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As The FBI Continues Its Precedent Setting Violations Of This Author's Civil Rights I Offer The Following Reading List Which Further Exposes The FBI

In Light Of The Death Of Senator Ted Kennedy The Following Article Regarding The CIA's Role In Orchestrating Chappaquiddick Should Be Read By The American People - A Situation In Which The CIA Destroyed Kennedy's Chances To Win The Office Of President

*Editor's Note: The government whistle blower who wrote the piece regarding the CIA's orchestration of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick, Charles August Schlund, died recently at the age of 62. In all likelihood, Schlund's death was a covert CIA murder done by way of directed energy weaponry. Chuck had reported for years that the CIA was torturing him via the cochlear implants that they had surgically implanted in his person, as punishment for bringing a lawsuit against George W. Bush.

FBI's Attacks On This Author Are Outrageous!

First and foremost, one of this author's primary objectives with this Website is to bring about the abolition of an organization whose existence has been an affront to the American people, and complete anathema to the very precepts which the United States of America was once founded on.

The FBI is a Zionist financed paramilitary organization which has no legislative charter in which to exist within the United States. It is an organization that has destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans over the past Century, while its agents are seldom held accountable for such outrageous crimes.

Moreover, the FBI exists under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government, instead of the Judicial Branch, because the Bureau is used as a political pawn of whichever Zionist controlled administration occupies the White House at any given time.

*This makes the FBI nothing more than an Americanized Gestapo; one whose agents exist to violate the Constitutional rule of law, while fomenting the type of smear campaigns which have historically been used to attack any American citizens who speak out against some criminal aspect of the U.S. Federal Government. Black propaganda campaigns which have long characterized such secret police organizations as Italy's Stasi, Russia's KGB, Britain's MI6 and Iran's Savak.

For the past three decades the FBI has conspired with the NSA to willfully and criminally violate the inherent rights (guaranteed by the United States Constitution) of this author and his Family. The FBI's criminality has become so completely outrageous, that the Bureau has been forced to wage an illegal smear campaign against my person that is as precedent setting as the myriad violations that this agency and the NSA have colluded to commit against me for decades.

There is no rule of law in what the FBI and NSA have done here, because these agents have willfully violated this author's Constitutional rights; and so egregiously as to have established an entirely new set of precedents in committing such heinous crimes against the United States Constitution

Plainly stated, the FBI is operating illegally.

We are not in a courtroom, yet the FBI continues to demonize this author while omitting an extraordinary amount of exculpatory information, and covering up for its own criminal agents. There is no rule of law here, and the classified technology which includes but is not limited to the computer to brain interface of this author via the NSA's EMF Scanning Network, is indicative of a crime syndicate which is operating directly out of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The FBI has also been very careful to manipulate Family members into acting in ways that serve the Bureau's own criminal intent, while these members are coerced into doing so - once again, standard COINTELPRO.

The FBI/NSA attack on my person is not only one of complete and utter desperation in attempting to conceal this technology from the public, but out of concern that these agents will be made accountable for their egregious violations of the civil rights of this author and his Family.

The FBI is not a police organization and never has been. It is a very well funded crime syndicate, that has amassed a criminal record that organized crime syndicates like the Mafia would envy.

The FBI's psychological warfare campaign against this author has been a complete and utter failure, in spite of the Bureau's best efforts in which to drive me to the commission of suicide. Psychological warfare everyday for more than 2000 consecutive days. Their last ditch effort here is a demonization campaign in which to inflame public sentiment (again, standard operating procedure for the FBI when their psyops have failed) and those whom they have made public become too well known to murder in an overt way.

The FBI then becomes intent on removing the person from society so that they can be murdered away from the public eye, while the FBI orchestrates the entire propaganda campaign in which to circulate its own disinformation in regard to how the person died.

We saw the FBI do this after they murdered Dr. Bruce Ivin's; the Bureau's newest scapegoat after their long-term witchhunt against Dr. Steven Hatfield was ended, the result of Hatfield suing the FBI in court and winning a sizable judgement against these demonic swill merchants.

The FBI was quick to demonize Dr. Ivins immediately after their protracted COINTELPRO against Hatfield had failed. Within a matter of months Ivins was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which the FBI took advantage of to remove him from society. Within weeks Ivins was dead - a reported suicide, while the FBI used the media in which to claim that they had been closing in on Ivins and were about to prosecute him.

How conveniently the FBI managed to wrap up this situation while completely ignoring at least one other suspect who is the likely anthrax mailer, but would bring down far too much heat on the government if he were to be arrested.

Another government scientist by the name of Dr. Phillip Zack, who had the clearance necessary and access to the specific type of anthrax which was used in the mailings that took place shortly after 9-11-2001.

If Ivins had been as mentally tough as Steve Hatfield, he'd still be alive and the FBI would still be demonizing him. And if Ivin's managed to sue the FBI in court, the FBI would have been quick to come up with yet another "scapegoat" whom the Bureau would've then moved in to publicly demonize while Phil Zack managed to avoid the FBI's scrutiny.

For many years, the FBI has subjected this author to the same vicious attacks as they did Dr. Ivins and myriad other COINTELPRO targets, however failed to drive me over the edge as they did Ivins.

As for propaganda campaigns, we all know just how creative the FBI can get when they are looking to deceive the public, as we've seen with its manipulation of the 1996 missile downing of TWA Flight 800. By the time the FBI was through with this whitewash, it had managed to completely obscure the facts in regard to the missile take down of Flight 800, while serving the public up a $7 million dollar fabrication that to this day makes no sense at all.

As far as I am concerned the FBI is a complete and utter fraud who has deceived the public more than any other organization in this country (with perhaps the exception of the CIA, NSA and DOD) .

All of whom are in the running for their abject lack of candor.

The FBI's entire history has been of domestic spy, covert terrorist and public menace. And the fact that it has been proven that the FBI has no legal charter in which to operate in the United States only makes the situation worse.

The FBI should go. And it should be up to the American people to get rid of them.

List Of FBI Agents Convicted Of Pedophilia - There are myriad sexual predators operating within the FBI who are never arrested for their crimes. This site describes a few who have been



Bari, Judi. TIMBER WARS. Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 1994.
The F.B.I. attempted to stop the political activity of Judi Bari and Daryl Cherney by exploding a
bomb under their car. Daryl Cherney and Judi Bari filed a Civil lawsuit against the FBI and Oakland police. A jury awarded them $4.4 million dollars in 2003. see

Bowen Roger. INNOCENCE IS NOT ENOUGH: The Life and Death of Herbert Norman
New York USA M.E. Sharpe Inc 1988
Looks at FBI murder of Herbert Norman, Canadian Ambassador to Egypt.

Buitrago, Ann Mari. F.B.I. FILES. Grove Press, 1981.
Covers the procedures for obtaining and interpreting your F.B.I. file.

Burnham, David. ABOVE THE LAW. Scribner, 1996.
Looks at secret deals and fixing of cases by the Justice Department for corporations and looks at the evidence for FBI agents going to work for corporations once they retire..

Buttino, Frank. A SPECIAL AGENT. William Morrow, 1993.
Investigates F.B.I. attacks on gay FBI agents .

Carson, Clayborne. MALCOLM X: THE F.B.I. FILE. Carroll & Graf, 1991.
Looks at how the F.B.I. assassinated Malcolm X.

Cashill,Jack, Sanders,James. FIRST STRIKE Thomas Nelson Press, 2003
Overwhelming evidence presented by Dr. Cashill on the downing of TWA Flight 800
by a missile over Long Island and the ensuing cover-up by FBI agents.
also watch the companion video
Silenced by Jack Cashill and James Sanders.

Charns, Alexander. CLOAK AND GAVEL. University of Illinois Press. 1992.
After reviewing thousands of pages of FBI documents the attorney author
exposes the FBI 's illegal phone tapping of the Supreme Court and how FBI agents fix court cases and manipulate Congress and State legislatures and determines who gets put on the Supreme Court.

Churchill, Ward. AGENTS OF REPRESSION. South End Press, 1988.
Professor Churchill gives first hand accounts of F.B.I. death squad activities in their COINTELPRO program against afro- americans and native americans.

Churchill, Ward. THE COINTELPRO PAPERS. South End Press, 1990.
Explores how the F.B.I. disrupts legitimate political activities and engage in Death Squad activities.

Criley, Richard. THE F.B.I. VS. THE FIRST AMENDMENT. First Amendment Foundation, 1990.
Looks at the destruction of the First Amendment by the F.B.I.

KENNEDY. McGraw-Hill, 1989.
Pivotal book in understanding how the FBI agents used their friends, Mafia dons Carlos Marcello and Gregory Scarpa to carry out the assassination of President Kennedy.

De Camp, John. THE FRANKLIN COVERUP. AWT Publishers, 1992.
A former Republican state senator from Nebraska writes about a pedophile ring involved in the kidnaping, sexual torture and murder of children that went all the way to the Bush White House.
Attorney DeCamp discusses FBI agents who engaged in sexual acts with children and their role in the coverup of this case and the murder of a special
prosecutor appointed to investigate the pedophile ring.

Foundation, 1999. Examines FBI campaign of terror to undermine civil liberties.

Diamond, Sigmund. COMPROMISED CAMPUS. Oxford University Press, 1992.
Professor Diamond attempts to get F.B.I. files showing collaboration between the F.B.I. and colleges to spy on students and faculty from 1945-1955.

Donner, Frank. PROTECTORS OF PRIVILEGE. University of California Press, 1990.
Looks at collaboration between local police and F.B.I. to murder and neutralize activists
exposing corporate misconduct.

Dwyer, James. TWO SECONDS UNDER THE WORLD. Diane publishers 1997.
The most important book you will read on understanding the FBI
terrorist act at the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993. This book lays out in detail how the FBI agents created the first World Trade Center explosion with their agent provocateur Ahmed Salem.

Emerson, Steven and Brian Duffy. THE FALL OF PAN AM 103. G.B. Putnam's Sons, 1990.
Oliver Revell was the number 2 man at the F.B.I. until he was demoted by F.B.I. Director
William Sessions to the Dallas Field Office. His son Chris Revell had tickets for
Pan Am 103, but he changed his flight before the plane exploded over Lockerbie,
Scotland. See Ross Gelbspan's book, BREAK-INS, DEATH THREATS AND THE FBI to get a fuller picture of Oliver Revell.
revell lockerbie son

Foerstel, Herbert. SURVEILLANCE IN THE STACKS. Greenwood Press, 1991.
Looks at attempts by the F.B.I. to get librarians to spy on the American public before the creation of the Patriot Act.

Gallagher, Dorothy. ALL THE RIGHT ENEMIES. Penguin Books, 1988.
The F.B.I. has utilized the Mafia to carry out its executions against political activists from 1930 through 2009. Carlos Tresca was one of their victims.

Gelbspan, Ross. BREAK- INS, DEATH THREATS, AND THE F.B.I. South End Press, 1991.
This Pulitzer Prize winning reporter formerly with the Boston Globe, details F.B.I. agent Oliver Revell and his collaboration with the death squads in El Salvador and the FBI attacks upon American groups opposed to those death squads.

Glick, Brian. WAR AT HOME. South End Press, 1989.
Attorney Glick details the F.B.I.’s covert war against political activists and what you can do.

House, 1998.
Contains detailed evidence about the FBI alliance with Timothy McVeigh and how FBI agent provocateurs are behind the terrorist events of 911 , the Oklahoma City bombing and the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993.
nichols potts trentadue

Hougan, Jim. SPOOKS. William Morrow, 1978.
Important book detailing the life of former F.B.I. agent Robert Maheux and his relationship with the Mafia. Groundbreaking book in understanding FBI collaboration with the Mafia, using it to carry out assassinations on President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and others. See author Bud Schultz

Kaiser, Marty . Odyssey of an Eavesdropper( My Life in electronic countermeasures and my battle against the FBI) W Carroll & Graf 2005
Author exposes wiretapping crimes committed by FBI agents as well as Business Fraud. He built the wiretapping devices for FBI agents that were later used in crimes committed against people like Martin Luther K

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Kaiser, Marty . Odyssey of an Eavesdropper( My Life in electronic countermeasures and my battle against the FBI) W Carroll & Graf 2005
Author exposes wiretapping crimes committed by FBI agents as well as Business Fraud. He built the wiretapping devices for FBI agents that were later used in crimes committed against people like Martin Luther King and public officials. After exposing FBI agents kickback schemes to Congress the author became a target of retaliation by FBI agents.

Keith, Jim. OK BOMB. Illuminate, 1996.
Explores FBI coverup in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

Kelly, John F. TAINTING EVIDENCE. The Free Press 1998. The book is based on testimony of FBI lab Whistleblower Dr. Frederick Whitehurst , an employee of the FBI for 17 years. Dr. Whitehurst was the chemist who analyzed Timothy McVeigh's clothes for traces of ammonium nitrate and was removed from the case when he did not find any bomb residue.
Back in 1993, FBI Lab scientist Dr. Frederic Whitehurst brought to light astonishing deficiencies and scientific fraud at the FBI Crime Lab. These allegations would lead to a massive reform of forensic science at the FBI.

Lehr, Dick & O'Neill, Gerard. BLACK MASS. Public Affairs, 2000.
Looks at the FBI's collaboration in Boston with the Mafia and Irish Mob between 1960 and 2001 in which they collaborated in the murder of 21 women,children and men. Important book showing how the FBI uses the Mafia to commit political and other assassinations .

Melanson, Phillip. THE MURKIN CONSPIRACY. Praeger, 1989.
Professor Melanson looks at the F.B.I.’s role in helping in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Melanson, Phillip. THE ROBERT KENNEDY ASSASSINATION. Shapolsky, 1991.
Professor Melanson is in charge of the Robert Kennedy archives at the University of Massachusetts.
He details the F.B.I.’s role as one of the principal architects behind the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Messerschmidt, Jim. THE TRIAL OF LEONARD PELTIER. South End Press, 1983.
Looks at the miscarriage of justice in the F.B.I.’s handling of the Leonard Peltier case.

Oklahoma City Bombing Investigative Committee. THE FINAL REPORT.2001. The best book by far
providing overwhelming evidence of FBI involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing .
nichols potts trentadue

Navasky, Victor. INVESTIGATING THE F.B.I. Doubleday, 1973.
Contains material presented at a major conference at Princeton University in 1971 investigating crimes committed by FBI agents.

Neff, James. MOBBED UP. Dell Publishers 1988.
Important book in understanding FBI collaboration with the Mafia especially how the Bureau uses the Mafia to carry out its political assassinations.

Nelson, Jack. THE F.B.I. AND THE BERRIGANS. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1972.
Looks at F.B.I. death squad directed against Nobel Peace Prize nominee Father Phil Berrigan and his brother, Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan.

Doubleday, 2000.
Provides supporting evidence for the idea of the F.B.I. as a death squad. Examines the F.B.I. acts of genocide against Afro-Americans . Looks at how FBI agents framed Geronimo Pratt, a Afro American Viet-nam vet who spent over 27 years in prison before a judge released him saying he was innocent and framed by FBI agents.
see video interview of retired FBI agent Wesley Swearingen who discusses his involvement in the Pratt case when he was assigned to the FBI racial Squad in San Fransisco. Interview is part of 4 DVD set about Black Panther made by Roz Payne.

O’Reilly, Kenneth. RACIAL MATTERS. Free Press, 1989.
Professor O’Reilly looks at one of the files called Racial Matters , that the F.B.I. is keeping on Black America.

Parenti, Michael. DIRTY TRUTHS. City Lights Books, 1996.
Dr. Parenti looks at F.B.I. involvement in the assassination of labor leader Walter Reuther while he was organizing protests against the Vietnam War. It includes the essay “Why the Left is Afraid to look at the Assassination of JFK”.

Pepper, William. ORDERS TO KILL. Carroll and Graf, 1995.
Attorney Pepper represented James Earl Ray in his bid for a new trial and won a landmark case in civil court in December 1999 for the Martin Luther King Jr. family. The jury in the case concluded hat the F.B.I. was involved in the assassination of King. His book details our government’s involvement and provides photographic evidence of the F.B.I.’s role in this assassination.

The evidence from the 1999 Civil Trial in Memphis brought by the King family in which the jury concluded FBI agents were principal architects in the assassination of Martin Luther King and a Memphis police office fired the shot that killed Martin Luther King.

Powers, Richard Gid. SECRECY AND POWER. Free Press, 1987.
A biography of J. Edgar Hoover and his quest for power.

Powers, Tyrone. EYES TO MY SOUL. Majority Press, 1996.
Professor Powers an afro-american, talks about his 9 years working as an F.B.I. agent, and the
FBI Fruhmenschen program. FBI agents tried to kill him when he was writing this book by setting off an explosive device in his FBI issued vehicle while he was in the car.
While a new recruit at the FBI academy white agents dressed up as Klu Klux Klan invaded his room while he was

Ranalli, Ralph. DEADLY ALLIANCE. Harper Torch, 2001
Boston Globe reporter Ralph Rannali exposes FBI collaboration with the Boston Mafia from 1960- 2001 where FBI agents ran a Murder Inc with the local mafia. President Bush asserted Executive Privilege in 2002 preventing
Congress from seeing the Federal Prosecutor’s Investigative files on this case.

Robbins, Natalie. ALIEN INK. William Morrow, 1992.
Ms. Robbins acquired the F.B.I. files on the major writers and artists of the 20th century, and
examines F.B.I. attacks upon them and their freedom of expression.

Schultz, Bud and Ruth. IT DID HAPPEN HERE. University of California Press, 1989.
Contains interviews with human rights activists who survived F.B.I. assassination attempts.

Schultz, Bud and Ruth. THE PRICE OF DISSENT. University of California Press , 2001
The sequel to IT DID HAPPEN HERE with more interviews with civil rights activists and union
organizers and anti-war protestors who survived FBI assassination attempts and with family members of people who were murdered.

Schultz, Bud and Ruth. WE WILL BE HEARD. Merrel

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Schultz, Bud and Ruth. WE WILL BE HEARD. Merrell 2008
Freedom of expression, a fundamental right in any democracy, has often been denied to Americans whose beliefs challenge the status quo.We Will Be Heard features over 90 stirring portraits and first-person accounts of Americans targeted for speaking out against government policies and actions. America's complex history of dissent has been made by both well-known and lesser-known individuals, such as Fred Korematsu, former Japanese internment-camp detainee, who campaigned for prisoner rights at Guantanamo; Stokely Carmichael, who fought for African American civil rights; and Janet Nocek, who resisted the FBI's controversial attempt to subpoena library records. At a time when constitutional rights have become one of the most hotly debated issues in the United States,We Will Be Heard reveals the remarkable courage and tenacity of more than 90 individuals who refused to be silenced.

Seymour, Sheri. COMMITTEE OF THE STATES. Self-published, 1989.
The F.B.I. infiltrated the California Militia 10 years before the Oklahoma City bombing. The
book illustrates how easy it was for the F.B.I. to infiltrate the group and get it to make bombs.
Shows with how easy it was for the FBI to get Timothy McVeigh to make the bomb and drive the truck.
FBI agent Larry Potts has been identified by Terry Nichols as Timothy McVeigh's handler before the Oklahoma City bombing.
nichols potts trentadue hammer

Sharkey, Joe. ABOVE SUSPICION. Simon & Schuster, 1993.
Looks at the F.B.I. agents covering up for FBI agent Mark Putnam who murdered an informant after he got her pregnant.Kentucky police were able to solve the murder once they detected the cover-up. Putnam was convicted of murder in the 1990's, and sent to prison.

Suarez, Manuel. REQUIEM ON CERRO MARAVILLA. Waterfront Press, 1987.
Looks at F.B.I. collaboration with local police in the arrest, handcuffing, and death squad execution of two teenagers in Puerto Rico.

Summers, Anthony. OFFICIAL AND CONFIDENTIAL. G.B. Putnam and Sons, 1993.
This is the book on which the PBS Frontline documentary on J. Edgar Hoover called The Secret Files of J Edgar Hoover was made and aired in 1993.Susan Rosensteil discusses this event in the documentary.
In 1958 the bisexual millionaire distiller and philanthropist Lewis Solon Rosenstiel asked Susan, his fourth wife, if "she had ever seen a homosexual orgy." Although she had once surprised her sixty-eight-year-old husband in bed with his attorney, Roy Cohn, Susan told Summers that she had never before been invited to view sex between men. With her consent the couple went one day not long after this odd question to Manhattan's Plaza Hotel. Cohn, a former aide to Senator Joseph McCarthy and a Republican power broker, met them at the door. As she and her husband entered the suite, Susan said, she recognized a third man: J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), whom she had met previously at her New York City Upper East Side townhouse. Hoover, Lewis had explained, gave him access to influential politicians; he returned these favors, in part, by paying the director's gambling debts.

Susan described what happened at this meeting. Cohn warned her that she should pretend not to recognize Hoover, who was in "full drag." As she recalled, the legendary crime fighter, anti-Communist, and crusader against sexual perversion

was wearing a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces, and lace stockings, and high heels, and a black curly wig. He had make-up on, and false eyelashes. It was a very short skirt, and he was sitting there in the living room of the suite with his legs crossed. Roy introduced him to me as "Mary" and he replied, "Good evening," brusque, like the first time I'd met him. It was obvious he wasn't a woman, you could see where he'd shaved. It was Hoover. You've never seen anything like it. I couldn't believe it, that I should see the head of the FBI dressed as a woman.

Two blonde boys then entered the "tremendous bedroom, with a bed like in Caesar's time," and the orgy began. Hoover removed his dress and underpants, revealing a garter belt, and the boys "work[ed] on him with their hands," one wearing rubber gloves. Her husband, Lewis, then "got into the act" while Hoover and Cohn watched; finally, Cohn had "full sex" with each boy. Operating as a figure of power, not desire, Hoover demanded sexual pleasure but did not give it to others. Susan recalled that he "only had [the boys], you know, playing with him." A year later the Rosenstiels returned to the Plaza. This time the boys were "dressed in leather," and Hoover wore a red dress and a black feather boa. He had one boy read from the Bible while the other fondled him, again wearing gloves. Hoover soon "grabbed the Bible, threw it down, and told the second boy to join in the sex."

Theoharis, Athan. THE F.B.I. Garland Publishers, 1994.
Professor Theoharis has compiled a comprehensive listing of books and articles about the F.B.I. up to 1994.

Thomas, Kenn. THE OCTOPUS. Feral House, 1996.
Investigates the F.B.I.’s murder of investigative reporter Danny Casolero while he was investigating the October Surprise.

Turner, William. THE ASSASSINATION OF ROBERT KENNEDY. Thunder Mouth Press, 1993.
Written by a former F.B.I. agent, it looks at the F.B.I.’s involvement in the assassination of Robert

Turner, William. REARVIEW MIRROR foreword by Oliver Stone. Penmarin Books CA 2001.
More updated information on FBI involvement in President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin
Luther King Assassination written by a former FBI agent.

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. WHO IS GUARDING THE GUARDIANS? A Report on Police
Death Squad activities. 1981.

Wiener, Jon. GIMME SOME TRUTH. University of California Press, 1999.
Professor Wiener looks at the 14 year battle with the F.B.I. to get them to release their files on John Lennon and the evidence for their assassinating him.
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