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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- The House Of Rothschild And Its Zionist Synagogue Of Satan -- The Evils Of Zionism And The Talmud And How They Are Being Used To Destroy Humanity

The U.S. Military's DARPA Agency And Its Association With Virginia Tech - Was The Shooter Who Murdered More Than 30 People On The Virginia Tech Campus In 2007, A DARPA Created Manchurian Candidate?

"Chemtrails - Barium, Aluminum, Titanium CONFIRMED In Rainwater" - Given The Chemtrail Pollution In Our Skies, One Must Wonder How Contaminated The Snow Is When It Falls On Our Communities? Imagine A Backyard Full Of Poisonous Snow That You Unwittingly Allow Your Children To Play In, And You Will Realize That The U.S. Military Must Stop Spraying Chemtrails Into Our Skies - The Primary Reason For Chemtrails Is To Make The Atmosphere More Adaptable To The Electronic Warfare Technology Being Used By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, Including The Directed Energy Microwave Weapons This Complex Is Using For Mind Control Experimentation On An Unwitting American Public

Student Injured When Iphone Bursts Into Flames In His Pants Pocket - The Battery In A Cell Phone Can Overheat When It's Remotely Tampered With Via Signals Intelligence Satellites, To Use All Of The Power From The Phone's Battery Within A Fraction Of A Second - This Can Cause The Battery In A Cell Phone To Catch Fire And Explode - And If The Phone Is Near A Person's Head While It Is Being Used, The Instant Power Surge From The Battery Can Injure Or Even Kill The Person

"Big Sis Janet Napolitano 'promoted woman with whom she had a 'long relationship' while her female staff tormented male colleagues with 'sexually charged games'" - Is It Any Wonder Why A Misandrist Like Janet Napolitano Was Abruptly Fired By The Obama Administration? If Only This Kind Of Government Corruption Was Isolated - Instead, It's Commonplace And Going To Get Worse Until The American People Finally Wise Up To What Is Being Done To Them, And Abolish The Satanic Run Zionist Corporation In Washington D.C.

"Governor Cuomo Launches Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Program - Albany, NY - February 1, 2014 - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched the Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Program that will train approximately 100,000 New Yorkers during 2014 in the proper preparation for emergencies or disasters" - This Sounds Like Another Group Of Domestic Spies Who Will Be Used In Conjunction With Fusion Centers, To Carry Out Other Covert Activities Against The American Citizenry - Is Cuomo Telling Us With The Creation Of This "Group" That We Should Plan For More False Flag Terrorism In The Near Future? Perhaps Another Terrorist Attack On The Scale Of 9/11? - Under This Military Intelligence Controlled Regime In Washington D.C., America Continues To Look More Like Nazi Germany Every Day

The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of The 9/29/13 "60 Minutes" Episode, As A Propaganda Piece To Discredit American Citizens Who Are Legitimate Targets Of Covert Government Brain Mapping Programs, And Mind Control Experimentation Via EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface - Was The Woman Shot To Death Several Months Ago, After Attempting To Crash Her Car Through The Main Gate At The White House, Also A Target Of EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface Technology? Was She Mind Controlled Into Trying To Crash Her Car Into The White House Front Gate?

Dr. Nick Begich Podcast Interview In Which Begich Discusses The FBI's Involvement In His Father's 1972 Disappearance In An Alaskan Plane Crash, Along With Congressman Hale Boggs - Telexes Obtained From The U.S. Freedom Of Information Act Reveal That The FBI Knew The Location Of Hale Boggs' Plane When It Went Down, Yet Refused To Furnish The Coast Guard With The Technology Used To Locate The Plane, In Order To Prove That The FBI Had Actually Found The Plane - The FBI Refused And Congressmen Boggs, Begich, Begich's Aide And The Pilot Of The Plane Were Left In The Alaskan Wilderness To Die From Exposure & Starvation - The Death Of Hale Boggs In Particular, Was Convenient, Since At The Time He Was About To Publicly Expose The Warren Commission's Use In Covering Up The Facts, Regarding The U.S. Government Conspiracy To Murder President John F. Kennedy

*Also See: As A Target Of MK-ULTRA This Author Documents Fourteen Consecutive Months Of FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis - These So Called Agents Are Nothing But Pathological Murderous Psychopaths, Who Are Covering Up The Fact That The American People Are The Targets Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program Which Includes The Illegal Decoding Of Our Own Individual Brain Maps & The Fingerprinting Of Our Bodies' Own Unique EMF Signatures - Not Only Is This Covert Program Treasonous, It's Being Used To Both Steal The Electromagnetic Signatures Of Each American Citizen's Body (An Electromagnetic Version Of Our Own DNA Fingerprint), While Branding Each One Of Us Like A Head Of Cattle - The Pentagon & Its NSA Underling Are Trying To Make Slaves Out Of The American Middle Class Through The Implementation Of A Demonic Technocracy

"The average person doesn't have a concept of the massive capability that is available to the National Security Agency."

- William Weaver (Former NSA Analyst)

Editor's Note: For quite sometime now, this author has noticed the adverse affects of the brainwashing of many of the people who are used as part of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO (psychological warfare) operation against my person. They, themselves, have unwittingly become the targets of this abusive campaign, and consequently, have suffered what I fear may be irreparable damage to their psyches after such long-term psychological abuse by these federal reprobates.

Every person whom the TI is in contact with, ranging from members of their own Families to any person whom they might see during the day (a postman, utility worker, anyone whom they conduct business with - including on the Internet), a bank, doctor, mechanic etc.) becomes part of this psychological warfare operation, without understanding the crimes that the federal agents who have illegally orchestrated these black operations, have already committed against the target of these COINTELPRO operations.

Still worse, is that the target is oftentimes being attacked for exposing treasonous crimes being perpetrated by these federal agents, against the American people, which results in their blacklisting and inclusion into a Nazi idealized extermination program such as the FBI's Operation Slammer.

Operation Slammer is being used to provoke many *Americans who have been blacklisted by the U.S. federal government, into committing an act for which they can be portrayed as a "lone wolf."

* Many of us have been targets of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation for decades, before we became the subjects of aggressive psychological warfare operations shortly after the passage of the Patriot Act, which include fusion center orchestrated vigilantism, or what is more commonly referred to as organized stalking campaigns.

These provocations include the FBI's use of psychological warfare operations as well as directed energy weapon's attacks on the targeted individual, in an effort to enrage us into committing an act of violence or other crimes, so that we can be incarcerated, even though we are not committing crimes.

The U.S. federal government is obviously a proponent of covert eugenics' experimentation on American citizens, typical of the Nazi indoctrination of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, which serves as further proof that the CIA did smuggle Nazi war criminals into the United States after World War II, and that this Nazi indoctrination of our own government personnel has taken place since the Project Paperclip era.

This abject violation of the Constitutional rights of each of our persons, serves as a further illustration of the subversion of the U.S. federal government and its judicial branch, which has become completely emasculated under the Draconian and treasonous Patriot Act legislation.

As Americans, we are not dealing with just some rogue government agencies here, but instead, an entire rogue government run by criminals, which has become abjectly corrupted and completely out of control - intent on destroying our country and its citizenry.

Zionism And Its Systematic Destruction
Of The American Middle Class

- Written By James F. Marino

In light of the abject evil which is currently taking place around this planet under the House of Rothschilds' agenda to implement a world Zionist dictatorship, a 21St Century Communist feudal system controlled through technocratic means, involving the individual brain mapping of each American citizen, and the signals intelligence driven enslavement of their persons, it is of enormous import that the general population be made aware of the history of Zionist false Jews, and their allegiance to Satan.

What the Zionist false Jew cannot steal they destroy. As we have seen in the Middle East, those whom Zionist-infested-Israel cannot control they murder.

The following quote from the late political historian, Eustace Mullins, who was viciously demonized by the Zionist false Jews for writing about their inhumanity, parasitic nature and abject greed for power, describes their allegiance to Satan and their contempt for humanity itself.

"The devastation of civilization to date by the rapacious hordes of Godless Communism, as well as their planned annihilation of all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century.

"It has resulted in incredible suffering and death for many millions of Christian victims in many parts of the world. Yet as these Christian victims lie in their graves, unmourned and unknown, a new class of international citizens, (the creators of Marxist terrorism), profess to be the only 'victims' who have endured suffering in the past one hundred and fifty years. They command the world to weep for them, because they control the world.

"These harbingers of terror claim to be 'refugees,' since they had no nation of their own, but infested the civilized societies in every part of the world for two thousand years, bringing with them, in every instance, disease and death. They have emerged from one shattered nation after another, not as refugees, but as the final victors, bearing away their loot, and scurrying through ports which they have created and which they alone know how to follow, until they come to another host nation.

"With them they bring, like the medieval Bubonic Plagues, (an infection which they were accused of spreading), a terrible contamination, an infestation which quickly spreads through the new host country, and fells all who become its victims. This plague is world Communism, and its known carriers, the furry scavengers who have found their way through the sewers into every civilized place, are the international Jews."

- Eustace Mullins

The following excerpts have been taken from the Website. They are included here to give the objective reader a better understanding of the Zionist false Jews' belief system as it is presented in their own book of worship - the Talmud.

The reader should consider that all governmental agencies within the United States, including the three branches of the U.S. federal government, the military intelligence complex, and the financial system in America, are controlled by Zionist false Jews.

This explains why these Zionist billionaires have been able to destroy the very infrastructure of our own government, media and financial system (looting the U.S. Treasury in 1914 with the treasonous creation of the Federal Reserve bank), while deceiving Americans into laundering the Federal Reserve's counterfeited debtor notes, and systematically dismantling the United States of America and her middle class.

The consummate insult by these filthy Satanic demons, was their clandestine takeover of our military intelligence complex, and its use in the furtive enslavement of our persons, through the creation of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, used to track the individual brain maps of each American citizen, which are secretly decoded by the Pentagon through its oversight of the NSA.

NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has not even scratched the surface of the NSA's crimes against the American citizenry. Is he naïve in regard to these crimes, or is he being used as a red herring by the NSA in order to conceal the Agency's worst atrocities from the American people?

Those which John St. Clair Akwei attempted to expose in his 1992 civil action against the NSA, before his lawsuit was criminally dismissed by a corrupt federal judge, and CIA asset named Stanley Sporkin.

As much as this author would like to believe in the positive intentions of Edward Snowden, I am concerned that Snowden is either wittingly or unwittingly being used by the NSA as a source of disinformation, in order to conceal from the American people the NSA's brain mapping and electronic enslavement of our persons.

Crimes far worse than anything which Snowden has to date revealed to the global population.

I also find it impossible to believe, based on the NSA's remote thought reading technology, that the NSA did not know of Snowden's intentions prior to his ceasing contractual work for the Agency.

If I am correct, then the NSA would have already known that Snowden intended to divulge confidential information about the NSA. The NSA could have arrested him then and there for treason.

However, if the NSA's intent was to use Snowden and the information that he liberated from the NSA, as a source of disinformation, then Snowden could be circulating further disinformation while posing as a whistleblower.

And not even know it.

That is giving Snowden the benefit of the doubt, in assuming that his motives were essentially altruistic.

However, if he is part of this NSA red herring, than the NSA's public denunciation of Edward Snowden is yet another deception being used to mislead the American people (as well as the global population), in regard to the NSA's internal structure and the treasonous crimes its perpetrated against the American citizenry.

If that's the case, then we are all being played like a Stradavarius, while the controlled media in America aids and abets this propaganda campaign for the NSA's maximum benefit.

Of course, there's no way for a civilian to know this for certain. However, if the NSA was seeking to foment a massive propaganda campaign, out of concern that some of its most important spy technology had already been leaked to the public over the Internet (such that described in Akwei VS NSA), in an effort to discredit this information, then the NSA would use the controlled American media to play the Snowden angle up as much as possible, in order to attract as much attention as they could to him.

Based on my own personal experiences as a target of MK-ULTRA, as well as what I have seen first hand in regard to signals intelligence technology and directed energy microwave energy weapons, I have a very difficult time believing that the NSA did not know about Edward Snowden's intentions well in advance of his carrying them out.

Just as I have an impossible time believing that the NSA did not know about the 9/11 terrorist attacks in advance.

And that means one of two things: Either the NSA is using Snowden as an unwitting source of disinformation, or Snowden and the NSA are working together as part of an elaborate disinformation campaign, which the U.S. media is being used to legitimize.

The point here being: What are they using this propaganda to really cover up?

How about a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which operates through the electromagnetic spectrum, and that's being used as a covert means in which to enslave the American people?

Based on the aggressive tactics used by the U.S Intelligentsia to debunk this allegation, and what this author has witnessed as a target of this technology, I believe that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is desperately trying to cover up a national brain mapping program and a signals intelligence EMF scanning network, which when combined can be used to covertly enslave the entire U.S. population.

This is why they are aggressively attacking those of us who are writing about this technology, while attempting to portray us as being mentally unstable conspiracy nut-jobs.

However, if we are so off base on this technology, why are we being subjected to 24 hour a day psychological warfare operations and directed energy microwave weapon's attacks, while these government psychopaths attempt to convince the public that none of this is happening?

We know that these agents are lying through their teeth in an attempt to cover up the existence of this Orwellian technology. The problem is that many Americans do not realize that these agents are intentionally attempting to deceive them, in order to cover up the greatest government scandal in American history.

So the battle to expose these treasonous reprobates and their Rothschild Zionist overlords continues, as they continue in their attempts to aggressively demonize us, in an effort to justify their eventual murder of our persons.

The following is an excerpt from the Website:

THE JEWISH TALMUD is “Holy Writ” for the Jews

The Talmud supercedes the Old Testament in authority for the Jews. And the Talmud is the most racist, hate-mongering , blasphemous book the world has ever known.

The Talmud was written in Hebrew between the 3rd & 6th Centuries as a codification of the so-called Oral Law that the Jewish rabbis claim was handed down from Moses.

But the Messiah Jesus censored the “Oral Law” when He said, “By the traditions of your elders you make void the Word of God.” (St Matthew 15).

The English translation of the Talmud has been watered down so as to conceal from the Gentiles the “satanic verses” contained in the original Hebrew.

The “Satanic Verses” of the Talmud can be classified into 3 categories:

1) Jewish Supremacy.
2) Hatred Towards The “Goys” (Gentiles).
3) Blasphemies Against Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, & All Christians.


* “If a ‘goy’ (Gentile) hits a Jew he must be killed.” (Sanhedrin 58b)

* “If a Jew finds an object lost by a ‘goy’ it does not have to be returned.” (Baba Mezia 24a)

* “If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

* What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

* “Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’” (Baba Kamma 113a)

* “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)

* “Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)


* “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

* “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

* “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

* “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

* “When it comes to a Gentile in peace times, one may harm him indirectly, for instance, by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice.” (Shulkan Arukh, Yoreh De ‘ah, 158, Hebrew Edition only)


* “‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)

[’Yashu’ is an acronym for the Jewish curse, ‘May his (Jesus) name be wiped out forevermore.’]

* Yashu (Jesus) was sexually immoral and worshipped a brick.” (Sanhedrin 107b)

* “Yashu (Jesus) was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness and refused to repent.” (Sotah 47a)

* “Miriam the hairdresser had sex with many men.” (Shabbath 104b, Hebrew Edition only)

* “She who was the descendant of princes and governors (the virgin Mary) played the harlot with carpenters.” (Sanhedrin 106a)

* “Christians who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations.” (Rosh Hashanah 17a)

The above quotes were excerpted from: Website

Rothschild Zionism Control Over
The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex

The reader should consider that the mind control weapons which are currently being deployed by Zionist financed Intel agencies like the NSA and CIA - which through the use of EEG heterodyning are able to completely alter a targeted person's personality, in order to turn them into a Manchurian Candidate/mind controlled assassin - are also part of the Rothschilds' larger agenda, to enslave the human race through this clandestine mind control technology, by electromagnetically decoding each of our individual brain maps, and thus branding each of us like a head of cattle.

Through the decoding of our own individual brain maps, the Pentagon can maintain remote access to the mind of any American citizen, including politicians, judges and media personalities, whose minds can be remotely manipulated by the Pentagon through its oversight of the NSA's signals intelligence operations; and the Agency's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, which NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, has stated can be used to instantly identify any American citizen.

The Pentagon's covert electronic enslavement of the American people is not only to physically enslave us while we are still alive, but to also capture each person's soul matrix at the time of our deaths, in an attempt to prevent us from moving away from the time space continuum once our physical body dies.

This is an act of outright devil worship, and further proof that the Zionists who control the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, are pagans who worship Satan.

This is further supported by the fact that the House of Rothschilds' founders, also financed the creation of the Illuminati, whose existence is based on the worship of Lucifer.

As such, no person, and no family is safe from this satellite predation; whether you reside in North America or any of the other continents on this planet, since any person's thoughts can be remotely altered via this technology, through its invasion of the neural pathways of one's own brain.

Government Thought Policing In America
Aims To Turn Americans Into Obedient Slaves

As a decades' long target of MK-ULTRA, this author finds EEG heterodyning of the human brain via the electromagnetic spectrum, to be the most insidious and evil attack on humanity ever perpetrated.

And there is more than enough evidence to prove that the Zionist financed U.S. Military Intelligence complex, has been party to this conspiracy to find a covert means in which to enslave the human race through the creation of such brain invasive technology (as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to enslave the global middle class), since right after World War II ended - and Nazi war criminals with expertise in mind control research were smuggled into the United States under the CIA's Operation Paperclip.

Especially when one considers quotes such as the following, by CIA asset *Dr. Jose Delgado:

* The reader will note the NSA's signals intelligence remote sabotage of the first paragraph of Delgado's comment. It ends with the first few words of his first sentence, while the rest of the first paragraph is removed and placed underneath the third paragraph.

The reader will note that the html text is as it should be on this blog, so this sabotage is being done from outside the blogger dashboard itself - The first paragraph may be restored after posting this; then again, with the mind games these murderous government psycho's play, maybe not:

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be *surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

- Dr. Jose Delgado
Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118. February 1974

* Instead of being surgically mutilated as Delgado suggests, the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has instead employed the use of a satellite based Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the electromagnetic spectrum, the decoding our each American citizen's individual brain map, and EEG heterodyning technology, in which to remotely access our minds with the intent of furtively affecting our thought processes.

The Zionist financed Military Intelligence complexes' version of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation perpetrated on a mass scale, since this "mind invasive" technology can be deployed against any American citizen without that citizen's knowledge; while their brain is remotely interfaced with an Artificial Intelligence computer at the NSA.

When will NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, get to this information, since it is by far the most important betrayal by the NSA of the American people, in this country's history.

Or as this author has wondered in the past, is Snowden being used by the NSA to detract our attention from away from a far worse scandal regarding the NSA's most demonic of crimes? The decoding of each American citizen's own individual brain map for the purpose of enslaving us via an Orwellian signals intelligence driven technocratic police state.

This author has been a target of such MK-ULTRA sallite predation for several decades. And the way that the html text regarding the quote by Dr. Jose Delgado, has been altered as the result of the NSA's remote sabotage of the html text on this blog, serves as one of thousands of examples of the psychological warfare "gaslighting tactics" that this author has been subjected to for more than a decade.

These agents are murderous and abjectly sadistic psychopaths.

Moreover, this is typical of the type of electronic hacking into this Website that these FBI and NSA psycho's have been perpetrating against this blog since I created it back 2006. These agencies have become thoroughly lawless in their operations - completely corrupted, out of control, and out-rightly demonic.

They are also intent on discrediting any person whom they are using for such non consensual human experimentation, while fomenting some of the most vicious and slanderous smear campaigns against our persons, in order to do so.

This Constitution raping scum is not only financed by Rothschild Zionism, but also controlled by them. Something they are most certainly not about to admit to, anymore than these demonic reprobates will admit to the crimes they are committing via a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States.

A covert and treasonous program which would rightfully subject the U.S. Military Intelligence complex to the type of intense scrutiny which this complex should have been subjected to, after Idaho Senator Frank Church's investigative committee determined that not only was the FBI's COINTELPRO program both illegal and completely contrary to the U.S. Constitution, and that the CIA's "murder machine" was like a "rogue elephant stampeding out of control," but that if the NSA fell into the wrong hands, it could very easily be used to turn the United States into a dictatorship.

If the American people were to ever learn of just how outrageous the crimes of these evil and dyed in the wool Nazis are, they would abolish the Intel community in the United States, and completely restructure this country's subverted military complex.

Church's statement came little more than a decade after President Dwight Eisenhower made the same claims in regard to the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complexes' covert surveillance systems.

Both Church and Eisenhower's concerns about this complex were not at all misplaced, but have instead turned out to be prophetic. Especially since the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' crimes against the American people are even far worse today than they were in 1975, when the Church Committee arrived at the aforesaid findings.

And most especially, when one considers the U.S. federal government's total subversion of our Constitutional rule of law since 9/11/2001, and Congresses' treasonous passage of the Patriot Act, NDAA, and other draconian legislation which is being used to destroy the inherent rights of each American citizen.

It has since become clear that the NSA is being used to turn the United States into a dictatorship, while using a Signals Intelligence driven domestic spy program to secretly enslave the American people, without their knowledge.

Google: The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA; EEG heterodyning of the brain; "The Matrix Deciphered" by Dr. Robert Duncan; and Project Soul Catcher by Dr. Robert Duncan

Why do you think that every attempt to open a new investigation into the operations of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has met with failure?

Because this complex cannot withstand a legitimate investigation into their domestic spy operations, and they are going to sabotage the efforts of any politician who attempts to do so, as they have already done with former N.J. Senator Robert Torricelli, and former Representative Cynthia McKinney.

According to her blog, Cynthia McKinney still remains under FBI surveillance after attempting to pass House Resolution 1026, which would have been the catalyst in opening a new Church Committee type of investigation into the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

And NSA whistleblower, Russell Tice, remains under FBI surveillance as well, in an attempt to intimidate him.

Moreover, NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden has become an international hero, given his exposition of the NSA as an abjectly corrupted organization that has never existed to protect the American people, but instead, is being used as part of a technocracy to enslave them.

Yet, the U.S. Congress has continued to refuse to pass Cynthia McKinney's legislation (HR 1026) in which to open a new investigation into the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

Why is the Congress being conspiratorial in this treasonous cover up of the most abject abuse of governmental power in U.S. History?

Because the U.S. Congress is the only government body that has the Constitutional authority to conduct such an investigation, yet, they remain intimidated from doing so, fearing that they will become the next targets of this Orwellian complex.

It is a classic and frightening illustration of going along to get along.

Of becoming part of a criminal element instead of fighting to expose it.

And the American middle class are the victims of this conspiracy.

Moreover, given this complexes' history of ruthlessness and abject criminality, the 535 members of Congress have more than enough reasons to be fearful of it; especially since their political careers would be jeopardized for attempting to conduct any legitimate investigation into the U.S. military intelligence complexes' covert activities.

So who is really in control of the U.S. federal government?

NSA whistleblower, Russ Tice, believes that the NSA may in fact be controlling a shadow government in the United States, which operates behind the masque of the little that remains of the U.S. federal government.

As a target of MK-ULTRA for nearly forty years, and the NSA's signals intelligence satellite predation for at least that long, this author believes that Tice may well be correct in his statement regarding the NSA and the Pentagon, which oversees the NSA's operations.

I am also certain that the U.S. federal government does have the ability to remotely access your brain from a great distance, while completely circumventing your Constitutional rights, and that the only way that they can be doing this to the significant numbers of whistleblowers who are documenting these Orwellian crimes over the Internet, is through the use of a signals intelligence EMF scanning network, that operates based on the NSA's decoding of the individual brain maps of each American citizen.

It is this decoding of our individual brain maps which enables the NSA to distinguish one American citizen from another.

It is the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, that is being used to enslave us.

And, it is this Orwellian violation of our inherent rights to privacy and due process of law, that defines organizations like the NSA and the Pentagon as the Satanic overlords of the American people that they in reality have become.

Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation

And Its Use In Enslaving Humanity

How is it that an agency like the NSA can instantly identify us in order to deploy these remote forms of satellite based torture? Because our bodies' own unique EMF signatures have been catalogued into a central government computer database, including the individual brain maps of each American citizen, which the NSA has decoded for the purpose of enslaving us - through its use of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States.

This is how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is able to remotely track the thousands of men and women in this country, who are presently documenting these attacks on their own Websites.

We have, like the entire U.S. population, been electromagnetically branded like heads of cattle, through a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which is reliant on the decoding of our individual brain maps, which can then be used to instantly identify and track any citizen living within the United States.

Unfortunately, neither the U.S. Congress, White House or media system in the United States will ever publicly admit to this atrocity.

However, through such brain mapping and a technology known as EEG heterodyning, these signals intelligence satellites can be used to interface an artificial intelligence computer with the neural pathways of any citizen's brain, while remotely accessing that citizen's thoughts.

This technology can also be used to remotely implant foreign thoughts into the neural pathways of a citizen's brain, without the person's knowledge.

This mind control weapon's technology is being used on a massive scale within America, where the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using our communities as laboratories in which to furtively conduct these Orwellian experiments, as we are used as unwitting human guinea pigs within the privacy of our own homes.

This complexes' use of this technology on our citizenry is one of the main reasons why we are witnessing so many acts of horrific violence in the media, as people's minds are remotely interfaced with AI computers and programmed to perpetrate acts of violence against others.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complex perceives the human brain to be little more that an organic computer, which they can covertly program, without the targeted person even realizing that this insidious act is being perpetrated against them.

Signals intelligence technology makes use of the electromagnetic spectrum as part of a covert agenda to enslave the human race, by using computers to sabotage our own minds.

This is one of the main signs that Rothschild Zionism's impending world government dictatorship is all around us. And that this satellite predation, carried out through signals intelligence satellite domestic spy networks like the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, are the means by which these Satanic Zionists are planning to enslave the human race.

For those who have yet to realize the Zionists' contempt for the human race, and its intent to destroy us, you may want to reread the above information regarding the Talmud, and its belief that all non Zionists should be treated as animals and killed.

What Rothschild Zionism represents to the people of this planet is class warfare conducted against the global citizenry, by a ruthless and demonic oligarchy - The Anglo/Zionist investment class.

Yet, most citizens remain completely unaware of this fact, or that this conspiracy is responsible for the furtive destruction of their own governments and countries, by those sadistic "furry Zionist scavengers" who have crawled out of every sewer on the face of this planet, intent on raping and pillaging every nation whom they have invaded, through the establishment of their Communist central banks.

Over the past century, the United States of America has become the latest of their conquests!

- James F. Marino

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In the following article written by political historian, Eustace Mullins, Mullins once again exposes yet another of the Rothschilds' rewrites of American history - This time in regard to who was really responsible for the creation and deployment of the Atom bomb on the Japanese during WWII - Mullins also describes Japan's attempt to surrender, in the face of the U.S. Federal Government's intent to test the Atom bomb on a large human population - This resulted in the United States stonewalling Japan's attempt to surrender, so that the U.S. Military would have a plausible excuse to test the Atom bomb on humans, which resulted in the murders of nearly a million Japanese citizens - Once again, Mullins proves why he is the preeminent political historian of 20Th Century history, and why most of the world's so called political historians are nothing but propagandists for the House of Rothschild -- "Why Hiroshima Was Destroyed - The Detailed History Of An Infamous Era" By Eustace C. Mullins

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