Saturday, April 09, 2011

Eyewitnesses Who Claim They Saw A Plane Hit The Pentagon On 9-11-2001 Recant Their Public Testimony

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  • Editor's Note: In an interview done with eight witnesses who had initially claimed to have seen a plane hit the Pentagon on 9-11-2001, each of these witnesses later recanted their statements, including two police officers.

    All eight men have since admitted that they never actually saw a plane hit the Pentagon, only making the FBI's refusal to release the 85 tapes that the Bureau confiscated from the Pentagon and its surrounding area on 9-11, even more suspicious.

    Since the above interviews took place, these men have been forbidden by their supervisors to do any further interviews. Perhaps an intimidating phone call to their employers from the FBI or Homeland Security may be responsible for this sudden lack of cooperation, in efforts to maintain the 9-11 deception.

    After all, it's easier to go silent then it is to lose your job as a result of the FBI's harassment of your employer. Even if your employer is the police department.

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