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FBI/NSA Attack This Author's Father With Directed Energy Weaponry Again! The Last Attack Was Only A Month Ago - The Medical Community Must Stop Denying That These Weapons Exist!

The Google-NSA Merger Will Be Used To Turn Google Into Another Venue For The NSA's Illegal Domestic Spy Operations Of American Internet Users - The Merger Will Also Be Used To Spy On Those Citizens Of Other Countries Who Use The Internet - Americans Should Think Of The NSA, Not As An American Organization, But As A Global Spy/Electronic Surveillance Enslaver Of The Global Middle Class, For The House Of Rothschilds' New World Order Totalitarian Government - This Is Exactly What The NSA Has Been Turned Into

Another Target Of The NSA's Satellite Predation & Mind Control Experimentation Creates A Website Which Is Then Deleted - The Cache Version Is Still Available But For How Long? These Types Of Websites Can Now Be Found By The Thousands On The Internet, Indicating That There Is Something Terribly Wrong With The U.S. Federal Government

Akwei VS NSA's Internet Presence Has Led To The NSA's Use Of A Propaganda Campaign To Discredit Akwei's Exposition Of The NSA's Domestic Spy Operations & Its Electronic Fingerprinting Of The EMF Frequencies Of Each American Citizen

Editor's Note: *In the early morning hours of 11/29/12, this author's Father is again attacked by a directed energy weapon which has him back in the hospital fighting for his life.

*As of 11/30/12, Dad is being released from the hospital without the doctors ever determining what caused his most recent seizure (a microwave weapon used to target his brain).

So now the same vicious cycle can begin again, where he is awakened in the middle of the night feeling nauseas and dizzy and fearful that he is having yet another seizure. These symptoms are being created artificially by way of computer to brain interface and directed energy weapons.

The directed energy attacks on his brain are the cause of these symptoms and now function as yet another part of the torture that FBI/NSA subject us to, while these evil minded reprobrates are able to deny these crimes.

Like the last time he was attacked, my Father suffered a very serious seizure once he was at the hospital which I am certain was caused by the directed energy attack on his brain this evening.

These electronic attacks have become so frequent that they are causing utter chaos in our daily lives, and the type of stress that only another legitimate TI can begin to understand.

Each night we never know whether or not Dad will be alright or if we will be forced to call an ambulance for him, while the despicable agents in FBI/NSA who perpetrate these acts of pure evil continue to play a demented game of cat and mouse with us, as a further part of their COINTELPRO psychological warfare.

If the readers access YouTube or any Internet search engine and type in terms such as mind control experimentation, NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, Remote Neural Monitoring, Through The Air Computer To Brain Interface, Directed Energy Weapons, Organized Stalking, the readers will find an enormous amount of evidence corroborating this author's allegations regarding the U.S. Military Intelligence community's crimes, using their Star Wars Active Denial Weapon's System on thousands of American citizens, who've become prisoners within the privacy of our own homes; the Constitutional rule of law completely disregarded.

Moreover, because the attacks are being perpetrated via the electromagnetic spectrum and by way of weaponized satellites, they are impossible to prove, even though they are being perpetrated by federal agents using weaponized satellites which utilize signals intelligence technology, to track Americans by way of our body's own unique EMF signatures (Electromagnetic Flux frequencies).

Is it any wonder why signals intelligence technology is referred to as the "Holy Grail" of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex? This technology enables these closeted Nazi's to perpetrate their atrocities with complete anonymity.

And for those Americans who don't believe that we have Nazi's operating within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, research Project Paperclip and its use in smuggling Nazi war criminals into the United States after World War II ended, in order to create an Intelligence community based on the Nazi's ideals. Because that is what exists within the hierarchy of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex in the present day.

These high-tech crimes are taking place in the United States, being perpetrated by agents within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, who appear to have no problem using these weapons to torture American citizens; even elderly citizens who are completely defenseless to protect themselves from this Orwellian nightmare.

And there are now thousands of other Americans documenting similar high-tech crimes via weaponized satellite networks like NSA Echelon, being perpetrated against themselves, which corroborate this author's allegations.

Even former President Jimmy Carter has now acknowledged that these electronic attacks by our own subverted government are taking place against American citizens, who are being denied our Constitutionally protected rights as Americans.

See President Carter's Recent Editorial In The New York Times Regarding The United States Government's Abysmal Human Rights Record

Moreover, as this technology and its criminal uses become better known, these agents will go to any lengths to conceal their crimes against us, as well as the electronic warfare technology which they continue to use to torture us.

Furthermore, these agents are becoming more desperate by the day to conceal the fact that the NSA has been used to catalogue the unique sets of EMF (Electromagnetic Flux) frequencies of each American citizen's body, which are being used as part of a plot in which to enslave us under a world government dictatorship.

If my Father dies as a result of tonight's attack or any future attack (or even the stress from these attacks), it will be tantamount to a murder committed by the FBI/NSA operatives who continue to cover up their use of this author for non consensual human experimentation for the past several decades, in what can only be described as a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA program, which has gone from the laboratory environment of the 1950's to our communities and homes.

As such, no American citizen is safe from the NSA's Signal Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, since it is being used to conduct mind control experimentation on American citizens within our own homes, as the result of the NSA's remote neural monitoring of our persons, using through-the-air computer to brain interface via signals intelligence satellites.


Hurricane Sandy - The HAARP Induced Storm Creates A Nightmarish Situation

It has been about a month since Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeastern part of the United States. New York, and in particular, Long Island received the full bore of Sandy's wrath. Many homes along Long Island's eastern and southern shorelines were completed washed out to sea, while others were removed from their foundations.

Many Long Islanders have been left homeless as a result of a storm that is most certainly the result of HAARP technology, and directed inland to cause as much property damage as possible.

This author's property looks as if a cyclone hit it. We lost more than a dozen large trees, each of which was torn out at the root. One of the trees hit a shed, another a sailboat stored in our backyard, and still four others which fell and destroyed four utility poles in a row - two on our property and two on our nextdoor neighbor's property.

While several other neighbors had some trees downed, no one had the number of trees taken down that we have - or nearly as many completely uprooted. And at a cost of thousands of dollars to cut up and remove from our property.

In the past this author has decribed FBI/NSA use of directed energy weapon's technology to uproot other trees on our property.

And it is clear that many of the trees on our property which were downed during this storm, were strategically knocked down by directed energy weaponry, with the storm itself, offering plausible deniability in this attack.

I have refrained from posting since getting back online over the past week, since the directed energy attacks on my Dad had eased somewhat; even though he continues to be sporadically attacked by way of directed energy weaponry.

For the past few days he has been feeling a bit better, however, he is again being hit with ELF waves that are causing him to be nauseas and dizzy. Both of these symptoms are commonly reported by targets of directed energy weapons.

The worst part of these attacks is that they can result in people being placed on medications which they don't need, that also contain dangerous side effects.

And the side effects of these medications can be used as an excuse in which to use ELF frequencies against these persons, under the cover that the medications are responsible for causing these symptoms, when in fact, ELF frequencies are being used to cause these symptoms.

Moreover, should the target of these attacks stop a medication because of nausea and dizziness, this offers the agents who use directed energy weapons to perpetrate these crimes, a further opportunity in which to do so, since a physician who is used to aid and abet these crimes can claim that the person should have remained on the medication.

This gives the monsters who are using this technology against my Father the ability to attack him with DEW technology whenever it is convenient for them, given that these attacks continue to take place on a regular basis, and by way of remote means.

If he takes the medication, FBI/NSA can use ELF waves to make him nauseas and dizzy, under the cover that the medication can cause these symptoms. However, if Dad does not take the medication he risks being targeted by an even more aggressive directed energy weapon's attack which can cause him even more serious problems.

As a result of this, my Father's life is now in serious jeopardy, and the only thing that this author can do is to document this here in an effort to stop these attacks from taking place.

This blog has attracted millions of viewers over the past decade, so there are many people who are familiar with these electronic warfare attacks on this author and other members of my Family.

I was hoping that by not posting on this blog since our Internet returned a week ago, that FBI/NSA agents involved in these atrocities would stop attacking my Father with these weapons. However, they have refused to end these attacks, so I must post this information in an effort to save my Father's life, while holding those responsible accountable for these crimes.

The Internet has become the venue for thousands of such accounts by men and women living within the United States.

And there are myriad accounts of citizens from many other countries documenting the torture which they are being subjected to by their own governments, which under a global Zionist dictatorship controlled by the Rothschild Family, are now being used to electronically enslave the global middle class, through the covert implementation of Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks which are used to track the unique sets of electromagnetic flux signatures of each person's body.

This is the goal of the House of Rothschild and its New World Order world government.

Enslavement by the aristocracy of the global middle class.

Furthermore, these crimes of torture by our own subverted governments have become so horrific, that they have now been dubbed "The Silent Holocaust."

And given the inherent corruption within these governments, all of whom are controlled by the Rothschilds through their Communist central banks, nothing short of a global civil revolt is going to save this planet's middle class from an aristocracy that is attempting to enslave the majority of the people on this planet.

- James F. Marino

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Since making these claims Dr. Wood has been the target of a slander campaign, because the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed with some type of satellite based directed energy weaponry.

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