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More Than A Decade After Publishing His Book On The "Creation" Of The AIDS Virus, Dr. Len Horowitz Is Being Demonized By The U.S. Federal Government

Dr. Len Horowitz

Exposes The Pentagon/World Health Organization/CDC

Connection To The AIDS Virus

In the 1990's, Dr. Leonard Horowitz began researching the causative effect of the AIDS virus. Horowitz utilized many different sources for his research, including the U.S. Freedom Of Information Act, as well as Dr. Robert Strecker's own research regarding AIDS.

The conclusion that both Horowitz and Strecker reached was that AIDS did not occur as a natural phenomenon, but instead was engineered in a government laboratory, and as the direct result of an order issued by the Pentagon, whose interest was to create a biological weapon that could be used for the express purpose of committing genocide in a plausibly deniable way.

Dr. Horowitz would write a book entitled Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, which he used as a vehicle in which to document this Pentagon cover up. Dr. Strecker and his brother would compile research which they would entitle "The Strecker Memorandum," which made many of the same claims that Horowitz has done in his book on AIDS and Ebola.

Moreover, Robert Strecker's brother, a co-researcher on this project, would be murdered for his work, while Robert Strecker continues to live each day wondering if he may ultimately experience the same fate.

Recently, Horowitz has described a vicious smear campaign being conducted against him, by Big Pharma (the major drug companies in the United States), in order to demonize Horowitz with the public.

Horowitz has also stated that they are trying to frame him for the murder of "Britain’s leading financial whistleblower, Edward Harle (pen name, Christopher Story)," in efforts to destroy Horowitz' reputation.

Specifically, what Horowitz is referring to here is the inclusion of his name on a list which Harle had put together shortly before his death, which lists the names of many individuals who are alleged to be members of the Knights Of Malta - an organization which is said to have close ties to the Illuminati.

And of course by now anyone who has researched the House of Rothschild and its Zionist leadership, understands that the Illuminati is a global crime syndicate controlled by the Rothschilds' international counterfeiting and money laundering cartel.

Horowitz has also stated that he has never been associated with the Knights Of Malta, and alleged that his name was added to this list, not by Harle, but by investigative journalist Greg Syzmanski, whom Horowitz claims is a CIA asset, and that the Department Of Homeland Security has actually been used in which to infiltrate the Alex Jones' Internet podcast network.

Jones has recently also become a detractor of Horowitz.

The real problem is that the Intel community has of history of using legitimate journalists who believe that they are doing the right thing, as pawns in which to circulate its disinformation, in the hope that by doing so, they can confuse a situation to such an extent, that virtually no one but those being targeted for such attacks know what the truth really is.

The more famous a person becomes, such as Len Horowitz, or Greg Syzmanski, or for that matter Alex Jones, the greater the need for the military-intelligence complex to attempt to either use them as an asset in disseminating Intel's propaganda (that is if the person can be controlled), or to destroy them if they cannot be utilized in this way.

The end result is that some fine investigative journalists end up attacking eachother, which detracts from the time they would otherwise spend conducting their whistleblowing activities.

The global intelligentsia has been able to survive on such deceitful tactics since its inception, by playing well intentioned people off against eachother - a form of COINTELPRO.

As for investigative journalist, Greg Syzmanski, and in the interest of reporting objectively, the fact is that Greg is one of (if not) the first alternative journalists to seriously investigate the allegations regarding the organized stalking phenomenon; as well as the U.S. Federal Government's secretive deployment of classified technology, which it continues to utilize on a myriad of American citizens, and as part of a covert program in which to conduct wireless forms of mind control experimentation. As such, Greg has been a friend to this community of Targeted Individuals (TI's).

As for investigative journalist, Len Horowitz, the fact is that he became famous for exposing one of the most disturbing crimes ever perpetrated - the U.S. Department of Defense's collusion with the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, in order to create and disseminate the AIDS virus as part of a furtive genocidal program against African Americans and the gay population living within the United States. Horowitz' invaluable work here has earned him many loyal supporters, while at the same time earning him an equal number of detractors.

As for investigative journalist, Jane Burgermeister, she has also made many contributions to the field of journalism, while now finding herself under attack by the pharmaceutical industry, for like Horowitz, stating that the bird flu vaccine offered in 2009 was in reality a biological weapon that would be used to kill millions of people.

Something which resulted in a large percentage of the global population refusing to take the vaccine; thus costing the vaccine manufacturers millions of dollars in lost profits.

Burgermeister has also stated that the bird flu pandemic which took place at that time, was in fact artificially created in which to force the public to take the bird flu vaccine.

More than a decade ago, Smith Kline Beecham found themselves in a similar predicament, when the pharmaceutical company attempted to market a Lyme Disease vaccine which had dangerous side effects.

Many people who had contracted Lyme Disease (including this author) knew about this, and went public with this information, which eventually resulted in the Lyme Disease vaccine being pulled from the market. What the public did not know was that a number of people in the original Lyme vaccine trials had become seriously ill after being innoculated with the vaccine.

Not only were they refused treatment when they became ill, but the payment which they were promised for taking part in the trial was withheld. The Lyme Disease vaccine was not only dangerous, for several people it would turn out to be deadly.

Moreover, in this author's opinion, both Burgermeister and Horowitz are correct in their assessment of the bird flu vaccine being a biological weapon, and in regard to their concerns that in the future the people who received it will die from some type of refractory illness, which their immune systems will not be able to combat, because their immune systems were destroyed through such artificial means as the biological weapon which they received under the guise of a flu vaccine.

Furthermore, it is also this author's opinion, that the real sources behind the smear campaign against Len Horowitz are the U.S. Department Of Defense (Pentagon), the World Health Organization, and the Centers For Disease Control; all of whom Horowitz has implicated in the creation and dissemination of the AIDS virus.

Unfortunately, this smear campaign is the price a whistleblower must pay for exposing crimes committed in deep secrecy by a shadow government that exists within a legitimate government, and which uses the latter in which to perpetrate and conceal its own criminal agenda.

In the case of the United States, a shadow government which is controlled and financed by the House of Rothschild through its Federal Reserve System Communist central bank.

Moreover, the attack on Leonard Horowitz and Jane Burgermeister may well be far more than just a smear campaign; both journalists have stated that there is a conspiracy by the global pharmaceutical cartel, in which to murder investigative journalists who expose its crimes.

And in all likelihood, for quite sometime now, there's been a criminal conspiracy in which to murder Horowitz and Burgermeister in some plausibly deniable way.

-- James F. Marino

See the following regarding this attack on Len Horowitz and Jane Burgermeister:


"London–Drug industry officials blamed for conspiring against people worldwide in the fraudulent World Health Organization (WHO) swine flu campaign of 2009, are now linked to two murdered journalists. The conspiracy, in which a third of the officials on the emergency committee are now criminally implicated for promoting a false fright to sell billions of dollars of “required” vaccinations, extends worldwide. Additional American journalists are threatened in this developing story.

The first writers to bring the “PharmaWHO” fright and fraud to light, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, and Jane Burgermeister, are both in serious jeopardy from related reprisals.

Horowitz has been falsely framed in the recent murder of Britain’s leading financial whistleblower, Edward Harle (pen name, Christopher Story); while Burgermeister is fighting against attacks by Austrian government officials instigated by the drug cartel.

'The companies and officials now indicted for the swine flu vaccination fraud are the ones Jane and I fingered from the beginning of BigPharma’s corrupt campaign,' Dr. Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal, said. 'Pharma hit-squads are now assassinating journalist/whistleblowers, and have the same agent provocateurs libeling Burgermeister and me hideously on the Internet and in person.'

Recently murdered journalists include Don Harkins, the editor of the Idaho Observer, America’s leading voice of BigPharma resistance, whose wife, Ingri Cassel, is the national director of Vaccination Liberation Organization."

"Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola" Can Be Downloaded In PDF Format Here

The Following Is Doctor Horowitz' Lecture On The Conspiracy By The Pentagon, World Health Organization And U.S. Centers For Disease Control To Create A Biological Weapon Which Was To Be Used To Perpetrate The Act Of Genocide, While Giving Those Who Perpetrated This Heinous Act Anonymity In Doing So.

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