Ventura Has Now Moved To Mexico - Has Jesse Ventura Himself, Become A Targeted Individual? If So, Is Ventura Being Blacklisted Because He Is The Only Person In The Mainstream Media Who Has Tried To Expose The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Nazi Ideals (Via Project Paperclip) And Use Of Electronic Warfare, Mind Control Weaponry On American Citizens?

Dr. Robert Duncan Interview Regarding Directed Energy Weapons And EEG Heterodyning Technology And Its Use In Controlling Your Thoughts By Remote Means

Unlocking The Code To Your Own Brain
Signals Intelligence Brain Mapping Technology

Written by James F. Marino

In April, 2013, the Obama Administration called for the creation of a federally funded brain initiative program, used to map the human brain, under the guise of its being used to help people with degenerative brain conditions, such as Alzheimer's Disease.

This program is a red herring.

As a target of MK-Ultra for nearly 40 years, whose brain map was illegally decoded during in the 1970s by the Pentagon, through a program which former government scientist Dr. Robert Duncan has referred to as the TAMI MIND SURVEILLANCE NETWORK (TAMI is short for Thought Amplifier-Mind Interface), this author has been used as an unwitting test subject for a modern day version of the CIA's original MK-Ultra mind control program for most of my life.

This Orwellian crime has been perpetrated by the NSA via the EMF spectrum and the *NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network: both of which are used in order to interface the neural pathways of my brain with NSA artificial intelligence computers, via the *EEG heterodyning of my own brainwaves.

* Google: Dr. Robert Duncan's book "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" for more information in regard to how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using the electromagnetic spectrum in order to remotely access the minds of American citizens without their knowledge or consent.

What this means is that contrary to the Obama Administration's claims that the federal government has just recently gotten involved in brain mapping research, the U.S. Military, has in fact been involved in brain mapping research for at least 50 years, so that by the midst of the 1970s, they were actively engaged in decoding the individual brain maps of millions of American citizens.

This treasonous betrayal by the Pentagon of the trust of the American citizenry continues to this very day, for the purpose of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation, as well as fulfilling an Orwellian agenda in which to brain map the entire U.S. population, as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a 21St century global feudal system.

* The NSA is controlled by the Pentagon, and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is an outgrowth of the Pentagon's TAMI MIND surveillance network. So this would mean that the American people are the unwitting subjects of a militarized police state, since it is the Pentagon which is secretly controlling America!

This offers further proof of Pentagon/NSA involvement in the false flag terrorism of 9/11/2001, which was done to destroy our Constitutional rule of law, while passing treasonous legislation (The Patriot Act) which has since been used to reduce the United States of America to the status of a militarized police state.

A police state which millions of Americans are now describing, by documenting their use by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, as targets of non consensual human experimentation.

Moreover, even though thousands of American men and women who have been targeted for these atrocities, have contacted members of Congress as well as their state representatives, in an effort to put an end to these crimes, their complaints have been completely ignored.

Furthermore, the FBI has been contacted by hundreds if not thousands of such "Targeted Individuals" during the past decade, yet refused to help any of these people.

The reason for the FBI's refusal to do so is that if the bureau actually files the myriad reports in regard to these complaints, there would now be an official paper trail in reference to the fusion-center-orchestrated nationwide vigilante "Organized Stalking" crimes, which the FBI would then have to acknowledge.

And this would prove that the FBI has knowledge of a massive nationwide conspiracy in the United States to disenfranchise millions of American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

By refusing to file any paperwork in regard to Organized Stalking complaints, which could lead to an FBI investigation into these crimes, the Bureau is instead able to refrain from creating physical evidence which proves that Organized Stalking has become a major civil rights issue in the United States since 9/11.

Moreover, when one finds that the FBI is directly involved in this state sponsored terrorism, through its association with the U.S. Justice Department, and the DOJ's co-oversight with Homeland Security of a network of 72 fusion centers across the United States, we can now understand why the FBI will not investigate complaints regarding Organized Stalking crimes.

As a target of Organized Stalking since 2003, who has also been subjugated to such inhumane non consensual human experimentation for decades, and who spent the 1990s being viciously tortured through FBI/NSA use of directed energy microwave weapons against my person (24 hours a day), it is this author's opinion that all American citizens are already the unwitting subjects of a national EMF fingerprinting program which not only includes the decoding of our individual brain maps, but which is also based on decades of covert research previously done by the Pentagon, in its effort to determine which electromagnetic frequencies correspond to the specific areas of the human brain.

The Pentagon's creation of the "Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook," offers further evidence of the U.S. Department Of Defense's interest in not only being able to remotely access the mind of each American citizen, but in also being able to use artificial intelligence computers to remotely interact with our minds via the EMF spectrum, in order to modify our behavior - without our knowledge or consent - a covert form of mind control experimentation.

This would be the ideal way for the Pentagon to create a completely "mind controlled" society - secretly taking control of each person's mind - by remotely interfacing a computer with the neural pathways of their brain, via the electromagnetic spectrum.

It is also my opinion that this brain mapping program is being used as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States, which utilizes signals intelligence EMF scanning networks like the one John St. Clair Akwei described in his 1992 civil lawsuit against the NSA, and over the horizon radar systems such as HAARP, in order to remotely track the unique brainwave signatures of each American citizen.

If I am correct, and I believe that I am, this Orwellian domestic spy program is already being utilized by the Pentagon as a covert means of enslaving the United States population.

With an emphasis placed on controlling America's middle class, since this Orwellian technology has become a tool of the investment classes' ruling elite (those who control the U.S. federal government), as part of the most aggressive class warfare campaign ever devised.

And similar programs have been created in every country on the face of this planet, as part of Rothschild Zionism's world government agenda.

If this sounds like the highest crime of treason imaginable by a government against its own citizenry, that is because it is.

This is also why the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is not only denying these allegations, but also intent on destroying those of us who are promulgating them, based on our own experiences as targets of this mind invasive technology, and Pentagon/NSA collusion in resurrecting the CIA's original MK-Ultra program, which now its second generation is being deployed by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

During the 2013 Christmas Holiday season, NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, had a brief message posted on YouTube in regard to the NSA's Orwellian spy programs, in which he stated that the American people have no concept of the extent of the NSA's capabilities.

Obviously, with more Websites like this author's cropping up on a regular basis, people are starting to catch on to the fact that the NSA's domestic spy program is treasonous, and that there is far more to the NSA's operations than just eavesdropping on American citizens.

As a target of MK-Ultra and NSA signals intelligence domestic satellite predation since my teenage years, I may well have the best documented case in regard to the U.S. government's subjecting an American citizen to its MK-Ultra non consensual human experimentation in U.S. history.

The same can be said for the FBI's decades of COINTELPRO against my person.

I am also certain that what the NSA is attempting to conceal from the American people involves the decoding of the individual brain maps of the U.S. population, and the use of such brain mapping in electronically branding us like heads of cattle.

Something which Edward Snowden may or may not be aware of, given the highly compartmentalized nature of the Agency.

I am also concerned that Snowden may either knowingly or unwittingly be working as part of a disinformation program being conducted by the NSA, in an effort to draw attention away from the brain mapping and mind control allegations being made against the NSA.

Specifically, it's one thing for an NSA whistleblower to expose the NSA for hacking into your computer or cell phone, or obtaining your financial or medical records, yet quite another to accuse the NSA of using its technology to remotely, electronically hack into people's brains for the purpose of mind control experimentation.

One thing is for certain here. Rothschild Zionism's use of the Pentagon and NSA in the covert enslavement of the American people is gradually unraveling, and even the Congress and White House are not going to be able to defend this Agency once the extent of its crimes against Americans is completely understood.

This author is also certain that the NSA does have the ability to conduct such invasive satellite predation, and that the Agency is more than likely being used to brain map the entire U.S. population as part of an Orwellian technocracy, which utilizes a modern day version of MK-Ultra on an unwitting American society.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of the EMF spectrum for the purpose of mind control experimentation, unbeknownst to the American citizenry, has given this second generation (and vastly more technologically sophisticated version) of MK-Ultra much greater flexibility than the original program of the 1950s, since this new program is broadcast "through the air" via the NSA's signals intelligence EEG heterodyning (computer to brain interface) technology, and as such, can be used against any citizen in this country, without that person's knowledge or consent.

It is this mind control weapons' technology's ability to be broadcast through the air, which largely explains the Pentagon's interest in, and creation of, the Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook, since the information contained within this Handbook can be used for the purpose of remotely accessing any area of a targeted person's brain.

In this author's opinion, this is also the main reason why the Pentagon has brain mapped the American people, by illegally decoding our individual brain maps and then storing them for later use.

With our brain maps having been decoded by the Pentagon, the U.S. Department Of Defense can instantaneously remotely monitor the thoughts of any American citizen, or for that matter the thoughts of the entire U.S. population simultaneously, given the tremendous processing power of the Pentagon's array of artificial intelligence super computers.

Even more horrifying is that the Pentagon, through its control over the NSA and access to the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, can remotely implant a common stream of thought into the mind of each American citizen, without the public ever realizing what is being done to them.

This is the ultimate method of brainwashing an entire nation of people, without ever attracting their suspicion, since from an early age we are conditioned to defend ourselves from an enemy which we can see.

Not one which not only remains invisible to us, but can remotely enter our mind without our knowledge.

As such, this mind invasive technology can be used by the Pentagon in order to create a hive mentality in the U.S. population, without the American people ever catching on to what is being done to them.

The reader should also keep in mind that in addition to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the U.S. Department of Defense also maintains control over the HAARP program in Gakona, Alaska, which has been accused of taking part in everything from geophysical manipulation of the weather, to mass mind control experimentation via the ionosphere.

And this is all taking place via the EMF spectrum!

However, unlike the classified nature of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network (just try to get someone at the NSA to admit that it even exists!), the Pentagon's HAARP system remains in plain view, since HAARP has been represented to Americans as a benign program whose intent is the further study of outer space.

And this is where the deception lies, since according to its creator, the late Bernard Eastlund, HAARP also has the capability of being used as a weapon of mass destruction.

The following is an excerpt regarding the dangers of the Pentagon's HAARP antenna array in Gakona, Alaska. The excerpt has been taken from *Jerry Smith's book on HAARP, entitled: "HAARP The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy."

* Jerry Smith died of cancer in 2010, at the age of 59. Was his cancer caused by HAARP related directed energy weaponry? Jerry Smith's close friend, conspiracy writer Jim Keith, died under mysterious circumstances in 2005, after completing his last book on mind control weaponry. And Dr. Bernard Eastlund also died under strange circumstances, his cause of death never revealed.

"Researcher, Michael Unum has posted the following startling data on the Internet:

"'One of the most impressive uses for the HAARP device is as an indirect fire energy weapon. The HAARP can create a steerable beam which can burn temporary holes in our protective ionosphere layer. This can cause a predictable corridor of the Sun's Gamma radiation pulse to get through this protective layer.

"Evidence of this capability was obtained through the internet sights {sic} that measure gamma radiation around the Nv. {Nevada} test sight {sic}. These monitors all spiked on the same day at the same time! I have run a real time comparison of the EPA {Environmental Protection Agency} meter data and discovered that the time of the spikes on the gamma meters are timed closely together even though these meters are some distance {apart}.

"This is due to a large gamma pulse in the region. This could almost be perceived as a nuclear weapon with out {sic} the bomb or the explosion. Just before this Gamma event took place, there was a massive electromagnetic event registered in the University of Alaska magnometer sight {sic} sensors.

"When all of this information is analyzed together it creates a picture that seems to state that the HAARP can be used as a weapon. What we are seeing is a weapons test in the area of the test range.

"If my conclusion is correct this device could be employed in secret.

"Targeting any point on the earth with a massive Gamma Radiation pulse. Causing destruction with no sound or any obvious attack. Making this the ultimate sneak attack device.

"The date of the test was June 09 and 10 {1997}. Look at the before and after readings on all the sights [sic]. You will notice the background levels return to normal fairly quickly after the test.'"

"Michael Unum believed that HAARP has been used to create a 'hole' in the ionosphere that rained deadly radiation over the Nevada Test Site (NTS - the U.S. nuclear weapons testing facility in the desert north of Las Vegas).

"Gamma ray detectors in Alaska and Nevada spiked off the scale at the same time.

"The event that caused the spike(s), according to Unum, was a test of HAARP. Gamma rays are a high-energy radiation that is extremely dangerous to living cells. They cause severe cell mutations. Protection from gamma rays is very difficult because they penetrate even thick concrete."

"If HAARP actually was used to conduct such a clandestine experiment, this evidence makes it clear that HAARP is deadly dangerous; far more so than any government official or project scientist is willing to admit."

- HAARP Researcher, Michael Unum

It is this author's opinion that the Obama Administration's April, 2013 public announcement regarding the federal government's initiating of a brain mapping program, which they claim will be used to benefit those who suffer from degenerative diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer's, is in reality a smokescreen which is being used to both gauge the American people's opinion of such a program, while formally announcing the existence of technologies that can be used to map out the human brain.

These technologies have clearly been developed to operate in conjunction with government facilities that utilize the EMF spectrum for the purpose of mass mind control, including the Pentagon's HAARP system in Gakona, Alaska.

Moreover, the brain mapping technology that Barack Obama referred to in April of 2013, is not under present development as the Obama Administration would have us believe, but instead, a technology that was developed decades ago, and is presently being used as part of a national signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which is capable of remotely entering the mind of any American citizen by way of the EMF spectrum.

As usual, the public is being deceived by the U.S. federal government, instead of being told the truth. That at the very least, *millions of American citizens have already been brain mapped by the Pentagon over the past forty years, through the TAMI MIND Surveillance Network, and that the real purpose for a brain mapping program is as a means in which to furtively enslave the American citizenry.

* At this point in time it is quite likely that the entire U.S. population has been brain mapped by the Pentagon, via its control over the NSA.

Such brain mapping would enable the Pentagon to remotely monitor every person in the United States from childhood into adulthood, giving the Pentagon the ability to study (and even experiment upon) children through their school years, just as easily as the Pentagon is able to monitor adults in the business world.

The type of EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways of the human brain that the NSA has subjected this author and many other targets of MK-Ultra to, who have been remote neurally monitored by the NSA since childhood.

I also think that it's quite possible that the NSA's TANGRAM (Total Information Awareness) program is an adjunct to the aforesaid brain mapping technology, as well as the Pentagon/NSA signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in America, which features the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

The reader should keep in mind here that this brain mapping of the American people enables the NSA to remotely access the neural pathways within your brain as well as the brains of those people around you, including your own family members.

And that this is being done without your knowledge!

I did not even bother to list consent here, because what normal person would ever consent to their government's technocratic invasion of their own mind?

Moreover, because this brain scanning technology can also be used to implant computer generated foreign thoughts into the mind of any person who's brain is being remotely interfaced with an NSA artificial intelligence computer, via a technology known as EEG heterodyning (which remotely synchronizes an NSA artificial intelligence computer with the specific EMF frequencies of the neural pathways of a targeted person's brain), that both this person's thoughts and behavior can be modified without them ever becoming aware of it.

There is virtually no doubt that many of the violent acts which the mainstream media in America is reporting on each week, and that are perpetrated by people who are then portrayed by the media as being mentally unstable, are in fact the result of these people being used for such non consensual mind control experimentation, without their knowledge.

The March 1St, 2014 massacre at a Chinese railway station, in which a gang armed with knives attacked more than 100 passengers waiting at this station, murdering at least 28 of them, is a clear sign of EEG heterodyning being used to manipulate the minds of large groups of people into committing horrific crimes.

Specifically, what I am referring to here is a modern day version of the *CIA's MK-Ultra program, which is now being conducted by way of the EMF spectrum; which when combined with a national brain mapping program, can make any *American citizen the unwitting target of such mind control experimentation.

* These mind control programs are taking place in every country on the face of this planet, and are being documented by citizens living in every country on every continent on this planet.

The reader will note that as part of the FBI/NSA psychological operation that I am subjected to each day, the movie the Manchurian Candidate is regularly shown as part of our subverted cable TV programming. Our normal cable TV programming was intercepted in 2003 shortly after the Organized Stalking campaign against this author began, and replaced with the psyop cable TV programming that continues to be broadcast through our cable connection since 2003. Our normal TV programming has ceased to exist since 2003.

As for the NSA's computer/mind interface technology, one must wonder if government contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton are the new gatekeepers of this technology, given that in order to circumvent their own legislative charters, without having to actually admit to doing so in courts of law, U.S. government agencies like the CIA, NSA and FBI, will use private contractors to perpetrate these treasonous crimes against American citizens.

As an illustration of this, in his 1992 lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency, NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, cited the NSA's use of a company called the *Kinnecome Group, which Akwei has stated works on the grounds of the NSA 24 hours a day, in order to operate the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is more than twenty years old now, and this author wonders if Kinnecome Group is still operating on the grounds of the NSA's Fort Meade facility in the state of Maryland, or if the NSA has outsourced this Orwellian domestic spy program to another private contractor?

This privatizing of government operations which are unconstitutional, became commonplace under Ronald Reagan's 1981 Executive Order 12333.

In this author's opinion, the U.S. federal government's intent with this brain mapping program, is to eventually implement pre-crime legislation within the United States, which will be used to justify the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network (and others like it), under the pretense that the technology can be used to prevent terrorism, by remotely accessing the minds of the American citizenry, in order to determine what it is that we are actually thinking.

However, preventing terrorism is the last thing that the U.S. federal government has in mind with this technology, in spite of their anti-terrorism rhetoric, and war on terror false flag propaganda.

Moreover, the fact that the Pentagon is using this technology to influence the minds of an untold number of people into committing acts of violence, is a further example of the interactive nature of this modern day signals intelligence version of MK-Ultra, and why it remains so dangerous to this planet and its citizenry.

Specifically, a world which is peaceful does not require that each country spend trillions of dollars each year maintaining behemoth sized military intelligence complexes' which use up most of a nation's financial resources.

In a world without terrorism, much of which is presently being caused by the global military industrial intelligence complex, these complexes would be largely unnecessary, and the trillions of dollars which have been used to finance them each year, can instead be allocated to clothing, feeding, sheltering and educating the homeless in our respective nations, in order to construct a new society which is based on a well educated workforce.

However, this is the last thing that Rothschild Zionism and its agenda for a world government technocratic feudal system are interested in.

As the "CEO" of the investment class, their intent is not only to hold on to everything they have already stolen from the American citizenry, but to also abscond with whatever they have not managed to steal thus far, from the impoverished citizens living within America.

Those impoverished citizens whose demographic continues to grow exponentially, as the direct result of a conspiracy in which to intentionally contract the workplace, so that these people will not be able to earn a living in the future.

This is plausibly deniable class warfare at its most insidious.

And of course, how do you keep track of a nation of citizens who number in the hundreds of millions, many of whom are now homeless? People who don't have cell phones or computers that the government can remotely keep track of?

You develop in secret, a technocratic police state so that you can always keep track of these people, regardless of where they are.

Specifically, you brand them like a rancher would brand his herd of cattle.

And this is exactly what the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is already being used for. To electromagnetically enslave the American middle class while destroying their sovereignty, by taking from them what they value most - their physical privacy and both their freedom of thought and privacy of thought.

This is what domestic spy systems like the TAMI MIND Surveillance Network and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network are all about. The covert enslavement of the American middle class.

Traditionally, one would think that a nation's media system would be used to expose such a treasonous scandal. However, the very opposite is true of a media system which has already been severely compromised by the very subversives who are perpetrating these acts of treason.

Such a system becomes a venue to serve in the dissemination of their own propaganda, rather than to warn a nation's citizenry of the monstrous conspiracy which is being waged against them.

The following article has been reprinted from an earlier post regarding the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of American media personalities for a modern day version of MK-Ultra, which involves the use of a technology known as EEG heterodyning, to interface artificial intelligence computers with the brainwaves of these media personalities.

Several months ago, this author wrote an article in regard to a feature film that was produced in Hollywood in 1981, entitled "Looker." The movie was based on the creation of digitally cloned TV characters, whose images were taken from actors, who were then killed off, since once their personas had been animated, they were no longer needed.

This would later apply to politicians as well, whose images would be cloned, and then used to serve as part of a New World Order agenda, since these animations of the people they were copied from, were now completely computer driven.

Specifically, the viewer would see what they thought was an actor, newscaster or politician they were familiar with, appearing on a particular program, not realizing that what they were seeing was a computer generated clone of the person, whose dialogue was also completely computer generated. In other words, a computer hiding behind the masque of a person.

The reader will find of interest that once I embedded this movie into the article I had written, "Looker" was suddenly deleted from the YouTube Website, and has not been *uploaded since. Has YouTube been told to block this movie from being uploaded?

*It has been nearly two years since Looker was deleted from YouTube, however, it has recently been made available by YouTube, to its viewers for a nominal charge.

With the recent controversy in regard to the ethics of Hollywood's use of CGI cloning technology to digitally create the images of the late actors, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Walker, in order to fulfill the contracts that both actors had made with Hollywood studios (pertaining to movies they were supposed to have made before they died unexpectedly), "Looker" will likely become of intense interest to the acting community, as well as the movie going public.

I say this because while the plot behind "Looker" may have seemed outlandish when the movie was created more than thirty years ago, the fact is that CGI video morphing has evolved to such a state of perfection in the present day, that we can no longer distinguish between a real person who is performing on screen, and their CGI cloned persona.

And this should have the actors in Hollywood very concerned, given that in the future they may be paid a nominal fee for the use of their images, while Hollywood uses computers to replace them.

As such, if you have not yet seen Looker, I would encourage you to do so, because in this day of CGI video morphing technology (especially as it applies to Hollywood), this 1981 production has turned out to be prophetic.

- James F. Marino

Texas Rangers' Announcer Dave Barnett - Is He The Latest Media Personality Used For Mind Control Experimentation?

American TV Reporters And Politicians
Being Used For Mind Control Experimentation
During Live Broadcasts
Written By James F. Marino

In the above video is radio announcer, Dave Barnett, being subjected to the EEG heterodyning of his brain, while announcing a Texas Rangers' game?

Barnett is the latest media personality to suddenly have an on air episode of speaking incoherently, in what appears to be yet another instance of mind control experimentation via the EMF spectrum.

Specifically, a form of remotely accessing the brain of any person using a technology known as EEG heterodyning.

EEG heterodyning involves the remote interfacing of an artificial intelligence computer with the brain of any person, by synchronizing the computer with the unique EMF resonances of that particular person's brain, after the person's unique brain map has been decoded by the NSA, and then cataloged into a signals intelligence database that is used by the NSA for the purpose of domestic spying.

It is important for the reader to understand that in order to remotely access this brainwave print, the NSA would have had to have previously decoded the brainwave print.

This would mean that the NSA has been used as part of a national brain mapping program in the United States.

It would also mean that the U.S. federal government has the ability to instantly remotely access and EEG heterodyne the brain of any American citizen, without that citizen's knowledge or consent, and in complete violation of that citizen's 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

The reader will remember that in his lawsuit against the NSA, John St. Clair Akwei stated that over 50,000 NSA agents operating in undercover positions within our society, have the ability to instantly identify any American citizen being tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and that (equally as disturbing), the NSA also has the ability to instantly identify any person who approaches the person whom the NSA has under signals intelligence surveillance.

This is extremely important, because what John St. Clair Akwei has described here is a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program within the United States, that has been used to electromagnetically brand each American citizen like a head of cattle.

This has been accomplished by decoding the unique EMF signatures of our own bodies, including the decoding of our individual brain maps; which allows the NSA to remotely access the neural pathways of our brains without our knowledge or consent!

This is further evidence of claims made by other government whistleblowers, that the Pentagon, through its oversight of the NSA, perceives the human brain to be nothing more than a form of organic computer, which the Agency believes they have the right to hack into anytime they please.

Such remote "electronic hacking" of the brain will also oftentimes adversely affect the targeted person's normal brain function.

EEG heterodyning can also be used to steal a person's thoughts and to then catalogue these thoughts into a government computer database. Once this occurs, these thoughts can be cloned and later implanted into another person's mind.

This is nothing less than a ressurrected and advanced version of the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control operation of the 1950s, which has now, through the use of the EMF spectrum, signals intelligence EMF scanning networks and over the horizon radar systems, moved from the laboratory environment of the 1950s, into our communities and homes.

An Orwellian nightmare which involves the government's remotely hacking into the brains of American citizens without their knowledge or consent.

It would appear based on the testimony of several former goverment employees who've now turned to whistleblowing, that there are many different organizations operating within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex that are illegally using these "mind control weapons" on American citizens, including the Pentagon, NSA and CIA.

Sportscaster, Dave Barnett, was broadcasting a Texas Rangers' game earlier in the week when he began speaking incoherently. Barnett claims to suffer from migraines, which is being used as the cover story for several situations in which TV personalities have suddenly begun to speak erratically while on live TV.

Another cover story is that some of these people had seizures, as in the case of TV reporter Sarah Carlson.

However, the fact that this phenomenon has occurred with at least 20 newscasters who appeared fine one minute, only to then start speaking incoherently the next, is far too coincidental to ignore.

Especially since at least four of these situations occurred within a month or so of each other in 2011, and that the Internet has now become a venue for thousands of accounts of such mind control experimentation by American citizens, as well as those citizens of many other nations - each of whose governments are members of NATO.

These reporters were being used for some type of government mind control experimentation while doing live TV broadcasts. What the federal agencies involved in these Orwellian crimes attempted to accomplish by using these TV personalities as unwitting mind control experimentees on live TV remains to be seen.

Then again, most of the personnel operating from within these federal agencies are not exactly normal.

The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using EEG Heterodyning Technology To Ensure Their Control Over TV & Radio Broadcasters In The United States

The Internet Has Become Home To Thousands Of Websites Which Document Government Mind Control Experimentation On Americans, As Well As Those Citizens Of Many Other Countries

The sudden brain dysfunction of Dave Barnett is the sixth incident that this writer has documented in regard to this phenomenon in less than a year.

Given that these attacks are taking place during live broadcasts, one must wonder if all TV and radio news-media personalities are being remotely EEG heterodyned by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, as part of a clandestine mind control experimentation program, which would represent a modern day version of the CIA's MK-ULTRA program that was initiated in the 1950s.

If so, then any TV or radio personality can be instantly targeted for such a remote attack of their own brain, since the unique set of EMF frequencies for each person's brain (a brainwave print) has in all probability, been decoded and catalogued within the NSA's computer database, and can thus be instantly accessed through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

According to Dr. Robert Duncan, there are similar programs within the CIA and Pentagon which were implemented in the mid 1970s. Duncan has stated that a program known as TAMI (Thought Amplifier - Mind Interface) was secretly implemented against the American people in 1976.

Based on his explanation of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in his 1992 civil action against the U.S. National Security Agency, John St. Clair Akwei has described similar technology to TAMI, in which EEG heterodyning is used to remotely synchronize the NSA's artificial intelligence computers with the unique brainwave print of any American citizen, without that citizen's knowledge or consent.

Akwei also states in his lawsuit, that the NSA does decode the individual brain maps of American citizens for the purpose of national security. If this is the case, and this author believes that it is, the NSA has used the cover of national security to perpetrate the most abject violation of the Bill of Rights in American history.

This author has been the target of the NSA's illegal remote neural monitoring of my thoughts through the EEG heterodyning of my person (by remotely accessing my brainwave print and synchronizing it with the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network) since the 1970s, while the NSA has used my person as a target of a modern day version of MK-ULTRA.

The FBI/NSA slander campaign against this author is being used to conceal their non consensual human experimentation of my person, from the American people, while attempting to demonize this author in an effort to discredit my allegations.

For more on the NSA's use of EEG heterodyning to remotely access the unique brainwave print of each American citizen, Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA. Also Google the books "The Matrix Deciphered - Psychic Warfare" by Dr. Robert Duncan, and "Project Soul Catcher" by Dr. Robert Duncan, as well as Steve Smith's book: "NSA Citadel Of Evil."

The readers should also keep in mind that it is illegal for the NSA, CIA or Pentagon to spy on American citizens, even though these organizations have been doing so since their inceptions.

In regard to the NSA, this agency has been spying domestically since 1952, as the result of the UK/USA Treaty. This clandestine agreement was created in the late 1940s between NATO countries, and has enabled the NSA to circumvent its own legislative charter by using the British Intelligence community to spy on the United States, while the NSA has spied on Great Britain.

Then the organizations would simply exchange their information, while violating the Constitutional rights of their own citizenry.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has taken this crime to an entirely new level, through the Agency's furtive brain mapping and remote neural monitoring of American citizens, via the use of EEG heterodyning technology.

When this program is used in conjunction with the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, it can be used to destroy the Constitutional protections of all American citizens, which is why this program must be exposed to the American people.

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has been in operation since the early 1980s.

As for the timeline here, in 1981, Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order (12333) which gave unprecedented authority to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to spy domestically. Even though the Military is expressly forbidden from spying in the United States; as is the U.S. Intelligence community, with the exception of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

However, the FBI has never even had a legislative charter in which to operate in the United States, because the FBI was never created through the legislative process by the U.S. Congress as it by law must be, but instead was created by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

This offers further proof that the FBI was never created as a legitimate federal police force, but instead as a secret police force like the Stasi or KGB.

An FBI agent was also deposed in regard to the directed energy attacks being perpetrated by a Texas man named Jesus Mendoza. During the deposition, this agent stated that since the midst of the 1990s, the FBI has had access to directed energy microwave weapons, and has also been given permission by the Department Of Justice to use these weapons to torture American citizens.

The FBI has also never investigated one of the myriad complaints by American citizens involving the organized stalking crimes these people have been subjected to, nor has the FBI ever investigated any complaints relating to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of EEG heterodyning on these citizens, regarding their use in a modern day version of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation.

It's clear that the FBI has never investigated any of these cases, because the FBI is directly involved in these crimes, and if the FBI were to actually allow Targeted Individuals to file complaints with the Bureau, then the FBI would have created a paper trail, which proves that Organized Stalking does exist and that it has become a nationwide problem in the United States.

"Rangers Broadcaster Barnett OK After Bizarre On-Air Moment"

Also See:

Dr. Rauni Kilde, A Target Of EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface - In This Video Kilde Talks About The Swedish Government's Use Of Many Of Its Own Citizens As Unwitting Mind Control Experimentees

American TV Reporters Are Being EEG Heterodyned
Via Signals Intelligence Satellites
And Over The Horizon Radar Systems

The following are several videos which show American reporters in the midst of a TV broadcast, when they suddenly start speaking in a nonsensical manner.

* The FBI constantly tampering with this Website, oftentimes damaging the hyperlinks to these videos, or even tampering with the HTML on this Website.

There have been other instances as well, including TV reporters from other countries experiencing the EEG heterodyning of their own brain waves.

As previously stated, EEG heterodyning occurs when an artificial intelligence computer is synchronized with the specific frequencies (brainwave print) of a person's brain. The computer is then used to access the person's subvocalized thoughts by intercepting and decoding information being stored within the neural pathways of the person's brain - without their knowledge or consent.

This author has also included a video of former President, Bill Clinton, just moments before he speaks on national television. Clinton is in an obvious trance, as is a reporter in the video following Clinton's. Robin Meade is shown in a trance while on a live television broadcast, only to awaken from the trance to realize that she is on live TV.

Can you imagine Barack Obama suddenly speaking complete gibberish in the midst of a national TV address? It could happen, since Obama's brainwave print can be accessed in just the way that the media personalities' brainwave prints have been accessed in the videos posted on this Website.

This should give you a real warm feeling about whoever is heading up the White House, given their own vulnerability to the predators within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, who secretly use this EEG Heterodyning technology on a largely unwitting American public.

To quote Dr. Robert Duncan: "Your Brain Has No Firewall."

This means that once it has been breached and the unique frequencies of your brain electromagnetically decoded, you are now an EEG heterodyned slave of the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, who can be subjected to the EEG heterodyning of your own brain at any time, without your knowledge or consent.

As such, All American citizens have become "electronic slaves" of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, whether they realize it or not.

This author has also included a video in which Columbia University professor, David Buckner, is speaking with Glenn Beck in regard to how U.S. Treasuries have become toxic assets as the result of the 2008 sub prime mortgage collapse, when Buckner suddenly collapses while on live TV.

In this author's opinion, Buckner was targeted by a directed energy weapon, which caused him to faint. At the time that he was targeted, he was commenting negatively in regard to Wall Street and its deceptive practices.

If Buckner could be targeted so easily, we must conclude that his brain map has been decoded by the NSA.

In this author's opinion, every person living within the United States has been unwittingly subjected to the decoding of their own individual brain maps, as part of Rothschild Zionism's agenda to create a global feudal system which will serve as the most egregious example of class warfare in the past two thousand years.

Ironically enough, the media in the United States doesn't have to report on such mind control experimentation, since from the following videos, it's become evident they many TV personalities are being unwittingly used as non consensual human experimentees, in order to demonstrate EEG heterodyning technology for our general population, through live television broadcasts.

Bill Clinton In A Trance Before National Address

Reporter Robin Meade In A Trance

David Buckner Hit By A Directed Energy Weapon
While Talking To Glenn Beck?

And since the only organizations in the United States who have access to the types of classified technology which can be used to adversely affect the human brain through the use of EEG heterodyning technology, reside within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, there's no need to speculate as to who has the capability to remotely access a person's brain for such non consensual human experimentation.

We know that the U.S. federal government is responsible for these horrendous crimes, and that the politicians in the United States, as well as the mainstream media, will be used to conceal the truth about these weapons from the American people.

It would also appear that Judge Judy Sheindlin has also become a target of this remote experimentation on the human brain, after Sheindlin began to speak incoherently during the taping of an episode of her TV show, and was rushed to the hospital.

Is this evidence that perhaps the entire media system in America (perhaps even the world) is remotely brain-tapped via EEG heterodyning? And if the media, the first line of disinformation for the New World Order is brain-tapped, then what about the politicians in our respective nations?

Are they all EEG heterodyned as well?

The seventh of the following videos describes the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, which can be used to turn off certain areas of the brain. This technology can be deployed via the EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways in a person's brain.

What U.S. Government programs are behind these atrocities? According to Dr. Robert Duncan, programs known as TAMI, SATAN, MIND and CHRIST.

Each of the next six videos shows a different TV reporter suddenly experiencing what can only be described as artificially induced brain dysfunction via the EEG heterodyning of their own brain.

In the first video, newscaster Sarah Carlson is seen speaking fine during a TV broadcast, only to begin speaking incoherently a short time later. The media was quick to state that Carlson is an epileptic and had a seizure during the program.

However, Carlson never fell out of her chair, nor did she convulse. Instead, she finished her incoherent rambling and appeared to be fine.

Had she actually been targeted by a microwave weapon, a seizure in her brain could have been remotely induced, as they were in the brain of this author's Father on at least two occasions.

Moreover, are we to believe that the other newscasters in the videos listed below were all having seizures on air?

Especially when each of these instances occurred within the span of a single month.

These reporters were clearly being used for some form of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

The research discussed in the seventh video involves the use of wired technology to conduct transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

However, there's no doubt that a wireless form of this technology deployed via satellite, can be used to furtively target any person by their brain's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies, just as the following reporters were.

This author is aware of this from my own experiences as a target of government mind control experimentation for nearly 40 years.

As a result of my publicly speaking out in regard to this, as well as my condemnation of the U.S. federal government's intent to enslave the American people by brain mapping us, the FBI, NSA and DHS are presently engaged in an illegal smear campaign against my person, which is being done as punishment for my writings as a target of non consensual human experimentation and EEG heterodyning.

The FBI and DHS have been attempting to murder this author for the past decade, through a vicious psychological warfare campaign which was perpetrated in an effort to suicide my person, and which has ultimately failed.

As such, the smear campaign which these agents of Satan have since promulgated against this author, and that is based on much outright slander, is the only method left (short of outright murder) in which to conceal these crimes from the U.S. population.

A population that is unwittingly being targeted by the very EMF weapons that this author writes about on this Website.

Also See: Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

This furtive use of EEG heterodyning, or what this author refers to as - through the air computer to brain interface technology on private citizens - no longer involves just isolated incidents.

There are literally thousands of people living within the United States, as well as thousands of citizens from other countries, describing their own experiences as targets of mind control experimentation.

And there are likely millions more who don't yet realize what's happened to them.

In the following instances in which TV reporters suddenly begin to speak incoherently while during a live broadcast, it's obvious that EEG heterodyning and a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain were used to adversely affect certain areas of their brains.

One moment they are speaking fine, yet the next they are rambling incoherently.

One reporter, Sarah Carlson. sounds as if she is speaking in tongues, and from a version of the video which has been used to study the audio portion of what Carlson is saying, it appears that she may in fact have actually been remotely programmed into speaking in tongues at the time.

But then again, EEG heterodyning can be used to clone the thoughts of another person into your own brain, so it is possible to completely change an individual's personality by secretly using EEG heterodyning to interface an artificial computer with that person's own unique brainwave print.

From the accounts of many of the men and women targeted for remote thought reading - mind manipulation - they have reported similar types of manifestations, as subjects of non consensual human experimentation.

As a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and the covert EEG heterodyning of my own unique brain waves, this author has experienced such thought blanking, in addition to myriad other manifestations of computer to brain interface.

All of which the government will attempt to deny, while using furtive psychological warfare operations against my person in an attempt to drive me insane. And these psyop attacks are typical of the ways in which the government attempts to destroy the myriad men and women who are legitimate targets of EEG heterodyning mind control experimentation.

This is without a doubt the best evidence that the U.S. Federal Government is driven by a Nazi ideology that is gradually being used to destroy the United States of America and her predominant middle class.

It is also further proof that we did not eliminate the Nazi party at the end of World War II as we should have at Nuremberg, but that treasonous people within our own governments smuggled them into our countries, in order to utilize their expertise in everything from rocket design, anti-gravity propulsion systems for aircraft (Stolen by the Nazis from Nicola Tesla), and mind control research.

You can take this information and use it to educate yourselves, because as citizens of the global middle class, if you are not all EEG heterodyned at the present time, you will eventually be.

Moreover, you are also the targets of the greatest conspiracy against humanity in the history of the human race.

Rothschild Zionism's electronic enslavement of your own mind, by a global world government with various regions that now serve the New World Order's agenda for a central government, a central religion (Zionism/Satanism), and a central monetary system.

- James F. Marino

MK-ULTRA Target Since The 1970s

TV Reporter Sarah Carlson Suddenly Starts Speaking In Tongues?
Was She Remotely Brain Tapped?

Reporter Serene Branson Starts Speaking Gibberish - Migraine Headache Or Mind Control Weapon?

Judge Judy Rambling Incoherently On TV - Is She Another Victim Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation?

Reporter Mark Mcallister Starts Speaking Gibberish During A TV Broadcast - Mcallister Is Yet Another Target Of A Modern Day Version Of MKULTRA Via EEG Heterodyning Technology

Another TV Personality Starts Speaking Erratically - She Didn't Suffer A Stroke Or Seizure Even Though Microwave Weapons Can Cause Both - She Was EEG Heterodyned

Foreign Reporter Jana Cermakova, Has Trouble Speaking During A TV Broadcast

Another Newscaster Subjected To EEG Heterodyning Memory Blanking

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Of The Brain Via EEG Heterodyning Can Turn Off Certain Areas Of Your Brain As Has Been Shown In The Case Of Several TV Personalities Who Began Speaking Gibberish For No Apparent Reason

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FBI's Apparent Entrapment Of San Jose Man Typical Of The FBI's Attempts To Create Criminals - As For FBI Entrapment Schemes, This Author's Witnessed FBI Entrapment So Extreme That The Bureau Would Never Admit To It In Court - Nor Would These Agents Admit That They Destroy Evidence Which Can Be Used To Prove That The FBI Has Attempted To Entrap A COINTELPRO Target, Or Subjected Them To A Psychological Warfare Operation

The Pepper McFadden Act Of 1927 & Its Use In Destroying The American Banking System - How The 69Th U.S. Congress Ensured That The Federal Reserve System Would Be Able To Remain In The United States Indefinitely, Through Congress' Passage Of The Pepper McFadden Act Of 1927, Which Disregarded the Federal Reserve's 20 Year Charter, And Instead Granted The Federal Reserve System A Perpetual (Or Infinite) Charter To Operate In The United States - This Has Ensured That The British Monarchy And Its House Of Rothschild Financial Arm Can Maintain Control Over The United States Through The Federal Reserve's Control Over The U.S. Treasury - The Pepper McFadden Act Also Serves As An Illustration Of The History Of Collusion Between The House Of Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System & The U.S. Congress, To Conspire Against The American Middle Class, By Subjecting America's Middle Class To A Covert Form Of Class Warfare Through The Implementation Of The Unconstitutional Federal Income Tax

Was Former Military Intelligence Officer, Bill Cooper, Murdered For Publicly Exposing Alex Jones As A Zionist Disinformation Agent? In 2001, Not Long After 9/11 Took Place, Cooper Spoke With Alex Jones On Jones' Genesis Network Radio Podcast, And Vilified Him By Calling Jones A Fraud While Warning Jones' Listeners To Steer Clear Of Him (As Jones' Supporters Listened In Horror) - Within Two Months, Bill Cooper Was Assassinated By A SWAT Team Not Far From His Own Home - Is It Possible That Cooper, A True American Patriot, Was Actually Murdered As Punishment For Outing Alex Jones As A Zionist Provocateur On His Own Program? The Close Timing Between Cooper's Publicly Accusing Jones Of Being A Zionist Shill (Which Jones Is), And Cooper's Own Murder, Is Far Too Coincidental To Ignore

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Author Luke Harding, In The Process Of Writing A Book Regarding Edward Snowden's FILEGATE & The NSA's Link To Silicon Valley, Finds That His Computer Suddenly Starts Deleting His Manuscript! Welcome To The World Of NSA Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation And The NSA's CRYTPO-NAZIS

A NY Advertising Executive By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Is Covertly Murdered Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Electronic Warfare Technology, And As Part Of A Psychological Warfare Operation That Federal Agents Continue To Subject This Author And Target Of MK-ULTRA To

Article Describing How Rolling Stone Journalist, Michael Hastings, Was Told That He Would Be Hunted Down & Killed As Punishment For Writing A 2010 Article On General Stanley McCrystal which resulted in McCrystal's being forced to resign from the Pentagon. Just prior to his death in a fiery one car collision, Hastings had told some friends that he was in the midst of exposing an enormous scandal within the Military Intelligence complex that had him in fear for his life - What was the story Hastings was working on? Could it have had something to do with the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network domestic surveillance system and its use in brain mapping the American people? And were his sources, insiders at the NSA?

FBI Files Recently Released Claim That The 1964 World Heavyweight Fight Between Champion, Sonny Liston, And Muhammad Ali, Was Fixed - The FBI's Release Of Files That It's Had For Decades In Regard To Something That Most Heavyweight Boxing Fans Have Suspected For Decades, Is A Further Example Of How The FBI Is Always Attempting To Keep Itself In The Public Spotlight, Oftentimes Using Information That Has No Real Practical Value To The Public, But Is Instead Used For The Purpose Of Sensationalism - Another Example Of This Is The FBI's Alleged Obsession With Finding The Remains Of The Late Teamster, Jimmy Hoffa - One Must Wonder If Hoffa's Remains Were Recovered Long Ago, And The Story About Him Still Missing, Being Kept Alive For The Purpose Of Sensationalism - As Such, Don't Be Surprised If One Of These Days The FBI Suddenly Claims To Have Found Hoffa's Remains Based On DNA Testing, When They May Have Actually Been Keeping Them In A Freezer For Decades

Jack Bernstein's Last Book Exposing Rothschild Zionism As The Driving Force Behind The Satanic New World Order & The House Of Rothschilds' Control Over The State Of Israel - Bernstein Was An Askenazi Who Had Married A Sephardic Jew, and Was Publicly Ostracized By Israel's Zionist Caste System, For Having Done So - His Rage At The Injustices That He And His Wife Were Forced To Endure While Living In Israel, Under Its Zionist Controlled Society, Motivated Jack Bernstein To Write About These Injustices, As Well As What Living In Israel Was Really Like For A Non Zionist - The Discrimination by Zionist False Jews Against Real Jews, The Class Warfare Which Takes Place In Israel, And The House Of Rothschilds' Total Perversion Of Israel's Government & Society - For His Efforts, This Courageous Man Was Murdered - For Those Who Are Unaware Of Rothschild Zionism's Control Over Israel, You Will Find Jack Bernstein's Books To Be As Informative As They Are Disturbing - You Will Also Find Many Of The Works Written By The Late Eustace Mullins To Be Of Great Value, In Understanding How World Zionism Is Being Used To Destroy The United States Of America And Her Middle Class

Tom Horn And Chris Putnam Exo Vaticana - Is This Book Exposing The Return Of A Zionistic Antichrist To The Earth? Or Is It Another Piece Of New Wave Disinformation Being Used By Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Satanists, As Part Of Their Blue Beam Bible Rapture End Of Times Scenario, To Implement A Global Feudal System?

As A Target Of MK-ULTRA For Nearly 40 Years, This Author Chronicles Fifteen Consecutive Months Of FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis - These So Called Agents Are Nothing But Pathological Murderous Psychopaths, Who Are Covering Up The Fact That The American People Are The Targets Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program Which Includes The NSA's Illegal Decoding Of The Individual Brain Maps Of Each American Citizen (Who Controls The NSA? The Pentagon, Which Means That Americans Are Secretly Under The Rule Of A Military Police State!) - Not Only Is This Covert Program Treasonous, It's Being Used To Steal The Electromagnetic Signatures From Each American Citizen's Body (An Electromagnetic Form Of DNA Fingerprint), In Order To Use Them To Electromagnetically Brand Each One Of Us Like A Head Of Cattle - Once Your Brain Map Has Been Decoded By The NSA, There Is No Escape From This Orwellian Domestic Spy Program, Since They Can Track You Anywhere!

"Author of book on Snowden's NSA files reveals how his work started to 'self-delete' before his eyes even as he wrote it. Author Luke Harding claims his work 'self-deleted' in front of his eyes while he was writing on the link between NSA and Silicon Valley. Harding still doesn't know what, or who, was responsible"


NSA Hacks Into A Writer's Computer
After He Starts Writing Book About The Agency
Written By James F. Marino

Author, Luke Harding, describes how a manuscript he was writing in regard to NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, and the U.S. National Security Agency's link to Silicon Valley, began to "self delete" on his computer.

The book, which has since been published and is entitled: "The Snowden Files," has received a number of positive reviews in regard to its accuracy. This book can be purchased on

* Those subscribers of Time Warner Entertainment who reported that their DVR machines had mysteriously erased certain episodes of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory program (including the episode on mind control entitled Brain Invaders), should find Luke Harding's experience regarding the electronic sabotage of his computer of interest.

Moreover, as a target of the NSA's satellite predation for several decades, this author is certain that Mr. Harding will find that he now has greater problems than just the remote hacking of his computer and electronic tampering of his manuscript, since he has obviously attracted the unwanted attention of the NSA and its CRYPTO NAZIS.

The NSA's CRYPTO NAZIS can remotely hack into any electrical system in existence, including your home computer. And they don't need to break into your home to do so, since they are given a backdoor to every computer system sold within the United States, which then enables an NSA cryptologist to instantly hack into any personal computer in the United States using the EMF spectrum.

Based on what NSA whistleblowers like John St. Clair Akwei, Russell Tice and Edward Snowden have already told us in regard to the NSA's treasonous operations, would you as an American citizen want the NSA to be able to remotely access your computer anytime they want to?

This author's computer has been remotely hacked by these NSA psycho's for the past two decades, and aggressively over the past ten years, since I have become a target of an FBI/DHS organized stalking, psychological warfare campaign.

What could this possibly mean for a writer like Luke Harding? That in addition to being placed under their illegal surveillance, Harding may eventually also find himself the unwitting target of NSA MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation, like those of us who've been chosen for this inhumane experimentation for years on end.

As such, the NSA's remotely hacking into Luke Harding's computer may end up being the least of his problems, since like all legitimate targets of such non consensual human experimentation, which over the past decade has also come to include DOJ/DHS orchestrated Organized Stalking, Harding may also be watched within the privacy of his own home by thousands or perhaps even millions of sadistic voyeuristic pieces of perverted trash, who are illegally being given these audio visual satellite feeds by the reprobates who operate within the 72 fusion centers within the United States. Those modern day versions of Hitler's Brown Shirts, which are controlled by the (In)Justice Department (DOJ), its FBI underling, and the Department Of Homeland Security.

Their voyeuristic spying appears to be done for the sole purpose of amusing these nasty psychopaths, and is a true sign of the total decay within the post 9/11 Zionist/Satanist controlled police state that we call the United States of America.

Our founding fathers would surely be turning over in their graves, if they were to witness the *cesspool that our federal government has become since the 9/11 false flag operation took place, and how the Patriot Act's overtly Communist ideology has become the de facto rule of law for a dystopian nation whose free society is long gone, and whose once proud name is now simply used to masque the most evil shadow government ever created.

* The post civil war **corporate government in the United States has always been completely corrupted by the British Monarchy, House of Rothschild and its Zionist ideology. However, since 9/11 this "corporate government" has become totally insufferable, turning our own communities into vigilante hit squads whose intent is to use covert means in which to murder any American citizen whom this Orwellian government decides to blacklist.

** Google the Legislative Act Of 1871, and its use in creating a new corporate constitution for the corporate government in Washington D.C.

The body politic in this country should take a good hard look into their own mirrors, if they can actually even stand to do so (given the ways in which they have treasonously betrayed the American middle class), so that they can see what they have allowed themselves to be reduced to under Rothschild Zionism's false Jew oligarchy.

Those who've perverted the concept of Judaism for their own criminal agenda, while displaying the most abject and inhumane disregard for legitimate Jews, that has been documented.

As for Luke Harding, it is quite possible that the NSA and its Satanic sadists have already electronically inserted themselves into every part of his life; quite likely even using the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to remotely access Harding's thoughts, by EEG heterodyning the neural pathways in his own brain.

If so, I can certainly understand how Luke will feel when he eventually learns of this abject rape of his Constitutional rights, by his own egregiously corrupted government.

When this author read the part about Harding being shocked at how his computer just started to delete his manuscript about the NSA, all I could think of were the tens of thousands of times over the past decade alone that I have experienced such signals intelligence satellite predation, in which an NSA signals intelligence satellite has either been used to hack directly into my computer, or to interfere with the router which sends the signal to my computer.

I have even seen different parts of the Microsoft Windows' code changed on many different occasions, the NSA even going so far as to change the color of the normally white background on my computer screen to a primrose yellow.

And these so called agents of the federal government actually get paid for this!

However, this seriously pales by comparison to the NSA's electronic hacking of the neural pathways of my own mind, via the EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways of my brain.

As a target of such satellite predation since my teenage years, my suggestion is that Luke Harding read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, to learn more about the NSA's signals intelligence global spy satellite network Echelon. As well as Tempest.

Because like the rest of us, he's way out of his depth here, and needs to learn more about how Nazi indoctrinated agencies like the NSA really operate, while publicly claiming that "they are doing nothing illegal."

If the NSA's operations involve anything that is actually legal based on the Constitutional rule of law, I would be very surprised, since even in its early days the NSA was violating the Constitutional rights of the American people through the use of the *UK/USA Treaty; in order to circumvent the 4Th Amendment rights of all American citizens.

* Under UK/USA the NSA would spy on the United Kingdom for the British intelligence community, while British intelligence spied on the United States, and the two organizations would then exchange their information, thereby completely circumventing those laws within their own countries which protected the privacy rights of their own citizenry.

In order for Luke Harding to have an idea of the monstrosity that he is dealing with, he must first obtain a fundamental understanding of just how Orwellian the NSA is, by Googling the terms: John St. Clair Akwei lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency; NSA mind control experimentation of American citizens; "The Matrix Deciphered" By Dr. Robert Duncan, "Project Soul Catcher" By Dr. Robert Duncan; Mind Control Via EEG Heterodyning, "NSA Citadel Of Evil" by Steve Smith; and "HAARP The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy" by Jerry Smith.

At least Harding is better off than many of us were nearly a decade ago, since there's far more information on the Internet in regard to the covert programs of agencies like the NSA today, than there was back then.

The following book written by the late NSA psychic spy, Steve Smith, only further supports a myriad of allegations regarding the hidden evil which lurks behind the walls of the NSA, and its Satanic roots.

NSA Insider Exposes The Agency's

Satanic Agenda

"A number of collateral operations are required in support of a successful psychic warfare program. Chief among these are human resource recruitment (procurement), technology development, field operations command/control, and financial/legal relationships administration. As with psychic training and warfare, the preferred NSA management tools include subterfuge, intimidation, bribery, blackmail, coercion, and (when expedient) outright violence. To the extent the NSA could be said to have any agency wide policy or standard of conduct, it consists of the following:

If it moves, enslave it.

If it doesn't, steal it.

If it resists, kill it.

If it's no longer useful, destroy it."

*Excerpted From "Citadel Of Evil" By Steven J. Smith

Read "Citadel Of Evil" here:

"Citadel Of Evil" by Steve Smith -- In His Expose On The U.S. National Security Agency, Former NSA Psychic Warrior, Steve Smith, Describes The NSA's Torture Of Children Who Are Trained As Psychic Warriors For The Agency - Within A Year Of Writing This Horrifying Book Steve Smith Was Murdered

Those who are smart enough to have figured out the absolute nightmare which lays before us, have already recognized that as a result of their allegiance to Satan, Rothschild Zionism's elite class has brought down on humanity the darkest time in our history.

Moreover, as a result of this, what the American people are going to be faced with over the next few years, is the realization that they have been electronically branded by a technocratic government run by the Zionist investment class, whose intent is to use whatever means necessary to enslave the rest of the U.S. population.

There are literally a myriad of terms which can be used to do a Google search on mind control, as well as thousands of books written on the subject. However, the aforesaid books (as well as AKWEI VS NSA) do a very credible job of exposing Rothschild Zionism's use of the Pentagon and NSA in electromagnetically enslaving the American people.

Through Echelon the NSA can also access any personal computer in the United States, because all computer manufacturers are forced to furnish the NSA with information on every personal computer sold within the United States.

Perhaps this was the primary interest in Luke Harding's research regarding the link between the NSA and California's Silicon Valley?

As a result of this, the NSA is also given a backdoor to each computer sold in the United States, which allows the Agency to remotely access your computer without your knowledge or consent.

As for the NSA's violations of your 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights, if the Agency gets caught committing these crimes, its fall back position is to automatically label you as a "lone wolf" terrorist, just so the NSA can justify its abject violations of your Constitutional rights.

We can safely conclude that if the NSA is remotely hacking into your brain via the EMF spectrum, using its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and a technology called EEG heterodyning, which is used to synchronize the NSA's artificial intelligence computers with the specific frequencies of the neural pathways of one's brain, that not only has the NSA violated your civil rights in the worst ways imaginable, but also, that the NSA has been using you for what can only be described as a modern version of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation.

The NSA's use of the term "lone wolf" to blacklist such mind control targets, also comes in very handy in isolating us from society, while completely abrogating our rights as American citizens.

The Untouchables

What we are seeing here is truly an example of the untouchables, in that the alphabet agencies within the U.S. federal government no longer have to abide by any rule of law. As such, they do not have to answer to the courts, they can spy on any American citizen or family without a court order, and even torture or murder us using directed energy weaponry. They can even manufacture evidence against us, including witness testimony, and never be challenged on any allegations that they make.

One of the best examples of this Gestapo-ism, is a newly created elite force of 5000 FBI-like agents within British intelligence, who are being given billions of dollars each year to go after the most dangerous terrorists on Earth.

Or so they claim, since this is yet another piece of New World Order propaganda.

Especially when one considers how for decades, the American Gestapo known as the FBI, has been using part of its annual budget to finance the creation of terrorists, through some of the most outrageous entrapment schemes ever perpetrated.

These crimes, along with many others being committed against millions of American citizens, who have never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes, yet remain the subjects of the most outrageous violations of basic human rights ever documented.

This is why there are at present tens of thousands of American citizens on the Internet documenting their experiences with the government psychological operation known as Organized Stalking, since OS is automatically used against any American citizen who has been blacklisted by the U.S. federal government.

More people are added to this list on a weekly basis, while the White House and Congress deny that this blacklisting is even taking place.

As for the NSA's illegal domestic spy operations, the NSA's backdoor to you computer also enables the NSA to either read or tamper with any file on your computer's hard drive, or even worse, plant incriminating files on your computer without your knowledge.

For those who are familiar with the FBI's original COINTELPRO operation and the Bureau's fabrication of evidence against COINTELPRO targets, you can understand just how dangerous the NSA's ability to remotely hack into your computer is.

Like the NSA, the FBI, CIA and DHS also have the ability to remotely hack into your computer, while installing a keystroke logger virus on your computer's hard drive which will send every keystroke that you make on your keyboard back to these organizations. As such, they can steal passwords to any account you have, including accounts with financial institutions.

And may Heaven help you if a federal agent at the NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS etc. decides to wage their own personal vendetta against you, because not only do they have access to technology which can remotely enter and manipulate any electronic equipment within your own home (in addition to your own mind), they also have access to directed energy weaponry which can be used to kill you, without leaving a trace that foul play has even taken place.

According to information obtained from NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, and former government scientist Dr. Robert Duncan, the NSA and Pentagon, as well as the CIA also have access to signals intelligence EMF scanning networks and over the horizon radar systems, which can be used to remotely access the neural pathways of your own brain, for the purpose of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation.

Access AKWEI VS NSA below:

This author first began to reference this lawsuit nearly a decade ago, and it has become the smoking gun in regard to the signals intelligence predation and non consensual human experimentation of myriad men and women within the United States - I am also extremely suspicious of any person who claims to be a Targeted Individual who attempts to discredit this lawsuit, since the Military Intelligence complex has infiltrated the TI community with its own provocateurs, attempting to do just that

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

"The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and track persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves.

"The NSA/DoD [Department of Defense] developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects whether manmade or organic, that have electrical activity."

Signals Intelligence Remote Computer Tampering

"The NSA keeps track of all PCs and other computers sold in the US. This is an integral part of the Domestic Intelligence network. The NSA's EMF equipment can tune in RF (remote frequency) emissions from personal computer circuit boards (while filtering out emissions from monitors and power supplies). "The RF emission from PC circuit boards contains digital information in the PC. Coded RF waves from the NSA's equipment can resonate PC circuits and change data in the PCs. Thus the NSA can gain wireless modem-style entry into any computer in the country for surveillance or anti-terrorist electronic warfare."

- John St. Clair Akwei
Lawsuit - AKWEI VS NSA

* The mere fact that the NSA has access to such personal information regarding American citizens, is clearly a grievous violation of the NSA's own legislative charter and Directive 18 of the NSA's own internal policing standards; not to mention an outright assault on the U.S. Bill of Rights' 4Th Amendment.

It is the NSA that has become the terrorist.

This author is well aware of this as the result of being illegally targeted by the NSA for several decades of such non consensual human experimentation, as well as directed energy weapon's torture for the past two decades.

I am also certain that John St. Clair Akwei has told the truth about the NSA in his civil action against the Agency, and that this is the reason he has been so aggressively neutralized, while those of us who promulgate Akwei's lawsuit based on our own experiences as targets of the NSA's satellite predation, experience similar neutralization campaigns.

In an attempt to discredit my allegations, this author has also become the target of one of the most illegal, vicious, and slanderous FBI smear campaigns in American history.

In fact, this is an outright demonization campaign which is being used to get even with me, for exposing the fact that the American people are the unwitting targets of a national brain mapping program, which is used to decode the individual brain maps of our persons, as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States.

This demonization campaign has been especially aggressive since since 2011, when I identified former circuit court judge, Stanley Sporkin, as the judge who intentionally prevented John St. Clair Akwei from suing the NSA and exposing the Agency's signals intelligence driven domestic spy system; as well as its use of a modern day version of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation that operates via the EMF spectrum, and that many American citizens - including this author - continue to be subjected to under the cover of national security.

AKWEI VS NSA is the most significant lawsuit against the U.S. federal government in this country's history, because it exposes the NSA's use in brain mapping the American people, and in exploiting the EMF signatures which emanate from our own bodies for the purpose of domestic spying and mind control experimentation.

As for the NSA's signals intelligence satellite predation, so much for those anti-virus programs like Norton and MacAfee that you have installed on your home computers and other wireless devices, since they are completely useless against the NSA's signals intelligence technology and its abjectly nosey "busybody" cryptologists.

Moreover, there is at present no way that I know of in which to prevent the NSA from remotely accessing your own brain either, since the brain has no firewall. So once your unique brain map has been decoded by the NSA for its *Pentagon parent, the NSA can remotely access your mind anytime they decide to.

In fact, once they interface your brain with their artificial intelligence computer network, your mind becomes part of what former government scientist Dr. Robert Duncan has stated is the TAMI MIND Network, which was created by the Pentagon in the 1970s.

Every thought you have, remotely intercepted and stolen from you by the NSA's New World Order CRYPTO-NAZIS, while they attempt to find a plausibly deniable way in which to murder you.

As a target of this satellite predation I can say with absolute certainty, that those of us of the global middle class who number more than 7 billion, are all living on borrowed time.

I will document any directed energy weapons attacks that the NSA or FBI may target my person or other member of my Family with, in retaliation for writing this article.

- James F. Marino

* The NSA is under the direct oversight of the U.S. Department Of Defense, which means that America has become a militarized police state! Its citizens unwittingly brain mapped and electromagnetically branded like heads of cattle.

Read more here:

Author Writing Book On Edward Snowden And NSA Describes How His Manuscript Started To Delete Itself On His Computer

Also See the Russia Today interview with NSA whistleblower, Russ Tice.

The NSA made certain to have Tice declared mentally unstable before dismissing him, in order to discredit his allegations regarding the NSA's treasonous crimes against the American people. According to Tice, he is also monitored by the FBI 24 hours a day as part of the NSA's intimidation against him.

Former Congressperson, Cynthia McKinney, has also stated that since attempting to have Congress pass a House Resolution (HR 1026) which would have opened an extensive investigation into the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' subversive activities, the result of thousands of complaints being filed against this complex by American citizens, that she has also been under FBI surveillance for the purpose of intimidation 24 hours a day.

The FBI, like the rest of the federal government in the United States has been completely subverted in the interests of serving the Rothschild Zionist New World Order global police state.

NSA Whistleblower, Russ Tice, Believes That The NSA May Be Secretly Running The United States As Part Of A Shadow Government, And Using Blackmail To Control The Leadership In This Country, Including The White House And The Congress - This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg In Regard To The NSA's Treasonous Crimes, Which Also Include Electronically Fingerprinting The EMF Signatures Of The American People, As Part Of An Orwellian Signals-Intelligence-Driven Domestic Surveillance Program - Who Controls The NSA? The Pentagon!

Also See:

Cyclotron Resonance Effect
On The Human Body
The reader will note that when one is exposed to high doses of electromagnetic radiation, like those that are given off by cell phone and GWEN towers, a process known as cyclotron resonance can be used to resonate ions within the human body, which has the effect of increasing the amount of a substance in the body, such as a medication that one takes for a specific medical condition, up to 1000 fold.

Consider how deadly this can be, if cyclotron resonance is intentionally used to target a specific person for the purpose of murdering them. Could actress Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack have been the targets of such a covert assassination?

Especially since both Murphy and Monjack, who while both in their thirties, died only five months apart, were reported to have been poisoned to death. The human body excretes the toxins which build up in it over time. However, what if due to cyclotron resonance, the adverse affects of these toxins were increased a thousand fold?

A person could die from a lethal dose of toxic poisoning, with just a normal amount of toxins in their body.

Also see the following quote from Jerry Smith's "HAARP The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy."

"The resonating of ions is a wild concept, still being debated in scientific circles. Laboratory experiments have shown that a minute quantity of a substance in a living body (an amount too small to cause an effect) can be 'exited' by exposure to EMR, through something called 'cyclotron resonance,' so as to produce effects as though there were up to a thousand times of the substance present. This research has clear military applications."

The Dangerous EMF Radiation
Which Emanates From Cell Phone & GWEN Towers

This author is also concerned in regard to the mass proliferation of cell phone towers in the United States and the more nefarious uses that they are capable of. Especially as this applies to mass mind control, and perhaps even directing a fatal dose of microwave energy at a specific person, in order to induce an illness such as cancer, or even a heart attack, stroke or aneurism.

We can only imagine given the omnipresence of this Orwellian technology, how many people each year are intentionally murdered by these covert weapons, while myriad others die from radiation exposure, simply because they live close to a GWEN or cell phone tower.

Moreover, are these networks of cell phone towers being used as an extension of the U.S. Military's GWEN system? And if so, for what purpose?

The reader will remember that after former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, did an episode of his successful TV series "Conspiracy Theory," which focused on the use of GWEN towers as a possible means for mass mind control of the U.S. population, the Conspiracy Theory program was suddenly cancelled by Time Warner Entertainment Inc.

Governor Ventura also became the target of an aggressive smear campaign, which has since resulted in Ventura's moving from his Minnesota home to a new home in New Mexico.

Has Ventura been driven out of the United States as the result of a government harassment campaign being waged against him, as punishment for exposing the U.S. Military's space based mind control weaponry?

Obviously, the U.S. federal government was not pleased that Ventura decided to interview certain American citizens who have claimed to be the targets of government mind control experimentation, who also just happen to live near a GWEN tower.

There's also the fact that an expert on this technology by the name of Dr. Fred Bell (brother of Internet podcast broadcaster, Art Bell), died within 48 hours of being interviewed by Jesse Ventura for the "Brain Invaders" episode of Conspiracy Theory, which focused on GWEN towers as a possible source for mind controlling the U.S. population.

Interestingly enough, several Time Warner subscribers who had taped Conspiracy Theory episodes have complained that their DVR recording machines have inexplicably *erased certain episodes of the Conspiracy Theory program, including the "Brain Invaders" episode.

*Author, Luke Harding, would certainly find this of interest, given his computer's recent deleting of part of his manuscript, regarding a book that Harding is writing in regard to NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, and the NSA and its link to Silicon Valley.

Perhaps the following has also has something to do with the U.S. federal government's displeasure with Jesse Ventura. and why Conspiracy Theory was cancelled by Time Warner, even though its ratings were consistently excellent:

"GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United States. Therefore, if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location. The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be 'tailored' to the geomagnetic-field strength in each GWEN area."

-Dr. Robert O. Becker

If the cell phone tower networks which litter the continental United States landscape, have already been linked up with the GWEN and HAARP systems, for the purpose of mass mind control of the U.S. population, is it any wonder why the federal government would be attempting to deflect attention away from this travesty, while neutralizing any American citizen who is bringing some very necessary attention to this situation?

Moreover, given that these systems ultimately use manmade communications' satellites (as well as spy satellites) as an interface for these ground based communications' networks, one must wonder what NASA's Space Shuttle Program was really created for?

Here we find another of the myriad outrageous lies that the American people have been told by their own corrupted government, while the U.S. Military focuses on its use of antigravity aircraft. UFO-like craft which it eventually developed from research first stolen from Nicola Tesla by the Nazis in the 1930s, and later liberated by the CIA through Project Paperclip.

If you are one of the myriad Americans who have seen UFO craft flying in the skies over the United States, think about this the next time you witness one of these craft, and consider that it is probably being piloted by U.S. military personnel.

A craft whose propulsion system may very well power itself from the EMF fields which surround it.

- James F. Marino

NASA's Space Shuttle Program
Space Exploration Or U.S. Military Warfare?

"Most satellites are found in orbital paths called 'near earth,' or the much more distant, 'geosynchronous.' Near-earth orbits are favored by the military for spy satellites. These satellites skim the top of the atmosphere 500 to 1,000 miles up. Like HAARP, NASA's space shuttle is an example of a civilian science project built to further a military agenda. The Shuttle was designed under military contract to service low altitude military space 'assets.'

"To do real science, however, you need to get scientific hardware well out of the atmosphere, which is where you will find civilian satellites and where you will not find the Space Shuttle.

"HAARP, if used to create high levels of electrons in the upper ionosphere, has the potential to knockout satellites and other space assets in near-earth orbit; clearly a potential military objective of the program."

- Author Jerry E. Smith

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