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Minesota Congressman Charles Lindbergh Attempts To Expose The House Of Rothschilds' Takeover Of America In 1913

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  • The House Of Rothschilds' Smear Campaign

    Against Congressman Charles Lindbergh

    In 1913 Congressman Charles Lindbergh, the most staunch opponent of the Aldrich Vreeland and Federal Reserve Acts, wrote a book in efforts to warn the American people of how this legislation would allow a few powerful men, to take complete control of the United States Federal Government, by being empowered to create the currency which the American people would use to make their purchases.

    Lindbergh's message was well received by the alternative media of the day, who understood that by allowing a small group of individuals to control the creation of "money" in the United States, the U.S. Congress would lose most of its power to effectively govern this nation, since the Congress, like the rest of the Federal Government, would now become reliant on a private cartel to coin and regulate the value of United States currency.

    However, the mainstream media in America was already controlled by the House of Rothschild, and was immediately used to not only discredit Congressman Lindbergh's attempts to alert the American people to what was to befall them, but to also demonize Lindbergh in an attempt to destroy his political career - which the media would succeed in doing.

    Moreover, what most members of the 1913 Congress could not have known at the time, was that the Federal Reserve Bank would ultimately be used to loot the United States Treasury of much of the American people's gold bullion (the reason why Americans were taken off the gold standard in 1933), while creating legislation which would make it a crime for Americans to use gold as legal tender.

    Lindbergh also knew that once the U.S. Congress surrendered its power to coin and regulate the value of U.S. currency to a private concern, that it would also give up the checks and balances which the U.S. Constitution calls for, in order to make those who coin and regulate U.S. currency, accountable for their actions.

    And this is why the Federal Reserve System has not been audited in more than fifty years, thus allowing this counterfeiter and money launderer to operate without any interference from the Congress.

    Moreover, while the American people have been told that the U.S. President chooses the person who is to act as chairman of the Federal Reserve, the fact is that the President makes his appointment from a list of men who are chosen by the Federal Reserve's Board of Directors, so that it is really this Board of Governors who choose the person who will act as head of this Communist central bank.

    This has allowed the Federal Reserve System to retain its control over the United States and the American people since 1914. And the only elected representatives who have ever attempted to make the Federal Reserve accountable for its actions, are President John F. Kennedy, Judge Martin V. Mahoney and Congressman Ron Paul.

    President Kennedy was murdered just months after passing an Executive Order which amended an earlier EO, so that the U.S. Treasury could again be used to coin and regulate certain denominations of U.S. Currency.

    And this became an immediate threat to the Federal Reserve System, since it feared that if the U.S. Treasury was allowed to coin and regulate the value of certain denominations of U.S. currency, that the Treasury might eventually again coin all U.S. currency, as it had prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and creation of the Federal Reserve Bank.

    This would have led to the abolition of the Federal Reserve System, and the House of Rothschilds' need to create yet * another of their Communist central banks in the United States, in order to regain control of the U.S. Federal Government, which is the real reason why President Kennedy was murdered in November of 1963.

    * For more than two centuries, the House of Rothschild has understood that in order for it to destroy the United States and steal its valuable resources (including the property on which the contiguous 48 States was built), the Rothschilds must maintain a Communist central bank in America.

    If they lose this central bank, they lose control of the U.S. economy as well as the Federal Government. The Rothschilds have murdered several Americans in order to both establish as well as maintain three of their central banks in the past, including Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, as well as Judge Martin V. Mahoney. The Rothschilds have also attempted to murder other U.S. Presidents who opposed their central banks, including Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

    As for Judge Martin V. Mahoney, he was murdered in 1968 after rendering the now famous (Credit River Decision) decision, that the Federal Reserve System was counterfeiting and laundering its currency through the U.S. Treasury and the American economy, and should be considered null and void.

    Mahoney would be poisoned to death at the direction of the Federal Reserve's Board of Directors, less than six months after rendering this decision.

    This makes you fearful for what the Federal Reserve and its Rothschild leadership have in store for Congressman Ron Paul if he continues his attempts to defang the Federal Reserve System.

    Congressman Lindbergh was correct about the House of Rothschilds' Zionist Jews and their attempts to take the United States over through the creation of a Communist central bank. And one hundred years later, the American people are finally wising up to what the good Congressman was attempting to tell their ancestors at the turn of the last century; which makes his book on this covert takeover of America just as timely as it was in 1913.

    Except that this country is much worse off now than it was in 1913, having amassed far greater debt and the nearly complete devaluation of our currency, as well as a population which has now grown to more than three times the size it was a century ago.

    Given this, will Americans continue to ignore Congressman Lindbergh's message to them, or will they finally abolish the Federal Reserve System and the IRS, take back the gold that the Fed has stolen from them, and remove the House of Rothschilds' representatives from the United States for once and for all?

    As for the House of Rothschilds' control over the U.S. Federal Government and media system in America, from the very beginning of the attacks on 9-11-2001, the FBI admitted publicly that they had no reason to believe that Osama Bin Ladin and the Al Qaeda were behind these attacks.

    However, the FBI would quickly change its story and adopt the official version of the 9-11 lie.

    At this point in time, no one with a functioning brain believes the U.S. Government’s official account of 9-11. And the U.S. media system’s attempts to cover this up, only serve as further proof that this system is one of disinformation, and controlled by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

    In fact, the media system in the United States has been controlled by the House of Rothschild through the CIA since the late 1940′s, under a covert black operation which the CIA utilized in which to pervert the U.S. media in order to disseminate the CIA’s own propaganda.

    The name of this clandestine program was Operation Mockingbird.

    Today, the FBI uses the mainstream media in America to circulate its own disinformation, including fraudulent reports of possible terrorist attacks, in order to perpetuate the bogus war on terror which was promulgated by the Bush 43 Administration under its White House Iraq Propaganda Group.

    The media in America has been used to destroy the truth rather than promulgate it, which is why the alternative media and the Internet’s Blogosphere have become so prominent, and now threatened by the "Internet Kill Switch Bill" legislation, which if enacted, will be used to destroy the Internet as a legitimate source of alternative journalism.

    Moreover, as many Americans continue to realize that the United States is controlled by a shadow dictatorship which is financed by the Zionist central bank in this country, doing business as the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Reserve’s connections to London’s banking cartel and the House of Rothschild, they will embrace the alternative media, and completely disregard the tainted and dishonest mainstream media system in the United States.

    - James F. Marino

    "Banking & Currency & The Money Trust"


    "The whole thing is, and has been, based almost entirely upon a system of credit, and we have remained ignorant of the fact that instead of allowing a few men with average capacity, supposed fair reputation, and actual nerve, to appropriate the credit that the rest of us have supported by hard labor, we should have utilized that credit for the benefit of those plain people who really support it.

    We should become firmly imbued with the truth of that statement. Indeed, the most of us who are over 21 years old and have voted will become more and more humiliated as we proceed and realize how, we have been beguiled into supporting the very things that have robbed us of the best results of our life’s energy. But it is better to be once humiliated and become thereafter ashamed of our own past stupidity, than it is to continue in ignorance and place the increasing burdens upon the shoulders of our children.

    It is time that we realized that our banking and currency system is not only rotten in its application but that it is absolutely false in its basis, and must be changed. It is because of that condition that I introduced a resolution providing for an investigation of the Money Trust.

    The interests saw the danger in which such an investigation would place them if the public should learn the actual facts, and they immediately started that portion of the press controlled by the trusts to laughing at my resolution. An attempt was made by those interests and the subservient political bosses, irrespective of party, to ridicule it out of Congress.

    They recognized that the resolution was aimed at the very heart of all the trusts and combinations. The political bosses do not always keep so well informed about the ways of business as they do about the jugglery of politics, nor the means by which the public may be prevented from understanding their operations, but they do juggle the rules of both Houses of Congress in order to restrain action against and promote action favorable to the trusts.

    The trusts inform the politicians of how they wish them to act upon matters which affect the trusts, and in the case of my resolution they were induced to pigeon-hole it. But the public had heard the alarm. The independent press was insistent on information . . . sought to obtain facts from me, searched for other facts themselves . . . and heralded to the world the purposes of the resolution.

    Thousands of letters and telegrams were sent to the Members of Congress from their constituents. . . . The political bosses soon found it necessary to cover the tracks the trusts had made when coming to their offices. . . . Something had to be done ; and that quickly, or the indignation aroused at the failure of Congress to act would run riot and the heads of political bosses tumble.

    Secret meetings were held by the representatives in Congress of the trusts and bosses. The doors of the innermost and least suspected offices were barred to the public, and so guarded that none should enter who were interested on behalf of the public. In these offices plans were laid for the drafting of a new resolution, the purpose of which was to defeat the appointment of a special committee, and to substitute for it the Banking and Currency Committee; which was chiefly composed of bankers, their agents and attorneys, and the interests expected that that committee would faithfully protect the wrongs committed against the public, in so far as it could be done without arousing public suspicion.

    It could not whitewash the whole of the Money Trust operations, but much could and would be concealed by that means, and was in fact, as was shown by subsequent developments. The next step was to secure the passage of this substituted resolution, which really amounted to the investigation being made by the secret friends of the Money Trust. This committee, as well might be expected, . . . because of the special personal interest of its members, . . . did not select an attorney to aid them from among the many able attorneys who are Members of the House and who would serve without further pay than that to which they are entitled as Members, . . . but they selected a Wall Street attorney, paid him a very high salary, allowed him to manage the whole investigation and practically draft the committee’s report.

    I do not make that statement as a reflection upon the attorney so selected, but merely to indicate the fact that the Banking and Currency Committee did not view this subject from the standpoint of the general public. At first it was supposed that the public would be appeased with such a proceeding, and the whole subject be easily handled under the sacred boss system. A secret caucus was resorted to.

    ... In a later study we shall consider these secret caucuses and ascertain the method by means of which the politicians have so long served the trusts while being maintained in office by the public. The caucus on the Money Trust resolution was attended by many well-meaning but misguided followers of bossism. The substituted Money Trust Resolution was adopted, and on a later day passed by the House. Those Members who bound themselves by the gag caucus rule were guilty of perjury and treason, but that has been so common a result of the caucus rule that it
    is no longer considered as such by them.

    They believe that anything founded in precedent is justified, and each believes that he is justified and his conscience satisfied when once he yields his convictions to the will of the bosses. But the people will awaken their asphyxiated consciences on this caucus system once they learn the cost it entails on national efficiency.

    The Money Trust won, . . . of course, . . . and the Banking and Currency Committee took charge of the investigation on behalf of their masters, the bankers."

    - Congressman, Charles A. Lindbergh

    Read this entire book here:

  • Banking And Currency And The Money Trust
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