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A Letter Addressed To Senator Dianne Feinstein, Regarding The U.S. Intelligence Community's Use Of Directed Energy Weapons On The American People

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  • Another Victim Of The U.S. Intelligence Community's

    Electronic Warfare Program

    Editor's Note: The following letter was found on the Congress.org Website and addressed to Senator Dianne Feinstein. The letter concerns the U.S. Intelligence community's use of directed energy weaponry on American citizens as part of a covert program which involves the illegal testing of classified technology on American citizens - non consensual human experimentation; a common problem in the United States, which our elected officials and the U.S. Media continue to conveniently ignore.

    Such use of these weapons is deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum, and based on the fact that all Americans have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency, which through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, can instantly identify and track the unique electromagnetic fingerprint of any American citizen, without that citizen's knowledge.

    And while some American citizens have been electronically implanted with RFID tracking chips, which can also be used to identify them by way of specialized spy satellites, all Americans can be subjected to the targeting of their persons by way of the NSA's clandestine electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people - without being implanted with any type of microchip.

    Given that such technology is clearly unconstitutional, as well as being definitive of a government which is covertly operating as a dictatorship, it's no wonder why our elected representatives (as well as the media system in the United States) have been told to ignore this crime against humanity; just as they have been told for the past sixty years, to ignore the testimony of any Americans who have either seen UFO aircraft or been abducted by them - while the *U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA were all actively investigating the UFO phenomenon, having long ago proved that both UFO's and Alien beings (Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities) do in fact exist.

    *See:"UFO-FBI Connection" By Bruce Maccabee

    And then denying the existence of alien beings to the American people.

    The Zionist dictatorship which exists under the cover of a democratic republic in America, is clearly intent on destroying the United States Constitution and enslaving the citizenry of this country via such electronic warfare programs, in which all citizens have already been electronically branded as though we were nothing but heads of cattle; many of whom are unwittingly tethered via their own brain's unique fingerprint, to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

  • See John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency, Which Describes This Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, As Well As Akwei's Understanding Of The Infrastructure Of The Most Nefarious Domestic Spy Organization In The United States

  • An Orwellian nightmare beyond anything that Eric Blair (under the pen name of George Orwell) might have envisioned when penning his classic novel about a society which was diametrically opposed to Moore's Utopia.

    It is time for the rest of America to wake up to this fact and to do something about it while we still can, since our elected Representatives and those who are supposed to be protecting the American people, have sold us out to become part of the House of Rothschilds' Zionist world government agenda.

    CIA Learned Nothing from Sanctions of MK-Ultra/Experiments Hurt Health of Babies in U.S.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein

    October 11, 2010

    "We have mail from members of the Science & Technology Committee that state that this technology (below) exists. As in the past, "classified" experiments, done without consent, are being done on citizens of the United States. Even though this abusive experiment that tries to modify human behavior, by remote, is considered "national security," what would keep you from ordering it to be stopped?

    *We have written to you several times in the past and received form letters telling of your accomplishments. We need you to intervene on our behalf."

    *Editor's Note: This is another example of politicians being told to ignore the complaints of those Americans who are being used for various forms of non consensual human experimentation by the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, and targeted by exotic weapons which are secretly deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum.

    If Senator Feinstein or any other U.S. Politician agreed to help a victim of this technology, these politicians would then also become victims of the technology. Even Congressman Ron Paul will not get involved in this situation, as at least two other targets of this electronic warfare weaponry have attested to.

    In one instance, Dr. Paul simply ignored the person who attempted to obtain his help, while in the other instance, he referred the person to another politician. This is further evidence of the control that the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex has over the body politic in the United States, when these politicians are terrified of the consequences involved in helping Americans, who are not only being denied their Constitutional rights, but also being tortured - and in some instances - even murdered by government agents who are using this classified technology illegally.

    And the FBI is no exception here, having been given access to directed energy weapons by the U.S. Department Of Justice in the mid 1990's; at least one FBI agent has admitted that the FBI has been told by the DOJ, to use this electronic warfare technology on American citizens.

    "Will our first Grandchild, to be born in February 2011, be the Victim of illness due to our own weakened immune system that will pass flu, colds, and other illnesses on to him via our daughter? You see, she will likely catch our diseases as she visits with us next week. We are made weakened and ill because of sleep deprivation (a big part of this experiment is allowing only 2 to 4 hours of broken sleep in 48 hours, and this goes on for days and days). The experiment also includes shocks and ways to modify the negative emotions by activating areas of the brain by remote, with frequencies sent. Why not check with the CIA at their Headquarters?

    To the Editor of __________ :

    Do you know about the so-called non-lethal weapons technologies that, with invisible frequencies, can cause the release of the bowels of groups of humans by remote, heart attacks by remote, panic attacks by remote, sudden death by remote. These are all part of a secret arsenal of highly developed weapons that kill without a sound. Some may feel this is fine and protects the United States of America. However, using small groups of innocent United States citizens to develop this technology and using it on specific individuals, without consent, is the same mentality that allowed MK-Ultra of long ago to go on and on. However this government experiment uses more advanced technologies than MK-Ultra.

    The U.S. Government is now able, with tiny microchips, to control human behavior by remote. In less than 30 minutes a tiny microchip can be put in the human body. These microchips use "classified" frequencies given to Government Researchers by the F.C.C. and/or Department of Energy. When the frequencies are activated the fear center of the human brain can be blocked, and a soldier becomes fearless. Let's get this technology out in the open so it can be used in a safe way to help stop the symptoms of depression that cause so many suicides yearly.

    Non-lethal weapons technologies are developed that can control individual behavior, by remote, with rewards and punishments "sent" based on monitored breathing rates, heart beats, amounts of perspiration, etc.,...not exactly mind control but behavioral modification. The article in DEFENSE NEWS 29, Jan. 11-17, 1993, explains some of this technology. It is titled "U.S., Russia Hope To Safeguard Mind-Control Techniques." Former Senator John Danforth wrote us and said the Air Force is where we should focus to stop classified experiments being done without consent. Representative Bart Gordon wrote and said that yes, this technology exists, and if it were used in experiments, without consent, that would be serious indeed! After initial responses like these, there is complete silence as warnings go out from United States "Intelligence" that any Whistleblowers will suffer grave consequences.

    Depressed Veterans deserve all the help that 21st Century Technology can give them. Ongoing publicity should bring out this well-developed "classified" frequency technology that will cure the symptoms of depression. The technology remains hidden because of brutal ongoing experiments that the U.S. Government has kept hidden for years.

    The United States Government has not passed one single law to protect its own citizens from being used in experiments, without consent. There are only "rules" and "suggestions" and something called "oversight" as no laws exist. Also, no researcher, working for the U.S. Government, has ever been prosecuted for experiments done without consent. Because facts of experimental abuse are quickly dismissed, even by Journalists, most citizens still believe the United States Government can be given unlimited power and will protect them.

    We have nothing to hide and want everyone to know the suffering of our innocent family in an experiment done, without consent."

    Check us out at Marlene DiFiori Locke

    Camarillo, CA , CA

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