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The Conspiracy Regarding Toyota & The U.S Federal Government's Going Into the Car Business - Is There A Connection Here?

Is The U.S. Federal Government Trying To Destroy Toyota?

For decades, Toyota has been one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world, eventually earning the title of this planet's largest car maker.

However, since the U.S. Federal Government took over General Motors (and is subsequently now in the car business), it simply makes sense that this government would use its authority in which to make the new General Motors a financial success. Moreover, in order to do so they must first rid themselves of the competition which has continued to erode the American automotive market's share of car sales since the 1970's.

The logical route in this particular instance, would be to *demonize companies like Toyota. And in order to do so, this government must first establish a plausible reason in which to damage its competition through a well orchestrated media propaganda campaign.

Specifically, that these foreign cars are unsafe. For example, Americans witnessed what the unintended acceleration of some of its automobiles did to Audi's sales in the 1980's, so it is not surprising to see that Toyota is now experiencing the same type of problem with some of its own vehicles. This as well as the brake problems which have recently plagued some of Toyota's other vehicles.

These are not the types of niggling problems that simply detract from a car manufacturer. These are the types of problems which can destroy them.

*Americans are more than familar with the U.S. Federal Government's propaganda in regard to any countries, persons, or companies that their Zionist leadership take a dislike to. And the Zionist media system within the United States is also used in such despicable attacks; vicious smear campaigns in which the concepts of objectivity and honest reporting are completely absent.

Moreover, there's little question that since the subprime mortage meltdown in 2008, foreign car makers are now finding the United States a less friendly place in which to sell their products. The result of an economy which has (at least for the near future), contracted.

Moreover, the most pressing question here is whether Toyota's recent woes are the result of quality control issues, or a deliberate attempt to destroy its nearly sacrosanct reputation for building reliable automobiles? Furthermore, if this is a conspiracy, then sabotaging Toyota in other markets would also allow those responsible, to plausibly deny any involvement, citing the company's global problems.

*It would now appear that the U.S. Federal Government is also using the FBI in which to conduct what is on the surface a legitimate investigation of Toyota, yet what may well be part of the aforesaid conspiracy in which to either drive Toyota completely out of the United States, or to significantly reduce its share of the American car market. A situation in which General Motors would be able to capitalize on Toyota's lost sales, while gradually eroding the sales of its other competitors.

Furthermore, as for those who state that this government will lose revenue by driving foreign car manufacturers out of this country (since a number of foreign car makers now build their automobiles in the United States), the fact is that General Motors will simply benefit by gaining customers (however deceptively this is done) once loyal to brands like Toyota and Honda. If you can't buy the brand of car you want, and you still need a car, you will make your purchase out of necessity.

The American Automotive Market A Decade From Now

As an illustration of this, imagine that over the next decade the new General Motors becomes profitable enough to buy out Ford and Chrysler (if Chrysler even survives the next few years), and that the automotive industry in the United States will then be consolidated into one giant government owned conglomerate which sells their cars to buyers from the United States, Mexico and Canada (that is once these countries are merged into one nation under the North American Union Plan).

  • Stop The North American Union Plan

  • A monopoly which at once makes General Motors this * government's most profitable holding, while driving out the competition and forcing Americans to purchase automobiles which are only built in the United States. Given the U.S. Federal Government's nearly bankrupt status, one must wonder if this is the Obama Administration's way of rectifying the Clinton Administration's NAFTA debacle, which laid the foundation for sending myriad American jobs to Mexico over the past two decades? Not likely. Realistically, Obama's latest move is to merely further the agenda of his Zionist controllers, while ensuring that they profit from this government's takeover of General Motors.

    *A situation similar to that of Italy's government owned Fiat.

    Moreover, while there's no question that the U.S. economy can only be made healthy again by restoring the United States to a global manufacturing power, if by doing so, the American people must lose even more of their freedoms (in this case by being denied their right to choose which vehicles they care to purchase), then such attempts by the Obama Administration must also be seen as yet a further move towards a Communist controlled government.

    And then there is the ever pressing issue of the privately held Federal Reserve System, which continues to undermine the American middle class through its creation of fiat currency, usury interest rates, and the manipulation of the U.S. economy through artificially created inflation and deflation cycles.

    What is quite apparent is that the Federal Reserve intends to keep the American middle class indebted to its Zionist masters in London, no matter what it takes. And will do everything possible in which to fend off any challengers whose intent is to dissolve this Zionist entity.

    Epilogue: Given that the Fed secretly controls the U.S. Federal Government by lending this government its fiat money, guess who will really stand to profit if General Motors can once again become the automotive powerhouse that it was by the mid 20TH Century?

    Once again, it will be the Federal Reserve System and its House Of Rothschild leadership. The Zionist's global money trust and their New World Order agenda strike again.

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  • Sunday, February 21, 2010

    CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara Politis Hartwell Also Exposed As An FBI Provocateur Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author

    Editor's Note: The hyperlink's section which this author maintains on the right side of this blog includes a link to the following report on CIA disinfo miscreant Barbara Politis Hartwell. This link is routinely electronically disabled by the FBI/NSA team of miscreants, who protect Politis Hartwell. Why would the FBI protect Barbara Politis Hartwell? Because Politis Hartwell is an FBI snitch, and one of myriad provocateurs whom the FBI has used in its long-term COINTELPRO against this author.

    This is also the reason why Politis Hartwell never posts anything derogatory in regard to the FBI or NSA, since she doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds her. This is also further proof that Politis Hartwell is a complete fraud as a government whistle blower, who in reality protects many of the Intel community's criminals, and as such has lost all credibility with the whistle blowing community.

    Politis Hartwell is blowing smoke; not offering anything of substance in regard to the Intel community's inherent criminality. Politis Hartwell is a despicable liar.

    FBI Broke Law For Years In Phone Record Searches

    Nothing About The FBI's Anthrax Story Adds Up - Now That The FBI Has Closed Its Case Stating That The Late Dr. Bruce Ivins Was The Anthrax Mailer - Another Blatant Lie By The FBI - One Must Wonder If Dr. Phillip Zack Is The Real Anthrax Mailer & Why The FBI Would Be Covering Up For Dr. Zack?

    It Took 120 FBI Scum To Arrest 1 Student - Further Evidence Of How Poorly Utilized FBI Agents Are & How They Employ Even More Outrageous Gestapo Tactics In The Modern Day Than They Did In The 1950's When The FBI's Despicable COINTELPRO Operations Were Initiated Under The Head Of This Americanized Gestapo - John Edgar Hoover

    Barbara Politis Hartwell

    EVIL CIA Disinfo Agent

    Editor's Note: For the past few years Barbara Politis-Hartwell has routinely attacked this author with her libel, while I simply took note of what she was doing. Today, I finally had enough of this vicious liar, and offer the following on this CIA disinformation agent/FBI provocateur.

    As a result of the following post on Politis-Hartwell, the FBI also tampers with this author's account, completely deleting the e-mail portion of the account, so that I can no longer receive E-mail from merchants with whom I do business on the Internet. This is another example of how the FBI electronically hacks into this author's online accounts, whether it be Blogger, Angelfire,,, or any other electronic medium which this author utilizes. Intel simply interferes with any part of a COINTELPRO target's life, while in complete violation of the Constitutional rule of law. The real issue regarding Intel's attack on this author is the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people. Something the Intel community, nor our elected representives are ever going to admit to, knowing that if they do so, they will admit to the military intelligence dictatorship which secretly governs the United States.

    One can only imagine what would happen if these elected officials actually admitted to such a treasonous deception. However, John St. Clair Akwei has offered the most important information on this deception in his lawsuit against the NSA, and will ultimately be responsible for helping to change the course of American History, as Americans realize that their government was long ago subverted, and that they must now reinstate their Constitutional Republic, and restore the United States of America to her former glory. It is men like Akwei, and author Eustace Mullins who are the true American patriots; those whom the American people will eventually recognize as being responsible for the turn around in this country.

    *Immediately after posting that the FBI orchestrates the deletion of this author's Email account, the account is restored. This is typical of the daily gaslighting tactics which this author (as well as myriad others) is subjected to under the Intel community's psychological warfare operations. Covert tactics used in which to take someone who is sane, and intentionally abuse them until they display psychotic behavior. Such miscreants, whether they are government agents, or the communities of organized stalkers which can now be found throughout the United States, are incarnated evil.

    "It would also appear that *'babbles' - real name Barbara Politis-Hartwell - CIA disinfo agent and FBI provocateur (who obviously visits "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" frequently), has now also acknowledged that John St. Clair Akwei is a 'legitimate government whistle blower' (Politis-Hartwell's own words), that the information contained within his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA is accurate (which includes the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the body's electromagnetic field via spy satellite), and that the population in the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA.

    Something which I have been stating on the Internet since 2005 based on my own experience as a target of illegal NSA surveillance."

    - James F. Marino

    FBI COINTELPRO Target/NSA Satellite Prisoner

    Barbara Politis-Hartwell

    Slick CIA Disinfo Agent/FBI Provocateur

    *If you have ever read any of Politis-Hartwell's libelous and gossipy posts, you will realize just how appropriate her nickname, babbles, really is. She babbles on and on until the reader is practically dozing off at their computer. Most of her posts are either outright lies, or outrageous exaggerations. For example, she recently states that I work on my expensive sailboat, leading the reader to believe that this author owns a boat which costs a lot of money. However, my expensive sailboat is a 1981 Cape Dory Typhoon that is worth all of $4000! A boat which I have not sailed since 2001, and will no longer launch, out of concern that the organized stalking groups which the FBI has intentionally deployed against this author, will damage while on her mooring. This type of deception, is typical of what agencies like the FBI and CIA use in taking a piece of information, and then completely distorting it for their own criminal intent.

    My "Yacht" Windsong

    Yeah, that's a real expensive boat babbles. Get back on your medication!

    Politis-Hartwell also accuses this author of being a Barack Obama supporter, by citing the only post which I ever wrote which encouraged Americans to give Obama a fair chance to undue the years of damage that George W. Bush and his criminal administration had done to this country.

    However, when it became clear that Obama was nothing but another Zionist puppet, I wrote a number of other posts which were not in support of President Obama; posts which Politis-Hartwell (given her constant visits to this site is more than aware of), deliberately excluded for her own disinformation agenda. This is further evidence of Politis-Hartwell's duplicity and that she is a pathologial liar.

    The following posts written by this author are clearly not in support of Barack Obama.

    President Obama's Praise Of The FBI Is Innappropriate Given The Bureau's Criminal History

    The Revanchist & The Socialist - The Real Barack Obama - Zbigniew Brzezinski Protege

    Politis-Hartwell is even caught in a white lie which makes you wonder about her own sanity; she states that she owns the house she lives in, however, a simple *Title search reveals that the house which Politis-Hartwell lives in is owned by someone else. Why would Politis-Hartwell make up a lie which could be easily exposed in which to destroy her credibility? Because she is a mental case.

    *This Title search was conducted by someone else whom Politis-Hartwell has been slandering, and further proof that Politis-Hartwell does lie.

    *FBI provocateur and evil CIA disinfo agent Barbara Politis Hartwell recently threatens this author with the following post, showing just how deranged this foul mouthed evil miscreant, Barbara Politis Hartwell, really is:

    "Marino: You are pond scum. And mark my words, you will suffer the consequences of your unwarranted and ill-advised attacks on Barbara Hartwell."

    Obviously, Politis-Hartwell doesn't like the fact that the "truth" about this CIA disinfo agent/FBI provocateur con artist has now been circulated on my Website (as well as those of many of her other victims), and that millions of my readers now know that Barbara Politis Hartwell is a total criminal fraud, and that this low life "CIA mind controlled miscreant" has now threatened to harm my person!As for calling this author pond scum, the fact is that Politis-Hartwell is nothing but a piece of CIA disinfo garbage.

    *Editor's Note: Intel recently uses the following *provocateur, Barbara Politis-Hartwell, in an attempt to get this Blog taken down by using her Blog in which to demonize this author in one of the FBI's duplicitous provocation schemes. There is no doubt that the FBI is behind this latest scheme, and using this miserable shill to perpetrate it. This is the 3RD attempt in which Intel has used this provocateur alone to incite a situation in which the FBI could attempt to have this site removed with plausible deniability. There have been a myriad of such attempts since this author began this Blog in June of 2006. After putting up with all of the insults that any one person can stand from this lowlife guttersnipe, this Intel shill is finally exposed by another target of her malicious lies.

    *New Age Greek Liar's Past Exposed - Another Of Barbara Politis Hartwell's Victims Finally Gets Tired Of This Nasty CIA Shill - Note That This Information Is In The Public Domain & Hartwell Intentionally Refrains From Publishing It On Her Website

    Also See:

    Who Is Barbara Hartwell? An Expose On This CIA Disinfo Fraud Which Hartwell (maiden name Politis) Also Intentionally Refrains From Publishing On Her Website - And When You Read This Information On This Intel Con Artist You'll Know Why

    "What also becomes obvious to anyone who takes the time to read enough of Barbara Hartwell's writing is to realize that this woman is living in a dream world in her mind. She sees herself as a Don Quixote-like warrior with a persecution complex that diffuses and bleeds through her rhetoric like fine oil on blotter paper. It's easy to miss this because Hartwell is a skilled writer and presents her expositions in a logical (although thoroughly untruthful) layout, yet the psychosis is there, once you begin to focus on it. Her insulting language is loud, harsh, and emotionally charged, so you are mostly overwhelmed by the coarseness of her invective, but if you can divest yourself of an emotional reaction to her jarring words and regain your sensitivity, you can then more plainly see the pathetic individual behind the Dragon Fire front."

    -- Ken Adachi

    Ken Adachi Exposes Barbara Politis Hartwell As A CIA Disinfo Agent & Is Then Demonized By Hartwell For Having Done So

    Aaron James also recently exposed Politis-Hartwell as a CIA disinfo agent when she called into a radio program James was being interviewed on. James has now also exposed Politis-Hartwell as a threat to his Mother and person, and identified her as a CIA disinfo agent. Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a cunning liar who aids and abets the FBI in taking part in its COINTELPRO attacks on legitimate targets.

    Politis-Hartwell is not a legitimate whistleblower and never has been. She also has a history of posting on a regular basis for about six months out of the year, and then disappearing for the other six months. God only knows where she goes during that time - perhaps another con which requires her to take time away from the Internet?

    Moreover, before Politis-Hartwell takes these hiatuses in her posts, she usually leaves very long winded posts on her Blog which describe her near poverty level, and that she can't survive for much longer without as she terms them "Christian Charity or Love Contributions."

    At first Politis-Hartwell's pleas for money are very compelling, and there was a time when even this author bought into Politis-Hartwell's creative panhandling scheme. Many people did, several of whom once donated to Politis-Hartwell's financial scheme in which to defraud the public of their money. That is until they wised up to what this scam artist was doing, and the donations dried up.

    Politis-Hartwell has been leaving the same type of misleading post each time she takes such a hiatus, going back to at least 2005, yet Politis-Hartwell still manages to show up back on the Internet in time for the Christmas Holidays each year, in which to solicit (in other words scam) Internet surfers out of their money. Why the Christmas Holidays? Because this is the time of year that most people donate to legitimate charities, and Politis-Hartwell understands this and seeks to cash in on it by fleecing the public based on her lies.

    Moreover, anyone who is in the financial trouble that Politis-Hartwell claims to be in, would have been homeless years ago. However, she still manages to live in a comfortable New England home, owned by another person - even though Politis-Hartwell has claimed that she herself owns this home - a blatant lie. And only one of many which this Intel provocateur continues to dupe the public with. This author has caught Politis-Hartwell telling myriad lies to the public.

    Futhermore, in taking part in such duplicity, Politis-Hartwell also makes herself complicit in the FBI's attempted murder of such targets via the psychological operations which she herself deploys on her own Website; psychological operations used to drive these Intel victims to the commission of suicide.

    Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a liar and fraud, who takes part in the very types of despicable and unconstitutional COINTELPRO operations which she claims to expose on her Website. She has been targeting this author for several years now, and is used by the FBI in its illegal COINTELPRO operation against this author.

    It would be wise to avoid this lying Intel con artist, Barbara Politis-Hartwell, at all costs. And if you enjoy works of fiction, your time would be much better spent reading some of the great literary works of the 19Th and 20Th Centuries, than wasting your time on Politis-Hartwell's COINTELPRO derived Website. Or as another of her detractors has described it: "through her (Politis-Hartwell's) swamp land rhetoric."

    Also See:

    COINTELPRO Target Aaron James Exposes Barbara Hartwell As A CIA Disinfo Agent & A Malicious Liar

    Barbara Hartwell, Founder & CEO of MC Liars, Inc.


    "Xena said,
    February 17, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    "Barbara Politis Hartwell is a vicious Greek lying bitch who has nothing better to do than to sit on her lazy whore ass all day, harassing patriots on the net. She has now resorted to plagiarism, as she not only has slandered me on her POS [piece of s**t] blog today, she also had lifted paragraphs from some of my content on my website without properly citing the source of text. I have already filed a DMCA notice against Google, and I will resort to other actions should Barbara Politis continue with her harassing, cyberstalking garbage."

    The source of this comment can be found at:

    Another of Hartwell's Victims Exposes This CIA Disinfo Artist FBI Provocateur

    Also see a post which this author wrote in regard to Politis-Hartwell (the disinfo agent/FBI provocateur in 2007), after Politis-Hartwell is used by FBI agents in which to provoke this author, through a vicious psychological operation the FBI conducts against my person. Politis-Hartwell is nothing but a vicious parasite whose weapons of choice are slander and libel, depending on whether she is running her big foul mouth or libeling her victims through her sadistic and fraudulent writings. Politis-Hartwell's loyalty is to the very Intel community whom she claims to despise.

    Jim said,
    March 12, 2010 at 6:34 am

    "Barbara Politis Hartwell is an excellent source of disinformation, who routinely slanders and libels anyone who exposes her for the criminal fraud she is.

    Xena Carpenter exposes the fact that Politis Hartwell has no undergraduate degree, and questions how Politis Hartwell can claim to have a divinity degree without an undergraduate degree, and gets lambasted for it.

    Carpenter then does a title search which proves that Politis Hartwell has also lied when claiming that she owns her own home, when the home is owned by someone else.

    Politis Hartwell’s blog reads like a who’s who of those whom she claims are out to get her each week, however it offers absolutely nothing in the way of legitimate whistle blowing. Politis Hartwell lives in a glass house and throws stones – then complains when those whom she wrongs expose her as the fraud she is..

    The only thing Politis Hartwell is blowing is smoke!"

    Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

    And the following:

    FBI/NSA Provocateurs Intentionally Demonize This Author For My First Hand Corroboration Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    The FBI & Other Intel Agencies Often Use Coercion To Commit The Suborning Of Witness Perjury - Inducing Witnesses To Lie Before Grand Juries

    Witnesses say federal investigator pressured them to lie
    ©2008 The Kansas City Star

    Carie Neighbors said they threatened to take away her son. Jerry Rooks said they warned him he’d get a stiffer jail sentence. Alan Bethard said they charged him with a more serious crime.

    Now, those witnesses and up to 12 others — many speaking publicly for the first time — have told The Kansas City Star that a federal investigator in the firefighters’ explosion case pressured them to lie.

    Five who testified in the case admit they lied to the federal grand jury that indicted the defendants or later at their trial. The other witnesses said they refused to change their stories.

    “You want me to fabricate some lies, and I don’t want any part of it,” Dave Dawson said he told federal investigators in the case. “That’s when they told me to have a good life in the penitentiary.”

    Legal experts said that if investigators used improper pressure, that could mean the five defendants were wrongly prosecuted and convicted, and that a new American Bar Association rule should prompt the prosecutor to reinvestigate the two-decade-old case.

    In response to The Star’s findings, a federal judge in Kansas City and a local congressman called for an investigation.

    “I think this is something the Justice Department really ought to look into,” Senior U.S. District Judge Scott O. Wright said recently. Wright did not preside over the 1997 trial of the five defendants. But he excoriated federal authorities when they used his courtroom to try to retaliate against an uncooperative witness.

    U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said he would ask other area representatives to join him in an effort to begin a new inquiry.

    “We need to go to the attorney general and request that the investigation surrounding that explosion be reopened, and that if it is necessary, that we go back to trial,” Cleaver said.

    The federal prosecutor in the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Becker, insisted that none of his investigators used improper tactics.

    “We routinely threaten people with their loss of freedom” if they’re in trouble with the law and refuse to cooperate in solving crimes, Becker said.

    Yet he added that if a federal agent knowingly pressured witnesses to lie at a trial, “it would be suborning perjury, and that would be a crime.” Legal experts, however, said the statute of limitations has run out on suborning perjury in the firefighter’s case.

    Witnesses told The Star that excessive pressure often came from Dave True, now a retired agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which helped investigate the case.

    Two witnesses said that True enticed them with reward money for their testimony at a time they were vulnerable or addicted to drugs. Some said True told them he would do whatever it took to solve the case before he retired.

    In an interview last year, True maintained that he did not coerce or intimidate witnesses and said, “There’s no question in my mind the right people are in jail.” True declined to comment directly on The Star’s latest findings. ATF spokesman Mike Schmitz said he didn’t believe True would use such tactics.

    Indeed, hundreds of people were interviewed by the ATF, and many said they never were pressured. One witness, Kathie Marburger, said that “anyone who said True coerced them is lying. Dave True was never like that.”

    Pete Lobdell, a former ATF agent who worked with True on the case, said claims by witnesses that they were intimidated are “ridiculous.” As for witnesses at the trial, Lobdell said, “they were asked on the witness stand if they were coerced or intimidated in any way, and they denied it.”

    Becker noted that defense attorneys at the trial were free to cross-examine witnesses about their motives for testifying. “Everything we knew about these people, if it was relevant to inducing their testimony or their motivation for testimony, it was turned over to the defense,” he said.

    As for witnesses who are recanting now, Becker said he would respond if their claims ended up in court in new legal proceedings.

    Becker acknowledged his case was built in part on questionable witnesses who often gave contradictory testimony, but argued that should be offset by the large number of witnesses who claimed the defendants admitted guilt.

    Some of the witnesses interviewed by The Star have criminal records or other credibility issues.

    But 24 of the 59 prosecution witnesses had a total of 76 felony convictions for assault, drug sales, prison escapes, embezzlement, counterfeiting, fraud, forgery, sexual assault, explosives violations or manslaughter, The Star’s investigation found. Many of the 59 witnesses who gave damaging testimony shared in the $50,000 reward.

    One of the government’s witnesses had 17 felony convictions. Another once claimed she’d had selective amnesia, according to the trial transcript. One was legally blind, but later told a reporter that she is confident the defendants were guilty partly because she is a Pisces and therefore “psychic.”

    A flawed theory?

    By the time an army of federal, state and local investigators descended upon the explosion site, it was a crater-pocked moonscape littered with the burned out hulks of fire trucks and construction equipment.

    Kansas City homicide detectives combed nearby neighborhoods and checked hundreds of leads, including tips pointing to security guards who worked on the site. Federal agents, meanwhile, focused on a theory of union unrest at the site.

    Kansas City police came up with the first arrest in the case. Less than a year after the explosions, a Jackson County grand jury returned a second-degree murder and arson indictment against Bryan Sheppard, 18, a small-time troublemaker from the Marlborough neighborhood near the explosion site.

    But the break was short-lived. Authorities released Sheppard three months later after jailhouse informants admitted they had lied to the grand jury. After that, both the local and the federal investigations stalled for several years.

    By late 1994, a reward fund had grown to $50,000, and soon a nationally televised story on the explosion appeared on the program “Unsolved Mysteries.” Reward posters went up inside jails and prisons throughout Kansas and Missouri, and suddenly new tips flowed in.

    In January 1995, True, a veteran ATF agent, helped spearhead a joint federal/city task force to make a last-ditch effort to solve the case.

    True embraced a theory that Kansas City homicide detectives had abandoned years earlier: that Bryan Sheppard had set the fires with others from the Marlborough neighborhood during a botched burglary. True’s investigation focused on Bryan, his uncles Skip and Frank Sheppard, Frank’s girlfriend, Darlene Edwards, and Bryan’s best friend Richard Brown as the prime suspects.

    The federal government in 1996 charged them with conspiracy to commit arson and alleged that they had told witnesses they went to the construction site to steal tools, dynamite or two-way radios.

    Investigators put together a loose-knit theory of the crime that had all five defendants converging on the site in as many as three cars. When they failed to break into a trailer-load of explosive material, they set it on fire, either out of frustration, or to cover up their crime.

    This Article Continues Here

    The FBI & NSA Provocateurs Who Demonize This Author Know That The American People Have Been Electronically Brain Fingerprinted

    Editor's Note: Intel regularly uses "others" in which to provoke this author with their ill informed and oftentimes belligerent criticisms of my person and those whose works I support. Many of these "posers' are in fact not legitimate government whistle blowers in the least, but paid government shills who are very cunning in their deception of the public. Moreover, many of these "critics" are malcontents with a vile disposition, and simply not worth the time that it takes to respond to their duplicitous comments. This Website receives millions of page views per day because my readers understand that my information is accurate and illustrates a government which feigns democratic rule, and instead propagates a furtive dictatorship.

    These readers are intelligent enough not to buy into the Zionist media propaganda machine in the United States, and they are rightfully concerned that this covert military industrial cabal is using secretly developed electronic warfare programs in which to destroy both their physical privacy and privacy of mind.

    This is exactly what has been occurring in the United States since the advent of the National Security Act, which allowed for the creation of plausible means in which this government could maintain the secrecy of its criminal activities, and without the American people ever learning about these crimes.

    Anytime that the crimes committed by these government officials could have been exposed in a court of law, they simply used the cover of National Security in which to stonewall any legitimate investigations.

    By the time that the Freedom Of Information Act could be used to expose these crimes, most of the government employees who committed them had passed away, and could no longer be held accountable for their crimes.

    I also corroborate the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, because I have first hand experience being targeted by such technology, and the NSA is well aware that both Akwei and myself have told the truth about this frightening agency. And I urge all American adults to read John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA for themselves, so that they can learn about the NSA's EMF Scanning Network, as well as the illicit brain fingerprinting of the American people.

    As for these government disinformation artists, there is one such "critic" in particular, whom the FBI routinely uses to provoke this author through this person's insulting and ignorant writings. Which is why I refuse to respond to this person directly - a filthy miscreant who quite literally suffers from what many of this person's detractors (there are many) have referred to as "diarrhea of the mouth syndrome." Someone who actually enjoys provoking confrontation with others, and then complains when they kick this person's proverbial tail all over the Internet. Most of these detractors are so disgusted by this Intel "provocateur" that they don't even respond to this government shill's rantings any longer; many of whom have acknowledged that this person is mentally ill and "living in a dream world of their own."

    As for the "diarrhea of the mouth syndrome" comment, it is a painfully accurate description in regard to a nasty, lying, disinfo artist who never shuts up; another mindless Intel shill who takes up wasted space on the Internet instead of learning to keep their big mouth shut.

    A malcontent whom I have caught lying on several occasions, and who may very well be an FBI snitch (who knows that John Akwei has told the truth in his lawsuit against the NSA), but is in reality, too much of a coward to actually come forward to corroborate Akwei's information, and instead demonizes those who do. Typical of an FBI snitch, whose meal ticket depends on lying, instead of telling the public some ugly truths about an agency which has always been a cancer on the American people, and which operates with total disregard for our inherent rights as citizens of this country. And this pathetic liar fits the bill perfectly - a superficial and mind controlled FBI "toady" through and through.

    If you were a former Intel operative who was being targeted for some type of neutralization campaign by the agency you once worked for, the logical agency to contact for help would be the FBI. However, as many former FBI agents already understand, the FBI is still notorious for conducting its own counter-intelligence operations against myriad American citizens.

    Moreover, any person being harassed by another Intel agency would likely find the FBI only willing to help them if they had information to trade, which would give the Bureau something to use as blackmail against their rival agencies. Once the person makes this deal with the devil, they may obtain help from the FBI from time to time, however, the FBI will now control their lives. And as such, force them to surrender their inherent rights under the United States Constitution.

    *As punishment for writing the above post, this author is electronically sexually assaulted by NSA operatives using computer to brain interface via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network early Saturday morning. Just further evidence of how the NSA clandestinely attacks those whom it targets as satellite prisoners. And why they use despicable shills like the aforementioned FBI provocateur "toady" to do some of their dirty work for them.

    "* This author intentionally sets a trap to see if the FBI provocateur mentioned above will take the bait and ** again mention this Blog at the top of their *Website knowing that they are the person of interest who is anonymously mentioned (**the best advertising space on the provocateur's entire Blog).

    *Something this provocateur has done from time to time when used by the FBI to demonize my person.

    As a result, "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" Blog will now obtain even more visitors than before, simply because this FBI provocateur has mentioned this author's Blog, and will whet the appetite of visitors, who once having read through this author's Blog will realize that this FBI provocateur is a delusional liar and Intel propagandist, who has been used by the FBI to provoke my person on myriad occasions.

    It would also appear that since *"Babbles" - real name Barbara Hartwell/Politis - CIA disinfo agent and FBI provocateur(who obviously visits "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" frequently), has now also acknowledged that John St. Clair Akwei is a legitimate government whistle blower, that the information contained within his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA is accurate (which includes the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the body's electromagnetic field via spy satellite), and that the population in the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted.

    Something which I have been stating on the Internet since 2005."

    "Thanks for the plug Babbles! I've already included the quotes on the aforesaid post so you don't even have to add them. And as I have said in the past your Website is a total waste of good cyberspace, and proof of the FBI's use of your person in which to wage their extensive and pathological demonization campaign against me. It's quite obvious that these "FBI criminals" have been using you in their attack on my person for several years now, and that you have aided and abetted them in this egregious criminality. You are a liar and a criminal.

    Furthermore, many of your other detractors have already noted that you are a con artist and pan handler; even before they dismissed you as the total disinfo flake you are. By the way, what's the going rate on an FBI snitch these days? You oughta know! And please feel free to keep up your diatribe, since the minute you open your cave sized mouth, you dispell all doubts about your being a CIA disinfo liar. Keep on yakking! ; )"

    Also See:
    Recounting FBI/NSA Directed Energy Torture Of This Author & Their Neo-Nazi Mindset

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Like The CIA, The FBI Is Also Used By The Zionist Government In The United States In Which To Overthrow Other Legitimate Governments

    Recounting FBI/NSA Directed Energy Torture Of This Author & Their Neo-Nazi Mindset


    "Are you ready for a taste of justice in modern, fascist Amerika? Well, here goes.

    "On 18. March 1988, several FBI agents ("America's Gestapo") battered down the door of my Colorado home with an FBI battering ram, shot my 2-year-old daughter's puppy in the head, and proceeded to seize virtually everything my family and I owned. While they were in the process of doing this, they stripped my wife (6 months pregnant) and baby daughter and performed body and cavity searches on both of them in the presence of a room filled with FBI thugs.

    They had no search warrants for this mob style seizure.

    "As they had no search warrants, they had no arrest warrants. That didn't stop them from arresting me, kidnapping me, and taking me on a forced "tour" of the entire U.S. prison system while they decided what trumped-up charge to indict me on. It took them about eight weeks to decide to charge me with fraud, their catch-all charge. Now, get this...the fraud: "Presiding over a corporation that was behind in paying some bills for computer paper". (Kinda sounds like a CIVIL matter, doesn't it)?"

    -- FBI COINTELPRO Target Michael Boren Williams

    Read Michael Boren Williams' Full Account Of The FBI's Destruction Of His Family's Life Here:

    The following article is an illustration of how the Zionist controlled Intel community is used by London's House Of Rothschild Federal Reserve Central Bank, in which to rape and plunder the resources of other countries, while using the media system in the United States to deceive the American people into believing that these crimes against humanity are being perpetrated for their benefit. The same types of crimes have been committed since the House Of Rothschild took the U.S. Federal Government over after the Federal Reserve System was created in 1913.

    The Federal Reserve continues to be used by the House Of Rothschild's global counterfeiting/money laundering cartel, in which to foment wars between the United States and other countries, in order to further indebt the American people to this Communist central bank.

    In recent years the Federal Reserve System has been used to foment such wars as those in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in the present day the right wing neoconservatives who once operated under the group called the Project For A New American Century, are seeking a plausible means in which to overthrow Iran and Venezuela - two countries whom the Zionist controlled U.S. Media routinely demonize to the American people. At present the CIA and FBI are working to destabilize the governments of both of these countries.

    CIA and FBI Plan to Assassinate Hugo Chávez
    by Kurt Nimmo,

    "How do we know that the CIA was behind the coup that overthrew Hugo Chávez?" asked historian William Blum in 2002. "Same way we know that the sun will rise tomorrow morning. That's what it's always done and there's no reason to think that tomorrow morning will be any different."

    Now we have a bit more evidence the CIA and the FBI connived with reactionary elements to not only briefly overthrow Chávez, abolish the constitution and the National Assembly, but later assassinate the Venezuelan State Prosecutor, Danilo Anderson. He was killed by a car bomb in Caracas on November 18, 2004, while investigating those who were behind the coup. Giovani Jose Vasquez De Armas, a member of Colombia's right wing paramilitary group called the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, claims he was in charge of logistics for the plot to kill Danilo Anderson. Vasquez De Armas told the Attorney General's office that those planning the killing, "all discussed the plan with the help of the FBI and CIA."

    And the sun will rise tomorrow.

    "According to the Attorney General, Vasquez De Armas said that during a meeting in Darien, Panama, on September 4 and 6, 2003, an FBI Officer called 'Pesquera' and a CIA agent called 'Morrinson,' attended a meeting along with two of the plot's alleged organizers, Patricia Poleo and Salvador Romani, as well as two of those who actually did the killing, Rolando and Otoniel Guevera," writes Alessandro Parma. "An official from the Attorney General's office, speaking on behalf of Vasquez De Armas, said that in Panama the FBI and the plotting Venezuelans agreed, 'to take out Chavez and the Government.' He said, 'the meeting's final objective was to kill President Chavez and the Attorney General.'"

    None of this is new or particularly revelatory.

    Editor's Note: In the 1990's Steve Kangas was murdered by the CIA just prior to publishing a long awaited expose on the agency. Investigative journalist, Gary Webb was also murdered in a made to appear as suicide, after publishing a series of articles regarding the CIA's drug running operations.

    Steve Kangas writes:

    CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: "We'll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us." The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy). It uses every trick in the book: propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and even assassination. These efforts culminate in a military coup, which installs a right-wing dictator. The CIA trains the dictator's security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, using interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are said to be "communists," but almost always they are just peasants, liberals, moderates, labor union leaders, political opponents and advocates of free speech and democracy. Widespread human rights abuses follow.

    Examples include the coup to overthrow the democratically elected leader Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran, the ouster of democratically elected Jacob Arbenz in Guatemala, one coup per year (between 1957-1973) in Laos, the installation of the murderous "Papa Doc" Duvalier in Haiti, the assassination of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, the overthrow of Jose Velasco in Ecuador, the assassination of the democratically elected Patrice Lumumba in the Congo (later Zaire), the overthrow of the democratically elected Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic, the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart in Brazil, the overthrow of the democratically elected Sukarno government in Indonesia, a military coup in Greece designed to install the "reign of the colonels" (when the Greek ambassador complained about CIA plans for Cypress, Johnson told him: "F— your parliament and your constitution"), the overthrow of the popular Prince Sahounek in Cambodia, the overthrow of Juan Torres in Bolivia, the overthrow and assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile, the assassination of archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador, and dozens of other incidents rarely if ever taught in American school history lessons.

    As John Perkins (author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man), as a former respected member of the international banking community and National Security Agency economist, told Amy Goodman: "Basically what we were trained to do and what our job is to do is to build up the American empire. To bring—to create situations where as many resources as possible flow into this country, to our corporations, and our government…. This empire, unlike any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life, through the economic hit men." Perkins' job was "deal-making":

    It was giving loans to other countries, huge loans, much bigger than they could possibly repay. One of the conditions of the loan—let's say a $1 billion to a country like Indonesia or Ecuador—and this country would then have to give ninety percent of that loan back to a U.S. company, or U.S. companies, to build the infrastructure—a Halliburton or a Bechtel. These were big ones. Those companies would then go in and build an electrical system or ports or highways, and these would basically serve just a few of the very wealthiest families in those countries. The poor people in those countries would be stuck ultimately with this amazing debt that they couldn't possibly repay. A country today like Ecuador owes over fifty percent of its national budget just to pay down its debt. And it really can't do it. So, we literally have them over a barrel. So, when we want more oil, we go to Ecuador and say, "Look, you're not able to repay your debts, therefore give our oil companies your Amazon rain forest, which are filled with oil." And today we're going in and destroying Amazonian rain forests, forcing Ecuador to give them to us because they've accumulated all this debt. So we make this big loan, most of it comes back to the United States, the country is left with the debt plus lots of interest, and they basically become our servants, our slaves. It's an empire. There's no two ways about it. It's a huge empire. It's been extremely successful.

    Most of the money for these loans, according to Perkins, is provided by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the two premier neolib loan sharking operations (it is important to note that the Straussian neocon, Paul Wolfowitz, is now president of the World Bank, thus demonstrating how closely related the neocons and traditional neolibs are).

    If the loan sharks are unable to steal natural resources (oil, minerals, rainforests, water) as a condition of repaying this immense debt, "the next step is what we call the jackals."

    Jackals are CIA-sanctioned people that come in and try to foment a coup or revolution. If that doesn't work, they perform assassinations—or try to. In the case of Iraq, they weren't able to get through to Saddam Hussein… His bodyguards were too good. He had doubles. They couldn't get through to him. So the third line of defense, if the economic hit men and the jackals fail, the next line of defense is our young men and women, who are sent in to die and kill, which is what we've obviously done in Iraq.

    Hugo Chávez is now between the assassination point of this neolib plan and invasion, when "our young men and women" will be "sent in to die and kill" Venezuelan peasants the same way they are now killing poor Iraqis. Of course, it remains to be seen if Bush can actually invade Venezuela—the neocon roster is teeming with targets, from Syria to Iran—and so we can expect the Bushcons and their jackals to continue efforts to assassinate Chávez, as Giovani Jose Vasquez De Armas reveals the CIA and the FBI are attempting to do, with little success. One notable failure by the jackals is Fidel Castro in Cuba, who experienced numerous assassination attempts and CIA counterinsurgency specialist Edward Lansdale's Operation Mongoose (consisting of sabotage and political warfare), also known as the "Cuba Project."

    As Blum notes, we know all of this is happening, same as we know the sun will come up tomorrow.

    Reprinted from:

  • Website

  • Editor's Note: Another example of how the FBI plans its psyops well in advance as part of its long-term psychological warfare attack on this author. Subtle, yet noticeable attacks on the psyche myriad times a day do take their toll year after year, as this target of COINTELPRO has told my readers many a time. And only a target who's well seasoned in experiencing these attacks understands how to cope with Intel's rabid attempts on one's life.

    Moreover, as the millions of readers who regularly visit this blog daily are already well aware of, this author is targeted for a vicious psychological warfare operation by the FBI and NSA. One which has been ongoing since the early 1980's. Their intent is to murder my person through any means possible, however, because this Blog is known to millions of Internet surfers, any crimes which Intel commits against this author or my Family are documented here. And this makes it more difficult for Intel to actually commit a more obvious murder. Besides, these agents are depraved and sadistic by nature, and would much prefer to slowly torture their targets to death, then to have them die quickly. They are also the most abject of pathological liars and would no doubt pimp their children before ever admitting that they have brain fingerprinted the American people, or that they are using many of us for mind control experimentation via remote computer to brain interface.

    Intel's latest psyop against my person concerns the battery on my motorcycle; one which must be charged at least a few times during the winter months. When I went out to remove the battery for charging, one of the nuts was missing, and a "third" bolt added. Of course, the third bolt was useless, since I only need two nuts and two bolts in which to keep the battery connected to the motorcycle's electrical system. I now have to locate another nut to replace the one which was stolen.

    This is yet another example of how Family members are coerced by Intel into taking part in the psychological harassment of a target of government mind control, through the use of such "gaslighting tactics"; and why many of their 30 minute errands end up taking three hours or more. It takes time for Intel to translate their own deranged machinations to people who are by nature decent, however, now being coerced into doing some terrible things. And in all likelihood have some serious issues with their own self worth since being used and abused by the FBI's agents, in order to do some of their dirty work for them.

    As for why Intel would perpetrate these outrageous crimes against this author and his Family, or anyone else, the answer is obvious enough. These agents have committed a myriad of terrible crimes against us, which they could easily be sent to prison for. So they attack those of us whom they commit these crimes against in the hopes that we will commit suicide, since they can't prosecute us legitimately, and would have to perjure themselves in a legitimate court of law - if there is still one to be found here in the United States.

    Whoever tampered with the battery on my motorcycle merely took the key to the motorcycle out of my desk, opened its storage compartment, and removed one of the nuts, while adding another bolt. Either that, or some other non immediate Family member who perhaps has had a duplicate key made to my motorcycle, illegally entered this compartment without my permission, and stole one of the bolts. There are at least a dozen Family members (both immediate and more distant relatives) whom the FBI is using coercion to control. And these people have been so badly abused by these agents that I cannot fault them for trying to survive this nightmare.

    Intel has certainly brought out the worst in them, and from my own extensive observations, these people have also been badly brainwashed; they will verbally attack anyone who describes the government's covert mind control operations, since this proves that this government is responsible for this criminality, and using extortionate means in which to control these Family members.

    As I have stated in the past, it is the FBI and NSA who are the catalysts in the attacks on my person, which is why this author spends as much time as I do documenting the criminal activites of their agents provocateur. People who are so incredibly evil, that they would torture and murder those of us whom they have committed these crimes against, rather than ever admit to perpetrating them.

    Moreover, these machinations are not thought up by Family members, but instead the FBI's squad of "goons" who actually get paid for thinking up such subtle and deranged mind fu*ks. Is it any wonder why none of these agents has ever been able to make it in the real world by generating income, instead of siphoning up money like a Hoover (given the FBI, the pun is intended here)? They are too busy preventing us from making a living, while using us to experiment on via satellite networks like the NSA's Echelon. Another example of the intricasies of an FBI COINTELPRO, and the subtle, yet unending attacks on the mind of the COINTELPRO target. Just remember that whoever attempts to deny you your civil liberties is a criminal, and there are no exceptions here, which is why the entire U.S. Intelligence community has become nothing but a very well financed upper echelon criminal syndicate.

    The Story Of An FBI Sponsored Orgy - Cocaine Sting Operation That Went Wrong & Its Ensuing Fallout

    Adam Kokesh Assaulted By Undercover FBI Agent And MPD Officers - Another Instance Of The Growing "Police Brutality" Under This Zionist Controlled Government

    "Police Brutality" In The New Millennium Under The Zionist Patriot Act Is Worse Than Ever

    Hoover Let FBI's Mafia Snitches Get Away With Murder - Why Not Since Hoover Let His FBI Agents Get Away With COINTELPRO Stings Which Were Responsible For The Murder Of A Myriad Of American Citizens - FBI Agents Are Just A Higher Order Of Criminal Than The Average Mafioso

    Legislating Repression - The Federal Crime Bill and the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act by C. Stone Brown

    Neocon Jews & The Afghan Surge - The Website

    "THE FBI has a variety of 'secret lies by omission' tactics to make sure nobody see's them breaking the laws, or using their badge in politically motivated ways."


    -- Hollow Mantras of Cracked Vision Website


    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    WQXR's Charitable Trust Scams Are A By-Product Of The Zionist's Control Over The Media System In The United States - WQXR's "Scamming For Dollars"

    FBI/CIA Terrorist PIMPS - Former Texas Madame Testifies To An FBI/CIA Operation In Which To Entrap U.S. Politicians In Prostitution Stings, So That FBI & CIA Can Control How These Politicians Vote In Regard To Legislation Which Involves The U.S. Intelligence Community

    Texas Man Enraged At The IRS Criminal Syndicate Crashes His Aircraft Into A Building Which Housed IRS Offices - Another American Citizen Who Finally Broke Down Under The Stress Of Knowing That The Internal Revenue Service Is Being Used To Conduct Class Warfare On The American Middle Class - As For The Manifesto Which The Media Is Claiming This Man Left Before Taking His Kamakazi Flight, Such Writings Can Be Easily Altered By The Intel Community - Including And Especially The FBI

    The Federal Reserve System & Communism - World Zionism Is Responsible For Every Oppressive Government In Modern History, From Nazism And Fascism, To Communism & Socialism

    Zionist Controlled WQXR Is At It Again

    Written By James F. Marino

    NY's WQXR is at it again using their most recent slick con in which to hustle listeners out of their hard earned dollars, by crying poverty. When listeners flip through their radio's tuning dial, they expect to find stations that broadcast the genres of music and other content which they enjoy listening to.

    However, with certain public radio stations, listeners are constantly being bombarded with cleverly disguised upscale pan handling campaigns, oftentimes quite literally attempting to shame a listener into donating to one of the station's solicitation schemes.

    The latest at WQXR (now owned by the same parent company that owns its sister-station WNYC) is the station's "Listener Legacy Circle." A clever come on which asks listeners to remember the station (in other words its owners) in their estates.

    WQXR mentions the listeners' trusts and wills in particular. FM stands for frequency modulation. However, in modern times most people believe that FM stands for free music, which well it should, since the listeners did not ask these stations to broadcast their programming, and have absolutely no obligation in supporting public Television or radio stations; especially when one considers that the private organizations which quietly fund most of the day to day operations of these stations, could easily support their entire operations without the public's financial help.

    Furthermore, the public has already made their "investment" in the radio broadcasting industry with the purchase of a radio.

    And as for donations - as the saying goes: "charity begins at home." Not at WQXR or any other Zionist controlled media outlet, in spite of the quality of their programming. Which in the case of WQXR's music, is not bad. If WQXR could exist solely as a classical music oriented station, without its Zionist propaganda, it's listeners would be far better served. For what good is a public radio station that serves the Zionist's one world government agenda, except to promote world Zionism; a cancer on humanity itself.

    Moreover, the private institutions which have historically financed most of the operating expenses associated with said stations (and use them as vehicles in which to promulgate their own propaganda), could easily afford to purchase stations such as WQXR, in which to ensure their solvency. However, these organizations would then lose the cache of the upscale profile which many public radio stations have established over the years, and one which these organizations exploit for their own questionable agendas. Next time you listen to *WQXR, take note of the groups which co-sponsor their charitable donation drives and then research them for yourselves.

    What you will find is a trail of old money which goes back generations and earned the old fashioned way - stolen through plausibly deniable means. The pseudo-foundation of the United States for more than a century has been based on the criminal fraud of such robber baron tycoons as Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford, Dupont and other House Of Rothschild lackeys, who've been instrumental in destroying the United States of America, while using its resources (namely the American middle class), for their own world Zionism agenda.

    *WQXR was a privately owned station up until 2009, when it was then purchased by the consortium which controls the New York City public station, WNYC. At the time of this transaction, WQXR's 96.3 location on the radio dial was sold to another station, while WQXR's broadcasts were moved to the 105.9 FM frequency.

    - James F. Marino

    Further Reading:

    The Zionist's Charitable Trust Fraud

    How The Zionist Controlled Media Perpetrate Schemes In Which To Scam The Public Out Of Their Hard Earned Money

    WNYC Radio Scamming Its Listeners In Order To Acquire Other Radio Licenses

    Also see the following comment from a listener who also understands the duplicity of the WNYC Board Of Directors:

    "The arrogance and duplicity of Laura Walker and the WNYC board has to be admired for it’s brazen contempt of the classical music public in metro NY. When the city sold WNYC to its current owners, the purchase was predicated on keeping WNYC as a classical music station. The fundraising focused exclusively on the strength of the WNYC signal and its tradition of broadcasting classical music NOTWITHSTANDING the known low levels of 'listenership.'

    "I still have my memento paperweight thanking me for helping to buy the “mortgage” that purportedly hung over the newly independent WNYC. When the WNYC board held its infamous closed door meeting to “adjust” the format and diminish music on the station it gave in to the quest for increased “listenership” despite the dishonorable betrayal of long time supporters. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know classical music doesn’t pay it’s way. WNCN at 104.3 was killed because of this and it’s location on the dial and signal strength. Rock (which I love) on 104.3 was and is more lucrative than classical music. But the NCN switch was not never defined as anything but money. WNYC was purchased amid the fanfare of a noble cause, i.e., saving classical music in NY.

    "The same argument is being used presumably because the 'big lie' works. If there was an ounce of integrity in the people in charge of WNYC they would transfer the current NYC programming to the “new QXR” and restore classical music to its rightful primacy on WNYC. But that would result in a loss of “listenership”. So money wins, Surprise? Kudos to Channel 13 for having confronted this beast and come out honorably bruised. WNYC lost its honor and integrity years ago and now arrogantly claims to come to the rescue of classical music. This brazen contempt for the public is what is most amazing since it seems to succeed. Foundations finance it. These people are masterful politicians. That is not a compliment."

    -- Ron, Former WNYC Supporter

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    The FBI Continues Its Decades Old Attack On The American Indians

    CIA/FBI Plan To Murder Venezuelan Leader, Hugo Chavez

    Article Sourced From:
    FBI Attacks On American Indians Continues

    FBI Attacks on American Indians Continues!
    January 15, 2009 by admin

    FBI Attacks on American Indians Continues!
    (using racism and hatred as a tool to convict)
    We must put a stop to this decades-long unlawful prosecution!

    PLEA FOR ATTORNEYS: Marshall’s court-appointed defense attorney, Dana Hanna, is a babe-in-the-woods when it comes to such a high-profile political case. Marshall desperately needs qualified counsel that understands the methodology of political trials.

    US Government Continues to Attack Innocent American Indians by Utilizing the Now Defunct American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) to Fan the Flames of Racism in the Heart of the Republic of Lakotah (Now Known as the State of South Dakota)

    Anna Mae Aquash (b. Indian Brook, Nova Scotia, Canada, March 27, 1945; d. mid-December 1975) was a Mi’kmaq activist from Nova Scotia, Canada who became one of the most active and prominent female members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) during the early 1970s.

    After nearly three decades of dormancy, law enforcement attempts to “solve” the murder of Aquash recently resumed.

    On February 24, 1976, Aquash was found dead by the side of State Road 73 on the far northeast corner of the Pine Ridge Reservation, about 10 miles from Wanblee, South Dakota, close to Kadoka. Her body was found during an unusually warm spell in late February, 1976 by a rancher, Roger Amiotte.

    FBI’s Initial Cover up:
    At the Pine Ridge morgue, a doctor and nurse found blood on the woman’s head. However, BIA pathologist Dr. W. O. Brown, described the case as “awfully routine,” reported no blood, and concluded the woman had died from “exposure” two weeks earlier, in early February. On FBI instructions, Brown severed the victim’s hands for later identification and approved a burial.

    “It was the darndest thing I ever saw,” said mortician Tom Chamberlain, “an unidentified corpse buried without a death certificate or burial permit.” On March 3, 1976, the anonymous body rested in a pauper’s grave on Pine Ridge. On that day, the FBI identified the dead woman as 30-year-old Anna Mae Aquash from Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM). The Bureau notified the Pictou family in Canada that Anna Mae had died “by natural causes.”

    The family requested another autopsy, and AIM lawyer Bruce Ellison petitioned the FBI to exhume the body. On March 11, Dr. Garry Peterson examined the corpse, noticed “a bulge in the dead woman’s left temple and dry blood in her hair,” and revealed the actual cause of death: a .32 caliber bullet “shot at close range into the back of her head.”

    FBI Blames AIM for the Murder:
    The story itself raises many obvious questions, including:

    Why would an AIM “hit squad” take Aquash, in the presence of so many witnesses, from one city to another, across two states, to several apartments and a defense office (more than likely under surveillance), then execute her?

    If the FBI seriously considered the death of Aquash to have been carried out by AIM in 1976, we can be sure vast amounts of resources would have been devoted to this case at that time. Instead, the FBI attempted to cover it up!

    There are many theories about who may have been behind the murder of Anna Mae. John Trudell fingers Dennis Banks, stating in both the 1976 Butler and Robideau trial and the Looking Cloud trial that Banks told him about the killing before the body had been identified. In Dennis Banks’ autobiography, Ojibwa Warrior, he states that he was informed by John Trudell that the body that had been found was Annie Mae. Banks states that he did not know until that time that Aquash had been killed.

    The FBI’s version is that Aquash was taken from a house in Denver, Colorado, by Graham, Looking Cloud, and Thelda Clarke. She was then driven to various offices & apartments in Rapid City, S. Dakota. One of these included the legal offices of the Wounded Knee defense committee. From there, she was taken to houses on Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations, then executed on a desolate road near Wanbli, on or around Dec. 12, 1975 (where her body was found two months later).

    According to the FBI, Aquash was suspected of being an informant and had sensitive info related to the Oglala shoot-out. Because of this, she had to be killed.

    History of the Prosecution’s Grand Juries

    Denver, Colorado, Detective Abe Alonzo, spent years visiting and questioning Looking Cloud about the murder. During these years, the Government, through Alonzo, gave Looking Cloud immunity and tried to turn him into prosecution witness. It was only after this immunity expired that Looking Hawk was indicted.

    After 29 years, the FBI, blatantly ignoring both Trudell’s 1976 testimony, and his testimony in the Looking Cloud trial, was turned away by Grand Juries in 1976, 1983, 1994, and 1999. In the fourth Grand Jury, Russell Means testified that Vernon Bellecourt, now deceased, and a former spokesperson for his own Intergalactic American Indian Movement wherein he purportedly was the Grand Poupa of AIM, was the person who ordered the murder. Not until a fifth grand jury was convened in March, 2003 did the U.S. Attorney for South Dakota finally get indictments against Arlo Looking Cloud and John Graham.

    In August 2008, a sixth federal grand jury indicted a third man, Vine Richard “Dick” Marshall, with aiding and abetting the murder. It is alleged that Graham, Looking Cloud and Clark had taken Anna Mae to Marshall’s house where she was held just prior to her being driven to her death.

    Looking Cloud is an Oglala Lakota and a father of two. He also has serious substance abuse problems that were exploited by Alonzo during his investigation. In March 2003, in an alleged video-taped confession, Looking Cloud admitted to being under the influence of alcohol. Alonzo then fed him leading questions, and Looking Cloud slurred contradictory answers. He allegedly confessed that he had been the unwitting accomplice in Aquash’s execution by AIM. He stated that he witnessed Graham take her to the edge of a ravine and shoot her in the back of the head.

    The Looking Cloud Trial

    On February 8, 2004 Arlo Looking Cloud was tried before a U.S. federal jury and five days later was found guilty. While the prosecution called 23 witnesses, his government appointed lawyer called only one, an FBI agent! NO physical evidence linking Looking Cloud to the crime was presented!

    Although, a videotape was shown in which Looking Cloud admits to being at the scene of the murder but claims that he was unaware that Aquash was going to be killed. In that video, in which Looking Cloud is interviewed by Detective Abe Alonzo of the Denver Police Department and Robert Ecoffey, the Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Law Enforcement Services, taped on March 27, 2003, he states that Graham was the trigger man. This interview granted Looking Cloud immunity for his information. When the immunity expired he was arrested!

    Looking Cloud’s video-taped statement reflects the FBI’s version of events, except in one important detail: according to Looking Cloud, he did not know what was occurring until moments before John Graham took her out of the car and shot her. The FBI’s version of events has always been based on rumors within AIM that Anna Mae was a suspected informant. Candy Hamilton, a friend of Aquash, reports that it was common for people to be suspected of being an informant at this time.

    Over the years, many people had in fact informed or gave evidence to police. It is a common practice of police and the FBI to use informants & collaborators. In 1975, Douglas Durham was exposed as an FBI infiltrator who worked at the highest levels within AIM.

    During the trial , government witnesses gave conflicting testimony, including that of an admitted informant: Kamook Banks (former wife of AIM leader Dennis Banks, current wife of B.I.A. cop Robert Ecoffey !). Under cross-examination, Kamook revealed she was paid $42,000 by the FBI to wear wiretaps & record meetings with Looking Cloud, Banks, & others.

    Despite requests to change lawyers, the judge has consistently denied this basic right. Although he entered a plea of not guilty, his video-taped confession from April/03 was not challenged by his lawyer!

    Graham adamantly denies any involvement in the death of Anna Mae. He claims that the U.S. government threatened to name him as the murderer of Anna Mae if he “didn’t co-operate”. Claiming that he last saw Annie Mae on a drive that took them from Denver to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where he left her at a “safe house” (in his own words, in an interview with Antoinette Nora Claypoole), Graham explains why he believes he is being charged as her murderer:

    “…in the mid-80s or sometime about there. The FBI showed up at my home in the Yukon, and asked me all kinds of questions about Anna Mae and the death. They were trying to say I was there, or I knew about it, or I was aware of it. And I had to tell them I wasn’t aware, I wasn’t around there and I wasn’t involved in her killing at all. And they wanted me to name leadership that would have given the order to that effect, to kill Anna Mae. And they were trying to tell me they would put me in the witness protection program, they would change my identity, they would relocate me if I would go to testify in front of the federal Grand Jury in South Dakota against the AIM leadership. So I told them I couldn’t do that because it never happened.
    I never, ever received orders of any kind like that from any of the AIM leadership. And so I wouldn’t do it; I wouldn’t cooperate with them. And they left. Then they came back a year or so later and said…. if I didn’t cooperate with them to put this information on the AIM leadership, then I would be facing all these charges myself.”

    During this interrogation, Looking Cloud states that he is still under the influence of alcohol; the FBI not only continue to ask him questions, they get him to sign statements!

    Looking Cloud was denied the right to choose his own lawyer. During his trial, every witness for the prosecution presented AIM in the most negative light possible, and they contradicted each other in their testimonies. Many people could have been called as defense witnesses, to testify that Aquash had been afraid of the FBI, not AIM. But the defense called only one witness—FBI Agent Price! He was questioned for 10 minutes on Aquash as to whether she was an FBI informant. If only to accentuate the obvious set-up, the prosecution didn’t even bother to cross-examine Agent Price, the sole witness for the ‘defense.’

    Looking Cloud’s lawyer made few motions and did not challenge Alonzo’s manipulation of his client. Looking Cloud was not allowed to take the stand to defend himself; all that was shown was the videotaped interview that he had given.

    Due to an “unfortunate accident,” Denver police claim to have lost these critical recordings; the only evidence given was hearsay based on alleged conversations with Looking Cloud over the years.

    A large focus of the trial did not even concern Looking Cloud, but instead AIM & the case of Leonard Peltier. In a Feb. 7th news release, Peltier’s lawyer Barry Bachrach stated:

    “Who was on trial? The majority of the testimony presented had nothing whatsoever to do with Arlo Looking Cloud, but prominent members of the American Indian Movement. There was not one iota of proof presented to support many witnesses’ “beliefs”. And for every witness presented, there are any number of other individuals who could be called to appear and who would tell very different stories.”

    Arlo Looking Cloud now claims that, over the years, the FBI & police would periodically pick him up and feed him drugs & alcohol while indoctrinating him with their version of events.

    On April 23, 2004 he was given a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

    South Dakota in the Early 70’s
    AIM first came to South Dakota when a call was made for outside help to get serious convictions against white men responsible for a racially motivated murder that took place in a Nebraska border town. A Lakota man had been publicly humiliated and later murdered by 2 white brothers. Disinterested law officials didn’t have the time of day to bother to investigate the death of an Indian. Angry Lakotas and AIM members caravaned to the Nebraska border, only miles away from Pine Ridge, and confronted the law officials.

    The sight of hundreds of angry Indians, shocked law officials and they immediately caved in to their demands. A year later, a young man was murdered by a rich white businessman, who had told people that he was “gonna go kill himself an Indian.” A riot occurred at the Custer courthouse because police beat the mother of the victim. The riot lasted over an hour, and 2 cop cars were overturned, and the vacant building beside the courthouse was torched.

    U.S. Government’s Motive to Grab Resources
    Thirty years after the death of Aquash, the US government has renewed its war against the last remnants of AIM. As in the 1970s, this attack is only part of a larger war to gain control over Native lands and resources.

    In 1975, with his control of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota secured by force, Tribal President Wilson set about ceding uranium-rich areas of the Reservation to the federal government. AIM assisted in protecting Pine Ridge’s traditional families from the constant onslaught of violence, which culminated in the AIM occupation and government siege of Wounded Knee in the Spring of 1973. From 1973 to 1976, the people of Pine Ridge lived under the “Reign of Terror”—more than 76 Natives, mainly traditional Lakotah and AIM members, were murdered, primarily by,, Wilson’s goons, a term coined by the elderly women who protested against them. Later, in a perverse play on words, the goons called themselves, “Guardians of the Oglala Nation” (GOONs). In response the Wilson and his GOONs, AIM launched a campaign to expose the injustice and protect the innocent.

    On June 26, 1975—while Wilson was in Washington, DC, signing away an eighth of the reservation—the FBI launched an attack on an AIM camp at Pine Ridge. The US was dealt a humiliating blow—two FBI agents lost their lives. Although Joe Stuntz Killsright, a Lakotah defender, was killed in the shoot-out, an estimated 40 Native men, women and children escaped.

    In extreme rage, the FBI violently harassed Lakota families. They drafted a list of people that they suspected were present at the shoot-out, and they blamed Leonard Peltier, Bob Robideau, Dino Butler and Jimmy Eagle for killing the agents. The four young men went on the run. Butler and Robideau were eventually arrested, tried and acquitted by an all-white jury, so the FBI targeted Peltier for the “murder” of the agents. Of course, there has never been an investigation into Stuntz Killsright’s death.

    FBI’s Counter-intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) Directly Targets AIM and Its Members
    Press Release
    September 24, 2006

    Editor's Note: Representative Cynthia Mckinney would later be setup by the Intel community in a minor skirmish with a security guard, which the Zionist mainstream media blew completely out of proportion in which to destroy Mckinney's chances for reelection. The motive here was simple enough - Mckinney was calling for a full investigation on the scale of the 1970's Church Committee Hearings in regard to the U.S. Intelligence Community's modern day COINTELPRO activities, and Intel's hierarchy (in addition to our elected officials) sabotaged Mckinney's attempts in which to conduct such an investigation.


    (Washington, DC) Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA 4^th ) has introduced legislation calling for a re-opening of the investigations of the 1970’s by the United States Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities chaired by Senator Frank Church which led to startling revelations concerning federal, state and local intelligence and law enforcement agency violations of Constitutional rights of privacy, limits on search and seizure, surveillance, wiretapping and disruption of dissent and protected activities, and massive collection of dossiers by FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Defense Intelligence Agencies and other local agencies, targeting the civil rights, Native American and anti-war movements of the period and “neutralizing” their leadership and discrediting the efforts for social change over decades.

    The most infamous of these abuses was the FBI’s COINTELPRO operations, or counter intelligence program…, Following the attacks on September 11, 2001, there were immediate calls to renew COINTELPRO-style surveillance, go to Continuity of Government, release intelligence agencies from the restrictions of the Church Committee era laws (which included the establishment of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court to pre-approve Presidential surveillance programs), calls to end the principle of Posse Comitatus, which separates police and military functions, and renewed surveillance and disruption by the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Agency (TSA), Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and by certain provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT…”

    The US made its first violent attack against AIM in 1972, in what became known as the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Takeover. Indians had been conducting a peaceful protest outside the BIA headquarters in Washington, DC, when they were attacked by riot police. In response, the Indians barricaded themselves inside the building, smashed up offices and took top-secret documents. These documents proved that the government was illegally handing out Reservation land, water and mineral rights to corporations.

    At this time, Aquash was “snitch-jacketed” by the FBI. This tactic of the FBI’s Counter-intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) undermined valuable members of a group by casting them in suspicious situations. Wherever Aquash went, arrests would follow. She’d be released, while other AIM members were slapped with charges and high bail. In September 1975, FBI Agent David Price attempted to force her to sign an affidavit implicating Peltier for the murder of the two FBI agents. She refused to cooperate, and Price promised her that she wouldn’t live to see the year’s end.

    Aquash went underground, turning to AIM for protection and putting her fears of the FBI in writing. In late February, her body was found outside of Wanbli, on Pine Ridge. Four FBI agents joined the “investigation,” including Price. They cut off her hands for “fingerprint analysis,” and despite the visible bullet hole in the back of her head, they determined that the cause of her death was exposure. They quickly arranged for her to be buried as a Jane Doe. After this cover-up came to light, the FBI released a statement announcing that Aquash was not a government informant. As intended, this statement insinuated that AIM might have believed Aquash to be an informant and murdered her.

    Through Dickie Wilson, the corrupt Tribal President of Pine Ridge, the FBI established a paramilitary group made up of local boys who called themselves the Guardians of Oglala Nation (goons).

    The FBI trained and supplied the goons with bullets, guns and intelligence on AIM. Indians began to arm themselves for protection against the onslaught of assaults, torched houses, and hit and runs, and drive-by shootings. Only years later, did it become clear to Indians why the FBI reacted so brutally to the bold assertions Lakotas were making in the districts of Pine Ridge.

    Unknown at that time, the US had an eye on developing uranium mining on a portion of the sacred Black Hills, and an area known as Sheep Mountain. This area has proven to be one of the richest in uranium deposits in the US. The FBI implemented their counterintellegence operation in Pine Ridge in order to weaken and destroy the urban Indian movement, and to subjugate the traditional Lakotas once and for all. The FBI Counterintellegence Program (COINTELPRO), targets political groups that are viewed as a threat to national security.

    Often these groups were fighting oppression, systemic racism, and were attempting to make things better for their people. This program discredits organizations, and its’ members through media smears. Infiltrators staged many scandals that put AIM in a bad light to weaken their popularity and wide-support.

    COINTELPRO has lethal consequences, as any means necessary can be used to thwart the enemy. This is why so many AIM members have been criminalized, imprisoned, or outright murdered as a result of this FBI program. Also the once powerful and effective movement became riddled with FBI informers, and infiltrators. As the violence escalated, the paranoia and suspicion grew. The FBI put trustworthy AIM leaders in situations that made them look suspicious, which the FBI call snitch jacketing, or bad jacketing. Soon, it was hard for people to tell the difference between whom they could trust, and who was working with the feds.

    The FBI officially and publicly ended its COINTELPRO operations on April 28, 1971. But FBI documents obtained by NFIC from the FBI Reading Room in the capital indicate that in November of 1973 the FBI continued “COINTEL measures to further disrupt AIM leadership” which it had employed in its discredited former counterintelligence program. There is also ample evidence that many of the actions by the FBI in the 1970’s across the country where grossly illegal!

    Trial Scheduled for February 24, 2009
    By Heidi Bell Gease, Journal staff | Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    “The attorney for Richard “Dickie” Marshall, one of two men charged with killing American Indian Movement activist Annie Mae Aquash in 1975, has asked that the trial be moved back two months.

    Marshall, 57, and John Graham, 52, are to go on trial Feb. 24 in U.S. District Court in Rapid City. Both men are charged with first-degree murder.

    On Monday, Marshall’s defense attorney, Dana Hanna, filed a motion for continuance, saying he needs more time to prepare for the trial.

    Hanna said he had read more than 5,000 pages of case background information provided by the federal government but has not reviewed those documents with his client. He also said he needs but has not received copies of the more than 100 audio cassette tapes produced during the investigation.

    Hanna’s motion also states that the government has refused to provide records or information concerning other AIM-related events during the 1970s that could come into play during the trial.

    “I require more time to locate and interview witnesses, gather records, subpoena evidence, research legal issues and to investigate the case,” Hanna wrote.

    Marshall was indicted last August, more than 32 years after Aquash’s body was found on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in February 1976. She had been shot in the head.

    Marshall and Graham would face life in prison if convicted. A third man charged in the case, Arlo Looking Cloud, was convicted of murder after a 2004 trial and is serving a life sentence.”

    We must put a stop to this decades-long unlawful prosecution. As in previous cases, the prosecution will try this case before an all-white jury using racial bias and fabricated evidence to further it’s centuries-old campaign to wipe out every trace of the once great Lakotah people:

    Wounded Knee trial of Russell Means and Dennis Banks where all charges were dismissed by Judge Nichol due to “gross misconduct” by the F.B.I. and U.S. Attorneys.

    Over 200 trials of Wounded Knee defendants have been held and ALL have either been dismissed or found not guilty.

    Over a five-year period, Russell Means endured twelve criminal trials as a sole defendant. Again all charges were dismissed or returned with not guilty verdicts.
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    Lessa May. 20 Racism? Lets all be honest this is "racial cleansing" effort, pure and simple and it is an abomination.

    elwood Apr. 23 These people ARE the Americans. They are the decendants of the people whom we attacked and stole land from in the first place, way before rich colonists started buying blacks from Africa and bringing them here to have cheap labor.
    Black people(and a few whites)put Barack into office so he would make changes for the better, but he is half white, raised by white grandparents, so he is doing things in the ways he thinks will work to his advantage, not necessarily for the advantage of one race or the other, which is okay. I think his wife has a strong influence on him for blacks, his staff is mixed so he has a racial mix. Thats all good.

    I think he's learning fast and although he's had to back off on some of his campaign promises,and he p'd away multi-billions on the bailout to the wrong people, he's still doing better than I thought he would, but anything that doesn't treat the American Indians with more respect and fairness should be stopped.

    +1 Lessa to elwood May. 20 Sorry guy but I think you're watching way too much mainstream media news. What the heck does Obama's heritage have to do with the attack on Native Americans? Further your whole comment is racist, Obama has squandered our money and put EVERY US Citizen in major debt, he has lied to the people and he makes Bush's vacation seem like an occasional weekend.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    +1 krayzrick Feb. 13 Americas government needs to be replaced with blue-collar workers.

    +1 elwood to krayzrick Apr. 23 That, my friend is what Abraham Lincoln was talking about when he said "government of the people, by the people and FOR the people shall..." If government isn't doing what we want, we need to throw them out and get someone in who WILL represent the blue collars folks, the small business owners and other ordinary citizens who actually work for a living.

    The problem as I see it is proliferated by mainly attorneys for their own benefit. The vast majority of politicians are in attorney positions before going to Washington. Until that changes, we the average worker will not be treated fairly. The only thing our government is supposed to be doing for us is protecting us from foreign assault. All the other services the politicians have added are the reasons we are so deep in debt. We need libertarian government, not the new socialist order that is in process of being shoved down our throat.

    dick Jan. 17 (edited) Our country is totally out of control the authorities can't defend our own borders yet they clamp on to any thing they think they can win if the group doesn't stand much of a chance of defending itself. I don't believe in any group hiding behind a racial issue to commit crimes but neither do I agree with our government singling out any group just because they can! yesterday it was blacks today its indians tomorrow it will be whites wake up America if they are law abiding Americans they are your neighbors.

    Thanks for doing such a thorough job on this blog GREAT WORK!!!

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    *Recently, Intel goes as far as to electronically sabotage the solitare card game on this author's computer, making it impossible to complete a game. There is no end to what the FBI and NSA will do in which to cover up their treasonous crimes against this author, which include years of non consensual human experimentation (computer to brain interface) via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    A few years ago, the FBI went so far as to engineer the firing of another Family member, in which this person was out of work for nearly a year, and forced to go through most of their savings. Prior to this, the Family member had never been unemployed in more than twenty years in the workforce, and maintained an excellent reputation in their field of endeavor. The FBI's attack on this Family member was to further their control over this Family member (vis-a-vie Stockholm Syndrome), in order to make them more receptive to the FBI's coercive/extortionate tactics.

    This has served the FBI well, given that this Family member has regularly taken part in the FBI's psychological warfare operations against this author for the past decade, out of fear that the FBI will prevent them from being able to hold employment. A further indictment of just how criminal the FBI's attacks on this author and his Family continue to be.

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    One of the primary functions in creating this Blog was to document the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO against my person, as well as what these agents have subjected other Family members to, in case a Family member is either covertly harmed or murdered by these psychopaths. Anyone who is familiar with the Intel community's clandestine nature, understands that these agents operate under the flag of a criminal enterprise, and that up until the advent of the Internet and creation of the whistle blowing community, remained well protected under the cover of National Security.

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