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The Deaths Of Workers At Ground Zero Continue To Rise -- Police and Firefighters Who Were On The Scene At Ground Zero Continue To Be Most Vulerable

*Editor's Note: Over the past few days the NSA has again aggressively targeted this author with ULF waves, which are used to physically and mentally exhaust my person while causing dizziness and nausea. This is just further documentation of the vast array of crimes the NSA, FBI and their Intel minions continue to commit against this author and his Family, while setting new precedents in their abject decimation of the United States Bill of Rights.

These agents remain nothing more than lawless thugs who continue to obfuscate their use of classified electromagnetic weaponry on this author, as well as COINTELPRO operations which include an aggressive psychological warfare campaign carried out 24 hours a day.

As such, the rule of law is non existent, and the intent here is to drive this author to the commission of suicide, so that the FBI and NSA agents involved in the most protracted illegal spying in American History, as well as the most egregious conspiracy to violate an American Family's rights, will not be prosecuted for these outrageous crimes.

This is typical of how the FBI and its Intel criminals are protected while the rights of American citizens are completely disregarded. These agents are torturers and murderers who utilize brainwashing on the general public to obscure this criminality, delivered by way of the media system in this country, which has as little respect for the Constitutional rule of law as the Intelligence community.

The FBI and NSA are nothing but Americanized versions of the Gestapo, whose acts of treasonous criminality must be exposed and punished. The abject gaul of these people remains as shocking as the crimes they continue to commit, while using blackmail in which to force those who can testify to these crimes into remaining silent,while oftentimes taking part in them.

The FBI and the NSA are inhabited by incarnated EVIL who must be held accountable for these crimes. Until these agencies are held accountable, the American middle class will continue to be exposed to the most egregious spying and violations of their inherent rights ever documented, as these neo-Nazi reprobates continue to commit their crimes with reckless abandon.

If you are a federal agent who knows that you are not going to be punished for the crimes which you commit, then you are going to continue to commit these crimes until you are finally held accountable for them.

The FBI and the rest of its Intelligence brethren have never been made accountable for such crimes, and are long overdue for such accountability. These agents must answer for the myriad murders and tortures which they have committed in the past and continue to commit in the modern day under a highly refined version of COINTELPRO.

These agencies and their so called representatives are a large part of the "HIDDEN EVIL" which comprises the present and horrifyingly corrupted House Of Rothschild controlled U.S. Federal Government. And the proof here is that there is absolutely no rule of law in how these agencies are operating, while using our own communities in which to wage vigilante style attacks against us - here I refer to the organized stalking groups which thousands of Americans are also documenting by way of the Internet.

Moreover, these agencies remain free to circulate their own disinformation, while this information goes unchallenged; the antithesis of the Constitutional right to due process of law. The truth here is that if these agencies were operating legally and had anything in which to indict us on, we'd have been in court long ago, and not being subjected to psychological operations and other outrageous abuses of our Constitutional rights, being used with the express purpose of driving us to states of mental instability.

The Zionist/Nazi rule of the United States is as evident in such treasonous attacks as it is anywhere else in this government, and must be destroyed before these miscreants can cause us any further damage.

The 9-11 False Flag Operation Continues Taking Lives

Those of us who know for certain that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were perpetrated by a core group of Zionists within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, are also well aware of why so many of the people who worked as part of the recovery team at the WTC are now ill; many of whom are dying from cancer. The World Trade Center Towers were built in the early 1970's before the use of asbestos as a fire preventative was banned by OSHA.

On 9-11-2001, as the North and South Towers collapsed into dust, all of Manhattan was rained down upon by trillions of minute asbestos particles which these Manhattanites inhaled. It is asbestos which to this day is responsible for many of the cancers that these people are now suffering from.

Moreover, the firefighters and police officers who worked at the WTC for weeks on end are now suffering as a result of long-term exposure to air which was contaminated with these asbestos particles. A number of them have already died, while myriad others continue to suffer with respiratory problems that have prevented them from being able to do their jobs.

Lawsuits continue to emerge as these men and women are forced to fight for care that they should be entitled to by law, yet are being denied.

These people must be added to the list of those victimized by the core group of treasonists and terrorists who attacked the American people on 9-11-2001.

Those who are responsible for the gutting of our Constitution, and for the installation of a Zionist shadow government which controls another puppet President and the White House.

Under this new Administration, America is rapidly becoming a socialist nation (a euphemism for Communism).

And this should be of no surprise given the number of Zionists in the White House, who control Barack Obama. Zionists have propagated the type of Straussian/Marxist ideology that typifies their own leadership, since their inception. It was the Zionist, Jacob Schiff, who funded the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, by giving Leon Trotsky twenty million dollars in which to overthrow Russia's Czar Nicholas.

Schiff was the House Of Rothschild's representative here in the United States. And it was Schiff who made the introductions between Nathan Mayer Rothschild and powerful American business tycoons like John D. Rockefeller and John Pierpont Morgan, who would later become business partners of Rothschild's, and aiders and abettors of his covert subversion of the U.S. Federal Government.

In 1913, the passage of the Federal Reserve Act would give Rothschild his greatest coup of all, allowing for the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve System central bank and its usurpation of the U.S. Federal Government and our own economy, through its creation of fiat reserve notes; something which remains unconstitutional to this very day.

America has indirectly belonged to London's House Of Rothschild Zionist controlled banking cartel ever since.

Trotsky, Lenin & The Bolshevik Revolution

Zionists have always been behind the Communist/Socialist global movement.

The U.S. Federal Government now owns General Motors, and they will shortly control the healthcare system in this country. And these Zionists will not stop there. Their goal is for a world government based on the Zionist's own radical doctrine, which includes a powerful Totalitarian central government (these Zionists already have a strong central banking system in the United States - The Federal Reserve System), as well as the destruction of all formalized religions, including Christianity.

There have already been many casualties of Zionism, and unless the American people begin to recognize that this radical political movement is responsible for most of their pain and suffering (and put an end to it), there will be many further atrocities committed by these psychopaths before their reign of terror comes to an end.

Judaism is a religion; Zionism is a very dangerous extremist movement.

To be opposed to Zionism is not to be anti-Semitic, but rather anti-Zionist, as any self respecting Jew is. Since the Jewish people recognize that Zionism is very similar to Nazism in its world government agenda, and that Zionists have long exploited the German Holocaust for their own evil means.


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