Friday, July 17, 2009

Public Radio's Deception Of Its Listeners Through The Charitable Trust Matching Contribution Scam --The Charitable Trust Was Invented By The Carnegie Foundation

Public Radio's Con Game
Author - James F. Marino

Yesterday, this author wrote an article in regard to my belief that the New York City public radio station, WNYC, has been conning its listeners by using their donations in which to expand their own broadcasting properties. The latest is WNYC's purchase of a new broadcasting facility, as well as the call letters from the well known New York Times owned classical station WQXR.

This is quite a coup for WNYC, which will soon control one of the oldest and best recognized broadcast call signs in the United States. However, aren't non profit organizations supposed to be just that? Operating without a profit. If so, then WNYC has no business representing itself to the public as a non profit organization, when it can raise enough money to spend over 10 million dollars for the purchase of WQXR's broadcast license and a new facility in which to operate yet a fourth station. With this latest acquisition, WNYC will now own three radio properties as well as a Television broadcast license for WNYC TV.

This public broadcast system is a very clever way of avoiding the level playing field which one must usually acknowledge in regard to one's competitors, under the pretense of benefitting the public.

Specifically, when other broadcasting properties operating openly for profit, are not allowed to avail themselves of the same loopholes which these obviously profitable (non profit) public stations have access to.

If WNYC was not profitable, they would not have the funds, nor matching gifted funds in which to be able to purchase WQXR's license, or the new facility which will house this station's equipment or employees. WNYC is obviously far more profitable than they would want their listeners to know.

See the post here: Is WNYC Putting The Financial Bite On Its Listeners In Order To Expand Its Broadcast Holdings?

Evidently, I am not the only one who sees these public TV and radio fund raising drives as a very cunning way for these broadcasting hucksters to scam the public out of their hard earned monies.

Where else can you buy a $10 tote bag or CD for a hundred bucks? P.T. Barnum was right. Except that in the modern day, many of these hucksters are much more polished in their presentations and operate in the upper economic stratosphere of society, using the arts as their venue in which to fleece the unwitting.

A group of people so brainwashed that they might actually defend these con artists; that is, for a time.

- James F. Marino

Let's Get Those Phones Ringing! The cunning genius of the public radio fundraising drive.
By June Thomas

See the article here:

The Cunning Genius Of The Public Radio Fundraising Drive

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