Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Camden New Jersey's Woes Regarding Devastating Budget Cuts Have Become A Nationwide Problem

  • "The FBI Slime-Machine Is Back While The U.S. Congress Ignores The FBI's Crimes" - The FBI Is Largely Responsible For Orchestrating The Nationwide Vigilante Hate Crime That Has Been Aggressively Propagated In The United States Since 2001 - The Phenomenon Is Known As Organized Stalking And It Is Part Of A Covert Plan Being Used To Destroy The United States Constitution & The American Middle Class

  • Editor's Note: The collapse of the U.S. economy is now having a ripple effect across this nation, as most states are suffering the worst economic hardships in nearly a century.

    Moreover, as cities like Camden and Detroit lose most of their police and fire fighters, the stage is set for complete pandemonium, which will spill over into other neighboring cities and towns, as well into neighboring states.

    In the case of Camden, New Jersey, a crime ridden city which is only going to become more so with the loss of half its police force and at least 25 percent of its fire fighters, the Tri-State area, including New York and Connecticut, is also going to experience greater instances of crime in the future, done in efforts to justify the militarization of our individual states.

    Moreover, this economic meltdown has not occurred by accident. Instead, it was planned long ago by the Zionist shadow government in the United States which is controlled by the Federal Reserve Communist central bank, whose agenda includes the destruction of the United States Constitution and America's middle class.

    Moreover, the brainwashing which the American people are being subjected to via the Zionist controlled media in this country is being used in order to prevent these citizens from defending their inherent rights as Americans, as the House of Rothschilds' world government takes control of America, through the types of militarization of state and local police that now also includes the National Guard.

    The media continues to portray the Federal Reserve System as being the savior of the U.S. economy by lowering mortgage rates, however it is the Federal Reserve which engineered the sub prime mortgage disaster, which has now resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs.

    The Federal Reserve has been manipulating the U.S. economy in such adverse ways since its creation in 1914, and use of inflationary and deflationary cycles in which to gradually erode the U.S. economy, while destroying the American middle classes' wealth.

    The House of Rothschild is at the genesis of this deception, fearing that if they did not gain control of the United States, that America's debt free status in the midst of the 19Th Century, would eventually result in a nation that did not need to conduct commerce with other countries; something which terrified the House of Rothschild to such an extent, that they feared that the United States would eventually "destroy every monarchy on the planet" while preventing the Rothschilds from continuing their history of war profiteering and money laundering.

    In the 21St Century, the Rothschilds have nearly succeeded in destroying the United States and her middle class.

    Furthermore, only educating the American people in regard to the history of the House of Rothschild will enable Americans to destroy the Rothschilds and their Federal Reserve Communist central bank, before the Rothschilds can destroy us.

  • Camden, New Jersey To Lose Half Its Police Force And Twenty Five Percent Of Its Fire Fighters Due To Budget Cuts
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