Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The FBI Is Using Your Town's Sanitation Department To Spy On Your Community

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    The FBI is now using the sanitation department within your state to spy on you. The FBI and Department Of Homeland Security have secretly implemented such spy networks in America, under the cover of the bogus war on terror propagated under the Bush 43 Zionist controlled Administration.

    They have done so in order to turn our society into a network of domestic spies, in the same way that the Nazi's used Hitler's Brown Shirt youth groups in Germany in the 1930's.

    Any organization which interacts with the public on a large scale, such as cable and sanitation companies, are being used to spy on the public, under the pretense of looking for terrorists.

    The FBI has done the same by turning corporate America into a network of snitches under a program called INFRAGARD, in which in turn for spying on their employees and the public, the FBI promises to give the heads of these companies advanced warning in regard to terrorist alerts.

    However, given how the FBI has fabricated many of its terrorist alerts in the past, in the interest of perpetuating this fraudulent war on terror, the entire INFRAGARD program appears to be nothing but a red herring, which the FBI is using in order to trick companies into spying on their own employees, as well as the neighborhoods in which these companies are located.

    Moreover, many members of INFRAGARD carry firearms, and are authorized by the FBI to shoot anyone whom these people deem to be a threat to them. Now, not only do you have to be worried about being shot by trigger happy cop, you must also be concerned about being shot by a trigger happy member of INFRAGARD.

    Moreover, as a result of the Orwellian changes which continue to occur in the United States since 9-11-2001, many Americans are now paralleling what went on in Nazi Germany in the 1930's regarding the destruction of the Weinmar Republic and the implementation of the Nazi dictatorship, to the protracted suspension of the U.S. Constitution, and the implementation of a shadow dictatorship under the Patriot Act.

    And as usual, it will be the middle class who suffers the consequences of such high crimes of treason. A citizenry who has been unwittingly brainwashed by a media system which is clearly being controlled by a shadow dictatorship.

    - James F. Marino

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