Friday, August 07, 2009

The NSA Is Not The Only Federal Agency That Deploys Directed Energy Weaponry Against Citizens, However It's A Primary Perpetrator Of Such Treason

Regarding Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking

"Some claims appear to have more merit than others. And a few people have named their perpetrators as connected to private security services, Air force personnel, or huge military contractors such as Raytheon (likely involved in producing some of these weapons). For example, Pat Mougey's tormentors appear to be recruited by a security agency located on the street where she lives. She reports some harassers let her know she is under surveillance. She believes they use commercially available, through-the-wall radar to tape everything that goes on in the privacy of her own home. Mougey says she even saw herself through a window on the television screen in the house next door. I was skeptical about this until I saw NSA high-tech surveillance gadgetry on display in the Hollywood movie, 'Enemy of the State.' A private detective knowledgeable in surveillance devices confirmed that such gadgetry does exist in the real world and not just in the imagination of some Hollywood writers."

"'They have a device to control every part of the body, including the throat,' says Mougey. 'I have been in the ER more than once because my throat was closed up and I could not breathe.'"

*Editor's Note: I can corroborate what Pat Mougey has stated in regard to being illegally spied upon in such ways, as well as the computer to brain interface technology which the NSA uses in which to remotely torture my person. Click on the GOOGLE: AKWEI VS NSA logo below to read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which describes this technology in great detail. In the past I have been subjected to myriad forms of such attacks. The NSA does have the ability to electronically attach its computers to the EMF field of any person by way of its Echelon satellite array, in order to perpetrate these crimes against humanity.

Through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the NSA can also read a targeted subject's thoughts in addition to implanting its own thoughts in the subject's subconscious mind for the purpose of brainwave entrainment - something this author has been subjected to for decades as a result of a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the FBI and NSA against my person and Family.

These agents should have been indicted for these crimes long ago, however are being protected, while the Intel community conducts a demonization campaign against this author. Further proof that the entire system of government in this country is totally corrupted, and that they will not only demonize those whom they have committed such crimes against, but also torture and murder such persons as long as they can do so with plausible deniability.

Excerpted from Arlene Tyner's monograph on electronic harassment entitled "High-Tech Crimes and Electronic Madness" which can be accessed in its entirety at the following Website. This is a well researched article with many useful references which document that the U.S. Intelligence community is behind many of these terrible crimes. And that agencies like the FBI, NSA and CIA routinely commit them without fear of being prosecuted. These agents are torturers and murderers who should be indicted and tried before an international war crimes tribunal for their crimes against humanity. Until they are, justice will not be served.

Arlene Tyner's High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness

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