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Is Murder Suspect Kathleen Prisco A Target Of Organized Stalking?

Editor's Note: Since having written the following article, Kathleen Prisco has been declared insane, and incapable of being able to stand trial for the murder of her husband.

If Prisco was the target of organized stalking at the time she is alleged to have murdered her husband, both the prosecutor and defense would have been used to ensure that Kathleen Prisco was never able to stand trial, so that there would be no possibility that Prisco could have been put on the witness stand.

This is especially noteworthy if Kathleen was the target of organized stalking at the time she is alleged to have murdered her husband, since her testimony may have shown that she was in fact a target of organized stalking and electronic harassment prior to and leading up to the time in which she is alleged to have murdered her husband.

Murder Suspect Kathleen Prisco
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Is Kathleen Prisco A Target Of Organized Stalking?
Quiet Mother Of Three Accused In Husband's Murder
Written By James F. Marino

She was by all accounts considered by her family and friends to be a quiet and caring woman who doted over her three children while taking pride in her home. So why Kathleen Prisco would suddenly stab her husband (a successful attorney) to death makes no sense at all.

That is until you listen to Mrs. Prisco's comments about being subjected to a massive conspiracy being waged against her, as well as the disturbing claim that her own husband was attempting to frame her for some crime. Even though she does not say what that crime is.

And then there's the comment from Kathleen Prisco's attorney, as well as those from friends who now express regret that they did not say something sooner. Exactly what is this regret? Perhaps these "friends" knew that Prisco was being subjected to organized stalking and did not help her?

"Essentially, she was extremely disturbed, upset, feeling emotionally insecure, feeling that there were many people conspiring against her."

-- Attorney Thomas F.Liotti regarding his client

"Alot of them feel, I wouldn't say guilt, but have a lot of regret, anyone from clergy to friends to family."

-- Ray Lang, neighbor & friend of the Prisco Family

The above comments were sourced from Long Island's Newsday

From its appearance, Kathleen Prisco's behavior (taking into context the disturbing comments she has made) has all the earmarks of a victim of organized stalking. And the fact that this secret and Orwellian crime has become so common that activist groups combating it have cropped up all over the Internet, leaves one pause to wonder how many Kathleen Priscos there are living such a nightmare, and just a step away from being pushed into the commission of such violent crimes?

As a long-term target of organized stalking, this author is well aware of what it is like to be subjected to such daily psychological abuse, being subjugated to the vicious crime of organized stalking, followed and harassed wherever you go; while being subjected to the most egregious violations of your privacy that one can imagine.

There are in fact millions of people in the United States alone who are subjected to such outrageous invasions of their inherent rights as American citizens on a daily basis, and millions more in other countries who are reporting the same crimes - often committed by federal agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS, as well as local law enforcement. And a myriad of their provocateurs who serve as quasi instigators in these crimes.

Such crimes are most certainly conspiratorial in nature, since the due process of law is being disregarded.

And the fact that Kathleen Prisco implicates her own late husband, as well as many others in what she describes as a large conspiracy being waged against her, is indicative of Kathleen's being subjected to organized stalking. The photo of this woman shows someone who is clearly despondent, obviously having been put through an absolutely hellish time.

However, because organized stalking crimes are denied by society, as well as those who perpetrate them, even if Mrs. Prisco claims that she has been targeted for such a conspiracy, her attorney will not publicly acknowledge this, nor will a judge or for that matter anyone else.

(That is except for organized stalking victims themselves who understand just how insidious these Nazi idealized crimes are and can empathize with what Mrs. Prisco must have been subjected to before she snapped under this never ending abuse.)

Instead, Mrs. Prisco will be accused of being mentally unstable. And the organized stalking crimes which she has likely been subjected to and which have resulted in the murder of her husband, will be ignored, as they are in the instances of all organized stalking victims.

As such, in this author's opinion, Kathleen Prisco should be included as one of myriad organized stalking victims. And one who has been (through such vicious mental cruelty) driven completely over the edge and into the commission of murder.

Prisco may well also be a victim of some type of government sanctioned non consensual experimentation, which would only further bolster her statement of being targeted for a criminal conspiracy. What's for certain here is that this woman was put through sheer hell before she was driven to the commission of murder. And if she was in fact the target of organized stalking, the intent of these criminal conspirators was to remove Kathleen Prisco from society, which they have now achieved; and with the plausible deniability which they rely on when in the commission of such atrocious crimes.

*This author also finds it of interest that Mrs. Prisco is said to have stabbed her husband at least 12 times. 12 continues to be a regular trigger in the psyops that I am subjected to, a result of Intel's long-term COINTELPRO against my person. It is also this author's opinion that a friend of the Family who recently died of a very rare and fast spreading form of cancer may well have been the unwitting victim of a directed energy weaponry attack used to cause this cancer. This person was a tremendous friend and confidant of another Family member, and whom that Family member is still grieving over.

These electronic warfare attacks, as well as their adjunct psychological warfare operations are perpetrated in what can only be described as a bizarre manner, because the more outlandish these attacks are, the more difficult they are to believe. Of course this is by design, because if the attacks were not so outlandish, it would be much easier for those targeted for such attacks to make the public understand that they are occurring, and on a very great number of people. Attacks that are carried out with military-like precision are nearly always perpetrated by the military intelligence complex, or an offshoot of said complex.

It is also because these attacks involve some aspect of these rogue agencies, that the due process of law has been suspended for those of us who are used for some aspect of their non consensual human experimentation cover operations. These agents are operating in a highly criminal capacity and attempting to deny us our inalienable rights under the U.S. Constitution. Thus these agencies must be exposed, and the agents taking part in such crimes, challenged based on their unconstitutional operations.

- James F. Marino

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