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Is The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Using Google To Delist Certain Websites Because They Discuss Crimes Being Committed By This Complex?

  • British Government Declassifies Thousands Of UFO Files For Public Consumption - Are This Planet's Governments Giving Up On Their Decades Of Attempts To Deny The Existence Of UFO's And Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, Because They Realize That Most People Believe In The Existence Of UFO's & That Millions Of People Have Actually Seen Them, While Thousands Of Others Have Described Being Abducted By UFO's? And If These Governments Admit To The Existence Of These Higher Forms Of Life, What Will This Do To The Religious Status Quo Of The Human Race?

  • This Link Goes To The Section Of The FBI's Website Regarding Crimes Committed Under The Color Of Law - United States Code Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 - FBI Agents Regularly Commit The Very Crimes Under The Color Of Law That They Are Supposed To Be Prosecuting - The Bureau's COINTELPRO Operations Were Created With The Express Intent Of Perpetrating Crimes Under The Color Of Law With Plausible Deniability - This Is What The Nationally Reported And FBI Orchestrated Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking Is; A Hate Crime Committed Under The Color Of Law & Sanctioned By The FBI - Moreover, FBI Agents Regularly Commit Perjury In U.S. Courts Of Law As Well As Coercing Witnesses To Lie Under Oath (Suborning Of Witness Perjury), Yet Are Seldom If Ever Punished For These Crimes - It Is Thus Ironic That The FBI Maintains A Clear Definition On Its Website Of What Color Of Law Crimes Are And How FBI Agents Are Supposed To Prosecute Such Crimes - So Why Are The American People Tolerating The FBI's Duplicity? And Why Doesn't The FBI Have A Legislative Charter?

  • FBI Agents Shucking Up To The Bureau's Criminal Hierarchy Every Time They Put Someone New On A Terrorist Watch List - One Must Wonder Given The NSA's Clandestine Brain Fingerprinting Of Americans, & Its Use Of The Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network In Which To Track All Americans By Way Of Their Brains Own Unique Electromagnetic Signatures, If A Majority Of The American People Are Being Illegally Satellite Tracked By This SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network 24 Hours A Day? Especially Since The NSA's Artificial Intelligence Super Computers Have The Ability To Watch Every Person On The Face Of This Planet Simultaneously, While Monitoring Their Thoughts

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions..

    U.S. Intel's Plan To Destroy The Internet By Either Passing The Internet Kill Switch Bill, Or By Fomenting A Covert Operation Through Google To Reduce Internet Traffic On Conspiracy Websites

    The 1St Amendment's In Jeopardy

    Any American citizen who's been paying close attention to how the United States Constitution has been permanently furloughed as a result of the Patriot Act, is already drawing a parallel to the Congress's attempt to pass a bill which will allow the U.S. Federal Government to prevent Americans from accessing the Internet, under the pretense of combating cyber-terrorism; something that represents the most egregious violation of the 1St Amendment ever perpetrated.

    As usual, the duplicitous members of the body politic in America are already portraying those who have openly criticized this legislation as being misinformed. However, we are not misinformed in regard to the Kill Switch Bill, anymore than we were misinformed in regard to the Patriot Act or the 2006 Military Commissions Act, since these pieces of legislation are outright attacks on our civil liberties.

    We're no more misinformed than the "We The People Tax Amnesty Group" was when they offered a public challenge to the Internal Revenue Service, FBI, and several U.S. Politicians, to clear up the debate over whether or not the IRS is imposing the federal income tax legally, when at the last minute the representatives from the IRS and FBI, as well as several politicians who'd agreed to attend the We The People's forum, decided to bow out; because they knew that Title 26 of the IRS tax code does not show a law which makes it legal for the IRS to impose the federal income tax, and that this income tax is being applied illegally.

    From that day on, the IRS has claimed that the 16Th Amendment alone allows it to impose the federal income tax. However, former IRS investigator Bill Benson has proven that the 16Th Amendment was never legally ratified and is thus being applied by the IRS illegally.

    The U.S. Congress will not address this issue either for obvious enough reasons, but instead had a U.S. Judge censure Benson to prevent him from sharing his research on the 16Th Amendment with the American people. If there's one thing that the Congress has gotten down pact, it's how to collectively lie to the American people.

    That is except for Congressman Ron Paul, who by telling the truth about the IRS, has been prevented from ever attaining higher political office.

    If Ron Paul had chosen to lie about the IRS as most U.S. politicians have done, Dr. Paul would have likely made a successful run for the presidency long ago.

    Yet Another Act Of Duplicity

    Moreover, given Google's new program to de-list Websites which the search engine claims don't deserve their high Web rankings based on their content, one can just smell the Communism here: specifically, the Congress as well as the U.S. Intelligence community's attempts to once again undermine the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    More to the point: If U.S. Intel can't get rid of the ever increasing number of conspiracy Websites which promulgate the crimes committed by the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, through the use of unconstitutional legislation like the "Internet Kill Switch Bill," then Intel will use other "plausibly deniable" means in which to reduce the viewership of Websites which are promulgating information that this Orwellian complex of criminals has taken an interest in destroying.

    Websites which include everything from the House of Rothschild and its global counterfeiting-money laundering operations - such as the Federal Reserve System, to its new world order world government, the U.S. Federal Government's use of wireless fMRI brain-scanning technology on the U.S. population, The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, the government's use of American citizens for non consensual human experimentation, and a myriad of other factual topics that are unpopular with the House of Rothschild and its cadre of government shills.

    Such duplicity by U.S. Intel, which requires the subjugation of Google's owners, also offers further insights into the real reasons for the Internet Kill Switch Bill legislation.

    Proof that if passed, the Internet Kill Switch Bill will be used to destroy the Internet as a legitimate source for alternative journalism, and reduce the "information highway" to just another venue for the House of Rothschilds' disinformation.

    Something the Rothschilds must do if they are to eradicate the growing anti-Rothschild sentiment which has now swept over the Internet, as the American people learn of the nefarious history of the House of Rothschild, and how it established the Federal Reserve System Communist central bank in the United States, with the express intent of infiltrating the U.S. Federal Government in efforts to destroy America.

    As for the Google juggernaut, one must wonder given its monopoly over the Internet, how long it will be before anti-trust laws are applied to this Internet giant, and if they may well result in Google's being broken up as so many other monopolies have been in the past?

    Or given its massive database, will Google remain intact simply because it provides the U.S. Intelligence community with an already established venue for spying on the Internet that can be readily exploited?

    Many interested parties have already surmised that this is the real reason for the National Security Agency's interest in partnering itself with Google - to use the search engine as a front for the NSA's illegal domestic spy operations.

    And let's not forget about John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which implicates the Agency in the most egregious domestic spying ever documented, as well as the secretive implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States, as well as an electronic brain-scanning network which Akwei has referred to as the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Given this treasonous scandal, is it any wonder why the U.S. Intelligence community wants those of us who have first hand experience as targets of this EMF Scanning Network, dead? Or why the Intelligence community has unleashed the vicious psychological warfare operations and smear campaigns that they have, against us? They are seeking to conceal the fact that there is a shadow government within the United States that operates behind the facade of the U.S. Federal Government; a clandestine government that functions as a military-intelligence dictatorship.

    - James F. Marino

  • Europe Looks Into Antitrust Violations By Google Inc.

  • As The 112Th U.S. Congress Searches For Covert Ways In Which To Deconstruct The Internet Under The Pretense Of Protecting Americans From Cyber Terrorism, The Controversy Over An Internet Kill Switch Bill Rages On

  • The Federal Bureau Of Investigation
    A Sworn Enemy Of Americans And Their Freedom

    Editor's Note: The illegal FBI-NSA COINTELPRO operation and propaganda smear campaign waged against this author continues with further slander, while the psychological warfare operations that these criminals perpetrate against my Family and person become even more aggressive.

    Moreover, the electronic attacks and other forms of COINTELPRO harassment also continue. A short time ago, the NSA remotely turns a piece of stereo equipment on in this author's home, via the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology. Such electronic tamperings have been occurring for nearly two decades, as part of the vicious psychological operations which the Intel community perpetrates against this author.

    These electronic attacks involve everything from directed energy weapons' attacks on the body to the electronic tampering of everything from TV sets and radio's, to car alarms and motion sensitive spotlights.

    Other attacks include the Intel community's tampering with the U.S. Mail, vandalism of personal property, intentionally causing traffic accidents in an attempt to initiate insurance fraud, interfering with business transactions, and virtually every other type of harassment that can be used to adversely affect one's daily life. If the FBI is successful in one of its entrapment schemes, it can then use this information to blackmail the person's who comprise a targeted individual's "inner circle" into either taking part in the FBI's psychological warfare operation of the targeted person, or being subjected to whatever criminal prosecution the FBI claims it can prosecute the person for.

    This has proven to be the case with the families of many targeted individuals, since these family members have also been subjected to the FBI's violations of their Constitutional rights, yet in spite of this are coerced by the Bureau into taking part in the FBI's crimes against TI's.

    A further indication of how abjectly corrupt the U.S. Judiciary System has become, in aiding and abetting the crimes of the U.S. Intelligence community.

    In regard to the FBI's tamperings, the other day this author makes an online purchase. The online confirmation which was sent to alert me to the fact that these items had been shipped, intentionally left out the tracking number for the package; making it impossible for this author to track this package.

    Oftentimes the confirmation E-mails sent from a merchant to this author are either intercepted and electronically tampered with or never received at all.

    Moreover, a number of times items have been damaged. The damage is usually minor enough so that it's not worth going to the trouble of sending the items back, which would no doubt create yet further opportunities for the FBI's miscreants to avail themselves of.

    Furthermore, the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, the world's greatest fraud for a federal policing organization, is responsible for perpetrating these crimes, as well as the covert operation which the FBI is presently conducting in which to both demonize this author, as well as murder my person in a plausibly deniable way.

    The FBI is not about to admit to collusion in a national brain fingerprinting program, even though this Hooverized and brainwashed gestapo will eventually pay a substantial price for its role in such a high crime of treason.

    In short, not only are the FBI's agents murderous criminals (as has already been documented by myriad others, including many former FBI agents), many of these thugs are also pathological liars who must avoid the criminal justice system, when their crimes against an American citizen become as outrageous as they have regarding this author.

    And by outrageous, I refer to a criminal conspiracy fomented by the FBI and NSA which involves decades of the most outrageous spying ever documented, including more than a quarter of a million hours of illegally spying on this author, my Family and others with whom we are associated, which constitutes the most egregious violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.

    This also serves as further proof that the U.S. Intelligence community does not obey the U.S. Constitution, but instead violates this legislation in every way imaginable, while demonizing those citizens whose Constitutional rights the Intel community wantonly violates.

    Furthermore, as is typical of such psychological warfare operations, the Constitutional rule of law is completely absent, because it is factions within the U.S. Federal Government who are responsible for these crimes, and for the use of classified technology which is being secretly deployed on the U.S. population as the direct result of a national brain fingerprinting program.

    Something a former NSA employee was attempting to expose in a lawsuit which he filed against the National Security Agency in 1992; a lawsuit which was dismissed by a corrupt federal judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who has by his actions and past association as general counsel for the CIA, shown himself to be an asset of the U.S. Intelligence community.

    A former federal judge who during his tenure in the District Court Of The District Of Columbia (1985-2000), was used to pervert the criminal justice system in the United States in order to protect federal agents who have committed crimes which they should be indicted for.

    This is a very unpopular topic with the federal government in the United States, because it exposes a shadow dictatorship that hides behind the mask of a democratic nation.

    Moreover, to say that these federal agents are operating criminally and treasonously is an understatement, regarding the enormity of their crimes and their gross deception of the American people.

    They simply deny what they have done.

    Common sense and basic principles of the legal system would indicate that if the FBI is intent on arresting a person who is committing federal crimes, all the FBI must do is to catch the person committing such crimes and arrest them.

    However, if the person is not committing crimes, much less federal ones, and the FBI has committed serious crimes against that person which involve the violations of that person's Constitutional rights, then the Bureau will resort to the psychological warfare and propaganda smear campaigns that they have perpetrated against this author and myriad others, in efforts to obscure the FBI's criminal activities.

    This is exactly what the FBI continues to do in efforts to obscure the crimes that the Bureau has committed against this author. Crimes which have taken place over a span of more than thirty years.

    In thus doing so, the FBI avoids answering for its crimes, while it utilizes the Department Of Justice, U.S. Congress and media system in America in which to aid and abet the Bureau's criminal activities, while the classified signals intelligence technology that the U.S. Intelligence community is illegally deploying on the U.S. population - which includes technology capable of remotely reading their thoughts - remains obscured from the public, under the cover of National Security.

    In other words, the National Security Act is being perverted in order to conceal crimes that the U.S. Federal Government is committing against the American citizenry.

    It is this "cover of National Security" which enables the U.S. Intelligence community to conceal its rampant criminality from the American people. A major conspiracy within the United States, which includes the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the U.S. Federal Government.

    Moreover, any person who is in contact with a person being targeted for such COINTELPRO operations will become part of this deception, whether willingly, or through the use of coercion. This results in a coordinated effort used by the Intel community to deceive the public, through the use of such chicanery.

    And the abject denial that the Intel community is responsible for orchestrating such crimes, is how the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking has been successfully propagated for the past decade within the United States.

    The people who are perpetrating these crimes simply deny that they are doing so.

    Furthermore, in order to force such compliance in regard to these crimes, the FBI may threaten to interfere with a person's employment, to seize a person's home or children under false pretenses, to withhold a retired person's social security checks, or myriad other forms of intimidation, which are extremely effective in enabling the FBI to gain "cooperation" from those persons who would ordinarily refuse to aid and abet the Bureau's criminal activities.

    The FBI's smear campaigns are one of the best illustrations of how this Americanized gestapo uses illegal methods in which to attack those whom the Bureau cannot legally prosecute.

    The fact is that while most people do not like or trust the FBI, they are fearful of this organization, and thus can be easily intimidated by agents who attempt to "bully" these people into acquiescing to the FBI's demands.

    There is also no longer any doubt that the FBI is a crime syndicate. And that under the Patriot Act and the Bureau's brainwashing tactics, the FBI has managed to turn entire American communities into groups of vigilante criminals, who are being used to destroy the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, as well as the inherent rights which by law all American citizens are entitled to.

    The FBI is a sworn enemy of the American people and their freedom.
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