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NSA Handbook -- The Following Is The Manual Which Is Supposed To Govern The Guidelines With Which NSA Operatives May Operate

FBI/NSA Deception Of The Public Continues

The FBI continues to blatantly lie in regard to this author, while circumventing the Constitutional rule of law. Why? Because the Bureau's crimes against my person and Family are completely outrageous, and indicative of the most precedent setting illegal spying and COINTELPRO operations in American History. Spying which has lasted for decades.

The FBI's collusion with the NSA in which to use this author for non consensual human experimentation is also the most precedent setting violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American History. The situation has become so outrageous that these Intel agencies have created a criminal environment in which there is no due process of law; a situation in which they are clearly circulating slanderous information, while attempting to make themselves invulnerable to being prosecuted for these outrageous crimes. As such, their psychological warfare operations continue unabated 24 hours a day, while the Bureau desperately attempts to justify its own outrageous violations of civil rights under the color of law.

In the history of the United States, there has never been a better case against the FBI, which is why these agents have done everything possible in which to omit exculpatory information which benefits this author, while attempting to completely nullify the Bill of Rights.

What the FBI has done here is nothing less than a preemptive smear campaign used as a smokescreen in which to redirect the public away from the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the covert mind control research which this neo Nazi organization is perpetrating by way of the infrared spectrum.


There is no rule of law in what the FBI and NSA have colluded to do here, and there never has been. Thus, these agents will continue to blatantly LIE to the public, while using their aggressive psychological operations in which to drive this author to the commission of suicide.

However, I have no intention of committing suicide and every intention of seeing these neo Nazi government rat bastards and their covert brain fingerprinting of the American people exposed for these crimes. An exposition which is already taking place to the shock of those who now know that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has been in place for decades and used for the express purpose of destroying the Constitutional protections of all American citizens.

The NSA can track you by way of your body's own bioelectromagnetic field, which means that you can be both illegally spied upon as well as targeted for non consensual human experimenation without your knowledge or consent.

Thus the intellectual war in which to expose this Zionist controlled Intelligence community and its covert spying operations will rage on regardless of further attempts which Intel makes on this author's life. Too many people now understand that the NSA has brain fingerprinted the American citizenry and that the U.S. Congress has covered up for this outrageous betrayal of our trust.

*For those who would state that Zionism and Nazism have nothing in common, they would be wise to understand that in theory the two are quite similar. Both follow the radical doctrine of neo conservatism, which implies that an oligarchy must always be empowered to control the Proletariat; such empowerment includes the furtive enslavement of the Proles, as well as the use of eugenics and genocide in which to propagate the Illuminati's Zionist world government.

A most unpopular truth is that during the Holocaust, Zionist Jews worked hand in hand with the Nazi's in which to exterminate Sybaritic Jews, whom the Zionists considered to be their inferiors. This while Zionists continue to exploit the suffering experienced during the Holocaust for their own evil agenda. The truth is that Zionism has been responsible for more suffering in this world than all other inhumane radical movements combined.

As such, the citizens of this planet live in a society driven by lies, and in which those who attempt to expose such lies are villified for their efforts.

Also see: FBI: LIARS WITH AN AGENDA - They Lie, Fabricate Evidence, Perjure Themselves In Court, Blackmail People Into Doing Their Dirty Work For Them And Routinely Deceive The Public - When The FBI's Crimes Against A Citizen's Inherent Rights Truly Become Outrageous The Bureau Tosses Out The United States Constitution Altogether, In Attempts To Keep Its Own Agents From Going To Prison - Agents Who Attempt To Expose The FBI For These Crimes Find Themselves Under Attack, Out Of A Job And Ostracized For Attempting To Do What Is Right - Their Lives Are Destroyed

Obviously, The NSA Is Operating Well Beyond Its Purview



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