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Was Jeopardy's All Time Money Winner Unwittingly Used For Non Consensual Human Experimentation? Did Jennings Obtain His Answers By Way Of V2K?

  • Was Jeopardy Champ Ken Jennings An Unwitting Target Of Wireless Computer To Brain Interface (Mind Control) Experimentation, While On A Nationally Televised Program? And Did Jennings Obtain His Answers By Way Of Voice To Skull (V2K) Technology? This Author Believes That The Jeopardy Quiz Program Was Used As A Media Vehicle In Which To Successfully Test Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Technology Before Millions Of Unwitting Jeopardy Viewers

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  • FBI Psychological Operations Become More Aggressive

    Editor's Note: The FBI's psychological warfare operations against this author become more aggressive over the past week, after this author posts the name of the federal judge who was used by the NSA to prevent former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei from suing the NSA in 1992.

    The former judge, Stanley Sporken, was used to prevent John St. Clair Akwei from seeing his lawsuit to fruition, because Akwei's knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure includes the Agency's ability to track any person's own unique brain fingerprint, as the direct result of the NSA's secretly implementing a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States in 1981, and as the result of Executive Order 12333, passed under the Reagan-Bush Administration.

    This is a scandal that has the capability of destroying the shadow government within the United States, which is why Judge Sporken was used to derail John Akwei's case against the NSA.

  • John St. Clair Akwei Attempts To Expose A National Brain Fingerprinting Program In The United States, Only To See His Lawsuit Dismissed By A Corrupt Federal Judge Who Is An Asset Of The U.S. Intelligence Community's

  • As a former federal judge, Stanley Sporken was an invaluable asset to the U.S. Intelligence community, used to pervert the laws in this country in order to conceal crimes being committed by the U.S. Intel community. There are many of such judges who are controlled by the Intel community, and any honest judge is always in danger of being setup in an Intel entrapment scheme, in order to blackmail them, so that the Intel community can then use these judges as assets.

    The same is true for U.S. Politicians, whom the Intel community must take control of, in order to have legislation passed which continues to give this community of domestic spies and covert terrorists more power, while preventing any legislation that would result in a major criminal investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community.

    Former madam, Robin Head, has already testified to witnessing FBI/CIA attempted entrapment of U.S. Politicians who were patrons of an escort service that she was operating in the State of Texas.

    As punishment for refusing to divulge the names of those of her clients who were politicians (according to Robin there were many), Robin was setup on trumped up charges and sentenced to ten years in prison for crimes that she did not commit.

    Robin has also stated that when she contacted the FBI about the CIA's attempts in which to shake her down, that the FBI's only interest was in obtaining the names of those of her clients who were U.S. Politicians, so that the FBI could blackmail them into becoming assets of the Bureau.

    Robin stated that the FBI had no interest in actually arresting these politicians as long as they would become assets of the FBI, and agreed to represent the Bureau's interests when it came time to vote regarding legislation which involved granting the FBI greater authority and an even larger annual operating budget than the ludicrous one that the Bureau already has.

    There has always been an internal power struggle occurring within the U.S. Intelligence community; those agencies like the CIA and FBI who utilize various means of coercion, including Brownstone operations (sex stings/blackmail), in order to furtively control the elected leadership in the United States.

    Such furtive control over the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government remains a preoccupation of the U.S Intelligence community, as new politicians are elected to office, and must then be coerced into voting the way that the Intelligence community wants them to vote.

    However, this can become problematic with an elected representative who actually wants to clean up the U.S. Federal Government (there are few of them), beginning with its ever toxic Intelligence community.

    For example, over the past few years, former Representative Cynthia McKinney was setup by factions within the U.S. Intelligence community, in a minor incident, in order to cause a scandal which resulted in McKinney's losing her reelection campaign.

    Why was McKinney setup?

    Because she was attempting to get legislation passed which would open up an entirely new investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes; an indepth investigation not seen since the Church Committee Hearings of the 1970's, which were overseen by former Idaho Senator, Frank Church.

    The Intelligence community could not get the politicians whom they control to dissuade McKinney from attempting to open this new investigation, so she had to go. U.S. Intel has far too much to hide from the American people to ever allow for such an intense investigation to ever occur again.

    And a minor skirmish was all it took to stop an investigation that would have resulted in a dramatic reduction in the size of the U.S. Intelligence community and its annual budget, as well as its total restructuring.

    The FBI's "Denial" Programming

    What characterizes the FBI's attacks against this author is the utter denial that these psyops are being perpetrated, while the Bureau utilizes every means possible in which to conduct its psychological warfare operations; in turn decimating the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    Something which no U.S. Citizen should ever tolerate.

    Moreover it is this abject denial by the FBI that these crimes are taking place, that is typical of the Bureau's committing crimes that are plausibly deniable. Their intent is to commit murder in a plausibly deniable way, however, this becomes increasingly difficult with those who become familiar with the FBI's nefarious tactics; since we understand that the FBI's agents are in fact murderers who will commit any crime which they believe they can actually get away with, while the U.S. Judicial system not only ignores the FBI's crimes, but is also used to conceal them from the public.

    Add to this the FBI's ability to function as a slanderish merchant of swill, as well as its history of blackmailing anyone into both lying under oath (suborning of witness perjury), as well as taking part in such psychological warfare operations, and you have an organization that is capable of destroying the very fabric of our society; which is why the FBI must be destroyed by the American people before the FBI can use its domestic spying and COINTELPRO operations to destroy the very ties that have historically allowed the average American family to successfully propagate.

    FBI Subterfuge Continues

    The FBI also continues to use any person who can be manipulated by the Bureau, in efforts to provoke this author, which is why this author has learned to ignore such aiders and abettors of the FBI's crimes, and instead document how these COINTELPRO based operations are being deployed.

    My intent is to make the FBI's criminal operations so well known, that the American public will be able to easily spot such COINTELPRO operations, before they can be used to destroy the lives of myriad American citizens; those whose inherent rights the FBI has no respect for.

    Moreover, any group of people who willfully take part in the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking automatically falls under the classification of a terrorist organization, since they are operating illegally, no matter how secretly they perpetrate their crimes.

    Furthermore, organized stalkers are pawns of the Zionist controlled Intel community in the United States, who should be considered brainwashed and a danger to themselves as well as others.

    No person with a rational mind would ever willingly take part in this vigilante hate crime.

    Furthermore, many of these provocateurs are just as evil as the agents who utilize them in such covert operations, and will eventually pay the price for attempting to cover up a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States.

    That is what this is all about - covering up the electronic branding of the American people by the U.S. Intelligence community, as part of the agenda in which to implement world government and a global dictatorship.

    As for the FBI's agents, most are pathological liars, who are trained to torture and murder without any sense of conscience for what they have done. Therefore, they must be exposed at any cost, and the FBI must eventually meet the same fate as the Nazi's Gestapo, since its existence within the United States is not only illegal (the FBI has no legislative charter and no Act of Congress can make the FBI legal until it has such a charter) but also an egregious threat to the rights of the American citizenry under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    As long as the FBI continues to violate the Constitutional rule of law in America, there will always be Americans who will hold the Bureau accountable for its despicable actions. Including its collusion with the NSA in a national brain fingerprinting program. The worst crime of treason ever documented, and one which completely invalidates the U.S. Intelligence community as anything but a pawn of the House of Rothschild and its destruction of the United States and her people.

    America is a nation on the move, seeking to route out the House of Rothschild and its representatives; those whom President Andrew Jackson once referred to as a "den of vipers." And we will succeed in routing out this miserable and oppressive den of vipers and those who've subverted our government and media system for their own criminal agenda, or we will die trying to.

    The die has been cast. And the House of Rothschild will be removed from the United States of America.
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