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FBI Collusion With Corporate America To Spy On Americans - DHS-FBI Use Of Fusion Centers To Divide Us By Forcing Americans To Spy On Eachother

Fusion Centers Are The Modern Day High-Tech Version
Of Hitler's Brown Shirts

Editor's Note: As is typical of any worthwhile documentaries describing the crimes being committed by U.S. Federal Government agencies, the one above was removed from Youtube under the pretense that the person who uploaded it had violated some term of Youtube's service. This is a very convenient way for the federal government to use covert means in which to remove information about themselves which is negative, under the pretense of the person who uploaded the video's having violated a terms of service agreement with the provider.

"After seeing this documentary I believe that the CIA controls the media system in the United States."

- Media Mogul, Ted Turner

America's Largest Private Land Owner

The House Of Rothschilds' Intent

To Murder The Global Middle Class

Ted Turner has probably known about the CIA's having secretly taken control of the U.S. media system in 1948 under a black operation known as Operation Mockingbird, long before now. However, given his wealth, Turner has probably long considered that he would be a member of the global elite who survived the future holocaust.

Yet, as the largest private land owner living in the United States, Turner must now be concerned with a plot to murder him in a plausibly deniable way, in order to gain control of some of the most desirable land in America.

Pop star Michael Jackson was murdered for the 2700 acres of prime real estate that he owned in Santa Barbara county - the nation's most respected venue for wine making. Once Jackson died, his estate was donated to the county of Santa Barbara, instead of being given to his children, which only furthers speculation that Michael Jackson's death was the result of a criminal conspiracy fomented in which to steal his property.

So imagine what the Zionist controlled government in the United States would be willing to do to Ted Turner in order to gain control of the 2 million acres that he presently owns.

The House of Rothschilds' Zionist Jew bankers are this planet's greediest inhabitants, and they have a history of quite literally taking whatever they want, by establishing central banks in countries, which are then used to loot their treasuries and destroy the value of their currencies.

Over the past three centuries, the Rothschilds have used their Communist central banks to rape and pillage a myriad of nations, as they have also done to the United States, where from 1913 until the present, U.S. currency has lost 95% of its value, as the direct result of the Federal Reserve System's printing trillions in Federal Reserve Notes, which are not backed by gold or anything else of intrinsic value.

From 1800 to 1913 inflation did not exist (except during the Civil War) because American currency was based on gold. This meant that the Treasury could not print more paper currency than the amount of gold which was held within the U.S. Treasury's vaults.

Since 1913 the Federal Reserve has printed as much currency as it likes, because the money is no longer based on the gold standard. This has caused the inflation which has destroyed the value of U.S. currency.

This is further proof that the House of Rothschild takes whatever they want by getting their own criminals elected to office, and then passing whatever criminal legislation they need in order to acheive their own agendas.

Given Ted Turner's monopoly on private land ownership in the United States, it is a certainty that they would like to gain access to Turner's valueable properties. And given the breakdown in the Constiutional rule of law in the United States, and the total perversion of our three branches of government, what is to stop the Rothschilds and their minions from doing so?

Moreover, even if they succeed in killing off most of this planet's population through their genocidal policies, something which the Rothschilds have been intent on accomplishing for more than a century, that will not be sufficient enough for them, because the Rothschilds are driven by their own predation.

Abject power is the ultimate goal of such predation - the most addictive drug there is. And controlling the human being by remotely entering their minds and taking control of their thoughts is most certainly the zenith of such predation.

This is what the Rothschilds are seeking to accomplish with their world government agenda, and the implementation of a global brain scanning network like the one which the American middle class has been unwittingly subjected to by the National Security Agency.

That is if a global national brain fingerprinting program hasn't already been implemented by the Rothschilds, through the electronic tethering of this planet's population to artifical intelligence "thinking" supercomputers controlled via remote neural monitoring technology, similar to that of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

However, in spite of such a diabolical agenda, and for all their wealth and power, the Rothschilds still have not learned the most valuable lesson of all. That those who are enslaved by their quest to obtain such control, will never be able to obtain enough of it.

Consequently, the House of Rothschilds' murderous gluttons will eventually and appropriately succumb to this weakness, this time, turning on themselves, until even they will cease to exist.

If only they had done so centuries ago, before they took the opportunity to destroy our nations with their counterfeited currency and perverse politics, this planet would today be an infinitely better place for humanity to exist.

One without the suffering which these Zionist interlopers have intentionally caused billions of people. Those whom they now seek to murder through such furtive genocidal programs which include electronic, chemical, biological and geophysical warfare.

These crimes are taking place all around us, yet the majority of the people on this planet are still attributing these catastrophes to natural means, instead of as part of a criminal agenda in which to depopulate this planet. Such ignorance is entirely due to the fact that the global media is controlled by the same Zionists who are perpetrating these crimes, in efforts to reduce this planet's population by billions of people.

As such the battle must be fought here and now, not a decade or two from now, because by then, billions of us will have perished, and those who are left, will find themselves completely enslaved by these Zionist parasites.

- James F. Marino

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