Saturday, April 02, 2011

UFO Whistle Blower Robert Lazar Discusses The UFO Craft He Was Employed To Reverse Engineer For The U.S. Government

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein Refuses To Help An American Family Victimized By The U.S. Intelligence Community's Electronic Warfare Program - Thousands Of Americans Have Described Similar Attacks On Their Persons, And That Their Requests To U.S. Politicians For Help Have Been Completely Ignored - This Serves As Further Evidence That U.S. Politicians Are Fearful Of Reprisals By The U.S. Intelligence Community For Attempting To Investigate The Rampant Criminality Being Perpetrated By The Intelligence Complex, Through Its Use Of Classified Technology On An Unwitting American Public

  • Another Example Of How The FBI's Provocateurs Are Used To Do The FBI's Dirty Work For It - Psychopath Cum Radio Shock Jock, Hal Turner (Who Was A Paid Provocateur For The FBI For Several Years) Was Used By The FBI To Incite Violence Against Former Representative Cynthia McKinney, As Punishment For McKinney's Attempt To Pass Legislation Which Would Have Resulted In A Major Congressional Investigation Into The U.S. Intelligence Community's Rampant Criminal Activities - The FBI Was Behind The Minor "Shoving Incident" Which The U.S. Media Used To Demonize McKinney With The Public And Which May Have Allowed The Intelligence Community To Rig The Election McKinney Was Running In

  • The FBI's COINTELPRO Attack On Historian-Alternative Journalist Eustace Mullins - The FBI Would Literally Use Its Vicious Psychological Warfare Operations To Harass Mullins And His Parents To Death

  • "If you have a machine that can create gravity, that makes force fields a reality, that makes time travel possible. All the stuff you read about in science fiction becomes possible if you can manipulate gravity."

    - UFOlogist/Whistleblower, Robert Lazar

    Regarding the ability of UFO craft to traverse great distances instantaneously by manipulating time and space. Lazar, like Bob Jacobs and many other government whistleblowers, would be subjected to having his entire employment history with the U.S. Federal Government expunged, in order to discredit his testimony regarding this Government's knowledge of UFO craft and extra terrestrial beings. This is how carefully guarded the dark alliance between governments and extra terrestrial beings are. So carefully guarded, that one must wonder who is really in charge of our governments - humans? Or Aliens?

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