Sunday, January 09, 2011

COINTELPRO Target Kevin O'Neill Describes The Bureau Of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms' (BATF) Violation Of His Constitutional Rights

  • The Torture Report By Dr. Les Dove Had Been Deleted From The Internet, However It Can Now Be Found Here

  • How Zionist Jews Sold Out Their Fellow Jews By Making A Deal With Adolph Hitler Which Would Ensure Their Own Surivival At The Expense Of Millions Of Other Jews Who Were Tortured To Death - Is It Any Wonder Why The Jewish Population Despises The Zionist Jew And His One World Government Agenda? -- Website

  • The Conviction Of Former FBI Agent H. Paul Rico - Another Illustration Of The FBI's Criminal Mindset, And The Belief That Most FBI Agents Consider Themselves To Be Above The Law

  • The following has been excerpted from Kevin O'Neill's blog:


  • Sunday, September 26, 2010
    ATF Wiretapping & Bugging Investigations: A Hotbed of Peeping Toms & Sexual Degenerates Eagerly Listening to Intimate Details Occurring In Our Homes

    "For years, federal, state and local law enforcement investigated me which culminated in 1994-1995, when the ATF deployed nearly 100 counterintelligence agents around-the-clock complete with a command post, surveillance vehicles, airplanes, wiretaps, and illegal bugging devices to eavesdrop and watch every aspect of my life and others. This blog is based on real no-spin facts and personal experience which illustrates the variety of illegal and despicable investigative tactics crafted and practiced by arrogant, unrestrained agents and prosecutors. Given the fact that the majority of federal judges are former prosecutors, ideology now decides cases leaving effective judicial review merely ancient folklore."

    - COINTELPRO Target - Kevin O'Neill

  • Kevin O'Neill's Feds Gone Bad Blog Which Describes The BATF's Violation Of His Constitutional Rights

  • Where Is Greg Nikolettos?

    His "We The People Will Not Be Chipped" Website Hacked?

  • What Has Happened To The "We The People Will Not Be Chipped" Website & Its Owner, Greg Nikolettos? One Of The Most Frequently Visited Websites On The Internet Has Now Been Turned Into An Internet Pharmacy - A Failure To Pay The Annual Domain Registration Fee Or Electronic Sabotage By The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complex?

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