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The Global Shadow Government And Its Participation In The UFO - EBE Cover-Up

  • Wireless Hacking Into The Human Brain - This Article Talks About This Happening In The Future, However It Is Already Happening To Millions Of People Who Have No Idea That They Are Being Targeted For Such Predation - What Does It Take To Electronically Hack Into Your Brain? Specialized Signals Intelligence Equipment Deployed Via Satellite & The Unique Electromagnetic Frequency Of Your Own Brain - Who Do We Know For Certain Has Access To Such Technology? The U.S. National Security Agency

  • "Feds Radiating Americans -- Mobile X-Ray Vans Hit U.S. Streets" A Further Sign Of The Destruction Of The United States Constitution & Bill Of Rights

  • Former FBI Agent Edward Preciado-Nuno Convicted Of Beating His Son's Girlfriend To Death With A Hammer - Further Proof That Many FBI Agents Are Murderous Sociopaths Who Can Torture And Murder Without Remorse

  • Global Shadow Government's Cover-Up Of UFO's

    "The infrastructure needed to maintain and expand the level of secrecy which can deceive presidents and CIA Directors and senior congressional leaders and European Prime Ministers and the like is substantial - and illegal. Let me be clear, the entity which controls the UFO matter and its related technologies has more power than any single government in the world or any single identified world leader.

    The current state-of-the-art in secrecy is a hybrid, quasi-government, quasi privatized operation which is international - and functions outside of the purview of any single agency or any single government. ‘The Government' - as you and I and Thomas Jefferson may think of it - is really quite outside the loop. Rather, a select, tightly controlled and compartmentalized ‘black' or unacknowledged project controls these matters. Access is by inclusion alone and if you are not included, it does not matter if you are CIA Director, President, Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations or UN Secretary General, you simply will not know about or have access to these projects."

    -- Dr. Steven M. Greer, Understanding UFO Secrecy


  • The Shadow Government & Its Role In The UFO Coverup

  • FBI/NSA Electronic Sabotage Of YouTube Account

    Editor's Note: This author regularly documents the electronic sabotage that the FBI and NSA perpetrate against my person, including their attacks on this Website. Recently, this author is watching old sitcoms from the 1970's on YouTube, and then today, these organizations electronically tamper with this author's access to YouTube by disabling the viewer controls on the Website.

    * The following day, the *boatyard calls to say that the winter cover of this author's Family's sailboat, has been torn from the back of the mast all the way to the vessel's cockpit. The boatyard states that they have a yard hand who will repair the cover.

    *Last year at this time, the boatyard called with a "similar" statement regarding this vessel's winter cover. The FBI never misses an occasion in which to utilize a psychological trigger that it has already established, in its attack of a COINTELPRO target.

    Yes, this phone call was yet another instance of the FBI's tampering, especially since no one in the history of this country has ever taken the FBI to task the way that this author has. And no one likely ever will.

    Moreover, this author has experienced hundreds of such tamperings each year, over the past decade. In all likelihood, our sailboat's cover is either fine, and the phone call just a ruse, or the cover was intentionally damaged as part of the FBI's demented machinations, for the express purpose of having the phone call placed.

    However, it's the FBI's pathetic "cover" that's looking downright ragged, as this Americanized gestapo's facade as law enforcement continues to unravel right before the American people's eyes.

    One thing's for certain: neither the FBI nor the NSA are going to openly admit to the use of a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States; nor are they going to admit to the wireless fMRI brain scanning technology that they continue to utilize on an unwitting American public, in efforts to destroy the United States Bill of Rights.

    These agents are the worst of criminals. Those who abuse their authority, while concealing their own crimes which violate the color of law statutes under the United States Code (USC Title 18, Section 242), and under the cover of National Security; while attempting to murder those whom they perpetrate these crimes against.

    Furthermore, their only recourse is a continued psychological warfare operation against those of us who are absolutely certain that these crimes are being committed, while we are demonized and dehumanized in the typical COINTELPRO fashion, so that the Intel community can continue to obscure their crimes against us, which includes, the use of directed energy weaponry in which to torture our persons with complete anonymity, as well as the total circumvention of the Constitutional rule of law; while these merchants of evil avoid prosecution for the crimes that they are committing against us.

    If you had fabricated as much of the information as these organizations have, and committed as many crimes against the U.S. Constitution as they have, you'd also attempt to discredit those whom you have slandered as well; especially if you were seeking to cover up the greatest act of treason in American history.

    A national brain fingerprinting program which employs the use of Signals Intelligence and wireless fMRI brain scanning in which to destroy your inherent rights to privacy and the due process of law. Something that the NSA has been doing for decades with its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Moreover, targets of such non consensual human experimentation are routinely documenting these types of psychological warfare operations - including the use of gaslighting tactics - however harmless they may appear on the surface.

    The following describes the convoluted manner in which an Intel organization like the FBI operates over the Internet, while denying that they are perpetrating such crimes.

    This author accesses the YouTube Website, only to find that the user controls which enable one to view a video are missing. However, they were present last evening, and worked perfectly fine for the past few weeks.

    This author is then prompted to sign into YouTube using my Google account.

    Once I attempt to do so, I am told that the account is valid, but cannot be used to access YouTube, which was the second indication that my Google account had been electronically tampered with.

    This author was then prompted to create a YouTube account. However, upon doing so, I was told that the password which I created for the new account was incorrect, even though the password was perfectly fine. If I were to create a new password, then I would be told that the username was incorrect, even though there was nothing wrong with the username either.

    If both of these were correct, I would have been told that the E-mail address which I included was incorrect, even though the address was correct.

    All of this aggravation because of an FBI agent whom for more than 30 years, has used the Bureau to illegally wage his own personal vigilantism against this author, while in the process violating the Constitutional rights of dozens of other people, and in the most egregious ways imaginable.

    And spending untold millions of dollars in which to do so, so that their only agenda at this point is to rationalize this outrageous expenditure, as well as their equally outrageous violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    This agent is a criminal, whom along with his myriad accomplices, should be indicted for the crimes he has committed against us.

    The FBI's electronic manipulation of this author's Google and YouTube accounts, serves as one of the best illustrations of the mind games that FBI agents play in reference to their Bureau's own psychological warfare operations. And why the mind of the average FBI agent is so completely warped, that they would actually attempt to justify activities that can only be described as juvenile in their nature; however, in this instance with extremely evil intent.

    As just stated, such electronic tamperings are commonly reported by other members of the TI community, and this author documents them in order to illustrate the classified technology which the Intel community utilizes, in which to commit such crimes, in a plausibly deniable way.

    * Over the past few weeks, and a day after this author writes a post regarding art imitating life, in which the global military-intelligence complex utilizes the media in order to furtively promulgate this complexes' own propaganda, a YouTube video of a specific episode of the 1960's Avengers' TV series that this author embeds on this Website, is suddenly removed from YouTube's Website.

  • Video On Mind Control Deleted The Day After This Author Embeds It On This Website - This Was No Coincidence

  • Why would a video of the Avengers that had been on the Internet for months suddenly be removed under the excuse that it involved a copyright violation, when there are literally thousands of videos of such copyrighted programs on YouTube that remain there, in spite of such violations?

    Because this particular Avengers' episode concerned the use of psychic's who were remotely entering the thoughts of the two main characters in this program, in order to steal any classified information that the two had learned about; since both characters worked for the British Intelligence community, and one was an agent with top security clearance.

    This author noted that this particular episode of the Avengers was an example of art imitating life, since at the time the British Intelligence community, like its U.S. Central Intelligence Agency counterpart, was conducting programs in mind control research, and using many unwitting targets in which to conduct this research.

    In the United States, the program was known as MKULTRA, and had 149 sub projects, of which we know almost nothing about.

    Former CIA head, Richard Helms, was directly responsible for the creation of MKULTRA, as well as the destruction of all but *16,000 pages of the MKULTRA program, which qualifies as both destruction of evidence pertinent to a series of the most diabolical crimes ever committed, as well as obstruction of justice - both felonies. Helms' punishment for destroying this evidence and also lying to Congress when testifying under oath (perjury), was a $2000 fine. A fine which dozens of his cohorts at the CIA gladly chipped in to pay, knowing that the CIA now had impunity to commit whatever crimes they wanted to without fear of its operatives being imprisoned for their crimes; no matter how outrageous the crimes.

    * The only reason that 16,000 pages of MKULTRA still exist, is thanks to the family of government scientist Dr. Frank Olsen, who was covertly murdered in a made to appear as suicide by the CIA, after witnessing some of the agency's more insidious torture techniques. An abomination that Olsen was not only shocked by, but openly stated his disapproval of. From that moment on the CIA knew that they were going to have to find a plausibly deniable way in which to murder Dr. Frank Olsen; which they did a short time later.

    The attorneys for Olsen's Family obtained the 16,000 pages of information regarding MKULTRA through the U.S. Freedom Of Information Act, before Richard Helms had the opportunity to destroy this evidence. Otherwise, none of us would have ever known about the mind control experiments the CIA was conducting in the midst of the 20Th Century, which involved children as young as four years of age, as well as adults well into their geriatric years.

    In the modern day, a more contemporary and sophisticated form of MKULTRA is being conducted by the global intelligentsia, through the electromagnetic spectrum; a situation in which people are being subjected to the wireless invasion of their own minds, in efforts to electronically steal their thoughts without their knowledge or consent.

    Still worse, is the electronic implantation of computer generated thoughts into the minds of these subjects, which can be an equally horrifying experience, and something which former NSA operative John St. Clair Akwei has already documented in his 1991 lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

    This author has cited the National Security Agency and its use of a Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network, as being responsible for much of this non consensual human experimentation, and also referenced the lawsuit filed against the NSA by one of its former employees - John St. Clair Akwei- which implicates the NSA in some of the worst crimes imaginable; including the clandestine implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States.

    In the years to come, John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA will become one of the most contentious and important pieces of documentation in American History, as the American middle class awakens to the fact John Akwei exposed the most treasonous crime ever committed against the citizens of a country by what they believed was their own government: A national brain fingerprinting program.

    Moreover, while there are a myriad of fraudulent government whistleblowers on the Internet promulgating nothing but disinformation, John St. Clair Akwei is the real deal. And time will prove his allegations against the NSA and its clandestine brain fingerprinting of the American people to be accurate.

    Furthermore, such use of a wireless form of fMRI technology on the U.S. population appears to be utilized by a number of other Intel organizations as well, including but not limited to the CIA, FBI, DIA, DHS and DOE; all of whom are in some way involved in conducting their own clandestine operations regarding the wireless fMRI electronic scanning and manipulation of the human mind.

    Taking into account the electronic sabotage that this author experiences by the NSA and FBI, via a wireless form of fMRI brain scanning technology used against my person, and in which to electronically enter my mind (something reported by thousands of targets of such non consensual human experimentation), these organizations should have little trouble in remotely tampering with the Internet or for that matter, any electronic venue of communication, including the cellular phone.

    Such electronic tamperings also serve as further evidence of the U.S. Intel community's Communist ideology, and use in which to furtively enslave the minds of the U.S. population without their knowledge, while destroying the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    What Americans are finally beginning to acknowledge is that we are subject to a government full of criminals, whose only accountability is to corporate America; and in particular the House of Rothschilds' Communist Federal Reserve central bank.

    The FBI-NSA collusion in violating this author's Constitutional rights has established a new precedent in the U.S. Intel community's already outrageous violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    Moreover, in an effort to further confuse this situation, both the FBI and NSA continue to foment discord between this author and any person who presents these organizations with the opportunity in which to do so, which serves as nothing more than a further smokescreen and government whitewash of the real issues.

    A national brain fingerprinting program implemented by the NSA in the early 1980's, and which the U.S. Intelligence community is now attempting to conceal from the American people, as well as a wireless form of fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) technology which is being used to destroy the American people's Constitutionally protected rights to privacy and due process of law.

    Hopefully, the American people are going to recognize this and do something about it before they become totally enslaved by the Intel community's invasive technology.

    - James F. Marino
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