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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Serge Monast's 1994 Warning About NASA's Project Blue Beam, Not Only Corroborates What Dr. Wernher Von Braun Told Dr. Carol Rosen In The 1970's About This Government Black Operation, To Furtively Implement A Global Communist Government Under The Guise Of A Mass UFO Invasion - Monast's Blue Beam Allegations Are Also Coming True Nearly Two Decades Later - Especially When One Reads Exo Vaticana Petrus Romanus: Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R., and the Vatican's Astonishing Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior, And Wonders If This 2013 Book By Authors Tom Horn & Cris Putnam, Is Yet Another Exposition Of The Blue Beam Deception, Or Part Of The Blue Beam Disinformation Campaign?

"Final Warning - The History Of The New World Order" By David Allen Rivera - This is a substantial work comprising over 500 pages, however, in this tomb, David Rivera has done an exemplary job of documenting the history of the House of Rothschild and its control over every facet of our daily lives - This book is well worth reading, to gain a better understanding of why our planet and the human race are in such a constant state of upheaval. Rivera shows us why this turmoil is not occurring by accident, but instead by design - and what the ultimate goal of the Rothschilds is - the global enslavement of the human race through a technocratic world government dictatorship

Dr. Carol Rosin Discusses Her Conversations With Nazi Scientist (And The Father Of The NASA Space Program) Dr. Wernher Von Braun, In Regard To His Warnings About Project Blue Beam, A Government Manufactured Alien Invasion, And A Bible Rapture Scenario Carried Out With Signals Intelligence Satellites And Microwave Weapons - In Reference To This Elaborate Hoax, One Must Wonder If Some Of The Objects Which Have Recently Been Reported By The Media As Being Meteors - Including What Appeared To Be A Meteor This Author Saw On The Evening Of March 22, 2013, Passing Directly Over My Home - Were In Fact Created By HAARP Technology? I Could Actually Hear This Object As It Passed Overhead

How The House Of Rothschild Used The CIA To Smuggle A Nazi War Criminal Named Wernher Von Braun Into The United States, For The Express Purpose Of Weaponizing Outer Space - Ultimately, Von Braun Would Turn Against The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, And Entrust A Woman Named Carol Rosen To Warn The American People About A Covert Program The Government Had Developed, Which Would Be Used To Destroy All Of The Governments On This Planet, In The Interest Of Creating A Global Communist Dictatorship - This False Flag Operation Is Called Project Blue Beam, And It Is In Its Final Stages In 2013

Are Tom Horn And Cris Putnam Either Wittingly Or Unwittingly Circulating Disinformation In Their Latest Book About The Vatican's Awaiting Of An Alien Savior, Whom They Say Will Be The Antichrist? Or Are These Authors Really Onto Something Extraordinary And Terrifying, That Will Change The Course Of Human History? In Support Of Horn And Putnam, Their Latest Book Is Extremely Well Researched


The Article On Project Blue Beam, Written By Investigative Journalist Serge Monast In 1994, Is Indicative Of A Government Conspiracy Which This Planet's Inhabitants Are Now Seeing Unfolding Before Their Very Eyes

by James F. Marino

In 1996, roughly two years after writing the following article, Serge Monast and the man who helped him compile the information for this article, both died within days of each other; the victims of heart attacks.

What is of interest here is that both of these men were reasonably young (in their early 50s), and neither of them had heart disease. As such, it is quite probable that both men were murdered by way of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, as punishment for collaborating on this research.

Especially when taking into account the classified "Star Wars" technology which was secretly implemented under the Reagan Administration in the early 1980's, and the space-based-weapons program which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has since created and furtively deploys against American citizens, as well as those of other nations; under the cover of national security.

Moreover, when one reads the latest book by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam entitled: "Exo Vaticana Petrus Romanus: Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R., and the Vatican's Astonishing Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior," it so closely parallels NASA's Project Blue Beam, that anyone who was familiar with Blue Beam prior to reading this book, can't help but wonder if Putnam and Horn are really onto something here, or if they are either wittingly or unwittingly being used to promulgate a nearly identical scenario to NASA's Blue Beam project, as part of a government disinformation campaign.

Specifically, do these authors really believe that an alien savior whom they have stated will be the antichrist, is awaited by the Vatican?

Or are they being used as propagandists by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, in order to set the stage for a government black operation (Project Blue Beam), which will be used to *publicly implement world government under the guise of a global alien invasion? Something which the House of Rothschild has long planned for in the interest of creating a Zionist world government.

* This author uses the term publicly here, because in my estimate, this world government has to a large extent already been implemented by the Rothschilds, with their furtive control over our nations through their central banks. The only thing left is for the Rothschilds to publicly acknowledge that they have reduced the global population (with the exception of the Anglo-Zionist investment class) to the state of serfdom.

This is essentially the premise behind Project Blue Beam, and it appears to be nearly identical to the scenario described by authors Horn and Putnam in "Exo Vaticana Petrus Romanus: Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R., and the Vatican's Astonishing Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior."

Except that in the latter scenario, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam claim that it will not be Jesus Christ who returns to Earth as its savior, but instead, Satan, under the guise of Christ. And that the *Vatican is already aware of this and ready to welcome the antichrist back to Earth.

*It has also long been rumored that the House of Rothschild infiltrated the Vatican more than two centuries ago, and raided its catacombs; stealing documents which the Vatican had secreted away from the public for centuries. When one takes into consideration the Rothschilds' pagan belief system and allegiance to Satanism, and the rumor that they now control the Vatican and the Roman Catholic religion, one must wonder who's really behind the concept of NASA's Project Blue Beam?

Specifically, who or what is controlling the Rothschilds and their nefarious plot? This is especially of import because we know that through their creation of counterfeited currency which is laundered through the U.S. Treasury and then used by the U.S. Federal Government in its daily operations, it is the Rothschilds who really control the *military intelligence complex in the United States.

* The Rothschilds control over the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is further evidenced by the many wars which America has been manipulated into entering over the past two centuries, in order to profit the Rothschilds and their dynasty of war mongers and counterfeiters.

Never has the term "blood money" been more appropriate than when it's used with the House of Rothschild and their Satanic minions in mind.

As for the rumors regarding the Rothschilds' infiltration of the Vatican, this is not unlike the way that the Rothschilds have stolen the gold bullion from the treasuries of every country which they have infiltrated through the creation of their Communist central banks; like the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System in the United States.

And this is why every nation which is controlled by the Rothschilds through these counterfeiters - which they pass off as legitimate banks - are no longer on the gold standard.

And since the Rothschilds have used these central banks to loot our treasuries, they have also made U.S. citizens unwitting accomplices in the laundering of the Rothschilds' counterfeited currency. The same can be said for the citizens of each nation which is furtively governed by a Rothschild central bank, and its usury lending practices.

So if there is a cabal that's responsible for the Project Blue Beam false flag operation, the Rothschilds would certainly be the primary suspects in such an abject deception.

Consequently, this makes Serge Monast's original article on Project Blue Beam all the more pertinent today, as well as the possibility that he may have been murdered for promulgating this information, that much more likely.

Especially when one considers that virtually everything that Monast warned his readers to be on the lookout for in the future in regard to Project Blue Beam is now taking place; and in fact has been occurring in various stages for at least two decades. In particular, this author is making reference to the March 1997 mass UFO sighting in Phoenix, Arizona (*Dubbed the Phoenix Lights), in which an enormous triangular craft was seen by thousands of Arizonans over a period of several hours - including Senator, John McCain and then Arizona Governor, Fife Symington.

*See: More Evidence To Suggest That The "Phoenix Lights" UFO Seen Over The Skies Of Arizona In March Of 1997, By Thousands Of Arizonans, Was In Fact A Satellite Projected Hologram Being Used As Part Of NASA's Project Blue Beam military psychological operation

This includes: "Engineered Earthquakes & Hoaxed Discoveries" (The earthquakes and other what on the surface appear to be natural disasters are being carried out with the use of satellite based directed energy weapons, as well as HARRP technology - While the media is being used to report on bogus archaeological findings in an attempt to convince the human race that their religious doctrines are badly flawed and in need of replacement); "The Big Space Show in the Sky" (This is being perpetrated with specialized satellites that can project holograms of UFO's into the sky); "Artificial Thought & Communication" (This is being done through the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complexes' use of signals intelligence satellites, EEG heterodyning - computer to brain interface - technology, that is capable of broadcasting information directly into our brains).

Monast also warned us of what he referred to as: "Universal Supernatural Manifestations via Electronics" (This refers to the ability to create a Bible rapture scenario by using satellites to project the image of Jesus Christ into the sky, who will then tell Christians that in order to save themselves, they must unite under a world government agenda while giving up their own religion - The same scenario will be played out for all formalized religions as the holographic images of their own religious icons are merged into the image of the Antichrist - whom the human population will be deceived into believing is their savior).

Monast also warned us of: "Phasing Out Cash & Independence" (This is already taking place in Europe with the creation of the European Union and the Euro electronic currency. The North American Union is underway with the merging of the United States, Mexico and Canada into one region of the House of Rothschilds' New World Order Zionist dictatorship - an electronic currency called the Amero, and the soon to be created African and Asian Unions - the final step in dissolving our governments in the interests of creating a global Communist dictatorship which will be ruled by a triumvirate - The Vatican, The British Monarchy & The House Of Rothschild).

This also makes the allegations which I have made in regard to a covertly implemented *signals intelligence EMF scanning network, predicated on the U.S. Federal Government's theft of, and cataloguing of the unique sets of EMF signatures for every American citizen's body (into a central computer database) - which is then used as part of a domestic spy program to furtively enslave us - that much more plausible.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

Especially given the research done by NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei and former government scientist Dr. Robert Duncan, which proves that we can be remotely tracked by the unique EMF signatures of our own bodies. And that we do not need to be implanted with an RFID chip to be remotely tracked and surveilled via the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' array of signals intelligence satellite spy networks.

The bottom line here isn't that the North American region of the House of Rothschilds' world government is intent on developing a satellite based and artificial intelligence computer driven domestic spy system, which will be used to monitor the citizens within the United States, Canada and Mexico (an electronic system of enslavement), but instead, that they have already done so as part of the Rothschilds' furtive implementation of a global Zionist dictatorship.

What is just as disturbing is that your average American citizen knows nothing about this furtive attempt to destroy their country and their sovereignty. What's more, the American citizenry has become so brainwashed through the government controlled media and the Democratic and Republican parties, that most of them still actually believe that they can improve this nation by electing a new president, when in fact, a new government based on our organic Constitution is what is really necessary, in order to restore the American Constitutional Republic to her former glory.

A president, who in reality, is nothing but a mind controlled servant of the British Monarchy/Vatican/Rothschild triumvirate corporation in Washington D.C., which was created in 1871 as the result of the U.S. Congresses' treasonous passage of the Legislative Act of 1871.

- James F. Marino

NASA's Project Blue Beam

By Serge Monast (1994)

The infamous NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible. I'll repeat that: Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible! That is why the Blue Beam Project is so important to them, but has been so well hidden until now.

Engineered Earthquakes & Hoaxed 'Discoveries'

The first step in the NASA Blue Beam Project concerns the breakdown [re-evaluation] of all archaeological knowledge. It deals with the set-up, with artificially created earthquakes at certain precise locations on the planet, of supposedly new discoveries which will finally explain to all people the "error" of all fundamental religious doctrines.

The falsification of this information will be used to make all nations believe that their religious doctrines have been misunderstood for centuries and misinterpreted. Psychological preparations for that first step have already been implemented with the film, '2001: A Space Odyssey;' the StarTrek series, and 'Independence Day;' all of which deal with invasions from space and the coming together of all nations to repel the invaders. The last films, 'Jurrassic Park,' deals with the theories of evolution, and claim God's words are lies.

Hoaxed "Discoveries'

What is important to understand in the first step is that those earthquakes will hit at different parts of the world where scientific and archaeological teachings have indicated that arcane mysteries have been buried. By those types of earthquakes, it will be possible for scientists to rediscover those arcane mysteries which will be used to discredit all fundamental religious doctrines. This is the first preparation for the plan for humanity because what they want to do is destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet. To do that, they need some false 'proof' from the far past that will prove to all nations that their religions have all been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

The Big Space Show in the Sky

The second step in the NASA Blue Beam Project involves a gigantic 'space show' with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projection of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different image according to predominating regional national religious faith. This new 'god's' voice will be speaking in all languages. In order to understand that, we must study various secret services' research done in the last 25 years.

The Soviet's have perfected an advanced computer, even exported them, and fed them with the minute physio-psychological particulars based on their studies of the anatomy and electromechanical composition of the human body, and the studies of the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain. These computers were fed, as well, with the languages of all human cultures and their meanings. The dialects of all cultures have been fed into the computers from satellite transmissions.

The Soviets began to feed the computers with objective programs like the ones of the new messiah. It also seems that the Soviets - the new world order people - have resorted to suicidal methods with the human society by allocating electronic wavelengths for every person and every society and culture to induce suicidal thoughts if the person doesn't comply with the dictates of the new world order.

There are two different aspects of step two.

The first is the 'space show.' Where does the space show come from? The space show, the holographic images will be used in a simulation of the ending during which all nations will be shown scenes that will be the fulfillment of that which they desire to verify the prophecies and adversary events.

These will be projected from satellites onto the sodium layer about 60 miles above the earth. We see tests every once in a while, but they are called UFOs and "flying saucers" sightings.

The result of these deliberately staged events will be to show the world the new 'christ,' the new messiah, Matraia (Maitreya), for the immediate implementation of the new world religion. Enough truth will be foisted upon an unsuspecting world to hook them into the lie. "Even the most learned will be deceived."

The project has perfected the ability for some device [referred to as "tractor beams" by ufologists] to lift up an enormous number of people, as in a Rapture, and whisk the entire group into a never-never land. We see tests of this device in the abduction of humans by those mysterious little alien greys who snatch people out of their beds and through windows into waiting "mother ships." The calculated resistance to the universal religion and the new messiah and the ensuing holy wars will result in the loss of human life on a scale never imagined before in all of human history.

The Blue Beam Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old, as major an event as that which occurred 2,000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles) as space-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region. It deals with the religious aspect of the new world order and is deception and seduction on a massive scale.

Computers will coordinate the satellites and software already in place will run the sky show. Holographic images are based on nearly identical signals combining to produce an image or hologram with deep perspective which is equally applicable to acoustic ELF, VLF and LF waves and optical phenomena. Specifically, the show will consist of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different image according to the specific national, regional religion. Not a single area will be excluded. With computer animation and sounds appearing to emanate from the very depths of space, astonished ardent followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned messiahs in convincing lifelike reality.

Then the projections of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into one after correct explanations of the mysteries and revelations will have been disclosed. This one god will, in fact, be the Antichrist, who will explain that the various scriptures have been misunderstood and misinterpreted, and that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore old religions must be abolished to make way for the new age new world religion, representing the one god Antichrist they see before them.

Naturally, this superbly staged falsification will result in dissolved social and religious disorder on a grand scale, each nation blaming the other for the deception, setting loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before. In addition, this event will occur at a time of profound worldwide political anarchy and general tumult created by some worldwide catastrophe.

The United Nation even now plans to use Beethovan's 'Song of Joy' as the anthem for the introduction for the new age one world religion. If we put this space show in parallel with the star wars program we get this: combination of electromagnetic radiation and hypnosis which have also been the subject of intensive research. In 1974, for instance, researcher G. F. Shapits, said of one of the research proposals that, ' this investigation it will be shown that the spoken words of the hypnotist may also be converted by electromagnetic energy directly and to the subconscious part of the human brain without employing any mechanical device for receiving or transcording the message, and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.

It may be expected that the rationalized behavior will be considered to have been taken out of their own free will.'

Anyone investigating so-called 'channelling' phenomena right now would be wise to take this area of research into consideration. It will be noted that those who think of themselves as 'channellers' has escalated rapidly since this type of research was conducted. It is uncanny how similar their messages are, despite which entity they claim to be their source of divine guidance. It would suggest any individual considering the credibility of channelled information should be discerning and critically evaluate where the message they are receiving originates, and if the messages are specifically beneficial to the new world order.

The Sydney Morning newspaper published an item on March 21st, 1983 which announced that the Soviets were invading the human mind, the article having been submitted to the foreign editor by Doctor Nathan Abnuengy, assistant professor in the faculty of agriculture in Asia. It is worth quoting the article at length even though his grammar is a little old.

This article relates to the Soviets who created the supercomputer we were discussing earlier and which is really important because these types of computers can be run through satellites and through space. The computers were fed with all the different languages and their meanings, the dialect of all peoples were fed to the computers with objective programs. But we are no longer talking about the Soviets; we are talking about the United Nations, the minions of the new world order, who are feeding the computers with the necessary information.

The editor of the column in which the article appeared even states that the piece made points too important to ignore. I think it is possible that the persons who have created this mega-mind-control-program could sell the software to an organization and not be aware that the client might use the program and data to enslave all of humankind. Just imagine how far they have advanced since that article was published!

Artificial Thought & Communication

The advancement of techniques propel us toward the third step in the Blue Beam Project that goes along with the telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul. Such rays from satellites are fed from the memories of computers that have stored massive data about every human on earth, and their languages. The rays will then interlace with their natural thinking to form what we call diffuse artificial thought.

That kind of technology goes into the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s research where the human brain has been compared to a computer. Information is fed in, processed, integrated and then a response is formulated and acted upon. Mind controllers manipulate information the same way a computer for grammar manipulates information. In January 1991, the University of Arizona hosted a conference entitled, 'The NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Current and Emergent Phenomena and Biomolecular Systems.' What does that mean exactly?

It means this: We refer to one paper that was delivered at the conference which stands out for its different attitude towards the development under discussion at that time. It was, in effect, a protest and chilling warning to the attending scientists about the potential abuse of their research findings.

Their findings, of course, stated that the United States has already developed communications equipment which can make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk. It can relieve the terminally ill from pain without the use of drugs or surgery. I'm not talking about science fiction. A man might retain the use of all his faculties right up to the moment of his death. This communications equipment depends upon a completely new way of looking at the human brain and neuromuscular systems and radiation pulses at ultra-low frequencies. Some of this equipment is now operational within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It will never be used to make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk because it is central to the domestic political agenda and foreign policy of George Bush and his puppet-masters of the new world order.

Domestically, the new communications equipment is being used to torture and murder persons who match profiles imagined to be able to screen a given population for terrorists; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations which promote tolerance and peace and development in Central America; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations who oppose the development and deployment of nuclear weapons, and to create a race of slave cult automatons, or what is popularly called 'the Manchurian Candidates.'

Overseas experimentation is taking place on hostages held by the United States and Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Finland and France. Additionally, there has been a long series of bizarre suicides among British computer scientists, all of whom have had some connection to the United States Navy.

What is possible to ask before such a psychology of terror is this: would any government, corporation or psychiatrist willfully promote such horror today? The answer is quite obviously, 'Yes.'

Government agencies and the corporations that work with them toward a new world order are prepared to promote anything that will help them achieve their objective of total social control. As for the question of why: For one thing, if you terrify the public and make them fear for their safety, they will allow you to implement draconian law enforcement practice, disarm them and keep extensive records on them, and they only have to tell you that it is all to protect you, of course. Secondly, it promotes the decay of the present democratic forms of political systems, and leads societies to search for alternative methods of political ideology.

Of course, the alternative has already been planned. It is called the New World Order and it will not have your safety or interests at heart. As George Bush said: 'Read my lips.' Fear has always been used by powerful elite to control and subjugate the masses.

The old maxim, 'divide and conquer', is being played out to the limit worldwide to ensure that everyone is frightened for their personal safety, and to be suspicious of everyone else. This, too, is mind-control. To go further in regard to the new technology which is at the base of the NASA Blue Beam Project, we have to consider this statement by psychologist James V. McConnell which was published in a 1970s issue of Psychology Today.

He said, 'The day has come when we can combine sensory deprivation with drug hypnosis and astute manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost absolute control over an individual's behavior. It should then be possible to achieve a very rapid and highly effective type of positive brainwashing that would allow us to make dramatic changes in a person's behavior and personality.'

Now, when we talked before about that kind of ray and the telepathic and electronically augmented communication, the kind of rays that are fed from the memories of computers which store massive data about humans, human language and dialects, and we said that the people will be reached from within, making each person to believe that his own god is speaking directly from within his or her own soul, we refer to that kind of technology and that kind of thinking that same psychologist was espousing, that is: we should be trained from birth that we should all do what society wants us to do rather than what we want to do for ourselves; that because they have the technology to do it, no one should now be allowed to have their own individual personality.

This statement and these ideas are important because it is the basic teaching of the United Nations that no one owns his or her own personality. And that same psychologist claims that no one has any say-so about the kind of personality they acquire and there is no reason to believe you have the right to refuse to acquire a new personality if your old personality is considered 'antisocial.'

What is important in this declaration is that the new world order will be set up over the current system, meaning the old way of thinking and behavior and religion will be considered the 'old' and incorrect way of thinking and that they can change it at one of the eradication camps of the United Nations to make sure that anyone with this 'antisocial' behavior will be disposed of quickly so that other modified individuals will be able to fulfill the needs and agendas of the new world order without being distracted by the truth.

Could this be the greatest mind control project ever?

The NASA Blue Beam Project is the prime directive for the new world order's absolute control over the populations of the entire earth. I would suggest you investigate this information carefully before dismissing it as fanatic lunacy. If we go further in the different reports we have presented, we find that the mind-control operations and technology include a transmitter that broadcasts at the same frequency as the human nervous-system, which transmitter is manufactured by the Loral Electro-Optical System in Pasadena, California.

Loral, a major defense contractor, has previously conducted research on directed energy weapons for Lt. Gen. Leonard Perez of the U. S. Air Force who was searching for a weapon that could implant messages into the minds of the enemy while urging his own troops on to superhuman deeds of valor! The device employs electromagnetic radiation of gigahertz frequencies [microwaves] pulsed at extremely low frequencies (ELF). It is used to torture people both physically and mentally from a distance.

Weapons of this type are thought to have been used against a British woman protesting the presence of American Cruise Missiles at Greenham Common Airbase during the 1970s. This weapon can be used to induce total sensory deprivation by broadcasting signals into the auditory nerve at such high power that it blocks the ability of the individual to hear themselves think!

The process employed by such ELF technology are described in various U. S. Defense Department publications, including one entitled, ' The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Low Intensity Conflict,' by Captain Paul E. Tyler, Medical Commandant, U. S. Navy, which is included in a collection entitled, 'Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Edict,' by Lt. Col David G. Dean, USAF.

The paper was delivered in 1984 and the collection published 1986 by Air University Press, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Another pulse microwave device can deliver audible signals directly to an individual while remaining undetectable to anyone else. The technology is very simple and can be built by using an ordinary police radar gun. The microwave beam generated by the device is modulated at audio frequencies and can broadcast messages directly into the brain. Now here we come to the NASA Blue Beam Project. The broadcasting of subliminal two-way communication and images from the depths of space correspond directly to that kind of technology.

In his book, 'The Body Electric,' Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert O. Becker describes a series of experiments conducted in the early 1960s by Allen Frey where this phenomena was demonstrated as well as later experiments conducted in 1973 at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp who personally underwent tests in which he proved he could hear and understand messages delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed microwave audiogram which is an analog of the word's sound vibration beamed into his brain. Becker then goes on to state, 'Such a device has obvious application for covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with unknown voices or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin."

Now figure out when we hear that voice from the new world messiah who would be speaking from space to all of the sane (?) people of the earth who might give instructions to zealots and religious fanatics, we would see hysteria and social mayhem on a scale never witnessed before on this planet. No police forces in the world, even as a combined front, could deal with the disorder that will follow! A 1978 book entitled, 'Microwave Auditory Effect and Application,' by James C. Lynn describes how audible voices can be broadcast directly into the brain. This technology could actually allow the blind to see and the deaf to hear. Instead, it has been turned into a weapon to enslave the world.

Allen Frie also reports that he could speed up, slow down or stop the hearts of isolated frogs by synchronizing the pulsed rate of a microwave beam with the heart itself. According to Dr. Robert Becker, similar results have been obtained using live frogs, which shows that it is technically feasible to produce heart attacks with rays designed to penetrate the human chest.

It has been demonstrated that focused ultra high frequency UHF electromagnetic energy beams can be used to induce considerable agitation and muscular activity or induce muscular weakness and lethargy. Microwaves can also be used to burn human skin and aid the effect of drugs, bacteria and poisons or affect the function of the entire brain. These effects were all revealed at length by the CIA on September 21, 1977 in testimony before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb who directed the MK-Ultra program at that time was forced to discuss the scope of the CIA's research to find techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means. So this is something that exists right now, that has been pursued to its highest degree, that can be used from space to reach any person, anyplace on the face of the earth.

If we go deeper in that process of mind control over the people we find that the equipment and technology has been used to influence politics in a much more direct fashion. Michael Dukakis, the Democrat candidate running against George Bush in the 1988 election was targeted with microwave technology in order to impede his public speaking performance once the public opinion polls showed he posed a serious threat to Bush's election prospects.

He also claims that the equipment was used against Kitty Dukakis and drove her to the brink of suicide. In the Disneyland world of U. S. politics, a presidential candidate with problems such as these, would obviously lose their race to the White House. In the December 1980 edition of the U. S. Army Journal, called the Military Review, a column by Lt. Col John B. Alexander, entitled, 'The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up, Spock,' provides further insight into the technical capabilities at the disposal of the comptroller.

He writes:

"Several examples will demonstrate areas in which progress have been made. The transference of energy from one organism to another; the ability to heal or cause disease to be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death from no apparent cause; telepathic behavior modification which includes the ability to induce hypnotic states up to a distance of 1,000 kilometers have been reported.

The use of telepathic hypnosis also holds great potential. This capability could allow agents to be deeply planted with no conscious knowledge of their programming. In movie terms, the Manchurian Candidate lives, and does not even require a telephone call. 'Other mind-to-mind induction techniques are being considered. If perfected this capability could allow the direct transference of thought via telepathy from one mind or group of minds to a select target audience. The unique factor is that the recipient will not be aware that thought has been implanted from an external source. He or she will believe the thoughts are original."

This is exactly what we were talking about.

The third step in the NASA Blue Beam Project is called the Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication. Lt. Col John Alexander's article continues:

"If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible. An individual's only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts and not act upon thoughts which they consider to be outside their own ideological, religious and moral boundaries.'"

Once again, it is wise to consider how television, advertising, modern education and various types of social pressure are used to manipulate those boundaries. It has been reported by Lt. Col Alexander who said, in the summary of his Military Review article:

'The information on those kinds of technologies presented here would be considered by some to be ridiculous since it does not conform to their view of reality. But some people still believe the world is flat.'

Now, this means a lot, because if people do not believe this kind of technology is possible, or that it is science fiction, those people put themselves in great jeopardy, because on the night when those thousand stars will shine from space, during the night when the new messiah will be presented to the world, they will not be prepared and will have no time to prepare to save themselves against that kind of technology. They don't believe and they won't take time to prepare.

(This is exactly what happens to people who are convinced by Satan into believing that he doesn't exist, so they have no defence against him. - JAH.)

Universal Supernatural Manifestations via Electronics

The fourth step concerns the universal supernatural manifestation with electronic means. It contains three different orientations.

One is to make mankind believe that an alien (off-world) invasion is about to occur at every major city on earth in order to provoke each major nation to use its nuclear weapons in order to strike back. This way, the United Nations Court will require that all those nations which launched nuclear weapons to disarm when the invasion is shown to have been false. And how will the United Nations know that the invasion was false? They will have staged it, of course.

The second is to make the Christians believe that the Rapture is going to occur with the supposed divine intervention of an alien (off-world) civilization coming to rescue earthlings from a savage and merciless demon. Its goal will be to dispose of all significant opposition to the implementation of the New World Order in one major stroke, actually within hours of the beginning of the sky show!

The third orientation in the fourth step is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves used at that time will allow "supernatural forces" to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances. Embedded chips will already be in place.

The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders. After the Night of the Thousand Stars, worldwide populations will be ready for the new messiah to re-establish order and peace at any cost, even at the cost of abdication of freedom.

Phasing Out Cash & Independence

The techniques used in the fourth step is exactly the same used in the past in the USSR to force the people to accept Communism. The same technique will be used by the United Nations to implement the new world religion and the new world order. A lot of people ask when this is going to happen and how they will accomplish the visions of the Night of a Thousand Stars, and the events that will point to the days when it will begin.

According to the many reports we have received, we believe it will begin with some kind of worldwide economic disaster. Not a complete crash, but enough to allow them to introduce some kind of in-between currency before they introduce their electronic cash to replace all paper or plastic money.

The in-between currency will be used to force anyone with savings to spend or turn in their cash because they understand that people who have money and are not dependent upon them might be the very ones who will mount an insurrection against them. If everyone is broke, no one can fund a war of any kind: paper currency will cease to exist. This is one of the first signs.

But to implement the worldwide electronic money system, everyone in the world who might have money in the future, will have to have a way to transfer money electronically. Before that time, everyone will have spent, before the year 2,000, all of their cash, reserves and assets. Everyone has to be 100% dependent upon the Council for their existence.

To prevent any kind of independence, the new world order has already implanted micro chips in wild animals, birds, fish, etc. Why? They want to make certain that the people who will not accept the New World Order will not be able to hunt or fish any where in the world. If they try, they will be tracked and traced by satellites, then hunted down and imprisoned or killed.

The new world order is already changing the laws of all nations to make everyone dependent upon a single food and vitamin supply. They are changing laws about religion and psychiatric disorders in order to identify anyone who is potentially threatening to the NWO. Those who are found defective will be sent to eradication camps where their organs will be taken and sold to the highest bidders. Those who are not killed outright will be used as slave labor or used in medical experiments.

The goal of a dictatorship is to control everyone, everywhere on the planet, ruthlessly and without exception. That's why the new technology being introduced everywhere is a technology for the control of the people. The technology of the 1940s and 1950s was used to help the people have an easier and more productive life.

The new technology is designed and built to track down and control people everywhere. This technology is being manufactured for a specific purpose and to refuse to see and recognize that purpose, which is to enslave the entire populations of the world, is to deny the emergence of the Antichrist and the establishment of the new world order religion and government. If you cannot see, if you cannot learn, if you cannot understand, then you and your family and friends will succumb to the fires of the crematoria that have been built in every state and every major city on earth, built to deal with you. No one is safe in a totalitarian police state!

- Serge Monast

Also See:

A Courageous Ashkenazi Named Jacob Bernstein (Not All Ashkenazis Are Zionists) Writes A Book Exposing The House Of Rothschild Zionist State Of Israel And Its Ties To Satanism, And Is Murdered For It

The following interview with political historian Eustace Mullins, describes the ties between the Ashkenazi Khazar Zionists (Those who have perverted Sephardic Judaism and falsely claim to be the descendants of the Israelites), and the emergence of the antichrist, which authors Tom Horn and Cris Putnam believe will occur in the near future:

Eustace Mullins Describes The Link Between Zionism And The Antichrist

The History Of The Ashkenazi Khazar Race, Their Zionist Doctrine, & Their False Claims To Judaism

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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Another Instance Of The CIA's Control Over Hollywood & The Mainstream Media In America, And An Illustration Of Art Imitating Life -- A TV Series In The Mid 1980's Called "V" And UFO Sightings In Hudson Valley New York In 1983

The Zionist Control Over The U.S. Federal Government & The Truth About Israel & Its House Of Rothschild Zionist Overlords - The Jewish Population's Condemnation Of The Zionist Jews

Extra Terrestrial Technology In Exchange For Human Beings To Secretly Experiment On - How Low Will The U.S. Federal Government Go In Its Furtive Dealings With Aliens?

One Excellent Illustration Of How The FBI's Agents Blame Their Victims For The Crimes These Agents Commit


Seen In Both The Sky & On Television

Written By James F. Marino

In 1997, more than ten thousand residents of the State of Arizona saw a massive "V" shaped UFO craft which flew over the State for hours. At the time, Arizona's governor, Fife Symington, not only denied seeing this craft, but also made fun of those who did.

However, a decade later Symington would admit that he had lied to the public, and had in fact also seen this massive craft, which moved silently through skies above Arizona.

Fourteen years earlier, in their book "Night Siege" authors J. Allen Hynek, Philip J. Imbrogno, and Bob Pratt described a "series of flashing lights that formed a 'V' as big as a football field, moving slowly and silently," through the skies over Hudson Valley, New York in 1983.

Less than a year later, a TV series entitled "V" was first broadcast on American Television, which focused on lizard type aliens.

The storyline for "V" is as follows:

"The Earth has been invaded by lizard-like beings from another planet called Visitors. A small resistance of rebels led by photojournalist Mike Donovan, Dr. Julie Parrish and mercenary Ham Tyler fight the Nazi-like reign. The aliens usually appear disguised as humans, and are led by Diana, their queen."

The storyline for "V" which is regarded by many sci-fi buffs to be one of the greatest made for TV's mini-series ever, is quite similar to the real life accounts of UFO abductees who report being experimented on by what they refer to as the Draco's.

A reptilian form of extra terrestrial biological entity capable of altering their form (shape shifting) to take on other forms including that of humans.

The TV series "V" also describes a certain group of humans who are working in unison with these alien beings, which sounds a lot like what government whistle blowers like the late Phil Schneider, a government geologist and structural engineer, stated was occurring in the United States, in what he described as an enormous underground base in Dulce, New Mexico.

As a result of his public speaking, Phil Schneider quickly found himself the target of a vicious smear campaign by the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, in an attempt to discredit him. Something this complex has a long history of doing with those government employees who violate their security clearances, in order to alert the public to crimes that are taking place within the federal government.

However, those who have thoroughly researched the alien/UFO phenomenon are well aware that the U.S. Federal Government knows that UFO craft and EBE's exist, and has been covering this up for more than sixty years, while using the Intelligence controlled media system in the United States to discredit any American citizens who have either seen UFO craft or been abducted by them.

We also know that Phil Schneider was telling us the truth when he described his experiences at the Dulce Base in New Mexico, and that he was secretly murdered; in all likelihood by way of a similar type of directed energy weapon that in this author's opinion, has been used to kill many of the better known personalities in the UFO community; those men and women who could not be bought off, or controlled.

Moreover, while there have been reports that Schneider committed suicide, the official cause of death was that Schneider suffered a stroke.

However, any person who is familiar with directed energy weaponry understands that this technology (which is often deployed by way of weaponized spy satellites) can be used to remotely murder a person targeted for such extermination, by causing what on the surface appears to be death by natural means.

In other words, sudden heart attacks or strokes, or illnesses, including many different forms of cancer, which are used to murder these people, while giving the criminals who do so, completely anonymity, and thus impunity from prosecution in these crimes.

Phil Schneider was killed after holding more than thirty speaking engagements around the United States, while lecturing in regard to the threat that certain extra terrestrial biological entities represent to the human race.

Schneider was murdered not long after he did the following lecture, and few of those who attended these lectures were surprised to learn that Phil had been murdered.

Especially since during this lecture tour, Schneider had told each audience whom he was addressing at the time, that he was being targeted for murder as punishment for violating his top secret security clearance, in order to expose what he had personally seen at the Dulce underground base in New Mexico.

Over the past thirty years, there have been more than 100 UFOlogists who have died under mysterious circumstances, at least one of whom was actually addressing an audience when he suffered a sudden and fatal heart attack.

- James F. Marino

Also See:

Phil Schneider Bio

"Phil Schneider was a geologist, structural engineer, and underground tunneling expert who participated in the construction of many deep underground cities and bases in North America and abroad for the government. In May of 1995, suffering from terminal cancer, he began giving talks in Las Vegas describing in detail the underground cities, the government's secret deal with negative aliens, high alien technology being employed by the government-including "corbamite" (element 140), mining on the moon, FEMA and martial law, the coming New World Order takeover, the Alien/ NWO genocide agenda to reduce the earth's population by 85% before 2029, and a host of other stunning revelations. Phil Schneider was an extraordinarily brave man who knew that he was going to be killed because of the information he was revealing to the American public."

Phil Schneider's 1995 Lecture On The Government Base In Dulce, New Mexico - Schneider Would Be Found Murdered A Short Time Later - His Death Which Was Reported To Have Come From A Stroke, Was Likely Caused By Directed Energy Weaponry

Editor's Note: The FBI's electronic interference of this author's online purchases continues with the purchase of a recent item.

Such covert sabotage has been ongoing for much of the past decade. Specifically, when an item is ordered, the FBI immediately interferes with the delivery of the package in some way. At times the item is actually opened and damaged before it is delivered, and at other times it is just intentionally delayed.

For instance, an item which was scheduled to be delivered on March 22ND by way of FED EX Post, has still not arrived. Initially, FED EX had listed the package as due to arrive on the 22ND of March, however, when the package failed to arrive, FED EX did not update the status of the package on its Website nor did it contact this author with the following message - both of which should have been done. This is yet anther example of how the FBI covertly interferes with items that this author purchases, with plausible deniability. If the FBI can't commit these crimes without being able to deny them the Bureau will either not commit them or attempt to justify the crimes.

From the FEDEX Website regarding general information on delayed shipments:

"Exception Notification: Notify the e-mail recipient when a clearance delay or a delivery exception occurs, which could result in a change to the estimated delivery date. The message includes the tracking number, the reason and needed action associated with the exception, and other relevant information. If a clearance delay occurs and once the international shipment is released from clearance process, another automatic message will be sent to notify the e-mail recipient."

Moreover, given that this parcel was slated to be shipped by FED EX Post, which makes use of the United States Postal Service, there is also no forthcoming information at the USPS Website regarding this package either.

This is yet another example of the FBI's ability to interfere with the business transactions of a targeted individual, with plausible deniability, since no person who is involved in the delivery of this parcel will ever admit to the criminal conspiracy which the FBI is perpetrating against this author.

The FBI and NSA have also colluded in the electronic tamperings of this author's E-mail accounts, as well as this Website. For example, in January of 2010 and show that has an average of more than 20 million page views daily. A week after this author posts this information on this Website, the number of views is artificially lowered by several million page views per day, as the direct result of FBI/NSA interference.

However, it is quite clear that this Website continues to receive even greater numbers of visitors given its expose of the House of Rothschilds' control over the United States, via the Federal Reserve Communist central bank, as well as the NSA's secretive implementation of an electronic national brain fingerprinting network in the United States, conducted by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. The worst crime of domestic spying by a government agency ever documented.

Neither the FBI nor the NSA will admit to such electronic hacking of this Website, anymore than the National Security Agency will admit that there is in fact a national brain fingerprinting program which was implemented in the United States by the NSA in 1981 under Executive Order 12333 - something which is discussed in the 1992 lawsuit of a former NSA employee named John St. Clair Akwei - a lawsuit which was intentionally derailed by a corrupt federal judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who during his entire time as a federal judge in the District Court Of The District Of Columbia (1985-2000), remained an asset of the U.S. Intelligence community; while using his position as a judge to obstruct justice in a number of cases which came before his court.

In particular, "The CIA VS Hamilton Securities" and "John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency."

Such sabotage has been a commonly reported problem by thousands of other persons being targeted for such gestapo tactics in the United States, and still thousands of other TI's from other countries report similar crimes being committed against their persons.

A further illustration of the crime syndicate which governs our respective nations under the Communist central banks which exist in our countries, and are controlled by the House of Rothschilds' Zionist Jew bankers - the world's most successful counterfeiters and money launderers. Those who control our governments, economies, media systems, politicians, courts and educational systems - all to the detriment of the citizenry.

-- James F. Marino
Editor's Note: The FBI's electronic interference of this author's online purchases continues with the purchase of a recent item.

Such covert sabotage has been ongoing for much of the past decade. Specifically, when an item is ordered, the FBI immediately interferes with the delivery of the package in some way. At times the item is actually opened and damaged before it is delivered, and at other times it is just intentionally delayed.

For instance, an item which was scheduled to be delivered on March 22ND by way of FED EX Post, has still not arrived. Initially, FED EX had listed the package as due to arrive on the 22ND of March, however, when the package failed to arrive, FED EX did not update the status of the package on its Website nor did it contact this author with the following message - both of which should have been done. This is yet anther example of how the FBI covertly interferes with items that this author purchases, with plausible deniability. If the FBI can't commit these crimes without being able to deny them the Bureau will either not commit them or attempt to justify the crimes.

From the FEDEX Website regarding general information on delayed shipments:

"Exception Notification: Notify the e-mail recipient when a clearance delay or a delivery exception occurs, which could result in a change to the estimated delivery date. The message includes the tracking number, the reason and needed action associated with the exception, and other relevant information. If a clearance delay occurs and once the international shipment is released from clearance process, another automatic message will be sent to notify the e-mail recipient."

Moreover, given that this parcel was slated to be shipped by FED EX Post, which makes use of the United States Postal Service, there is also no forthcoming information at the USPS Website regarding this package either.

This is yet another example of the FBI's ability to interfere with the business transactions of a targeted individual, with plausible deniability, since no person who is involved in the delivery of this parcel will ever admit to the criminal conspiracy which the FBI is perpetrating against this author.

The FBI and NSA have also colluded in the electronic tamperings of this author's E-mail accounts, as well as this Website. For example, in January of 2010 and show that has an average of more than 20 million page views daily. A week after this author posts this information on this Website, the number of views is artificially lowered by several million page views per day, as the direct result of FBI/NSA interference.

However, it is quite clear that this Website continues to receive even greater numbers of visitors given its expose of the House of Rothschilds' control over the United States, via the Federal Reserve Communist central bank, as well as the NSA's secretive implementation of an electronic national brain fingerprinting network in the United States, conducted by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. The worst crime of domestic spying by a government agency ever documented.

Neither the FBI nor the NSA will admit to such electronic hacking of this Website, anymore than the National Security Agency will admit that there is in fact a national brain fingerprinting program which was implemented in the United States by the NSA in 1981 under Executive Order 12333 - something which is discussed in the 1992 lawsuit of a former NSA employee named John St. Clair Akwei - a lawsuit which was intentionally derailed by a corrupt federal judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who during his entire time as a federal judge in the District Court Of The District Of Columbia (1985-2000), remained an asset of the U.S. Intelligence community; while using his position as a judge to obstruct justice in a number of cases which came before his court.

In particular, "The CIA VS Hamilton Securities" and "John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency."

Such sabotage has been a commonly reported problem by thousands of other persons being targeted for such gestapo tactics in the United States, and still thousands of other TI's from other countries report similar crimes being committed against their persons.

A further illustration of the crime syndicate which governs our respective nations under the Communist central banks which exist in our countries, and are controlled by the House of Rothschilds' Zionist Jew bankers - the world's most successful counterfeiters and money launderers. Those who control our governments, economies, media systems, politicians, courts and educational systems - all to the detriment of the citizenry.

-- James F. Marino

Monday, July 15, 2013

Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Jack Bernstein's Last Book Exposing Israel And Zionism For The Evils They Are - For His Courage In Exposing These Evils, Jack Bernstein Would Be Murdered

My Farewell to Israel
The Thorn in the Mid East
By Jack Bernstein

Jack Bernstein's comment:

When my first book, "The life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel" was published, I issued the same challenge as I have at the end of this book.

So far, the Zionists have failed to accept the challenge. Of course, this was expected - they don't dare challenge what I have written because it is all fact.

However, it has been a pleasant surprise that there have been only two nasty letters - neither attempted to dispute any of the things about which I had written. They merely referred to it as "trash" - the typical response used by Zionists when anything is written exposing their actions.

It was heart-warming to receive letters and large orders from decent Jews.

Typical was one from Los Angeles who said, "I've suspected that Israel was not as we Jews have been led to believe. I have purchased 75 copies of your book to give to my Jewish friends".

Two Jews from different cities reported that after reading my book, each had called the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith and asked questions about some of the things I had written. The ADL didn't try to refute what I had written; instead started asking intimidating questions like, "What's your name? What's your address? Where do you work?"

Naturally, these Jews became fearful and hung up without answering. They knew if they had given their names, they would have been harassed and possibly lost their jobs or had other economic pressures put on them. This is how the subversive Zionists keep decent Jews in line.

After reading my book, a good number of Jews reported having gone to Israel.

One, a U.S. Navy officer, didn't believe what I had written, so he went to Israel to find out for himself. He had planned to punch me in the nose when he came back if he found what I had written was not the truth.

After returning from Israel, he came to visit with me. He shook my hand and said, "I apologize for doubting what you wrote, Jack. It's as bad in Israel as you told it - in fact it's worse".

Some young Jews, while visiting Israel, foolishly sampled some of the sinful fruit for which Israel is becoming famous. One came back with a case of venereal disease and another "zonked out" on drugs.

Some Jews said they have stopped buying Israeli bonds and others were cashing bonds they had purchased. This, of course, is wise because Israel is bankrupt. It is only a matter of time until the Israeli economy goes "belly-up".

When that happens, Israeli bonds will be worth no more than the paper they are printed on.

Some of you may doubt what I wrote in my first book and what you are about to read in this book. If so, go to Israel and check it out yourself; don't take one of the guided tours. Instead, check out the things about which I have written.

To foolishly believe what the Zionists tell about Israel on TV, radio and in the large newspapers and magazines, all of which they control, is to allow the Zionists and Zionist oriented International Bankers to lead America into another of their planned wars - this time in the Mid East.

After my first book, "The life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel" was released, I was asked why I, a Jew, was willing to expose the real Israel and thus invite criticism from the Zionist Jews, the answer is quite simple.

I am an American first and a Jew second, and I will fight against anyone who tries to hurt the well-being of my country, the United States. Since it was one portion of the Jews, the Zionists, who were responsible for racist, Marxist Israel coming into existence, and since these same Zionists have been responsible for much, if not most, of America's foreign and domestic problems, I have no alternative as a conscientious American but to fight this subversive, Marxist oriented force, regardless of the consequences.

Israel has caused America nothing but heartaches since it came into existence. For instance:

Israel has caused America to lose the friendship of many countries, especially the Arab countries which historically have been pro-American in their foreign policies. America has also lost, and is still losing, billions of dollars in trade with Arab and other Moslem countries.

Israel is little more than a "welfare state" unable to support itself, and exists only with the aid of billions of American taxpayer's dollars each year. Israel not only cost America billions of dollars each year, but the lives of several hundred American boys were sacrificed for the sake of Israel in Lebanon.

Israel has been instrumental in aiding the establishment of dictatorships in Africa and to a degree elsewhere in the world.

It is a sad fact that a great number of Jews in America place the interest of Israel before the interests of America. It can be expected that all, or nearly all, of the communist oriented Zionist Jews would trample on the Stars and Stripes to salute the hammer and sickle. This I cannot silently sit back and allow to continue.

Yes, I am a Jew, but first of all I am an American and without hesitation, I say:

For the sake of peace and America's well-being, America must stop its support of the atheistic, Marxist leaders of Israel - or suffer even more disastrous consequences.


No country could have become as corrupt and sinful as has Israel through a normal chain of events. It would seem that there had to be some evil force at work.

It would be well to note the evil history of the leadership of Israel and their followers. For centuries, they (the Bolshevik Jews) practiced atheistic Socialism/Communism in various European countries, especially Russia.

These Bolshevik (Ashkenazic) Jews, along with the Zionist oriented Jewish International Bankers, succeeded in overthrowing the Czar of Russia and imposing communist rule on the Russian people. With the aid of Bolshevik Jews who migrated from Russia to America, they have been able to spread their evil, satanic influence throughout America and extending world-wide.

Many of these communist Jews from Russia and other European countries, who migrated to Israel, took with them the Socialist/Communist ideas of Karl Marx. With the help of American Bolshevik Jews, they were able to take control of Israel and impose the Socialist/Communist plans of Karl Marx.

Running parallel to the Bolshevik movement was the Zionist movement, which had basically the same goals - world domination. At some point after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the Bolsheviks and Zionists meshed together and became one. They are now commonly referred to as Zionists.

During Biblical times, God promised the Jews of those days to be his messengers and he gave them special privileges - if they would obey his word.

The Bible tells how these Jews disobeyed his word and began adoring idols. Frustrated over the disobedience of the Jews, God said, "Ye are of the synagogue of Satan".

The atheistic Zionist leaders of Israel and their followers have apparently adopted the "synagogue of Satan" and through their leadership have made Israel a virtual "Satan's Playground".

In trying to give a true picture of the real Israel, I can best do so by taking you behind the scenes by relating my own personal experiences and observations.

May God be my guide.

Jack Bernstein


"I didn't come to Israel to live with a bunch of Commies." These words were uttered in disgust by a distant relative of mine, Brian Singer, who had come to Israel from South Africa in 1970.

It took Brian only 3 weeks to realize that Israel was not a democracy, that it was a Marxist state. Within another week, he was back in South Africa. Other anti-Communist Jews, who had migrated to Israel, also left over a period of time for the same reasons as Brian's. Only the communist Jews and a few religious Jews remained. Brian had arrived in Israel only a week after I had, and his remark shocked me. Somehow the realization that Israel is a Marxist state didn't sink into my head until later. This may have been partly because I didn't want to believe it. After all, for many years I had been led to believe by the Zionist propaganda that Israel was a democracy, a promised land for Jews and a haven for persecuted Jews. Then too, I was in love and about to be married, so at the time I was blind to everything else.

Ironically, it was my marriage that soon forced me to open my eyes. You see, I am an Ashkenazic Jew and I had married a Sephardic Jewess from Iraq. In Israel, it is frowned upon for an Ashkenazic Jew to marry a Sephardic Yew. Sephardic Jews are looked down upon and referred to a "kooshim" - the Hebrew word for "niggers."

As years went by, I could see that Israel was weakening internally and the intense practice of racism was one of the main reasons for the erosion of Israel's strength.

The Zionist propaganda machine in, America has led the American people to believe that Jews are one race of people. There is about as much truth to this line of propaganda as there is in the fairy tale, "Goldilocks and the three bears."

Giving the American people the impression that Jews are of one race is only one of the fairy tales being fed to the American people - the other two are: Israel is a democracy and Jews are God's Chosen People.

It is ironic that in the United States where there are many newspapers, television and radio stations, the citizens are so misled about Israel while other parts of the world are more aware of the truth. This is easily understood when it is realized that these newspapers, TV and radio networks are owned or otherwise controlled by the Zionists and the Zionist oriented International Bankers.

Most Gentiles have been deceived into believing that Israel is a democracy. The average Jew in America has, also, believed the lie about Israel being a democracy. Even those Jews who have visited Israel did not learn that Israel is a Police State. They were too busy partying and visiting.

To even the average Jews in America, the other lies are a subject of jokes among them. They know they are not one race of people - that there is a sharp division between the Asheknazic Jews and Sephardic Jews; and since only a small percentage of Jews are religious, they can't help but chuckle to themselves over the fact that most American Gentiles believe that Jews are God's Chosen People. After all, the question arises, "Who is a real Jew?"


Most American Gentiles have been led to believe that a Jew is a Jew - one class of people. This is a falsehood which has been perpetuated by the Zionist controlled mass news-media. History shows that most people who are referred to as Jews in the world are not Jews - at least not brood Jews.

There are Chinese Jews, black Jews, Indian Jews, etc., but the basic difference is in two divisions - Ashkenazic Jews and Sephardic Jews. They have different historical backgrounds and are from different parts of the world. These differences must be emphasized and understood by Gentiles, especially Christians, if there is to be a peaceful solution to the Mid East problems.

Sephardic Jews are native to North Africa and the Mid East. Usually darker skinned than Ashkenazic Jews, they are blood related to the Arabs. In fact they are commonly and rightfully referred to as Arab Jews. Both the Sephardic Jews and Arabs are known as Semites, the descendants of Shem.

These semetic people, the Arab (Sephardic) Jews, Arab Moslems and Arab Christians had lived together in peace for centuries.

Ashkenazic Jews became Jews in a strange manner. It happened this way: History records that there existed in western Asia a warlike tribe known as the Khazars. They were pagans (idol worshipers) who engaged in sexual excesses of the vilest forms. This resulted in the moral decay of its people and of the Khazar empire.

About 750 A.D. their leader, King Bulan, decided to adopt a "one God" religion for his people, so he invited representatives of Christianity, Islam and Judaism to present their dogma.

King Bulan chose Judaism.

If he had chosen Christianity, it would have aroused the anger of the large number of followers of Islam in the surrounding area; and if he had chosen Islam, it would have aroused the anger of the large number of Christians around them. So, he played it safe - he chose Judaism.

If the teachings of the Torah, the religious book of Judaism, had been followed by these Khazars, the history of the world would undoubtedly have been much different - and for the better. But, it seems the King and his court were more interested in the Talmud than the Torah.

Most non-Jews think of the Talmud as a religious book. Actually, the Talmud is 63 books written by a small number of rabbis to be used by Jews as civil law and guide.

These Khazars were driven from their land by the Mongols, so they moved westward and settled mainly in Russia and Poland. Over the years, descendants of the Khazars became known as Ashkenazic Jews.


Before going any farther, it is important to point out to Gentiles, especially Christians, that Ashkenazic Jews are not Semites.

Virtually all Zionists are Ashkenzic Jews. When anyone criticizes wrongful acts by the Zionists, they cry out, with false indignity, "You're anti- semetic." Yet, these Ashkenazic (Zionist) Jews are not Semites.

To be a Semite it is necessary to be a descendant of Shem. Ashkenazic Jews are not descendants of Shem, but descendants of Japhath.

Sephardic (Arab) Jews, along with Arab Moslems and Arab Christians, are descendants of Shem and thus Semites.

Since Ashkenazic Jews are not descendants of Shem, but descendants of Japhath, they are not Semetic Jews - they are artificial Jews. Being artificial Jews, they have no biblical right to Palestine, now wrongfully called Israel.


There are many excellent parts of the Talmud, which if followed, would lead to a more fulfilling and healthful life. But, there are, also, evil parts of the Talmud, which if followed, would warp the thinking of those who embrace it.

From observation, it may be determined that it is mainly the Bolshevik/Zionist Jews who have embraced the evil parts of the Talmud.

It is not easy to gain access to a copy of the Talmud. This is understandable because in the Talmud it is written:

"Every Goy (non-Jew) who studies the Talmud and every Jew who helps him in it ought to die." - Sanhedryn, 59a Aboda Zora 8-6, Szagiga 13.

"It is forbidden to disclose the secrets of the law. (the Talmud) - dektut Chadasz, 171, 3.

"To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly." - Libbre David 37.

"If a Jew be called upon to explain any part of the rabbinic books (the Talmud), he ought to give only a false explanation. Who ever will violate this order shall be put to death." Libbre David 37.

From these quotes, you can see why so little is known about the Talmud by Gentiles. In fact, there aren't many of today's Jews who are aware of the contents of the Talmud.

Throughout Jewish history, Jews have been blind followers of their religious leaders, the rabbis.

Therefore, the rabbis and their congregations, who followed the Talmud instead of the Torah, looked down upon and developed a hatred for all Gentiles.

Here are more quotes from the Talmud. (After each quote is given the book and page of the Talmud from which the quote is taken.)


"The teachings of the Talmud stand above all other laws. They are more important than the laws of Moses." - Rabbi Israel, Rabbi Chamboyet, et, al.

(Obviously, the Talmudists consider the Talmud above and more important than the 10 commandments given to us by Moses. Christians take note of this.)

"It is more wicked to question the words of the rabbis than those of the Torah." - Michna Sanhedryn 11:3.

(That's like saying the words of a Catholic priest or Lutheran minister are above,the teachings of the Bible. Also, the above quote shows that the Talmudic Jews put the civil guide of the Talmud above the Torah, the religious book of the Jews.)


"The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings hut beasts." - Baba Mecia 114, 6.

"On the house of the goy, one looks as on a fold of cattle." - Tosefta, Erubin VII, 1.

"Jehovah (God created the non-Jew in human form so that the jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night." - Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L.

These three quotes give you readers who are non-Jews (Goy) what the Talmudic Jews think of you two-legged animals. Are you Goyim (Goyim is more than one non-Jew) ready for more about how the Talmudic Jews view you - the two-legged animals?

"If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he is responsible; but if a Jew kills a goy he is not responsible." - Tosefta, Aboda Zara 8, 5.

"A Jew may rob a goy- that is, he may cheat him on a bill if unlikely to be perceived (discovered) by him." - Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348.

"A goy is forbidden to steal, rob, or take women slaves, etc., from a goy or a Jew. But a Jew is not forbidden to do all this to a goy." - Tosefta, Abda Zara VIII, 5.

"A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl." - Gad. Shas. 2:2.

"A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat." - Nadarine, 20, 8; Schulehan Aruch, Chosen Hamiszpat 348.

"The Bible says: 'Thou shalt not cheat thy next brother,' but the non-Jews are not our brethren, but as mentioned above, worse than dogs." - Aruch Choszen Hamiszpat 227.

KOL NIDRE - the denunciation of vows

There is one part of the Talmud that is better known by Gentiles than the parts cited above. It is a prayer called "Kol Nidre." The prayer (in part) goes like this:

"All vows, oaths, promises, engagements and swearing ... beginning this very day, we repent of beforehand. Our vows shall be no vows, and our oaths no oaths at all."


In the volume of revised 'Festival of Prayers" published by the Hebrew Publishing Co. of New York in 1919 is the following "Kol Nidre" prayer.

"All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement, we repent aforehand of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power, the vows shall not be reckoned vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths."

From a reliable source, I learned that a few years ago an attempt was made to repeal the Talmudic prayer, "Kol Nidre" but was voted down by Ashkenazio Jews.

Ben Freedman, a jew who converted to Christianity, spent a reported $2 million dollars trying to alert the American people of the dangers the Zionist Jews are to the security of America. Referring to the 63 books of the Talmud, Mr. Freedman wrote,

"From the birth of Christ to the present, there has never been recorded a more vicious, vile and libelous blasphemy against Jesus and Christians, than you will find in the pages of these 63 volumes."

Martin Luther, the ex-Catholic priest who started the Reformation, wrote extensively about the involvement of the Jews who follow the Talmud. To give you an idea, here is one paragraph:

"Do not the Talmud and rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen (a non-Jew), but it is a sin if he kills a brother... It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob from a heathen is a divine service."

The final proof is 'in the pudding' as the saying goes. Just observe the actions of certain Jews in America and you must come to the conclusion they are following the worst precepts of the Talmud.

Also, you are likely to find they are Zionists who support communism and support Marxist Israel.

If you go to Israel and do some checking instead of just sight-seeing, you will find that most decent Jews have left Israel or are planning to leave. The Ashkenazic Jews who remain are nearly all Zionist/Marxist with some Fascists whose actions indicate they also follow the Talmud instead of the Torah. The only decent Jews remaining are a few religions Jews and the Sephardic Jews who are too poor to leave and are trapped in this sinful ghetto, Israel.


Many Ashkenazic Jews, the artificial Jews who chose Judaism and who apparently follow the most evil parts of the Talmud, experienced a roller-coaster existence in Europe. Their unfair Talmudic practices, especially in the area of economics, enabled them to reach high positions of power.

Once in power, they would unwisely abuse this power. This would arouse the ire of the Gentiles. Since Gentiles were larger in numbers, they took harsh action against all Jews. Many times these Jews were forced to leave a country. One must question, "Was this persecution - or justice?"

Late in the 1800's, Talmudism took on a modern, goal-oriented concept. It was outlined in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" - a set of plans to achieve world domination by an elite, Talmudic group of Jews.

Only parts of the Talmud are evil, but the "Protocols" are filled with evil from beginning to end. In 1897, at Basel, Switzerland, the First Zionist Congress was held. At this Congress, plans were made to establish a Jewish state - the target was the area known as Palestine which, at the time, was inhabited by about 600,000 Arabs and 70,000 Jews.

It is believed that all of the participants at the First Zionist Congress were Ashkenazic Jews from Europe and the Diaspora (countries world-wide to which some of them had migrated).

It was at, or about the time of, the First Zionist Congress that the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" were written. To give you an idea of the plans and the attitude of this group of evil Jews, here are a few excerpts from some of the Protocols:

1st Protocol: "The greatest qualities of the people - honesty and frankness are attributes of Gentile rule; we certainly must not be guided by them."

4th Protocol: "We must undermine faith, eradicate from the minds of the Gentiles the very principle of God and Soul."

14th - "When we become rulers, we shall regard as undesirable the existence of any religion except our own ... For this reason we must destroy all other religions."

(Take note Christians.)

17th - "We have taken care long ago to discredit the Gentile clergy and thereby to destroy their mission."

11th - Gentiles are like a flock of sheep."

6th - We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, colossal reservoirs of wealth upon which even the big Gentile properties will be dependent to such a degree that they will fall; together with the government credit the day following the political catastrophy."

6th - "As owners of the land, they (the Gentiles) are harmful to us in that they are independent in their sources of livelihood. Therefore, at all costs, we must deprive them of their land ... The best way to attain this is to increase taxes and mortgage indebtedness.

(Take note farmers.)

10th -"Wear everyone out by dissentions, famines, feuds, animosities, inoculation of diseases ... until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except to appeal to our money and power."

5th - We have created antagonism by arousing race and religious hatred."

10th - "To prevent them (Gentiles) from really thinking out anything themselves, we shall deflect their attention to amusements, games, pastimes, excitements, and people's palaces. Such interests will distract their minds completely."

7th "We must force the Gentile governments to adopt measures which will promote our broadly conceived plan, already approaching its triumphant goal, by bringing to bear the pressure of stimulated public opinion which has been organized by us with the help of the ureat power of the press. With few exceptions not worth considering, it is already in our hands."

(Stimulated public opinion - What they mean is to convince the stupid Goy and stupid Jews like me, that their lies are truth.)

10th -"When we introduce the poison of liberalism into the government organism, its entire political complexion changes."

(It has been pointed out, and not denied, that most Jews in America are liberals. Gentile liberals are merely puppets of the Zionists. These liberal Gentiles, knowingly or unknowingly, parrot the Zionist line, and thus help the Zionists in their dirty work.)

9th - "People of all opinions and all doctrines are at our services ... demagogues, Socialists, Communists, and other utopians. We have put them all to work."

(Anyone who has one eye open can see how certain Jews are involved with any organization where they are not intentionally barred. Once in the organization, they work to use the organization for their evil purposes.)

One area of subversion which the Zionists have used to further their goal of world domination is Socialism/Communism. In my first book, "The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel," I explained how the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (1917) was financed and carried out by Bolshevik/Zionist Jews - led mainly by those who had migrated to America.

Regarding Zionism/Communism, the experience of Haviv Schieber is revealing. He is a Polish Jew who had migrated to Palestine as a young man. He belonged to a group of Jews who were working to establish a homeland for Jews - a land where Jews, Moslems and Christians could live in peace and prosperity.

Unfortunately, Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion and their large group of Marxist/Zionists gained control and succeeded in setting up a Communist/Socialist state which they named Israel.

Unable to stop the spread of Communism/Socialism in Israel, Haviv Schieber left Israel and sought refuge in the United States. Since arriving in the U.S., he has been working to expose Israel's Marxist policies and ties to communist countries.

Mr. Schieber says, "Jews started Communism from A to Z; and Jews could stop Communism any time they wished." Statements by other Jews reinforce his charges.

If you have read the Protocols I have cited so far and given them serious thought, you must admit the Zionists have succeeded in carrying out, not only their plan to establish Socialism/Communism but, the other plans, too. If these Protocols haven't stirred you enough to take action, here are some more:

6th Protocol -"We will force up wages which will be of no benefit to workers, for we at the same time will cause a rise in the prices of prime necessities... We will also undermine the sources of production by installing in the workmen the ideas of anarchy and encourage them in the use of alcohol."

(The situation in America is amusing, yet sad - the Goyim get bombed out of their minds drinking booze produced in distilleries and breweries owned by rich Zionist Jews.)

8th - "For the time being, until it is safe to give responsible government to our brethren Jews, we shall entrust them to people whose past and whose character are such that there is an abyss (valley) between them and the people."

(In America, it didn't take long after the Protocols were written for the Zionists to feel safe about placing Jews in the U.S. Government. By 1913, during President Wilson's administration, the Zionists had enough hold over U.S. politicians to pass the Federal Reserve Act which turned control of the money and credit of the U.S. to a group of Zionist oriented international Bankers That same year, 1913, they succeeded in saddling the American people with the Income Tax.)

Please note: Controlling the money of a country and a progressive income tax are two planks of the Communist Manifesto. In other words, to weaken and control a country and its people, it is necessary to get a progressive income tax passed, and above all, get control of the money of a country. In 1913, these Marxist/Zionist Jews accomplished both.

It was also the year, 1913, when the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) came into existence. An arm of the international B'nai B'rith, the ADL's stated purpose is to defend Jews from unfair treatment. This is a bunch of baloney! The real purpose of the ADL is to take action against any person or group that attempts to expose the subversive actions of the Zionist/Marxists. The year, 1913, was a great year for the Marxist Zionists, but a disastrous year for the American people.


By 1933, when President F. D. Roosevelt took office, the Zionists were even more entrenched in our government. Of 70 advisors to President Roosevelt, over 50 of them were Jews.

It was during Roosevelt's years as president that Liberalism/Socialism became government policy and a whole maze of socialist programs were put into effect. These programs continue to this day and have been expected since the Bolshevik/Zionist Jews had played a big part in the election of Roosevelt and these Jews were liberal, socialist, communist oriented.


It is disturbing to find that the Soviet Union (Communist Russia) was only 15 years old when Roosevelt took office. The Soviet Union was in economic trouble and in danger of collapse. One of the first things Roosevelt did after taking office was to recognize the communist government of the Soviet Union. This enabled the Soviet Union to borrow money and, also, opened the door to Soviet-U.S. trade relations. Naturally, this helped the shaky communist regime to survive. Roosevelt's 50 Zionist advisors were doing their job well - the slide toward total Socialism in America had begun. The slide toward total Socialism continues today.

In 1948, Roosevelt's successor, Harry S. Truman, recognized the illegally declared state of Israel eleven (11) minutes after Israel's declaration, and just a few hours later, the Soviet Union followed suit.

How did all these anti-American acts take place without stirring the wrath of the American people? Just read on folks -


We are getting to the heart of the problem in this next protocol -

7th Protocol - "We must force the Gentile governments to adopt measures which will provide our broadly conceived plan, already approaching its triumphant goal by bringing to bear pressure of stimulated public opinion which has been organized by us with the help of the great power of the press."

None of the subversive actions of the Zionists could have taken place if it were not for the fact that the Zionists have control of the press. Since they are in control, they can give out news as they wish - tell the truth, distort it, or omit it. If they commit some evil act, they certainly aren't going to tell the truth.

If the Goyim should find out what the Zionists have done, and are doing, they would take action to stop the Zionists.

The Zionists long ago realized the power of controlling the news-media and have bragged that they had already achieved control. This is shown in the following protocol:

12th - "We have attained this (news-media control) at the present time to the extent that all news is received through several agencies in which it is centralized from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be to all intents and purposes our own institutions and will publish only that which we permit."

In the United States, the agencies of which they speak are mainly the Associated Press and United Press International. One has only to look at those who are on the boards of these two news agencies to learn they are operated by Zionists and their agents. This control is also maintained over the TV and radio networks, as a look at the heads of the networks will reveal they are Zionists. If further proof is needed that the thinking of Gentiles is manipulated, read this protocol:

12th - "We have already managed to dominate the minds of Gentile society to such a point that almost all see world affairs through colored lenses ... which we place before their eyes."

What the Zionists are saying, and it's true, is that the Zionists manipulate the minds of the stupid Goyim, and I might add, they also manipulate the minds of the average stupid Jew - like myself, until I got to Israel and had my eyes opened.

Until Gentiles and Jews stop reading the Washington Post, New York Times and other publications owned by Zionist Jews and their agents; until Gentiles and non-Zionist Jews stop believing the junk given out as news on TV and radio, average Gentiles and non-Zionist Jews will continue living in a mental vacuum. Unaware of the Zionist scheme, both Gentiles and non-Zionist Jews will continue to act like two-legged animals as the Talmudic Jews refer to the Gentiles.

I felt it necessary to tell you about the main parts of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and about some of the evil parts of the "Talmud." From these two sources, you can see where the Zionists got their evil nature.

The leadership of Israel are Zionist. So, when you think about Israel, keep in mind what I have written about the "Talmud" and the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."


When I went to Israel in 1970, I was not aware of the evil nature of parts of the Talmud and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I was not aware of the Satanic nature of the Zionists who obviously were following the Protocols and the evil parts of the Talmud in leading Israel on a disaster course, and threatening world peace.

I had been blinded by Zionist propaganda that Israel was a democratic country, the land of promise for Jews and a haven for persecuted Jews. My marriage to Ziva, an Iraqi Jewess was to prove to be an eye-opener to me.

The first six months of my stay in Israel was taken up with work on the Kibbutz, learning Hebrew and courting Ziva. I was happy and optimistic about my future, but what followed my marriage to Ziva was quite a shock to me. Since I, an Ashkenazic Jew, had married a Sephardic Jewess, I was denied a decent job and decent housing. Lacking housing, Ziva and I were forced to live with Ziva's spinster aunt in Pardess-Katz near Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a "new" city in Israel built by Jews for Jews in 1909.

During my search for employment - any kind of employment, I went to every area of the city. Therefore, I couldn't help but be exposed to the seamy side of Tel Aviv, the rundown ghetto known as the Hatikva Quarter. This is where the Sephardic Jews are forced to live.

In order to make ends meet financially, a great number of Sephardic girls, as young as 14, resort to prostitution. Most of them hustle business on the street.

Prostitution is found not only in the rundown Sephardic ghettos. High class prostitutes are found in the newer hotels and higher class restaurants and clubs in the Ashkenazic area.

Tel Aviv has a large homosexual population and I noticed that in a recent issue of the Jerusalem Post that 5 people had died of AIDS.

Along with prostitution and homosexuality in Tel Aviv, available in many cafes are every type of illegal drugs, guns, hand grenades, etc. Most of these cafes are run by the "Hevrah," Israel's mafia. Cafe owners who sell illegal goods must "pay off" the "Mob", the police and political figures.

I had observed such things in the larger cities in the U.S., especially cities with a large concentration of Ashkenazic Jews, but to find these things taking place in the "Holy Land" disturbed me greatly. As I became more aware of the sin and corruption in Israel, Brian Singer's words, "I didn't come to Israel to live with a bunch of Commies" started to take on more meaning.

Late one afternoon, about a year after I had arrived in Israel, I was standing on the corner of Rehov Hayarkon and Trumpeldor, in front of the Dan Cinema, and it seemed the buildings were closing in on me. I lit my pipe to calm my nerves and thought to myself, "What did I get myself into: I came to Israel because I was led to believe that Israel was the 'the Promised Land for all Jews, a democratic country, a haven for persecuted Jews; and what did I find but a country dominated by communists, socialists, and a good number of fascists; a country which instead of providing a haven for persecuted Jews, actually practiced persecution against one segment of their own Jewish brethren; and instead of finding peace and holiness, I found in Tel Aviv a sinful City."

I attributed the sinful acts in Tel Aviv to the fact that Tel Aviv had been built by the atheistic Zionist/Communist immigrants from Europe; and I thought that Jerusalem and other cities of Israel would probably be different. Because of lack of a decent job, I didn't have enough money to visit the other cities.

I asked myself, "How could the leaders of Israel create such an atmosphere of sin and suppression in the short 23 years since it became a state."

At the time, even though I am a Jew, I had no knowledge of the vile sections of the "Talmud" and the existence of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," which the Israeli leadership and their followers apparently are being guided.

The American Zionist supporters of Israel, also. seem to be guided by the Talmud and the Protocols. By the time the tobacco in my pipe had burned to ashes, I, for the first time, was tempted to do as Brian Singer and others had done, to leave Israel and go home. But I couldn't leave my wife whom I loved very much. I was a very disturbed American Jew, virtually an unwanted alien, in the 'Promised Land for all Jews.' "What a cruel joke," I thought to myself


Riding home on the bus that evening, we passed through the nicer section of Tel Aviv and I noticed a group of tourists going into one of the nicer hotels. "That's it!" I thought to myself, "If the ruling Zionists won't let me get a decent job, I'll start a business of my own - a tour guide business.

Guides for the existing tourist agencies were showing tourists only the nicer side of Israel and carefully stayed away from the seamy, satanic inspired side of Israel. I would show those who engaged my services the real Israel - the good and the bad.

To obtain customers, I wrote to friends back in America; and I would approach people who had come to Israel on their own and not with a tour group. Most of my customers were Jews since Gentiles tended to come in organized groups.

The number of people I would have in a group was small, sometimes as few as two people. This way, the Israeli authorities didn't catch on to what I was doing.

If those on my tour had not yet seen the regular tourist attractions, I would take them to the museums agricultural sites, new buildings with their modern architecture and, of course, the Knesset, Israel's congress. A visit to the Knesset wasn't always possible because conduct of members of the Knesset is nothing to be proud of - there is constant squabbling between members of Israel's 22 political parties, and sometimes these squabbles erupted into fist-fights. It got so bad that, for a while, tourists were barred from visiting the Knesset.

I was very familiar with Tel Aviv, so I was able to give my customers a grand tour of the sordid side of Israeli life.

I usually started by taking them to the Hatikva Quarter and showed them the shabby living quarters where Sephardic Jews are forced to live - as many as 18 living in a two-room apartment. Sharing the apartments would be cockroaches, mice, rats, ants and lizards. Some of the inhabitants of these apartments would allow photos to be taken.

While in the Hatikva Quarter, I would show them Hagana Street with its small shops where Sephardic Jews tried to eke out a living. The 6 block area on Hayarkon between Allenby St. and Frishman St. would shock those on my tour. They would see prostitutes as young as age 14 hustling customers on the streets. Since they drew a lower class clientele, many of these girls had venereal diseases. Then too, because they lived in such crowded conditions, it was difficult for them to keep their bodies clean.

Transvestites (men who dress as women, and women who dress as men) wander the streets. Their favorite hangout is "The Mini-bar" on 2 Rehov Trompeldor, just off Rehov Hayarkon.

Jeanette's Seafood House in Jaffa was an excellent place to eat, so I'd include it on my tour. Another reason for going to Jeanette's was to show that even in nicer places, prostitutes were at work. At Jeanette's, there were a lot of pretty girls who were not whores, but were just interested in "fun" and could be easily "picked up."

Jaffa, where Jeanette's is located, was once a beautiful, prosperous Arab city. After the Zionists took control, it was incorporated into Tel Aviv and deteriorated as could be expected.

About a mile away from the main sin strip of Hayarkon St. was the Yeminite quarter and the adjoining Carmel Market. In these places, illegal gambling and gun sales were discretely taking place; but prostitution and sale of illegal drugs were carried on openly.

There is a large population of homosexuals in Israel, In Tel Aviv, they cruise the city parks from late afternoon until late night. The two most popular are Yarkon Park in North Tel Aviv and Hatzmaut Park located near the Hilton Hotel and Pal Hotel at the north end of Hayarkon Street. I would take my group to see both parks to impress on them the extent of homosexuality in Israel.

One of our stops would be the Eros book store located in the London Shopping Center at 30 Rehov Ibn-Gvirol, just a few blocks south of Tel Aviv city hall.

Most tourists do not notice this book store since the sign is in Hebrew. But translated, it means "EROS" and it features a full line of pornographic books, magazines, movies and erotic toys. Most of the porno movies and other items are made in Israel.

It is interesting to note that this porno shop is located in the ritzy Ashkenazic section of town, and I made it a point to take my groups to this shop during late afternoon or early evening when the store would be crowded with local Jews. This I did to show the unusual interest in sex shown by Israeli Jews. (Conspicuously absent were Arab Moslems. Most Arabs are very religious and follow the wishes of Allah (God) and do not go in for vulgar sex activities, but view sex as something sacred and not to be abused or cheapened.

While in this ritzy section of Tel Aviv, I would show my tour groups the high-class cafes where the more expensive (Ashkenazic) prostitutes hung out. Most of these high-class places did not sell illegal guns or drugs.

The high class prostitutes worked out of their apartments and their clients were wealthy residents in the Ashkenazic area as well as diplomats and visiting businessmen. Hotel bell-boys and cab drivers had their phone numbers and would refer customers to these prostitutes. Most of these high class "hookers" were usually free of venereal diseases.

It is interesting that Sephardic prostitutes will not engage in oral sex, but with Ashkenazic prostitutes, anything goes if the customer is willing to pay the price.

My advice to members of my tour groups was, "if you are foolish enough to decide to "play" in this Playground of Satan, remember this address: 16 Rehov Ha'Arba, Room 168. That's where you will find the VD clinic in Tel Aviv. If you find it necessary to go there, take along plenty of reading material because the place is always crowded and you'll have a long wait."

After a few months of conducting such tours, some of the Ashkenazic Jews got wise to what I was doing. Because I was showing tourists the seamy side of Israel, businessmen and residents of the ritzy Ashkenazic section started harassing me. They depend on tourism for much of their income and didn't want the tourists to find out about Israel's corruption and sinful attractions.

I conducted these tours for 10 months and at the same time continued to try and get a decent job, but since I had married a Sephardic Jewess, the Ashkenazic, Zionist leadership of Israel made sure I would be kept on the verge of starvation.

Between being denied a decent job, not making much money at my tour venture, and being harassed, my nerves were being strained to the breaking point.


After reading this far, you should be impressed with three facts:
1. There is a sharp division between Ashkenazic Jews and Sephardic Jews.
2.Most Ashkenazic Jews, in Israel, look down upon Sephardic Jews and treat them as second-class citizens.
3. Most Ashkenazic Jews, in Israel, view Arabs as enemies.

Earlier in this book, I mentioned that Sephardic Jews and Arabs are blood related - the only difference being religion. To show that there is a deep bond between these blood-relatives, the Sephardic Jews and Arabs, I will cite a few incidents:

My wife's uncle, Avraham Ambar (a Sephardic Jew), while a student in school, went with other students to Palestine during the summers to visit. This was around 1937 before Israel became a state. One summer, when the Arabs revolted against British rule, Arab rioters killed Zionists and other Ashkenazic Jews, but they didn't hurt Avraham nor other Sephardic Jews since they are blood related and since both believe in decency and justice. This type of consideration toward Sephardic Jews by Arabs was shown during several other uprisings.

During the 1973 war, an army buddy of my wife's cousin suffered a serious leg wound during the fighting against the Egyptians in the Sinai. An Egyptian army patrol found him. They bandaged his wound and left him an extra canteen of water so that he could survive until help arrived. If he had been an Ashkenazic Jew, the Egyptian Arabs would have bayoneted him.

A Sephardic Jew from Tunis told me that during the 1973 War, he and about 50 others of his company were captured by the Syrians. The Syrians picked out the Ashkenazic Jews from the company and shot them; but the Sephardic Jews were not molested in any way. They were taken prisoners and the wounded were treated by Syrian medical personnel and then taken to a hospital.

Until the war ended, and prisoners exchanged, the Sephardic Jews were well treated by the Syrians - they even ate the same food as the guards.

Many Arabs have developed an intense hatred of the Zionist, Ashkenazic Jews because of the torture and other inhumane treatment of the Arabs by the Ashkenazic Jews. The Arabs do not feel this way toward Sephardic Jews, partly because they are blood relatives and partly because the Sephardic Jews, being of Arab blood, have compassion for other human beings and do not engage in sadistic treatment of another human being as do many of the Ashkenazic Jews.

However, Arabs believe in justice - an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The Zionist, Ashkenazic Jews, have terrorized and killed Palestinian Arabs and forced most of them from their land. This is why Arabs treat Ashkenazic Jews as harshly as they do - an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.


One year and 5 months after arriving in Israel, pressures by the Zionist/Communists had brought me to the point of a nervous breakdown. Other Ashkenazic Jews, who had married Sephardic Jewesses were also being harassed. Most had left Israel within 6 months.

I could have solved the problem by leaving, also, but my wife was reluctant to leave. So, I stayed. After talking it over with my wife, I decided to check into SHALVA, an open ward hospital for people with a nervous condition. It was located in the city of Bat-Yam.

At the hospital, I was assigned a room and then told to go to the dining room for the evening meal. It was here I experienced my first shock at the hospital. I am not a fussy eater, but most of what they served as food was disgusting. It was either starch or greasy and poorly prepared, so all I ate was a little fresh fruit.

The rest of the patients were so filled with chemical depressants that they could hardly taste the food; so they ate heartily.

The next morning, I was given depressants in the form of pills. They were supposedly given to relax me. Within an hour, my body felt like rubber and mentally I was on a high - as if I were drunk. I had difficulty concentrating.

As this was an open ward hospital, we were free to come and go as we wished, so I wandered down to the beach which was 3 blocks away, hoping to clear my mind.

Since this was the first day I had been given these "pills," I was still able to think rationally, although it was difficult. The thought hit me that if I continued to take those mind-scrambling pills, I would probably never leave the hospital alive.

I would be one anti-communist Jew who would cause Marxist Israel no more trouble. Then and there, I made up my mind to take no more of their pills.

When they brought around the pills each morning, I would put them in my mouth and pretend to swallow them. When the male nurse left, I would take the pills from my mouth and discard them.

It took about four days for my mind to clear completely. To keep the hospital personnel from suspecting that I wasn't taking their pills, I would go out into the court yard and sprawl out on the ground, as did the patients who were filled with the chemicals.

The hospital was just two blocks from the main business district of Bat-Yam, so each evening I would walk down to one of the cafes for ice cream.

During the day, the area was like any normal business district; but at night, it became a "sin-city" complete with pimps, whores, dope peddlers, petty thieves and ever present was the Israeli Mafia. The Mafia owned most, if not all of the cafes and night spots in Bat-Yam.

The first night, I thought to myself, "My God! Is every city in Israel rotten?" I knew Tel Aviv was rotten; now I was seeing the same situation in Bat-Yam.

One night while I was eating ice cream in one of the cafes, an Israeli soldier came up to me. He'd heard I was from the United States. He asked what it was like in the U.S. and said after his discharge from the Israeli army, he planned to go to New York since he'd heard it was easy to get a job as a taxi driver.

His main reason for leaving Israel was, he said, "I can't see being in the army reserves until I'm 55 years old." Then he added, "There's going to be another war in 2 or 3 years." (He said this in 1971. He was correct. Two years later, 1973, Israel was again in a war, the 4th in 25 years.)


After a month of rest in the hospital, my nervousness had eased, so I checked out of the hospital and went home. Within two weeks, I found a job as a security guard. It was low-paying but at least it was steady work. The reason I was able to get a job at this time was the manpower shortage in Israel. Many of the young men were leaving Israel rather than serve in the armed forces.

Many of those who did stay in Israel would enter "Yeshiva", a religious school, and thus were defer- red from service. Others would act as if they were "gay." They would do things like wear nail polish and act feminine when reporting for their draft physical. Thinking they were really gay, the doctors would reject them.

So many young men were leaving Israel or were being excused from service for religious studies, or for being gay (or pretending), that in February, 1976, the army started accepting gays and lesbians. If the army had not done so, it would not have had enough personnel to field an effective fighting force.

On my off hours from the security job, I started taking small groups on tour as I had done before. Sometimes it would only be one person, but it helped supplement my income.

By this time, I had become much wiser - street wise - and was able to show my tour groups "off beat" activity in other Israeli cities, the same type of activity as in Tel Aviv and Bat-Yam. I also learned there were beaches at Achziv and near Eilat where many people went swimming and sunbathing in the nude. Many who attended these nude beaches were swingers and wife swappers.

In January, 1973, I obtained a job as a diamond cutter's apprentice, but because I became too friendly with the Sephardic employees and because I was speaking out against Israel's Marxist policies and against Israel's communist ties, I was fired after two months. So, I went back to being a security guard and part-time tour guide.

Besides earning a little money, I had a more important reason for conducting these tours. I wanted to show as many people from America as possible that Israel is far from being the wonderful country the American people have been led to believe through Zionist propaganda.


I continued working as a security guard and tour-guide until December, 1976. It was a time of internal turmoil which drained me emotionally.

It bothered me to think that most Americans thought of Israel as a holy land, when, in fact, it can only be rightfully described as the "sin-spot of the Mid East" or "Satan's Playground."

It bothered me to try and cope with the racist acts towards me because I had married a Sephardic Jewess. But, the most distressing thing of all was my increasing awareness that Israel was a Marxist country with close ties to communist Russia and other communist countries.

One day while horseback riding, I stopped at the kibbutz "Manara" in Galalee to water my horse and I noticed a red flag with hammer and sickle flying from a high pole.

I asked one of the kibbutz members, "What is a communist flag doing flying here?" He answered, "We are affiliated with 'Matzpen' the Jewish Communist Party of Israel." He explained it is Moscow oriented. There is a small Arab communist party in Israel called "Rakah" which is Peking oriented.

Now get this: From 1973-1977, Israel's prime minister was Yitzak Rabin. His sister, I forget her name, was born and raised on Kibbutz Manara. According to a recent issue of the Jerusalem Post, she still lives at Kibbutz Manara, which, I repeat, is affiliated with "Matzpan" the Jewish Communist Party of Israel.

With the exception of a few kibbutzim which are affiliated with the National Religious Party, every one of the 150 kibbutzim in operation in Israel is affiliated with one of the communist or socialist parties.

Many new kibbutzim have been built in Israel and occupied Arab territories. They, too, are affiliated with one of the communist or socialist parties.

Before I found out about Israel's communist practices and ties to communist countries, I met at a cafe, a Jewish Communist from America who had settled in Israel in 1959. He bad been an engineer in New York, but had lost his job because he was a Communist; so he settled in Israel.

After talking for a while, I noticed, on one of his fingers, a ring with hammer and sickle engraved on it. I asked about it. He admitted outright that he was a Communist and a member of "Matzpen", the Jewish Communist Party of Israel.

I asked, "What is all this Marxist bit in Israel." He answered, "Evidently, you are very naive."

I asked him to fill me in on what was going on. He, then, called to two of his friends, East European Jews, and he spoke to them in Yiddish.

One of them turned to me and said, "Apparently you need some education. Let me tell you about some facts." Following is the jist of what he told me:
1. Soviet Russia is our ally and close friend.

2.In 1949, Golda Meir, our first ambassador to Soviet Russia made an agreement with Stalin and Kagonovich. An agreement between Israel and Soviet Russia is only natural since the leadership of both Israel and Soviet Russia are Bolshevik Jews.

The main points of the pact were:

Israel would talk peace, but would never make any agreement to solve the Palestinian problem; and Israel was to continue it's communist policies.

Soviet Russia would adopt a pro-Arab policy, but it would only be a camouflage hiding its true intentions. Its real intentions were to furnish aid to the Arabs, but never enough to enable the Arabs to destroy Israel. Also, Soviet Russia would allow immigration of Jews to Israel, and of course, the Soviets would guarantee the security of Israel.

Following the 1967 War, diplomatic relations between Soviet Russia and Israel were severed. This was merely a screen. Trade relations between Israel and Soviet Russia and other communist countries continued as before.

He told me to check Israeli shops and see for myself the different items in those shops from communist countries.

After telling me these things, he asked me to join "Matzpen". the Jewish Communist Party of Israel. I pretended I was interested but wanted more time to think it over. He said to contact him because he was the Secretary-Treasurer of the communist party cell in North Tel Aviv. This is the ritzy section of the city.

Being one of the anti-communist Jews, I never contacted him; but what he said about imports from Communist countries put me on the alert. Every time I would go into a shop, I would check to see which items were from communist countries. Over a period of time, I made a list of the items and the communist countries from which they came. Following is the list:

Poland Poland: Vodka, cigarettes and winter clothing.
China People's Republic of China: Beer, rice wine, fireworks, flashlights, linens, pots and pans, transistor radios and sewing machines.
Cuba Cuba: Cigars, rum, wicker furniture and other wood products, sugar, rice, mangoes, shoes and plantains (a small banana).
Bulgaria Bulgaria: Smoked meat, dried fruit, leather goods, wood products, creme de menthe and other fine liquors.
DDR East Germany: Optical instruments, household cleaning materials, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and pottery.
Romania Rumania: Textiles, soap, transistor radios, toothpaste, lamps, kitchen articles, ceramics and pottery.
Hungary Hungary: Woolen articles, rainwear, high fashion garments, leather goods, sleepwear, blankets and pillows.
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: Carpentry and masonry tools, plumbing fixtures, air conditioners, wine and plum brandy.
USSR Soviet Russia: Winter clothing, blankets and industrial diamonds.

Tractors and other farm machinery are imported from East Germany, Poland and Soviet Russia. Israel does receive some of these items from the "free" countries of France, England and the United States, but most of it comes from communist countries and the percentage is increasing.

There is one other import from communist countries that can be found in abundance in Israel: books and other printed materials about Communism printed in the languages of the communist countries from which they come. This reading material is for those Communists who migrated to Israel from those countries.

By buying goods from communist countries, Israel is helping support the communist regimes in those countries. Israel also helps them by selling critical items.

Exports from Israel to communist countries include phosphate from the Dead Sea, cement products, electronic equipment and other high-tech equipment, fruit vegetables and weapons. Weapons are Israel's biggest export to communist countries: Artillary pieces, mortars, Galil assault rifles, Uzi sub-machine guns, military uniforms and other field gear.

Israel, also, sells military equipment and supplies to African, Asian and Latin American countries, both democratic and dictatorship. Because Israel's economy is in such bad shape, it will sell military equipment to any country or guerilla group that has the hard cash.

The sale of military equipment to Red China and the presence of Israeli advisors in Red China has been known for years; but it was only recently that any major newspaper in the United States mentioned anything about it. Even then, it wasn't one of the large Zionist owned or controlled newspapers, it was the "Washington Times" which revealed that one billion dollars worth of Israeli made military equipment had been sold to Red China. The Washington Post, New York Times and other Zionist dominated news-media continued to be silent about Israel's military aid to communist countries.


Trade relations between Israel and the U.S. has taken a bad turn - bad for the U.S. but good for Israel. Many U.S. business firms are building factories in Israel. This is being done for two reasons: To help the desperate Israeli economy and to take advantage of cheap labor.

As in other communist countries, Israel has an abundance of cheap labor. This cheap labor comes from the ranks of the Sephardic Jews and Palestinian Arabs.

So that cheaply produced items made in Israel can be sold in the U.S. at cut-rate prices, a "free-trade" agreement has been worked out between Israel and our Zionist dominated Government, According to the agreement, Israeli made items can be shipped into the U.S. duty free.

These moves by our Zionist dominated U.S. Government and Zionist dominated big business to increase Israel's industrial capacity is a big help to Israel's disastrous economic situation; but it sure is "raising hell" with the U.S. economy - more American laborers are being forced into the ranks of the un- employed and less "earned" money is in circulation.

Israel isn't the only Marxist country selling products in the U.S. Products from a large number of communist countries are sold in stores across America. Some of them are made in factories owned by the communist governments; but an increasing number are being made in factories set up in those countries by Zionist owned businesses in America.

It is absolutely criminal for the U.S. to fight Communism with one hand and support it with the other. In Korea, 33,000 American boys died fighting Communism. In Vietnam. another 57,000 American boys died fighting Communism, And while all this was going or, our Zionist dominated U.S. Government and businesses were supporting Marxist Israel; and now, this U.S. support of Moscow's ally, Israel, is being increased. MORE American boys are destined to die at the hands of the Zionists/Communists as a result of America's "Aid Israel" policies.

America's aid to Marxist Israel isn't America's only "aid Communism" venture. Sale of technology to other communist countries goes on continually. There is even taxpayer money going to communist countries - channeled mainly through the World Bank, Aid to International Development, etc.,

All of these "aid Communism" ventures are taking place because the U.S. Government and businesses are dominated by the Zionists and Zionist oriented International Bankers.


My marriage continued on a happy vein. Ziva and I had two lovely children, a boy, Harold, and a girl, Rose. But, the more I found out about Israel's communist involvement, the more disturbed I became.

My outspoken views about communism in Israel and Israel's ties with communist countries was bringing increased harassment upon me by Israeli government agencies. It wore heavily on my nerves which in turn affected my entire physical condition. Many times I would be bed-ridden for extended periods of time. To make matters worse, no Israeli doctor would treat me properly.

In August of 1975, an intense effort to silence me began. One day after work, I was asked to come into the office of the security guard company for which I was working. I was accused of making 6400 lirot worth of telephone calls to the U.S. 6400 lirot equaled $800 at that time.

I asked how they determined I had made a telephone calls let alone $800 worth. After all, I pointed out to them, there were 30 other people who had as much, if not more, access to the office phone than I did.

The company accountant took me to the "Peugeot" auto company - the company I was assigned to for security guard duty. It was here that the telephone calls were supposed to have been made.

I voiced my objection to the company boss saying, "Why accuse me of making calls? There were 30 other people who could have made calls to the U.S. - if there were any calls made."

He ignored my objection and told me to sign a piece of paper admitting I had made the calls. I refused. He advised, "You better sign it. We don't want you to have an 'accident' on the company's premises."

When he said that, I recalled there were two husky "goons" at the foot of the stairs when we came in. But, I wasn't about to sign anything admitting to something I didn't do, so I again refused and started to leave.

He pushed a button on the intercom and muttered something. Immediately, the two "goons" started up the stairs. Seeing them, I turned and walked back into the office. The boss then said to the two goons, "Never mind."

Faced with the alternatives of signing the paper or getting beaten up and maybe crippled, I signed the paper. Then, the boss said, "OK, you can pay the 6400 lirot now."

I said, "I don't have it." And then in fear, I offered to pay 100 lirot a month.

"I want it now," he growled, "With inflation as bad as it is, it will be worth nothing by the time you get it paid."

I told him that I couldn't - that I didn't have the money. He informed me that if I didn't pay, he'd file criminal and civil charges against me.

I tried to impress him there was nothing I could do since I didn't have the money. Angrily, he told me to "get out of here."

After leaving the Peugeot office, the security guard company accountant said I was lucky, that the two men at the foot of the stairs were ex-convicts and would have "busted me up good."

I received two threatening letters shortly after warning that they would bring criminal and civil charges against me if I didn't "pay up."

I contacted Social Welfare to try and get legal advice; but since I had signed the paper admitting I had made the telephone calls, they said there was nothing they could do even though I had signed "under duress."

Several months later I received a summons to appear at the Ramat-Gan police station, I was sick from lack of medical treatment, but I got out of bed anyway and went to the station.

They fingerprinted me, interrogated me and again forced me to sign a confession under threat of physical violence. No formal charges were made at that time and I was told to "get the hell out."

Five months later, November 1976, a preliminary hearing of my case was held. I was too sick to attend so an attorney represented me. My trial was set for February, 1977.

My wife urged me to go to trial, saying I would probably only be sentenced to a few months in prison and could learn a trade during this time. But like most Arab women and Arab Jewesses, she had led a sheltered life and was not aware of the extent of Zionist/Communist atrocities against anyone who crosses their path.

Since I had spoken out against racism and communism in Israel and had written letters about these conditions to people back in the United States, I knew my time in prison would be no picnic. Israeli prisons are notorious for torture of Arabs and anti- communist Jews. Various sources report that methods of torture in Israeli prisons include:

•Prisoners are forced to stand for long periods of time, sometimes for a week or more in order to exhaust them.
•Prisoners are refused toilet privileges to the point that prisoners are forced to urinate on themselves.
•Prisoners have thick bags put over their heads and their arms are tied behind their backs with handcuffs which are especially designed so that any attempted movement increases the pressure on their wrists.
•Prisoners have their stomachs stomped on and are repeatedly kicked like animals.
•Prisoners' testicles are squashed and they are beaten upon their genitals.
•Prisoners' hair are pulled; their heads beaten against the wall; and they are left hanging heads down.
•A stick is pushed up the anus of a prisoner.
•Cigarette butts are put out on a prisoner's bare skin.
•Relatives are brought in and subjected to abuse and even threatened with rape in front of prisoners.
•Ball point pens are forced into the penis of prisoners.
•Prisoners are kept in cells 28 inches wide by 6 feet long for weeks at a time.

As in other communist countries, human rights are virtually non-existent in Israel. Besides false imprisonment and torture, Jews who speak out against Israel, and Arabs for any little reason, are known to simply disappear. This happened to a friend of mine, Dr. Eliahu Clement Levy, whom I met in September of 1973.

Dr. Levy was an Egyptian Jew, born of Russian (Ashkenazic) parents. He was raised in Egypt and served as an intelligence officer in the British Army during World War II.

After migrating to Israel, Dr. Levy became a professor of Languages. His condemnation of Israel's war crimes, Israel's racism, and Israel's close ties to Soviet Russia, Rumania, Cuba, Red China and other communist countries led to his dismissal.

Unable to secure a decent job in Israel, he was forced to become a security guard. Since we were both working as security guards, and since we were both speaking out against Israel's policies, we became good friends.

One day, a worried Dr. Levy informed me he had to go into the hospital for medical treatment. I asked which hospital. He turned away and didn't answer.

Two days later, I checked every hospital in the Tel Aviv and Ramat-Gan area - no Dr. Eliahu Clement Levy was listed among the patients. Worried, I went to Dr. Levy's residence at 88 Rehov Yehuda Halevy in Tel Aviv. He wasn't there. I checked with his neighbors and relatives. They were scared to talk with me.

Upon checking with the police and Minister of Interior offices in Tel Aviv and Ramat-Gan, I was bluntly told to MIND MY OWN BUSINESS IF I KNEW WHAT WAS GOOD FOR ME.

There was nothing more I could do to find Dr. Levy without getting into more trouble with the authorities. But, Dr. Levy's disappearance impressed on my mind the extent to which Israel's "POLICE STATE" will go to silence critics.


All of these things led me to the decision to leave Israel. It would be difficult to leave my wife and children, but what good would I have been as a husband and father after serving in an israeli prison as a political prisoner? I would have been broken physically and mentally - and in my weakened condition, quite likely would not have come out alive.

With my trial drawing near, it was necessary for me to act quickly and quietly. I applied for permission to take a two-week vacation before going to trial. To make the "vacation" reason believable, I bought a round-trip ticket; and to add to the impression that I was coming back, I packed only a few clothes.

I don't know if the authorities believed the "vacation" story or if they were just happy to get rid of me - whichever, I was given permission to go to America for a two-week vacation.

My departure date was set for December 19, 1976. The night before leaving, I went for a long walk. It was cold, but I didn't notice - I was too torn emotionally.

Six and a half years earlier, I had come to Israel to build a life in the promised land for all Jews - now I was about to leave - nearly broken mentally.

As I walked, some of the things I had learned about Israel started flashing through my mind:
• Israel is not a democracy, but a Marxist (communist/socialist) country.
•Israel is not a homeland for all Jews, but instead was a racist country which treated Sephardic Jews as inferior.
•The Zionist/Bolshevik Jews, who took over Russia and installed Communism, are the same bunch who rule Israel.
•Israel occupies the area once known as Palestine. The area is a holy site for Jews, Moslems and Christians. Now, it has been transformed from an air of holiness into the "Sinspot of the Mid East - Satan's Playground."
•There would be no peace in the Mid East as long as Israel was ruled by the Zionist/Bolshevik gang. As agreed in the Golda Meir-Stalin/Kagonovich Pact, Israel would continue to carry out its part of the bargain - create turmoil in the Mid East with the aim of bringing the Arab countries under communist domination.
•With intense cruelty, the Zionists have killed Palestinians and taken their land - just as they did to the Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and other people of Europe. (This murder of Palestinians and theft of their land still goes on. Murder of Arabs has now been extended to the Lebanese Arabs.)

At this point, I said to myself, "I am a Jew, but first of all I am an American." Since Israel has proven itself to be nothing more than "Satan's Playground", it was going to be easier to say, "Farewell Israel.

The next day, it was hard to say good-bye to my wife and two children, but as the plane took off, I looked at the fading sight of Tel Aviv and said to myself, "I may be a Jew; but first of all, I am an American - Farewell Israel, hello America!"



I am well aware of the tactics of you, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who at- tempts to expose any of your subversive acts.

If the person is a Gentile, you cry, "You're anti-semetic" which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions.

But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics:
• First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.
•If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the person or persons giving the information.
•If that doesn't work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn't been involved in sufficient scandal, you are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.
•If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks.
•But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong.
So, before you start your efforts to quiet me, I OFFER THIS CHALLENGE:


Let's explore the information and let the American people decide for themselves if the information is true or false.


Certainly, you will willingly accept the challenge if what I have written is false. But, if you resort to crying, "Lies, all lies," and refuse to debate the material, you will, in effect, be telling the American people that what I have written are the true facts.

Jack Bernstein

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