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The FBI's COINTELPRO Against Journalist Jack Anderson -- Today's Journalists Are Afraid Of The FBI Gestapo -- Jack Anderson Wasn't

More On The NSA's Illegal Spying On Americans

*Editor's Note: Intel tampers with this post. This author had written commentary after the following article on the late journalist, Jack Anderson, which the FBI has now removed. The post is now electronically tampered with so that at times the original post shows up, and at others the revised version.

I have deleted the original window for this post and pasted the original post into this new window. So time will tell as to whether or not Intel will continue to tamper with this particular article.

Such tampering serves as clear evidence that the FBI and NSA or some of their provocateurs have electronically hacked into this Website to remove this information. Another violation of my 1ST Amendment rights. Of course this comes as no surprise since every aspect of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO waged against my person since the early 1980's has been illegal and only grown worse over time. A clear sign of the abject criminality taking place within the Intel community; one whose agents are torturous and murderous by nature and since the passage of the treasonous Patriot Act, totally out of control.

The FBI's Attack On Journalists

The FBI is getting away with murder. The agency is spying on us in our homes, violating our rights to privacy, demonizing anyone who challenges the corrupt status quo in this country, and covering up for its own abject Nazi garbage, in order to prevent them from being prosecuted for their crimes.

The FBI is attempting to destroy the rule of law in this country and with it any protections that we as American citizens have. The FBI is nothing but a New World Order enforcer that has no respect for basic human rights or the American people.

The FBI and its bathroom peeping, child murdering filth should be abolished with extreme prejudice.

The psychopathic and murderous mindset of J. Edgar Hoover remains a prominent theme in the FBI's daily operations, and the rare American journalist who has the courage to tread into the criminal operations of this government has even more reason to fear the FBI in the modern day, than they did back in the days of "Hoover The Terrible."

Read about what the FBI subjected journalist Jack Anderson to in the following article. In many ways, like all of the Bureau's COINTELPRO targets, the FBI harassed Anderson right up until his death. To truly understand the FBI and its operatives is to despise their very being. Miscreants who represent the lowest form of life on this planet.

Files Obtained By AP Reveal -- FBI Monitoring of Columnist Jack Anderson

Published: October 11, 2008 11:00 AM ET

WASHINGTON In caustic comments on internal FBI memos, legendary bureau director J. Edgar Hoover referred to prominent columnist Jack Anderson with undisguised contempt, calling him "a jackal" as agents combed his articles for errors and hints about possible sources.

"This fellow Anderson and his ilk have minds that are lower than the regurgitated filth of vultures," Hoover typed on a memo dated April 30, 1951, one of hundreds from FBI files on Anderson.

Anderson was a Hoover critic, writing for example that the aging director running the bureau well into his 80s should have resigned a decade before. Other journalists suggested the same, but Anderson delivered that and a long career's worth of critical assessments of the bureau in a blunt style that enraged FBI officials.

Documents turned over to The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act almost three years after Anderson's death include copies of his columns with critical notes in the margins, summaries of his movements while under surveillance, and FBI memos detailing efforts to find his sources who leaked information from deep inside government agencies.

The leaks fueled Anderson's Pulitzer Prize-winning column, Washington Merry-Go-Round, and helped him produce stories on scandals including Watergate and the arms-for-hostages deal known as Iran-Contra.

Anderson's muckraking style, honed under the column's founder Drew Pearson, earned him a spot on President Nixon's enemies list, inspired Republican operatives to plot his murder, and caused heartburn in Hoover's office at the FBI.

In one February 1971 memo, an unnamed agent went on for six pages, summarizing a radio interview in which the columnist "discussed the daily habits of the director and associate director ... including their means of transportation to FBI headquarters in the morning, the place where they take lunch and dinner."

The report said Anderson "concluded the interview by stating that the director should have retired 10 years ago and would better serve his country as an elder statesman who could offer advice to his successor."

FBI officials claimed incessantly over the years in internal FBI documents that the columnist got his facts wrong. "This is the greatest conglomeration of vicious lies that this jackal has ever put forth," Hoover scribbled next to a copy of one Anderson column.

The column said that Hoover had collected more than a quarter of a million dollars in royalties from three books researched and ghostwritten for him by FBI agents on government time.

Hoover in another instance used the same characterization when he tried to clear the air with House Speaker Carl Albert.

When Anderson reported that the FBI was keeping tabs on Albert's private life, Hoover wrote the speaker, "Characteristic of this jackal, none of the statements made about you and the FBI in this column has a scintilla of foundation."

When Anderson wrote that the U.S. crime conviction rate had slipped, Hoover's agents were on top of it. Hoover wrote top Nixon White House adviser John Ehrlichman to correct "the false impression" left by the columnist.

"There has been an increase in the number of persons convicted in certain major categories investigated," Hoover wrote Ehrlichman.

But Anderson was sympathetic to at least some of Hoover's campaigns, including his pursuit of Communists, the documents show.

In a Jan. 15, 1967, appearance on the "Long John Nebel" radio show, Anderson described himself as a liberal but urged so-called right-wingers to let Hoover and the FBI investigate handle investigations of suspected Communists.

"I think he's been pretty careful about not violating civil rights," Anderson said of Hoover. "I have no quarrel with his investigation of Communists. I would urge the extremists of the nation to let him continue to do it and not to interfere with him — not to try to do it themselves."

Among the readers of Anderson's columns were Hoover defenders or administration loyalists who let the journalist know exactly how they felt in language even more candid than Anderson would have used in his columns. Copies were obtained and filed away by the bureau.

A profanity-laced letter from a reader to Anderson in 1971 says that "your rhetoric regarding the Honorable Richard Nixon" proves that the columnist was doing "everything in your power ... to tear this country apart."

"I demand, by copy of this letter to J. Edgar Hoover ... that you be put out of print," the letter concluded.

After Hoover's death, Anderson drew critical comments from readers.

"To be very frank I am getting tired of all the derogatory remarks being made about the FBI ... and now that Mr. Hoover is deceased, it is only right that you let his name rest in peace," one correspondent wrote in 1972.

In a way, the feud between Anderson and the bureau continued after his death on Dec. 17, 2005.

Following his funeral, FBI agents called Anderson's widow to say they wanted to search his papers. At the time, the FBI confirmed it wanted to remove any classified materials from Anderson's archives, located at George Washington University, before they are made available to the public.

The government eventually backed off.

Anderson's biographer, George Washington University journalism professor Mark Feldstein, said he was pleased the FBI was finally releasing its files on the journalist. "I'm still not convinced this is all of it," Feldstein added.

The documents, which were released Sept. 30, are heavily edited and some names have been removed.

"Why they would still need to censor these documents after he's dead and his sources are gone, at this stage, seems pretty questionable to me," Feldstein said Friday. "But this new material is a good thing for historians, scholars, and ultimately, the public, to find out what the FBI was up to in the dark days of J. Edgar Hoover."

One of Anderson's early appearances on Hoover's radar came in December 1951, after then-President Harry Truman was told of an apparent leak of information from a high-level White House meeting on Korea. Truman wanted Hoover to find who revealed details to Anderson.

"Secretary of Defense (Robert) Lovett called me this afternoon and stated that the president wanted him to discuss with me what appears to be a rather serious leak on what occurred at a meeting last Monday at the White House. He said that the president was desirous of trying to trace out the source of this leak," Hoover wrote in a Dec. 13, 1951, memo to FBI aides.

Hoover went on, saying the defense secretary had recounted how "an individual by the name of Anderson, who appears to be a leg-man for Drew Pearson, went up to (Undersecretary of the Navy Francis) Whitehair and said, 'I've got a story of the Monday meeting; thought you would like to take a look at it.'"

Anderson Went Easy On The FBI

In truth, Anderson's columns regarding Hoover and the FBI were tame in regard to what many others, including this author have written in regard to this neo Nazi organization. Of course, as alternative journalists who are not employed by the mainstream media of disinformation in the United States, we can write far more candidly and in depth in regard to agencies like the FBI, since we are not owned by organizations which are controlled by the some faction of the Illuminati's banking establishment, and do not have to worry about advertisers who would pull their business from us.

However, the threat of being demonized and covertly murdered by the FBI or some other agent of the military industrial intelligence complex in this country is most definitely a possibility, the result of our efforts in which to expose the egregious violations of the Constitutional rule of law being committed by such organizations.

And the fact is that the comment made by Hoover in regard to Anderson - "This fellow Anderson and his ilk have minds that are lower than the regurgitated filth of vultures," could easily represent the minds of those within the Intelligence community, who've made a history out of attacking our Constitutional rule of law, while committing myriad atrocities against humanity itself and pathologically lying to the American people in order to cover up such egregious criminality.

If the FBI or any other organization violates your inherent rights as American citizens, you have a sworn duty to defend these rights, no matter what the cost. That is the price of being an American citizen and defending the nation which our forefathers constructed for us.

As for defending this nation, agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI and DHS do not defend us as a nation. They protect the criminal element which controls the shadow government in this country. Which is why the present White House is being used to turn the United States into a Communist dictatorship, and the banking crime syndicate known as the Federal Reserve System and its IRS collection bagman are allowed to continue to counterfeit their currency, while laundering it through the U.S. economy.

Unpopular truths, yet truths no less. It is the House Of Rothschild and its London banking cartel which control the United States Federal Government through the privately held Federal Reserve System, and that is a fact! How else can you explain an organization which counterfeits its currency, being made legitimate by any government? Especially when former IRS agents who smelled a rat within the IRS did their own research and were then heavily censured by our own judicial system, in order to prevent the public from learning the truth.

Has the mainstream media in this country ever once done a story on any of the more than thirty Americans who have won their tax evasion cases in court? Of course not. Because the media is owned and operated by the very establishment which takes its orders from the Federal Reserve System.

Has this media system ever done a story on former IRS investigator Bill Benson, a man who has accumulated irrefutable proof that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified by the three quarters of U.S. States needed in which to make it law? Or that former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Philander Knox, blatantly lied to the American people when he said that the 16TH Amendment was legal? Of course not. In fact, Benson has been censured by a United States Federal Court to not circulate this information, because it would prove that the graduated system of taxation in the United States is a complete criminal fraud. And that there is no longer any question that the United States Congress is complicit in this fraud, and protecting the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service from prosecution for these crimes. Moreover, the FBI would be used to attack a truth seeker like Benson, instead of helping him to protect the American people from the Federal Reserve System/IRS fraud.

Read about Benson's work here:

"The Law That Never Was" by Bill Benson

Also read about the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting schemes and its use of the IRS as its own private collection agency in Eustace Mullins' brilliant expose on the Fed entitled: Secrets Of The Federal Reserve System By Eustace Mullins

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Testimony Of Another Target Of Non Consensual Computer To Brain Interface Done By Way Of Remote Means

NSA Computer To Brain Interface

A Crime Against Humanity

In modern society there are myriad forms of mind control; subtle manipulation of one's thoughts through the news media, advertising propaganda through other media venues, and more intense manipulation of the mind which includes the use of computer to brain interface. Computer to brain interface research can take place on a witting subject in a laboratory, or remotely by way of satellite and the infrared spectrum. The latter is done without the consent of the person being targeted for such experimentation and is not only illegal, but anathema to humanity itself.

This type of technology known as synthetic telepathy, has nothing to do with those who are by nature telepathic. Synthetic telepathy makes use of advanced computers and satellite systems which utilize the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in which to remotely access and decode a person's sub vocalized thoughts.

Only a monster would attempt to remotely enter the mind of another person, yet agencies like the NSA and CIA are loaded with such operatives, whose idea of legality and morality is that as long as they don't get caught, they haven't committed a crime. Such is the state of our Intelligence community when those who operate in this way illustrate such delusions.

The National Security Agency has been committing such crimes against this author for decades, while attempting to completely obscure this technology from the American population. Which is why I remain intent on making certain that the American public begins to realize that the NSA has brain fingerprinted them, and can subject them to the same types of outrageous abuses that I have been subjected to for decades; a situation in which the Constitutional rule of law is not only absent, but one which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the U.S. Intelligence community is committing the most serious crimes against American citizens imaginable, and doing so with complete anonymity by way of the infrared spectrum.

For the past several years, the FBI, NSA and Department Of Homeland Security have been conducting an aggressive smear campaign against this author, which is not only completely illegal, but also omits significant exculpatory information which serves my interests; information which the Intel community has managed to keep out of a courtroom since 1991, when a former NSA operative by the name Of John St. Clair Akwei filed suit against the National Security Agency, yet was prevented from having his case tried in a court of law.

The reason for this is that Akwei's information is absolutely devastating to the NSA, because it exposes the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and how this network has been used for the past thirty years on a very large scale in which to illegally track American citizens by way of their own bio electromagnetic fields. Such tracking being done by way of the NSA's computers and Echelon satellite network.

In other words, the NSA has brain fingerprinted American citizens as though they were convicted criminals, and can now illegally spy upon any American without that person's knowledge or consent.

Given that my testimony has not only corroborated the information contained in John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, but in many respects publicly resurrected this lawsuit (something which should have been done years ago), the Intel community has attempted to entrap me in a myriad of schemes which have all failed. As a result, these agencies have waged a very aggressive psychological warfare campaign against my person, in order to drive me to a state in which I would commit an act for which I would either be incarcerated or driven to commit suicide.

And while these psyops have been extraordinarily vicious, Intel has failed on both counts and is now left with nothing but a demonization campaign against this author, which has become as precedent setting as the violations which these agencies have committed against my person for the past several decades.

The most egregious violations of the 4TH Amendment in American History.

As such, neither the FBI nor NSA can enter a courtroom in their attack on this author without either admitting to the crimes they've committed under the color of law (which would likely result in the indictments of these agents), or perjuring themselves.

And we already know that when it comes to lying in court nobody does it better than an Intel agent - those who are trained to lie pathologically as part of their job description. Those who lie so convincingly, that the late Judi Bari, an eco-actvist with tremendous charisma (who was targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO operation), was quoted as saying in regard to the agents who her attorney had deposed at a trial in which the FBI was a defendant: "These guys are professional liars who have raised selected memory loss to an art form."

Judi was savvy, she was aggressive, she was an organizer who terrified the lumber companies who saw the California Redwood Forrest, not as one of this planet's most beautiful natural resources, but instead a meal ticket.

And when she joined the EarthFirst! eco-activist group in order to organize formal protests against the destruction of these beautiful Redwoods, the FBI was called in to neutralize Judi. However, when their COINTELPRO failed to do so, the FBI was left with a dilemma. How to get rid of her.

Richard W. Held, one of the most notorious COINTELPRO agents in the history of the covert operation, came up with the idea that if a bomb could be planted in Judi's car, the FBI could then claim that it had blown up while Judi was attempting to transport it to a site in which she had intended to detonate it. This was perfect for the FBI, since they could claim that Judi was a terrorist who got was she deserved.

And their diabolical plan almost worked. The bomb did detonate while Judi was driving, nearly killing her, and seriously injuring her passenger, Daryl Cherney.

However, the FBI's plan quickly disintegrated when the bomb (which they planted) was shown to have detonated under Judi's seat and not behind it. Which meant that Judi could not have known that the bomb was in her car. Of course it was very convenient that the FBI had been conducting a bomb school only a few miles away from where the explosion had taken place. So who do you think planted the bomb?

FBI agents are some of the most gifted liars. They are trained to work in lies the way that a painter works in oils. They are trained to fabricate evidence; to excuse their own outrageous disregard for the rule of law; and to wantonly torture (through the use of psychological operations) any person whom they target, regardless of how illegal and cruel such operations are.

They are schemers by nature, they are convincing, they have badges, as well as the FBI backing them. The average American citizen is no match for the FBI when unwittingly targeted for such COINTELPRO operations, because the average person believes that these agents are basically honest people. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Moreover, most of these agents are pathological liars, many of whom have taken part in the covert torture and murder of myriad Americans over the years. Something this author can attest to in regard to the Bureau's furtive campaign in which to murder my person by using an aggressive psychological warfare operation in which to drive me to the commission of suicide.

And the time has come for the FBI to pay the Piper. The time has come for the FBI to answer for the atrocities that they have committed for more than a Century. The time has come for the public to see the FBI not as a federal policing agency, but instead as a domestic spy and covert terrorist whose agents are incapable of operating within the framework of the United States Constitution.

The time has come for the FBI to exit the American landscape for good.

As for the electronic warfare attacks which the FBI and NSA have colluded to subject this author to, the fact is that they are certainly not going to admit to a judge and jury that any American citizen can be illegally tracked by the NSA via the unique electromagnetic resonance which emanates from their own bodies.

This information would only lead to such public outrage, that the NSA would find itself under the most aggressive scrutiny in the agency's history. Especially at a time when formal investigations into the CIA are now beginning, and if conducted properly will reveal to the public the CIA's history of the most horrifying atrocities. It's no wonder why the most recent director of the CIA, Leon Panetta wants to jump ship. He may not say it publicly, but he is well aware of the CIA's history of abject criminality and does not want to end up in the midst of another Intel scandal that he had nothing to do with.

Who could blame him? Who'd ever want to be associated with an agency that has been a cancer on the American people since its creation, and taken part in the covert murders of millions of people.

As for the FBI/NSA/DHS attack of this author, the most obvious issue in regard to such violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights is that I am not on trial and there is nothing legal in regard to what these agents are doing here.

They are making up their own rules as they go.

They are operating unconstitutionally.

However, I am using my 1ST Amendment right to freedom of speech in which to document crimes that the government is committing against my Family, person and myriad others. The Intel community is violating our rights by denying us due process of law.

Therefore, it is these agents who are the criminals.

As such, and as an American citizen who does not regard the Patriot Act or the present cabal which is passing itself off as a government (they continue to lie to us in regard to the facts behind the attacks on 9-11-2001) to be a legitimate part of this country, I've chosen to secede from the United States Federal Government and to operate as a sovereign being under the Constitutional Republic which this country was first founded on. My only rule of law is that which can be found under this Constitutional Republic. A Republic which does not recognize the House Of Rothschild governed Federal Reserve crime syndicate, the never ratified 16TH Amendment, The Federal Reserve Act, the FBI or the rest of its Nazi Intel brethren, the "Democracy", or any other Illuminati perversion of this government which allows for the class warfare which is presently being conducted by the Illuminati's inhabited ultra class against the American Proletariat.

To anyone who has observed what is really going on here, what we have is class warfare at its worst, with the Federal Reserve System and its IRS collection agent, being used by the ultra class in which to redistribute the wealth of the middle class in this country by secretly giving it to the wealthy elite through a communist system of graduated taxation.

That is why the disparity between the haves and the have nots continues to grow exponentially in the United States, and why when more than 400 U.S. banks are on the verge of collapse, those corporations which own shares in the privately held Federal Reserve System are flourishing. Banks like J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are reaping the benefits of the Federal Reserve System's latest manipulation of the U.S. economy, while the Federal Government and its Zionist leadership attempt to turn the U.S.A. into a Communist dictatorship.

The Federal Reserve System engineered the same financial scam back in the 1920's which resulted in the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the subsequent Great Depression. And they are getting away with it all over again, without the average American citizen even realizing that another Great Depression is presently being
engineered by the Federal Reserve System and its House of Rothschild leadership.

The names of these people may be different, however, the role that they are playing is exactly what their former Zionist banking brethren assumed during the Federal Reserve Bank's manipulation of our economy in the 1920's. History is repeating itself again, because the American people have failed to learn the most valuable lesson of all - that a central bank which prints money based on nothing of intrinsic value will eventually destroy their economy.

Obama's cash for clunkers' deal may be nice for some Americans who need new cars, while temporarily helping to slow the descent of this economy, however it is nothing more than a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul, while the U.S. Federal Government hemorrhages money. Just what the Federal Reserve System wants, since this will enable the Fed to eventually take complete control of the U.S. economy via the Federal Government.

As for Intel's abjectly criminal acts against my Family and person, they serve as further evidence that the FBI and NSA have willfully conspired to illegally spy upon us, while for decades subjecting this author to computer to brain interface experimentation without my knowledge or consent. Fortunately, I am now aware of this, as well as how they perpetrate these crimes. And alerting the American people to such treasonous crimes so that they will insist that a formal investigation into both the FBI and NSA (as well as the entire Intel community takes place).

So it's little wonder why the Intel reprobates who are attacking me would be completely circumventing the Constitutional rule of law here, since everyone of them belongs in prison for what they have subjected us to; outrageous and treasonous crimes which they have committed under the color and cover of law. An immense conspiracy which now threatens the very secrecy of the NSA's EMF Scanning Network and the agency's use of computer to brain interface in which to illegally remote neural monitor the brain states of millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.

This is an outrage!

By doing so the NSA has not only egregiously violated its charter in which to operate in this country, the agency has also completely circumvented the Constitutional rule of law.

There is no doubt that if the American people were to collectively realize that this abject assault on their civil rights had taken place, they would be quick to call for the abolition of the National Security Agency.

Instead, the Intel community demonizes those of us who continue to be attacked by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, while these displaced Nazi's commit their crimes with complete impunity.

For the past few years I have categorically stated that as I continued to promulgate this information regarding the NSA's illegal brain fingerprinting of the American people, the Intel community's attacks on my person would continue to grow more aggressive, while their coercion of my Family members would also become more intense. However, the only other choice I had was to not circulate this information which would have been an act of treason.

The result is a Family who is completely brainwashed and abused by the Intel community, through such coercive means and who've in turn been used to carry out the Intel community's psychological operations on my person.

What the Intel community has put my Family through is not only an outrage but completely unforgivable.

There continues to be no due process of law in this situation while the Intel community continues to circulate their disinformation; attempting to exculpate themselves from the most outrageous Constitutional violations ever reported by an American citizen.

There is no question that the NSA and FBI are lying to the public in regard to the crimes that they have subjected my Family and person to, which is why in the past six and a half years they have been doing everything possible in which to drive me over the edge via their psychological warfare operations. If the Intel community had anything legitimate in which to indict me on, they would have done so long ago.

And if these agencies have told one lie, we can be certain that they have told many others.

As for the credibility of those who have taken part in these attacks, the fact is that they have none. As for those who claim that these crimes have not taken place, this is again an abject lie being used to protect an Intel community that should be completely exposed and excoriated for such abject treason.

The FBI has become little more than a cesspool of lies as has its Intel brethren; cowards who refuse to take responsibility for their treasonous criminality.

Cowards who have a history of torturing and murdering those whom they have egregiously wronged. Liars, whose crimes have become so outrageous, that rather than operating within the parameters of United States Constitutional rule of law, they must now resort to slander, fabrication of evidence, precedent setting illegal spying, non consensual human experimentation, and a host of other nasty crimes that they would never want a federal jury to learn of.

The last thing that these agencies want is for the public to learn that they have been brain fingerprinted by the NSA - something that has been taking place in the USA for decades, and that these filthy traitors are willing to murder for, in order to protect this nasty and treasonous secret.

The penalty for the crime of non consensual computer to brain interface experimentation should at the very least be life in prison. All the more reason for these agents to demonize those of us whose inherent rights they have violated so abjectly, since they have no intention of being punished for what they have done. History has recorded that they rarely if ever are.

They must be forced to admit to this technology and how it is being illegally deployed!

Read AKWEI VS NSA for yourselves, and learn about the Nazi establishment which is running the National Security Agency. A group of misanthropes whose intent is to murder those of us who can testify to these crimes in a court of law. Which is why both John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice have been heavily censured by the U.S. Federal Government in order to prevent them from testifying in federal court to treasonous crimes committed by the NSA.

The Intel community in this country is EVIL. And the truth in regard to this EVIL is just beginning to surface after more than half century of the most despicable crimes ever committed.

These agencies should be abolished. If they cannot indict you, they have no business publicly demonizing you, slandering you, or denying you your right to due process of law. These agencies have become an obscenity to the American people and our nation, with agents who are clearly using their positions within the Bureau to wage their own vendettas. Such agents are criminals.

They want to destroy the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights so that you no longer have any protections. Abolish these agencies before they have the chance to enslave you. These agents are torturers, murderers and pathological liars. And as a target of non consensual mind control research, they will attempt to convince the public that you are mentally unstable, while spending thousands of days subjecting you to psychological warfare in which to drive you to such a state.

This is outright manipulation being perpetrated by these agencies - a complete and utter fraud.

The intent here is that these agents are clearly looking to obscure their own outrageous crimes by attacking those of us who can bring them to justice. These agents are not legitimate law enforcement, and should never be taken as such. As for this author, I am in this exposition for the long haul and will wage my own legal battle against these agencies for the rest of my days. The Intel community has left me with nothing left to lose and they know it. Besides, I have told the truth in regard to what I have experienced at the hands of these monsters, while they attempt to obscure their own outrageous crimes and New World Order world government doctrine. Moreover, the NSA can track you by your body's own EMF frequency. They can remotely decode and manipulate your sub vocalized thoughts. And no amount of demonization is ever going to allow them to maintain this EVIL secrecy again. They want to control you - dont let them!

Another target of non consensual computer to brain interface experimentation speaks out in regard to their own electronic torture.

Non consensual Brainwave and Personality Studies
by the U.S. Government

I am a survivor of ongoing mind control experimentation by the U.S. government since 1989. I would like to prevent victims from experiencing much of the pain that I went through by telling my testimony within the framework of background information and history on government weapon testing programs, especially radiation experimentation. I would state the same testimony under oath in a Congressional hearing or in a court case. I first learned of microwave harassment and mind control experimentation from Julianne McKinney, director of the now inactive Electronic Surveillance Project. This is an overview and does not include the unsavory details as the point is to recognize the general pattern of experimentation. It will greatly help your understanding of this paper if the preceding Research Possibilities list of reputable newspaper and magazine articles on behavior control weapons is read first.

I would challenge the reader to recognize the "plutonium vitamin pill" of mind control technology before the U.S. government admits to it's use. This paper is attempting to describe something that the reader is not familiar with. This is critical to keep in mind so that this paper will communicate on the basis of accepted reality.


The Congressional Record states that the U.S. government had been involved in mind control experimentation from the 1950s up to the early 1970s.1 These illegal behavior control experiments are similar to the documented illegal radiation experiments. The U.S. government currently denies that there is ongoing classified behavior control experimentation. This is debatable and in my opinion will some day be as undeniable as the radiation experiments are today.

There were at least 23,000 radiation victims of institutionalized unethical experimentation.2 There are similarities between radiation and mind control experimentation because the government bureaucracy is the same, the groups of victims are the same and it involves weapon testing. But unlike the atomic bomb, the U.S. public is not aware of the highly classified behavior control weapons. This fact contributes to the difficulty that victims have in exposing the experimentation.

The purpose of U.S. government research with electromagnetic frequencies and computer- brain interface technology is to develop mind control weapons that meet or surpass the enemy's mind control weapon program, in particular Russia. The U.S. military's interest in controlling behavior and in using this on it's enemies in future warfare is well documented.3 The lethal doses and parameters of radiation were explored and now the limits of computer-brain interface and emf technology are explored in the same unethical way. And by using unwitting victims, experiments are conducted without limits of human subject experimentation committees.

There are strong indications that electromagnetic frequency (emf) behavior control weapons and electronic warfare has been a classified area of research since at least the 1960s4, that there are highly classified international agreements to control it's use, that it is being tested on unwitting human subjects and that there is an active government program to cover up the whole situation. Recently, there have been several articles published on nonlethal weapons, emf weapons, and mind control in the U.S.5

And in the last five years there have been several articles in mainstream publications about the Russian mind control technology and emf.6 And several reliable sources confirm that the cover up involves government policy such as the CIA refusing to release this information to the Radiation Advisory Committee. Glenn Krawczyk wrote in Nexus, Vo1. 2, No. 22, Oct-Nov 1994, that the CIA used a trick of terminology to disguise the development of microwave weapons in the 1977 Congressional hearings on CIA behavior control programs and has done the same thing with the Radiation Advisory Committee in 1994.

Another example: two top scientists in emf research have discussed government harassment. Dr. Puharich, well-known for emf and previous government work, described that his house was burned down and he was shot at for discussing emf technology and it's development.7 Dr. Becker, the author of Body Electric on emf, also lost government funding and discussed other examples of harassment by the U.S. government.8

"The Soft-Kill Fallacy" by Steve Aftergood and Barbara Hatch Rosenberg in The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist, Sept/Oct 1994 p. 45 stated that discussions under the Certain Conventional Weapons Convention on electromagnetic weapons, including weapons that interfere with mental processes and modify behavior and emotional response, may lead to protocols to control their use. The fact that behavior control weapons are in the public eye officially could mean that the government wants to use these weapons and may not be able to control their use enough to keep the emf weapons a secret.


It is probable that classified computer-brain interface research has had a highly advanced technological leap similar to the pattern of the development of the atomic bomb weapon program. Many documented articles support this claim.9 It has been fifty years since the development of the atomic bomb and there have been major advancements in science, satellite technology, computers and information. In my case, mind control experimentation is the use of military electromagnetic frequency technology on human subjects in order to develop baseline studies of the brain, including brainwave studies and the study of personalities. As in radiation experiments, the lethal doses and the limits of the technology are explored and the experiments are inhumane. Mind control experiments are conducted as a result of development of behavior control weapons and are, like the radiation experiments, examples of science at it worst. Weapon testing programs are designed to disable and kill the enemy and therefore the experiments are also designed to destroy.

There are over 500 documented cases of victims in the U.S., 1 million alleged victims in Russia and cases in Germany, England, Canada, Finland, and South America.10 A few of the main similarities between victims are as follows. Women, prisoners and mental patients are a few of the powerless groups targeted in U.S. government experimentation. Most of the victims describe long term experimentation, some over 30 years. All ages, socioeconomic and political groups are represented in mind control experiments.

This is a wide area of research and there are probably many umbrella projects to test many different parameters of behavior control weapons. Government experimentation with behavior control technology is based on psychological principles of war. For example, multiple personalities are thought to be caused by traumatic experiences. To determine how to control and destroy people, the experiments are designed to reliably create multiple personalities, (as in Project Monarch)11. Victim's testimony matches this fact.

The U.S. government is using mental illness as a cover-up of mind control experimentation. Many of the experiments are designed to mimic mental illness. For example, the mental illness diagnosis manual for psychiatrists states that the mentally ill patient put unusual meaning or interpretations into normal objects. The experimenters can engineer visual and audio patterns and change the amount and timing of any environment in a specific way to make the victim see what a mentally ill person would see. In my case, I have videotaped evidence of this effect. A report by a university statistics professor confirmed an extremely high amount of red and white cars on two separate occasions when compared with normal car color populations.12

With no meaningful evaluation, mental illness is the given explanation for the million plus victims. The concurrent development of technology, the U.S. government's history of involvement in mind control experiments and their motive to research this area can also strongly support the fact that these are victims of government experimentation. Further investigation of this situation is necessary rather than dismissing it as mental illness.


I and most survivors have not able to obtain help. This is typical in government cover up situations. And because of the nature of the technology itself, any efforts to stop the experimentation can be sabotaged with the mind control technology itself. I have gone to the police, lawyers, private investigators, newspapers, magazines, organizations such as the ACLU, government agencies such as the U.S. Attorney General, Congressman Glenn, Kennedy, Feinstein, Sharp and more. The answers vary from "you are crazy"; "you have to know the source of the experiment and have monitoring equipment evidence"; "we don't handle cases such as this, it is out of our area of expertise"; to no reply, or "we are aware of the situation but it will take years and over $100,000 to pursue in court," and many other ways of saying no.

Victims also cannot get around the unavailability of necessary government documents classified under the National Security Act. There is documented evidence that the superpowers have developed mind control weapons and that the use of these weapons are classified and controlled by the National Security Act. In the meantime, the government system is failing the mind control victim in the same way that it failed the radiation victim. I use what tools that I have, such as research of open literature and networking, a painfully slow process.

At this point, none of the victims, singly or as a group have the funds to stop the experimentation. I do not have the funds to rent or buy signal analyzers to document signals that the government would surely cover up or jam. Some victims have documented some unusual signals, but it is such a small piece of evidence and is not directly tied to the government source. The evidence has been ignored or discounted. I am currently organizing a group of victims to be monitored by experts. Another group is also organizing.

Victims work with their meager resources against a formidable foe. There is only one successful court case of mind control experimentation against the government and it was settled of court. There was small compensation to a few of the victims.13 Until I can document in other more scientific ways, I am documenting with videotapes and comparing them with normal tapes or accepted statistics. Then it is evident that certain patterns in the environment are unusual in timing and amount and statistically relevant and this is another small piece of the mind control picture.

Experts are necessary to verify information for court cases and Congressional hearings. Videotape evidence and other mind control experimentation evidence does not directly tie the U.S. government to my allegation and therefore is not accepted by courts, congressional hearings, or UN complaints. There are many other basic and also complicated reasons for the government system and its failure to help victims in any significant way. The system obviously needs to be changed.

By combining relevant facts with the testimony of victims, the conclusion about mind control experimentation is becoming clearer. I am networking with close to 75 victims. Based on my experience, several victim's testimony, and literature on mind control topics, it is logical to deduce that I am one of many hundreds of victims. Fortunately, documentation of behavior control weapons is increasing and the documentation matches previous and current testimonies of victims. But, so far it is too little, too late. This is the harsh reality of the situation.

This is a lengthy description, but certain issues must be emphasized in order to survive normal skepticism that occurs when documented facts are missing. Why for example, did radiation experiments occur after the Nuremburg trials and why is mind control experimentation occurring in 1995? Reasons include; that evil such as the Auschwitz experiments did not end with the Nuremburg trials; that the National Security Act increased the odds that radiation experiments could occur; and in 1995, there is no meaningful deterrent for the actions of radiation and mind control "scientists".


Government experimentation is illegal and is an abuse of U.S. constitutional rights. One solution would be funding that would match the U.S. government's resources. Or it will take someone such as Hazel O'Leary of the Department of Energy who called for an investigation of radiation experimentation14, to start an investigation of the mind control experiments.

Another possibility may be an accident in which the technology is exposed. Or time will pass, such as ten to twenty years, after which the technology will become public knowledge. Then there will be enough victims who come forward and protest. It would be an indication of man's humanity if the mind control scenario could be changed.

For further information and networking, I can be reached at Comments are appreciated.


More Information Upon Request from

1. Alexander M. Capron, Human Experimentation, (University Publications of America, 1986), 247.

Exerpt: "Apparently, it was not unusual for such research to begin with volunteers and then move on to naive subjects. For example, in 1953 the CIA began a series of highly sensitive experiments into the use of biological and chemical agents to alter human behavior, under the general code name, MK-ULTRA. The areas explored included radiation, electroshock, paramilitary devices and materials, anthropology, graphology, psychiatry, psychology, and sociology."

Also: Andrew Weil, Acid Dreams: the C.I.A., L.S.D. and the Sixties Rebellion, by M. Lee and B. Shlain Book reviews, Nation, 8 Nov. 1986. p 492.

Excerpt: "Lee and Shlain sifted through mountains of heavily censored reports to piece together the early history of L.S.D.... Meanwhile the U.S. Army toyed with the idea of driving whole populations insane with hallucinogenic drugs. By the mid-1960s nearly 1,500 military personnel had taken L.S.D. in tests run by the Army Chemical Corps."

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Also, Fox Butterfield, The New York Times, $2.15 million for hidden-weapon research, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Friday, March 10, 1995, A3.

Excerpt: "...for the development of new high-technology gun detectors that would permit the police to spot people carrying concealed guns on the street or inside stores. "The camera works because the body naturally emits strong electromagnetic signals in the millimeter wavelength, said Dr.Richard Huguenin, the inventor of the device at Millitech Corp."

Also, C.C.Morton, Brain trust, New Recruits, UC Davis Magazine, Spring 1994, p.21.

Excerpt: " In the lab of psychology professor Ron Mangun, UC Davis students serve as research subjects for a technique known as electrophysiology, in which 64 electrodes dotted on a cloth cap record electrical impulses from the surface of the head. The impulses are thought to correspond to cognitive processes inside the brain. The subjects sit in a sound booth. While one computer system flashes images, another computer system records the brain's responses 400 times a second.11

Also, The Guardian, The Future Art of War, 25, May 1995, p. 9.

Excerpt: "Nick Lewer, peace researcher at the University of Bradford, looks in the latest issue of Medicine and War,..." "There are plans for 'mind control' with the use of 'psycho- correction messages' transmitted by subliminal audio and visual stimuli. There is also a plan for 'psychotronic weapons' - apparently the projection of consciousness to other locations - and another to use holographic projection to disseminate propaganda and misinformation."

Also, The Houston Chronicle, Brainpower, 16, Feb. 1995.

Excerpt: "'Brain-actuated control' is under development at the Dayton, Ohio, base to help pilots deal with the increasing amount of information needed to fly modern jets, said Grant McMillan, director of Patterson's biocybernetics lab. Eventually, pilots may be able to control flight using only their minds, he added. With biofeedback, in which changes in the brain are portrayed on screens, volunteers learn how to control the electrical activity created by their thought processes. Scalp monitors pick up the electrical signals, and a computer translates them into mechanical commands."

10. Association of National Security Alumni, Electronic Surveillance Project Julianne McKinney, Director. Not in existence at present. Over 100 victims in 1993.

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Freedom of Thought Foundation, P.O. Box 35072 Tucson, AZ 85740 Walter Bowart, Founder. Over 150 survivors in 1995.

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13. Refer to Research Possibilities,this paper, #5.

14. Stephen Budiansky, Erica E. Good & Ted Gest," U.S. News Investigative Report" U.S. News & World Report, 24, Jan. 1994, p. 34. " Orlikow v. U.S., filed in 1979, was settled in 1988 for $750,000." It was settled out of court and split among the several defendents.

15. Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times," Energy chief says U.S. owes radiation victims," The Sacramento Bee final 29 Dec. 1993. p A1.

Excerpt: "Under O'Leary, the department has vowed to 'come clean' on the secrets of nuclear testing. Her department and a special panel of doctors, lawyers and department aides she has named are investigating dozens and possibly hundreds of government- sponsored experiments in which humans were subjected to radiation."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Those Who Don't Believe That The FBI Will Murder Citizens Who Seek To Prosecute Its Own Agents For Criminal Conduct

Editor's Note: The FBI and NSA continue to hack this Website while disabling links to articles which are particularly disturbing in regard to the criminal operations of both organizations. This is a further indication of what these Neo Nazi's are really all about. Tyranny and global domination. They are intent on destroying the United States Constitution and its Bill Of Rights because doing so would leave the American people with no legal protections whatsoever. Just what these despotic and Illuminati controlled organizations are seeking to bring about. As for those of us who've been targeted for non consensual human experimentation (mind control research), the Intel community long ago violated our inherent rights as American citizens and must now be held accountable for having done so.


Also see:

  • Suppressed Report On Cause For Dismissal Of Several FBI Agents

  • Honest FBI Agent Setup By FBI On Pedophile Charges

  • It's Time That The American People Began Spying On The Domestic Spy/Terrorist FBI

  • The following is just one example in a myriad which describe the murderous nature of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. While there are some decent agents, most are representative of a psychopathology which defines their existence within the Bureau. They believe themselves to be above the law and will destroy anyone whom they have committed crimes against. Unfortunately, as is the case with the rest of the criminal hierarchy which controls the United States, the higher you go within the ranks of the FBI the more criminal the Bureau becomes, which makes it useless for any type of legitmate police work. If the FBI is anything it is a political pawn for those in power to control as they see fit for their own questionable agendas.
    Add to this an agency that has always existed as a domestic spy/covert terrorist predator of the American citizenry, and you have a disaster on your hands.

    Victim who charged FBI agent with pedophilia found murdered?

    Prosecutors move to dismiss charges against former Scout leader

    January 3, 2007

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. --Federal prosecutors have moved to dismiss charges against a retired FBI agent who was indicted on child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader, in response to the death of his accuser.

    William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested in February on charges he enticed a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995.

    Prosecutor John A. Danaher III moved to dismiss the indictment on Dec. 19, and Judge Mark R. Kravitz granted the motion three days later, federal court records show.

    On Dec. 26, the prosecutor moved to dismiss a revised indictment that had been returned by a federal grand jury in late March. There was no indication in court records that Kravitz has issued a ruling on that indictment.

    Both indictments alleged crimes against the same person, who has never been publicly identified. The newer indictment added allegations that an August 1995 trip also included a stop in New Hampshire for illegal sexual activity.

    Both of Danaher's motions cited "the sudden and unexpected death" of the accuser.

    Hutton's lawyer, Hugh F. Keefe of New Haven, stressed Hutton had pleaded not guilty.

    "Mr. Hutton was very upset by the news of the passing of the gentleman," Keefe said.

    Hutton had been released on a $200,000 bond. He may not own any firearms or have any unsupervised contact with children. He was also ordered to stay away from playgrounds, schools, arcades or anywhere children congregate.

    The case had been scheduled to go to trial this month in U.S. District Court in New Haven.

    The following was an earlier article on Killingworth.

    Former Scout leader-FBI agent indicted on child sex charges

    February 3, 2006, 5:59 PM EST

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP)
    _ A retired FBI agent was indicted Friday on federal child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader.

    William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested Friday. The federal grand jury indictment offers few details about the case but accuses Hutton of enticing a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995.

    "It's obviously devastating. He was an FBI agent in this district and was reputed in this district," defense attorney Hugh Keefe said. "The people who worked with him in the U.S. attorney's office and FBI respected him."

    Keefe said the investigation has been going on for years. He would not discuss the details of the case or how the allegations surfaced.

    Investigators asked anyone who knows anything about the case to call the FBI. U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor said that's standard practice whenever there might be more victims.

    "In any case that's a concern," O'Connor said. "Whether that's the situation here I can't say."

    If convicted on all four charges, Hutton faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

    Hutton was released on a $200,00 bond. He may not own any firearms or have any unsupervised contact with children. He was also ordered to stay away from playgrounds, schools, arcades or anywhere children congregate.

    Also see:

    When PI Angela Clemente Decided To Research The Background Of Former FBI Agent Lindley Devecchio She'd Quickly Become A Target Of The FBI

    Author, Jack Cashill, was one of the investigative journalists who helped to expose the FBI's whitewash of the 1996 missile downing of TWA Flight 800. A case in which the FBI ignored more than 200 eyewitness accounts of Long Island citizens, who saw a flare from a vessel shoot skyward directly towards Flight 800, before it was shot down -- just south of Long Island. The FBI then proceeded to spend millions of dollars in fabricating evidence in efforts to cover up this missile attack.

    Instead of the 230 passengers being listed as murder victims (which they were), they were reported as being killed by an accidental explosion caused by a design flaw within the jetliner's fuel system.

    The FBI's usurpation of the investigation of TWA Flight 800 from the FAA was so suspicious, that an FAA agent by the name of Bogdan Dzakovic voiced his concerns as to why the FBI ignored nearly 300 Long Island witnesses to the attack on TWA Flight 800; all of whom saw at least one flare launch from a boat and head straight for Flight 800 before it exploded. See Dzakovic's testimony here:

    Cashill has now written an another controversial piece in regard to a woman who has become targeted by the FBI, the result of her attempts to expose a former FBI agent who may well be complicit in the homicides of five men. An FBI agent with known ties to the Columbo crime family.

    In the following situation the FBI is again covering up the facts in a criminal case and looking to attack a whistle blower. In this instance the whistle blower's name is Angela Clemente. And she is being attacked for attempting to uncover former FBI agent Lindley Devecchio's complicity in the murders of five men.

    A situation in which Clemente discovered enough evidence to motivate a Brooklyn grand jury to indict Devecchio. However, Devecchio would never be tried for complicity in these murders (the result of an audio tape which acquitted him, turning up just in time to prevent the trial -- a tape which may well have been fabricated evidence). And Clemente would suffer a murder attempt which nearly ended her life. An attempt which many believe was perpetrated by some of Devecchio's former FBI associates.

    This is yet one more in a myriad of instances where instead of prosecuting corrupt FBI agents, the FBI and Department Of Justice have looked to obfuscate the facts in the crimes of these agents, while instead attacking the whistle blower who sought to expose them. The FBI and DOJ (it should be called the Department Of Obstructing Justice) have a long history of obstructing justice in such ways, again showing that the bureau considers itself and its agents to be above the laws in this country and immune from prosecution.

    Read Jack Cashill's article here:

    The Trials of Angela Clemente:

    Why The Department Of Justice Is Destroying America's Best PI

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    As The FBI Continues Its Precedent Setting Violations Of This Author's Civil Rights I Offer The Following Reading List Which Further Exposes The FBI

    In Light Of The Death Of Senator Ted Kennedy The Following Article Regarding The CIA's Role In Orchestrating Chappaquiddick Should Be Read By The American People - A Situation In Which The CIA Destroyed Kennedy's Chances To Win The Office Of President

    *Editor's Note: The government whistle blower who wrote the piece regarding the CIA's orchestration of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick, Charles August Schlund, died recently at the age of 62. In all likelihood, Schlund's death was a covert CIA murder done by way of directed energy weaponry. Chuck had reported for years that the CIA was torturing him via the cochlear implants that they had surgically implanted in his person, as punishment for bringing a lawsuit against George W. Bush.

    FBI's Attacks On This Author Are Outrageous!

    First and foremost, one of this author's primary objectives with this Website is to bring about the abolition of an organization whose existence has been an affront to the American people, and complete anathema to the very precepts which the United States of America was once founded on.

    The FBI is a Zionist financed paramilitary organization which has no legislative charter in which to exist within the United States. It is an organization that has destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans over the past Century, while its agents are seldom held accountable for such outrageous crimes.

    Moreover, the FBI exists under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government, instead of the Judicial Branch, because the Bureau is used as a political pawn of whichever Zionist controlled administration occupies the White House at any given time.

    *This makes the FBI nothing more than an Americanized Gestapo; one whose agents exist to violate the Constitutional rule of law, while fomenting the type of smear campaigns which have historically been used to attack any American citizens who speak out against some criminal aspect of the U.S. Federal Government. Black propaganda campaigns which have long characterized such secret police organizations as Italy's Stasi, Russia's KGB, Britain's MI6 and Iran's Savak.

    For the past three decades the FBI has conspired with the NSA to willfully and criminally violate the inherent rights (guaranteed by the United States Constitution) of this author and his Family. The FBI's criminality has become so completely outrageous, that the Bureau has been forced to wage an illegal smear campaign against my person that is as precedent setting as the myriad violations that this agency and the NSA have colluded to commit against me for decades.

    There is no rule of law in what the FBI and NSA have done here, because these agents have willfully violated this author's Constitutional rights; and so egregiously as to have established an entirely new set of precedents in committing such heinous crimes against the United States Constitution

    Plainly stated, the FBI is operating illegally.

    We are not in a courtroom, yet the FBI continues to demonize this author while omitting an extraordinary amount of exculpatory information, and covering up for its own criminal agents. There is no rule of law here, and the classified technology which includes but is not limited to the computer to brain interface of this author via the NSA's EMF Scanning Network, is indicative of a crime syndicate which is operating directly out of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

    The FBI has also been very careful to manipulate Family members into acting in ways that serve the Bureau's own criminal intent, while these members are coerced into doing so - once again, standard COINTELPRO.

    The FBI/NSA attack on my person is not only one of complete and utter desperation in attempting to conceal this technology from the public, but out of concern that these agents will be made accountable for their egregious violations of the civil rights of this author and his Family.

    The FBI is not a police organization and never has been. It is a very well funded crime syndicate, that has amassed a criminal record that organized crime syndicates like the Mafia would envy.

    The FBI's psychological warfare campaign against this author has been a complete and utter failure, in spite of the Bureau's best efforts in which to drive me to the commission of suicide. Psychological warfare everyday for more than 2000 consecutive days. Their last ditch effort here is a demonization campaign in which to inflame public sentiment (again, standard operating procedure for the FBI when their psyops have failed) and those whom they have made public become too well known to murder in an overt way.

    The FBI then becomes intent on removing the person from society so that they can be murdered away from the public eye, while the FBI orchestrates the entire propaganda campaign in which to circulate its own disinformation in regard to how the person died.

    We saw the FBI do this after they murdered Dr. Bruce Ivin's; the Bureau's newest scapegoat after their long-term witchhunt against Dr. Steven Hatfield was ended, the result of Hatfield suing the FBI in court and winning a sizable judgement against these demonic swill merchants.

    The FBI was quick to demonize Dr. Ivins immediately after their protracted COINTELPRO against Hatfield had failed. Within a matter of months Ivins was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which the FBI took advantage of to remove him from society. Within weeks Ivins was dead - a reported suicide, while the FBI used the media in which to claim that they had been closing in on Ivins and were about to prosecute him.

    How conveniently the FBI managed to wrap up this situation while completely ignoring at least one other suspect who is the likely anthrax mailer, but would bring down far too much heat on the government if he were to be arrested.

    Another government scientist by the name of Dr. Phillip Zack, who had the clearance necessary and access to the specific type of anthrax which was used in the mailings that took place shortly after 9-11-2001.

    If Ivins had been as mentally tough as Steve Hatfield, he'd still be alive and the FBI would still be demonizing him. And if Ivin's managed to sue the FBI in court, the FBI would have been quick to come up with yet another "scapegoat" whom the Bureau would've then moved in to publicly demonize while Phil Zack managed to avoid the FBI's scrutiny.

    For many years, the FBI has subjected this author to the same vicious attacks as they did Dr. Ivins and myriad other COINTELPRO targets, however failed to drive me over the edge as they did Ivins.

    As for propaganda campaigns, we all know just how creative the FBI can get when they are looking to deceive the public, as we've seen with its manipulation of the 1996 missile downing of TWA Flight 800. By the time the FBI was through with this whitewash, it had managed to completely obscure the facts in regard to the missile take down of Flight 800, while serving the public up a $7 million dollar fabrication that to this day makes no sense at all.

    As far as I am concerned the FBI is a complete and utter fraud who has deceived the public more than any other organization in this country (with perhaps the exception of the CIA, NSA and DOD) .

    All of whom are in the running for their abject lack of candor.

    The FBI's entire history has been of domestic spy, covert terrorist and public menace. And the fact that it has been proven that the FBI has no legal charter in which to operate in the United States only makes the situation worse.

    The FBI should go. And it should be up to the American people to get rid of them.

    List Of FBI Agents Convicted Of Pedophilia - There are myriad sexual predators operating within the FBI who are never arrested for their crimes. This site describes a few who have been



    Bari, Judi. TIMBER WARS. Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 1994.
    The F.B.I. attempted to stop the political activity of Judi Bari and Daryl Cherney by exploding a
    bomb under their car. Daryl Cherney and Judi Bari filed a Civil lawsuit against the FBI and Oakland police. A jury awarded them $4.4 million dollars in 2003. see

    Bowen Roger. INNOCENCE IS NOT ENOUGH: The Life and Death of Herbert Norman
    New York USA M.E. Sharpe Inc 1988
    Looks at FBI murder of Herbert Norman, Canadian Ambassador to Egypt.

    Buitrago, Ann Mari. F.B.I. FILES. Grove Press, 1981.
    Covers the procedures for obtaining and interpreting your F.B.I. file.

    Burnham, David. ABOVE THE LAW. Scribner, 1996.
    Looks at secret deals and fixing of cases by the Justice Department for corporations and looks at the evidence for FBI agents going to work for corporations once they retire..

    Buttino, Frank. A SPECIAL AGENT. William Morrow, 1993.
    Investigates F.B.I. attacks on gay FBI agents .

    Carson, Clayborne. MALCOLM X: THE F.B.I. FILE. Carroll & Graf, 1991.
    Looks at how the F.B.I. assassinated Malcolm X.

    Cashill,Jack, Sanders,James. FIRST STRIKE Thomas Nelson Press, 2003
    Overwhelming evidence presented by Dr. Cashill on the downing of TWA Flight 800
    by a missile over Long Island and the ensuing cover-up by FBI agents.
    also watch the companion video
    Silenced by Jack Cashill and James Sanders.

    Charns, Alexander. CLOAK AND GAVEL. University of Illinois Press. 1992.
    After reviewing thousands of pages of FBI documents the attorney author
    exposes the FBI 's illegal phone tapping of the Supreme Court and how FBI agents fix court cases and manipulate Congress and State legislatures and determines who gets put on the Supreme Court.

    Churchill, Ward. AGENTS OF REPRESSION. South End Press, 1988.
    Professor Churchill gives first hand accounts of F.B.I. death squad activities in their COINTELPRO program against afro- americans and native americans.

    Churchill, Ward. THE COINTELPRO PAPERS. South End Press, 1990.
    Explores how the F.B.I. disrupts legitimate political activities and engage in Death Squad activities.

    Criley, Richard. THE F.B.I. VS. THE FIRST AMENDMENT. First Amendment Foundation, 1990.
    Looks at the destruction of the First Amendment by the F.B.I.

    KENNEDY. McGraw-Hill, 1989.
    Pivotal book in understanding how the FBI agents used their friends, Mafia dons Carlos Marcello and Gregory Scarpa to carry out the assassination of President Kennedy.

    De Camp, John. THE FRANKLIN COVERUP. AWT Publishers, 1992.
    A former Republican state senator from Nebraska writes about a pedophile ring involved in the kidnaping, sexual torture and murder of children that went all the way to the Bush White House.
    Attorney DeCamp discusses FBI agents who engaged in sexual acts with children and their role in the coverup of this case and the murder of a special
    prosecutor appointed to investigate the pedophile ring.

    Foundation, 1999. Examines FBI campaign of terror to undermine civil liberties.

    Diamond, Sigmund. COMPROMISED CAMPUS. Oxford University Press, 1992.
    Professor Diamond attempts to get F.B.I. files showing collaboration between the F.B.I. and colleges to spy on students and faculty from 1945-1955.

    Donner, Frank. PROTECTORS OF PRIVILEGE. University of California Press, 1990.
    Looks at collaboration between local police and F.B.I. to murder and neutralize activists
    exposing corporate misconduct.

    Dwyer, James. TWO SECONDS UNDER THE WORLD. Diane publishers 1997.
    The most important book you will read on understanding the FBI
    terrorist act at the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993. This book lays out in detail how the FBI agents created the first World Trade Center explosion with their agent provocateur Ahmed Salem.

    Emerson, Steven and Brian Duffy. THE FALL OF PAN AM 103. G.B. Putnam's Sons, 1990.
    Oliver Revell was the number 2 man at the F.B.I. until he was demoted by F.B.I. Director
    William Sessions to the Dallas Field Office. His son Chris Revell had tickets for
    Pan Am 103, but he changed his flight before the plane exploded over Lockerbie,
    Scotland. See Ross Gelbspan's book, BREAK-INS, DEATH THREATS AND THE FBI to get a fuller picture of Oliver Revell.
    revell lockerbie son

    Foerstel, Herbert. SURVEILLANCE IN THE STACKS. Greenwood Press, 1991.
    Looks at attempts by the F.B.I. to get librarians to spy on the American public before the creation of the Patriot Act.

    Gallagher, Dorothy. ALL THE RIGHT ENEMIES. Penguin Books, 1988.
    The F.B.I. has utilized the Mafia to carry out its executions against political activists from 1930 through 2009. Carlos Tresca was one of their victims.

    Gelbspan, Ross. BREAK- INS, DEATH THREATS, AND THE F.B.I. South End Press, 1991.
    This Pulitzer Prize winning reporter formerly with the Boston Globe, details F.B.I. agent Oliver Revell and his collaboration with the death squads in El Salvador and the FBI attacks upon American groups opposed to those death squads.

    Glick, Brian. WAR AT HOME. South End Press, 1989.
    Attorney Glick details the F.B.I.’s covert war against political activists and what you can do.

    House, 1998.
    Contains detailed evidence about the FBI alliance with Timothy McVeigh and how FBI agent provocateurs are behind the terrorist events of 911 , the Oklahoma City bombing and the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993.
    nichols potts trentadue

    Hougan, Jim. SPOOKS. William Morrow, 1978.
    Important book detailing the life of former F.B.I. agent Robert Maheux and his relationship with the Mafia. Groundbreaking book in understanding FBI collaboration with the Mafia, using it to carry out assassinations on President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and others. See author Bud Schultz

    Kaiser, Marty . Odyssey of an Eavesdropper( My Life in electronic countermeasures and my battle against the FBI) W Carroll & Graf 2005
    Author exposes wiretapping crimes committed by FBI agents as well as Business Fraud. He built the wiretapping devices for FBI agents that were later used in crimes committed against people like Martin Luther K

    Posted By fruhmenschen2
    ID#: 24441Posted On: Jun 24 2009 3:48PM

    Kaiser, Marty . Odyssey of an Eavesdropper( My Life in electronic countermeasures and my battle against the FBI) W Carroll & Graf 2005
    Author exposes wiretapping crimes committed by FBI agents as well as Business Fraud. He built the wiretapping devices for FBI agents that were later used in crimes committed against people like Martin Luther King and public officials. After exposing FBI agents kickback schemes to Congress the author became a target of retaliation by FBI agents.

    Keith, Jim. OK BOMB. Illuminate, 1996.
    Explores FBI coverup in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

    Kelly, John F. TAINTING EVIDENCE. The Free Press 1998. The book is based on testimony of FBI lab Whistleblower Dr. Frederick Whitehurst , an employee of the FBI for 17 years. Dr. Whitehurst was the chemist who analyzed Timothy McVeigh's clothes for traces of ammonium nitrate and was removed from the case when he did not find any bomb residue.
    Back in 1993, FBI Lab scientist Dr. Frederic Whitehurst brought to light astonishing deficiencies and scientific fraud at the FBI Crime Lab. These allegations would lead to a massive reform of forensic science at the FBI.

    Lehr, Dick & O'Neill, Gerard. BLACK MASS. Public Affairs, 2000.
    Looks at the FBI's collaboration in Boston with the Mafia and Irish Mob between 1960 and 2001 in which they collaborated in the murder of 21 women,children and men. Important book showing how the FBI uses the Mafia to commit political and other assassinations .

    Melanson, Phillip. THE MURKIN CONSPIRACY. Praeger, 1989.
    Professor Melanson looks at the F.B.I.’s role in helping in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Melanson, Phillip. THE ROBERT KENNEDY ASSASSINATION. Shapolsky, 1991.
    Professor Melanson is in charge of the Robert Kennedy archives at the University of Massachusetts.
    He details the F.B.I.’s role as one of the principal architects behind the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

    Messerschmidt, Jim. THE TRIAL OF LEONARD PELTIER. South End Press, 1983.
    Looks at the miscarriage of justice in the F.B.I.’s handling of the Leonard Peltier case.

    Oklahoma City Bombing Investigative Committee. THE FINAL REPORT.2001. The best book by far
    providing overwhelming evidence of FBI involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing .
    nichols potts trentadue

    Navasky, Victor. INVESTIGATING THE F.B.I. Doubleday, 1973.
    Contains material presented at a major conference at Princeton University in 1971 investigating crimes committed by FBI agents.

    Neff, James. MOBBED UP. Dell Publishers 1988.
    Important book in understanding FBI collaboration with the Mafia especially how the Bureau uses the Mafia to carry out its political assassinations.

    Nelson, Jack. THE F.B.I. AND THE BERRIGANS. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1972.
    Looks at F.B.I. death squad directed against Nobel Peace Prize nominee Father Phil Berrigan and his brother, Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan.

    Doubleday, 2000.
    Provides supporting evidence for the idea of the F.B.I. as a death squad. Examines the F.B.I. acts of genocide against Afro-Americans . Looks at how FBI agents framed Geronimo Pratt, a Afro American Viet-nam vet who spent over 27 years in prison before a judge released him saying he was innocent and framed by FBI agents.
    see video interview of retired FBI agent Wesley Swearingen who discusses his involvement in the Pratt case when he was assigned to the FBI racial Squad in San Fransisco. Interview is part of 4 DVD set about Black Panther made by Roz Payne.

    O’Reilly, Kenneth. RACIAL MATTERS. Free Press, 1989.
    Professor O’Reilly looks at one of the files called Racial Matters , that the F.B.I. is keeping on Black America.

    Parenti, Michael. DIRTY TRUTHS. City Lights Books, 1996.
    Dr. Parenti looks at F.B.I. involvement in the assassination of labor leader Walter Reuther while he was organizing protests against the Vietnam War. It includes the essay “Why the Left is Afraid to look at the Assassination of JFK”.

    Pepper, William. ORDERS TO KILL. Carroll and Graf, 1995.
    Attorney Pepper represented James Earl Ray in his bid for a new trial and won a landmark case in civil court in December 1999 for the Martin Luther King Jr. family. The jury in the case concluded hat the F.B.I. was involved in the assassination of King. His book details our government’s involvement and provides photographic evidence of the F.B.I.’s role in this assassination.

    The evidence from the 1999 Civil Trial in Memphis brought by the King family in which the jury concluded FBI agents were principal architects in the assassination of Martin Luther King and a Memphis police office fired the shot that killed Martin Luther King.

    Powers, Richard Gid. SECRECY AND POWER. Free Press, 1987.
    A biography of J. Edgar Hoover and his quest for power.

    Powers, Tyrone. EYES TO MY SOUL. Majority Press, 1996.
    Professor Powers an afro-american, talks about his 9 years working as an F.B.I. agent, and the
    FBI Fruhmenschen program. FBI agents tried to kill him when he was writing this book by setting off an explosive device in his FBI issued vehicle while he was in the car.
    While a new recruit at the FBI academy white agents dressed up as Klu Klux Klan invaded his room while he was

    Ranalli, Ralph. DEADLY ALLIANCE. Harper Torch, 2001
    Boston Globe reporter Ralph Rannali exposes FBI collaboration with the Boston Mafia from 1960- 2001 where FBI agents ran a Murder Inc with the local mafia. President Bush asserted Executive Privilege in 2002 preventing
    Congress from seeing the Federal Prosecutor’s Investigative files on this case.

    Robbins, Natalie. ALIEN INK. William Morrow, 1992.
    Ms. Robbins acquired the F.B.I. files on the major writers and artists of the 20th century, and
    examines F.B.I. attacks upon them and their freedom of expression.

    Schultz, Bud and Ruth. IT DID HAPPEN HERE. University of California Press, 1989.
    Contains interviews with human rights activists who survived F.B.I. assassination attempts.

    Schultz, Bud and Ruth. THE PRICE OF DISSENT. University of California Press , 2001
    The sequel to IT DID HAPPEN HERE with more interviews with civil rights activists and union
    organizers and anti-war protestors who survived FBI assassination attempts and with family members of people who were murdered.

    Schultz, Bud and Ruth. WE WILL BE HEARD. Merrel

    Posted By fruhmenschen2
    ID#: 24441Posted On: Jun 24 2009 3:50PM


    Schultz, Bud and Ruth. WE WILL BE HEARD. Merrell 2008
    Freedom of expression, a fundamental right in any democracy, has often been denied to Americans whose beliefs challenge the status quo.We Will Be Heard features over 90 stirring portraits and first-person accounts of Americans targeted for speaking out against government policies and actions. America's complex history of dissent has been made by both well-known and lesser-known individuals, such as Fred Korematsu, former Japanese internment-camp detainee, who campaigned for prisoner rights at Guantanamo; Stokely Carmichael, who fought for African American civil rights; and Janet Nocek, who resisted the FBI's controversial attempt to subpoena library records. At a time when constitutional rights have become one of the most hotly debated issues in the United States,We Will Be Heard reveals the remarkable courage and tenacity of more than 90 individuals who refused to be silenced.

    Seymour, Sheri. COMMITTEE OF THE STATES. Self-published, 1989.
    The F.B.I. infiltrated the California Militia 10 years before the Oklahoma City bombing. The
    book illustrates how easy it was for the F.B.I. to infiltrate the group and get it to make bombs.
    Shows with how easy it was for the FBI to get Timothy McVeigh to make the bomb and drive the truck.
    FBI agent Larry Potts has been identified by Terry Nichols as Timothy McVeigh's handler before the Oklahoma City bombing.
    nichols potts trentadue hammer

    Sharkey, Joe. ABOVE SUSPICION. Simon & Schuster, 1993.
    Looks at the F.B.I. agents covering up for FBI agent Mark Putnam who murdered an informant after he got her pregnant.Kentucky police were able to solve the murder once they detected the cover-up. Putnam was convicted of murder in the 1990's, and sent to prison.

    Suarez, Manuel. REQUIEM ON CERRO MARAVILLA. Waterfront Press, 1987.
    Looks at F.B.I. collaboration with local police in the arrest, handcuffing, and death squad execution of two teenagers in Puerto Rico.

    Summers, Anthony. OFFICIAL AND CONFIDENTIAL. G.B. Putnam and Sons, 1993.
    This is the book on which the PBS Frontline documentary on J. Edgar Hoover called The Secret Files of J Edgar Hoover was made and aired in 1993.Susan Rosensteil discusses this event in the documentary.
    In 1958 the bisexual millionaire distiller and philanthropist Lewis Solon Rosenstiel asked Susan, his fourth wife, if "she had ever seen a homosexual orgy." Although she had once surprised her sixty-eight-year-old husband in bed with his attorney, Roy Cohn, Susan told Summers that she had never before been invited to view sex between men. With her consent the couple went one day not long after this odd question to Manhattan's Plaza Hotel. Cohn, a former aide to Senator Joseph McCarthy and a Republican power broker, met them at the door. As she and her husband entered the suite, Susan said, she recognized a third man: J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), whom she had met previously at her New York City Upper East Side townhouse. Hoover, Lewis had explained, gave him access to influential politicians; he returned these favors, in part, by paying the director's gambling debts.

    Susan described what happened at this meeting. Cohn warned her that she should pretend not to recognize Hoover, who was in "full drag." As she recalled, the legendary crime fighter, anti-Communist, and crusader against sexual perversion

    was wearing a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces, and lace stockings, and high heels, and a black curly wig. He had make-up on, and false eyelashes. It was a very short skirt, and he was sitting there in the living room of the suite with his legs crossed. Roy introduced him to me as "Mary" and he replied, "Good evening," brusque, like the first time I'd met him. It was obvious he wasn't a woman, you could see where he'd shaved. It was Hoover. You've never seen anything like it. I couldn't believe it, that I should see the head of the FBI dressed as a woman.

    Two blonde boys then entered the "tremendous bedroom, with a bed like in Caesar's time," and the orgy began. Hoover removed his dress and underpants, revealing a garter belt, and the boys "work[ed] on him with their hands," one wearing rubber gloves. Her husband, Lewis, then "got into the act" while Hoover and Cohn watched; finally, Cohn had "full sex" with each boy. Operating as a figure of power, not desire, Hoover demanded sexual pleasure but did not give it to others. Susan recalled that he "only had [the boys], you know, playing with him." A year later the Rosenstiels returned to the Plaza. This time the boys were "dressed in leather," and Hoover wore a red dress and a black feather boa. He had one boy read from the Bible while the other fondled him, again wearing gloves. Hoover soon "grabbed the Bible, threw it down, and told the second boy to join in the sex."

    Theoharis, Athan. THE F.B.I. Garland Publishers, 1994.
    Professor Theoharis has compiled a comprehensive listing of books and articles about the F.B.I. up to 1994.

    Thomas, Kenn. THE OCTOPUS. Feral House, 1996.
    Investigates the F.B.I.’s murder of investigative reporter Danny Casolero while he was investigating the October Surprise.

    Turner, William. THE ASSASSINATION OF ROBERT KENNEDY. Thunder Mouth Press, 1993.
    Written by a former F.B.I. agent, it looks at the F.B.I.’s involvement in the assassination of Robert

    Turner, William. REARVIEW MIRROR foreword by Oliver Stone. Penmarin Books CA 2001.
    More updated information on FBI involvement in President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin
    Luther King Assassination written by a former FBI agent.

    U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. WHO IS GUARDING THE GUARDIANS? A Report on Police
    Death Squad activities. 1981.

    Wiener, Jon. GIMME SOME TRUTH. University of California Press, 1999.
    Professor Wiener looks at the 14 year battle with the F.B.I. to get them to release their files on John Lennon and the evidence for their assassinating him.
    untitled.bmp (image)


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