Monday, July 27, 2009

Router For Computer "Suddenly" Begins Working Again After Months Of Being Inoperative

NSA Signals Intelligence Manipulation Continues

Regular visitors to this blog are aware that this author has been under illegal NSA satellite surveillance for decades, while being subjugated to a life of non consensual human experimentation, in which psychological torture (and oftentimes physical torture by way of DEW weaponry) is a daily event.

As such, I have seen many people reduced to little more than propagators of abject cruelty in which sadism has become a common thread throughout our Illuminati controlled society.

I have also witnessed myriad examples of this, however, it is the electronic warfare which continues to be most disturbing. In the past decade I have seen animals such as birds, squirrels, chipmunks and dogs behaving in ways which are completely out of character; the direct result of being subjected to computer to brain interface. Those who have read of Dr. Jose Delgado's research in this area remember Delgado stating that when he would attach electrodes to certain areas of an animal's brain, the animal would respond to any commands which Delgado electronically sent to their brains. To paraphrase Delgado: " They looked like remote controlled toy animals in regard to how they were responding to this electronic stimulation of the brain. Delgado's work became infamous when he was actually able to stop a charging bull implanted with a stimoceiver, dead in its tracks.

The animals that I have witnessed acting in such ways are clearly being targeted for a modern day version of such electronic mind manipulation, being done through the infrared spectrum, and by way of satellite deployed computer to brain interfacing conducted by the NSA.

I have witnessed dogs who are sent to sleep within a matter of seconds, having been subjected to ultra low frequency waves directed at the portion of their brain which controls sleep. Chipmunks which actually attempt to communicate with this author, standing nearby and chattering away. Normal chipmunks do not draw attention to themselves; nor do they seek to communicate with humans.

I have also witnessed birds which fly from the roof of our home to a nearby tree, yet without actually reaching the tree, turn around and head back to the roof as though they were playing some kind of game. I have also witnessed a bird that takes a wire with its claws and lifts it out of a drain attached to our home, which it then perches itself on.

I have witnessed a very large white woodpecker who pecks into the wood shingles on our home. Also wild animals constantly running out into the path of this author's vehicles while driving. The situation goes on and on.

However, this pales by comparison to the constant electronic sabotage that this author and his Family are subjected to. Especially with car alarms, motion sensitive spotlights, computers and other electrical appliances being remotely triggered or interfered with in some way; all of which the NSA through its Signals Intelligence operations can remotely trigger at any time.

The most frightening aspect in all this is that the general population has no idea of what the NSA through its Signals Intelligence operations is capable of, or the threat that the NSA's EMF Scanning Network represents to each person in the United States.

Several months ago, the *router on this author's computer stopped functioning and I was no longer able to use this computer to gain Internet access. However, I was able to use a Family member's computer in which to do so. Yesterday, for no apparent reason the router on this computer began to function again. This is only further evidence of the electronic sabotage that NSA continues to subject my Family and person to, in addition to myriad other egregious violations of our rights to privacy which the NSA, FBI and DHS continue to perpetrate, in which to deny us our Constitutional right to quiet enjoyment.

Also see: NSA Sabotages My Computer's Internet Router

Still worse is that the NSA is electronically tapping into and remotely manipulating the thoughts of this author much of the time (and in my opinion my Family as well) in the most abject violation of the 4TH Amendment ever documented.

The NSA is presently being sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation as is At&t for using wireless electronic surveillance to illegally surveille millions of At&t customers since 2001.

The NSA's electronically tapping into the minds of those whom it illegally targets for its Signals Intelligence surveillance via computer to brain interface, is just a more aggressive form of wireless electronic surveillance, which should open the door to similar lawsuits to that which the EFF is now pursuing against the NSA and At&t.

However, it is doubtful that the EFF would ever pursue such a lawsuit, given that this classified technology would put those at the EFF in jeopardy of becoming targeted by the NSA and its operatives, for similar electronic harassment to that which this author and his Family have been subjugated to for many years.

The type of electronic harassment that NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei documents in his precedent setting lawsuit against the National Security Agency:

John St. Clair Akwei VS the National Security Agency

A situation in which COINTELPRO would be initiated in order to neutralize these people. This makes it quite clear that if COINTELPRO is necessary to attack those of us who are promulgating such egregious civil rights violations, than the information that we are circulating in regard to the NSA and its Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network is of the greatest importance. So much so, that few people will actually risk their reputations, jobs, and perhaps even lives in which to help to expose the NSA's EMF scanning network and its applications in remote mind reading/manipulation of American and European citizens.

This author continues to witness his Family quite literally held hostage by the aforesaid Intel agencies, who are intent on driving this author to the commission of suicide. However, and in spite of this, my information remains accurate and a threat to those within the Intel community who believe that it is within their purview to remotely torture (and even murder) American citizens, while completely denying them their Constitutionally protected rights. These agents, however covert their operations, are operating in the capacity of terrorist organizations.

Moreover, the battle to defend these inherent rights is just beginning. And the Intel community should heed this while they continue to intimidate this author's Family, for these agents will eventually be made accountable for their crimes. And regardless of how they attempt to manipulate federal, state and local legislators, as well as the judiciary into aiding and abetting these outrageous crimes.
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