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The FBI's COINTELPRO Against Journalist Jack Anderson -- Today's Journalists Are Afraid Of The FBI Gestapo -- Jack Anderson Wasn't

More On The NSA's Illegal Spying On Americans

*Editor's Note: Intel tampers with this post. This author had written commentary after the following article on the late journalist, Jack Anderson, which the FBI has now removed. The post is now electronically tampered with so that at times the original post shows up, and at others the revised version.

I have deleted the original window for this post and pasted the original post into this new window. So time will tell as to whether or not Intel will continue to tamper with this particular article.

Such tampering serves as clear evidence that the FBI and NSA or some of their provocateurs have electronically hacked into this Website to remove this information. Another violation of my 1ST Amendment rights. Of course this comes as no surprise since every aspect of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO waged against my person since the early 1980's has been illegal and only grown worse over time. A clear sign of the abject criminality taking place within the Intel community; one whose agents are torturous and murderous by nature and since the passage of the treasonous Patriot Act, totally out of control.

The FBI's Attack On Journalists

The FBI is getting away with murder. The agency is spying on us in our homes, violating our rights to privacy, demonizing anyone who challenges the corrupt status quo in this country, and covering up for its own abject Nazi garbage, in order to prevent them from being prosecuted for their crimes.

The FBI is attempting to destroy the rule of law in this country and with it any protections that we as American citizens have. The FBI is nothing but a New World Order enforcer that has no respect for basic human rights or the American people.

The FBI and its bathroom peeping, child murdering filth should be abolished with extreme prejudice.

The psychopathic and murderous mindset of J. Edgar Hoover remains a prominent theme in the FBI's daily operations, and the rare American journalist who has the courage to tread into the criminal operations of this government has even more reason to fear the FBI in the modern day, than they did back in the days of "Hoover The Terrible."

Read about what the FBI subjected journalist Jack Anderson to in the following article. In many ways, like all of the Bureau's COINTELPRO targets, the FBI harassed Anderson right up until his death. To truly understand the FBI and its operatives is to despise their very being. Miscreants who represent the lowest form of life on this planet.

Files Obtained By AP Reveal -- FBI Monitoring of Columnist Jack Anderson

Published: October 11, 2008 11:00 AM ET

WASHINGTON In caustic comments on internal FBI memos, legendary bureau director J. Edgar Hoover referred to prominent columnist Jack Anderson with undisguised contempt, calling him "a jackal" as agents combed his articles for errors and hints about possible sources.

"This fellow Anderson and his ilk have minds that are lower than the regurgitated filth of vultures," Hoover typed on a memo dated April 30, 1951, one of hundreds from FBI files on Anderson.

Anderson was a Hoover critic, writing for example that the aging director running the bureau well into his 80s should have resigned a decade before. Other journalists suggested the same, but Anderson delivered that and a long career's worth of critical assessments of the bureau in a blunt style that enraged FBI officials.

Documents turned over to The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act almost three years after Anderson's death include copies of his columns with critical notes in the margins, summaries of his movements while under surveillance, and FBI memos detailing efforts to find his sources who leaked information from deep inside government agencies.

The leaks fueled Anderson's Pulitzer Prize-winning column, Washington Merry-Go-Round, and helped him produce stories on scandals including Watergate and the arms-for-hostages deal known as Iran-Contra.

Anderson's muckraking style, honed under the column's founder Drew Pearson, earned him a spot on President Nixon's enemies list, inspired Republican operatives to plot his murder, and caused heartburn in Hoover's office at the FBI.

In one February 1971 memo, an unnamed agent went on for six pages, summarizing a radio interview in which the columnist "discussed the daily habits of the director and associate director ... including their means of transportation to FBI headquarters in the morning, the place where they take lunch and dinner."

The report said Anderson "concluded the interview by stating that the director should have retired 10 years ago and would better serve his country as an elder statesman who could offer advice to his successor."

FBI officials claimed incessantly over the years in internal FBI documents that the columnist got his facts wrong. "This is the greatest conglomeration of vicious lies that this jackal has ever put forth," Hoover scribbled next to a copy of one Anderson column.

The column said that Hoover had collected more than a quarter of a million dollars in royalties from three books researched and ghostwritten for him by FBI agents on government time.

Hoover in another instance used the same characterization when he tried to clear the air with House Speaker Carl Albert.

When Anderson reported that the FBI was keeping tabs on Albert's private life, Hoover wrote the speaker, "Characteristic of this jackal, none of the statements made about you and the FBI in this column has a scintilla of foundation."

When Anderson wrote that the U.S. crime conviction rate had slipped, Hoover's agents were on top of it. Hoover wrote top Nixon White House adviser John Ehrlichman to correct "the false impression" left by the columnist.

"There has been an increase in the number of persons convicted in certain major categories investigated," Hoover wrote Ehrlichman.

But Anderson was sympathetic to at least some of Hoover's campaigns, including his pursuit of Communists, the documents show.

In a Jan. 15, 1967, appearance on the "Long John Nebel" radio show, Anderson described himself as a liberal but urged so-called right-wingers to let Hoover and the FBI investigate handle investigations of suspected Communists.

"I think he's been pretty careful about not violating civil rights," Anderson said of Hoover. "I have no quarrel with his investigation of Communists. I would urge the extremists of the nation to let him continue to do it and not to interfere with him — not to try to do it themselves."

Among the readers of Anderson's columns were Hoover defenders or administration loyalists who let the journalist know exactly how they felt in language even more candid than Anderson would have used in his columns. Copies were obtained and filed away by the bureau.

A profanity-laced letter from a reader to Anderson in 1971 says that "your rhetoric regarding the Honorable Richard Nixon" proves that the columnist was doing "everything in your power ... to tear this country apart."

"I demand, by copy of this letter to J. Edgar Hoover ... that you be put out of print," the letter concluded.

After Hoover's death, Anderson drew critical comments from readers.

"To be very frank I am getting tired of all the derogatory remarks being made about the FBI ... and now that Mr. Hoover is deceased, it is only right that you let his name rest in peace," one correspondent wrote in 1972.

In a way, the feud between Anderson and the bureau continued after his death on Dec. 17, 2005.

Following his funeral, FBI agents called Anderson's widow to say they wanted to search his papers. At the time, the FBI confirmed it wanted to remove any classified materials from Anderson's archives, located at George Washington University, before they are made available to the public.

The government eventually backed off.

Anderson's biographer, George Washington University journalism professor Mark Feldstein, said he was pleased the FBI was finally releasing its files on the journalist. "I'm still not convinced this is all of it," Feldstein added.

The documents, which were released Sept. 30, are heavily edited and some names have been removed.

"Why they would still need to censor these documents after he's dead and his sources are gone, at this stage, seems pretty questionable to me," Feldstein said Friday. "But this new material is a good thing for historians, scholars, and ultimately, the public, to find out what the FBI was up to in the dark days of J. Edgar Hoover."

One of Anderson's early appearances on Hoover's radar came in December 1951, after then-President Harry Truman was told of an apparent leak of information from a high-level White House meeting on Korea. Truman wanted Hoover to find who revealed details to Anderson.

"Secretary of Defense (Robert) Lovett called me this afternoon and stated that the president wanted him to discuss with me what appears to be a rather serious leak on what occurred at a meeting last Monday at the White House. He said that the president was desirous of trying to trace out the source of this leak," Hoover wrote in a Dec. 13, 1951, memo to FBI aides.

Hoover went on, saying the defense secretary had recounted how "an individual by the name of Anderson, who appears to be a leg-man for Drew Pearson, went up to (Undersecretary of the Navy Francis) Whitehair and said, 'I've got a story of the Monday meeting; thought you would like to take a look at it.'"

Anderson Went Easy On The FBI

In truth, Anderson's columns regarding Hoover and the FBI were tame in regard to what many others, including this author have written in regard to this neo Nazi organization. Of course, as alternative journalists who are not employed by the mainstream media of disinformation in the United States, we can write far more candidly and in depth in regard to agencies like the FBI, since we are not owned by organizations which are controlled by the some faction of the Illuminati's banking establishment, and do not have to worry about advertisers who would pull their business from us.

However, the threat of being demonized and covertly murdered by the FBI or some other agent of the military industrial intelligence complex in this country is most definitely a possibility, the result of our efforts in which to expose the egregious violations of the Constitutional rule of law being committed by such organizations.

And the fact is that the comment made by Hoover in regard to Anderson - "This fellow Anderson and his ilk have minds that are lower than the regurgitated filth of vultures," could easily represent the minds of those within the Intelligence community, who've made a history out of attacking our Constitutional rule of law, while committing myriad atrocities against humanity itself and pathologically lying to the American people in order to cover up such egregious criminality.

If the FBI or any other organization violates your inherent rights as American citizens, you have a sworn duty to defend these rights, no matter what the cost. That is the price of being an American citizen and defending the nation which our forefathers constructed for us.

As for defending this nation, agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI and DHS do not defend us as a nation. They protect the criminal element which controls the shadow government in this country. Which is why the present White House is being used to turn the United States into a Communist dictatorship, and the banking crime syndicate known as the Federal Reserve System and its IRS collection bagman are allowed to continue to counterfeit their currency, while laundering it through the U.S. economy.

Unpopular truths, yet truths no less. It is the House Of Rothschild and its London banking cartel which control the United States Federal Government through the privately held Federal Reserve System, and that is a fact! How else can you explain an organization which counterfeits its currency, being made legitimate by any government? Especially when former IRS agents who smelled a rat within the IRS did their own research and were then heavily censured by our own judicial system, in order to prevent the public from learning the truth.

Has the mainstream media in this country ever once done a story on any of the more than thirty Americans who have won their tax evasion cases in court? Of course not. Because the media is owned and operated by the very establishment which takes its orders from the Federal Reserve System.

Has this media system ever done a story on former IRS investigator Bill Benson, a man who has accumulated irrefutable proof that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified by the three quarters of U.S. States needed in which to make it law? Or that former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Philander Knox, blatantly lied to the American people when he said that the 16TH Amendment was legal? Of course not. In fact, Benson has been censured by a United States Federal Court to not circulate this information, because it would prove that the graduated system of taxation in the United States is a complete criminal fraud. And that there is no longer any question that the United States Congress is complicit in this fraud, and protecting the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service from prosecution for these crimes. Moreover, the FBI would be used to attack a truth seeker like Benson, instead of helping him to protect the American people from the Federal Reserve System/IRS fraud.

Read about Benson's work here:

"The Law That Never Was" by Bill Benson

Also read about the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting schemes and its use of the IRS as its own private collection agency in Eustace Mullins' brilliant expose on the Fed entitled: Secrets Of The Federal Reserve System By Eustace Mullins
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