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Dr. John Beard's 1902 Trophoblast Theory Proved That Cancer Is Caused By A Vitamin & Enzyme Deficiency -- Beard Would Then Be Demonized By The AMA

"Like the House of Rothschilds' use of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidential Administration in which to make using gold and silver coins (real money) a crime, as well as the Rothschilds' use of Andrew Melon and the Bureau Of Narcotics in which to make the use of marijuana a crime, the Rothschilds used the AMA in which to convince the FDA to make the use of Vitamin B17 a crime, because of its superiority in treating cancer patients.

This perversion of government is how the Rothschilds have always eliminated their competition. They are the consummate monopolists & criminals, because throughout history they have managed to monopolize this entire planet through their abjectly criminal activities, and always gotten away with it. That is until the advent of the Internet, the alternative journalist, and the Blogosphere as a new frontier for the promulgation of anti-Rothschildism."

-- Alternative Journalist
James F. Marino

Three Brilliant Scientists & An Unpopular Discovery

In 1902, Dr. John Beard hypothesized that cancer is a vitamin and enzyme deficiency. Dr. Beard dubbed his pioneering research into the cause of cancer as the Trophoblast Theory. He was demonized by the criminal hierarchy behind the American Medical Association for his pioneering discovery.

Later, another physician by the name of Ernest Krebs continued Beard's pioneering work and empirically proved the Trophoblast Theory regarding cancer. Dr. Krebs was also demonized by the AMA and its cadre of genocidal criminals.

Moreover, since that time, the American Medical Association & Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital have intentionally maligned the Trophoblast Theory because it threatens their lucrative and failed radiation and chemotherapy treatment protocol; one which has been responsible for the murders of millions of Americans over the past century.

Genocide Can Be Extremely Profitable
Especially If You're Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital

In the 1970's, Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital even went so far as to destroy its own research regarding Laetrile (Vitamin B17) therapy, when it also found Vitamin B17 to be far superior to the radiation and chemotherapy treatments the Hospital was using on its cancer patients.

The study found that Laetrile was far more useful in curing cancer in its early stages, and increasing the life expectancy of terminal cancer patients in its later stages, than the chemotherapy and radiation protocol.

Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, D.Sc, an institution at Sloan Kettering for decades before conducting the aforesaid research (which proved that Laetrile therapy was far superior to Sloan Kettering's cut, poison and burn protocol), stood firm on his findings.

As punishment for defending his Laetrile study, Dr. Sugiura would later find himself the target of a smear campaign fomented by Sloan Kettering's board of directors. Like Doctors Beard and Krebs, Sugiura had become yet another victim of the AMA/Sloan Kettering conspiracy in which to demonize Laetrile with the public.

To take it a step further, the American Medical Association used its considerable influence with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to make it a crime to use Vitamin B17, which resulted in B17 being banned from the United States.

Now, Americans who are stricken with cancer must either travel to countries like Mexico or Germany, where Vitamin B17 is legal ( in order to obtain Laetrile therapy), or be subjugated to the AMA's cut, poison and burn genocidal protocol.

Moreover, this Rothschild controlled "drug trust" continues to malign Dr. Beard's Trophoblast Theory as it has for almost a Century, because it implicates them in a scheme to commit genocide for profit.

Not at all surprising when one considers the House of Rothschilds' belief in *eugenics experimentation on those ethnicities whom they deem to be inferior to themselves. In other words, the human race.

*The types of atrocities which millions of Jews were subjected to under the guise of "medical experimentation" during the Nazi Holocaust.

- James F. Marino

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