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Have You Ever Heard Of The U.S. National Intelligence Service? Government Whistleblower James Flemming Gives Us Some Insight Into NIS Dark Operations

Editor's Note: As a target of MKULTRA for several decades, this author is always searching for more information in regard to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' involvement in this type of non consensual human experimentation; including any information by whistleblowers who were involved in specfic mind control programs that existed under the CIA's original MKULTRA program which began in the 1950's.

Project TKRealm is said to be one of these programs. And the following man claims to have been part of this program and the subsequent coverup which took place, after he attempted to have the program shutdown; his attempt to do so, the result of a scientist involved in this program being murdered by one of Project TKRealm's mind controlled subjects.

NIS Expose


Mind Control - Secret Experiments

Welcome to my web site. My name is James Thomas Fleming, former Project Coordinator of the National Intelligence Service. You have probably never heard of the NIS. It is not unlike the CIA, but I assure you its past is much darker. This is my story which I would recommend for everyone to read.

The NIS is the most secretive government agency in existence. They conduct foreign and domestic intelligence operations, keep files on everyone (including you) and devise high technology for use in intelligence and weapons systems for the government. The NIS was created by executive order with the signing of the National Security Act of 1947. So secret was to be the nature of the NIS that its name was not even referred to in the text of the act - it exists due to a deliberate loophole in the language. They receive billions of dollars of defense funding annually, which is covered up by attributing it to other agencies, and various public service programs which do not actually exist.

My background in government work found me at NIS headquarters in Washington D.C. one cold winter day. I was applying for a job through the advice of a friend of mine who worked there. The building was relatively small and unassuming. On the hazy glass of the door to the recruitment center was the seal of the NIS; an eagle with its wings spread, with thirteen stars representing the original colonies in a circular formation. The motto, "Vigilantis pretium Liberatis" - Vigilance is the price of Freedom.

I was interviewed, given a polygraph and sent on my way. It was nothing new to a government guy like me. The next day I received a phone call saying that I had gotten the job as an operations specialist.

For three years, I worked conducting counterintelligence activities. My background in psychology eventually got me assigned to the Behavioral Science Unit. At the BSU, we profiled foreign and domestic officials of particular interest and sent our findings on up the line. We were also given essentially free reign to conduct research at NIS general laboratories in Bethesda, MD. This was a mistake on the part of the agency - my colleagues and I in the unit soon began to diverge off onto a path of research into what are known as "altered states" - we were interested in the possible forceful induction of hypnotic states by means of drugs and/or neural stimulation by means of light, sound and radiation.

It was during this stage that we found a "magic bullet". In this case, it was a certain frequency and type of sound that causes instantaneous depression of neurotransmitters in the higher regions of the brain. This, we found conclusively, effectively deactivated the conscious mind, reducing an individual to basic stimulus-response operations; not unlike an animal.

We eagerly reported our research findings to the Assistant Project Coordinator. This was no small breakthrough in the field of psychology. In fact, the oversight commission had a special meeting just to learn of our findings. They were pleased, but wanted more research to be conducted before any operations applications were devised. Our experiments were acknowledged as an official project and assigned the codename TKREALM.

So we began experiments on humans, as it was apparent that this system was only effective on them, and we didn't want to waste time with animal experiments. We posted a bogus add in the paper, asking for people who wanted to be models to appear for screening. We would take them each into a room, sit them down and tell them we'd be right back. Then the signal was turned on. Through a one-way mirror, we observed the subject slump in their seat, as though dead. Then we began conditioning them to perform tasks. First they were simple, like picking up a ball. Then, through successive approximation, we managed to get them to play tunes on a synthesizer and do other complex things. Of course, operational use was always foremost. We started conditioning them to shoot firearms into a dummy target on an indoor range, and to slip capsules into drinks in an unassuming fashion. Soon we realized what we had created in our study already - a legion of zombie assassins.

The effects of the treatment were biological in nature, although we were not certain as to which neurotransmitter blockers were being secreted, or from which gland. The symptoms would wear off, but only after several hours without treatment. It was unknown how long someone could survive the state.

It was after the submittal of our second report that the Project Coordinator, who had been contemplating retirement, selected me to succeed him. After almost a year as the acting PC, I was confirmed by the Senate Intelligence committee. This position of power was totally unexpected for me, and although I had reservations, I was grateful.

No longer working in the lab, I began to devote more funding to my colleagues to continue the research we had started together. It was not long thereafter that I received the first report of "incident".

The phone call woke me up at 6:00am. A female subject in one of the experiments had blown the head off of an NIS field agent with his own service weapon (an HK USP). When I asked how it happened, there was dead silence for a few seconds, then "I think you should get down here, sir."

Special Agent Charles Hayward was dead in the hallway. His body had not been moved. I put on the gloves, as usual, and made a visual inspection of the scene. Blood and brain matter caked the wall. The sight was sickening. It was at this point that the reality of the situation hit me - the program must be terminated.

The woman soon regained her consciousness and showed no signs of any memory of the event. Rather than tell her the shocking truth of what she had done (which would have compromised security anyway), we sent her on her way.

I called an emergency meeting with the oversight committee. The project was immediately discontinued at NIS, but I found that details had been piped to DoD (Department of Defense) all along! This infuriated me. As coordinator, I had the final word in any joint operations, and this was a clear violation. The responsible party had vanished without a trace - only later did I find that he was a plant for the National Security Agency. The research, I am sure, has continued outside of the hands of the NIS. Determined to stop it, I sent memos to the White House.

For my insistence on moral grounds, I was "awarded" removal from my position and blacklisted for further government employment. The order came from the top of the executive branch.

Revealing this story on the Internet for the first time makes me liable to criminal indictment. Before they tear down this page, MAKE A COPY! PRINT IT AND SEND IT TO YOUR SENATOR OR CONGRESSMAN! Please; you are my only hope of propagating the truth about this project.


-- Jim Fleming

Please send me an e-mail to express your views or ask for any information. You had better do so before I am "strung up" by the authorities for creating this site.


*Editor's Note: To this author's knowledge, James Flemming was right to be concerned about being incarcerated, since he was arrested a short time after posting this letter on the Internet. However, to this day his whereabouts remain unknown. Hopefully, Jim is still alive.

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