Sunday, August 23, 2009

The CIA/Pentagon Collusion To Smuggle Nazi War Criminals Into The United States After World War II -- "PROJECT PAPERCLIP"

"Paperclip also got entangled in a fierce turf fight between the CIA and the FBI in the United States. The CIA's 1947 charter forbids the agency from operating within the 'continental United States.' Yet Geehan and the JOIA discovered that the CIA had spied on two Paperclip scientists who worked at Ohio State University. The scientists were terrified because they were being followed. 'One man called the FBI and said it must be the Russians.' Geehan recalled. 'Now, I thought it might have been a football coach from a competitive university, but certainly not the Russians. We later found out it was the CIA.'"

- Excerpt From Linda Hunt's "Secret Agenda"

What is interesting about the above comment is that while there is no question that the CIA's charter forbids it from spying domestically (something that has never stopped the CIA from doing so) the FBI has never even had a charter in which to operate within the United States. So how can the Bureau even exist here without operating illegally?

See: The FBI Has No Charter

Also: FBI Allows Bin Laden To Charter Flight After Attacks On 9-11-2001

Linda Hunt has done an excellent job of researching the CIA's Project Paperclip Nazi smuggling operation in her book Secret Agenda, which can be printed out in its entirety at the following Website:

Secret Agenda - About How the US Imported German Nazis
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