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For Decades It Has Been Unsafe For Our Elected Officials To Wage A Formal Investigation Into The U.S. Intelligence Community

The FBI's Attack On The Socialist Worker's Party

FBI Raids American Family's Home Gestapo Style Without Any Legitimate Investigation

U.S. Intelligence Is Unhealthy For Elected Officials

For many decades those of our elected representatives who chose to (for one reason or another) initiate an investigation into the Intelligence community, have been punished for having done so. Over the past few years, New Jersey Senator Bob Torricelli had his political career destroyed by what now appears to have been a bogus investigation by the FBI, timed to coincide with Torricelli's reelection campaign.

This after the Senator attempted to initiate a formal investigation into the attacks on 9-11, in which to determine why Intel had failed to prevent them. New Jersey suffered the highest number of casualties in the World Trade Center collapse.

Former Representative Cynthia Mckinney was in the process of having legislation passed to initiate a modern day version of the Church Committee Hearings, when she was involved in a minor altercation with a security guard, that was intentionally blown completely out of proportion by the U.S. media. The incident resulted in damage to Mckinney's image and the loss of her reelection.

One must also wonder if the situation was not used in which to rig the election in regard to Mckinney, given that the negative media hype offered her detractors the plausible deniability necessary in which to rig such a campaign, while claiming that it was the bad publicity which resulted in Mckinney's loss. Mckinney was also recently in the news again when the ship on which she was travelling to Palestine (in which to conduct a human aids mission) was intercepted by an Israeli Navy vessel and forced to land on the Israeli shore. The excuse was that the vessel was travelling in Israeli waters, however Mckinney said that they were in international waters at the time her vessel was raided. I believe that Mckinney was telling the truth, and that her temporary imprisonment was meant as a warning by Israel's Zionist leadership, for her to stay out of the Palestine/Israeli conflict.

As for Mckinney's loss in her reelection campaign, who really benefited by this situation?

The U.S. Intelligence community did, since Mckinney's bill was immediately taken off the table for consideration when Congress reconvened in January of 2007, and a possible investigation quashed. It was also about this time that former NSA operative Russell Tice came forward with very serious allegations in regard to the NSA's illegal spying of Americans, which immediately resulted in the FBI stalking him and threatening to arrest him if he divulged any information that would become a threat to National Security.

In this author's opinion, Tice was going to corroborate John St. Clair Akwei's information in regard to the NSA's use of an EMF Scanning Network which is being used to track Americans by way of their own unique electromagnetic fields. A system used by NSA Signals Intelligence cryptologists in which to remotely access our brain states and to decode our thoughts by way of EMF brain stimulation. To this day, there is no evidence to suggest that Russ Tice has ever testified before the Congress in regard to this insidious operation.

Like all other government whistle blowers who offer a message that is clearly devastating to some criminal aspect of the U.S. Federal Government, Tice was neutralized for his efforts to alert the public to these treasonous activities.

As for truth seekers in the media, journalists Gary Webb and Steve Kangas were both murdered in made to appear as suicides, the result of these journalists writing damaging exposes on the CIA's drug trafficking operations.

And if one researches the Intel community's history, they will find that a myriad of truth seekers were either covertly murdered, or suffered the COINTELPRO type destruction of their careers and lives for attempting to expose treasonous crimes which have been taking place within this community of Nazi idealized miscreants since its inception.

Of course they despise truth seekers, because this Intel community was built on lies and has taken part in a myriad of atrocities which any tyrannical dictator would have been happy to claim for themselves.

Recently, the son in law of Representative Janis Schakowsky died mysteriously in a snorkeling accident.

Normally, this might just be associated with inexperience or some other "fluke." However, given that Schakowsky is part of a group who is considering initiating the type of Church Committee Hearings that former Representative Mckinney was attempting to begin (when she was involved in the "shoving incident"), one must wonder if Representative Schakowsky's son in law may not have been covertly murdered as a warning to Schakowsky to stop this investigation before she suffers a similar fate.

As for the types of torture that the Intelligence community has long been noted for, Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi, has also challenged the CIA, recently claiming that they lied to her in regard to the water boarding which was taking place at Guantanamo Bay.

Like Mckinney, Senator Pelosi found herself with little support from her "colleagues" at the time. Those politicians who understand just how dangerous this Intelligence community has become, and would prefer to just allow this disturbing situation to remain hidden from the American people.

For what it's worth, this author believes that Senator Pelosi was telling the truth about the CIA. However, being able to successfully initiate a legitimate investigation into the CIA and the rest of its Intel brethren and their treasonous activities, is not likely to happen until the masses in this country begin to understand just how dangerous this well financed group of hi-tech predators really is.

Their choice of weapons varies, however, it is the electronic warfare operations which they conduct in secret and through the infrared spectrum (and by way of computer driven spy satellites), which enables them to commit the tortures and murders of myriad others whom they seek to prey on for one reason or another.

And those of us who understand this from first hand experience are being labeled as mentally unstable, even though we have more than sufficient evidence to prove that such technology not only exists, but that it is being deployed by the military industrial intelligence complex within the United States; and on millions of unwitting citizens who have no idea that their privacy has been invaded so egregiously.

In such instances, we are being denied our Constitutional rights and subjected to vicious psychological torture, as well as the physical torture which such DEW weapons are capable of. Many of our Family members have also been neutralized as a result of this, forced to deny what we are being subjected to, while oftentimes taking part in these vicious acts. These Family members are brainwashed victims who should be forgiven, but forced to testify to what has really occurred here at the hands of these Intel agencies.

As for the Intel community's attacks, why would these agents be spending a tremendous amount of time and money to demonize and dehumanize those of us who on the surface would appear to be of little import to the shaping of this planet?

Because we are targets of this classified technology and understand the threat that it represents to the rest of the people on this planet; in particular the global working class - the Proletariat. Those who are seen as nothing more than heads of cattle, and whom (based on the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA - AKWEI VS NSA), have now been electronically branded by way of brain fingerprinting technology.

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