Sunday, August 02, 2009

How Much Longer Will The American People Tolerate Such An Abusive And Orwellian Government Whose Officials Capitalize On Our Misfortunes?

Obama's Socialized Medicine
A Plan To Refuse Elderly Sick People Medical Treatment

Hitler's genocidal plan in which to remove those from society whom he did not approve of may now become a reality in the United States if the following legislation is passed. A situation in which the government can decide that if you are of a certain age and in poor health, you will be refused healthcare and left to die from your infirmity. You may not be taken from your home and locked away as the Jews were, however, you will be left to fend for yourselves while the soon to be socialized healthcare system in this country refuses to treat you.

At the least this is a clear act of age discrimination. However, given the numbers of elderly who will die from not being treated, it could well be described as a government sanctioned form of genocide. We have already witnessed the genocide of millions of cancer patients whose lives could have been saved had they been treated early on with Vitamin B17 therapy, instead of the very lucrative cut, poison and burn protocol used by the medical establishment in the United States - one which has been used to murder millions of unwitting patients.

Such acts are hardly typical of what the United States of America once was, and are instead characteristic of a nation that has been irrevocably corrupted by big business and those who seek a government based not on humane principles, but instead those of inhumanity.

This is the same government which relies on a system of weaponized spy satellites in which to spy into American homes, while electronically brain tapping American citizens; those whose thoughts can be both intercepted and decoded, as well as manipulated by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence computer to brain interface operations.

To say that the United States of America and her people are hanging by a thread is not an understatement. And the more you begin to understand just how egregious this government's deception of the American middle class is, the more you begin to realize that it is only a matter of time before all of these deceptions come crashing down on those who've perpetrated them.

The United States of America is soon to become the North American Union -- A merger between Canada, Mexico and the United States. The North American Union will also become the newest member of the New World Order's global totalitarian government. Those of us who understand what is happening here are doing everything possible in which to alert the public to this mass deception. However, it is the general public who must awaken to what is happening to them, because only then will they be able to stand up against these atrocities.

Obama The Socialist
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