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The FBI Has A Long History Of Using Its Coercive Tactics In Which To Force Others To Break The Law

The FBI Is A Terrorist Organization


An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Terrorist Organizations Which Operate Under The Facade Of Legitimate Law Enforcement

FBI Report On The Reasons For The Dismissal Of Several Of Its Agents

FBI Illegally Spying On Tens Of Thousands Of American Citizens

The FBI's Horrifying Web Of Criminality

You've been illegally eavesdropped on by the FBI for years. They have watched you within the privacy of your own home, they have egregiously violated your Constitutionally protected rights. They have set precedents in violating your privacy that even the most jaded of Americans would find difficult to believe. Taking this a step further, they have interfered with your relationships with other people, including Family, friends and business associates. They have manipulated virtually every aspect of your life while committing crimes against you under the color of law that should by all rights put these agents in prison for life.

Now, on top of these outrageous violations, the FBI has an ultimatum for you.

Break the law for them by allowing them to use you as an informant (AKA provocateur) or face the FBI's wrath. The dye has now been cast. You've been intimidated into making a deal with the devil (in this case the FBI), and now you will have to spend the rest of your life jumping through the proverbial hoop, as the Bureau's minions of incarnated evil use you to do their dirty work for them.

With each additional "assignment" you are cast further into the FBI's own criminal web.

You don't want to do the things that you are being ordered to do, however, the FBI's extortionate ways (read blackmail) can be a powerful incentive to see things their way.

Throughout its history there have been thousands of citizens in the United States used by the FBI as such provocateurs, many of whom are decent people who ended up on the FBI's deceptive hook simply because they were too naive to understand how this modern day Gestapo operates.

The FBI's arrogance is only surpassed by their abject deception, cruelty, and crimes which would not only outrage, but also shock and bewilder the average citizen in this country.

The FBI twists facts for its own means, while deliberately leaving out exculpatory information that does not serve its own Draconian interests. This leaves the public with an incomplete account of the FBI's operations; especially when the FBI can avail itself of the media system in this country which has habitually tried people in the court of public opinion before (or even if) they are ever tried in a court of law.

There are many nasty things that you can say about the FBI which would all be true; their abominable use of entrapment schemes and coercion in which to manipulate people who are not committing crimes into doing so; their use of COINTELPRO Sting operations in which to deny American citizens their Constitutionally protected rights; the FBI's use of psychological warfare operations in which to destroy the minds of those whom they target for such viciousness - so much so that these citizens either take their own lives, or commit an act for which the FBI can remove them from society, while making them even easier targets for murder; the Bureau's black operations which include the covert torture and murder of myriad citizens, oftentimes used by the FBI's in which to covertly murder those whom they have victimized; the FBI's covering up for agents whom it knows are committing serious crimes, while demonizing and destroying the careers of decent agents who cannot abide by the Bureau's own criminal activities; the outright disregard by the FBI for the law as well as human life.

All of the above apply to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. However, if one wanted to define the FBI in the most terse of ways they would simply state the following:

"The FBI has never had a charter in which to officially operate within the United States. The Bureau has always been unconstitutional in its existence, and in every sense of the word - anti-American to its very core. The FBI is the enemy of free thinking people everywhere. It is anathema to basic human decency and a pawn of the totalitarian world government."

James F. Marino -- FBI COINTELPRO Target

By David Shepardson / The Detroit News

An informant's tale

— A confidential federal informant claims an FBI agent instructed him to break the law as part of the government’s terror investigations in Metro Detroit.

In a Jan. 21 letter, written at the airport as he left for an undisclosed foreign country, informant Marwan Farhat said he was asked by FBI Special Agent Robert Pertuso to steal mail from Arab Muslims whom the federal government had identified as terror suspects.

Farhat, of Dearborn, claimed in a six-page letter to Pertuso that the FBI failed to deliver on a promise to give Farhat 25 percent of any money confiscated from the terror suspects. In his letter, Farhat said he received nothing.

“I worked around the clock helping and assisting the government of the United States to put Muslims in jail,” wrote Farhat, who said he assisted the FBI in giving information on scores of Arabs. “My life has been destroyed, abused and used to benefit your interests.”

He handed the letter, which was obtained by The Detroit News, to a U.S. immigration agent as he caught a flight from Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Wednesday. Fearful for his safety, and with the government’s approval, Farhat left the United States days after his identity was publicly revealed.

Special Agent David Brooks, spokesman for the Detroit FBI office, declined to comment on Farhat’s allegations, as did a Justice Department spokesman and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The FBI would not answer questions about agent Pertuso’s status, and he did not return a call placed by The News to his secretary.

Farhat is at the center of an internal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department into the conduct of Richard G. Convertino, the lead prosecutor in the nation’s first terror case to stem from the investigation of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Two were convicted of providing material support to terrorists here.

Convertino is accused by his employer, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, of a laundry list of offenses stemming from his aggressive prosecution of suspected terrorists. He was removed Sept. 4 from the terror case — which continues as the judge considers reversing the convictions — and temporarily is working for a U.S. Senate committee.

Convertino had recommended — and obtained — leniency for Farhat on drug charges for which Farhat received far less prison time than federal guidelines recommend. Farhat became a confidential informant after his arrest, but before his sentencing.

“I was ordered by the United States attorney, Rick Convertino, to assist you (Pertuso) and (FBI Special Agent) Kevin Tyus by all means,” Farhat said in his letter to Pertuso.

“I followed his orders and I assisted the FBI in giving information about ... Arab Muslims who are criminals, radicals and extremists.”

Officials said Farhat, at the request of FBI agents, visited Dearborn bars and restaurants in an effort to gather information about possible terror plots.

William Sullivan, a lawyer for Convertino, asked the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General to investigate the leak of Farhat’s name in a Jan. 17 Detroit Free Press article, and allegations against Convertino.

“Most importantly, this leak has put a confidential informant’s life in jeopardy,” Sullivan said.

Convertino wasn’t aware until last week of Farhat’s claims that he was asked to break the law, Sullivan said.

Farhat’s allegations are the latest in a string of stumbles since the government won its first post-September 11 terror convictions.

Two men arrested Sept. 17, 2001, at a southwest Detroit flat with phony IDs, airport badges and cryptic drawings of possible terror plots were convicted in June of providing material support to terrorists. A third man was convicted of document fraud, while a fourth was acquitted. But U.S. District Judge Gerald E. Rosen is considering tossing out those convictions because of the government’s failure to turn over evidence to the defense before the trial.

U.S. Attorney Jeffrey G. Collins referred allegations of wrongdoing against Convertino to the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which is investigating.

A team of investigators from that agency is expected to arrive today and is to interview officials and lawyers for at least three days about the allegations against Convertino, officials said.

Convertino vigorously denied any wrongdoing and called the allegations against him “lies.”

“The allegations made in the (Free Press) are easily refuted, and I have no way of doing that now that it’s been leaked to the media,” Convertino said. “They risked the life of a person whose confidentiality they promised to protect at all costs, but when their purposes were contrary, they cast him aside.”

Farhat spent time reviewing religious audio tapes seized at the southwest Detroit flat, at the same time he was a cooperating witness in an unrelated case. The tapes were used as evidence during the terror trial.

Government documents show Farhat was cooperating with the government as early as September 2002. Farhat, who was indicted in March 2001 on cocaine charges, was a regular figure at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI headquarters in Detroit, officials said.

Farhat was released on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine in December 2001 by U.S. District Judge Paul Borman on bond following an agreement brokered by Convertino. Robert Cares, head of the counterterrorism unit for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit, sent an interoffice memo on Sept. 12, 2002, confirming that Farhat was cooperating with the government.

Farhat pleaded guilty and was sentenced and released in July 2003, in a closed-door proceeding that has never been made public.

In his letter to the FBI last week, Farhat said Pertuso “sent me places around the city to do jobs and find out information.”

He also said he was asked to visit Hassan Daher, an illegal immigrant, who was in custody awaiting trial.

“I helped the United States with honesty and helped to spy on Muslims who live in my city.”

Daher was charged with passport fraud after he was arrested by Warren police in April 2002 on a retail fraud charge. His initial prosecutor was Convertino, but eventually the case was handed off to a prosecutor in the terrorism squad.

Douglas Mulkhoff, Daher’s attorney, declined to comment.

More than 2 1/2 years later and at Judge Rosen’s request, prosecutors continue to scrutinize all government documents in the Detroit terrorism case.

Those documents include an Aug. 23, 2002, e-mail from Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Nahmias, when he was an attorney who helped coordinate terrorism investigations.

Nahmias’ e-mail to 10 Justice Department officials, titled “Detroit Material Support Indictments Monday,” called the case against the four men in Detroit “somewhat aggressive, but worth pursuing.”

Bryan Sierra, a Justice Department spokesman and one of those who received the e-mail, declined to comment on any facet of the case or whether the Justice Department had opened an inquiry into Convertino’s conduct.

“We’re just not commenting period,” Sierra said.

You can reach David Shepardson at (313) 222-2028 or

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