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The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Advanced 3D Thermal Imaging Technology Is Being Used To Turn Your Homes Into A Goldfish Bowl - If You're A Legitimate Target Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation And Organized Stalking This Is How You Can Expect That The U.S. Government Is Spying On You And Your Families

Until The Federal Reserve Communist Central Bank Is Abolished And The Corporate Constitution Which Allowed For The Creation Of This Counterfeiter And Launderer, Replaced With The Real U.S. Constitution Enacted In 1787, The American People Will Continue To Find Themselves The Subjects Of A Covertly Deployed Zionist Controlled Feudal System

The Movie Deja-Vu Is An Example Of How The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex Uses The Media To Show The Public Technology That Really Exists, Yet Is Presented In A Fictional Venue For The Purpose Of Plausible Deniability - If You Advance This Movie To About 31 Minutes Into Deja-Vu, You Will Be Able To See The Type Of Advanced 3D Thermal Imaging Technology That The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using To Spy On Targeted Individuals Within Our Own Homes - This Technology Is Being Used To Completely Circumvent The American People's 4Th Amendment Rights

Editor's Note: After posting the following article, the computer software which estimates the performance of the battery on my netbook is tampered with. The software indicates that the battery is no longer charging. The battery is only a few weeks old. After this author informs the merchant whom I purchased this battery from of the problem, I check the battery indicator again, only to find that it is now functioning properly.

This yet another example of the myriad types of "gaslighting" tactics that FBI/NSA use against this author, as part of the COINTELPRO psyop they continue to subject my person to.

This remote tampering with my computer also supports the allegations being made in regard to the National Security Agency's forcing the merchants who sell personal computers within the United States, to furnish the NSA with information regarding these personal computers at the time they are sold.

And moreover, that the NSA can use this information to both identify the personal computer of every American citizen through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and also remotely access these computers without obtaining a judicial warrant. So much for your 4Th Amendment rights to be secure within your persons and homes.

The United States Of America
A Nation Defined By Its Absence Of Privacy And Free Thought
Written By James F Marino

The movie "Deja Vu" is an example of how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses the media (the CIA has been controlling Hollywood since the 1950's as an extension of its Mockingbird black operation) to show the American people classified technologies that really do exist, yet, which are presented in a fictional way for the purpose of plausible deniability.

If you advance Deja Vu to about 31 minutes into this movie, you will be able to see the type of advanced 3D thermal imaging technology that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using to spy on Targeted Individuals within the so called privacy of our own homes.

And keep in mind that within the United States alone, there are thousands of TI's who are presently documenting these crimes, and perhaps millions more who have yet to recognize that they are the targets of this massive government conspiracy against the American middle class.

As you will soon see, with this spy technology there is no place within your home, and no part of your lives that is private from a Nazi indoctrinated complex of domestic spies and covert terrorists, who are being used to enslave every man, woman and child of the global middle class.

When combined with signals intelligence EMF scanning networks like the one described by John St. Clair Akwei in his civil action against the NSA, and the EEG Heterodyning technology (described in detail by Dr. Robert Duncan in "The Matrix Deciphered") which is used to synchronize our brainwaves with artificial intelligence computers, the U.S. Federal Government is now able to both remotely spy on each one of us, and also experiment on the mind of any citizen in this country without their knowledge or consent.

Moreover, given the fact that any person's thoughts can be cloned via EEG Heterodyning and then implanted into another person's mind, think about how this can apply to the TI community.

One TI's thoughts can be cloned and implanted into another TI's mind as part of this EEG Heterodyning experimentation, and the TI will never know it. In fact, this situation can be duplicated in any number of permutations to create further anxiety in these people.

And in all likelihood, this has already been done many times in the past, and is probably occurring at the present time with many of the myriad TI's who are networking over the Internet.

After all, this is about non consensual human experimentation and the government's use of mind control weapons to secretly experiment upon us.

So why wouldn't these modern day Nazi's transplant thoughts from one TI's mind to another as part of this non consensual human experimentation? Especially since there is nothing to prevent them from doing so, and given that the TI community is also heavily infiltrated by federal agents who pose as Targeted Individuals, while wreaking complete havoc in the lives of many TI's whom they are attempting to drive to suicide.

This is especially true of organizations like the FBI, which can, unlike other Intel agencies, move freely about the TI community - playing the role of both federal cop with some TI's and COINTELPRO assassin with others.

What's More Dangerous Than A Criminal With An Automatic Weapon? A Criminal With A Badge Who Has Access To Directed Energy Microwave Weapons

Over the past decade there have been citizens from every country whose government is a member of NATO, who have reported being attacked by agents of their respective governments, who are clandestinely using directed energy microwave weapons and other forms of satellite predation to torture and murder these people.

As such, the citizens of every continent are now furtively dominated by their own subverted governments, which are being incorporated into a central Communist government controlled by this planet's investment class. The elite who are in league with the Zionists who control the House of Rothschild.

This technology is part of a modern version of MKULTRA, which like its predecessor of the 1950's, is being used to create Manchurian candidates through the EEG Heterodyning of their brains, who then go on shooting rampages like the ones seen at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complex is at work attempting to destroy those of us who not only know about this technology, but who also write about our experiences as targets of this modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA program, which is now being used by a number of different organizations within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to perpetrate these atrocities.

The bottom line is that no one is immune from this Orwellian satellite predation, regardless of which country they are living in.

This is the world that we have to look forward to. This is the world that your children are going to inherit.

A world in which we are already subjugated to a life of furtive government surveillance - not only of our daily routines, but also of our thoughts.

Think of the situation this way. For those of you whose familial relationships have not yet been destroyed by DOJ/DHS run *fusion centers which employ the use of slander campaigns and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking against Targeted Individuals: When you sit around the dinner table with your family at night chatting about your day, do you really want to have to wonder if each of you is being EEG Heterodyned by this government as part of its fraudulent war on terror?

Moreover, do you want to have to contend with the knowledge that each of you might also be subjected to the manipulation of your thoughts for some government agenda that you are not yet aware of?

Because it is very likely that this resurrected and advanced version of MKULTRA mind control experimentation on average American families, is already taking place on a very substantial scale within all NATO countries, whether you realize it or not.

- James F. Marino

Target Of MKULTRA Since The 1970s

* Fusion centers have been used to furtively destroy the familial relationships of thousands of American men and women who continue to be targeted for non consensual human experimentation, as the result of the U.S. Federal Government's orchestrated vigilante hate crime: organized stalking.

These are not community watch groups who are protecting their neighborhoods. These are brainwashed groups of men and women who are being used to terrorize and torture selected targets of COINTELPRO, while committing the most egregious violations of the Bill of Rights in American history.

As such, they have been brainwashed by these fusion centers into becoming the very criminals whom they believe they are being used to spy upon and harass, while being used to aid and abet the complete abrogation of the Constitutional rule of law in America.

Those who take part in organized stalking crimes have been unwittingly duped out of their freedom.

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FBI Complicity In The 1993 Bombing Of The WTC Towers - 1993 Was A Trial Run For The Attacks On 9-11

Mass Murderer James Eagan Holmes - Is Holmes An MKULTRA Mind Controlled Manchurian Candidate? And Was He EEG Heterodyned Into Committing These Murders?

The Truth About The Gottfried Anti-Torture Bill And How It Will Indemnify Each U.S. State From Culpability In The Torture Of American Citizens - This Bill, Which Was Not Passed In 2012, Is Up For Consideration Again In 2013 - As A Practical Example Of How It Will Be Used, Suppose That Your Dentist Implants A Microchip In Your Tooth At The Direction Of The FBI, Which Can Then Be Used To Remotely Torture You - Under The Gottfried Bill Neither The State You Live In, Nor The FBI Or The Dentist Who Implanted You With This Chip, Can Be Held Accountable For Perpetrating This Crime Against You

Civil Rights Attorney William Kunstler - Did He Die Of Natural Causes Or Was He Murdered? And If Kunstler Was Murdered Who Killed Him?

Robert Duncan Article Regarding "Anti Psychotronic Theory" - This Is Another Article Pertaining To EEG Heterodyning Technology And Its Use In Cloning The Thoughts Of Targets Of Computer To Brain Interface - The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complexes' Applications Of This Technology In Regard To The American People, Involve A Covert Program In Which To Make Mind Controlled Slaves Out Of America's Middle Class - As Such, There Is A Media Blackout Regarding The U.S. Federal Government's Use Of This Technology, And The U.S. Medical Community Is Being Used To Portray The Targets Of This Technology, Who Publicly Document Their Experiences As Subjects Of Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation, As Being Schizophrenic

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Dr. Robert Duncan Interviewed On Coast To Coast - Why Doesn't So Called "Patriot" Alex Jones Interview Robert Duncan? Because If Jones Did, His Program Would Be Sabotaged The Way That Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Program Has, Since The Former Minnesota Governor Did An Episode On Mind Control Weapons Entitled "The Brain Invaders"

Since Former Governor Jesse Ventura Interviewed Targets Of Mind Control Weapons In An Episode Of Conspiracy Theory Called "The Brain Invaders" His TV Show Has Been Sabotaged - Is Ventura Himself Now A Targeted Individual? If So, Is Ventura Being Targeted Because He Is The Only Person Within The Mainstream Media Who Has Tried To Expose The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Nazi Ideals (Via Project Paperclip) And Use Of Electronic Warfare Technology On American Citizens?

Dr. Robert Duncan Interview Regarding Directed Energy Weapons And EEG Heterodyning Technology And Its Use In Controlling Your Thoughts By Remote Means

Editor's Note:The following article has been reprinted from an earlier post regarding the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of American media personalities for a second generation of MKUltra, which takes place by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and involves the use of a technology known as EEG Heterodyning to interface artificial intelligence computers with their own unique brainwaves.

Texas Rangers' Announcer Dave Barnett - Is He The Latest Media Personality Used For Mind Control Experimentation?

American TV Reporters And Politicians
Being Used For Mind Control Experimentation
During Live Broadcasts
Author - James F. Marino

In the above video is radio announcer, Dave Barnett, being subjected to the EEG heterodyning of his brain, while announcing a Texas Rangers' game?

Barnett is the latest media personality to suddenly have an on air episode of speaking incoherently, in what appears to be yet another instance of mind control experimentation via the EMF spectrum.

Specifically, a form of remotely accessing the brain of any person using a technology known as EEG Heterodyning.

EEG Heterodying involves the remote interfacing of an artificial intelligence computer with the brain of any person through their own unique brainwave print.

Such remote "electronic hacking" of the brain will oftentimes adversely affect the targeted person's normal brain function.

EEG Heterodyning can also be used to steal a person's thoughts and to then catalogue these thoughts into a government computer database. Once this occurs, these thoughts can be cloned and later implanted into another person's mind.

This is nothing less than a ressurrected and advanced version of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control operation of the 1950's, which has now moved from the laboratory environment of the 1950's to our communities, homes, and minds - by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

It would appear based on the testimony of several former goverment employees who've now turned to whistleblowing, that there are many different organizations operating within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex that are illegally using these "mind control weapons" on American citizens.

Sportscaster, Dave Barnett, was broadcasting a Texas Rangers' game earlier in the week when he began speaking incoherently. Barnett claims to suffer from migraines, which is being used as the cover story for several situations in which TV personalities have suddenly begun to speak erratically while on live TV.

Another cover story is that some of these people had seizures, as in the case of TV reporter Sarah Carlson.

However, the fact that this phenomenon has occurred with at least 20 newscasters who appear fine one minute only to then start speaking incoherently the next, is far too coincidental to ignore.

Especially since at least four of these situations occurred within a month or so of eachother in 2011, and that the Internet has now become a venue for thousands of accounts of such mind control experimentation by American citizens, as well as those citizens of many other nations - each of whose governments are members of NATO.

The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using EEG Heterodyning Technology To Ensure Their Control Over TV & Radio Broadcasters In The United States

The Internet Has Become Home To Thousands Of Websites Which Document Government Mind Control Experimentation On Americans, As Well As Those Citizens Of Many Other Countries

The sudden brain dysfunction of Dave Barnett is the sixth incident that this writer has documented in regard to this phenomenon in less than a year.

Given that these attacks are taking place on live TV, one must wonder if all reporters are being remotely EEG Heterodyned by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, as part of a clandestine mind control experimentation program, which would represent a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA program that was initiated in the 1950's.

If so, then any TV or radio personality can be instantly targeted for such a remote attack on their own brain, since the unique set of EMF frequencies for each person's brain (a brainwave print) has been catalogued within the NSA's computer database, and can be accessed through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

According to Dr. Robert Duncan, there are similiar programs within the CIA and Pentagon which were implemented in the mid 1970's. Duncan has stated that a program known as TAMI (Thought Amplifier - Mind Interface) was secretly implemented against the American people in 1976.

Based on his explanation of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in his 1992 civil action against the U.S. National Security Agency, John St. Clair Akwei has described similar technology to TAMI, in which EEG Heterodyning is used to remotely synchronize the NSA's artificial intelligence computers with the brainwave print of any American citizen, without that citizen's knowledge or consent.

This author has been the target of the NSA's illegal remote neural monitoring of my thoughts through the EEG Heterodyning of my person (by remotely accessing my brainwave print and synchronizing it with the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network) since the 1970's, while using this author as a target of a modern day version of MKULTRA.

The FBI/NSA slander campaign against this author is being used to conceal their non consensual human experimentation of my person from the American people.

For more on the NSA's use of EEG Heterodyning to remotely access the unique brainwave print of each American citizen, Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA. Also Google: The Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Robert Duncan.

The readers should also keep in mind that it is illegal for the NSA, CIA or Pentagon to spy on American citizens, even though these organizations have been doing so since their inception.

In regard to the NSA, this agency has been spying domestically since 1952, as the result of the UK/USA Treaty. This clandestine agreement was created in the late 1940's and has enabled the NSA to circumvent its own charter by using the British Intelligence community to spy on the United States, while the NSA spied on Great Britain.

Then the organizations would simply exchange their information, while violating the Constitutional rights of their own citizenry.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has taken this crime to an entirely new level, through the Agency's furtive brainscanning of American citizens, via the use of EEG Heterodyning technology, and a secretly implemented national EMF fingerprinting network.

According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA has been deploying its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network against the American people since the early 1980's.

As for the timeline, in 1981, Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order (12333) which gave unprecedented authority to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to spy domestically. Even though the Military is expressly prohibited from spying in the United States; as is the U.S. Intelligence community, with the exception of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

However, the FBI has never even had a legislative charter in which to operate in the United States, because the FBI was never created through the legislative process by the U.S. Congress as it by law must be, but instead was created by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

This offers further proof that the FBI was never created as a legitimate federal police force, but instead as a secret police force like the Stasi or KGB.

The FBI has also never investigated one of the myriad complaints by American citizens involving the organized stalking crimes these people have been subjected to, nor has the FBI ever investigated any complaints relating to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of EEG Heterodyning on these citizens, regarding their use in a modern day version of MKULTRA mind control experimentation.

"Rangers Broadcaster Barnett OK After Bizarre On-Air Moment"

Also See:

Dr. Rauni Kilde, A Target Of EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface - In This Video Kilde Talks About The Swedish Government's Use Of Many Of Its Own Citizens As Unwitting Mind Control Experimentees

American TV Reporters Are Being EEG Heterodyned Via Signals Intelligence Satellites And Phased Radar Arrays

The following are several videos which show American reporters in the midst of a TV broadcast, when they suddenly start speaking non sensically.

There have been other instances as well, including TV reporters from other countries experiencing similar difficulties, which appear to be caused by the EEG Heterodyning of their brains. EEG Heterodyning occurs when an artificial intelligence computer is synchronized with the specific frequencies (brainwave print) of a person's brain. The computer is then used to access the person's subvocalized thoughts without their knowledge or consent.

This author has also included a video of former President Bill Clinton just moments before he speaks on national television. Clinton is in an obvious trance, as is a reporter in the video following Clinton's. Robin Meade is shown in a trance while on a live television broadcast, only to awaken from the trance to realize that she is on live TV.

Can you imagine Barack Obama suddenly speaking complete gibberish in the midst of a national TV address? It could happen, since Obama's brainwave print can be accessed in just the way that the media personalities' brainwave prints have been accessed in the videos on this Website.

This should give you a real warm feeling about whoever is heading up the White House, given their own vulnerability to the predators within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex who secretly use this EEG Heterodyning technology on a largely unwitting American public.

To quote Dr. Robert Duncan: "Your Brain Has No Firewall."

This means that once it has been breached and the unique frequencies of your brainwave print decoded, you are now an electronic slave of the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, who can be subjected the EEG Heterodyning of your person at any time, without your knowledge or consent.

All American citizens are "electronic slaves" of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex."

I have also included a video in which Columbia University professor, David Buckner, is speaking with Glenn Beck in regard to how U.S. Treasuries have become toxic assets as the result of the 2008 sub prime mortgage collapse, when Buckner suddenly collapses while on live TV.

In this author's opinion, Buckner was targeted by a directed energy weapon, which caused him to faint. At the time that he was targeted, he was commenting negatively in regard to Wall Street and its deceptive practices.

Ironically enough, the media in the United States doesn't have to report on such mind control experimentation, since from the following videos, it's become evident they are being unwittingly used as non consensual human experimentees, in order to demonstrate EEG Heterodyning technology for our general population, through live television broadcasts.

Bill Clinton In A Trance Before National Address

Reporter Robin Meade In A Trance

David Buckner Hit By A Directed Energy Weapon
While Talking To Glenn Beck?

And since the only organizations in the United States who have access to the types of classified technology which can be used to adversely affect the human brain through the use of EEG Heterodyning technology reside within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, there's no need to speculate as to who has the capability to remotely access a person's brain for such non consensual human experimentation.

We know that the U.S. Federal Government is responsible for these horrendous crimes, and that the politicians in the United States, as well as the mainstream media, will be used to conceal the truth about these weapons from the American people.

It would also appear that Judge Judy Sheindlin has also become a target of this remote experimentation on the human brain, after Sheindlin began to speak incoherently during the taping of an episode of her TV show, and was rushed to the hospital.

Is this evidence that the media is remotely brain-tapped via EEG Heterodyning? And if the media, the first line of disinformation for the New World Order is brain-tapped, then what about the politicians in our respective nations?

Are they EEG Heterodyned as well?

The seventh of the following videos describes the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, which can be used to turn off certain areas of the brain. This technology can be deployed via the EEG Heterodyning of a person's brainwave print.

What U.S. Government programs are behind these atrocities? According to Dr. Robert Duncan, programs known as TAMI, SATAN and MIND.

Each of the next six videos shows a different TV reporter suddenly experiencing what can only be described as artificially induced brain dysfunction via the EEG Heterodyning of their own brainwave print.

In the first video, newscaster Sarah Carlson is seen speaking fine during a TV broadcast, only to begin speaking incoherently a short time later. The media was quick to state that Carlson is an epileptic and had a seizure during the program.

However, Carlson never fell out of her chair, nor did she convulse. Instead, she finished her incoherent rambling and appeared to be fine.

Had she actually been targeted by a microwave weapon, a seizure in her brain could have been remotely induced, as they were in the brain of this author's Father on at least two occasions.

Moreover, are we to believe that the other newscasters in the videos listed below were all having seizures on air?

Especially when each of these instances occurred within the span of a single month.

These reporters were clearly being used for some form of non consensual human experimentation.

The research discussed in the seventh video involves the use of wired technology to conduct transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

However, there's no doubt that a wireless form of this technology deployed via satellite, can be used to furtively target any person by their brain's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies, just as the following reporters were.

This author is aware of this from my own experiences as a target of government mind control experimentation. The FBI, NSA and DHS are presently engaged in an illegal smear campaign against my person in regard to my writings as a target of non consensual human experimentation and EEG Heterodyning.

The FBI and DHS have been attempting to murder this author for the past decade, through a vicious psychological warfare campaign which was perpetrated in an effort to suicide my person, and which has ultimately failed.

As such, the smear campaign which these agents of Satan have since promulgated against my person and that is based on much outright slander, is the only method left (short of outright murder) in which to conceal these crimes from the U.S. population.

A population that is unwittingly being targeted by the very EMF weapons that this author writes about on this Website.

Also See: Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

This furtive use of EEG Heterodyning - or what this author refers to as - through the air computer to brain interface technology on private citizens - no longer involves just isolated incidents.

There are literally thousands of people living within the United States, as well as thousands of citizens from other countries, describing their own experiences as targets of mind control experimentation.

And there are likely millions more who don't yet realize what's happened to them.

In the following instances in which TV reporters suddenly begin to speak incoherently while during a live broadcast, it's obvious that EEG Heterodyning and a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain was used to adversely affect certain areas of their brains.

One moment they are speaking fine, yet the next they are rambling incoherently.

One reporter, Sarah Carlson. sounds as if she is speaking in tongues, and from a version of the video which has been used to study the audio portion of what Carlson is saying, it appears that she may in fact have been speaking in tongues at the time.

But then again, EEG Heterodyning can be used to clone the thoughts of another person into your own brain, so it is possible to completely change an individual's personality by secretly using EEG Heterodyning to interface an artificial computer with that person's brainwave print.

From the accounts of many of the men and women targeted for remote thought reading - mind manipulation - they have reported similar types of manifestations, as subjects of non consensual human experimentation.

As a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and the covert EEG Heterodyning of my brainwave print, this author has experienced such thought blanking, in addition to myriad other manifestations of computer to brain interface.

All of which the government will attempt to deny, while using furtive psychological warfare operations against my person in an attempt to drive me insane. And these psyop attacks are typical of the ways in which the government attempts to destroy the myriad men and women who are legitimate targets of EEG Heterodyning technology, and non consensual human experimentation.

This is without a doubt the best evidence that the U.S. Federal Government is driven by a Nazi ideology that is gradually being used to destroy the United States of America and her predominant middle class.

You can take this information and use it to educate yourselves, because as citizens of the global middle class, you are all EEG Heterodyned whether you realize it or not.

And you are all targets of the greatest conspiracy against humanity in the history of the human race - the electronic enslavement of your own mind, by a global world government with various regions that now serve the New World Order's agenda for a central government, a central religion (Zionism), and a central monetary system.

- James F. Marino

Target Of MKULTRA Since The 1970's

TV Reporter Sarah Carlson Suddenly Starts Speaking In Tongues?
Was She Remotely Brain Tapped?

Reporter Serene Branson Starts Speaking Gibberish - Migraine Headache Or Mind Control Weapon?

Judge Judy Rambling Incoherently On TV - Is She Another Victim Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation?

Reporter Mark Mcallister Starts Speaking Gibberish During A TV Broadcast - Mcallister Is Yet Another Target Of A Modern Day Version Of MKULTRA Via EEG Heterodyning Technology

Another TV Personality Starts Speaking Erratically - She Didn't Suffer A Stroke Or Seizure Even Though Microwave Weapons Can Cause Both - She Was EEG Heterodyned

Foreign Reporter Jana Cermakova, Has Trouble Speaking During A TV Broadcast

Another Newscaster Subjected To EEG Heterodyning Memory Blanking

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Of The Brain Via EEG Heterodyning Can Turn Off Certain Areas Of Your Brain As Has Been Shown In The Case Of Several TV Personalities Who Began Speaking Gibberish For No Apparent Reason

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The U.S Media Reports That A Meteor In The Evening Sky Tonight Passes Close To The Earth - Was This Object Really A Meteor Or Was It Created Through The Use Of HAARP Technology As Part Of Operation Blue Beam?

Dr. Carol Rosin Discusses Her Conversations With Nazi Scientist (And The Father Of The NASA Space Program) Dr. Wernher Von Braun, In Regard To His Warnings About Project Blue Beam, A Government Manufactured Alien Invasion, And A Bible Rapture Scenario Carried Out With Signals Intelligence Satellites And Microwave Weapons - In Reference To This Elaborate Hoax, One Must Wonder If Some Of The Objects Which Have Recently Been Reported By The Media As Being Meteors - Including What Appeared To Be A Meteor This Author Saw On The Evening Of March 22, 2013 Passing Directly Over My Home (See the article below) - Were In Fact Created By HAARP Technology? I Could Actually Hear This Object As It Passed Overhead, Yet There Was Something Unnatural About It

Tonight A Meteor-Like Object Passes Very Close To Earth - Was It A Real Meteor Or A Manmade Object Created Through HAARP Technology?

Author: James F. Marino

As I was taking a walk earlier this evening I heard a whooshing sound and saw a brightly colored aqua marine light in the sky, just before what appeared to be a meteor shot through the sky heading towards the Southwest.

My *initial impression was that regardless of what it was, the luminous object must have been close to the Earth, given that I could hear it as it passed overhead. My impression was later confirmed when I saw that this evening's news mentioned that hundreds of people had reported seeing a meteor fireball in the skies over the Northeastern part of the United States tonight.

*It is entirely possible that what many Americans living within the Northeastern part of the United States witnessed this evening was not a meteor at all, but instead, some form of plasma fireball created by HAARP technology. *See the following quote by retired Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden, in regard to how these HAARP plasma fireballs are created. What is frightening about these artificially created fireballs is that the Pentagon could direct them toward a heavily populated area in the United States, such as Manhattan, and the media would report that NYC was devastated by a meteorite.

* Eyewitness Accounts Of The "Fireball" Seen In The Skies Over The Northeastern Part Of The United States On The Evening Of 3/22/13


Tesla Magnifying Transmitters

"They will go through anything. What you do is that you set up a standing wave through the earth and the molten core of the earth begins to feed that wave (we are talking Tesla now). When you have that standing wave, you have set up a triode. What you've done is that the molten core of the earth is feeding the energy and it's like your signal-that you are putting in-is gathering the grid of a triode. Then what you do is that you change the frequency. If you change the frequency one way (start to dephase it), you dump the energy up in the atmosphere beyond the point on the other side of the earth that you focused upon.

"You start ionizing the air, you can change the weather flow patterns (jet streams, etc.) -- you can change all of that-if you dump it gradually, real gradually-- you influence the heck out of the weather. It's a great weather machine.

"If you dump it sharply, you don't get little ionization like that. You will get flashes and fireballs (plasma) that will come down on surfaces of the earth... you can cause enormous weather changes over entire regions by playing that thing back and forth.

- Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden (retired)

This author has seen many meteors in my lifetime, however, only once before did I actually see one that I could hear make a sound as it was shooting through the sky, and that was in the late 1960s.

For those who believe in the possible existence of the *Planet X of Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles' series of books (and there are a myriad of us who do), one must wonder if many of the anomalies that we are seeing on Earth at the present time, are being caused by this planet's gravitational pull on the Earth, as it approaches our planet.

*Update: Since I listed this post, a new book written by authors Tom Horn and Cris Putnam has been published, theorizing that the Vatican is presently awaiting the arrival of an alien savior, whom Horn and Putnam claim will be the *Antichrist.

* The House of Rothschilds' demonic savior

This book parallels so closely with the Project Blue Beam scenario published by the late Serge Monast in 1994, in which Monast accused NASA of propagating an end of times scenario that includes the exploitation of the Bible rapture story - using space based military grade weapons - that the book is a must read; whether it's based on fact, or another piece of New Age propaganda promulgated through the House of Rothschilds' global media empire.

There's no question that HAARP technology is responsible for many of the man-made disasters (which on the surface appear to be nature-related) which we have seen over the past decade, including devastating storms like Hurricane Sandy.

However, what if there is a legitimate supernatural component to these phenomena? If the Planet X of Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles does exist, could it also be contributing to these phenomena?

If so, then what we are experiencing in the way of anomalous weather patterns is being caused by a natural phenomenon which would likely be beyond the control of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' electronic warfare programs.

The Inherent Dangers Of Weaponized Satellites To Humanity

Theoretically, the American people have the power to force this government to end the Star Wars Initiative program that was started under the Reagan Administration in the early 1980s, and which now includes the covert mind control weapons' programs that this govermment is secretly using on a significant number of American citizens, under the cover of national security.

However, given the clandestine nature of these programs and the ability for those who oversee them to fund them through black budgets - derived through criminal operations such as drug and human trafficking - even if the Congress was forced to end these programs, the military intelligence complex would simply go underground with them, like the CIA did when Congress forced the Agency to officially shut down its MK-Ultra mind control program.

Of course, those of us who are the targets of a modern day version of MK-Ultra, now conducted through the electromagnetic spectrum, and by way of signals intelligence satellite networks which use artificial intelligence computers and EEG heterodyning in which to interface these computers with the neural pathways of our brains, realize that there is no effective way of shutting down these programs without exposing the people who are responsible them.

These programs are a complete perversion of the technology developed by scientist Nicola Tesla a century ago. * Tesla's intent was to use this electromagnetic technology to benefit the human race - not to destroy it.

* In the 1920s Nikola Tesla contacted the U.S. Federal Government claiming that he could construct an electromagnetic shield around the United States which would protect this country from a dirigible attack. Tesla also realized that it was only a matter of time before missiles would be developed, which would make his electromagnetic shield even more pertinent to the defense of the United States.

Tesla saw the future before the rest of the world did. He also had a vast understanding of how the electromagnetic spectrum operates, and how he could utilize certain frequencies within the EMF spectrum to develop technology which would benefit human kind.

This Government's leadership at the time turned Tesla's offer down because they did not want to spend the $2 million dollars that Tesla required to construct his invention. Two million dollars even in the early 1900s was a paltry sum next to the billions of dollars which were spent by the U.S. Military in those days.

However, this is further proof of how brilliant and far ahead of his time Nikola Tesla was, and how short sighted the military was at the time.

Moreover, were he alive today, Tesla would certainly find repugnant, how his brainchild has been completely perverted by this government, to harm humanity, instead of enhancing its existence on this planet.

How The Pentagon Is Using Tesla Technology To Destroy Humanity

Furthermore, and at least hypothetically speaking, if Planet X (otherwise known as Nibiru) truly does exist, and is headed towards Earth, then the Earth's population will be helpless to prevent Nibiru from devastating our planet.

That is, unless this government already maintains the technical means in which to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from such a cataclysmic event, since it's clear from their development of microwave energy weapons, that it was Tesla's research which they have stolen, in order to create these weapons. And for their own inhumane world government agenda.

As such, could the HAARP antenna arrays that are presently being used to cause geophysical manipulation of our weather, and the subsequent disasters that are taking place around this planet, instead be used in a positive way to protect the Earth from such a catastrophic event, as that described by Zecharia Sitchin regarding Nibiru's return trip through the Milky Way Galaxy?

Could HAARP technology be used to create the type of electromagnetic shield which Tesla described to the U.S. Military nearly a century ago?

Keeping this in mind, one must wonder if the EMF shield which Tesla claimed to have been able to construct around the United States, would be powerful enough to prevent the destruction that a rogue planet could cause while passing through this part of the Milky Way Galaxy, if this EMF shield can be electronically deployed over our entire planet.

Since we are seeing increasing empirical evidence regarding the myriad anomalies which are slowly destroying, not only this planet, but also both the human as well as animal inhabitants of the Earth - what does this portend for humanity as well as other forms of life on this planet in the future - if we cannot find a way in which to combat both the natural part of this phenomena, as well as the man-made EMF weapons which are being used to furtively enslave us?

Moreover, what is to become of a government that has perverted the very technology which could be used to save the human race from such a devastating event, when it is instead using this technology against us?

- James F. Marino

*Is Nibiru's Approaching The Earth Causing The Types Of Phenomena Seen In The Following Video?

Electromagnetic Warfare On The Earth's Human And Animal Populations, Or Planet Nibiru's Approaching The Earth? Or A Combination Of The Two?

Zionist Michael Bloomberg States That Government Has The Right To Infringe On The Constitutional Rights Of American Citizens - Like His Fellow Politicians, Mayor Michael Bloomberg Is Nothing But An EEG Heterodyned Mind Controlled Puppet Of The House Of Rothschilds' New World Order

Editor's Note: FBI/NSA electronically interfere with this Website constantly. If they are not damaging hyperlinks or blocking my access to the Template or other parts of this site, they are delaying access to the Website for the myriad people who regularly visit this site. I was surfing the Internet earlier and noticed how easily I was able to access other Websites.

However, when I attempted to access this Website it took much longer. "Evidently" the agents who continue to set new precedents in committing crimes against this author are now electronically interfering with the speed at which this Website downloads.

FBI/NSA retribution against this author for exposing the decades of crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against my person, as well my publicly accusing the U.S. Military Intelligence complex of secretly cataloguing the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's body, continues.

Another of the electronic tamperings that FBI/NSA perpetrate against this Website is to interfere remotely with the hypertext markup language that is used to create this Website.

On this particular post, the readers will note that as of this time the entire text of this post is in bold letters. I noticed this after having posting it.

Initially, the post only had bold letters in specific areas of text; not the entire post. However, FBI/NSA have the ability to either use Blogger to directly interfere with this Website, or to do so themselves using signals intelligence technology to electronically hack this Website by way of remote means.

The HTML for this post has not changed on the page. Specifically, there is no addition listed on the page which would account for the entire text of this post being in bold letters. This means that the HTML code is being interfered with by external means. This also means that this text can

revert to normal at anytime.

Also See:

The United Nation's Genocidal Policy Against The Global Middle Class Under Agenda 21

Zecharia Sitchin And Planet Nibiru - During His Lifetime Sitchin And His Research Regarding Nibiru And The Anunnaki Had As Many Critics As They Did Supporters - However, As Time Goes By Sitchin's Work Continues To Become More Relevant

Monday, March 18, 2013

Was A Woman By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Killed As The Result Of A Tragic Accident Or Was She The Victim Of A High-Tech Premeditated Murder Based On Signals Intelligence And EEG Heterodyning Technologies?

World Zionism & The Rothschild Controlled Israeli Zionist State, Continue To Exploit Judaism For The Rothschilds' Own Communist World Government Agenda - Despite The Extreme Suffering Of The American Middle Class - Including Millions Of Non Zionist Jews - The U.S. Federal Government Continues To Allocate Billions Of Dollars A Year To Israel & Its Rothschilds' Zionist Ideology - Since 1949 The United States Has Given Israel More Than 100 Billion Dollars, Which Should Have Been Spent In The United States On The American Middle Class

America Freedom To Fascism Producer, Aaron Russo's Last Public Statement Before Dying In 2007, Warning Americans Of The Impending Dictatorship In The United States - While Dying In His Home Of Cancer (Likely Caused By A Directed Energy Weapon), Aaron Was Subjected To A Fatal Heart Attack On August 24Th, 2007 - Was Aaron's Heart Attack Also Related To These Microwave Weapons?

FBI/NSA Criminal Use OF EEG Heterodyning On This Author
Have These Federal Psychopaths Murdered At Least Four People As Part Of The Modern Day MKULTRA Mind Control Experimentation They Are Subjecting Me To?

Written By James F. Marino

First, I'd like to apologize in advance for any spelling errors that the readers may find on this blog, since the FBI has had the spell check feature on my Blogger account removed from the edit menu.

This is just one of the myriad types of electronic harassment that these criminals perpetrate against my person daily, as punishment for in 2005, publicly and rightfully, accusing the U.S. Federal Government of secretly cataloguing the unique sets of EMF signatures of each American citizen's body, into the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' computer databases; as part of a signals intelligence domestic spy program.

A crime of treason so abject, that they are now attempting to find a way in which to murder this author for exposing it, with the replete and often slanderous smear campaign being used to justify the crimes that these psychopaths can no longer deny committing against my person.

"I studied how to crack DES and other encryption technologies but had no real experience in the hacking techniques of the human mind before my ordeal. In secret government laboratories, the encryption keys are changed as frequently as can be cracked by the best decryption machines they have. The human brain can not change its encryption, so once decoded your brain is forever part of the TAMI database and network. The mind has no firewall."

- Dr. Robert Duncan

Former U.S. Government Scientist Who Helped Develop & Refine EEG Heterodyning Technology As Part Of The U.S. Military-Intelligence Community's Mind Control Weapons' Programs

The FBI/NSA Use Of This Author As The Target Of A High-Tech Version Of MKULTRA Since The 1970s, May Include Their Covert Murders Of Several Other People

As a targeted individual, unwitting subject of EEG heterodyning technology, and non consensual mind control experimentation since the 1970s, this author has noticed many anomalies in my life over the past few decades.

Oftentimes, I will have a cloned thought implanted into my subconscious, in regard to some adverse event, only to find that something similar to this artificially induced "premonition" is reported in the mainstream media a day or two later.

For example, during the early morning hours of 5/17/11, this author is subjected to voice to skull wireless communication via the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network. The name Killebrew is repeated several times over the course of a few hours.

Later on in the day this author reads in the paper that a baseball player named Harmon Killebrew died today after suffering with a long illness.

However, I had never heard of Harmon Killebrew, much less that he was a professional baseball player from several decades ago.

These voice to skull episodes have been occurring for years as part of the non consensual human experimentation that the NSA subjects my person to. And this is a further illustration of how the NSA utilizes the electromagnetic spectrum in order to gain remote access to the mind of any person whom the Agency is spying on.

The U.S. federal government's attempts to stonewall the truth about this satellite deployed technology are failing, since every person living within the United States has been electromagnetically fingerprinted by the NSA, and thousands of targets of such non consensual human experimentation are at present documenting their own experiences with the NSA's wireless EEG heterodyning of their own thoughts.

A decade ago, speaking out in regard to one's experiences as a target of mind control research was considered to be taboo. However, with the thousands of people within the United States alone now making such claims, and with more joining them on a regular basis, what was once considered to be taboo, has now entered into the mainstream of alternative journalism. And given the power of the Blogosphere, as well as its ability to attract those who are open minded in their views of life in general, the U.S. federal government is going to have an impossible time in the future keeping this treasonous secret from the American people.

As yet another example of how the NSA remotely accesses the neural pathways of my brain, oftentimes implanting computer generated thoughts into my mind, several years ago I had a thought implanted in regard to a person's head being crushed by an automobile. The following day, a student at the local high school (Matthew Ravner) is killed when he inexplicably attempts to jump on the floorboard of a fellow student's SUV as it begins to move.

The student instead falls under the wheels of this vehicle and is tragically killed, when his head and chest are crushed by the right rear wheel of the SUV.

This electronic accessing of my thoughts can also work the opposite way since my brainwaves are being illegally monitored via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and through the NSA's EEG Heterodyning of my person.

Specifically, a situation that I may see in a movie, or the topic of a conversation that I may witness or have with someone else, or even a thought that I might have is then carried out in real life on some unsuspecting person(s) by the very agents who illegally access my brainwaves, so that they know what I am thinking. Using this stealth EEG heterodyning technology to remotely access the visual cortex region of my brain, these federal criminals can also see what I see through my own eyes. (The Remote Neural Monitoring Of My Brainwaves Via Signals Intelligence Satellites Or HAARP Over The Horizon Radar.)

This has *occurred so many times over the past decade alone, that it must be related to this two-way (synthetic telepathy) "through the air" computer to brain interface that I am subjected to via the U.S. Intelligence community's clandestine EEG heterodyning technology, and the synchronizing of Artificial Intelligence computers with my brainwaves.

*Update: 6/27/14 The name of someone whom I have not seen in years suddenly pops into my head, which is typical of the NSA's EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways of my brain; a phenomenon that I have dealt with for several decades now as a target of this second generation MK-Ultra which is conducted by way of the EMF spectrum.

This EEG heterodyned "two way computer to brain link" system of communication between an MK-Ultra target's brain and an NSA artificial intelligence computer, involves both the NSA's illegal interception of my EEG thought streams as well as NSA computer generated EEG thought streams being remotely implanted into the neural pathways of my brain via either signals intelligence satellites or HAARP over the horizon radar systems.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

I go to the Internet to see if I can locate information on the person only to find that he was recently arrested for setting fire to a multimillion dollar home on Long Island, and for attempting to set a cellphone tower on fire a day earlier.

Accused Arsonist Found Mentally Incompetent To Stand Trial

He was reported to have been rambling at the time he was arrested, claiming that he was trying to save the person who lived in the house, whose son he'd claimed had been kidnapped by Israeli agents.

Is this person yet another unwitting target of mind control experimentation via the EMF spectrum? And is this why he had attempted to burn a cellphone tower down, since cellphone towers are one of the means by which "through the air" computer to brain interface is taking place, as cellphone and GWEN towers are being used to "piggy back" this computer generated information via signals intelligence satellites and HAARP over the horizon radar systems, directly into the neural pathways of a targeted person's brain.

This is not speculation any longer. It is fact, and a number of former government employees who have worked on this technology have not only publicly admitted to having done so, but also apologized for doing so, stating that they were told that this technology was going to be used on other countries - not on American citizens.

The aforementioned person is a former Long Island real estate developer whom I knew more than two decades ago, and it is entirely possible that he has been EEG heterodyned for years, and used for non consensual mind control experimentation without even realizing it.

Perhaps he may have begun to research this phenomenon over the Internet, which might explain why he was attempting to burn a cellphone tower down.

If this is the case it is not only possible, but quite likely probable, that for years now he may have been targeted for voice to skull (V2K) two way communication, where sound waves are remotely beamed directly into the aural cortex region of his brain, so that he would hear voices (that no one around him could hear,) telling him things that were not true, while directing him to commit crimes, which could have included burning down the house which he is charged with doing; since the Pentagon's "Voice Of God" weapons are capable of using microwave energy weapons to remotely implant thoughts into anyone's mind.

This phenomenon of hearing voices through V2K or synthetic telepathy, has become such a common occurrence within both the United States and myriad other countries, that many different activism groups have been formed to research who is responsible. In most cases, it's been determined that it is the governments within these countries that are responsible for these crimes against humanity, which is why both the governments themselves, as well as the media, and federal, state and local police agencies have continued to completely ignore the millions of complaints being made in regard to these Orwellian crimes.

The fact is that in the United States, this non consensual human experimentation is going on all around us, given the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of the EMF spectrum for the purpose of turning our communities into covert laboratories, in order to experiment upon a totally unwitting American public.

And unlike the early days of the CIA's original MK-Ultra program, where targets of such mind control experimentation were usually sequestered behind the walls of an establishment which was used in order to conceal the CIA's horrific crimes from the public, in the modern day this second generation of MK-Ultra allows such non consensual human experimentation to take place anywhere, since the American people have all been unwittingly brain mapped by the NSA.

As such, any American citizen can find themselves being targeted for such mind control experimentation without their knowledge or consent, as can any member of their own family or community.

And this remote form of being able to enter the neural pathways of any person's mind, also means that the person could be remotely brainwashed into committing crimes that they would never have committed otherwise.

This is the greatest scandal in human history, because it involves the U.S. federal government's furtive electronic EMF finger printing of each American citizen through the decoding of their bodies' own unique EMF signatures (including both heart beat and brain wave prints), which are then used to brand them like the proverbial head of cattle.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency for more on the NSA scandal which was first exposed by John St. Clair Akwei in a 1992 lawsuit which Akwei was prevented from seeing to fruition in a Washington D.C. circuit court. Also Google: The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and how it can be used to remotely dial up the unique EMF signatures of any citizen living within the United States, through the NSA's use of the electromagnetic spectrum as a means for spying domestically.

Also Google: Dr. Robert Duncan's book: "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" which documents Pentagon & CIA domestic spy programs created in the 1970s; programs which utilize the EMF spectrum and HAARP over the horizon radar systems, in order to remotely access and interact with the brains of American citizens, by using EEG heterodyning to synchronize the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' artificial intelligence computers, with the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's brain.

** This morning, 6/28/14, after posting the above information last night, this author notices that there are a lot of bird feathers under a new plumb tree which we had planted on our property earlier this week. However, the remains of the bird itself are no where to be found. So either the bird was *killed there and removed, or the feathers were dumped there by some Organized Stalking psychopath who illegally trespassed on our property in the middle of the night.

Moreover, the tree which this one replaces, was in all probability destroyed by way of directed energy weaponry, since it was less than a year old when it had died, and its branches were brittle enough to be from a tree that was decades older.

For the past month or so we have had a pair of doves living near our home, which spent quite a bit of time nesting on the shrubbery. Today there is only one dove, so it was likely the other which was killed last night. The question is how did it die? The feathers were scattered over a roughly two foot in diameter area, so the dove must have attempted to put up a struggle before it was killed.

The CIA's original MK-Ultra program was based on Satanic Ritual Abuse which involved the killing of animals as well as children and adults, as part of a sacrifice to Satan, and so is the second generation of this evil program, which is now conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and through many different alphabet agencies, including the CIA and NSA.

This is especially disturbing since this technology can be used to instantly target any person living within the United States by way of the EMF spectrum and their bodies' own unique EMF signatures, in order to spy upon, experiment upon, torture or even murder them with complete anonymity.

Given the history of MK-Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse in Hollywood, one can only imagine how many actors and actresses have been murdered by such covert means, through the use of these arcane weapons, and as a form of furtive ritualistic sacrifice, whose deaths were then reported to have been caused from either drug abuse, suicide or natural causes.

In Hollywood, drug abuse in particular is rampant, which gives those who would conspire to murder an actor or actress in such a covert and cowardly manner, plausible deniability in doing so. Even if the person was not addicted to drugs, they could still be murdered in this way, and a coroner could be used to falsify their cause of death.

The dispensation of drugs in America is big business, with Big Pharma controlling the legal side of prescription drugs, while the CIA controls the illegal drugs which get sold to your children.

In Hollywood, Big Pharma and the CIA split the profits, given their intent to hook the American acting community on both prescription and illegal drugs, while the U.S. media is used to fraudulently promote the importance of staying drug free, with bogus government programs like The Partnership For A Drug Free America.

The fact is that there is no money to be made in promoting a drug free culture in the United States, anymore than there is in curing cancer. And the pharmaceutical community and the Rockefeller drug trust are well aware of this.

So Americans continue to die, while the "drug free" propaganda campaigns promulgated by the media, espousing the importance of eradicating the drug culture in this country, continue.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency for more on the NSA scandal which was first exposed by John St. Clair Akwei in a 1992 lawsuit which Akwei was prevented from seeing to fruition in a Washington D.C. circuit court.

Also Google: Dr. Robert Duncan's book: "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" which documents Pentagon & CIA domestic spy programs created in the 1970s; programs which utilize the EMF spectrum and HAARP over the horizon radar systems, in order to remotely access and interact with the brains of American citizens, by using EEG heterodyning to synchronize the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' artificial intelligence computers, with the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's brain.

*Update: 6/24/14 - Today I read in the paper that stand up comedian, Steve Rossi, died of esophageal cancer on Sunday 6/22/14. Rossi had been ill for quite some time. What I find of interest is that on Friday, 6/20/14, I was watching a YouTube video in which Rossi was part of a radio interview. Then he died two days later. The same thing happened on 6/12/14 after I had watched a movie with the actress Ruby Dee (see below).

Anyone can be killed instantly by giving them a heart attack through the use of a directed energy weapon. The older a person is (especially if the are ill) the easier it is to commit this terrible crime with total anonymity.

The monsters within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex who use their electronic warfare programs on a completely unwitting American public, know this, which is why they continue to perpetrate this atrocities.

If a politician attempts to draft legislation in order to open a modern day Church Committee investigation into the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' Orwellian operations, their political career is quickly destroyed, as we have seen in a number of cases, including those of former N.J. Senator, Bob Torricelli and former Representative, Cynthia McKinney.

I also find it of interest that not only did "America: Freedom To Fascism" producer, Aaron Russo die on my birthday, but that he contracted cancer after he produced this expose on the Federal Reserve System and IRS; a documentary which proves that these organizations are unconstitutional, and being used as a way in which to enslave the American middle class. Russo would later appear on the Alex Jones' show describing how he and Nick Rockefeller would talk about the Rockefeller Foundation, and its covert plan to create a new feudal system, in which each American citizen would be implanted with a microchip, that would be used to control every aspect of their life.

*Update: 6/12/14 - Last week this author watched a movie entitled "Decoration Day" which stars actors James Garner and Ruby Dee. Today, the media reports that Ruby Dee has passed away of natural causes at the age of 91. Perhaps this is the case, however, with the way in which people are being murdered with directed energy weapons, giving an elderly person a heart attack or stroke is very easily accomplished, while using the concept of plausible deniability to perpetrate these crimes with complete anonymity.

*Update: 6/01/13 - Earlier this week a Family member is watching the TV show "Wheel Of Fortune." When one of the contestants spins the wheel they just miss the million dollar space. This author asks the Family member if someone on Wheel Of Fortune has ever won the million dollar prize by landing on this space and answering the corresponding question correctly.

The Family member states that they don't think a Wheel Of Fortune contestant has ever won the million dollar prize.

The same week that this author asks this question, a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune lands on the million dollar space on the spinning wheel, answers the appropriate questions correctly and wins the million dollar prize.

This is only the second time in Wheel Of Fortune's history that a contestant has won the million dollar prize.

What are the odds of this occurring just days after this author inquires as to whether or not a Wheel Of Fortune contestant has ever won the million dollar prize?

They would have to be astronomical.

Then again, these types of "astronomical" occurrences happen quite frequently if you are the target of MK-Ultra non consensual human experimentation.

UPDATE: In yet another instance of this author having a thought about a situation only to see something similar occur and be reported by the media within a day or two, on this past Sunday, 8/11/13, I was speaking with my Dad in regard to a baseball fan who was killed in 2011 when he reached out to catch a baseball for his son, and accidentally fell over a railing to his death.

See: Texas Rangers' Fan Falls To His Death While Trying To Catch A Baseball

Also See: Texas Ranger Announcer Has An EEG Heterodyned Mind Controlled Meltdown While Announcing A Baseball Game

The day after I have this conversation with my Dad, Monday 8/12/13, a fan watching the Atlanta Braves play at Turner Field, dies when he falls from a stand. This *phenomenon has been occurring with this author for much of the past decade, since the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation against my person became aggressive, and I became targeted for organized stalking in 2003.

Also See: Atlanta Braves Baseball Fan Falls To Death During A Game

** Original post continues here:

For example, I watch a movie called "The Assassination Bureau," in which towards the end of the movie, a zeppelin catches fire and explodes, killing all aboard, with the exception of the main character who barely escapes.

The following day, there is news of a balloon explosion in Egypt which catches fire and crashes, killing all of its 19 passengers.

The NSA's EEG Heterodyning Of This Author's Brainwaves Also Involves Their Attacks On Other Civilians, Oftentimes Using A Scenario I Have Seen In A Movie, Which These Operatives Will Then Use In Real Life To Either Harm Or Murder Someone

In yet another illustration of how NSA operatives who use this author as a target of mind control experimentation, EEG heterodyne my thoughts, back in December of 2012, I was watching a movie in regard to the 1972 crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

Prior to the crash, the flight crew for Flight 401 noticed that the warning light for the front landing gear had come on, which indicated that the gear had malfunctioned and could not be lowered.

The crew became so focused on the problem with the landing gear and trying to determine if there was an actual problem with the gear, or if the indicator light was faulty, that they failed to notice that the plane was losing altitude until it was too late, and the plane crashed.

In this author's opinion, the situation which occurred onboard Flight 401 may have been the result of a U.S. Military Intelligence experiment with signals intelligence technology, which was used to remotely interfere with the electronics on Flight 401. If so, then Flight 401 was deliberately made to crash as part of this experiment.

About a week after I saw this movie and posted an article that I had written about it, a plane in Mesa, Texas lost its front landing gear and had to make an emergency landing. This is yet another example of how the NSA remotely monitors my thoughts, by illegally EEG heterodyning the neural pathways in my brain. And then creates a situation in real life based on something that I witness. This is one of the most disturbing types of mind control experimentation there is, because in many cases there are people who are murdered as part of this psychotic and evil mind control research.


Mesa Texas Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Its Landing Gear Fails

Once again, it is this author's opinion that the crash of Flight 401 may well have been done as part of a U.S. Intelligence black operation, using signals intelligence satellites and artificial intelligence computers.

What is of even greater interest in regard to Flight 401, is that while both the captain of Flight 401 and his chief flight engineer were killed in the crash, ghostly apparitions of both of these men were seen on board several Eastern Airline flights for years after the 401 crash had taken place.

In this author's opinion, the images of these pilots were satellite projected holograms, much like those of the UFO's which millions of people now see in our skies, as part of NASA's Project Blue Beam New World Order scenario.

Moreover, in this author's opinion, the 1997 Phoenix Lights UFO sighting, which was witnessed by thousands of people (including Senator John McCain, and then Arizona Governor, Fife Symington), and remains the largest single UFO sighting in recent history, was a satellite projected hologram.

As for the correlation between my seeing the movie on Flight 401, and then the plane in Mesa, Texas having trouble with its landing gear only a few days later, the fact is that these types of EEG heterodyned occurrences take place with this author constantly.

Furthermore, this phenomenon will usually take place after I watch a movie in which something happens, that is then made to occur in real life.

For instance, after I watch a movie called "Paper Man" in which a woman is crushed to death in an elevator accident, after the elevator is remotely tampered with by a computer, the following day the media reports that a woman is crushed to death in an elevator accident, after the elevator circuitry malfunctions and the doors close on her leg.

As a result of the elevator's malfunctioning, the woman's body gets lodged between the elevator floor and the upper portion of the frame for the elevator, crushing her to death, as the elevator attempts to travel to the next floor.

Even more disturbing is that on this same day I noticed a van parked in front of my home with the name HART painted on its side. The woman who was killed in the elevator accident was named Suzanne Hart! I will discuss this situation in a bit more detail later in this article, because of its horrific implications, regarding the fact that Suzanne Hart was murdered as part of a psychological warfare operation that I have been aggressively subjected to for the past decade.

Back in 2008, the day after I have a thought regarding actor Kelsey Grammer, Grammer suffers a mild heart attack.


Actor Kelsey Grammer suffers a mild heart attack the day after this author has an EEG heterodyned implanted thought about him

On the day before Olympian, Oscar Pistorius, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, I had a strange "premonition" in regard to someone firing a gun through the entrance doors of our home. In all likelihood, this was a cloned thought which was remotely implanted into my mind via EEG heterodyning technology.

The next day, Pistorius is charged with killing his girlfriend, after shooting her through the bathroom door she was hiding behind. The events related to this shooting are confusing to say the least.

Over the past year there were at least 20 different instances, in which TV and radio personalities were subjected to EEG heterodyning technology, causing them to have what has been described as "brain meltdowns" on the air. This proves that the U.S. Media is also being unwittingly targeted for this covert form of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation.

* Bill Clinton has also been subjected to EEG Heterodyning in the past, where his brain was being remotely accessed and influenced via the EMF spectrum without his knowledge.

A video at the following hyperlink shows Bill Clinton under total mind control via this covert technology. If the President Of The United States can be unwittingly subjected to the EEG heterodyning of his own brain, than any American citizen can be subjected to the same remote influence of their thoughts.

The shadow government within the United States that controls these weapons and our military intelligence complex, can use any president who is currently in office to start World War III. Many people believe that Barack Obama will be used to do just that, with an upcoming attack on Iran.

*TV Presenters And Politicians Are Being Subjected To The EEG Heterodyning Remote Manipulation Of Their Own Minds Via Signals Intelligence Satellites, Phased Radar Arrays Like HAARP, And GWEN & Cell Phone Towers - The President Of The United Can Be Subjected To This Technology And Be Manipulated Into Starting World War III, Which Will Happen If The United States Is Used To Attack Iran

The following video shows two different reporters speaking the exact same gibberish, because the same information was being electronically implanted into their brains via EEG Heterodyning technology, at the time that they were doing live TV broadcasts.

The real question is why is the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex using male and female TV and radio personalities for such obvious mind control experimentation during live broadcasts, while millions of their viewers now function as witnesses to these strange anomalies? It's as if the U.S. Federal Government wants us to know that they are perpetrating these atrocities against American citizens.

The fact that two women, TV reporter, Serene Branson, and another woman named Caroline Crowley, are seen in the following video clip speaking almost the same exact gibberish during live TV broadcasts, serves as further proof that TV broadcasters are being unwittingly subjected to the EEG heterodyning of their own brainwaves.

Moreover, the fact that these two women are speaking nearly identical forms of complete gibberish proves that migraines (the official explanation for Branson's mental meltdown) were not the real cause of this phenomenon. The readers will notice that the women's voices in these video clips are completely different, and there appears to be no lip syncing in the Crowley video footage.

This conflicts with Internet posts which claim that the Crowley video is a fake, and that Serene Branson's speaking gibberish was the result of a migraine headache. These posts were clearly made by Intel operatives looking to discredit the allegations being made by targets of EEG heterodyning, who have stated that both Branson and Crowley are unwitting targets of the EEG heterodyning of their own brainwaves.

Furthermore, there have been at least 20 different TV and radio personalities over the past year who have started speaking such incoherent sentences while doing live TV broadcasts, as the result of their being unwittingly subjected to the remote influence of their own brainwaves via EEG heterodyning technology.

Whether the Caroline Crowley video is a CGI cloned spoof of Serene Branson's EEG heterodyning meltdown remains to be seen, since to this author's knowledge, I know of no American TV reporter by the name of Caroline Crowley.

Even if the Crowley video is a fake, the Branson video is not. And this would mean that the Crowley video was created in order to discredit the Branson video, because it clearly shows that Serene Branson is being subjected to mind control experimentation.

However, if the Branson video is also real, it would show that both Serene Branson and the woman who is identified as Caroline Crowley were receiving the same information which was being remotely broadcast into their brains, via EEG Heterodyning technology, and that this why they were speaking the same gibberish.

The videos made of several American TV personalities over the past few years, who suddenly had "brain meltdowns" while doing live broadcasts, also serves as further evidence that the media are being subjected to mind control experimentation by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, while their brainwaves are being synchronized with artificial intelligence computers, via the type of EEG heterodyning technology that Dr. Robert Duncan refers to in his books "The Matrix Decipheredv- Psychic Warfare," and "Project Soul Catcher."

Like the rest of the American people, the men and women within the U.S. Media have now become unwitting targets of this satellite predation.

Jeopardy's Ken Jennings
Genius Or Unwitting Target Of EEG Heterodyning?

In this author's opinion the most successful public demonstration by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, of EEG Heterodyning to date, occurred right under the American people's collective nose. It took place on a national TV program called Jeopardy, and involved a contestant by the name of Ken Jennings.

Jennings, who appeared a precedent setting 74 times, won over two million dollars during his stay on Jeopardy. To this day he has only been beaten by three other opponents, one of which was IBM's Watson computer.

However, no Jeopardy contestant has ever come remotely close to surpassing Jennings in regard to the number of consecutive games he won on this program.

How did Jennings succeed in achieving this tremendous and unlikely accomplishment?

In this author's opinion, it involved the EEG Heterodyning of his brain's own unique EMF brainwave print, and the use of voice to skull technology to give Jennings the answers to the questions he was being asked by Alex Trebeck.

It is also entirely possible that neither Jennings nor Trebeck had any idea what was happening, and that Jennings is just another in the myriad of unwitting government mind control experimentees in the United States.

Another illustration of the myriad examples of such correlations regarding the EEG heterodyning of this author and then some physical manifestation of these thoughts (or something I have witnessed) actually occurring, took place after I watched a 1971 movie entitled "Paper Man" one evening in which one of the main characters in the movie was crushed to death after they were trapped in an elevator door, which was remotely caused by a computer to malfunction.

The following morning (December 14Th, 2011), a van with the name HART painted on its side was parked in front of my home for quite sometime. A day later, the news media reported that a woman whose name was * Suzanne Hart, had been killed on December 14Th, when she was trapped in the doors of an elevator and crushed to death - almost exactly the same way the woman in the movie died.

The Elevator Incident Starts At 40:20 Into The 1971 Movie Paper Man - Given The FBI's History Of Having YouTube Remove Movies Which I Embed On This Website For Illustrative Purposes Regarding My Own Experiences As A Target Of EEG Heterodyning, How Long Before This Movie Disappears From YouTube? Especially Since It Might Be Used As Evidence In The Covert Premeditated Murder Of A Woman Named Suzanne Hart

The circumstances in regard to Suzanne Hart's death (Hart was a Manhattan advertising executive) have become quite controversial, given the allegations being made against the elevator technician, Michael Hill, who was alleged to have forgotten to remove a jumper wire that he had installed while servicing the elevator, in order to bypass a safety device on the elevator at the time it malfunctioned, killing Hart.

And while Hill supplied a jumper wire to investigators which he claimed was used to bypass this electronic circuit, in an effort to prove that the wire was not left in the elevator at the time that Hart had been killed, investigators claim to have found another jumper wire which was conveniently found under the grate mounted in the elevator's floor.

Which brings us to the following question: was the second wire planted as evidence which has since been used to damage the credibility of Michael Hill?

One must also note that Michael Hill has stated that this particular elevator was plagued by "electronic gremlins."

Were these "electronic gremlins" the result of the elevator's circuitry being remotely tampered with via signals intelligence satellite?

Moreover, on the same day that the media covered her death, this author also posted on this blog in regard to my concerns that Suzanne Hart's death may have in fact not been accidental at all, but instead a premeditated murder committed by a group of federal psychopaths - using signals intelligence technology - who merely used Hart as part of a particular psychological operation that they have been conducting against my person for the past decade.

These agents have also attacked this author as well as members of my Family with directed energy weapons on many occasions.

This electronic warfare technology can be used to cause heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, cancers and myriad chronic illnesses, by directly targeting the human body using EEG Heterodyning technology which is deployed via the EMF spectrum.

In fact, there are members of the online community of targeted individuals who are murdered each year. In late 2012, another TI by the name of Sean Stinn was killed when he was given a heart attack by way of directed energy weaponry. Stinn was also the target of EEG Heterodyning technology, which was used to remotely access his thoughts.

Stinn *died after appearing on the following video, in which he described his experiences as a target of mind control experimentation. During the conversation, **Sean also described how the perpetrators of these high tech crimes can see through his eyes - through the remote neural monitoring of the visual cortex region of his brain.

* There have been allegations since his reported death, that no Family member of Sean's was allow to view his remains, only adding to the mysterious nature of his death.

Some people have even speculated that given his Family's background with the U.S. Intelligence community, that Sean's death may have been a hoax, used as a smokescreen in order for the government to remove him from society so that he could be subjected to more intense mind control experimentation.

In the interview which Sean did in the video below, he also said that some of his relatives were targets of mind control weapons.

In 2002, a woman by the name of ** Dorothy Stinn, who, like Sean, also lived in the city of Chicago, died suddenly.

Her obituary lists a Sean Stinn as her step-son. Was this the same Sean Stinn who was reported to have been recently killed via a directed energy weapon's attack? And was Dorothy Stinn's "sudden death" also caused by the same technology?

**Dorothy Stinn Dies Suddenly - Was She The Step-Mother Of Sean Stinn, Who Died In 2012 From A Directed Energy Induced Heart Attack?

This is a topic that this author first began writing about in 2005, based on my own experiences as a target of non consensual human experimentation and EEG Heterodyning technology - or what I refer to as through the air computer to brain interface via the EMF spectrum.

As punishment for my writings in regard to this technology, since 2005 I have also been subsequently demonized by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, since at that time I also publicly accused this Complex of secretly electronically fingerprinting the unique sets of EMF signatures from each American citizen's body as part of a covert program in which to enslave the American middle class.

Sean Stinn Is Interviewed About Being A Target Of Mind Control Weapons Prior To Being Murdered In 2012

As for the death of Suzanne Hart, Michael Hill and four other employees of Transel Elevator and Electric have since been accused of negligence in Suzanne's death.

However, Hill has maintained his innocence, claiming that he removed the jumper wire before any passengers had entered the elevator.

In January of 2013, Suzanne Hart's family filed a lawsuit against Transel Elevator and Electric, in regard to Hart's death, and the suit also lists Michael Hill and four of his co-workers as defendants.

Are Michael Hill and his coworkers being setup to take the blame for something that they may have had nothing to do with?

As for the U.S. Military Intelligence community's ability to set up innocent people as well as companies, so that they can take the fall for the crimes committed by these agents through their use of black operations, let us not forget how the FBI was used to fabricate the faulty fuel tank theory in regard to the missile take down of TWA Flight 800 in 1996; even though there were more than 700 eyewitnesses who saw a flare travel from the ground towards Flight 800 before it exploded.

It was the airline manufacturer who ended up shouldering the blame for the deaths of the 230 passengers and flight crew of TWA Flight 800. We saw the same situation occur in regard to the architects who designed the World Trade Center Towers, and the infamous and highly dubious "pancake" theory regarding how the Towers were alleged to have collapsed on 9-11-2001.

The fact that the American people allowed the FBI and the Clinton Administration to get away with the abject fraud and perversion of the law in regard to the FBI's fabrications and confabulations pertaining to the TWA Flight 800 investigation, while allowing the Bush 43 Administration and FBI to get away with the complete subversion of any legitimate investigation into the destruction of the WTC Towers in 2001, are perhaps the best illustrations of just how brainwashed Americans have become as a society.

What this author is suggesting here, is that a second jumper cable could have easily been planted under the floor grate in the elevator which Hart was killed in after the accident took place, in order to discredit the Transel Elevator and Electric technicians, who have since been blamed for negligence in the death of Suzanne Hart.

If this is the case, then Michael Hill and his coworkers are being used as yet another government scapegoat, in order to cover up what may have been the premeditated high-tech murder of Suzanne Hart, by way of the remote electronic sabotage of the elevator in question.

Moreover, the readers can be certain that if these technicians are being setup in order to conceal the fact that this elevator was remotely tampered with by electronic means, that the court system in the United States will be used to conceal the identities of the real perpetrators of this terrible crime (just as it has in regard to the 9-11 false flag operation), while railroading Michael Hill and his colleagues - who will serve as nothing more than scapegoats.

It would also be interesting to know what Suzanne Hart's opinion was of the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Was she skeptical of the official explanation? Did she voice an opinion, perhaps to co-workers, in regard to the government's lack of candor, or even possible complicity in this attack?

Did she say anything that may have put her on the government's radar and in harm's way?

As for the ability to remotely tamper with the electrical circuits in electronic components, this author has witnessed NSA/FBI remotely tamper with the electrical circuits in everything from motion sensitive spotlights and car and home alarms, to garage door openers, TV sets, radios and audio equipment.

I have also witnessed these agents intercept the electricity traveling through the wires in electrical components. For instance, I saw such a situation regarding a table lamp, which prevented the bulb from lighting. The lamp and its bulb were perfectly fine, when it suddenly stopped working.

A few days later, I went to turn the lamp on and it was perfectly fine - no breaks in the wire, no burnt out bulb, no malfunction of the light fixture itself.

Just another example of signals intelligence technology being used as part of the FBI/NSA psyop attack on this author.

These federal psychos have also prematurely worn out electrical appliances by putting stress on their circuitry, while in other instances using microwave energy weapons to burn out the circuit boards in electronic equipment.

So these intelligence agents are certainly capable of using signals intelligence technology to remotely affect the electronic circuitry in an elevator, in order to either close the doors by remote means, or to cause the elevator to suddenly move to the next floor without the doors even closing.

In fact, there is not a day that goes by in which these agents do not remotely tamper with an electrical component in our home or set off a car or burglar alarm in one of the homes surrounding ours.

However, this is still better than the way in which these lunatics assault us with their electronic weaponry, and then attempt to demonize those of us whom they perpetrate these atrocities against, in an effort to discredit our allegations against them.

As for the tragic and untimely deaths of Suzanne Hart and Matthew Ravner, while these may seem like coincidences to someone who's never been subjected to mind control experimentation, those of us who are forced to deal with such satellite predation of the mind on a daily basis, know that there is nothing coincidental about them.

The agents who are using us for such non consensual human experimentation go to great lengths in which to associate one of their criminal acts with another.

They also make certain that these crimes make the evening news, even if they are instead portrayed as terrible accidents. And one of the words which the federal agents who perpetrate these crimes against this author have routinely used is the word "accident."

And what happened to Matthew Ravner and Suzanne Hart? They were killed in tragic "accidents."

Or were they really even accidents at all?

In their mind control experimentation of this author, FBI/NSA operatives regularly make use of a psychological trigger which serves to link something they have already done, with a future event that involves a crime which only those persons whom they are subjecting to these high-tech mind games, can recognize when the event (oftentimes a murder) actually occurs.

The psychological warfare involves a conditioning protocol developed by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex known as Neuro Linguistic Programming.

For instance, leaving the van with the name Hart painted on its exterior, parked in front of my home on the day after I watch a movie in which a woman is killed in an elevator accident, was a warning that they were going to harm someone named Hart using the same means that they had witnessed, while remote neural monitoring my thoughts via satellite deployed EEG Heterodyning technology.

As I previously stated, these agents also make certain to commit an act that will be deemed an accident, and covered that way in the media.

In this way, they use the media to inform the targets of this mind control experimentation that these agents have been able to carry out a crime right under the public's nose, under the guise that the crime was just an unfortunate accident.

Instead, what these agents are really doing is using this classified EEG heterodyning technology to play the sickest mind games of all - those which they use to torture and murder unwitting victims, whom they choose to include as part of the insane mind control experimentation that they subject us to.

They want us to know that they are using this electronic warfare technology to murder these people. And even more to the point, that they are getting away with it.

And the fact is that there may be millions of citizens around this planet who are being subjected to exactly what I have documented here, as unwitting targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

There are quite literally thousands of Americans as well as thousands of citizens from other countries - whose governments are associated with NATO - who have already documented many of their experiences as targets of such remote mind control experimentation via satellites, cell phone and GWEN towers, as well as other electronic mediums which can be used to remotely access our brainwaves.

We are being experimented on by federal agents, whose crimes against us are so outrageous, that they are now forced to find a way in which to murder us in anyway they can, while they use the most vicious of psychological warfare operations imaginable, in an attempt to drive us to commit suicide.

It is also getting to the point where when such thoughts are remotely implanted in my mind, I don't even want to watch the news any longer, knowing that the people who perpetrate these crimes against my person have the ability to murder anyone.

And what's worse is that they make a game out of using these high-tech weapons to kill people, while forcing us to watch what they are doing, as they attempt to enslave our minds via their use of EEG Heterodyning technology.

These agents actually implant thoughts (and oftentimes even images) into this author's mind, in regard to situations that they later cause to occur in real life. And there are many TI's who have reported similar experiences.

These agents are playing the most dangerous mind games of all. Those which oftentimes result in their covert murders of unsuspecting targets of this technology, who are used as nothing more than pawns in the psychological mind games that these demented government psychopaths routinely subject us to.

They can use this technology to attack anyone, yet because of its stealth nature, few people are even aware of the existence of this thought reading/mind manipulation technology, or the dangers that this EEG Heterodyning technology represent to society in general.

What is even worse is that the government agents who use this technology to perpetrate such crimes against humanity, can clone a person's thoughts and then rebroadcast them into another person's mind using the specific *brainwave print of that person.

*For more on EEG Heterodyning technology and its use in cloning our thoughts Google: "The Matrix Deciphered" By Dr. Robert Duncan and "Voice Of God Weapons"

Depending on the temperament of the particular individual whose brain is implanted with the cloned thoughts of another person, the individual with such implanted thoughts may actually commit a crime based on these cloned thoughts, when the person whose thoughts were stolen from them and cloned - via EEG heterodyning technology - would not have actually committed a crime based on such thoughts, because they are less likely to act out in a violent manner.

It is as if these agents are playing Russian Roulette with the lives of those whom they implant with such cloned thoughts, never being certain how each person is going to react to such a covert manipulation of their own mind.

Moreover, there is no longer any question that many of the mass killings that we are seeing in the mainstream media are the result of such furtively conducted government mind control research.

Especially since these horrific massacres are being orchestrated for the express purpose of abolishing gun ownership for the private citizen.

Those who maintain furtive control over our politicians and federal government do not want any private citizen owning a firearm, and are willing to secretly orchestrate these massacres in order pass legislation which will take guns out the hands of the American people.

These Orwellian individuals did something similar when they orchestrated the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, just so that they could destroy our Constitutional rule of law, under the pretense of protecting Americans from a terrorist threat.

And they have since succeeded in completely abrogating our Constitutional rule of law under the Patriot Act and other subsequently passed treasonous legislation, while they secretly implement an agenda to electronically enslave us, through the electronic surveillance systems which they have overseen the creation of in the past fifty years.

This is not a conspiracy against the American middle class which has taken place overnight, but instead, one which has been propagated over the past few centuries, since the time when the United States' sovereignty became a threat to the British Monarchy and the House of Rothschilds' economic autonomy over the rest of this planet.

As for the electronic enslavement of the American middle class, what we are witnessing here is a modern day version of MKULTRA mind control experimentation being deployed through the EMF spectrum, and taking place within our communities, homes and minds.

This mind control experimentation has become an abject horror to humanity itself, with those who operate within the global military intelligence complex using it to play God with people's lives.

This is why former government scientist, and one of the people who developed this synthetic telepathy technology - Dr. Robert Duncan - has described them as Voice Of God Weapons, because they are used to enter our minds in order to manipulate our thoughts.

And the most difficult part in all of this is that regardless of what country you are living in, most of society is already so brainwashed, that it has become nearly impossible to convey to them that they are the targets of the greatest conspiracy in human history - the covert electronic enslavement of their own minds, and by their own subverted governments.

- James F. Marino

* Editor's Note: I'd like to close this post with a direct quote from Dr. Robert Duncan, one of the refiners of EEG Heterodyning technology. As a target of this technology since the 1970's, I am relieved to find that at least one of the government scientists who was responsible for creating this mind invasive technology, has described its dangers to the human race, as well as why the technology must be exposed to the people of this planet.

I applaud Dr. Duncan for his courage, since he has certainly placed his life at great risk for exposing the fact that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has created a technology which can be deployed via signals intelligence satellites, GWEN and cell phone towers, as well as over the horizon radar systems, in order to manipulate the brain of any person living on the face of this planet, without that person's knowledge.

George Orwell, himself, would have been shocked at the existence of such mind invasive technology, which the Earth's population must sooner or later acknowledge the existence of, and work in unison to expose and destroy, for the greater good of humanity.

Dr. Robert Duncan On EEG Heterodyning Technology

"The real problem with a small group of people who control these technologies unwatched by the public's eye is its potential for great abuse. For example, we can never fully solve any accident or crime and know whether it was an EEG heterodyned crime or a regular one. Princess Diana’s driver could have been EEG heterodyned and made to crash into the barrier. John Hinckley could have been made to believe that only by shooting President Reagan could he get Jody Foster to love him.

I met a Colonel in the Air Force who test flew the new exotic airplanes and who was menticized after discovery of all sorts of corruption with Halliburton defense contracts. False memories were implanted in him and he was made to believe he was married and had a kid with some music star for two years. Clearly the capability exists to create Manchurian Candidates like John Hinckley. JFK junior could have been made to misinterpret the horizon or his aircraft instruments to malfunction.

All these events could have been assassinations using EEG heterodyning and directed energy weapons but we will never know. How can you have justice when one can not be certain as to whose mind was behind the crime, or even if the jury or judge is being influenced?

Clearly the current controls have failed and a major reorganization of the government is justified to regain constitutional controls over these weapon systems in order to restore justice, redistribute the power structure evenly again, and hold accountable high traitors and special interest corruption from side stepping the laws and constitution. The capability for directed microwave weapons and weak magnetic fields for silent assassinations with plausible denial is huge.

Microwaves at specific power and waveforms have been shown to be able to cause diabetes through sugar metabolism changes or cancers by breaking a weak hydrogen bond in the DNA. All sorts of medical problems can be created with directed energy weapons besides just frying a person. The days of the CIA hit man have ended and been replaced. Thank Reagan for giving them more power with the huge Star Wars Initiative to fry a person rather than using an incoming missile.

It is proving to be the favorite weapon of the corrupt shadow agencies under the Executive branch. I think the leaders have misinterpreted the word 'execute' to mean murder and not operations."

- Former Government Scientist

Dr. Robert Duncan

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