Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gang Stalking Tactics -- A Primer

I had documented this on my Angelfire Website which was lost when the FBI and Homeland Security recently had the site deleted. Why? The excuse was that it violated Angelfire's Terms Of Service. The real reason was that it documented the FBI's crimes against my Family and self in great detail, and that the site was starting to get hundreds of views per day -- something that the FBI did not want happening, since it is doing everything possible to find ways of preventing me from describing the extreme ways in which it has violated both our Civil Rights as well as every single Human Rights law in existence.

Make no mistake about this. The violations of both the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights that my family and I have been subjected to are amongst the worst in this country's 230 year history. This is in no way an exaggeration. I am referring to being spied on for more than 200,000 consecutive hours (roughly 25 years time).

To further put this into perspective, I am referring to being watched from the time I was roughly 20 years of age to the age of 46 (my present age). I have been watched every nanosecond of the past 25 years -- a time span encompassing more than half of my life!!!! And in that time I have also been subjected to having my brain electronically tapped into by the National Security Agency, having every thought scanned and numerous manipulations of my thought processes done, the result of this extreme and treasonous act. Keep in mind that I have no criminal record, nor am have I ever been arrested, charged, convicted or imprisoned for any crimes. So who the hell are these people to have the audacity to commit such FASCIST crimes against me??

And there are numerous other TI's who can make the same claim, while millions of other Americans who have been subjected to these violations but have not yet been made aware of them, because their present mode of being spied on and stalked is still covert, will abruptly realize that they too are being watched. And it is then that these stalkers who have watched them in silence will move into their overt mode of attact, in which they will become extremely noticeable to the Targeted Individuals, pursuing the use of psychological warfare and directed energy weapons to destoy them both physically and psychologically.

I should also add that for years I have been subjected to the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, having my thoughts both read and manipulated through V2K or synthetic telepathy as it is otherwise known.

Obviously, the implications of violations to both human and civil rights here is brought to an entirely new level, since once the Government uses technology to remotely and electronically invade the thoughts of its citizens, it has created for itself a vastly different genre of criminal activity, which must now be addressed.

The following are some of the techniques that I have experienced since the overt stalking of my person began.

Street Theater -- This is a common tactic used by these perps to attack those they target. The TI is always subjected to hearing conversations that are above a normal decible level assuring that the TI makes note of them. These conversations always contain information about the TI's personal life, and are done so that the TI knows that they are under 24 hour surveillance within their own homes. They are also done to keep the TI on edge all the time.

These attacks appear to be orchestrated at the federal, state and local levels of government, and even your own family, friends and community can be coerced or manipulated into taking part in them. Remember this: If the feds can use a black propaganda campaign to brainwash the public into believing that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the attacks on 9-11, or that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter in the Kennedy Assassination, they will have little problem creating black propaganda campaigns to demonize TI's with the public.

Anything we do is fair game to them. They can give us whatever label they want and we will not be free to publicly defend ourselves because this deception goes on behind the scenes. Why does it? Because the feds are well aware that we have not committed serious crimes, and that they must move to entrapment and psychological warfare to break us down. What they are doing to us in the way of psychological warfare and denial of Due Process should be defined as exactly what it is -- EXTREME criminal activity.

Color Stalking -- The Gang Stalker's use of certain colors to gain the attention of a Targeted Individual. Common colors for me have been Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange. These colors have been on the clothing that the stalkers have worn as well as the automobiles that they drive; they can even include fruit such as bananas or grapefruit (yellow), oranges (orange), limes (green) etc. While the perp's use of these colors is open to question I have come to see them as meaning yellow for coward; green for envy, blue for depression, red for other communist or death. Note that these are my intepretations, and that these colors are used for thousands of people being stalked so they may have different meanings to different people.

Noise Stalking -- This is a real popular tactic for the organized stalkers -- the honking of horns is a common characteristic when the stalker passes the TI's residence. For me other noise stalking has consisted of cars with damaged mufflers, motorcycles, Police car and Fire Department sirens going off routinely, car doors being slammed, burglar alarms being set off, neighbors having loud conversations or even screaming at the tops of their lungs. Also cars gunning their engines and screeching their tires and playing loud music at all hours of the night. Neighbors or perps (many times the same thing) pulling up alongside eachother in their vehicles directly in front of a TI's residence to have a staged conversation as a part of gangstalking street theatrics.

Phone Stalking -- I actually got rid of my phone over this one. The Stalkers use the TI's phone as a source of attack. Not only do these DIGUSTING PIGS listen to what we say while we are on our phones -- they also make prank phone calls at all hours of the night, as well as using perps who speak in foreign languages, in efforts to frustrate us because we cannot understand what they are saying -- it's a futile battle to try to . Phone bills can also be manipulated with overcharges causing yet another in an endless series of orchestrated events done to anger the TI. In this case the TI's phone will be disconnected and reconnected -- anything to damage your reputation and your credit will be done. The goal is to make you appear to be unreliable.

And these billing problems can occur with credit cards as well. I had all of my credit cards cancelled without notice. When I called for a reason as to why I was given none. A few days later a credit card notice came in the mail to alert me to the fact that one of my credit cards had not been cancelled. The perps liked to interfere with the use of my credit cards because it offered them yet another opportunity to make me appear unreliable. Ths situation became so problematic that I would actually have to check to see if my cards were still in good standing every time I would use them.

This became a significant problem when I would order a meal out , simply because if I did not check the status of the credit car I was using, the card would automatically be rejected when I went use it to pay for a meal. This happened several times. The final straw came when I was having lunch with my parents and a few friends at a very expensive restaurant. I took the check only to find that my card was not accepted. Keep in mind that a few days earlier it had been used in another restaurant without any problem. This was done not just to inconvenience me, but to embarass me in front of my family and friends. My Dad picked up the tab and I later reimbursed him for it with cash.

A word to the wise -- if you are a TI, get rid of your credit cards. They will become just another target for your perp's to attack. Besides without them, I find that I spend a lot less money. And given the fact that a key goal of the feds is to bankrupt all TI's, cutting this venue of attack off is as good a place as any to begin.

Just a few weeks ago, I received a renewal for this credit card in the mail which I promptly cut up with a pair of scissors. I have been jerked around enough by this federal SCUM and am not giving them any additional venues or opportunities in which to do so.

Note: My credit was excellent prior to the increase in this harrassment which occured in the Spring of 2003. I also had not had a speeding ticket in 13 years, yet once this harassment began ended up getting two within the span of 10 days. I should add that because of this blatant setup, I have now been forced to pay a $300 surcharge to keep my license, which is spread out over the next 3 years. And of course my insurance company is benefitting nicely because this gangstalking has me driving far less then usual. When you are being stalked every venue is a point of harassment -- and there is no legality involved -- no rule of law -- and lowlife thugs assaulting you and your Civil Rights.

Mobbing -- This can happen at the workplace, or any other public venue. The earliest I noticed it was during the early 1980's but it became much worse by the late 1990's. By then I would be stared down by many people I never met, smirked at, scowled at, crowded by people as I was walking, etc. Restaurants became a major attack. I would be scowled at by waiters and patrons whom I had never met in the past. And as time went by my food would be either over cooked or under cooked in very noticable ways. If I went to a fast food place I would find myself becoming very fatigued afterwards. Was my food drugged or was I being hit at the time with directed energy? In any event I have not eaten out in close well over a year, because I can certain that these perps will try to poison me if I do.

My parents belong to a small yacht club which they have been members of since the 1970's. We had many good times there over the 1970's but in the early 1980's I began getting scowls from people whom I had known for years. Others members whom I did not know would also stare or scowl.

All I kept thinking was why are these people so pissed off, since I know that I have never done anything to them? On a few outings when I would be on my mooring people from a house adjacent to where I was would come out and point over at me smirking. Obviously this was done as yet another form of stalking, but back then I had no idea what this phenomenon was, much less that the US Federal Intelligence community was behind it. It was not until the feds became overt about this stalking that I suddenly realized so many odd things that happened to me in the past 25 years, which I thoughtof as just strange coincidences, were in reality all related.

Vehicle Stalking -- This stalking is typical of the type used by FBI vehicle surveillance teams. This happens every time a TI leaves their home. Even during the daytime they are stalked by vehicles that have their headlights on and are crowded or mobbed by these vehicles in the same ways that they are when TI's are in a store, or walking on the sidewalk or other public venue.

Many times these vehicles will have personalized license plates conveying a theme that the perps want the TI's to see as part of their psychological warfare campaign against them. Again color stalking is involved here, and the use of several different color vehicles can be used to convey a theme. Sometimes this stalking can get out of hand and the perps will physically assault a TI, or visa versa.

I have been crashed into on several occasions in what were no doubt FBI or stalkers operating at their direction, including being sideswiped in 1988 by a Postal worker who claimed that he fell asleep behind the wheel (directed energy?). I have also been crashed into from behind while sitting in traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway going from NY to NJ back in either 2000 or 2001, and again crashed into and nearly knocked to the ground in July of 2005 while sitting on my motorcycle waiting for a traffic light to change. The feds are clearly using my ability to drive and my vehicles as yet another area in their attacks on me. I have also been run off the road on more than one occasion, cut off repeatedly in traffic, bumped at traffic lights, and sustained property damage on at least 4 separate occasions from these attacks. I have another blog on this Website documenting this all the way back to the early 1980's, which can be accessed below:

And this stalking of vehicles can also take place with TI's who own and ride bicycles. In 1983 I was riding my racer style bike when the derailer broke. I began to walk the bike back home (roughly two miles away) when some college aged kids saw me and pulled over. I continued walking. Soon after I heard doors opening as the rowdy group exited the car. One said something to the effect of let's get him. Another one chimed in, let's beat the shit out of him.

Of course by this time I was at least 75 to 100 yards away. I heard at least 5 voices in total. The real issue is that if these kids wanted a real confrontation they had the means and numbers in which to have one. I was walking a busted bike home; there were five of them and they had a car.

Yet nothing ever came of the situation. This happened around 1983, at a time when I was experiencing a number of strange occurences. Now I realize that I was targeted for organized stalking even way back then, and that none of these situations had occured by coincidence.

Other situations included having a male prostitute proposition me while I was parked in a lot off the Henry Hudson Parkway, doing paper work. Another time included a woman who appeared to be mentally ill seek me out in a loaded railroad car, and proceed to grab my arm and then hold it to the point where by the end of the ride she had cut off the circulation to my hand. The entire ride she appeared to be terrified and shaking like the proverbial leaf. Once we arrived at the station she thanked me for calming her down, then quickly arose as if nothing at all had ever happened and proceeded down the aisle to the nearest exist. About a month later I saw this same woman on the train speaking perfectly fine with others. However, when she noticed me she immediately acted as though she were mentally impaired again.

Still another odd situation was when I had someone call out to me as I was leaving work one evening. I had opened my mouth to yawn and had not covered it as I would usually do. A man walking by my building quickly yelled out, "hey didn't your mama ever tell you to close your mouth when you yawn?" All I could think of at the time was who is this nut job, and since we were not aquainted where did he get off making any comments to me, much less a negative one? From the early '80's on these types of strange occurences became common place. Had I not become critically ill and bedridden on an off for most the 1990's, I am certain that these attacks would have taken on a more aggressive tone long before they did. This is how the FEDS operate
-- illegally and without Due Process.

Another time I had forgotten my wallet in my office desk. When I came back to collect it, it was gone, my desk draw being left slightly ajar. However, interestingly enough, the only credit card I had had been taken out of the wallet and left in my desk drawer. Strange as this is, it gets even stranger. A few minutes later I received a phone call from a building across the street from a security guard claiming to have found my wallet in a trash bin. At the time I was very grateful to have the wallet returned, given that it was a gift from my Dad. So grateful in fact, that I completely forgot to ask this guard how it was that he knew who I was, since my wallet had been stripped clean even of the mini calculator that had been placed in it. There was no Identification in the card, so how did he know to call me?

Yet another time on my way to work there was a homeless person standing in the middle of the street screaming at passers by and swinging his fist at them. While most people paid him little attention (and barely avoided him) I took great pains to leave a wide berth between us. So while those walking closer to him were untouched, this person decided to run to me swinging at me with his fist in the process. I blocked his punch and threw him down in the street, leaving him to scream obscenities at me as I walked on looking for a police officer.

On the next block I located one, and we quickly returned to the spot where only a minute or so earlier I had been assaulted. However this homeless person was no longer there. For someone who appeared to be drunk he was certainly able to flee the scene in a hurry. Since researching gangstalking I have also learned about how perps use the role of bums in their attacks on TI's. And it appears that this attack on me was just one of what would become decades worth of unanticipated assaults (some however subtle) in the FEDS's attempts to destroy me psychologically. And they almost succeeded.

Also during this time the car my Dad and I used to commute to the station with was suddenly stolen, yet returned two weeks later, stripped of some parts but in otherwise good working order. When was the last time you had a car stolen and returned to the same general area that it was stolen from only weeks later? Sounds strange? Not if you're a TI where situations like these are a common occurence.

Make no mistake about this - organized stalking is a crime and done with the intention of driving the target insane or to such rage that they commit an act which is both punishable in a criminal and civil sense. The FBI and Homeland Security are usually the ones pulling the strings here, however, it can also be done by corporations and others who have the connections and financial wherewithall to hire people who should be termed as exactly what they are: professional organized stalkers. When you are paid to do a job you are referred to as a professional. Since these people who stalk us do so for a living, the term professional organized stalking is quite appropriate.

Some of these people are law enforcement, yet others are civilians. One thing's for certain, TI's must have ticked someone off, because what we are being subjected to appears to be the work of organized criminals even within the US Federal Intelligence community. A former stalker who turned whistle blower by the name of David Lawson, wrote an excellent book on stalking. Lawson reported that at one time he was sitting in a a restaurant booth when he overheard other stalkers claiming that they could get away with things that even the police could not, and that even many police officers were afraid of them.

Cyber Stalking -- Here, the perps follow you all over the Internet looking to entrap you. A favorite setup of theirs (especially for males) is to have agents posing as children contact you in efforts to set you up as a pedophile -- the pedophile labeling is a favorite of the feds simply because it will enable them to polarize a target's community against them. This is just one of many common tactics that the feds use in their entrapment schemes.

Over a seven year period I was repeatedly approached while online by several feds doing this, having no idea at the time that they were feds. I just kept thinking that they were pesky kids with too much time on their hands -- afterall the Internet is replete with kids looking to get into mischief -- of course not all children do, but plenty enjoy the freedoms that the Internet offers and can abuse it. Alot of adults do, so why not kids? I always sent them off in the nicest way I knew how, trying to be polite. I did, however, find it strange that these kids would somehow manage to find me online while I was either doing research on chronic Lyme disease (something I have suffered with since 1993), surfing the Web or chatting with others. I kept thinking, why so many kids? How are they getting my screenname? Now I know that it was a setup by the feds all along -- one of many.

Moreover, some of them would actually become nasty when I showed no interest in keeping up a conversation with them, sometimes swearing at me or calling me names -- little did I know at the time that these were not kids at all, but federal agents looking to entrap me as they do with so many others whom they target. The reality is that if I had done anything wrong I would have been arrested a long time ago.

This isn't about justice or the law. This is about a federal intelligence community that believes it has the right to sabotage people's lives, demonize them to their families, friends and communities, and deny them their Constitutional Rights as well as those to privacy and due process. These feds are not Americans -- they are FASCISTS.

I have been to the FBI's Website and noticed that there is an area there which mentions that a primary concern of the FBI is the protection and preservation of Civil Rights. To anyone who has been targeted by the FBI for its modern day COINTELPRO activities, they know that this statement of the FBI's is an OUTRIGHT LIE. This organization exists to subvert the US Constitution and violate the Civil Rights of the American citizenry. Its primary function is to maintain the status quo in America, employing covert forms of terrorism if necessary, to ensure that the Illuminati's plans for the New World Order are followed through with as little interruption as possible.

Some of the FBI's most current crimes include aiding and abetting George W. Bush and the PNAC in the 9-11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, as well as obstructing justice by not only preventing FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill from following crucial leads in regard to what would turn out to be that attacks on 9-11, but also orchestrating his murder, by ensuring that O'Neill take a sweetheart job as head of security at the World Trade Center, in which he would perish on his first day on the job. Moreover, the FBI has also played a role in covering up several terrorist attacks which occured during the 1980's and 1990's including the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, the original attack on the WTC in 1993, the Murrah Building bombing in 1995, the missle attack on TWA Flight 800 in 1996, the Egypt Air Crash in 1998, and 9-11. This organization is despicable.

The Gang-Stalkers' use of car headlights to blind the Targeted Individual -- I have had this happen on numerous occasions. Several times automobiles would park at the top of the hill near my home and shine their headlights into my bedroom window at all hours of the night. Eventually tiring of it, I got out my boat spotlight and shone it in the eyes of the perpetrators until they left my neighborhood. I did not want to do it, but I was sick of them using this tactic several nights a week. I have noticed that when one of these stalking tactics fails, these perps immediately move on to another one.

Other episodes of brighting that I have experienced include having someone with auxillary lighting atop their SUV deliberately shine them in my eyes, as well as cars on the road purposely flashing their high beams at me rather then dimming them as they should. How do you cope with it? Hit them with your car's high beams and see how they like to be blinded while they are driving. Also cars following with their headlights on even during the day time is very typical of these stalking tactics. These perps want you to know that you are being singled out and they want you off balance and terrified all the time. If they can accomplish this they will force you to lose your concentration which will then result in you making your own mistakes -- this is a real bonus for them - they love to watch a TI get flustered as it greatly enhances their sadistic enjoyment.

Also note that psychological triggers such as words, phrases and objects used by the perps as psychological warfare against TI's are a mainstay for these perps in their attacks on us. Triggers can apply to just about any word, phrase or object one can think of and also include different types of foods which are used to convey a certain thought to the TI. It is amazing how many foods can have negative connotations -- For example -- Turkey, Ham, Fruit, Nuts, Baloney, Pineapple, Coconut etc.. You get the idea.

Other strange occurences that many TI's and some Alien Abductees have reported:

Finding that an electrical component in their home which had been broken for a long period of time suddenly and inexplicably began working again, without having been repaired by the owner.

I have a bathroom inwall electric fan manufactured by the Electromode company in the 1950's, which seized up more than 20 years ago. 4 years ago, it began functioning again without ever being repaired. My nephew turned this fan on and for the first time in over 20 years it began to work fine. When I asked him about it, all he could say was that he went to flip the switch and the fan began to work. This is typical of some abductees who claim that old kitchen appliances, TV sets, radios and other electrical devices that had been broken mysteriously begin to operate again without explanation. However given that I am now aware of being gangstalked, I must wonder if my nephew (even unbenownst to him at the time) was deliberately used to gaslight me.

Turning TV's and radios on and off as a source of annoyance to the target is also common with gang stalking. I have had this happen numerous times. I would be watching TV and the channel would suddenly change by itself, or the TV would turn itself off. In other instances the TV would actually turn itself on. On many occasions the cable box would lock up and need to be reset.

The programming itself was intercepted by the NSA and inserted in its place was the NSA's own propaganda programming which would freeze the content of what the feds wanted me to see until I would turn on the TV. Now imagine changing from one TV station to the next 40 or 50 times only to find that each of the programs, commercials etc. had been frozen and ready to run exactly where the feds wanted you to see them.

For example Tom Cruise's movie "The Last Samurai" had a segment where he made the statement "you won't believe what their weapons can do." I took this to mean that the feds were trying to impress me with extent of their weapons. I have witnessed hundreds if not thousands of examples of this aspect of the fed's use of TV programming as a form of psychological warfare. This was the only part of the commercial that I saw repeatedly. Many TV commercials were used in this way, where I would not see the entire commercial, but instead only the part which contained either phrases or visuals of what they want me to take note of.

A few examples of this type of programming:

Watching an auto race where only one of the drivers was talked about the entire time, and only his car being shown even though he was way back in the pack.

Footage of African American football players staring at the camera with angry looks on their faces.

Very odd programs such as "the world's ugliest room" where they set about to search for the world's most unappealing rooms.

Another program where an adult dressed in diapers and wearing fake ears and nose to make him look demonic was hunched over and walking around a TV stage.

Seeing a myriad of programs bordering on the extremely bizzare. Many times I would be watching a program which would never return after the commercial break. Either the screen would go blank or I would find myself in the midst of another program that was already underway. Many times I would also get up to use the bathroom only to find that the TV had either been turned off or to a different station once I had returned.

Another example of this weirdness was The Wheel Of Fortune program where every contestant who spun ended up bankrupt -- this went on for at least the entire first segment of the program. I tuned out afterwards realizing that it was yet another perp trick to waste my time and attack my psyche.

I also noticed movies that had the beginning parts edited. In one instance the film was edited so that the original actors did the same scenes over, but when they were significantly older. I had this happen with Roman Polanski's movie Frantic. Here the first 20 mintues were removed and the scene completely reshot in which Harrison Ford and Betty Buckley were still in the scene but at least 20 years older, and joking around throughout it. It was immediately clear that the scene was a spoof. I just wanted to know why I had never seen it before. I kept thinking "did they spoof the entire movie like this?"

After all these are two big stars and expensive to keep the meter running on. However, when the program returned from commercial break, it resumed with the original film -- Harrison and Betty being at least 20 years younger. Why did the NSA choose this program? Well it may have had something to do with my having watched it on video the day before. The TV programming had become so erratic that I had given up on it and decided to watch all of the videos we had at home instead. When those were done I was eventually forced to resume watching the NSA's demented programming.

Now this is where things get very interesting. One day I was laying out on a fallen tree in the woods behind my home and looking up at this oddly shaped branch. The following day I turned on the TV and what did I see, but a still photo of the branch on the TV screen. Not something similar, but the exact vision that I'd seen the day before.

All I could think of at the time was , now they are actually watching what I see through my own eyes!!! They really are trying to drive me crazy!!. Of course it would be another year and a half before I would learn about the NSA's remote neural monitoring program, and how synthetic telepathy can be used to tap into the visual cortex of the brain, so that NSA cryptologists can see what their targets are seeing by decoding these images, which are transmitted from the optic nerves of one's eyes to the visual cortex of their brains. Of course the NSA is never going to admit to the existence of this technology or that they are using it on the public, because if they did, they would find themselves being subjected to the largest lawsuit in US History.

It's also interesting to note that for an organization that's supposed to be so secret that NSA insiders used to joke that its acronym stood for NO Such Agency, much of the contents of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit, which describes its remote neural monitoring technology can be found over the Internet. While this would make it accessible to all Internet users, the fact is that only a minute percentage of the population in this country would even to think to look for such a thing. And that given the Internet's more than 2 BILLION Websites, the probability of accidentally stumbling onto John Akwei's Website would be akin to looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

But one must wonder, if this technology is at least half a century old and has been implemented on the American people for the past 25 years, is the NSA ready to replace it with something more complex, and allowing us a view of RNM to derail us? If so, it certainly won't be the first time.

The NSA should be sued for what it has done to us, as remote neural monitoring technology is a clear act of a TREASON against the American people. This is an EVIL organization and in many respects even worse than the FBI or CIA -- well the FBI -- let's put it on par with the CIA in terms of the commision of horrible crimes against humanity, because the CIA is right down there having committed atrocities that would stun most people. And the FBI is not a hell of a lot better.

As for the NSA's manipulation of electrical signals, I also have an old Bose Wave Radio which gets turned on and off from time to time -- I have also found that the clock within this radio is manipulated remotely to set the time forward or backward of where it should be. One night I actually saw the time advancing by itself without my doing so. I was in bed, and the remote for the Wave Radio was next to my computer printer, so there is no way that I could have done this. Like so many other odd occurences, it was probably done by way of NSA satellite.

Any object with electricity can be remotely manipulated in this way. Many TI's have noticed that when they go to a window within their homes that a light from a neighbor's home will suddenly turn on (or off depending on the situation). While some of the neighbors may take part in these attacks, it is highly improbable that they would wait up until 3AM, for you to use your bathroom night after night, as many TI's have reported, just to set off their porch or garage lights. It is far more likely that the NSA or some other Government agency with access to satellite technology is doing this. It is a commonly reported phenomenon by other TI's.

They have done this to the motion sensitive lights on my home for the past several years. Having these lights set off in the middle of the night became so problematic that it was easier just to keep them off all the time, which defeated the purpose and expense of having them installed.

Of course, most TI's will also tell you that the Government will attack their computers by way of satellite as well --- slowing their processors down -- locking up their Internet connections -- and both adding and removing files from the computer -- in some cases TI's have reported that some of the files they had on their computers had been locked so that they were no longer able to access them -- especially files that documented their harassment.

I even had the computer screen on my monitor go from a white background to a yellow one for about 24 hours, simply because these fascists that we call federal intelligence did not like what I was writing about them. I have also had my computer processor slowed to a crawl, my keyboard function retarded to the point where as I type, the characters don't appear on the screen as I am typing them, but instead a second or so later -- this is happening to me right now, and it is very easy to make a mistake while being forced to type this way. It makes typing up a blog take much much longer then usual -- obviously this is the fed's intention. And this has been a common problem for the past 8 or so months, when the feds found yet another venue in their attacks on me.

While not every aspect of what I have mentioned here is common between TI's and alien abductees, the phenomenon of people hearing voices in their heads and experiencing scenes which play out in their minds while they are captive to them is common, amongst both TI's and alien abductees. I have experienced this many times as have a myriad of other TI's. Now it is clear that my tormenters are defininetly US Federal Government employees working for the NSA, FBI and quite possibly other agencies within the Intelligence community -- quite possibly even the Department of Defense.

However, while some of what alien abductees report as being voices and visions in their heads is clearly of an extra terrestrial nature, it also evident that at least some of it is being done by humans working for the Military, who are using an electronic form of mind reading and influencing known as synthetic telepathy, to manipulate their thoughts and actions. I have also read of well known alien abductees such as the late Dr. Karla Turner, describing these experiences as well as hearing tapping, clicking and banging noises in her own home, however never finding the source.

I have experienced all of these as well. Dr. Turner also commented on being followed by what she thought was the Military and that after her abductions began, helicopters were frequently flown over her home, she would receive prank phone calls, and be kept in a constant state of fear. Sounds like something the Pentagon (DoD) would have had a hand in. Moreover, the DoD' s baby brother, the NSA has the technology to by way of satellite, broadcast thoughts into one's mind (synthetic telepathy), as well as create holograms within one's own home which can appear frighteningly real. Did Karla at any time experience ET/Military involvement which she may have quite understandably mistaken for ET involvement alone?

Before I comment any further I should state that I believe that Karla was telling the truth about her abductions and that I certainly do believe that Extra Terrestrial life not only exists but is more than likely living covertly among humans on this planet. I am just wondering how much of a role the US Military played in Karla and her family's experiences, as it seems obvious to me that they were very much involved in what she and her family were put though.

Before her tragic and untimely death in 1996, Karla had repeatedly said that those abductees that she had interviewed had received threatening phone calls from unidentified persons warning them to stay away from her. Karla herself even reported receiving anonymous threats to stop investigating UFO abductions or suffer the consequences.

I think that there can be little doubt at this point that the possibility exists that Karla's death was no accident, given that she developed a fast spreading and deadly form of cancer shortly after her last reported abduction. This would appear to have been convenient for the US Federal Government, given that Karla had taken on a world wide prominence in the field of UFOlogy as a respected researcher, and who had quite obviously become quite a thorn in the side of the FEDS and their UFO disinformation campaign. The real issue here is did the FEDS themselves murder Karla or have their alien associates do so?

I, too regularly have helicopters and non commerical looking aircraft flying directly over my home, and back in the early 1990's actually witnessed a group of 6 of the infamous black helicopters flying past me at dusk, as I sailed my Cape Dory sloop on Long Island sound.

As was typical of other sightings of such aircraft, there were no indentifiable registration numbers on these aircraft, they flew silently without any visible lights on the front or sides and had just one red tail light on each of the sterns of these aircraft. This is not a second hand report that you are reading here. I saw these craft with my own eyes and they do exist.

While I could write volumes on what I have been subjected to as a Government gang stalking/mind control target, you the readers have gotten enough of an idea of what it's like from what has been written in today's blog. Note that the Government aspect of stalking in my situation is extreme in nature because I am being attacked by an FBI agent named Raymond Migliore who has for the past 25 years used the FBI, NSA and in more recent years, Department Of Homeland Security in his attacks on me. Ray is a cowardly thug who belongs in a federal prison. He is typical of the corruption within the FBI and a stain on American Juris Prudence and the US Constitution.

A note to John: I am aware that the perps are hard at work in their attempts to use you as another perp in their attacks on me -- this indicates serious desperation on their part looking to gain a stronghold, where one no longer exists for them. Also note that I am not holding it against you and will continue to send you information I deem to be helpful in our battles with this EVIL. In their attacks on me and my family, these perps who belong to the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security on down to my neighbors and the rest of my community, have all become unindicted felons, guilty of some horrendous criminal activity. And I will not rest until I have exposed each and every one of them for the miscreants that they are. The FEDS in particular are positively EVIL.

The NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring Program

Click On Diagram To Enlarge

The MIND RAPE Of The American People

The National Security Agency
Remote Neural Monitoring


No Federal Intelligence Agency Has The Right To Spy On Any American Citizen Within The Privacy Of Their Own Home For One Second, Much Less For Decades On End.

Yet, The United States Federal Government Is Doing Just That Through The National Security Agency's Remote Neural Monitoring Program, Which Can Track You By Targeting The Electrical Brainwaves Given Off By Your Own Body.

Making This Abuse Even Worse Is That Your Brainwaves Can Be Picked Up Like Radio Waves, By NSA Operated Satellites Which Are Then Sent Directly To Their Super Computers That Translate These Waves Into Words (your own private subvocalized thoughts).

This Means That The NSA Agents Who Are Employed As Cryptologists Can Electronically Read Your Own Thoughts And By Means Of Two Way Communication With The Brains Of Those Humans It Targets, Also Influence Their Behavior By Targeting The Parts Of The Brain Which Are Responsible For Controlling Our Thoughts, Emotions, Appetite, Sex Drive etc.

The NSA refers to this aspect of RNM technology as their "two way dial up system."

This illegal spying, which includes watching everything a targeted person does (including using their bathrooms and having sex) and listening to everything that person says, has become a very real and dangerous threat to American Civil Liberties.

The probability of the US Government abusing this technology is already a foregone conclusion, since the National Security Agency is clearly doing so in using said technology to illegally spy on millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent -- and utilizing its brainmapping research to by way of satellite, tap into our thoughts, thus manipulating them as well as our very own behavior.

What the NSA is doing here should be described as exactly what it is: MIND RAPE

An extremely disturbing trend has surfaced, not just in the United States, but also in other countries that are members of NATO (National Alliance Treaty Organization), which reveals that this type of EXTREME spying may be happening to millions of citizens residing within these countries as well, and that most of them remain completely unaware of it.

No federal agent has the right to utilize classified weaponary to remotely target and torture any American citizen -- a targeting which employs the use of this advanced and covert technology to both scan and manipulate the thoughts of the American people or any other people on this planet. And it's clear that the governments aligning themselves with NATO are doing just that, and using this technology to silence the dissent of their own people.

If federal agents, regardless of the governments they work for are caught using this technology, they should not only be fired from their jobs, but also prosecuted and imprisoned for committing such heinous and treasonous crimes -- crimes which represent the consumate betrayal of the American people's trust.

Every American MUST read former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit regarding the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring Technology. Each of you is catalogued into this system by way of the unique brainwaves that your body gives off. These waves are as unique to each of you as your own fingerprints. And furthermore, they act as a tracking device for the NSA's satellites.

I did not mean to ruin your lives, but I have been exposed to this technology for the past 25 years, and just found out about it recently. If you knew about this technology and how the US Federal Government was illegally using it on American citizens, wouldn't you do your best to tell others about it?

Of course you would.

As people of conscience you would not be able to live with yourselves unless you did. It's just too bad that the Government employees that use this technology on us are completely lacking in any conscience. So please take this information seriously and circulate it to others.

You can access this lawsuit right here on my Website by going to the links section and clicking on Lawsuit: Akwei VS NSA. Scroll down to the area which discusses SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE and review from there.

What are you waiting for people?? Your freedoms are disappearing as fast as I am typing this sentence, so please GET A MOVE ON!!

And don't forget to pass this information on to your families, friends & communities, all of whom are in this illegal spy system and can be subjected to it at anytime, and made to be unwitting victims of the NSA and this criminal activity.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

FBI Agent Indicted In Murders Of 5 Men

Retired FBI Agent Lin Delvecchio Indicted For Murder

Had I heard something like this in the news years ago I would have thought for certain that this agent must be wrongly accused. However, having been subjected to this type of abuse of law for years now by the FBI and other federal intelligence agencies, I can say that I am no longer surprised by anything that the FBI does in the way of criminal activity, including the indictment of former FBI agent Lin Delvecchio in the murders of five men.

Their COINTELPRO activites are so pervasive throughout American society, that only the spin by mainstream US media and public ignorance keep Americans from learning the truth about this morally bankrupt spy agency. An agency that has no regard for Civil or Human Rights, and a long standing history of abusing both. And truth be told, we would not be hearing about Delvecchio by way of the US media had he not first been indicted. We never hear about FBI crimes until long after the fact, since the media is threatened to stay away from them.

A former FBI special recalled a situation where he had spoken with a reporter by name of Ted Montouri, who worked for a New York publication known as the Staten Island Advance. When this agent contacted him, Montouri eagerly listened to what he had to say in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO style attacks on said agent. Montouri was impressed enough with what he was told to arrange for this agent to come to New York for an interview. However, when this agent contacted Montouri the following day to confirm their meeting, he quickly retracted his offer and abruptly ended the conversation.

This is the type of intimidation that the FBI is capable of perpetrating against any and all citizens in this country, and in particular certain investigative journalists, who take an interest in exposing FBI criminal activity at the highest levels of this organization. These people find themselves being ruthlessly attacked by federal agents who function far more as groups of criminal thugs than they do law enforcement.

If they don't submit to the FBI's demands, they are hounded until they do. Many times their careers are destroyed, their reputations ruined, and even their relationships with their own families and closest friends completely severed. This is the real FBI, not the one you watched on the Quinn Martin Television Series back in the 1960's which portrayed the FBI as upstanding law enforcement. Is it any wonder that in order to perpetuate this falsehood the FBI's director, John Edgar Hoover himself, insisted on okaying the first few episodes of the program before they were aired to the public?

Even the a popular 1980's movie called Mississipi Burning portrayed the FBI as a hero in helping to defend the rights of Civil Rights activists by solving the murders of three activists who had been brutally beaten and shot to death in 1963. However, this portrayal of the FBI was completely inaccurate. Any one involved in the Civil Rights movement in those days can tell you that the FBI was no friend to it. Instead the FBI and the Department Of Justice stood by idly while Civil Rights workers were beaten by the Ku Klux Klan. And if that was not bad enough, under cover FBI agents posing as Civil Rights workers infiltrated these movements in efforts to turn their members against one another to destroy the movements from within.

Infiltration is a standard operating method that the FBI uses against Civil Rights movements. They were doing back in the 1960's and they are still doing in the new millenium, but with more advanced technology which can now take them not only into the homes of they target, but through the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, into their minds as well.

The painful truth about agents like Delvecchio is that they are typical of the ways in which these agents operate, and indicative of the depth of criminal activity that they are involved in. It's only the bullying tactics of this and other federal intelligence agencies that keep a lid on these crimes and the covert terrorism that they use to silence those who would speak out against them.

If you were to suddenly discover that FBI agents are as bad if not worse than the typical members of organized crime that terrorize the public, would you continue to respect this organization? Of course not. No rational person would. And this is why the FBI has since its inception in 1908 used its intimidation tactics to keep the media from discussing its crimes. And those in the media who have not taken the FBI's warnings paid a very high price, in some instances the ulimate price -- death whether by suicide, or murder in a made to look like suicide. And the FBI's attacks on them have served as notice for reporters to stay away from negative press regarding the FBI or suffer the same consequences.

And you thought it was only the Mafia that sent intimidating warning messages.

If you look in the archives of investigative journalists over the past Century, you will find little evidence of the FBI's criminal activity, because a conspiracy has always existed to cover it up.

However, since Americans have been introduced to the Internet, where their first Amendment rights are not as restricted (although the FBI is doing its best to do this on the Internet as well), as they are in the US media, you will find a myriad of Websites documenting some very unpleasant historical facts about the FBI and its COINTELPRO tactics, Palmer Raids, and every other Liberty crushing activity imaginable. These sites are telling the truth, and reveal to the reader the extent to which the FBI is corrupt. Is it any wonder that the FBI, CIA and other federal intelligence agencies are looking to drastically narrow the scope of the information
available through the US Freedom Of Information Act? (FOIA) Or for that matter scour the Internet for any Websites documenting their crimes?

They have committed atrocities as bad if not worse then those they document in other countries; countries that are not governed by democracy. So what does this say for federal intelligence? And what's more, they will keep perpetrating these lies until the American people as a whole learn of them. At that time, there will be no place for these agencies or their agents left to hide, and it is then that they will have to take responsiblity for the abominable crimes that they have committed over the decades -- crimes which will no doubt set precedent for cruelty and inhumanity.

Remember back in 1971 when the Black Panthers liberated files from and FBI office in Pennsylania -- files which documented the FBI's COINTELPRO operations -- files which were shared with the US media that caused the FBI the worst scandal in its history. The next scandal isn't just going to include the FBI, but the NSA, CIA and several other Intelligence agencies. And this time around they will not be given a second chance as the FBI was back in 1971 -- a chance which they could have used to clean up their dirty tactics, but instead they chose to continue doing things in their typical criminal fashion.

The following article should be of interest to anyone who is a gang stalking victim, since this crime is encouraged by the FBI, whose agents also take part in it.

As for Delvecchio, he is being allowed his right to due process, something that all TI's are illegally denied by the US Federal Intelligence Community and US Judiciary.

With The Perps Any Annoyance At All Will Do

I just received a snail mail from Representative Peter King of NY thanking me for my vote on the Voting Rights Reauthorization Act of 1965 for another 25 years. First off, why do the minorities in this country need some special legislation to protect their rights when as Americans they should have these rights without the need for this type of legislation?

And since it was only passed for another 25 years, what will happen when it is again due to be renewed? If in fact the human race manages to exist that long -- and given the rate we're going, this is not an unreasonable statement.

As for further harassment, my snailmail arrived with the contents literally having been glued to the envelope it came in, making it impossible for me to access the letter without tearing the envelope in half. This is a very simple yet typical way in which the perps (FBI, NSA, and DHS in my case) use every possible aspect of psywarfare to attack, but with plausible deniabilty. Now one might say, but contents in an envelope can get glued to the inside. Perhaps a small edge, but not the entire bottom of the document which had to be torn away from the remnants of the envelope.

Furthermore, when you have these things happen to you several times per day, for years on end, it is not a coincidence -- it is part of a psywarfare campaign being waged against you by a bunch of SICKOS in Government who should be spending their days in analysis, not taunting American citizens.

As for Peter King, I have no idea if he had anything to do with this or not. And I will not hold it against him. I should, however, mention that he does oversee a branch of Homeland Security here on Long Island. And I have noticed lately how fed up the public is with Homeland Security, to the point where many are calling for it to be completely dismantled, or whatever the formal term is for permanently getting rid of this government agency.

Personally, from what I have seen, it DHS appears to be yet another way of this Government channeling drug money into operations which enable it to further erode your Constitutional Rights. These people are power crazed and want to control every aspect of our lives, from spying on us within the privacy of our own homes to using remote neural monitoring to both scan and manipulate our most private thoughts. The American people are not going to have to wait for the fall of democracy in this country, because it happened long ago, with the events of 9-11 of and the subsequent Fascist Patriot Act putting the proverbial final nail in its coffin.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Voice Morphing Can Clone Anyone's Voice

Will The Violations OF Peoples' Rights Ever END???

Since I created this Website to document corruption within the US Federal Government that the publicly owned and Government controlled mainstream media will NEVER tell you about, this is as good a place as any to include INFO on a technology which is CERTAIN to be abused by the US Federal Intelligence Community.

One of the newest violations of Civil Rights is that of Voice Morphing Technology. And the US Federal Intelligence Community has access to it. And it has already been used in regard to the 9-11 attacks when fake phone calls were made to the families of the alleged victims of Flight 93. Several aviation experts have already come forward to state that back in 2001 the technology did not exist to allow cell phone calls to take place at 32,000 feet in in the air. These phone calls and the entire "Let's roll call" were faked.

When flight 93 landed at Cleveland airport and its passengers were deplaned, where did they go from the NASA debriefing area? An entire plane load of people never died in Pennsylvania as we have been told. A myriad of reports frome people on the scene the day of the alleged crash said that nothing at the crash site resembled a plane crash -- no bodies, no identifiable wreckage etc. Even a coroner sent out there has to this day said that he never saw one drop of blood -- not one!

The passengers on Flight 93 were simply shuttled off to Cleveland airport which was then evacuted due to reports that one of the hijacked planes was arriving there. Of course this meant that there were no eyewitnesses to see what happened to these people, but there was a record of this plane landing at Cleveland Air Port on Friday morning.


As for the FBI and voice morphing tech, I can already see them in court with the prosecution playing tapes for the jury while the defendants look on dumbfounded knowing full well that they never said any of the things on these tapes.

And if you think that the FBI would not do something like this, then you really don't know the FBI or its infamous COINTELPRO history, where testa lying in court became a standard practice of federal agents including but not limited to the FBI.

Remember this about the US Federal Intelligence community -- most of these agents believe that being silent about the crimes they witness other agents committing makes them people who are both loyal and acting with integrity. However this is incorrect. Keeping silent about crimes that you are witnessing does NOT give you integrity; it makes you guilty of aiding and abetting criminal activity. As for not exposing these crimes it should be stated that -- Silence And Integrity are NOT the same thing.

Memo To TI Victims Of Mind Control & Gang Stalking

After 25 years as a government mind control target, and three years of the most intense stalking ever documented, I have arrived at the following conclusions:

The perpetrators of these crimes, whether they be Government, local law enforcement, corporations, or simply citizens coopted into taking part in these attacks all have the following goals in common.

To utilize every aspect of psywarfare to drive us insane, by distorting the common occurences within our daily lives in such ways so that they can be used as psychological weapons against us -- words, phrases and items which can be used to trigger certain psychological responses in a TI which are unpleasant.

For example, every color in the spectrum, every word in the English language(or for that matter any language native to the country that stalkers reside in), every piece of matter, can be used in the attacks on TI's.

The objective here is to have every aspect of the TI's life become so miserable that they will choose to end it, rather then go on suffering from the attacks of the so called "do gooder stalkers" who in many cases without even realizing it, become the most vile and despicable characters, simply by way of their vicious activities.

These perps want you to imagine that everything you see and everything you hear will eventually become triggers in their attacks on you, to break you down psychologically -- And that is EXACTLY what these perps are attempting to do.

They usually begin with only a handful of these triggers to determine how strong willed the TI is. Then they custom tailor a plan of psychological abuse for each TI which is then followed to the letter of their law (BTW.. not our rule of law which would absolutely place people like this in prison for their crimes). This includes gradually adding in new triggers all the time until the TI has nowhere to turn for relief. -- There is only one way to beat this type of sick abuse -- Learn to Condition yourself to IGNORE these triggers -- It can be done and it will render the psyops aspect of this campaign against you virtually useless.

These attacks on us have nothing to do with law enforcement: they are expensive and
time consuming to conduct, and appear to be the creation of Illuminati who have tired of hunting their normal animal prey, and have found convenient loopholes within the law, which now allows them to now prey on human beings for sport. Is it any wonder how this has become a more prevalent problem over the past 5 years with George W. Bush, a member of the Illuminati, as President of the United States?

For the first two years of these aggressive attacks on my person, I was stalked in every possible way -- color stalked, vehicle stalked, phone and cyber stalked, noise stalked; brighting; you name the type of stalking and in the past three years I have seen it. All while trigger words, phrases, & items have been used liberally in an all out assault on my psyche.

Well my little perps, I am STILL HERE and alerting the world to what scoundrels you all are. And unlike you, I have not piddled away millions of taxpayer dollars in doing so -- money that could have and should have been put to much more humane uses!

While these stalkings continue unabated including the accompanying street theatre, I have learned to accept them as part of my daily life, and chosen to go on and live as best I can given the tremendous adversity that I deal with each day. I am not the criminal here; the Fascists who have attacked me and countless other TI's are the criminals. Due Process is supposed to be the main component in US Juris Prudence -- the focal point of the Judicial System in the USA. So where is it now while these miscreants continue to noise stalk me, as they drive up and down my neighborhood into all hours of the night, racing their car engines, spinning their tires, honking their horns and screaming like wild animals at the top of their lungs?

As for the FBI, NSA and rest of the Federal Intelligence Community, somewhere along the line they got it into their heads that it is OK to use satellites to spy on Americans within their own bedrooms and bathrooms. And if that wasn't bad enough, to use remote neural monitoring technology to both access the thoughts of those they target and manipulate them through the use of this technology. Can anyone say 25 years to life, because that is what you or I would get if we pulled this shit with someone. Another instance where the CRIMINALS in federal intelligence have literally gotten away with murder. One of their credos is do as we say not as we do. If we actually followed what they did we'd all be in prison for life.

As for those who stalk us, the truth about these people is that they are unhappy with their own lives, and looking to vent their anger on someone else. So of course it makes perfect sense to attack someone who has never done a thing to them; someone who has no criminal record; someone who has had their Civil Rights violated in the worst ways possible. Yes it makes perfect sense to do this if you are a sociopathic maniac!!! (My emphasis)

As I mentioned earlier, the key for the survival of all being targeted for these despicable acts, and by the abrogates who perpetrate them against us, is to learn to ignore these "triggers," whether they come from stalkers, or other TI's who for one reason or another have been coopted into the attacks on you. You are not the criminals here -- those who are stalking you and using directed energy weapons are the criminals. And at some point they are going to be made to answer for their attacks on us.

While we can condition ourselves to ignore these triggers, sadly we can't do so with the directed energy weapons used against us, which is why they have long been used as an adjuctive component in our torture.

As for our perps, regardless of what they do for a living or which end of the socio-economic strata they reside in, the following can be said of them:

If they must lie about what they have done, even given the military tactic of plausible deniabilty, then what they have done is wrong. There is no gray area here, and no room for interpretation.

America has truly become a fascist police state, but so many of the citizens in this country are taking part in these attacks that they have become oblivious to what has happened to the United States.

And what they have also failed to realize is that what is being done to us can easily and at anytime be done to them, since in these types of activities the rule of law does not apply. Any TI will tell you this, since these crimes are constantly being reported by them, yet nothing gets done about it -- not ever.

The FBI will not help them; the local police will not help them; the local politicians will not help them; and to be certain the federal government "a major cause" for this phenomenon is not about to help them.

Consequently all TI's will ultimately arrive at the following conclusion: For them to survive they must become Island's unto themselves, since everyone around a TI can become coopted into their harassment at any time, by coercion or if necessary physical violence.

Even TI's can be easily led to turn on other TI's who have been supportive of them. This is actually a very common problem, and one which the perps count on, simply because TI's will let their guard down with other TI's, making them more vulnerable to attack.

My advice is to trust no one. Do your own research and learn as much as you can about this criminal phenomenon that is sweeping the globe. An excellent place to begin is the Mind Control Forums website. There you will learn that most of what the mainstream media has been telling you about the US Federal Government and (its criminal appendage) the US Intelligence Community, have been complete lies; lies used to misdirect you and prevent you from learning about their extensive history of corruption. All Americans need to be deprogrammed from a lifetime's worth of Government propagandized lies.

And the following applies to all TI's:

If you can help another TI in their battle exposing these crimes do so, but never allow yourself to be deceived into believing that those around you cannot be coopted at anytime -- because they can. If a TI deceives you, don't attack them; cut them loose, since they will become as much of a threat to your sanity as any normal perp.

And hold onto your money. One of the perps' goals is to bankrupt us. And it is easy to get suckered into giving another TI money, only to find later that they were used in setting you up. I have given money to two TI's in the past few years. One was a noble gentleman whom I am happy to have helped. The other person was a woman who gladly accepted $200 from me, while she was in fact taking part in the perps's psywarfare against me.

In reality she approached me from the getgo, being used as a perp, and asked for my help is setting up an organization for other targeted indivduals, which I gave her, including writing the mission statement for the group as well as providing it with several different resources of pertinent information.

While I was doing this work, this woman used every opportunity to attack me with triggered words and phrases through her e-mails. I eventually tired of the abuse, and dumped her before she could do any further damage. I have also read of many other TI's whose good nature was taken advantage of by other TI's or perps posing as TI's. So a word of caution here.

I am still empathetic towards this person because she is being treated very badly by her perp's. However, this woman is the type who gives all women a bad name. But to attack someone who has done nothing but go well above and beyond the call of duty to help you, makes you a miscreant. And this woman has a habit of doing this to others who have been screwed over by her and later commented about it. I remember her telling me at the time I was gifting her (somehow I knew I would never get a loan back) of one person who had been bad mouthing her unfairly. Well, as it turns out, that person was right about her all along. I just had to learn it the hard way. $200 bucks down the drain. Fortunately, most women are far more decent then she is.

As TI's you are being abused at all levels of your life and by some of the sickest perps you will ever find. Please note that even the nicest of people can be coopted into doing horrible things, and this can result in even your loved ones becoming off limits to you -- as painful as that may be. Never hate your loved ones for this -- remember that they have been coopted into this miserable situation and are as much victims as you are. Also remember that the perp's goal is to create hatred -- so don't fall into their trap. If you can't love people, then stay away from them. Only negative things will occur if you don't.

Learn to be good to yourself. Read books, listen to music, free your mind to think for yourself and not this oppressive work force or Government which is sucking the life's blood out of the American citizenry.

Moreover, Extra Terrestrials have made their mark on the human race and we are now finding ourselves to be pawns in their diabolical game of planetary subversion and domination. Don't be afraid to acknowledge their existence. It was President Truman's Majestic 12 committee which was created back in 1947, that instructed the media to make the topic of Extra Terrestrials and UFO's off limits to the public, and to deride those who attemped to seek further inquiries into this phenomenon.

Of course, while instructing the media in this way, Majestic 12 was hard at work researching the UFO's which crashed in Roswell in 1947, attempting to determine the intentions of these aliens. This has been somewhat effective over the years because any Americans who attempted to investigate ET's, and even those who became abductees have been stonewalled by the mainstream media, and derided as being lunatics for even mentioning UFO's.

This tactic has gradually lost any effectiveness that it may have once had though, and if anything now stymies the Government's attempts at disinformation, in what has become a growing interest in the ET phenomenon -- something far too powerful and universal for any Government to quash.

The real focus at this juncture is given the advanced intellect and technology of these beings, is there much that the human race can do to battle them and their conquest of this planet? It's not likely, especially if one understands the nature of the Granada Treaty.

1950 would prove to be a major milestone in the undoing of the American people, for it was at this time that the US Military formed a treaty with these ET's to work together sharing their research. The newly formed Granada Treaty would allow the US Military to obtain a myriad of advanced technological research in return for allowing these ET's to take the humans of their choosing and conduct whatever experiments they wanted to perform on them. This despicable activity has been occuring since 1950, and continues into the present day.

Now given this information, do you still need to ask why the US Military is so SECRETIVE and refuses to even acknowledge the presence of ET's on this planet? Imagine if most people found out about this coverup, and what that would do to the monotheistic religions in this country, who tell us that God created humans as the highest form of life in the universe. The undeniable proof of ET's living and colonizing on this planet would throw one hell of a monkey wrench into that doctrine.

But I digress..

As much as you may hate your tormenters and you certainly have a right to, it is better to let the hate go. If you do you will find that your life will improve in some important ways, simply because you will no longer be boxed in as most of society has become; being fed government disinformation by way of the mainstream media, and falling deeper into this universal deception each year. Instead of hate, it's better to ridicule your tormenters to show them how pathetic and cruel what they are doing is.

Moreover, there is still A Constitution in place in the United States, and NO ONE has the right to violate the Articles set forth within that document or the Bill Of Rights, even if the current president considers it to be nothing more that a GD piece of paper. And in the case of all peoples, regardless of the countries which they hail from, human rights laws demand that you are treated humanely. If you are not, then those violating human rights laws are criminals.

The following site belongs to a gang stalking target. It contains an excellent FAQ sheet (frequently asked questions) on gang stalking. Since 1 in 100 people in this country is a gang stalking target and 1 in 25 is recruited as a gang stalker, you will probably eventually find yourself as either a stalker or a stalkee. Learn the facts.

Note: my perps are obviously not happy about this particular blog since they have got
my computer running at a crawl. So what else is new?

Perps Interfere Helping Cancer Patient

After reading about the plight of a 16 year old named Abraham Cherrix, who suffers from Hodgkins lymphoma, and was recently ordered by a Judge to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments against both his parents' and his wishes, I decided to try to help him.

I created a petition in an attempt to get people to come to the aid of this young man. However, from the inception of creating this petition, I have noticed some odd events. The first is that I never received an e-mail confirmation so that my name would actually appear on the petition, even though others have. How does it look when you are asking others to sign a petition, when your name is listed as the creator of the document, yet you're not listed as one of the petitioners?

The second is that some of the messages left on the petition appear to have some subtle trigger words in them. Would the perps interfere with my attempting to help this young man?

Definitely. The truth is that the perps don't give a flying you know what about this kid, or what happens to him, as long as they can continue to harass me. Goes to show you what they really are, when they would interfere with someone trying to help a kid to get a treatment protocol he needs to put into remission one of the more deadly forms of cancer. This kid's biggest concern should be his school work and the peer pressure issues of being a 16 year old; not worrying about whether or not he will ever live to see 17.

Fortunately, there has been a stay in the judge's ruling at least until sometime in August. However, I am not convinced that this issue is going to be decided in Abraham's favor, and consequently, going to keep this petition active just in case. So please sign it and pass it on to others to ensure that this young man is able to have the best treatment possible in battling his cancer and the previously unforseen battle that he is now waging with the US Judicial system.

As for these perps, they never cease to amaze me when they manage to plumb an entirely new low for themselves. Bad enough they have no regard for the laws of this land or the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, but attempting to defend what they do in regard to their use of directed energy weapons, gang stalking and everyother crime imaginable, while declaring themselves law enforcement is a complete joke. At least it would be had they not gotten away with destroying so many lives in the process.

The petition is directly below as are some sites describing his situation in detail:

Abraham's story can be found at this site:

Most current info on Abraham's case:

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bush's Grope Of German Chancellor Merkel

I was reading a post of a fellow TI's in which he mentions his belief that President George W. Bush's recent massage/grope of Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was induced by way of synthetic telepathy (I believe that he refers to it as the "sorcerers at work," but we are both on the same page here. Not only do I agree with him, but upon seeing this videoclip for myself, the first thing I did was contact yet another TI to explain my thoughts as to how this was done by way of synthetic telepathy, a remote electronic form of mind control.

If you bother to take a look at this video clip, notice that Bush's face is completely expressionless -- almost zombie-like. He begins by walking across the room and then suddenly heads straight for Chancellor Merkel, who then proceeds to cringe, as Bush places his hands on her shoulders for a quick grope. To this author, it appears that at least for a few moments, Bush was being mind controlled by way of synthetic telepathy. Afterwards, he almost appears to be embarassed by his actions, wondering why he had just done what he did, and realizing that he had just created albeit, however minor, an international incident.

The only real issue here is who was the one pulling the electronic strings on Bush for those few seconds? I know that the NSA has been doing it to myself and many others, but was it cryptologists in Fort Meade, Maryland (the NSA's headquarters) who were responsible for this outrageous stunt, or someone else with this advanced technology attempting to make Bush look bad?

As a mind control target there is no doubt in my mind that I have been subjected to these types of electronically induced mind manipulations for years, to the point where I have even said things that I did not mean to say, only to find myself wondering why I did so immediately afterwards.

I believe that this technology was developed by Extra Terrestrial forms of life -- call them aliens, greys, reptillians, or any other classification of ET beings that UFologists have chosen to name them. It has also been a theory of mine (and I am certainly not the only one who maintains such a theory) that while humans may not have been the creation of ET's, we are in our most current iteration, the product of ET genetic engineering. History records that the ancients we refer to as Sumerians were the first highly evolved humans on this planet.

Are we to surmise from this that all humans up until this point were of an extremely low intelligence quotient, and then quite suddenly, humans took a gigantic leap forward in their evolution, creating various branches of learning including the sciences, mathematics, languages, politics and religions?

It would appear that to have evolved this quickly, humans were given some external help in the way of genetic upgrades to advance what they were at the time: very primitive and simplistic human beings. Also assume at this point that those who originally created us (whether you call them God, gods, cosmic energy etc.) may not have had a direct hand in this manipulative process of advancing the human genome, either by choice or not.

Imagine if you will, that this planet was created as an experiment and that humans were included as a part of this experiment. A gigantic scientific undertaking by and for others of higher intellects and significantly advanced physiology and technology, to study. And then along came other beings not quite of the same superior intellect, but still much greater then our own.

Now imagine that it was these second tier beings that decided to interfere with human beings, by genetically reengineering them, to make them superior in intellect to what they had been before. But in their development, certain aspects of these humans became difficult to deal with. In essence they developed minds of their own. They had many of the attributes of those beings who interfered with their biological blueprint, and two in particular, those of love and compassion, which were of greatest interest to those conducting this experiment, since these advanced beings were devoid of both.

Hypothetically speaking, suppose that these beings suddenly found that because humans had a tendency to think for themselves, and as such avoided the constrictive nature of a rigid social structure, that they became more than a handful to deal with. If these beings needed to find a way in which to keep humans in line, without actually scrapping their project altogether, they had to find their achilles heel -- something that they could use to control them. Now humans by their very nature are fearful beings.

And anything that could do them harm would be cause for concern. Religions and their Idoltry of Gods which would control the afterlives of humans, would now become an effective way to keep them in line, since what humans did in this life time would be judged by their God, and then either rewarded or punished depending on the situation. And it appears that it was during this time that the concept of religious indoctrination, suddenly became common place, and perhaps the most effective mind control tool of all since at least in the minds of the humans, it heavily influeced what would happen to them in the afterlife.

So here we have it. An experiment gone awry, conducted by technically and intellectually advanced beings, now attempting to determine how to control a situation that has gotten out of hand. And the creation of invisible gods who in time evolve into one all powerful God, worshiped under different names, by all religions, becomes the mainstay in their disciplinary process.

If the above hypothesis appeals to you at all, you will find the following articles very worthwhile reading:

To those who are open minded enough to question the monothestic religions of our time and look to answers from a more scientific viewpoint, the following articles should be of some interest; especially if you believe that Extra Terrestial life not only exists, but may well have lent a hand in the creation or at least genetic manipulation of the human race.

Interview With Zacharia Sitchin

[His] The Earth Chronicles series is based on the premise that mythology is not fanciful but the repository of ancient memories; that the Bible ought to be read literally as a historic/scientific document; and that ancient civilizations--older and greater than assumed--were the product of knowledge brought to Earth by the Anunnaki, "Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came." ...I trust that modern science will continue to confirm ancient knowledge.

The Anunnaki

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose... There were nephilim in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

The Anunnaki Remnans

Are Still on Earth The debate has been raging about the Anunnaki – not whether they exist – nor whether they have been to Earth – as the evidence of them being here is so overwhelming that non-acceptance of Anunnaki presence on Earth is only for those in denial of the truth. The debate is whether they are still here today.

Synopsis of the Alien Master Plan

Mankind is being enslaved by non-human forces who are technologically, psychically, and dimensionally superior to us. They consist of multiple factions, spanning multiple dimensions and locations in spacetime, all here to take a slice of the human pie.

A Further Example Of The Perp's Harassment

Today I received a phony E-mail in regard to a (TOS) Terms Of Service Violation to my America Online Account. However, this message included 4 screennames which are not part of my AOL account. This is yet another trick by the perps (in my case those being directed by the FBI and Homeland Security) as part of their ILLEGAL psywarfare attacks on me.

Below is the E-mail that I sent to AOL's Terms Of Service Department informing them of this scam. And beneath it is the perp's E-mail to me. Note that when I attempted to e-mail these perps at their address, it was sent back as a mailerdaemon. Also note that the e-mail in question directs me to download a website directly to my computer, while simultaneously threatening to cancel my AOL account within a 24 hour time span if I do not.

This is so typical of the types of scams that the feds utilize in their harassment of those they target. They get paid to uphold the law, and instead we catch them pulling this kind of juvenile, 10th grade bullshit. FBI, it's not a job, it's a career in organized crime, but with impunity to prevent these miscreants from ever going to prison for committing their crimes.

***** Update: Today I received this E-mail from America Online Terms Of Service Dept. proving that yesterday's was just a lame attempt by the feds to harass me.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 11:04 PM
Subject: Terms of Service

Dear Member,

Thank you for your letter regarding the communication you recently received claiming to be from America Online. The information you received is not valid and has not been sent to you by America Online staff.Most often, correspondence from official AOL staff will arrive with a blue border around the e-mail and an "Official AOL Mail" stamp on the e-mail.

You can find more information about this at Keyword: Official AOL Mail.However, some of America Online's Terms of Service staff email boxes have not yet been converted to the "Official Blue Email" format. These email boxes include the TOSGen and TOSEmail screen names. AOL staff will never send you any type of communication asking for your password, billing information, or other personal information.

AOL also will not instruct you to visit a web page to verify information or view Terms of Service violation information.The only time AOL staff will ask you to verify your billing information is to verify that we are dealing with the Billing Contact to make sure no one is attempting to utilize your account fraudulently. You will NOT be asked to verify your complete credit card or checking account number, or your password.

Suspicious or fraudulent e-mail can be reported to America Online's Community Action Team by clicking the forward icon within the original e-mail and sending it to the screen name: TOSReports. If you are using the 8.0 version of AOL, simply highlight the subject line of the e-mail in your e-mail box and click on the Report Spam button at the bottom of the screen.To report e-mail using the 7.0 version of AOL, simply highlight the e-mail subject line in your e-mail box and click on the Notify AOL button at the bottom of the screen.

Suspicious or fraudulent Instant Messages (IM's) can be reported by clicking on the Notify AOL button located on the bottom the IM window.As America Online considers AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) separate from the America Online system, AOL's Terms of Service (TOS) do not apply to AIM users. Thus, AIM Instant Messages do not contain a "Notify AOL" button.At Keyword: Mail Controls you will find features that allow you to control incoming e-mail. To learn more about how to protect your AOL account, we recommend you visit Keywords: Neighborhood Watch and Parental Controls. If you have additional comments or questions please visit Keyword: TOSQuestions.Regards,Community Action TeamAmerica Online, Inc.

These were e-mails from the prior day:

My E-mail to AOL Terms Of Service:

To the person or persons who have erroneously sent this message:

First off, none of the names on this account belong to me.

Second, I am keeping the e-mail sent to me as evidence that either AOL or someone purporting to be AOL TOS has been recruited into the FBI and Homeland Security's psychological warfare campaign against me and my Family.

I find none of this amusing since what you have done here can be considered as nothing less than criminal activity as a co-conspirator in these crimes against my Family and me.

Your mere attempt to send me something to be downloaded which more than likely contains some type of virus has also been taken into account.

I am posting this to my Website to document further evidence of FBI Special Agent Raymond Migliore's attempts to circumvent the law, by conspiring along with other FBI agents and others within the federal intelligence community to deny both my family and me our Civil Rights.

James F. Marino
US Government Mind Control/Gangstalking Target/Activist

The US Government's Account Of 9/11
Is A Complete Fraud -- Bush, The PNAC
and US Federal Intelligence Community Were Behind These Attacks

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 2:23 AM
Subject: AOL TOS Notice#3607678450,Please Read

Dear AOL Member

One or more of the screennames on your account have received a TOS Violation for inappropriate behavior. In order to keep your account active and clear the violation, you must sign in to our Secure Online TOS Center, Failure to do so within the next 24 hours may result in, but is not limited to a temporary suspension of your account. Thank you for your time and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

- Please click the Download Now link below and save the file TOSViolation.scr to your desktop. Once downloaded please view your TOS and read the info to take steps to be able to clear it.

The file was listed here -- I removed it so that I could show the rest of this bogus e-mail on this site without having someone mistakenly downloading it and damaging their computer.

If you have any questions, Please call. Don't call until you download the violation file as we need information from it.

Thank you,
-AOL TOS Center

Federal Bureau Of Intimidation By Howard Zinn

Two years ago, when I first read the following article by civil rights activist Howard Zinn, I was very concerned over how badly he had portrayed the FBI. It was hard to believe at the time that this entire organization could be as badly corrupted as he'd described.

However, since that time I have come to learn that Mr. Zinn's portrayal of the FBI is not only accurate, but indeed representative of the standard operating procedure deemed to be acceptable by the hierarchy within this organization.

Some of the most anti-American activities ever perpetrated against the American citizenry have been done so by the special agents employed by the FBI -- activities in which the laws set forth by the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights have been completely disregarded, and indicative of how this corruption within the bureau has been allowed to run rampant, as FBI agents routinely committed criminal acts, yet were unpunished for them by the Department Of Justice, which itself, has been guilty of routinely failing to ensure that the FBI operate within the system of checks and balances called for by the US Constitution. Howard Zinn's article should be read by every person in this country, so that they can have a true sense of the FBI's despicable character.

In the case of the FBI and the US Federal Intelligence community, never has the saying power corrupts, ultimate power corrupts ultimately ever been more true.

Federal Bureau of Intimidation
by Howard Zinn

I thought it would be good to talk about the FBI because they talk about us. They don't like to be talked about. They don't even like the fact that you're listening to them being talked about. They are very sensitive people. If you look into the history of the FBI and Martin Luther King-which now has become notorious in that totally notorious history of the FBI- the FBI attempted to neutralize, perhaps kill him, perhaps get him to commit suicide, certainly to destroy him as a leader of black people in the United States.

And if you follow the progression of that treatment of King, it starts, not even with the Montgomery Bus Boycott; it starts when King begins to criticize the FBI. You see, then suddenly Hoover's ears, all four of them, perk up. And he says, okay, we have to start working on King.

I was interested in this especially because I was reading the Church Committee report. In 1975, the Senate Select Committee investigated the CIA and the FBI and issued voluminous reports and pointed out at what point the FBI became interested in King. In 1961-62 after the Montgomery Bus Boycott, after the sit-ins, after the Freedom Rides of '61, there was an outbreak of mass demonstrations in a very little, very Southern, almost slave town of southern Georgia called Albany. There had been nothing like this in that town. A quiet, apparently passive town, everybody happy, of course. And then suddenly the black people rose up and a good part of the black population of Albany ended up in jail. There were not enough jails for all who demonstrated.

A report was made for the Southern Regional Council of Atlanta on the events in Albany. The report, which was very critical of the FBI, came out in the New York Times. And King was asked what he thought of the role of the FBI. He said he agreed with the report that the FBI was not doing its job, that the FBI was racist, etcetera, etcetera.

At that point, the FBI also inquired who the author of that report was, and asked that an investigation begin on the author. Since I had written it, I was interested in the FBI's interest in the author. In fact, I sent away for whatever information the FBI had on me, through the Freedom of Information Act. I became curious, I guess. I wanted to test myself because if I found that the FBI did not have any dossier on me, it would have been tremendously embarrassing and I wouldn't have been able to face my friends. But, fortunately, there were several hundred pages of absolutely inconsequential material. Very consequential for the FBI, I suppose, but inconsequential for any intelligent person.

I'm talking about the FBI and U.S. democracy because here we have this peculiar situation that we live in a democratic country-everybody knows that, everybody says it, it's repeated, it's dinned into our ears a thousand times, you grow up, you pledge allegiance, you salute the flag, you hail democracy, you look at the totalitarian states, you read the history of tyrannies, and here is the beacon light of democracy. And, of course, there's some truth to that. There are things you can do in the United States that you can't do many other places without being put in jail.

But the United States is a very complex system. It's very hard to describe because, yes, there are elements of democracy; there are things that you're grateful for, that you're not in front of the death squads in El Salvador. On the other hand, it's not quite a democracy. And one of the things that makes it not quite a democracy is the existence of outfits like the FBI and the CIA. Democracy is based on openness, and the existence of a secret policy, secret lists of dissident citizens, violates the spirit of democracy.

There are a lot of other things that make the U.S. less than a democracy. For instance, what happens in police stations, and in the encounters between police and citizens on the street. Or what happens in the military, which is a kind of fascist enclave inside this democracy. Or what happens in courtrooms which are supposedly little repositories of democracy, yet the courtroom is presided over by an emperor who decides everything that happens in a courtroom -what evidence is given, what evidence is withheld, what instructions are given to the jury, what sentences are ultimately meted out to the guilty and so on.

So it's a peculiar kind of democracy. Yes, you vote. You have a choice. Clinton, Bush and Perot! It's fantastic. Time and Newsweek. CBS and NBC. It's called a pluralist society. But in so many of the little places of everyday life in which life is lived out, somehow democracy doesn't exist. And one of the creeping hands of totalitarianism running through the democracy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I think it was seeing the film Mississippi Burning that led me to want to talk about the FBI. I had sort of reached a point where I said, "Who wants to hear anymore about the FBI?" But then I saw Mississippi Burning. It relates a very, very important incident in the history of the civil rights movement in the U.S. In the summer of 1964, these three young men in the movement, two white, one black, had traveled to investigate the burning of a church in a place called Philadelphia, Mississippi-city of brotherly love.

They were arrested, held in jail, released in the night, followed by cars, stalked, taken off and beaten very, very badly with chains and clubs and shot to death- executed-June 21, 1964. The bodies were found in August. It's a great theme for an important film. Mississippi Burning, I suppose, does something useful in capturing the terror of Mississippi, the violence, the ugliness.

But after it does that, it does something which I think is very harmful: In the apprehension of the murderers, it portrays two FBI operatives and a whole flotilla-if FBI men float-of FBI people as the heroes of this episode. Anybody who knows anything about the history of the civil rights movement, or certainly people who were in the movement at that time in the South, would have to be horrified by that portrayal.

I was just one of many people who was involved in the movement. I was teaching in Atlanta, Georgia, in a black college for about seven years from 1956 to 1963, and I became involved in the movement, in Albany, Georgia, and Selma, Alabama, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Greenwood and Greenville and Jackson, Mississippi in the summer of '64. I was involved with SNCC, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Anybody who was involved in the Southern movement at that time knew with absolute certainty: The FBI could not be counted on and it was not the friend of the civil rights movement. The FBI stood by with their suits and ties-I'm sorry I'm dressed this way today, but I was just trying to throw them off the track-and took notes while people were being beaten in front of them.

This happened again, and again, and again. The Justice Department, to which the FBI is presumably accountable, was called again and again, in times of stress by people of the civil rights movement saying, hey, somebody's in danger here. Somebody's about to be beaten, somebody's about to be arrested, somebody's about to be killed. We need help from the federal government. We do have a Constitution, don't we? We do have rights.

We do have the constitutional right to just live, or to walk, or to speak, or to pray, or to demonstrate. We have a Bill of Rights. It's America. It's a democracy. You're the Justice Department, your job is to enforce the Constitution of the United States. That's what you took an oath to do, so where are you? The Justice Department wasn't responding. They wouldn't return phone calls, they wouldn't show up, or when they did show up, they did nothing.

The civil rights movement was very, very clear about the role of the FBI. And it wasn't just the FBI; it goes back to the Justice Department; back to Washington; back to politics; back to Kennedy appointing racist judges in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia to do favors for his Southern Democratic political cronies, only becoming concerned about black people when things appeared on television that embarrassed the administration and the nation before the world.

Only then did things happen. Oh, we'll send troops to Little Rock, we'll send troops to Oxford, Mississippi, and so on. Do something big and dramatic and so on. But in all the days and all the hours in between, before and after, if there's no international attention, forget it. Leave these black folk at the mercy of the law enforcement officers down there. Just as after the Civil War, blacks were left at the mercy of Southern power and Southern plantation owners by Northern politicians who made their deal with the white South in 1877.

If you want to read the hour-by-hour description of this, you could read a wonderful book by Mary King, Freedom Song. She was a SNCC staffperson in the Atlanta office whose job was to get on the phone and call the newspapers, the government, the Justice Department and say: Hey, three young men have not come back from Philadelphia, Mississippi. She called and called and called and it took several days before she got a response. Deaf ears. They were dead. Probably none of those calls would have saved them.

It was too late, but there was something that could have saved them. And it's something I haven't seen reported in the press. If there had been federal agents accompanying the three on their trip, if there had been federal agents in the police station in Philadelphia, Mississippi, that might not have happened. If there had been somebody determined to enforce law, enforce constitutional rights, to protect the rights of people who were just going around, driving, talking, working, then those three murders might have been averted.

In fact, 12 days before the three disappeared, there was a gathering in Washington, D.C., on June 9, 1964. A busload of black Mississippians came all the way up-it was a long bus ride to Washington-to the National Theater.

There was a jury of fairly well known Americans- college presidents, writers, other people-assembled to hear the testimony. The black people's testimony before the press and an audience was recorded and transcribed. They testified that what was going to happen in Mississippi that summer with all these volunteers coming down was very, very dangerous. They testified about their experiences, about their history of being beaten, about the bodies of black people found floating in the rivers of Mississippi and they said, people are going to get killed; we need the protection of the federal government.

Also appearing at this hearing were specialists in constitutional law who made the proper legal points that the federal government had absolute power to protect people going down into Mississippi. Section 333, Title 10 of the U.S. Code (some numbers burn themselves into you because you have to use them again and again) gives the federal government the power to do anything to enforce constitutional rights when local authorities either refused or failed to protect those rights.

So they take all this testimony at the National Theater and put it into a transcript and deliver it to Attorney General Robert Kennedy, hand deliver it to the White House, and ask the federal government to send marshals down to Mississippi. Not an army, a few hundred marshals, that's all. Plainclothes people for protection. This is 1964; by now you've sent 40,000 soldiers to Vietnam, so you can send 200 plainclothes people to Mississippi. No response from the Attorney General, none from the President. Twelve days later those three men disappear.

Well, why didn't they put that in the film? Why didn't anybody say anything about that? So the FBI are the heroes of this film.

Well, that's only part, as you know, of the history of the FBI. Going back, the FBI was formed first as the Bureau of Investigation under Theodore Roosevelt-don't worry, I'm not going to take you year by year through this history. It's a very depressing history.

But, it just interested me. In 1908, under Theodore Roosevelt, his Attorney General, a man named Bonaparte, a grand nephew of Napoleon-set up the Bureau of Investigation which later became the FBI. One of its first acts was to enforce a new federal law- the Mann Act. This law made it illegal to transport women across state lines for immoral purposes.

Yes, one of their first acts was to prosecute the black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson, because he was living with a white woman and they actually crossed a state line. One of the first heroic acts of the FBI. They go way back. Racism goes way back in the FBI and comes way forward, comes right up to now. By the way-in the film they show a black FBI man. But there was no black person in the FBI in 1964. A chauffeur, maybe. A maid, maybe. No black FBI agents in 1964. But there was this black FBI agent in the film.

Yes, the racism comes right up to yesterday when a black FBI man-in Detroit, I think-is harassed by his fellow white FBI agents who do all sorts of funny things to him to make life miserable for him. You think, where is the solidarity among FBI people? FBI people, black and white together, we shall overcome. Well, apparently the FBI doesn't believe in that.

There's too much to say about the FBI and racism. It's not just J. Edgar Hoover. Everybody says, oh, J. Edgar Hoover, he really hated black people. He hated the civil rights movement, but it's not just him, of course. It's too easy to pin all this on J. Edgar Hoover, to pin it just on the FBI as if they're wildcards. The president says, oh sorry, we didn't know what they were doing. Well, it's just like Oliver North. A wildcard North was doing these crazy things and his defense was absolutely right: I did it for them. He did. He did it for them and now they have turned on him. He doesn't have to worry, they'll take good care of him. They take care of their own.

When people in the CIA and FBI commit crimes, how do they get handled? They don't. They're forgotten about. Do you know how many crimes have been committed by the FBI and the CIA? How many black bag jobs? Breaking and entering? Try breaking and entering. Really. Try breaking and entering in the daytime, or nighttime, and see what happens to you. Different punishments depending on what hour of the day. The FBI broke and entered again and again and again and again, hundreds and hundreds of times.

There were hundreds of FBI men involved in these breaks. Two men were actually prosecuted. This happens every once in a while. When huge public attention finally gets focused, they pick out two from the pack and prosecute them and they find them guilty and they sentence them. To what? To nothing. Fine, $5,000 for one person. That's FBI petty cash. $3,500 for the other. And then they say that justice has been done and the system works.

Remember when Richard Helms of the CIA was found guilty of perjury in 1976? Hiss went to jail for four years for perjury, Helms didn't go to jail for two hours. And Helms's perjury, if you examine it, was far, far more serious than Alger Hiss's, if Hiss was indeed guilty. But if you're CIA, if you're FBI, you get off.

But North is right; he did it for them. He did what they expected him, wanted him, to do. They use this phrase, plausible denial, a very neat device. You have to be able to do things that the President wants you to do but that he can deny he wanted you to do, or deny he ordered you to do if push comes to shove.

It's not just the FBI. It's the government. It's part of the system, not just a few people here and there. The FBI has names of millions of people. The FBI has a security index of tens of thousands of people- they won't tell us the exact numbers. Security index. That's people who in the event of national emergency will be picked up without trial and held. Just like that. The FBI's been preparing for a long time, waiting for an emergency.

You get horrified at South Africa, or Israel, or Haiti where they detain people without trial, just pick them up and hold them incommunicado. You never hear from them, don't know where they are. The FBI's been preparing to do this for a long time. Just waiting for an emergency. These are all countries in emergency; South Africa's in an emergency, Chile was in an emergency, all emergencies.

James Madison made the point way back. One of the founding fathers. They were not dumb. They may have been rich and white and reactionary and slave holders but they weren't dumb. Madison said the best way to infringe on liberty is to create an external menace.

What can a citizen do in a situation like this? Well, one thing is simply to expose the FBI. They hate to be exposed, they're a secret outfit. Everything they do is secret. Their threat rests on secrecy. Don't know where they are. Not everybody in a trench coat is an FBI agent. We don't know where they are, who they are, or what they're doing. Are they tapping? Right. And what are you going to do about it?

The one thing you shouldn't think will do anything is to pass a law against the FBI. There are always people who come up with that. That's the biggest laugh in the world. These are people who pay absolutely no attention to the law, again and again. They've violated the law thousands of times. Pass another law; that's funny.

No, the only thing you can do with the FBI is expose them to public understanding-education, ridicule. They deserve it. They have "garbologists" ransacking garbage pails. A lot of interesting stuff in garbage pails. They have to be exposed, brought down from that hallowed point where they once were. And, by the way, they have been brought down. That's one of the comforting things about what has happened in the United States in the last 30 years. The FBI at one point was absolutely untouchable.

Everybody had great respect for the FBI. In 1965 when they took a poll of Americans; do you have a strong admiration for the FBI? Eight-five percent of people said, "Yes." When they asked again in '75, 35 percent said, "Yes." That's a big comedown. That's education -education by events, education by exposure. They know they've come down in the public mind and so now they're trying to look kinder and gentler. But they're not likely to merge with the American Civil Liberties Union. They're more likely, whatever their soothing words, to keep doing what they're in the habit of doing, assaulting the rights of citizens.

The most important thing you can do is simply to continue exposing them. Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people. Were they doing this because of a Soviet invasion threat or because they thought the Socialist Workers Party was about to take over the country? Are they going after whoever their current target is because the country is in imminent danger, internal or external? No. They are doing it because they don't like these organizations. They don't like the civil rights organizations, they don't like the women's organizations, they don't like the anti-war organizations, they don't like the Central American organizations.

They don't like social movements. They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things. So the best defense against them and resistance against them is simply to keep on fighting back, to keep on exposing them. That's all I have to say.
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