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Access This Website From The Startpage.com Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- "Billion To One Odds Power Surge May Have Killed Suzanne Hart" - How About The Truth For A Change? That This "Billion To One Odds Power Surge" Was Caused By A Signals Intelligence Satellite & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon, Which Were Used To Remotely Tamper With The Elevator That Crushed Suzanne Hart To Death

"Mind Control: How EEG Devices Will Read Your Brain Waves And Change Your World"

Editor's Note: For this author's post regarding FBI/NSA involvement in the covert murder of a woman named Suzanne Hart, scroll down until you find the following: "Was Suzanne Hart The Unwitting Target Of An Electronic Warfare Attack?" I truly believe based on years of being subjected to FBI/NSA psychological warfare operations, that the murder of Suzanne Hart was furtively perpetrated by these Intel psychopaths, and used to serve as one of the myriad demented psyops that they have been perpetrating against my person for over a decade.

Suzanne Hart may be dead now and unable to speak from the grave. However, this author can speak up for Suzanne Hart and will.

May these demons burn in hell for murdering this woman.

The above Huffington Post article which appeared in 2012, is an example of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' control over the media in the United States, and how this government controlled media system is used to circulate this complexes' "disinformation" propaganda.

This article would have the reader believe that EEG heterodyning technology is new, and that in the future it will be used to remotely access people's minds in order to determine if they are telling the truth or not.

The fact is that through its control over the NSA, the U.S. Defense Department (Pentagon) has been illegally using this technology via signals intelligence satellite networks and *HAARP over the horizon radar systems, for at least forty years, to remotely access the neural pathways of the brains of myriad American citizens (who have been used as targets of a modern day MK-ULTRA program - which constitutes the non consensual human experimentation of our persons).

* The Pentagon's HAARP phased array radar system in Gakona Alaska can be configured in different ways. When used for the purpose of over the horizon radar, HAARP can be used as weapon of "through the air" mass mind control.

The NSA (which is overseen by the U.S. Department Of Defense (AKA The Pentagon) has become concerned enough about this to circulate a myriad of disinformation pieces over the Internet, in an attempt to either exculpate the Agency completely from any wrongdoing, or to claim that some of its "rogue" agents have stolen NSA technology and are using it illegally.

These propaganda pieces are usually filled with technological jargon in an effort to give the poster more credibility, while confusing his reader. The fact is that while some of the information listed below may be true (without the technical expertise, who's to *know for certain?), it is posted to further confuse the situation, not to clarify it.

* One comment that this person makes that is true is that this technology is an abomination to humanity, as are the government reprobates who are illegally using it on American citizens.

The fact is that the NSA is a rogue and Nazi indoctrinated organization which like a predatory vine that as it grows strangles healthy flora, grew out of the CIA's Project Paperclip Nazi smuggling operation of the 1940s.

In the highest crime of treason imaginable, the NSA has now been caught using its signals intelligence technology to enslave the American people, and is doing everything possible to deflect attention away from this organized crime syndicate. The following is an example of the NSA's disinformation, which was recently posted on an Internet conspiracy Website:

"Use of MK-Ultra program has been pirated by at least one previous NSA employee. The program requires the perpetrator utilize the NSA satellite to ring the victims phone (program is tone based) which allows perp access to victims residential electrical system *(home’s wiring). Perp opens victim’s electrical ‘ground’ wire which allows perp to send victim electrical charge (s) & send constant electrical stream into victim’s environment which changes environment to ion positive and changes victim to ion positive."

*Editor's Note: The NSA could just as easily tap into the power utility line which connects to a home's circuit breaker junction box, to gain remote access to the home and its occupants through every electrical device in the home. The NSA can also gain access through the air using the EMF spectrum as a means in which to remotely enter the neural pathways of a targeted person's brain or the brain of any person they come in contact with via EEG heterodyning technology. NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, has stated that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can be used to instantly identify any person who comes in contact with a surveillance subject, which means that the NSA already has this information in a computer database, having previously decoded the individual brain maps (and other pertinent EMF signatures) of the U.S. population.

What Is The Specific Protocol That The NSA Is Using In Which To Decode Our Individual Brain Maps?

"This allows perp to ‘push/pull’ victim’s personal electrical charge at will. It also allows perp to gain direct contact with the victim when perp sends the victim a ‘tone’ via electrical line (all wiring cares sound as does almost ALL light). The tone enters victim’s auditory brain center. Perp utilizes light to gain (physics utilized by perp) to gain access to victim’s visual cortex (in the brain).

Perp can hyper-stimulate victim’s brain while now having ability to have direct voice contact with the victim. This ‘voice’ is heard only by the victim. Perp has now also gained ability to ‘see’ what victim sees. Whenever the victim has a thought the perp hears it and sees anything the victim visualizes in his/her head (brain). Humans tend to think in pictures. The MKULTRA program is so extensive it allows the perp control of victims cranial nerves, thus control of victims body functions. Victim never again has personal privacy or safety! Victim constantly lives in an unnatural electrical field which remains with victim no matter where he/she goes. This means everyone (including pets and all living things) victim comes into contact with is placed in an unnatural ion positive environment.


It was meant to be used in a specific manner, but due to previously employed by NSA rogues it is often applied to the common person."

Yet another creative post by an Intel provocateur attempting to exculpate the NSA itself from any wrongdoing:

"A rogue perpetrator who illegally kept his access key to the NSA MKULTRA Program upon discharge by the NSA is a ‘Private Investigator’, located in Arizona, whose company performs “counterintelligence services”. His educational background: Medical School, additional degree in Physics."

The fact is that this EEG brain scanning technology suffers from some serious flaws - not the least of which is its inability to differentiate between a thought and an actual act. EEG heterodyning can also be used to implant computer generated thoughts into a targeted subject's mind for the purpose of brainwave entrainment, which is used in mind control programming.

One may only hazard a guess as to how many millions of American citizens are being EEG heterodyned simultaneously, as part of the NSA's signals intelligence domestic surveillance program.

In the case of an FBI COINTELPRO operation, the so called experts who use this programming can also fabricate information which they claim to have collected while EEG heterodyning the neural pathways of a COINTELPRO subject's brain, as part of an FBI entrapment scheme.

The FBI has a notorious history of both fabricating evidence in regard to those Americans whom the Agency has targeted for COINTELPRO, as well as coercing sworn testimony from people whom the FBI was using in an attempt to entrap the COINTELPRO target.

As such, even if EEG heterodyning (brain scanning) technology was without the aforementioned flaws, it would still be very easy for the FBI to pervert the use of this technology, in an effort to fabricate evidence which the Bureau can claim it gathered during an EEG heterodyned interrogation of the targeted subject.

Exactly how the FBI can presently enter a court of law in the United States claiming to have remotely obtained such EEG brain scanned evidence remains to be seen, since the FBI's admission to having done so would also implicate the FBI in the most precedent setting violations of the 4TH, 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights, in the history of U.S. Judicial system.

However, whatever the FBI is presently doing in regard to its covert use of this Orwellian technology, this author is certain that the Bureau is not being candid with the American public in regard to their own vulnerability to EEG heterodyning technology, or the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' brain mapping of the U.S. population; which makes each citizen a possible, yet unwitting target of EEG heterodyning predation of their own mind.

I am also certain given the myriad of different stories recently surfacing over the Internet, being promulgated in regard to this technology by the Military Intelligence complex (in order to further confuse the situation), that the U.S. government is becoming increasingly concerned that the American people are starting to take the allegations regarding this Orwellian mind control technology seriously, which does not bode well for this subversion of a government in the future.

For those who still refuse to believe that Rothschild Zionism and its intent to create a world government feudal system of enslavement exists, the U.S. federal government's attempt to circumvent the American people's Constitutional rights to due process of law through the implementation of this Orwellian technology, serves as further evidence that this New World Order agenda is a reality.

This mind invasive technology is an outright attack on our freedoms as American citizens, when the authority of the U.S. Judiciary will be completely nullified, and replaced by a technician operating a computer, in which to determine the innocence or guilt of any American citizen accused of committing a crime.

If the government has its way, this so called system of justice will become the de facto standard of Juris Prudence in America. And the American citizen's right to a trial by jury and a judge presiding over a courtroom will become a distant memory.

Of equal concern is that scientists who use this technology claiming its ability as a "lie detector" oftentimes base their findings not on fact, but instead on their own interpretations of the information they obtain using the technology.

This is self-serving and a yet a further illustration of the U.S. federal government's intent to eventually use this technology to abrogate the American people's inherent rights to due process of law under the 5Th and 6Th Amendments, regardless of how flawed this technology is.

Moreover, the fact that the FBI and DHS are presently using this technology on many Targets of the vigilante hate crime/state sponsored terrorism known as Organized Stalking - while subjecting us to psychological warfare operations and vicious slander campaigns - and preventing us from challenging the findings they claim to have obtained by EEG heterodyning the neural pathways of our own brainwaves, serves as further proof of this technology's flaws, and the U.S. federal government's intent to deceive the American people, by concealing these flaws from them.

Documentary Which Describes The Pentagon's Theft Of Nicola Tesla's Research In Its Creation Of Its HAARP Electronic Warfare/Mind Control Weapons' Programs - The Pentagon Maintains Oversight Of The U.S National Security Agency, Which Means At The Very Least, That The Pentagon Is Actively Involved In Spying On American Citizens Illegally - Since The Pentagon Is Also Using HAARP Technology For The Purpose Of Earth Penetrating Tomography, In Order To Look Below The Earth's Surface For Natural Resources Such As Oil & Natural Gas, One Must Also Wonder If The U.S. Department Of Defense Has Used HAARP To Penetrate The Surface Of Some (Or All) Of The Planets Within Our Own Solar System, In Order To Determine If Intelligent Life Has Colonized Well Below The Surface Of These Planets? If So, Don't Expect The U.S. Federal Government To Be Forthcoming About Such Amazing Discoveries Anytime Soon

Directed Energy Silent Assassinations

"All RADAR technology uses a mathematical technique to calculate EM wave form effects called Finite Difference Time Domain in computational electrodynamics.

This is important in calculating the properties of antenna design or near field effects from waveforms. Using the same technique it is possible to calculate a waveforms time domain effects on different human bodies, heads, organs, and brains. By modeling a human body and head, one could calculate the resonant pattern in the human body, i.e. the standing wave formations and where the high and low energy absorption nodes would be.

So a directed energy weapon could be made more effective by precision targeting of energy to specific organs for example. If you wanted to give a target diabetes, you could destroy some of the pancreas or alter the sugar metabolism in the cells.

If you wanted to increase the chance of lung or brain cancer, the weapon merely needs to add energy to those locations and overtime the probability will increase dramatically."

"I suppose it would be scary for those people who read the disinformation on many websites about microchip implants or watched the movie "mission impossible II.

That is not how the CIA tortures people.

Only the belief of thinking they put in an exploding microchip works to control people into committing acts of murder through fear. I found cases where women killed their babies and such after talking to voices that told them to do it. Then they end up being imprisoned in an insane asylum or other.

I know these US EEG Heterodyning Satanist methods well.

They truly are sociopaths and need to practice on US citizens before doing it to an important target like an Iraqi or such. The CIA used to call their torturers, 'Rough boys.'

Biotelemetric antenna implants are no longer needed to pinpoint the directed energy at the target. And brain chip implants are ancient military technology and no longer used on most targets.

People often believe when the synthetic telepathy program begins that it is coming from their fillings or a tooth implant due to the literature and misinformation like from the movie, 'Real Genius.' Everyone has heard about braces picking up radio stations.

Microwave hearing effect is even different than neural interfacing speech or ultrasonic heterodyning.

Uses of EEG Heterodyning by the DoD

Other than random experimentation, many individuals are targeted to be silenced or discredited.

I know of a Colonel who witnessed the Army unloading bags of cocaine from a transport. He became a victim shortly after expressing concern. An FBI special agent for international terrorism became a victim after he testified that the FBI was perjuring itself at a trial. The former head of the LA FBI has become a target. Journalists who have written about these topics have been punished with the system.

Anyone who has worked for the DoD and then later leaves, may be subject to this covert type of assassination years later to silence potential security leaks.

I have interviewed several families, where they had a relative who went crazy and got locked up in a sanitarium after that member started talking about that they were an assassin for the U.S.

The doctors always said,

'Don't listen to what they say. They are delusional.'

This diabolical, systematic method of silencing potential leaks has been employed by the DoD for many decades and usually carried out by the CIA known as the slime balls of the (sub)intelligence community.

I can't believe we have had so many presidents with the background of federally sponsored crime.

Everybody who knows what the government is doing is under a great deal of scrutiny and threat of reprisals. So I especially commend the MIT professors and students involved in dispelling the myth than aluminum beanies block EEG heterodyning.

They used a $250,000 network analyzer to view the resonance signatures emitted by the human body to determine that the hats actually act like antennas for those frequencies rather than a shield.

Like the terrorist have done in the past, the CIA is notorious for doing.

That is making money off of stock market prediction of major events and creating front companies to fund their more odious undertakings so as not to be as easily dissuaded by threats of budgetary cuts by Congress."

- Dr. Robert Duncan

Editor's Note: The typical cover that a Nazi idealized organization like the FBI or any of its Satanically tainted alphabet brethren use to discredit the victims of their Orwellian mind control programs, is that the victims of these New World Order murderous psychopaths are crazy.

This may be a convenient cover for these demons, however, it is a blatant deception.

The fact is that they have utilized myriad forms of psychological warfare operations in an effort to drive us crazy, yet most of us manage to remain sane enough to document these atrocities for ourselves, as well as those persons who have tragically lost their sanity (some of whom even their own lives), as the direct result of these inherently wicked mind control operations; including Organized Stalking - government sanctioned - state sponsored terrorism.

Although this author has been a target of MK-ULTRA for nearly forty years, and the type of * directed energy microwave weapon's attacks that Dr. Robert Duncan mentions in the above **quotation, for the past twenty years, the organized stalking of my person only began aggressively in 2003.

* For the past month and a half I have developed a chronic cough which I am certain is the result of these directed energy weapon's attacks.

I experienced the same situation a year ago, and the chronic cough disappeared after more than month, just as quickly as it started. However, the more these attacks take place, the greater the chance that cancer will eventually set in.

I will continue to document this particular attack, as well as any further crimes that this murderous and Satanic excrement perpetrates against us under the color of law.

** Dr. Duncan also describes how the CIA is capable of manipulating the stock market, in order to generate income for the black budgets which the U.S. Congress will not (at least officially) appropriate funding for.

Like Dr. Duncan, this author also believes this to be true. I also believe that Military Intelligence complex has used HAARP technology in the past to manipulate the outcome of certain sporting events, in the interest of earning ill gotten winnings.

This author believes that it is quite possible, given the tremendous odds against the American team winning the 2014 Americas Cup sailboat race, given that they were several races behind challenger Team New Zealand, and set a precedent in coming back to the win the Cup, that HAARP technology may have been used to interfere with the weather on the Americas Cup race course, so that the United States could win the Cup.

If so, the question remains: was this done just as another test of HAARP, or was it also done to profit some people within the U.S. federal government who have access to HAARP technology, who may have bet on Team Oracle to win the race based on a long shot that these government employees created with the use of HAARP weather modification technology?

Sports betting is a multi trillion dollar a year business in the United States, so why wouldn't these unscrupulous people use whatever means they have at their disposal to create more favorable odds for themselves?

This is one of the less dangerous aspects of this technology.

It's use in torturing and murdering people is far worse.

The aforementioned quote listed at the top of this post, was as previously stated, made by a former government contractor who had worked on this electronic warfare technology for a number of years. In his statement, Dr. Robert Duncan describes how this technology can be used by the Pentagon, or an agency like the FBI, NSA, DHS or CIA, to covertly torture or murder any person whose body's unique EMF signatures have been decoded by the U.S. federal government, including the decoding of a person's own unique brain map.

In this author's opinion, as part of Rothschild Zionism's Illuminati world government agenda, to reduce the people of this planet to the status of electromagnetically mind controlled slaves, I believe that the Pentagon, through its oversight of the U.S. National Security Agency, has for nearly four decades had a signals intelligence driven domestic spy system in place, which through the decoding of the individual brain maps of every American citizen, has been used to brand each of us like heads of cattle.

Cattle whom the NSA, through the Agency's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, can instantly identify, track, EEG heterodyne, or even torture or murder using directed energy microwave weapons; regardless of where we are located on the face of this planet.

As such, not only have we lost our physical privacy, our own privacy of thought has now been stolen from each us as well, since while our brainwaves may originate from within our own bodies, once each thought is produced by our brain, it is then broadcast outside of our own skull. As such, our thoughts have become remotely tethered to the EMF spectrum - readily intercepted and captured by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and then decoded by the Agency's artificial intelligence driven digital computers.

So much for the facade of the American Democracy that the American people are told we are governed by. And so much for the individual rights to privacy that we as citizens have been deceived into believing we are guaranteed, by the United States Constitution.

This Orwellian technology has already been used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to perpetrate a myriad of murders with complete anonymity, while being able to utilize the covert nature of this technology for the purpose of plausible deniability; a concept which allows this complex to commit these atrocities without the fear of being prosecuted for them.

Is it any wonder why the U.S. Congress is too terrified of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex to conduct a legitimate investigation into the thousands of criminal allegations being made by American citizens, against this complex?

To say that the average American citizen is a sitting duck regarding their vulnerability to this electronic warfare technology is if anything, an understatement, since anyone targeted by these weapons can be slowly microwaved to death, or murdered instantly via a directed energy microwave weapon attack which can cause a heart attack, stroke or aneurism.

In 1998, after I sent a message to an E-mail list of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients who subscribed to a Lyme Disease newsletter that I co-published at the time, citing a book called the Brucellosis Triangle - which claimed that many of the chronic illnesses we see in society are the result of biological warfare experimentation, including Lyme Disease - I began to notice certain patterns in the way that automobiles would suddenly show up regardless of where I drove to. This would increase exponentially once I became the target of a vicious organized stalking campaign in 2003.

Interestingly enough, I was also involved in a class action lawsuit against a major health insurance carrier at the time, for millions of dollars, involving the company's bad faith practices, by prematurely ending IV antibiotic therapy that I was doing in the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease; which was prescribed by my treating physician.

This physician would later be blackmailed by the FBI into closing his medical practice, as punishment for testifying before a U.S. Congressional committee on health, in regard to certain physicians who had colluded with the health insurance industry, in order to intentionally, improperly diagnose chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, so that the insurance companies which these physicians also acted as paid consultants for, could avoid paying the exorbitant costs associated with the long-term antibiotic therapy that these patients required in the treatment of their illness.

This was an outright scam by the health insurance industry and these particular physicians, to defraud chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, by denying them legitimate medical treatments that they were entitled to by law. These insurance companies ended up saving millions of dollars while these patients became even more ill; some of whom have since died.

These health insurance companies have since also colluded with the medical community in an attempt to claim that there is no such thing as chronic Lyme Disease, when they are well aware that refractory illness exists in many patients who have been previously diagnosed with and treated for Lyme Disease.

The fact that Lyme Disease finds its roots as a biological weapon, and remains the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States, is no doubt the real reason for the medical community's intent to exculpate themselves from having to treat patients with persistent Lyme Disease infection.

Instead of suing the health insurance companies for their failure to effectively treat chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, those who are afflicted with this miserable **biological weapon should be able to sue the U.S. federal government for creating this bioweapon, and intentionally turning it loose on the public.

Unfortunately, with the plausible deniability that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses in the commission of its crimes against humanity, such a lawsuit would be very difficult to file and practically impossible to ever try in a U.S. court of law.

The same can be said for attempting to file suit against this government for its use of American citizens as subjects of non consensual human experimentation, which involves the Pentagon's EEG heterodyning of our own minds.

**Google: "LAB 257" by Michael Christopher Carroll

The Death Of A Madison Avenue Executive
Accident Or Premeditated Murder?

A brief time after this author first posted the following article several months ago, in regard to the horrific death of a Madison Avenue executive by the name of Suzanne Hart, who was crushed to death in an elevator accident in 2011, the van with the name HART painted on its side (which I first noticed parked in the road in front of my home only hours before Hart was reported to have been killed), was again driven through my neighborhood as part of an extended psychological operation.

This only served to further confirm my earlier suspicions, that this vehicle had been intentionally parked in front of my home as part of a psychological warfare operation, the day after I saw a 1971 movie called "Paperman."

This movie had a scene in which a woman was crushed to death after being trapped by an elevator door. Less than 48 hours later, this author read in the local paper of how a woman named Suzanne Hart (the name on the van was Hart), was crushed to death when she was trapped by an elevator door. This entire situation, from the time I saw the movie "Paperman" until I read about the death of Suzanne Hart, took place within 48 hours.

This was not a coincidence at all, but instead, part of a psychological operation in which Suzanne Hart was intentionally killed.

These agents have sent both of this author's parents to the hospital on at least two separate occasions as the result of directed energy microwave weapons attacks on their persons, and could easily murder either of my parents (this author, or other members of my Family) using this technology. This has made for a very effective way of controlling them.

And the only reason that these crimes persist against the TI community is because of the conspiratorial, systematic denial that has been put in place, in order to perpetrate these crimes with plausible deniability.

These are military/intelligence operations, which offer further proof that the United States has already become a militarized police state under Patriot Act oversight.

Moreover, in order for billions of people around this planet to be able to maintain silence in regard to the Orwellian conspiracy that has become known as organized stalking, involves far more than just intimidation tactics.

It involves using the EMF spectrum to broadcast certain subliminal commands into people's minds in order to influence their thoughts.

This is the only way that organized stalking can continue to be denied by the masses.

If the people taking part in this conspiracy began speaking out in significant enough numbers, admitting that there is actually a government conspiracy that involves the abrogation of the Constitutional rights of many American citizens and those citizens of other nations, they would then implicate their own governments in collusion to undermine their own Constitutional rules of law, which would ultimately result in the abolition of these governments, and the incarceration of their leadership.

This is why it is critical for these governments to maintain this conspiratorial silence, since it is the only thing that is keeping them from being prosecuted for these outrageous crimes against humanity.

The agents who perpetrate these crimes against this author, are not about to admit to this atrocity, anymore than they will admit to having used this author as a target of MK-ULTRA for several decades, after having decoded my *individual brain map for the purpose of mind control experimentation. This has enabled these Nazi indoctrinated psychopaths to remotely enter my mind anytime they decide to, while implanting computer generated thoughts into the neural pathways of my brain.

These so called agents are the real "homegrown" terrorists in the United States.

* How long do you think that this government would last if its leadership publicly admitted that every citizen in the United States has been subjected to the decoding of their own individual brain map, as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program?

Such a government would be quickly abolished in the interests of the citizenry, and the restoration of their freedom.

As such, the reader can understand why this totally corrupted government remains hell bent on destroying this author and any other person who has publicly made these allegations, based on the Orwellian nightmares that we have been forced to endure as the direct result of such brain mapping technology!

If the reader uses the Internet to search for terms such as EEG heterodyning of the brain, remote neural monitoring of the brain, NSA mind control experimentation on American citizens using a signals intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and Thought Amplifier/ Mind Interface, you will find a myriad of Websites started by targets of this technology, who will continue to grow in number until our allegations overwhelm the very governments who are perpetrating these atrocities against us.

We will not stand for a Zionist based world government. Nor will we surrender our freedoms to governments who are controlled by Rothschild Zionism's Satanists.

These governments are presently involved in a conspiracy to enslave humanity through the use of this electronic warfare technology, and they are experimenting on, torturing and murdering a vast number of people from every continent on this planet.

The vicious slander campaign these miscreant agents have been promulgating against my person since 2003 is being done as revenge for my documenting these Orwellian crimes, as well my public allegation against the NSA in 2005, that the Agency began secretly brain fingerprinting the American people several decades earlier, as part of a national brain mapping program, without their knowledge or consent.

Since that time I have accused the NSA of attempting to use this brain mapping program as a covert means of enslavement for the American people.

John St. Clair Akwei's allegations in regard to the NSA's use of brain mapping technology in order to decode the individual brain maps of American citizens, and a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network which is used to track these unique electromagnetic signatures, offers further corroboration of my allegations against the NSA.

*Akwei had been tortured by the NSA through the use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network for at least 12 years before he was able to file a federal lawsuit against the NSA in 1992, which was criminally dismissed by a corrupt federal circuit court judge named Stanley Sporkin, who could have exposed this treasonous scandal in 1992, instead of covering it up.

* It is unclear exactly how Akwei came to be the target of the NSA, or whether he was directly employed by the NSA or not. In this author's opinion, Mr. Akwei may have worked for a sub contractor of the NSA; possibly the Kinnecome Group, which he mentions in his 1992 civil action against the NSA. However, I have know way of knowing for certain if this is the case.

Dr. Robert Duncan's 2006 book, "The Matrix Deciphered - Psychic Warfare" and his 2010 book "Project Soul Catcher" further corroborate this author's allegations regarding the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' brain mapping of the American people, when Duncan refers to some of the covert Pentagon and CIA programs used to perpetrate this Orwellian enslavement of American citizens - including the programs TAMI, SATAN, MIND and CHRIST; the first of which, according to Duncan, was implemented in 1976 - ironically enough, the year the America celebrated her Bicentennial - two centuries of independence from the British Empire.

However, those who have bothered to research the real history of the United States, as well as the Legislative Act of 1871, understand that the American people became human capital for the corporate government in Washington D.C. in 1871, when this corporate constitution was used to replace the Constitution signed by our founding fathers in 1787; reducing every American citizen to a share of stock in this corporation.

Therefore, is it any wonder why the American people would be electronically branded like heads of cattle, through this government's covert implementation of a national brain mapping program, and a signals intelligence driven domestic spy system which is being used to keep tabs on each one of us in real time?

There is no longer any question that the U.S. federal government is covering up a scandal here that is not only stranger than fiction in its complete outlandishness, but so outrageous, that this government will ultimately fail to survive it.

Unfortunately, the same is true of many of the whistleblowers who continue to expose these classified weapons, given the furtive conspiracies in place to not only discredit us, but to also torture and murder us.

Was Suzanne Hart The Unwitting Target
Of An Electronic Warfare Attack?
Written By James F. Marino

Given the astronomical odds in regard to dying the way she did, and based on an *EEG heterodyned experience that this MK-ULTRA target had just two days before Suzanne Hart was killed in a freak elevator accident, I must seriously question whether her death was an accident, or a furtive murder committed with a signals intelligence driven directed energy microwave weapon.

Was such a weapon used to remotely tamper with the circuitry in the elevator which malfunctioned, ultimately killing Suzanne Hart?

If so, Suzanne's name can be added to an extremely long and growing list of Americans who have been murdered through this government's use of electronic warfare technology.

*Was A NY Advertising Executive By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Murdered As Part Of A Demented Psychological Warfare Operation That The FBI & NSA Are Conducting Against This Author?

As for those Americans who are routinely subjected to such electronic warfare attacks, this author has witnessed electronic equipment, including home appliances being remotely tampered with constantly, as the result of such high-tech weapons being illegally deployed against my person.

I am certain given the stealth nature of this technology, that it would be very easy for the criminals who commit these crimes as part of the government psyop being perpetrated against my person, to tamper with the electronic circuitry in an elevator in order to cause it to intentionally malfunction.

So the question remains: Was Suzanne Hart murdered when the elevator she was attempting to enter was remotely tampered with, resulting in the elevator moving before Hart had a chance to react?

As for events which occur based on astronomical odds, the readers may want to consider the probability of Ken Jennings' winning 74 consecutive games on Jeopardy without receiving any type of "special" help.

Why do I continue to refer to Jennings' appearances on Jeopardy? Because given the difficulty of this particular game show, and Jennings' extraordinary number of appearances, the odds of him accomplishing what he did are astronomical.

This is why no contestant prior to Jennings, and no one since his appearance on Jeopardy has been able to last nearly as long as Ken did.

And even though he was eventually beaten by three different opponents, including IBM's Watson computer, neither of the two human opponents who defeated Jennings have come close to matching his 74 game winning streak.

You'll find that the odds of Ken Jennings' winning as many consecutive games as he did are about as remote as a person being killed by an elevator whose circuitry has been subjected to an unlikely "billion to one power surge" which causes it to malfunction.

This is not to suggest that Jennings is not an intelligent person. However, his reign on Jeopardy has never come close to being challenged by other contestants. And Nielsen reported that Jennings' presence on the show did boost Jeopardy's ratings by a substantial 22%.

So the questions which this author continues to pose are: Was Ken Jennings EEG heterodyned during his appearances on Jeopardy? And if so, which government agency was involved in this non consensual mind control experimentation? And, as such, did Jennings receive many of the answers to the questions he was asked, via computer to brain interface?

As for the death of Suzanne Hart, this author cannot ignore the fact that within a 48 hour time span, I saw a movie in which a woman was crushed to death by an elevator, a van was later parked in front of my home with the name HART painted on its side, and a woman named Suzanne Hart died in a "billon to one" odds freak accident which resulted in her being crushed to death by an elevator!

When this author takes into consideration the types of psychological warfare that FBI/NSA psychopathic predators perpetrate against my person on a daily basis, and their history of unconscionable crimes, I am certain that Suzanne Hart did not die as the result of an accident, but was instead, the target of a premeditated murder using signals intelligence technology and directed energy weaponry.

The crime would be in allowing the monsters who perpetrated this cowardly act to get away it, while wrongfully blaming the crew of men who had recently serviced this elevator (and who are being used as a convenient scapegoat), for Suzanne Hart's tragic death.

- James F. Marino

The following excerpt is from the Daily News:

"'Billion to one' power surge may have killed ad exec Suzanne Hart in Madison Ave. Elevator

INVESTIGATORS TRYING to explain the horrible elevator accident that killed ad exec Suzanne Hart are looking at whether a power surge made the lift go haywire, sources say.

A sudden surge in an elevator’s power source could override its safety systems and send it shooting up, said a source familiar with the investigation.

City Buildings Department officials have said they’re looking at maintenance performed on the elevator’s electrical system just hours before Hart stepped inside."

Also See:

FBI COINTELPRO Black Operations Now Involve The Criminalization Of The Corporate World

As further proof of how the FBI interferes with the financial situations regarding targets of COINTELPRO, another member of this author's Family describes for me how about a decade ago, the company that this person once worked for sent them a check for the entire amount of their 401K, even though the company was not supposed to do so.

The money is supposed to be drawn out gradually after age 70 and a half.

Concerned about why they received such a large check, this person called a friend of theirs who worked in human resources, only to be told that it was a good thing that they had not cashed the check, because they would have had to pay an enormous amount of tax on the money in this account.

This "accidental" sending of this 401K check was orchestrated by FBI agents who are not only criminals, but represent the most abjectly evil of minds when engineering these machinations.

Moreover, this company's aiding and abetting of the FBI's crimes here is a further indication that these government reprobates have no compunction about destroying the life of any person whom they target for a COINTELPRO operation, and criminalizing any person or persons whom they decide to use in these illicit operations.

In what is yet another of the daily types of psychological warfare harrassment that this author and other members of my Family have been subjugated to, a Family member informs me that for the first time in *48 years, a bank statement which should have been delivered at least a week ago, has still not arrived.

* The day after I post this information the check shows up in the mail.

The interception of the statement has nothing to do with the FBI seeking to obtain information on this account, since the U.S. Federal Government has information on bank accounts held by all American citizens.

Moreover, as for PIN numbers which can be used to gain access to these accounts, the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has the ability through its clandestine and illegal use of EEG Heterodyning technology, to remotely access the brainwaves of any American citizen 24 hours a day.

So the FBI can obtain a person's bank account PIN number by remote neural monitoring the person's brainwaves when they access their bank account, and then retrieving the PIN that way.

The delay in sending this bank statement is being done for its psychological warfare value, just as the myriad mail tamperings which we have been subjected to for the past decade have been done for such psyop purposes.

This is typical COINTELPRO, where FBI agents or their provocateurs either steal a piece of mail, or have it held up deliberately. The FBI is also notorious for doing this to COINTELPRO targets who own firearms. The FBI will purposely intercept a gun renewal permit from the U.S. mail, since failure to renew a gun permit can result in the seizure of the weapon from the gun owner, as well as the arrest of the person.

The FBI is alleged to have done this to Randy Weaver, as part of an entrapment scheme, which ultimately led to the shootout at Ruby Ridge, which resulted in the FBI and BATF's murders of Weaver's wife, Vicky, and his 14 year old son, Sammy.

However, had the FBI not been allowed to use such entrapment schemes, neither Vicky nor Sammy Weaver, nor the BATF agent who was shot and killed by Sammy in retaliation for shooting and killing Sammy's dog, would have been murdered at Ruby Ridge.

In regard to the FBI's psychological warfare operations against us, in the past FBI agents have electronically tampered with our credit card accounts, and oftentimes had other people's mail intentionally delivered to our home. They have also had credit card companies list false charges on our credit card statements (falsely claiming that the CC numbers had been stolen and purchases illegally made with these cards - which has resulted in new credit cards being issued on more than one occasion), which proves that even the credit card companies can be used in these criminal conspiracies.

The fact that our "mailman" is used to aid and abet these crimes serves as further proof of the depth and breadth of this government conspiracy, since no federal organization is above being corrupted for the FBI's use in a COINTELPRO operation.

However, it is extremely important to understand that if this mailman refused to take part in these psychological operations, he could lose his job, or even worse, become a Targeted Individual.

It is also important to note that he can be subjected to the EEG Heterodyning of his own brainwave print by an Intel agency such as the NSA or CIA, without ever realizing it, while his thoughts are remotely affected. He can even be subjected to having cloned thoughts which are remotely implanted into his brain via the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' clandestine use of EEG Heterodying technology.

Since the 9-11 false flag operation and the treasonous passage of the Patriot Act, the organized stalking vigilante hate crimes which are carried out through a nationwide network of fusion centers (overseen by the U.S. Department Of Justice and The Department Of Homeland Security), have succeeded as a system of terrorism and oppression throughout the United States, because they are based on the use of fear tactics, which are plausibly deniable.

As such, no citizen is immune from being blacklisted by the current Zionist controlled Communist regime in Washington D.C., or of becoming a Targeted Individual.

Moreover, many Targeted Individuals have reported that their own mail carriers are routinely used to take part in the psychological warfare operations perpetrated against them - by Intel agencies like the FBI - by either delivering someone else's mail to their homes, or not delivering their own mail. Pieces of mail which contain social security or pension checks are particularly vulnerable.

Furthermore, if you are a targeted individual over the age of 70, who receives a lump-some payment regarding your 401K - which you did not request - you can be certain that the FBI or DHS told someone at the company to send you this check with the hope that you would cash it and then be subjected to a much larger taxation of your 401K proceeds, than you would have been if you took these proceeds out over a period of years.

Remember that when you're dealing with the FBI in particular, its agents will quite literally sit around attempting to figure out ways in which to destroy every aspect of your life, while violating your civil rights in ways that you have never even thought of. All the more reason to research how this unconstitutional crime syndicate really operates, since the media is meant to keep us completely ignorant of how such organizations really function in this country.

- James F. Marino

Also See:

Americans With Access To TruTV Stating That Select Episodes Of Former Governor Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" Program (Including His Episode On The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Mind Control Weapons - Entitled "Brain Invaders") Are Mysteriously Being Erased From Their DVR And TIVO Recording Devices - This Author Has Witnessed The Electronic Sabotage Of The Cable TV Programming In Our Home Since 2003

The Brainwaves Of TV Reporters Are Electronically Tethered To Signals Intelligence Satellites VIA The Decoding Of Their Individual Brain Maps And The EEG Heterodyning Of Their Own Brain, In Order To Control What They Say On Live TV - The Rash Of TV Reporters Who Recently Began Speaking Total Gibberish On Live TV Is Further Proof Of This - Even Judge Judy Has Been Subjected To This Mind Control Technology

FBI Complicity In The 1993 Bombing Of The WTC Towers - 1993 Was A Trial Run For The Attacks On 9-11 - Was Attorney William Kunstler Murdered By The FBI To Cover This False Flag Operation Up?

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead Of Apparent Drug Overdose At Age 46 - Is Hoffman's Death Yet Another Illuminati Murder? How Many Hollywood Actors Are Murdered Each Year Under The Guise Of Having Committed Suicide, While Being Offered Up As Satanic Sacrifices By The Illuminati? - Given The Media's Claims That Hoffman's Long-Time Girlfriend, Mimi O'Donnell, Is Inconsolable, We Should Pay Special Attention To O'Donnell & Her Three Children, To Make Sure That She Isn't Suddenly Murdered In A Made To Appear As Suicide, And That Her Children Aren't Harmed!

FBI Bogus Sting Operations Are Usually Manufactured By The FBI In An Attempt To Bolster The Bureau's Terrible Reputation, Since Most Of What The FBI Does Involves Covert Acts Of Terrorism, Political Repression & Undermining The U.S. Constitution - These Operations Are Often Timed To Have The Most Effective Impact And Sensationalized In Order To Erroneously Portray FBI Agents As The Good Guys (For Example, FBI Busting A Sex Slave Or Drug Ring That The Bureau Probably Financed In The First Place) - Both FBI And DHS Also Have Tremendous Covert Influence Over The Mainstream Media In The United States As A Result Of The CIA's Early Mockingbird Infiltration Of The Media In The 1940s; Especially In Post 9/11 America, Which Only Enhances The Propaganda Value Of The Campaigns Fomented By These Federal Agencies - The Taliban And Al Qaeda Remain Two Of The Best Examples Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Control Over The U.S. Media Ever Documented - We Were Able To Conquer Hitler's Nazi Germany In Less Than Five Years During WWII, However, In Over A Decade (And With All The Electronic Warfare Technology The U.S. Military Has Access To) We Still Can't Destroy The Taliban Or The Al Qaeda? What Is Amazing Is That Any American Citizen At All, Still Believes These Outrageous Lies, Circulated By The Controlled Media Disinformation System In The United States

This Author Documents 14 Consecutive Months Of FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis

How The House Of Rothschilds' Communist Central Banks Are Being Used To Enslave The Global Middle Class - Americans Must Abolish The Rothschilds' Communistic Federal Reserve System To Regain Their Government, Country And Freedom - Any Country With A Central Bank Is Based On Communistic Ideology - Communism And Zionism Were Both Created By The House Of Rothschild In An Attempt To Enslave The Global Middle Class - This Is About The Investment Classes' Intent To Enslave The Rest Of The People On This Planet

Public Radio - A Public Service? Or A Scheme Used To Defraud The Public Out Of Millions Of Dollars Each Year?

Editor's Note: FBI/NSA have been slowing the download time on this blog for the past few years. At times it can take several minutes for the site to download, when it should only take a few seconds. This is done to dissuade those who attempt to access this Website from doing so.

More recently it has taken upwards of an hour at times to wait for this blog to download, in an effort to prevent the myriad visitors to this blog from reading what this author has written.

This is a covert way of violating my 1St Amendment rights.

There are several Websites maintained by targets of MK-ULTRA which experience this electronic sabotage, because those of us who maintain these Websites are telling some very disturbing facts about the government criminals who perpetrate their crimes against us, using classified technologies that they do not want the public to know about.

Since I began to blog regularly again over the past few weeks this Website has moved ahead of about 2 million other Websites, in spite of FBI/NSA electronic interference with this blog.

During 2012 Alexa.com had a best site ranking for this blog of about 480,000. However, for most of 2012 this blog was ranked between 600,000 and 700,000 out of more than 200 million Websites on the Internet. A ranking in this area means that a Website has had millions of unique viewers each year.

By September Of 2013 this Website had an Alex.com ranking of about *490,000, when the FBI decided to dramatically slow this Website's download time, in an effort to make it much more difficult for the considerable readership of this Website to access. * Typical of the cheating, and duplicitous mindset of the average federal agent, the FBI's chicanery here has resulted in this Website's moving down to an Alexa.com ranking of about 1,100,000 over the past few months, as a result of the difficulty which these Nazis have created, by electronically reducing the bandwidth of this blog, so that it takes much longer to download.

These agents also understand that if the American people ever realize that they are in fact the targets of a national brain mapping program, that this corporation in Washington D.C., that continues to pass itself off as a democratic republic, would not survive this scandal.

So this government's treasonous deception continues, as they attempt to enslave the American middle class, under the pretense of a war on terror which is being carried out by the very government which attacked us on 9/11/2001.

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