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The Rothschild Central Banks' Manipulation Of The Global Economy, Is Even Turning Many Upper Middle Class Communities Into Ghost Towns

How The FBI's General Counsel Obstructed Justice In The 1996 TWA Flight 800 Missile Attack

Goldman Sachs' Whistle Blower, Nomi Prins - Is She A Legitimate Whistle Blower Exposing The Evil Of The House Of Rothschilds' Counterfeiters? Or A Member Of Their Controlled Opposition?

Was The Civil Rights Attorney Defending The Fabricated Suspects In The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, Murdered By The FBI?

He Was A Judge From The Rural Minnesota Town Of Credit River - In 1968 He Made History By Declaring The Federal Reserve System Unconstitutional - He Was Murdered Six Months Later - Had Judge Martin Mahoney Lived, The Credit River Decision May Have Led To The Abolition Of The Federal Reserve More Than 40 Years Ago - Instead The House Of Rothschild Has Used The Federal Reserve To Steal The United States Right Out From Under The American People

An Excellent Repository For Articles Regarding The Crimes Of The House Of Rothschilds' Zionist Jews - One Must Remember That Not All Jewish People Are Zionists, And That Many Jews Have Condemned Zionism For Its Radical And Dangerous Ideology - In Fact, Zionist Jews Have Done More Harm To The Jewish People Than Any Other Race In History

Why Barack Obama's Attempt To Federalize The Health Care System In America Is Yet Another Indication Of The Communist Shadow Government Which Exists In The United States - Obamacare Is At Its Very Roots Based On A Communist Ideology - And Who Created Communism? - The House Of Rothschilds' Zionist Jews

Editor's Note: While the billionaire ultra class on this planet continues to carry out their plan to initiate a world Communist government, the global real estate market is being swept up in an economic depression which has been implemented by the House of Rothschilds' Communist central banks, in order to force those within the global middle class who still own homes into bankruptcy, so that they will be made homeless.

And this economic depression continues to have a devastating impact on the entire global middle class, including upper middle class communities like the one discussed in the following article - as corporations close, and the towns and cities in which they are located become ghost towns.

This phenomenon can now be found across this planet.

In the United States alone, many individual states are bankrupt, like that of Illinois, which owes 37 billion dollars more in debt than the State has in total assets; this in spite of the States having economic revenue from Chicago, one of the largest cities in the United States.

Signs of this economic collapse in America are everywhere.

Moreover, many people living in the United States who have been unable to obtain employment since the sub prime mortgage collapse of 2008, have been forced to find creative ways to lower their expenses.

And given the need to keep a roof over their heads, this has spawned the new trend of constructing what can only be described as one room homes on wheels, that make the average trailer park seem luxurious by comparison. Homes that average somewhere between 100 and 125 square feet; the size of an average bedroom in the United States.

And these people are more fortunate than those who are forced to live in the tent communities which have become part of virtually every state in America, since the 2008 sub prime mortgage meltdown.

This is just one example of how the wealth of the global middle class has been stolen by Rothschild Communist central banks like the Federal Reserve System, which must be abolished if the global middle class is to survive.

If we do not abolish these central banks, the billionaire aristocracy will continue to flourish while succeeding in returning this planet's middle class to a 21St Century version of feudalism.

Empty buildings haunt Spain amid real estate crash

Feb 16, 8:16 AM (ET)


SESENA, Spain (AP) - Towering apartment blocks, complete with swimming pools and playgrounds, loom over empty streets, weed-filled lots and gaping excavation pits. The lone bank in this mega-development nicknamed "Manhattan" closed two years ago and most storefronts are bricked up.

Apartments galore are for sale here and prices are plunging.

More than 13,000 apartments were supposed to go up to create a mini-city for 30,000 people just 45 minutes outside of Madrid. But only 5,100 were built, many are uninhabited and regular Spaniards who bought them as investments are now competing to offload them for huge losses.

Spain's real estate crash and economic implosion have turned what was supposed to become a vibrant suburban paradise for young Spanish couples and their children into one of the most visible monuments of the country's boom gone bust. Such modern-day ghost towns have become a familiar part of the Spanish landscape, abandoned shells left to slowly decay.

The number of foreclosure proceedings skyrocketed during the economic crisis. Nearly 530,000 were granted by courts from 2008 through September of 2011, most to banks taking homes, housing developments and vast tracts of land for residential and commercial real estate projects that may never become reality.

The banks were ordered this month by the recently elected center-right government to set aside billions of additional euros to cover these toxic real estate assets valued at euro175 billion ($230 billion) just as Spain teeters on the edge of what could be a lengthy recession.

Experts say the government's new provisions for real estate holdings will almost certainly prompt the banks to sell holdings at firesale prices, forcing property values down much more than the 22 percent that they have dropped since the financial crisis hit Europe in 2008.

In Sesena and other ghost developments around Spain, some banks are already trying to unload finished apartments at discounts of up to 50 percent of their original prices. But that's hurting untold numbers of Spaniards who invested savings and took out big loans to buy property they thought they'd be able to sell for more money or rent.

Satellite cities that never ended up with populations aren't Spain's only problem. Around Madrid and across the country, there are vast subdivisions carved out of farmland complete with paved roads and streetlights but only weeds where houses were supposed to be built. Half-built apartment buildings stand idle in suburbs rich and poor.

With unemployment at a eurozone high of 23 percent, there are simply fewer buyers - and young Spaniards are increasingly trying to find work abroad. In December alone, sales were down 25.3 percent compared to the same month in 2010, the government reported Friday.

"This is the problem: Who is going to buy these homes?" said Jose Luis Alvarez Arce, head of the economics department at the University of Navara.

It could take years for the banks to clean up their assets and relieve a growing credit crunch affecting individuals and businesses, some of whom never got caught up in the Spanish real estate craze in which most citizens bought real estate as an alternative to savings accounts, investment funds and retirement plans.

The boom and bust has been so profound that the impact is changing the Spanish mentality about real estate, said Fernando Encinar, head of research at Spain's most popular real estate website,

Younger Spaniards, he said, for the first time don't believe parents who have told them for decades that they should always buy instead of rent and treat real estate as an investment that will never go bad. The age-old saying in Spain that prices never go down or not for long "is now broken," Encinar said.

"We're starting to see people who must sell with losses they would have never accepted in the past," Encinar said. "And some of these homes are never going to be sold."

Spain's development ministry estimates there are 687,000 unsold new homes for sale. Other studies put the number as high as 1.6 million in the nation of 47 million, where 80 percent of the population already lives in owned homes, a rate much higher than nations like France, Germany, Italy and the United States. There is no government figure for used homes for sale, but estimates range into the millions.

"The value that the banks put on the property just isn't real," Alvarez said. "And as a result the banks don't trust each other, they aren't lending to each other and if they don't lend to each other there's no credit for Spaniards."

Juan Carlos Caballero bought his 3-bedroom Sesena apartment with a terrace overlooking the residents' pool in 2008 for euro185,000 ($240,000) after his retired father jumped into the real estate action to buy the same style of apartment at a lower pre-construction price.

Father and son were both convinced housing prices would continue to rise as they had since the mid-1990s. They now are stuck with homes in a development that doesn't have a drug store or good public transport to Madrid.

The only pizza restaurant is open just three nights a week and on Saturday afternoon when there are enough clients to justify operating, and the roast chicken takeaway only opens Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.

Apartment blocks have ground floor commercial space for small businesses so people can walk to buy whatever they need. But most units are sealed by brick walls scrawled with cell phone numbers of owners offering to sell or rent them.

The 33-year-old Caballero, an unemployed chauffeur, last rented his apartment for euro750 ($980) a month two years ago, and is now asking just euro500 ($650) per month. Similar apartments are being offered at euro375 ($490) monthly, but he's asking for more because his is in immaculate condition with new furniture and appliances.

His father, Jesus, is offering his apartment for sale at euro108,000 ($140,000), meaning he stands to lose tens of thousands of euros in a bid for retirement cash now that he's reached age 67. But banks selling foreclosed property in Sesena have smaller apartments listed as low as euro65,000 ($85,000).

"Selling or renting now is like winning the lottery," said the younger Caballero, who lives with his parents and shells out euro500 ($660) of his euro700 ($900) monthly unemployment check to pay his mortgage and other apartment costs.

In the town of Yebes more than an hour's drive from Madrid, 9,000 apartments and small houses were supposed to be built in a bucolic country setting next to a high-speed train station so workers could get downtown in less than 20 minutes.

But only 1,500 were finished before developers went broke, 3,000 people live there instead of the projected 30,000 and government officials never launched the train service.

"The station is built, the trains are bought but they never started running," said Mayor Joaquin Ormazabal.

The euro 240,000 ($315,000) home he bought would now sell for about half the price. The population in Yebes is increasing somewhat as banks sell off foreclosed properties at low prices, but Ormazabal said it could be decades if ever before the rest of the land is developed.

"Nothing's going to happen until the Spanish economy comes back," he said. "Right now no one is thinking about building anything in Spain."

Carlos Velazquez, Sesena's mayor, said the development fiasco has one positive side: Spanish real estate speculators aren't snapping up apartments anymore in his town.

Those that are buying "are people who are going to come here to live, pay their taxes and want the place to be nice for their children."

Harold Heckle contributed from Madrid.

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Organized Stalking Networks Which Operate Under The Cover Of Community Watch Groups In The United States, Have Become A 21St Century High-Tech Version Of Hitler's Nazi Brown Shirt Domestic Spies

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The Inherent Problems With Health Care Strategies Like Hillarycare And Obamacare, And Why Americans Should Avoid Them

The Ugly Truth About The Humane Society Of The United States - "When animal lovers learn about the tragic reality of cruelty and killing that is endemic at our nation’s “shelters,” and that the national organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the ASPCA defend the killing and thwart reform efforts, the first—and the most logical—question that inevitably follows is: Why?"

Videos Contained On The Mother Of All Black Ops Website - There Are Many Excellent Documentaries To Be Found Here Ranging From The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Mind Control Weaponry And Its Use On American Citizens, To The Blue Beam False Flag Operation Which May Well Be Used To Implement A Global Dictatorship

Proof That The FBI Fabricated Evidence In Regard To The 1993 Bombing Of The World Trade Center - The FBI Did The Same With The U.S. Navy's 1996 Accidental Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800, When The FBI Ignored 700 Eyewitness Accounts Which Described An Object Striking TWA Flight 800 Before The Airliner Blew Apart, While The FBI Instead Spent $40 Million Of Taxpayer Dollars Concocting Its Faulty Fuel Tank Red Herring

"Eustace Mullins On Hillarycare"

Obamacare Is Communism

As the Supreme Court rules in regard to the constitutionality of Barack Obama's health care plan, one must recall its similarity to Hillary Clinton's failed universal health care plan of the 1990's.

Clinton's universal health care plan was just as unconstitutional and unrealistic as Obama's health care plan; both representing the ideals of a socialist democracy - not a constitutional republic.

But then again, the United States has operated as a socialist democracy since the end of the 19Th Century, as the House of Rothschild gained a stronghold in this country through the treasonous establishment of the Federal Reserve System, and its use of the Rockefeller Foundation to pervert the educational system in the United States, with the intent of conditioning American children to adapt to a country based on socialism.

Former educator, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, discusses this in great detail in her book: "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America," which describes how American children have been turned into lab rats within the classroom atmosphere; the subjects of brainwashing programs based on the research of scientists like Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, while the social infrastructure in the United States has been turned into an homage to the 19Th century psychologist-philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Hegel's work, often referred to as the "Hegelian Dialectic," would become a precursor to the Marxist movement of the 20Th century, and lay the foundation for the Communist central bank which was established in the United States in 1914 under the treasonous Federal Reserve Act.

In the above video, Eustace Mullins' gives a lecture in regard to "Hillarycare" and describes many of the problems with this type of health care system that the mainstream media has never bothered to discuss.

And that the Supreme Court themselves will probably avoid, even if they declare "Obamacare" to be unconstitutional.

As usual, Mullins' impeccable research gives us the entire scenario, and not just the portion which is made available for public consumption, that the mainstream media effortlessly and unconscionably promulgates.

Eustace also described how Hillarycare's concept of socialized medicine would be an extension of the Federal Reserve System, given that the five major health care companies which existed as of 1994, were directly associated with the Federal Reserve System.

Obamacare differs little from Hillarycare, and retains all of its weaknesses, including, giving the Communists who control this country yet another way of furtively enslaving America's middle class, whom if Obamacare is passed, can be prosecuted under federal law for a contract which they were forced to create with an insurance carrier.

If this sounds like the type of penalty that you would be subjected to for failing to file a 1040 income tax return, that's because it is, since Obamacare will subjugate the entire U.S. population to penalties under federal law, while mandating that each American citizen must carry health care insurance; whether they want to or not.

The fact that the Supreme Court would even be considering this case, should make you think twice about what type of country you're really living in.

Especially when Supreme Court decisions more than a century ago which declared the income tax to be unconstitutional, have been completely ignored by the federal government, and the Zionist banksters on the Federal Reserve's Board Of Governors.

Moreover, one must ask why, if all lower court decisions must be inline with the federal Supreme Court's decisions, how is it that the income tax continues to be imposed on the American people?

And why are lower court rulings continuing to supersede the Supreme Court's ruling regarding the income tax, when the Supreme Court is supposed to be the ultimate arbiter of the laws in the United States?

And why has the United States Congress ignored this fact, everytime they are challenged in regard to the legality of the income tax?

Because we have a government that is based on Communism which is cleverly concealed beneath the facade of a democratic republic.

A government full of legislators who have become so abjectly brainwashed by their Zionist handlers at the Federal Reserve, that they simply ignore issues like the income tax, because they cannot answer truthfully without admitting that for the past Century, the Federal Reserve System has controlled the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government, while being used to gradually destroy the American middle class, through a form of class warfare which involves the criminal implementation of a graduated system of income tax in the United States.

- James F. Marino

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"The Individual Mandate: In the second day of health care arguments, justices consider the key constitutional issue, whether the government can compel Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine or a tax. That provision kicks in in 2014. The government argues Congress had the authority to pass the law under the Commerce Clause, the Necessary and Proper Clause and its taxing power. But opponents of the law – 26 states, four individuals and a small-business group – say Congress has no authority to force someone into the marketplace. They argue that if Congress has the power to pass the mandate, that would mean that the scope of its power is unlimited."

FBI-Bush 43 Collusion In The Murder And Subsequent Cover Up Of A Texas Woman Named Margie Schoedinger - If Ever There Was A Case To Be Made For The FBI Existing To Cover Up The Crimes Perpetrated By Members Of The Executive Branch Of Government The Murder Of Margie Schoedinger Is It

Videos Contained On The Mother Of All Black Ops Website - There Are Many Excellent Documentaries To Be Found Here Ranging From The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Mind Control Weaponry And Its Use On American Citizens, To The Blue Beam False Flag Operation Which May Well Be Used To Implement A Global Dictatorship

FBI COINTELPRO Campaigns Intensify Against Targeted Individuals - Keep In Mind That All Targeted Individuals Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Court Of Law, Hence The Redundancy In The Term Innocent Targeted Individuals

Are You Sure The Thoughts You're Having Are Coming From Your Own Mind? Or Are They Someone Else's Thoughts Being Remotely Beamed Into Your Brain Via Signals Intelligence Satellite?

Jet Blue Captain Spewing Religious Rantings Before Being Subdued By Passengers Just A Week After A Stewardess Also Went Into A Rage Aboard Another Aircraft Flight - Is The U.S. Intelligence Community Using The Airlines This Month To Test Their Voice To Skull Technology On? Any Person On The Face Of This Planet Is Vulnerable To The Type Of Computer To Brain Interface That Agency's Like The NSA Can Perpetrate Via Satellite Spy Networks Like Echelon - A Few Months Ago, There Were Several TV Reporters Who During Live Broadcasts Suddenly Began Speaking Non Sensically, Causing Many People To Question If These Reporters Were The Targets Of Some Form Of Government Mind Control Experimentation - The Sooner The Global Population Realizes That Our Governments Have Access To Technology Which Can Be Used To Remotely Access Our Brains, The Sooner We Can Destroy This Technology, Before It Is Used To Destroy Humanity

The following videos of reporters who were speaking on live TV broadcasts, and suddenly began to speak incoherently, reveal the effects a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation can have on the brain - Each of these incidences occured over the course of a month, and while each reporter was speaking during a live TV broadcast - These people were being used for some form of mind control experimentation by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex - Even Judge Judy Scheindlen was subjected to this type of non consensual human experimentation during the taping of an episode of her program.

"Eustace Mullins On Hillarycare"

Editor's Note: There's a segment in the above video in which Eustace Mullins describes how through their constant attacks on Mullins' Family, the stress of these COINTELPRO operations led to the premature deaths of both of his parents.

Eustace went as far as stating that the FBI murdered his parents.

Eustace also stated that although he filed formal complaints with the Justice Department in regard to the FBI's criminal harassment of his person and Family, no action was ever taken.

Mullins went on to state that if the FBI's criminality against the Mullins' Family had been punished, that further criminal acts by the FBI which included the FBI's murder of more than 80 people at WACO, and Vicky and Sammy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, could have been prevented.

This author has witnessed the physical and psychological damage that the FBI has caused to members of my Family over the past decade, which has resulted in more than one of these people ending up in the hospital. Several of these trips to the hospital involved the use of directed energy weaponry.

In the FBI/NSA collusion involving the DEW attacks on this author's Father, in the first incident, the hospital blamed eye drops that he was prescribed after eye surgery.

However, when the hospital stated that the eye drops may have had something to do with stroke-like symptoms this author's Father experienced at the time, the opthamologist who prescribed them was quick to state that the drops could not have caused these stroke-like symptoms.

Yet, a brief time later (and right after this author posted the fact that my Father had been attacked by a directed energy weapon) the opthamologist changed his story, claiming that the eye drops probably did cause the stroke-like symptoms.

So why the sudden change in this doctor's story?

A full series of tests proved that this author's Father did not have a stroke, however, the neurologist on staff could not explain why he had the stroke-like symptoms.

A few months later, my Father was having breakfast eating cereal with a small amount of cinnamon. He began to *choke, however, recovered within a few minutes.

Yet, a short time later, he began to speak incoherently, displaying stroke-like symptoms. (Remotely induced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the brain can be used to cause such stroke-like symptoms.)

The following videos of reporters who were speaking on live TV broadcasts, and suddenly began to speak incoherently, reveal the effects a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation can have on the brain - Each of these incidences occured over the course of a month, and while each reporter was speaking during a live TV broadcast - These people were being used for some form of mind control experimentation by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex - Even Judge Judy Scheindlen was subjected to this type of non consensual human experimentation during the taping of an episode of her program.

* People choke while eating food all the time, but it doesn't result in stroke-like symptoms. They choke until they have cleared their windpipe.

Another Family member stated that after this author's Father stopped choking, he appeared to be fine, then suddenly began to speak non sensically.

This author witnessed this first hand and knew without question that my Father was again being targeted by a directed energy weapon.

Once again, he was rushed to the hospital, however, another series of tests showed yet another anomaly, since the doctors could not explain the stroke-like symptoms he'd experienced this time either.

When stumped for a rational explanation, a short time later a nurse at the hospital came up with the "theory" that the choking had resulted in a spasm which had caused this author's Father's sudden inability to speak coherently.

This was about as believable as the single bullet theory in the Kennedy Assassination, and just another example of how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex will use any means to conceal this stealth technology from the American people.

The readers will also keep in mind that a directed energy weapon can cause a person to choke or sneeze, or stimulate virtually any other bodily function, when a specific part of the body is targeted by a directed energy weapon which is operated at a certain frequency.

There are quite literally thousands of Websites which have been created by targets of this technology, in order to document these crimes, and how they are being used as part of a parallel system of justice to punish men, women and children who cannot be prosecuted through the legal system.

Also consider that both of the situations which resulted in this author's Father being hospitalized with stroke-like symptoms, occurred exactly one day after this author had placed aluminum foil around the top of my head in order to relieve headaches which were being caused by the NSA's electronic attack of my person.

If the NSA is attempting to gain access to your mind via computer to brain interface, and you do something which can interfere with their doing so, they will use a directed energy weapon in which to either torture your person or someone around you, as a furtive warning to allow them to continue to perpetrate this Orwellian electronic trespass of your person.

Aluminum foil can interfere with an electronic signal, as you will find if you wrap your cellular phone in a piece of aluminum. The signal cannot reach the cell phone while it is covered in aluminum foil, which proves that using a piece of aluminum foil around the top of one's head can interfere with the person's EMF field - thus making it more difficult for an NSA cryptologist to remotely access that person's EEG waves via computer to brain interface.

What this proves first and foremost is that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has secretly developed proprietary technology which can be used to remotely access one's brain by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, via a national brain fingerprinting program which was implemented by the NSA in the early 1980s.

In other words, so much for your Constitutional rights when all American citizens are the unwitting subjects of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Moreover, the fact that this author's Father was targeted not once, but twice after I placed an aluminum piece of foil over my head, only serves as further proof that I am being illegally subjected to computer to brain interface by the NSA via the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and used for non consensual human experimentation in violation of my Constitutional rights.

And in this particular instance, the NSA decided to target my Father for an EMF attack as punishment for my using a piece of aluminum foil, in order to relieve headaches which were being artificically induced by these monsters via a satellite deployed directed energy weapon.

I post this information to describe the degree to which the medical community will be used to cover up the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy weaponry on American citizens, while attempting to portray targets of this technology as being mentally unstable, and also subjecting us to psychological warfare operations that are implemented for the express purpose of taking someone who is sane, and attempting to drive them insane.

Those of us who are used for such non consensual experimentation are also subjected to other crimes, including slander campaigns in which if the FBI becomes desperate enough, it will coerce Family members and former acquaintances of targeted individuals into offering slanderous and perjured testimony against targets of this technology, while these people are also subjected to violations of their own civil liberties, in order to discredit the accounts of Family members who are targeted by directed energy weaponry and computer to brain interface experimentation.

As such, the testimony of these people is tainted because it is the result of suborned witness perjury. The FBI's coercion of these people means that they are no longer operating of their own free will. Especially if they have witnessed the FBI's crimes against Family members whom they have been coerced into testifying against.

As for those targeted for non consensual human experimentation, unfortunately, this insidious mind manipulation is very effective, since few people targeted by DEW will openly admit to it (anymore than someone who has been coerced into lying under oath will admit to having done so), out of fear that they will be incarcerated in a psychiatric facility or prison, based on a criminal conspiracy of silence which is used to conceal the fact that this stealth technology exists, and is being used on the general population in the United States under the cover of national security.

It is this fear which enables the criminal agents who perpetrate these crimes to go unpunished for them, which allows their criminal behavior to continue. The only reason alphabet agencies like the FBI have not been abolished is because those persons who could testify to the crimes of these agencies, are neutralized through the use of coercion, torture and at times, ever murder.

For those who believe that the FBI cannot coerce virtually anyone into offering perjured testimony in regard to a person whom the FBI is illegally targeting through a COINTELPRO operation, they need only research the FBI's history of committing such crimes.

The fact of the matter is that the FBI regularly fabricates evidence against targets as well as witness testimony, while ommitting any evidence which would contradict the FBI's claims, or even worse, prove that the FBI's own agents have committed crimes against those persons whom they are illegally surveilling and attempting to entrap.

People whom the FBI coerce into committing perjury can often expose the FBI's crimes, which is why the FBI uses coercion (a euphemism for extortion) in which to control them.

Moreover, if the FBI acknowledges that they have been spying on someone with no criminal record, and who has not committed a federal crime (the only way the FBI can legally investigate a person is if they violate federal law), then the FBI will implicate its own agents in criminal activities.

Furthermore, if the FBI's spying involves protracted illegal surveillance of a specific person, the Bureau may also well be involved in a precedent setting violation of the Bill of Rights, which should result in a criminal investigation regarding the FBI's own agents.

And this is why the FBI should be defined as the organized crime syndicate that it really is, since this organization is as criminal as any which exists in the modern day; being used to conceal a national brain fingerprinting network from the American people.

Trayvon Martin Was Murdered By An Organized Stalker - Organized Stalking's Perpetrated By FBI & DHS Under The Cover Of Community Watch Groups

"The satellites can be programmed to track and monitor various frequencies on different parts of your body. These electromagnetic beams carrying the gas plasma orbs stick due magnetic polarity and frequency mapping and tracking to people's eyes, ears, temples, and private parts. A beam with entrained orbs carries pictures in each orb just like the different frames in a movie. It is a particle beam that is also a frequency weapon. The satellites download holographic mind control movies, pictures, sounds, and sensations to people through this technology. We are the lab rats for this technology and something is very wrong in the military or intelligence branches somewhere" - Another target of mind control experimentation who's satellite tracked via the bioelectric resonance entrainment frequencies of their own brain

Andre Webre's Exopolitics Website - Some Interesting Articles And Interviews Including One Which Alleges That The U.S. Military Under A Covert Project Called Pegasus, Was Using Advanced Teleportation Technology To Transport Humans To Mars In The 1960's. This Would Be An Outgrowth Of The Philadelphia Experiment Which Utilized High Powered Coils Designed By Nicola Tesla, To Move Back And Forth In Time

For Those Who Believe That The Governments Of Countries Belonging To NATO Are Not Using Their Own Citizens For Mind Control Experimentation, And Even Torturing And Murdering Many Of Them, Read The Following Report

Trayvon Martin Is The Latest Of The FBI/DOJ/DHS' Murder Victims; A Target Of A National Organized Stalking Program That Operates Under The Cover Of Community Watch Groups

Editor's Note: Another Family member is being aggressively targeted by way of a directed energy weapon causing tremendous physical pain to the person's leg. This is being done in order to force the person to take cortisone injections which are very dangerous and known to damage the human body when used on a prolonged basis.

This is just one further example of the FBI/NSA attack upon this author and those who are around me, as I document crimes that the U.S. Intel community has been perpetrating against my person for decades, by way of a national brain fingerprinting network that since the early 1980's has been used to electronically brand each American citizen.

Organized Stalking Target Trayvon Martin

Is The FBI/DOJ/DHS' Latest Murder Victim

Trayvon Martin is the latest victim of organized stalking to be murdered. Trayvon was shot to death by a community watch leader named George Zimmerman, who at the direction of local police was stalking Trayvon before he murdered him.

George Zimmerman is an organized stalker; a member of a national network of vigilante criminals who operate within our very own communities under the cover of community watch groups.

However, unlike legitimate community watch groups, organized stalking groups utilize psychological warfare operations against American citizens who are targeted because they cannot be legally prosecuted through the U.S. Judicial System.

The fact is that most of these people have no criminal record, yet, a history of being used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex for some form of non consensual human experimentation. Many of these targeted individuals (TI's) have been used for covert forms of government sanctioned mind control research without their consent.

This qualifies as a human rights crime based on the fact that these men and women (and in some instances even children) have not consented to being used as subjects of government research programs; programs which are oftentimes carried out within the targeted subject's own home without their knowledge or consent.

Organized Stalking Has Become A

National Hazard To The American Way Of Life

In the case of Trayvon Martin, there is no way of knowing for certain if he was the target of mind control experimentation, however, he was definitely being subjected to organized stalking before he was murdered.

Moreover, the mainstream media, which is now being used to demonize Trayvon Martin, has been told to ignore the fact that organized stalking exists, and that it has become a national hazard to the welfare of our communities.

As much of a hazard as the media itself has become to the American people, given its use as a * CIA controlled venue for disinformation, instead of being used as a legitimate source of news for Americans, the media has become part of the 9-11 false flag black operation, in order to destroy middle class America.

* See Operation Mockingbird

The local police have also been quick to call the shooting justified, even though eyewitness accounts conflicted with those of police, who attempted to cover up the situation. However, the African American community in Florida acted expediently to expose this cover up by police, by holding protests around the City of Miami.

* Prosecutors are now claiming that they are going to do the right thing by arresting George Zimmerman and prosecuting him for the murder of Trayvon Martin, however, this is only because they are bowing to pressure by the African American community. Had it not been for the black community's activism in the Martin murder case, these prosecutors would have done nothing at all, and George Zimmerman would have been allowed to remain free.

Moreover, even though reports claim that the police told Zimmerman to end his surveillance of Trayvon Martin, this incident supports a myriad of claims made by targets of organized stalking, that state and local police are involved in this vigilante hate crime, which they perpetrate under the cover of community watch groups.

Organized Stalking Groups Operate Under

The Cover Of Community Watch Groups

These groups are supplied with information in regard to the American citizens whom they stalk, by way of fusion centers which are operated by the Department Of Justice (FBI) and Homeland Security. This serves as further evidence of the dictatorship which now exists in the United States, and that the United States Constitutional right to due process of law is being criminally disregarded by U.S. Politicians and federal, state and local police, who continue to turn our communities into venues for vigilantism.

Moreover, since these organizations are operating unconstitutionally and well outside the law, they should be abolished, including the Department Of (In)justice, which has always been controlled by the Zionist bankers who furtively oversee what ever presidential administration is occupying the White House.

It is this counterfeiting and laundering Zionist cartel that controls the Federal Reserve System, which in turn controls the U.S. Federal Government.

A government which has become more criminal than any to come before it, and which was directly involved in the 9-11-2001 false flag terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

And it is this Zionist cartel which was the genesis for the attacks on 9-11-2001, as part of a plan to destroy the U.S. Constitution under the pretense of defending the homeland.

The 9-11 Attacks Were The First Phase Of A

False Flag Operation Used To Incorporate America

Into The New World Order's Global Dictatorship

The attack on the Pentagon was cleverly engineered in an effort to offer the federal government a plausibly deniable way in which to perpetrate this attack. However, the only people killed at the Pentagon were those who were attempting to locate more than 1.5 trillion dollars of the Pentagon's missing budget, which could not be accounted for.

And the only side of the building to be hit by a cruise missile was the only part of the Pentagon which had been reinforced - the construction ending not long before the attacks on 9-11-2001 took place.

Why did the perpetrators of the Pentagon missile attack hit the only wall which was reinforced instead of other more vulnerable parts of this complex?

Because these terrorists did not want to destroy the Pentagon, but instead, just damage it enough to misdirect any blame for the 9-11 attacks away from the U.S. Federal Government.

This government's plausible lie would be that if they were behind these attacks, why would they have damaged one of their own buildings?

And therein lies the cover story which enables a government to furtively attack its own citizenry, while using the cover of a government building also being attacked, to plausibly deny any criminal intent by this government.

Meanwhile, the only people at the Pentagon who could have answered for where the missing 1.5 trillion dollars went, were murdered on 9-11-2001; their department having been recently relocated to the reinforced part of the Pentagon.

In fact, then Secretary Of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, had publicly admitted to this 1.5 trillion dollar shortfall on 9/10/2001, just one day before the terrorist attacks took place.

Rumsfeld had stated that the Pentagon was attempting to locate the missing money - specifically, most of the people who were killed at the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 were in the process of attempting to find the missing 1.5 trillion, and may have learned that the money had been stolen by government officials before they were blown up by the missile which struck the Pentagon on 9-11-2001.

The FBI Is Being Used To Cover Up

The 9-11 False Flag Operation

The FBI's seizure and likely destruction of 84 videotapes which the Bureau had collected from the Pentagon and the area surrounding it on 9-11-2001, has allowed for the lie about a 757 crashing into the Pentagon to continue to be perpetuated, even though most Americans believe that a cruise missile of some type hit the Pentagon on 9-11-2001.

The story about the 757 crashing into the Pentagon is as much of a fabrication as the FBI's faulty fuel tank theory regarding the 1996 destruction of TWA Flight 800.

Another lie told by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation which no American citizen operating with an objective and rational mind can possibly believe, based on the myriad lies we as a nation have been told by this Anglo-Zionist controlled government; a government that attempted to whitewash the facts behind the 9-11 false flag operation with a fraudulent investigation via the 9-11 Commission, whose conclusions are completely inconsistent with the facts regarding eyewitness accounts of the attacks which took place in New York City and Washington D.C. on 9-11-2001.

A Commission which through its own deception, has served to further prove that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were part of a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by factions within the U.S. Federal Government, seeking to destroy the American middle class, through the use of a false flag operation which has since been used to deconstruct our Constitutional rule of law, under the pretense of protecting the American people from terrorism which their own government is responsible for.

As for the attacks on 9-11-2001, they were just one part of a false flag operation which continues to unfold within the United States, while the American people continue to be the targets of the most egregious black operation against a citizenry in human history.

And the next false flag operation will likely take place in 2012, under the pretense of a mass UFO sighting propagated through yet another covert government program known as Operation Blue Beam.

Operation Blue Beam

Using The Bible's Rapture Scenario

To Furtively Enslave The Human Race

Before his death, the father of the American space program (NASA), Dr. Wernher Von Braun, confided in a colleague that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex was going to use its weaponization of outer space to secretly enslave the global middle class.

Von Braun stated that this enslavement would take place under the pretense of protecting the American people from a UFO invasion, which this complex would create through the use of advanced space weapons' technology.

According to Von Braun, this covert black operation will be used to implement a global dictatorship. The name of this black op is Blue Beam. Blue Beam will be used to imitate the Rapture scenario from the Bible, where Jesus Christ is to appear in the sky signaling the end of the world.

However, Blue Beam takes this much further, using satellite deployed holograms and voice to skull synthetic telepathy (via computer to brain interface technology), by projecting holograms of all religious deities into the skies over the respective countries whose inhabitants are inculcated in such belief systems, while beaming the audio portion of these holograms directly into the auditory cortex region of the brain of each person, who are seeing these holograms of their respective religious figures projected into the skies above their own communities.

These holographically produced deities will be used to convince this planet's population that they are about to be subjected to a mass UFO invasion, and that they must follow the directives of their governments in order to defeat the extraterrestrial beings.

This precedent setting deception of the human race will allow the Anglo-Zionist counterfeiting/laundering cartel which controls our respective nations' governments, through the establishment of their Communist central banks, to round up the global middle class as part of a genocidal plot to reduce the size of this planet by billions of its human inhabitants.

And the fear-induced-UFO-scenario will be implemented in order to trick the global middle class, into unwittingly surrendering to the very reprobates who've used this mass deception as part of a program in which to eventually exterminate us.

The following includes the warning which Von Braun's colleague is circulating based on what he told her about Blue Beam before his death. Like this author, the person who produced this short documentary also believes that many of the UFO sightings which are being seen around this planet on a daily basis, are in fact satellite deployed holograms being used as part of the Blue Beam psychological operation.

It is also quite possible that the mass UFO sighting in Phoenix Arizona in March of 1997 was in fact a giant hologram of a UFO projected by several specialized satellites as part of an early stage of Operation Blue Beam, which would mean that the Blue Beam black operation began more than a decade ago.

- James F. Marino

Author Serge Monast dies of a heart attack after exposing the Project Blue Beam False Flag Operation - Monast's Co-researcher would also die a short time later - Were both men murdered by way of a directed energy weapon attack?

Part I

Part II

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Jews Against Zionism Website - Describes The Fraud That Zionism Is And Why Zionist Controlled Israel Represents A Danger To The World Which Should Result In Israel's Abolition

Organized Stalking Networks Which Operate Under The Cover Of Community Watch Groups In The United States, Have Become A 21St Century High-Tech Version Of Hitler's Nazi Brown Shirt Domestic Spies

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

With UFO Sightings Occuring Daily Around This Planet One Must Wonder How Much Longer It Will Be Before The Blue Beam False Flag Operation Takes Place?

Andre Webre's Exopolitics Website - Some Interesting Articles And Interviews Including One Which Alleges That The U.S. Military Under A Covert Project Called Pegasus, Was Using Advanced Teleportation Technology To Transport Humans To Mars In The 1960's. This Would Be An Outgrowth Of The Philadelphia Experiment Which Utilized High Powered Coils Designed By Nicola Tesla, To Move Back And Forth In Time

He Was A Judge From A Small Rural Town - However, Once He Took A Close Look At How The Federal Reserve Operates He Knew The Organization Was A Fraud - In A Case He Had To Preside Over, This Judge Declared That The Federal Reserve System Was Operating Contrary To The Constitution And Declared The Fed To Be Null And Void - That Should Have Marked The End Of The Federal Reserve - Instead, The Judge Was Poisoned To Death And The Federal Reserve System Continued Its Criminal Operations & {Planned Destruction Of The American Middle Class

Author Serge Monast dies of a heart attack after exposing the Project Blue Beam False Flag Operation - Monast's Co-researcher would also die a short time later - Were both men murdered by way of a directed energy weapon attack?

"FBI agents helped their 'informants' ship tons of illegal drugs into Boston, tipping them off against police and DEA investigations. And in return, Bulger and Flemmi provided the FBI with 'information' against their competitors — that is to say, helped them build federal cases against people they themselves (the FBI) wanted to get rid of."

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington Admits To Seeing Giant UFO Craft In March Of 1997 - Was This UFO Legitimate Or A Massive Satellite Projected Hologram Used As Part Of NASA's Blue Beam False Flag Operation

In 1997 A UFO A Mile Wide Crossed Over Phoenix Arizona

Viewed By More Than 10,000 People

To This Day The Federal Government Denies The Incident

The Above Video Of A UFO In Chile Is Similar

To That Of The UFO Seen In Phoenix Arizona In 1997

Similar Sightings Have Been Seen In Many Countries

"Rumors of 'Alien UFO Invasion', UFO decloakings multiply, as do forthcoming 'Alien Invasion' movies" - The Examiner

When Will The Extraterrestrial False Flag Operation Conducted By The Anglo-Zionist World Shadow Government Begin? Keep In Mind That Of The Many Government Whistleblowers Who Have Attempted To Warn The Public About Blue Beam, The Late Nazi Scientist Dr. Wernher Von Braun, Warned A Colleague Of His That The New World Order Would Be Established Through A False Flag Operation Which Was Presented To The Global Population As A Mass Alien Invasion Of This Planet, With Members Of This Shadow Government Perpetrating This False Flag Deception With Advanced Technology, Developed Over The Past Fifty Years - This Was Enough To Terrify Von Braun, A Nazi Scientist Who Was Smuggled Into The United States By The CIA Following WWII

Are UFO Orbs Extraterrestrial?

Or Are They Satellite Projected Holograms?

The following article is predicated on the belief that extraterrestrial beings do in fact exist, as do interdimensional beings.

However, one must also take into consideration that many of the UFO craft that the human race has been witnessing in myriad countries around this planet over the past several years, are in fact based on advanced propulsion systems being used by a shadow government, in preparation for a false flag operation known as Operation Blue Beam.

Insiders have claimed that Blue Beam will be used to broadcast holograms of religious deities into the skies above our respective nations, during a fraudulent alien invasion perpetrated by a world shadow government. These deities will warn the citizens of this planet to follow the directives of their respective governments, in order to prevent a global holocaust, while in turn rounding us up like heads of cattle, as the New World Order is implemented.

This is the equivalent of tricking you into walking into the gas chamber instead of forcing you to do so. It may be easy to round up a few million people with today's technology, however, not the better part of seven billion.

In order to accomplish such a massive holocaust the reprobates who intend on doing so will need to create order out of a chaos that is of their own diabolical creation.

It is the fear element involved here which the perpetrators of this outrageous crime will depend on to keep individual citizens from rebelling. However, the more people who know about this scam before hand, the better, since they will not be taken in by this Anglo-Zionist shadow government's holographic "UFO dog and pony show" if they can recognize how it is to be implemented.

What Happens In The Event That Real EBE's

Are Attempting To Contact Humanity?

The global sightings of UFO craft and other strange phenomena by millions of the Earth's inhabitants, indicates that whoever (or whatever) are occupying these craft, want us to know that they are monitoring us.

However, are what we are witnessing legitimate UFOs flown by EBE's, or military personnel operating within the global shadow government who are attempting to exploit the UFO phenomenon in order to implement further genocidal programs which will be used to gradually kill off most of this planet's population?

In all likelihood, what we are witnessing is a combination of the two, which only serves to add to our confusion; since we have more than enough evidence to suggest that Extraterrestrial Biological Entities do exist, as do their craft.

Aside from the many sightings which have been documented by the U.S. Military as well as the CIA, NSA and FBI, there are many paintings which date back hundreds of years, which clearly show UFO craft in the skies above the scenes being painted.

How would a person from the 1700's know to paint such a craft unless the person had observed it in the sky while composing the painting? There is even a painting depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, with a UFO directly above, aiming a beam of some kind directly at Jesus.

In the 18Th Century no such human developed technology existed. So regardless of what reverse engineered UFO technology our governments may now have, the EBE's had it first.

Moreover, much of the scalar weaponry which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is clandestinely using in the modern day, was developed from the work of inventor Nicola Tesla a century ago. And Tesla confided in his closest friends that he was regularly visited by extraterrestrials, whom Tesla claimed actually interacted with him, in regard to many of the technological ideas which he later developed.

Were these EBE's merely using Tesla as a way in which to quickly advance the human race's technology?

Given the fact that there are trillions of galaxies in outer space, not only is it unrealistic to think that the human race on the planet Earth is the only form of intelligent species in the world, it is also naive to believe that there may not be other species containing human DNA inhabiting other planets; created by the same beings who created the human race.

For those who agree with the findings of the late author, Zecharia Sitchin, regarding his translations of ancient Sumerian tablets, the human race is a hybridized species, combining the DNA of the Anunnaki alien race, and the ape.

Which means that the human race is part extraterrestrial in its origins.

According to Sitchen, humans were created as slave labor in order to mine gold.

If this is true, then it would not be unreasonable to hypothesize that other species have also been created by higher forms of life, in order to act as caretakers of planets throughout the trillions of galaxies which exist in the physical world.

Dr. Sitchen also stated that the Anunnaki return to the Milky Way Galaxy approximately every 3600 years, and that sometime around 2012, they would return again.

However, Sitchen later stated that he was no longer certain that they would return in 2012, and towards the end of his life, remarked that the Anunnaki would likely return sometime during the 21St Century, thus completing another of their 3600 year orbits around this galaxy.

Perhaps the tremendous increase in UFO sightings over the past decade is being used to exploit Sitchin's work, in efforts to in some way link them with Sitchin's earlier prognostications about the Anunnaki returning to Earth by 2012.

The most pertinent question which remains is how many of these UFO's are real, and how many are holograms being projected into our skies via specialized satellites, and by our own governments, as part of a covert agenda?

Specifically a program known as Operation Bluebeam.

Moreover, while there are myriad UFO sightings which report craft that take the physical shape of a UFO space craft (some of which are likely flown by military personnel), the orbs which have been seen throughout this planet over the past few decades, and by millions of people, appear to contain no physical properties.

These orbs instantly appear in the sky and disappear as quickly as they appear, as if they are holograms being projected into the sky by a satellite - which they may well be.

However, many of the people who have witnessed these orbs have stated that they sensed that there was intelligent life contained within them, and that they experienced some form of psychic connection while the orbs were hovering over their communities.

If this particular phenomenon had been reported by just a few people, one might conclude that it was simply a flight of fancy.

However, when so many people who have seen these objects give a similar account of experiencing some form of psychic connection with them, one must seriously consider that at least some of these orbs may contain intelligent life, even if others are simply satellite deployed holograms which are used to mimic them.

In the meantime, one must contemplate exactly why it is that UFO sightings have increased so significantly. Clearly, someone, or something wants the human race to know that we are being observed from the skies above.

However, for what reason?

If they are intelligent forms of life, they may be concerned that the human race is in danger of destroying itself, and attempting to intercede on our behalf.

However, what if they are waiting for us to destroy ourselves, so that they can lay claim to this planet?

In contemplating the latter case, one must wonder if the Earth was not inhabited by other forms of advanced life long before humans began to colonize it?

Especially given the myriad artifacts that have been discovered over the past few centuries, which were manufactured with technology that early human civilizations could not have developed on their own.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, the human race was created as slave labor by the Anunnaki, however, began to rebel against the Anunnaki, wanting their opulent lifestyle, instead of being forced to work as slaves.

This eventually caused a rift between the human race and its creators, which resulted in the Anunnaki leaving this planet at the time of the great flood, which is referred to in the Bible.

All but one of the leadership of the Anunnaki agreed that the human race should perish in the flood. An Anunnaki god by the name of Enkei, believed that the human race should be spared.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, it was this god who showed humans how to construct a seaworthy craft (the arc which the Bible speaks of, however, which may have been constructed very differently than the Bible's representation of the arc), which would enable enough of humanity to survive so that they could continue to propagate.

While religious circles have been very critical of Sitchen's work, during his lifetime, he established a loyal following, which grew exponentially once his Earth Chronicle's series of books became available over the Internet.

Moreover, while The Earth Chronicles may be far from a perfect account of how the human race came to exist on this planet, it offers a far more rational explanation than the ancient mysticism promulgated by formalized religions.

This is no doubt the main reason why Sitchin's work continues to be embraced by those who have tired of mysticism, and seek empirical answers to the age old question of how the human race came to exist, and why it was created in the first place.

These are the real answers that we as a species must seek. Not false flag UFO white washes, like Blue Beam, which the Anglo-Zionist world shadow government continue to perpetuate, in order to confuse and misdirect the majority of the people on this planet, as part of a global genocidal plan to murder billions of the Earth's inhabitants.

- James F. Marino

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Murder By Heart Attack - Was Conservative Media Personality Andrew Breitbart's Heart Attack Caused By A Directed Energy Weapon? In Light Of The Claims He Was Making Regarding Having Scandalous Information On Barack Obama That Breitbart Was About To Come Forward With, His Sudden Death At The Age Of 43 Was Certainly Convenient For The Obama Administration

Defending The Rights Of The Murdered - The FBI's Murder Of Nearly 100 Branch Davidians And The Political White Wash Which Took Place In Its Aftermath, Is Despicable

Editor's Note: While the FBI continues to propagate its furtive and illegal smear/slander campaign against this author, the Bureau hacks this author's Google account and adjusts the personal user setting so that several of the posts this author has made appear to be blocked by Google.

This author then accesses my Google account and resets the privacy setting. These types of gaslighting tactics are typical of the FBI's psychological warfare operations against this author, as part of its decades' long COINTELPRO attack against my person.

The FBI has been electronically hacking into my Blogger Website since it was created, remotely disabling the hyperlinks to myriad articles, changing the spelling of words, deleting words, and other forms of electronic tampering which are perpetrated with plausible deniability.

However, these crimes do serve as further evidence that the FBI continues to interfere with this author's First Amendment right to freedom of speech, by attempting to prevent the public from reading these articles.

The FBI's primary interest here is to conceal the fact that the American people are the unwitting targets of a secretly implemented national brain fingerprinting network, which has been used to catalogue the unique set of EMF frequencies of their own brains, for the purpose of entering their minds without their knowledge or consent.

This treasonous crime has been perpetrated by the National Security Agency under a Reagan Administration Executive Order (12333), which was signed by Ronald Reagan in 1981, and which has since been amended several times, to allow for further and even more outrageous illegal domestic spying by the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex.

What NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei has referred to as the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, which is used to interface the NSA's Signals Intelligence super computers with the brainwaves of an unsuspecting American citizenry.

This technology is being used to destroy the inherent protections that all Americans were once entitled to under the United States Bill of Rights, while serving as part an extrajudicial system being used against a myriad of American citizens, who cannot be prosecuted by the criminal justice system in the United States.

The use of this extrajudicial system by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies constitutes an act of treason, and is defined by its criminal element, who perpetrate their crimes under the color and cover of law.

Moreover, Executive Order 12333 allowed the NSA to implement a domestic spy program which is capable of instantaneously tracking the unique set of EMF brain fingerprints of any American citizen.

This system is known to NSA insiders as the Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. And the only government whistleblower who has ever had the courage to expose this Orwellian system of electronically branding American citizens is a man by the name of John St. Clair Akwei.

As such, this author created this Website in an effort to inform the American people of *Mr. Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, since it documents in great detail the NSA's egregious violation regarding the American people's 4Th Amendment right to privacy.

* A corrupt circuit court judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin was used to prevent John Akwei from suing the NSA in 1992. Interestingly enough, prior to becoming a federal judge, Sporkin served as general counsel for the CIA from 1981 - 1985, and while serving on the bench, had a history of perverting the criminal justice system in order to conceal crimes being perpetrated by the U.S. Intelligence community against American citizens. Two examples of this involved Sporkin's aiding and abetting of the CIA to bankrupt Hamilton Securities (a financial company owned by former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts), as well as Sporkin's derailing of John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit against the NSA.

Based on this author's own experiences as a target of the NSA's illegal satellite tracking of my person, as well its use of this author for non consensual human experimentation, and comparing this with the testimony of myriad other American citizens who have made similar allegations against the U.S. Federal Government in regard to this government's satellite predation of themselves, a rational person can conclude that the U.S. Intelligence community is utilizing its spy satellites to both spy on American citizens, while subjecting them to non consensual human experimentation.

Furthermore, these accounts support the allegations made by John St. Clair Akwei in regard to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its use in cataloguing the unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies which emanate from each American citizen's own brain, for the purpose of remotely entering an American citizen's own private thoughts.

This constitutes a form of brain fingerprinting which the NSA uses to perpetrate a crime known as electronic trespass, since just as the NSA can remotely hack into the personal computer of any American citizen, this Orwellian crime syndicate can also remotely hack into the unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of any American citizen's brain.

The FBI's most recent attack on this author's 1St Amendment rights comes as this Website has moved up in's rankings from the 11 million range to under 1.7 million ranking within the past few months, meaning that this Website continues to grow significantly in its readership; which it should given the topics which I am writing about; specifically, the crimes being committed by the U.S. Federal Government against the American people.

Once again we have a situation where when the FBI cannot get its own way legally, it simply changes the ground rules to suit its own criminal activities, while violating the Constitutional rights of any person whom this Americanized Nazi Gestapo decides to attack.

Moreover, the FBI has made certain to use coercion on any person who can corroborate the Bureau's crimes against this author, which is tantamount to extortion and obstruction of justice. It has also resulted in the FBI's violations of the Constitutional rights of each of these people, who are no longer operating under their own free well, but who are instead controlled by the FBI and its thugs.

Furthermore, the FBI's use of the media in which to disseminate the Bureau's Neuro Linguistic Propaganda campaign against this author grows more aggressive each day, in the FBI's attempt to exculpate itself from its crimes against my person, through the Bureau's brainwashing of the public; while the FBI attempts to completely circumvent the Constitutional rule of law, in efforts to conceal its own crimes.

As such, the FBI has used the mainstream media in the United States to subject the American people to the FBI's brainwashing tactics - who have now become victims of the FBI and its attempt to white wash this scandalous situation through such machinations.

Targeted Individuals Must Find Creative Ways Of Surviving The Psychological Operations Which Are Used By Government Criminals, In Efforts To Drive Them Crazy - Writing Is An Excellent Creative Outlet Which Enables The TI To Document The Crimes Being Perpetrated Against Them - Writing About Hobbies And Other Points Of Interest Also Helps To Keep The TI's Mind Focused On More Positive Aspects Of Life - So Write About Whatever Pleases You, As This Author Does

A Man Trained By The NSA During His Childhood, To Become A Psychic Warrior, Writes An Expose On The NSA's Crimes Against Children And Is Then Murdered For It

American Politicians And Media Personalities Are All Electronically Brain Tapped Puppets, Unwittingly Tethered To Signals Intelligence Satellites Which Are Used To Interface Their Brains With The Military Intelligence Complexes' Super Computers

The Tax Exempt Charitable Trust Fraud & How It's Used By The Anglo-Zionist Aristocracy To Avoid Paying The Estate Tax When They Die, While The Average American Citizen Is Forced To Pay A 20% Tax On Their Entire Estate When They Pass Away - The Tax Exempt Trust Is Yet Another Example Of Cleverly Hidden Class Warfare

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered By A Directed Energy Weapon For Threatening To Expose What Breitbart Claimed Was Evidence Of Barack Obama's Bisexuality And Drug Use? Breitbart Died Under Mysterious Circumstances A Week After Stating That He Was About To Expose Information That Would Destroy Obama

Editor's Note: Sherriff Joe Arpaio may have evidence that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery, however, Arpaio can hardly be described as an American hero. This guy is the consummate sadist and racist whose idea of government espouses something far closer to Nazism than it does Democracy.

In all likelihood, Arpaio was probably given the information regarding Obama's bogus birth certificate by Obama's political rivals, so that Arpaio could take the credit, while also acting as the lightening rod in the event that the situation backfired.

After all, Arpaio is accusing the President of the United States of being a complete fraud. And with the NDAA in place, Obama could have Arpaio declared an enemy combatant who is acting in a belligerent manner, which would result in Arpaio's indefinite detention in a U.S. Military prison.

Sherriff Arpaio should also consider the fact that anyone in this country can be targeted by a weaponized satellite and murdered by way of a directed energy weapon, if they get in the way of the wrong people, like Andrew Breitbart likely was, after stating that he was about to release information regarding allegations of Obama's bisexuality and drug use.

Some Of Joe Arpaio's Nazi Supporters. Can You Picture Arpaio As U.S. President? His First Act Would Be To Install A Network Of Gas Chambers Across The USA.

“One Nation Under Socialism” By Jon McNaughton

Read More Regarding The Painting Of Barack Obama The Usurper President Burning The U.S. Constitution

With More Than 10,000 Eyewitnesses Who Saw A Giant UFO Which Measured About A Mile Wide, Flying Over The City Of Phoenix, Arizona In March Of 1997, Why Does The U.S. Federal Government Continue To Deny That This Incident Ever Occurred? Especially When The Governor Of Arizona At The Time, Admitted In 2005 That He Also Saw This UFO And That It Probably Represents The Largest Sighting Of A UFO By A Group Of People In History

As A Consequence Of The FBI's Covert Attack On The World Trade Center In 1993, Did The Bureau Also Engineer The Murder Of A Famous Civil Rights Attorney Who Would Later Represent The Alleged Terrorists Whom The FBI Claimed Were Behind The WTC Bombing?

Sweden Announces Its Intent To Become A Cashless Society, As Part Of The New World Order's Agenda To Implement An Electronic Currency Which Will Be Used As Part Of Its Enslavement Of The Global Middle Class

Editor's Note: While the media has been able to prevent most Americans from learning of the conspiracy by the British Monarchy and the House Rothschild to implement a global dictatorship, which the United States will be absorbed into, the turmoil that this is causing within the U.S. Federal Government has resulted in a power struggle between the U.S. Congress and the Obama White House; the latter of which has colluded with the Department Of Defense to sanction an attack on Libya without the permission of the United States Congress.

This fissure within the federal government is the first public sign of its being subverted by an outside influence - the divide and conquer strategy being deployed by the British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild change agents, against the American people.

This criminal conspiracy against America has been ongoing since the day that the United States declared its independence from the King of England, more than two centuries ago.

As such, the American middle class must not allow this high crime of treason to continue. However, first, we must remove the Anglo-Zionist cabal from control of the United States, by demanding that the Congress abolish the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service; both of which have been used from their inception to furtively control our government, while conducting a secretive form of class warfare against the American middle class - through the implementation of the illegal and Communistic graduated system of income tax.

If the Congress refuses to comply with the American middle classes' intent to abolish the Federal Reserve and IRS, then the American people must collectively refuse to pay the federal income tax through a national tax revolt, since its application has always been illegal, and used to conduct class warfare against the American middle class, in order to steal trillions of dollars of their own wealth over the past century.

The late Eustace Mullins proved this through his ground breaking research regarding the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting and laundering practices, and was harassed by the FBI's thugs until the day he died, for exposing the Federal Reserve System for the organized crime syndicate that it is.

As such, abolishing the Federal Reserve System and its IRS bagman is the only way that the American people will be able to retake control of the United States, abolish the corporate constitution which was illegally ratified by the Congress in 1871 (under the Legislative Act of 1871); reinstate the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers created under our organic Constitution of 1787, and to abrogate the British Monarchy and the House of Rothschilds' furtive control over the American people for once and for all.

On an aside, one must wonder how many well known people; politicians, actors, comedians etc., have been murdered by way of directed energy weaponry because the federal government decided that they were no longer controllable?

In the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complexes' attempt to maintain the secrecy of this covert electronic warfare technology, many of us have seen how our own Families have been forced to give up their freedom, while being enslaved within the their own homes, out fear that if they ever corroborate the allegations that we have made in regard to the government's use of our persons for non consensual human experimentation, that these Family members will also find themselves being attacked just as aggressively as we are.

As it is, several of this author's Family members have been attacked with directed energy weapons, a few of whom have been hospitalized on more than one occasion, after a directed energy weapon's attack.

One will recall that in 2008, Barack Obama publicly criticized comedian Bernie Mac, for saying something that Obama felt was inappropriate. The incident took place in July of 2008 during an Obama fundraiser, and Mac died less than a month later.

One will also recall that during the Bush 43 Administration, comedian George Carlin was about to embark on a national tour. Carlin had publicly stated that a portion of the show which he had created was about George W. Bush and questions which surrounded the attacks on 9-11.

Carlin, like most of his fellow Americans, apparently did not believe the official 9-11 Commission Report. Neither did activist Beverly Eckert, who met with Barack Obama in an attempt to have him reopen the 9-11 Commission, just a week before Eckert (one of the most vocal opponents to the 9-11 Commission) was tragically killed in a plane crash - a plane crash which may have likely been caused by either mechanical, electrical or electromagnetic tampering.

George Carlin would die of a heart attack just before he was about to begin his tour. He had stated that he did not like Bush 43 and was going to punish him (in a figurative sense).

Directed energy weapons can be used to create cancers and other illnesses in the human body, as well as fatal strokes and heart attacks.

Of course there's always a cover story when such artificially induced murders occur.

However, for those of us who know how easily someone can be tortured or murdered through the furtive use of a directed energy weapon, we know that many of the sudden deaths of politicians, actors and other public personalities who have in some way annoyed the Anglo-Zionist hierarchy within the United States, have been murders perpetrated through the use of this classified technology.

This is the abject sense of arrogance that characterizes the sociopaths who run this country through their control over the Federal Reserve System and its control over Washington D.C. They truly believe that they have the divine right of choosing who lives and who dies.

In this particular instance they have chosen to destroy the global middle class in a myriad of plausibly deniable ways, while committing crimes against us that are as inhumane as anything that sadistic mass murderers like Hitler, Stalin and Franco did during their reigns of terror.

Moreover, the U.S. Federal Government will never admit to the existence of this technology, because it offers a way to commit the perfect crime, leaving no direct physical evidence that a crime has even been perpetrated.

This is why the FBI was given use of this technology by the U.S. Department Of Justice in the mid 1990's; something which another targeted individual has proven, with the sworn testimony of a former FBI agent who has testified to the fact that FBI agents are using satellite deployed directed energy weapons to covertly torture and murder American citizens.

So the allegations that the FBI has access to directed energy weapons is no longer just a rumor. It has become a matter of fact.

Many other intelligence agencies have been using this technology prior to the FBI, including the NSA and CIA, and it would be naive to think that the Department Of Homeland Security, and perhaps even state and local police don't have access to this technology in post 9-11 America.

By the accounts of the myriad TI's within the United States, these organizations do have access to DEW technology, as do the governments of all NATO member countries.

And it will be the United Nations under the New World Order which sanctions this technology against the global middle class in the future; not our present government bodies, which will gradually be phased out over the next decade or two.

Furthermore, a coroner can also be coerced into falsifying the cause of death in regard to any person who has been murdered by way of a directed energy weapon, even though a forensic pathologist can be trained to look for certain types of physical anomalies within the body, which will indicate that a person has been exposed to excessive amounts of radiation, due to a directed energy weapon which was used to target specific parts of the person's body.

Keeping this in mind, those comedians who make a living making jokes about politicians might consider the following:

The electronic warfare technology that is at the disposal of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can be used to instantaneously track the EMF signature of any American citizen, in the way that a heat seeking missile can lock on to an enemy aircraft.

And of course we know what heat seeking missiles are capable of doing to enemy aircraft. However, few people understand that a directed energy weapon can cause damage which is just as lethal - albeit less obvious.

- James F. Marino

Obama Administration & Pentagon Declare Congress Null & Void

Billionaire Sociopath Calls Wall Street Employees The Biggest Sociopaths On The Face Of This Planet - Takes One To Know One

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Was Attorney William Kunstler Murdered By The FBI?

In 1968 A Courageous Judge From A Small Rural Town In Minnesota Had A Case Come Before His Court Which Involved The Federal Reserve System - By The Time The Case Had Ended The Judge Declared That The Federal Reserve System Was A Counterfeiter That Existed Contrary To The Constitutional Rule Of Law, And Was To Be Considered Null And Void By The American People - Six Months Later, This Judge Was Poisoned To Death

FBI Was Behind 1993 WTC Bombing

FBI Tells 9-11 Rescue Worker To "Shut Up" about finding black boxes from the aircraft that struck the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001

The FBI's Role In The 1993 Attacks On The WTC
Could The FBI Have Also Been Involved
In Murdering Attorney William Kunstler?
Written by James F. Marino

"According to other sources familiar with the case, the FBI told District Attorney, Robert M. Morgenthau that Nosair was a lone gunman, not part of a broader conspiracy; the prosecution took this position at trial and lost, only convicting Nosair of gun charges. Morgenthau speculated that the CIA may have convinced the FBI not to pursue any other leads, these sources say. 'The FBI lied to me,' Morgenthau has told colleagues. They're supposed to untangle terrorist connections but they can't be trusted to do the job."

The above quote regarding former U.S. District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau, pertains to the CIA's association with Sheik Abdul Rahmann, and his being given a U.S. Visa by the CIA to enter the United States prior to the 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center, even though Rahmann was on a terrorist watchlist at the time. Morgenthau surmises that the FBI colluded with the CIA to conceal Rahmann's status as an asset of the CIA. At the very least this proves that Sheik Rahmann, like Osama Bin Ladin, had connections with the U.S. Intellligence community prior to being accused of terrorist attacks on American buildings.

Throughout its history as a faux law enforcement organization, not only has the FBI operated as a Nazi idealized agency (since its inception as the Bureau of investigation in 1908), the Bureau has also been used to seize and destroy evidence in a number of "false flag" terrorist cases involving the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

These treasonous crimes include confiscating and likely destroying evidence is the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the 1996 U.S. Navy missile downing of TWA Flight 800, and the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. on 9-11-2001.

As for the original bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the FBI paid an informant by the name of Emad Salem, $1.5 million for Salem's use in an entrapment scheme, in which he constructed the bomb which was ultimately used to blow up World Trade Center Tower I.

As part of this conspiracy, the FBI may have also been responsible for the death of attorney William Kunstler, who represented several of the defendants in the "false flag" trial regarding the 1993 terrorist attack on the WTC.

The bomb which Emad Salem built for the FBI was used to murder six people and injure more than 1000 in the 1993 bombing of Tower One of the World Trade Center.

The FBI would later find that Salem was recording his conversations with his FBI handlers, which implicated the FBI in deliberately not switching the bomb that Salem built, with a fake bomb which the FBI had told him they were going to use to replace the real bomb with, as part of the Bureau's entrapment scheme.

So why did the FBI not make the switch?

The Bureau was obviously involved in a black operation of some kind, based on all the lies it has told the public in regard to what really happened at the WTC in 1993.

But what was the overall objective here?

In this author's opinion the 1993 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was yet another false flag operation by the U.S. federal government, just as the attacks on 9/11/2001 were.

And that meant that the FBI was not being used to solve these crimes, but to instead cover up the architects who were responsible for perpetrating them and seizing and destroying legitimate evidence which could have been used to prosecute them, while leaving a trail of false evidence used as a red herring, to ensure that these criminals were never prosecuted for their crimes.

And how far up in the federal government did this conspiracy go? It would appear that this conspiracy went all the way to the Clinton White House.

Given that his public allegations against the FBI have cast serious doubt on the Bureau's claims regarding the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, one must also wonder whatever became of Emad Salem?

The FBI would certainly not have appreciated Salem's taping of his conversations with his FBI handlers, anymore than they would have appreciated civil rights attorney William Kunstler attempting to conduct a legitimate criminal defense, which could have ultimately exposed the FBI's complicity in the 1993 WTC bombing; while exonerating the defendants whom Kunstler was representing.

"Kunstler's defense of the three clerics made him "more visible, more venerated, more vilified than ever."

- Wikipedia

Was Attorney William Kunstler Murdered By The FBI?

William Kunstler died on September 4Th, 1995. At the time of his death, Kunstler was representing sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahmann and other members of his organization.

Kunstler's death was reported to have been caused by heart failure.

However, if the U.S. Intelligence community is involved in murdering someone, they can easily coerce a coroner into submitting a false cause of death for their victim; especially if Kunstler was killed by a directed energy weapon.

Directed energy weapons can be used to cause strokes, aneurysms, heart attacks, cancers and other artificially created maladies which can result in a person's being murdered with plausible deniability.

By 1994, the U.S. Justice Department had officially given the FBI permission to use directed energy weapons on the U.S. population; something this author has experienced first hand.

As such, and given the timing of his death while representing Sheikh Rahmann, one must wonder if William Kunstler was the target of foul play?

Especially since his body was cremated after his death, preventing his body from later being exhumed in the event that Kunstler's family determined that he may have been murdered.

Cremation is a very convenient way for the FBI to destroy evidence in a crime its agents have committed.

After they murdered a man by the name of Kenneth Trentadue, who was beaten to death in a holding cell while being interrogated, the FBI volunteered to cremate Trentadue's body for his family. However, the Trentadue's wanted to have a funeral for Kenneth and asked the FBI to return his body to them for burial.

When Trentadue's family met with resistance from the FBI, they demanded that his body be returned to them, only to find that Kenneth Trentadue had been badly beaten before he died and garroted to make his death appear to have been caused as the result of a suicidal hanging.

Unfortunately for the FBI, Kenneth's brother, Jesse Trentadue is an attorney, who began his own investigation in Kenneth's death, to find that he had actually been murdered. The Trentadue family was financially compensated in the hope that this scandal would end.

However, it has only served to show just how criminal the FBI is really is, and how murderous and conniving its agents can be.

Moreover, if allegations regarding foul play in Kunstler's death were ever to surface, the fact that his body was cremated means that no future exhumation would be possible.

One must wonder what an independent autopsy of William Kunstler have found?

One thing's for certain. The timing of Kunstler's death was certainly convenient for the FBI.

And if the Bureau was actually involved in murdering William Kunstler, they would definitely never want anyone within the media conducting an independent investigation regarding the possibility that there was foul play in regard to Kunstler's death.

Especially since William Kunstler was defending someone whom the media may have been using as a scapegoat, in order to cover up the FBI's role in the 1993 WTC bombing.

As usual, when the FBI is involved in a situation that concerns a "false flag" terrorist attack, the cover up begins immediately, and the American public is duped into believing whatever the controlled media is forced to tell them.

Since the CIA subverted the mainstream media under a program called Operation Mockingbird in 1948, "deception by way of broadcast" has become the standard way in which the American people receive the government's sanitized information.

And this is why most Americans no longer believe any statement that's made by the media or the U.S. federal government - regardless of what the topic is - or the claims being made.

- James F. Marino

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AKA William Moses Kunstler

Born: 7-Jul-1919
Birthplace: New York City
Died: 4-Sep-1995
Location of death: New York City
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Remains: Cremated

The information regarding Kunstler's death was sourced from:

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