Tuesday, February 01, 2011

We The People Will Not Be Chipped Founder Greg Nikolettos Builds A New Website After The Original Was Deleted

  • "Emerging Diseases AIDS & Ebola" Author Dr. Len Horowitz States That His Life Is In Jeopardy For Doing His Investigative Research Into The Global Pharmaceutical Cartel's Bird Flu Vaccine Fraud & That There Is An Attempt Being Made In Which To Set Horowitz Up On Murder Charges

  • Another Independent Researcher Has Arrived At The Conclusion That The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Has Developed & Secretly Deployed A Satellite Based Form Of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Mind Reading Technology Which Is Being Used On The United States Population

  • The following has been excerpted from the new "We The People Will Not Be Chipped" Website:

    First It Was The Hollerith Machine
    Now It's The RFID Microchip
    IBM's At It Again

    "When Verichip microchipped the Alzheimer patients I remained silent; I was not an Alzheimer patient.

    When Verichip microchipped the Diabetic and AIDS patients I remained silent; I was not an AIDS patient nor a Diabetic.

    When Verichip microchipped the Military I did not speak out; I was not in the Military.

    When Verichip came for the activists I remained silent; I was not an Activist.

    When they came to microchip me , there was no one left to speak out.

    Do you want to talk to us about this rapidly approaching agenda? Radio Interviews? We can discuss human inventorying, biometrics, GIG, RFID, fMRI, Military Industrial Complex , Internet Censorship , Electronic Health Records , Internet Of Things, Augmented Reality , AmI, M2M , H+ , Hive Mind , Transhumanism with your listeners ? TV? We are happy to discuss the human inventorying issue with your listeners and viewers. Email us now here:


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    WANT TO HELP? Email your local government representative and tell them about the ”Bodily Integrity Act” and encourage them to find out more about this insidious agenda. To find contact numbers and email addresses for Australian representatives, visit:"

  • wethepeoplewillnot bechipped.com action and get on their backs.

  • Bodily Integrity Act v.07

    An act prohibiting forced implantation of identification and tracking devices in individuals

    2 "Entity" means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability corporation,
    3 association, foundation, joint venture, government, government subdivision, agency or instrumentality, public
    4 corporation or any other legal or commercial entity.
    5 "Individual" means a unique, separate human being.
    6 "Identification/Tracking Device or Mark" means any item, application, device, marking, or other technology
    7 capable of storing or passively or actively transmitting an individual's identity, characteristics, status, group
    8 membership, travel history, or location, or capable of storing or transmitting a number, symbol, signal, pattern, or other 9 identifier that could be linked with any such information.
    10 "Track" means to locate, follow, monitor.
    11 "Discriminate" means to make distinctions, have bias, prejudice, or partiality.
    13 Requiring Human Identification/Tracking Device or Mark Prohibited
    14 No entity shall require, coerce, or cause an individual to have an identification/tracking device or mark implanted or
    15 permanently or semi-permanently incorporated into or on the body, skin, teeth, hair, or nails of that individual.
    16 Consent
    17 In no instance shall an identification/tracking device or mark be implanted or incorporated into or on the person of an
    18 individual without that individual's informed written consent, with full disclosure of any health or other risks associated
    19 with the device or mark. Consent of a guardian, guardian ad litem, attorney-in-fact, parent or other agent shall not be
    20 considered adequate consent.
    21 The individual undergoing implantation or incorporation of an identification/tracking device or mark must be at least
    22 eighteen years of age and of sound mind to grant consent.
    23 Implanting Identification/Tracking Device or Mark in the Deceased Prohibited
    24 In no instance shall an identification/tracking device or mark be implanted or incorporated into or on a human corpse.
    25Identification and Tracking Prohibited:
    26 No entity may use an identification/tracking device or mark in or on the person of an individual to identify that
    27 individual or as a means of, or aid to, tracking that individual, without the consent of the individual being identified
    28 and/or tracked.
    29 Discrimination Prohibited:
    30 No entity shall use the absence of an identification/tracking device or mark as a basis for discriminating against an
    31 individual for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, employment, housing, insurance, medical care,
    32 voting, education, travel, banking, finance, and commerce.
    33 Penalties
    34 [To be determined by the legislature]

    To request expert testimony related to this bill or other issues related to RFID and humanimplantation, please contact Greg Nikolettos, founder of 'We the people will not be chipped'.

  • We The People Will Not Be Chipped
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