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The Case Of The Cardiologist Accused Of Videotaping His Patients In A Medical Practice Bathroom

Whatever Happened To The Bathroom Peeping Doc?
More than a year ago, I posted in regard to a Family cardiologist who had been arrested after having been accused of installing a hidden videocamera in the bathroom of his medical practice. Normally, the press would have been all over this situation, however, within a matter of days it had been long forgotten.

Of course, I quickly posted on this Website that if this doctor was found guilty of this charge, as well as other charges which could have possibly stemmed from it, then any federal agent operating within the Intelligence community who has taken part in the same types of crimes (including covert spying crimes regarding those of us who've been illegally spied upon by the FBI and NSA) should also be indicted for such reprehensible violations of the United States Bill Of Rights.

I must wonder if the media has been silent in regard to the case of this physician, one Dr. Vincent Pacienza, in an effort to obscure the fact that the FBI, NSA and other agencies of the Intel community are committing the same types of crimes (*however by way of satellite), yet who attempt to obfuscate such crimes out of fear that they would be prosecuted for committing them.

See the original report on this Doctor here:

Manhasset Cardiologist Arrested For Having A Hidden Videocamera In His Medical Practice's Restroom

*The NSA and FBI perpetrate such crimes against the 4TH and 5TH Amendments by way of spy satellites equipped with millimeter wave cameras which can see directly into our homes (instead of breaking into a home through surreptitious entry and planting miniature cameras as the FBI has done in the past, through its black bag jobs). This situation is only further aggravated when one considers that the computer to brain interface technology which the NSA has utilized on many American citizens (including this author) can be used in which to see what we see through our own eyes, thus illegally capturing information from our own occipital lobes; information which is then archived by the NSA within its own massive internal computer database.

The agents are not legitimate representatives of this government, but in fact hi-tech predators who use satellites to commit their predation.

Talk about surreptitious entry!

So is it any wonder why the FBI or other Intel community agency would attempt to have our elected officials pass new legislation in which to silence those of us whose Constitutional rights have been violated in such precedent setting ways?

If such an attempt is presently being made, it will only act as a further indictment of the treasonous crimes being committed by our so called elected officials, in their attempts to destroy what little is left of the country which our forefathers fought to establish for us.

Especially when the FBI in particular, has a history of using coercion in which to force the Family members of a person targeted for such COINTELPRO operations into not only taking part in these psyops, but also refusing to testify to what the FBI has blackmailed them into doing.

Given the FBI's vicious manipulation of this author's Family, and the treasonous and unconscionable attacks which the FBI has waged against my person for decades, I am not surprised that the Bureau would attempt to find yet even more despicable methods in which to obfuscate their abject rape of the Constitutional rule of law. Especially when such obfuscation involves the greatest scandal in the FBI's history, and its attempts in which to protect those agents who should be indicted for these precedent setting violations of the United States Bill Of Rights.

It would appear that these agents have concrete between their ears. What is it that they don't get? They broke the law by violating the civil rights of this author and his Family, and then committed further outrageous violations in attempting to cover up what they have done. Like it or not, these agents will be held accountable. No federal agent should ever be allowed to get away with such an abject rape of our Constitutional rule of law.

The FBI doesn't make the laws in this country.

Yet from its JudgeDredd type of behavior it is clear that the Bureau has no more need for a Judiciary than they have for the United States Constitution.

For Christ sake, abolish this Nazi imported Gestapo!
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