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Dr. Conrad Murray Is Being Used As A Scapegoat In The Directed Energy Weapons' Murder Of Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray Being Used As A Red Herring

I attempted to post the following message on a Website which mentioned that Dr. Murray is going to be charged with manslaughter in the death of the late pop star Michael Jackson. In this author's opinion, Murray is nothing but a scapegoat for those who murdered Jackson. The following post was blocked as I was attempting to upload it to the Website which carried the information on Dr. Conrad Murray.

"While it's true that Michael Jackson did have a drug dependency, it is also true that this dependency would have given those who wanted to do him harm, a plausible reason in which to do so. Think back to the deaths (murders) of Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel. They were both drug users and offered those who may have chosen to murder them, a plausible reason for having done so, by using directed energy weaponry in which to cause both Smith and her son fatal heart attacks.

Smith had been in a protracted battle with the family of her late industrialist tycoon husband in order to claim part of his forture, when she was found dead in the home which she was staying at in the Bahamas. Her son Daniel had died just months earlier while visiting his Mother in the hospital who'd just given birth to his half sister. Both of these deaths remain extremely suspicious; especially in light of Anna Nicole Smith's legal battle over her late husband's estate; one which could have left her with upwards of half a billion dollars.

Intelligence agencies like the CIA, FBI and NSA have always used plausible denial as a means in which to kill their victims. As long as they are able to maintain plausible denial in such attacks. And DEW weaponry offers the perfect solution for committing murder and many other crimes with complete anonymity.

Electromagnetic weapons deployed by way of satellite can cause a fatal arrhythmia leading to a heart attack (as well as myriad other serious physical and mental conditions), while giving those who operate such weapons the plausible denial necessary in which to commit these crimes and get away with them.

It is interesting to note that at the exact time that Michael Jackson was said to have gone into cardiac arrest, the FSB, the successor to the Soviet Union's KGB, claims to have recorded the CIA deploying an electromagnetic weapon at the exact coordinates of the home which Jackson was renting at the time.


FSB Report Says Michael Jackson Murdered By The CIA Via A DEW Weaponry Attack

If this is the case, then Michael Jackson was murdered by way of such DEW technology (directed energy weaponry), while his former doctor is now left as the scapegoat in this murder.

There is no question that many people were out to harm Michael for his wealth as well as the valuable Malibu property which he co-owned - 2700 prime acres known as Neverland Ranch.

And since the press recently announced that Dr. Conrad Murray will be charged with manslaughter in the murder of MJ, it appears that Murray will be offered up as the sacrificial lamb in this case, while the real murderers of Jackson conduct business as usual. And someone else pays for their crimes.

There is a very important reason why the United States Intelligence community denies the existence of DEW weaponry; they use it constantly to commit a myriad of crimes against unwitting citizens. And if the technology became known to the general public, murders like Michael Jackson's might raise public suspicion of such weaponry, and attract attention to those Nazi/Zionist idealized miscreants who regularly deploy such weapons for their own nefarious means.

There is a reason why Intel refers to these weapons as zero trace weaponry. And that is because they allow those who deploy them to leave no obvious clues that a crime has been committed.

Type DEW weapons, or electromagnetic weapons into Google and learn more about this frightening technology, and how federal agencies like the NSA regularly use this weaponry to neutralize (or even eliminate) those who represent some sort of challenge to the criminal status quo in the United States."

As I stated earlier, I attempted to post the aforesaid message on a Website discussing the death of MJ, only to find that the post would not upload - obviously the type of Signals Intelligence interference that the NSA subjects this author to on a daily basis, the result of my person being subjected to non consensual human experimentation.

Moreover, the FBI and NSA continue to collude in the egregious violations of this author's civil rights, while attempting to find a plausible way in which to murder my person. As such, these Intel torturers and murderers must be exposed for these crimes and brought to justice for their commission of them. And if necessary, I will continue to fight until the day that I die to ensure that this takes place. These violations of both this author and his Family's civil liberties are absolutely outrageous.
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