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Was Conspiracy Theorist Mae Brussell Murdered By Way Of A Directed Energy Weapon?

  • FBI Whistleblower, Target Of Organized Stalking, Bob Levin, Implicates The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex In Using Directed Energy Weapons On The U.S. Population In What Levin States Is A Modern Day Version Of The CIA's MKULTRA Program Of The 1950's - Levin Also Implicates George H.W. Bush In The Issuance Of An Order Which Involved The Use Of Such Weapons Over New York City In The Early 1990's, As A Precursor To The Terrorists Attacks On 9-11-2001, Which Were Also Likely Carried Out By Way Of Such Electronic Warfare Technology

  • In Light Of The U.S. Congresses' Recent Last Minute Use Of A Band-Aid To Keep The Federal Government From Shutting Down, They Are Just Prolonging The Inevitable - If The Private Sector In America Were Run As Badly As Congress Is Run, The Private Sector Would Have Ceased To Exist Long Ago - See: "Robbing Peter To Pay Paul - Fed Purchase Of Debt Like Family Using Visa To Pay MasterCard" - The American People Must Go Back On The Gold Standard In Order To Resurrect The U.S. Economy & In Order To Do So, They Must Abolish The House Of Rothschilds' Federal Reserve Communist Central Bank

  • Editor's Note: The following article was electronically tampered with by the FBI from the moment it was posted, more than two years ago. The hyperlink to this article is routinely tampered with in such ways because it focuses on an extremely important issue - the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of classified electromagnetic warfare weaponry in which to torture and murder people with complete anonymity, and thus impunity from prosecution.

    There's no longer any question that there have been a large number of citizens from both the United States as well as other countries, who have been murdered by way of directed energy weapons, while those who committed these crimes have never been brought to justice.

    In fact, the Internet now contains victims of DEW technology from a number of countries, who are promulgating similar accounts of being spied upon within the privacy of their own homes, and by way of specialized satellites which utilize a remote form of wireless fMRI brain scanning (thought reading) technology.

    And while no government has actually admitted that fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) technology has been used in wireless form, and for more than a quarter of a century deployed by way of satellite spy networks like the National Security Agency's Echelon, there are a great number of victims of this technology who know for certain that fMRI can be used to target the human brain, without the need for the electrodes which are required for the wired form of fMRI brain scanning that is presently being debated in legal circles within the United States - or without the need to implant RFID microchips into the brains of targeted subjects.

    And moreover, that the only reason that such wireless brain scanning technology has been developed by these governments, is that there's a covert agenda in which to electronically brand the citizenry of this planet as though we were nothing more than heads of cattle.

    An illustration of the abject arrogance of the House of Rothschild and its minions.

    A situation in which every person of the global middle class is tracked 24 hours a day via spy satellite arrays that target their brain's own unique electromagnetic resonance, while being subjected to a wireless form of fMRI two way computer to brain interface of their persons, without their knowledge or consent.

    Former NSA operative John St. Clair Akwei has already documented the National Security Agency's utilization of such technology in a lawsuit which he filed against the NSA in 1991. However, the U.S. Courts have deliberately stonewalled this lawsuit, because Akwei implicates the NSA in the covert implementation of some type of national brain fingerprinting program - a high crime of treason.

    This while the wealthy ultra class controlled by the House of Rothschild and its Zionist Jew bankers, continue to live like royalty, while looting our countries, overthrowing our governments, and torturing and murdering anyone whom they take a dislike to, through the use of directed energy weaponry.

    Any person who has ever researched the House of Rothschild knows that the electronic enslavement of the global middle class has always been the primary agenda of the Rothschilds, who still control virtually every country on this planet through the Communist central banks which the Rothschilds establish in our countries.

    Victims Of DEW Technology

    In this author's opinion, some of the better known victims who were murdered by way of directed energy weaponry are Earth First! activist Judi Bari, America From Freedom To Fascism producer Aaron Russo, pop star Michael Jackson, UFO researcher Dr. Karla Turner, independent investigator Mae Brussell, actress Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel, and actress Brittany Murphy and her husband, producer Simon Monjack.

    Actor Randy Quaid has openly stated that he and his wife are being targeted by the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, in efforts to murder them, so that Randy Quaid's estate can be looted. By his own estimation, Quaid has earned over 4o million dollars in his career. He has also stated that actors who fall out of favor in Hollywood are being targeted for organized stalking, with the intent of murdering them in order to gain control of their estates.

    Quaid cited David Carradine and Heath Ledger amongst those who have already been murdered for their money. And has stated that he believes that a number of other actors including but not limited to Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan, are also being setup to be murdered, while being treated adversely by the media.

    From Quaid's testimony, it's become clear that there's something very evil going on in Hollywood, and that the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking has now become a plague there as well as internationally. Quaid's allegations also raise serious doubts about the official causes of death regarding actress Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack, since at the time of her mysterious death, Murphy had been involved in a run-in with Warner Bros. Studios regarding a role which she was fired from after two weeks on the job, and due to adverse and slanderous publicity against the actress; this in addition to the equally mysterious death of her husband five months later, not long after Simon Monjack has stated that he was going to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Warner Bros. in the death of Brittany Murphy.

    Mae Brussell

    Murdered By DEW Technology?

    Mae Brussell was a well known conspiracy theorist who first began her journey into this field researching the assassination of John F. Kennedy. She went on to become a controversial radio personality whose sometimes unpopular opinions resulted in death threats. Later Brussell characterized the untimely death of her daughter *Bonnie (who was killed in an automobile crash in 1970) as a "hit" by some of her detractors. However, over the course of her life, Mae Brussell has done some of the best investigative journalism of anyone to date -- oftentimes completely overshadowing the propaganda put out by the mainstream media in such notorious cases as the Patty Hearst kidnapping and the J.F.K. assassination.

    * See the fascinating account which Mae described in regard to her experiences with what she believed to be her daughter Bonnie's ghost, at the following Website:

  • Mae Speaks With Her Daughter Bonnie's Ghost - A Real Life Apparition Or Directed Energy Induced Hologram?

  • This author questions whether Mae Brussell's death was a murder for several reasons, not the least of which is that just months before she was struck with a fast spreading form of cancer, Brussell was investigating the *Presido scandal, and arriving at her own conclusions; which were once again less than popular with those who look to keep their criminal activities out of the public eye.

    *Read about this case and many others that Mae wrote about at the following Website:

  • The Presidio Scandal

  • Myriad others who were involved in what one might label as whistle blowing activities have also died from rapidly spreading cancers, heart attacks, strokes, or aneurysms (all of which can be caused by directed energy weaponry) -- when they were in the process of exposing crimes which could have caused the US Federal Government serious problems.

    So it makes perfect sense that for someone like Mae, who was always rattling the cages of these government operatives, a covert means in which to neutralize her was deemed necessary. (Unfortunately, neutralize in Mae's case would mean death.)

    And while there are more of these cases than one can count, I cite two in particular here which at least to this author were so obvious that I have wondered why more people have not bothered to write about them. The death of alien abductee/researcher Dr. Karla Turner, who had been subjected to MILABS, as well as government surveillance for quite sometime, and anonymously warned to end her research.

    A number of other abductees who had contacted Dr. Turner were also anonymously warned to end their contact with her. And shortly after her last abduction in the mid 1990's, Dr. Turner came down with a fast spreading form of cancer which quickly ended her life.

    I also believe that the late Judi Bari was a target of directed energy weaponry. Judi was a well known ecological activist with the group EarthFirst! and in the midst of organizing a lawsuit against the FBI ( a result of the Bureau's attempts to destroy the EarthFirst! movement), when she developed breast cancer. During the preparation for her trial, the FBI's prosecution even accused Judi of attempting to con a judge and grand jury, by claiming that she did not really have breast cancer. Ironically enough, Judi died just weeks after her deposition was taken.

    In reality it was the FBI that was running the con. And Judi would ultimately have the last laugh by publishing her account of what the FBI subjected her to in a book entitled "Timber Wars." She would also posthumously accomplish something nearly unheard of by winning a *4.4 million dollar judgement against the FBI, which a federal jury found guilty of attempting to destroy Judi and the EarthFirst! movement.

    * Read about the FBI's COINTELPRO attack on Judi Bari here:

    The Intelligence community's use of directed energy weapons to murder those whom they see as a problem (all three of these women were well known and had credibility) offers the FEDS the ability to commit these murders remotely, making their cowardly role in them, plausibly deniable.

    And while there is no way to actually prove this, I believe that it is entirely possible that Mae Brussell, Judi Bari and Karla Turner were all exposed to high levels of radiation which was deliberately targeted at their bodies from a remote location. Whether this was done by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, or perhaps some portable type of electromagnetic weapon concealed within a vehicle which could have been parked near their homes, is unclear.

    According to Dr. Tim Rifat, who's both a target of and expert on directed energy weapons, the UK Intelligence community (MI5/MI6) regularly park vans containing this weaponry near the homes of those whom these agencies are looking to covertly murder.

    One cannot deny that all three of these remarkable women were considered to be a thorn in the side of the powers that be in this country -- Judi, with the California logging community and FBI -- Dr. Turner, with the US Federal Government in regard to UFO abductions and the government's probable participation in them - Mae Brussell, for a myriad of her investigations into the criminality regarding the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex, and her access to the public through her radio program.

    So were these three women murdered by way of directed energy weaponry?

    Was Conspiracy Theorist Mae Brussell Murdered By Way Of Directed Energy Weapons?

    Two late entries concern the death of the Monroe Institute's President, Laurie Monroe, who died of cancer after taking the reigns of the organization which her father, Robert Monroe founded, after the elder Monroe died in 1995. From its early days, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has taken an interest in Robert Monroe's pioneering work; specifically, his personal experiences with astral traveling or as they are more commonly known, out of body experiences. And more to the point, how the CIA's clandestine spy operations could benefit from this phenomenon.

    The last entry is that of CNBC anchor Mark Haines, who died more than a week ago, yet whose cause of death remains a mystery. Was Mark Haines the latest victim of conspiracy in which a directed energy weapon was used to murder his person, while giving the criminals who perpetrated this crime complete anonyimity in doing so?

  • CNBC Anchor Mark Haines - Death By Natural Causes Or A Directed Energy Weapons' Induced Murder?

  • - James F. Marino

  • The Daughter Of Monroe Institute Founder Robert A. Monroe Dies Of A Fast Spreading Form Of Cancer After Becoming The Head Of The Monroe Institute - Given The CIA's Interest In Astral Travel & Bob Monroe's Pioneering Work In This Arcane Science, Was His Daughter Murdered So That The CIA Could Secretly Take Control Of The Monroe Institute, While Using It As A Front Organization In Which To Conduct A Modern Day Version Of MKULTRA?
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