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The FBI Has Never Been A Legitimate Crime Fighting Organization - The Bureau's Primary Function Has Always Remained The Same - Political Repression

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  • "FBI links with Organized Crime are nothing new. The FBI was founded primarily as an internal political repression agency, not a crime fighting organization. A few spectacular arrests of rag tag bank robbers burnished the crime fighting image, but political control has always been the FBI's main role."

    -Baltimore Sun Blog

    The FBI's Latest "Rag Tag" Propaganda
    Bringing Down The Mafia Ad Nauseum

    Editor's Note: First of all, anyone who has researched the FBI's long criminal history as an agent of political repression in the United States, is well aware of its ties to organized crime. Moreover, it is impossible to believe that with the highly sophisticated spy technology that the FBI and the rest of the Intelligence community have access to, that they could not have wiped out organized crime within the United States long ago if that was actually their agenda - it wasn't then, nor is it now.

    The real problem is that the FBI and its Intel brethren have become nothing but an upper echelon version of such organized crime; one which uses the concept of organized crime in which to justify a large portion of their absolutely obscene annual operating *budget, and while covering up their own oftentimes horrible crimes under the cover of National Security; since the National Security Act has been completely perverted by a community of criminals, whose existence in the United States has been deceitful from its inception.

    *A budget which should be dramatically reduced, and reallocated towards putting the millions of Americans who've lost their jobs over the past few years back to work.

    And in jobs that actually produce revenue, instead of using up billions of dollars each year at an alarming rate, and on projects that are not only unproductive and oftentimes outright dangerous and contrary to the United States Constitution, but which also characterize the complete indifference to human life that the military-intelligence juggernaut continues to display in its complete disdain for the American people.

    Such monies should be spent on restoring the United States to the former manufacturing power that she was during the early part of the 20TH Century, before treasonous legislation such as NAFTA and CAFTA was used in order to prevent the United States from remaining competitive with other countries.

    Moreover, the American people continue to be subjected to the Obama-Zionist White House's rhetoric about putting millions of Americans back to work. However, these shameful boasts are nothing but propaganda, while the House of Rothschild continues to use their Federal Reserve System Communist central bank in which to loot the United States, while deploying the Rothschild controlled system of disinformation in America (what was once the American people's media system), in which to keep Americans in a state of ignorance, so that they never learn who's actually responsible for the disastrous situation which is presently befalling them.

    As for the media's use in such propaganda, today, there's major media coverage being given to the FBI's recent arrest of roughly 110 men "in and around the State of NY," who are "ALLEGED" to be tied to organized crime. The word ALLEGED meaning to give these men their constitutional right to due process of law, under the 6Th Amendment to the Bill of Rights - something which thousands of targets of government sanctioned crimes such as non consensual human experimentation, and the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, continue to be denied.

    It is also entirely possible, that many of these men have nothing to do with organized crime, and may well have been arrested simply for the sensationalism involved with what the FBI claims is the largest single day arrest of organized crime members in American history.

    Moreover, given that organized crime exists throughout the United States, why the arrest in NY?

    There are a number of reasons, but the primary one is because New York is also home to the largest FBI branch in the United States, and one which has come under tremendous criticism for its use of gestapo tactics, in illegally spying on New Yorkers, while attempting to justify such outrageous violations of the 4Th Amendment.

    Moreover the FBI claims that this particular arrest represents the largest single day round up of organized crime members in American history - again, one will take notice of the superlative used here.

    Also take note of how many fraudulent arrests the FBI has made over the past few years regarding Muslim Americans, who were entrapped in the most outrageous ways imaginable, simply because the FBI could find no legitimate terrorists to arrest. This in order to justify the nearly decade's long fraudulent war on terror propagated by the Bush 43 Administration, and which the Obama-Zionist controlled White House continues to utilize, in order to indefinitely suspend the United States Constitution.

    All while the Zionist controlled media in America aids and abets these treasonous crimes against the American middle class, while attempting to portray any Americans who publicize this as being malcontents - or even worse, mentally unstable.

    The media and its Intel handlers have never quibbled about using smear campaigns in which to demonize their detractors, as long as these merchants of swill are able to obscure their own crimes.

    Moreover, the public's sickened of hearing about the FBI's vicious attacks on minorities, anti-war activists, animal rights' activists, artists, and the myriad Muslims in the United States, who aren't terrorists, yet who are being racially profiled as if they were, while the FBI is allowed to completely disregard their Constitutionally protected rights, thus destroying their lives.

    So it comes as no surprise that the FBI would suddenly come up with what is on the surface supposed to be a spectacular arrest, in attempting to burnish the taint off its well deserved reputation of pathological deception, and total disregard for the privacy of the American people.

    Let's face it, the FBI is an inherently criminal organization that with few exceptions employs criminally negligent, pathological liars, who consider themselves to be above the law. Those who regularly use the color of law in which to torture and even murder anyone whom they take a dislike to, including former agents who had attempted to operate legally, while defending the United States Constitution.

    And the fact that the FBI does not even have the necessary documentation in which to operate in America - a legislative charter - only serves to further illustrate the Bureau's abject arrogance and belief that it is above the law.


    The FBI Is Despised & Distrusted By Most Americans

    Given recent and justifiable public criticisms regarding the FBI's gestapo tactics under the Patriot Act, and total disregard for the Constitutional rule of law in America, one must wonder about the legitimacy (as well as the timing) of the FBI's latest, so called bust.

    Moreover, we must also contemplate exactly how long the FBI's been sitting on it, in an attempt to utilize this arrest at just the right time, for a public relation's campaign used in efforts to improve the FBI's badly damaged public image.

    In this author's opinion, the FBI's arrest of more than 100 members of organized crime is being served up to Americans as a red herring, in efforts to obscure the Bureau's own outrageous criminality, as well as an attempt to take the public's attention away from a Congress which now has the distinction of having the lowest approval rating of any Congress in American history.

    For two organizations whose survival is dependent on their political acumen, one might reasonably conclude that both the United States Congress and the Federal Bureau Of Investigation know that they are in big trouble with the American people, and are thus looking to placate the public through such thinly veiled smokescreens as this mafia bust, in efforts to avoid further and mounting public criticism.

    - James F. Marino
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