Sunday, January 30, 2011

How The FBI Can Secretly Infiltrate The Life Of The Average American While Destroying The Constitutional Rule Of Law

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  • The FBI Informant

    What's It Take To Become One?

    Most people believe that those persons who become FBI informants do so of their own free will, after reporting a crime; or seeking to trade their information for money, or if they are in some type of danger, protection under the FBI's witness protection program.

    However, the truth is that most informants don't come to the FBI looking for protection. Instead, your average FBI informant is someone whom the FBI has illegally entrapped in some way. The entrapment in and of itself is a total perversion of law enforcement, since entrapment is used to get someone who is not committing a crime, to commit one.

    Hence the name provocateur; the French word for to provoke.

    The FBI's stock in trade has always been blackmail, usually derived through such entrapment schemes.

    The FBI is also one of the most notorious propagandists in history, being given unquestioned, and oftentimes nearly unlimited use of the media in which to demonize any person or group whom the Bureau targets for such COINTELPRO operations.

    While the Constitutional rights of the citizens whom the FBI targets are completely ignored.

    The FBI has also become equally notorious for intentionally spreading false terrorist threat rumours in the U.S. media, in order to perpetuate the Bush 43 Administration's false flag war on terror campaign - a treasonous black operation in and of itself, being used in which to destroy the United States Constitution.

    Once the FBI has utilized such extortionate means in which to create an informant, the Bureau will then treat that person as little more than a slave for the rest of their lives.

    These people will no longer be able to think for themselves, since any thought that they have which conflicts with their FBI handlers, will place them in jeopardy.

    As stated, once this occurs, these informants become permanent slaves of the FBI, while being routinely subjected to the Bureau's gestapo brainwashing tactics, and while the Constitutional rule of law gets flushed down the proverbial toilet.

    These men and women are also each given a number which identifies them as FBI informants, and once this occurs, their lives are forever and irrevocably damaged.

    Moreover, through the FBI's brainwashing tactics, these men and women will then lose their own identities, no longer being able to think for themselves, and face whatever criminal agenda the FBI has in store for them in the future; doing the Bureau's dirty work for it, so that in a court of law, the agents who orchestrate the crimes that these informants oftentimes carry out, can deny that they had anything to do with these crimes, in the event that these informants are prosecuted.

    And in most instances, all it took to become an FBI snitch was to be subjected to the FBI's illegal spying of their persons - a violation of the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments - while then being blackmailed by an organization that gives new meaning to the word despicable.

    The FBI will eventually be abolished, while leaving a legacy of abject tyranny and inhumanity. An organization that has never once answered for its crimes against the American people, or its outright disregard for the Constitution which it feigns protecting and defending.


  • FBI Informants Are Slaves To The Bureau
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